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friendship bracelets // stiles stilinski

Summary: Stiles & Y/N discover that true love isn’t anything like they expected it to be

Requested: no

Pairing: Stiles & Y/N

Warning: yes, mature language, themes, & smut


When he was 3 years old, he watched in amazement as the big truck pulled up to the curb of the suburban neighborhood he called home. With his nose pressed against the glass he watched two men step out of the truck and start unloading boxes onto the driveway. The simple action fascinated him for reasons he couldn’t explain.

The sun caught the exterior of the bright red minivan that pulled into the driveway, causing him to squint. He couldn’t believe his eyes when a girl hopped out of the backseat.

“Woah.” He mumbled against the glass, his hot breath causing it to fog up. Quickly wiping it away, he watched as she danced around the lawn while the rest of her family started moving boxes. Her pigtails bounced behind her as she ran around.

“Stiles? What are you doing?” His dad asked curiously. Before he could answer, his father noticed the moving truck and family moving in across the street. “Wanna go say hi?” His father offered, placing a hand on the small boy’s shoulder. Nodding furiously, he smiled up at his father. 

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Notable Guests and Incidents From my Career at Chick-Fil-A
  • Elderly woman in the drive thru that insisted her meal should be free because the total cost was the same as her birth year. 
  • Obligatory group of shirtless frat boys. 
  • Guy who pulled me aside and demanded to know if we wash our floors with grease because the (freshly mopped) bathroom floor was slippery. 
  • Soccer mom that intentionally poured a large strawberry milkshake onto her son’s head as punishment. She asked for a new one.
  • Kid that stood on a table and sung Let It Go uninterrupted from start to finish. She received a standing ovation from everyone in the restaurant.
  • Teenage girl that paid for a to-go order, about $45 total, entirely in singles. 
  • College-age girl that asked if it was true that we were handing out free sandwiches to gays and, if so, if she could have one. I told her we weren’t doing that promotion at our location, but I’d buy her a sandwich if she gave me her number. She politely declined. 
  • Prank caller asking if we wanted to buy weed. The manager replied by saying we had a guy that sold to us for 10$/quarter and to call back when he could match that
  • Multiple instances of kids pooping in the playplace.
  • Another prank caller asking if we sold burgers. The manager (a different one) told them there was a Five Guys across the street, so why on earth bother looking for a burger here anyway?
  • That time Arthur Darville came in.
  • Drive thru guest who regularly asks, very specifically, for “coke zero, NOT diet coke with extra ice’
  • A basketball team from a local high school got banned for using their trays to slide down the slide.
  • This happened to be the same night that the staff all stayed an extra 20 minutes after the doors were locked and took turns using a tray to slide down the slide. 
  • Guy with a southern accent that addressed me as “you with the tits,” shoved his sweet tea under my nose for a refill and then, upon noticing my murderous expression, said, “Service with a smile, darlin’,” winked, and walked out.
  • Woman who told me in a watery voice, upon observing my name tag, that her recently deceased daughter’s name was Emily too. She comes back and chats with me occasionally. 
  • My coworker, Tyquan once finished his conversation with the guests by saying “Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease!” It is now a meme and basically all of our customers know him. 
  • That time I was explaining to one of the girls what Rocky Horror Picture Show was and this elderly couple leaned across the counter with wide eyes and exclaimed “You’ve never heard of Rocky Horror!?” And proceeded to yell their favorite audience participation lines. 
  • Guy who’s on the security staff of a local college frequently comes through the drive thru on his segway. We are all on a first name basis with him.
  • A skinny fuckboy who consistently, for over two years, has always come in wearing a trilby, carrying a copy of hamlet, and ordering “Coca-Cola” instead of coke. 
  • Some redneck-type guy with no front teeth that asked me if almost everybody on the staff is “saved” (they are.) He then asked me how old I was and if I was a nice Christian gal (I’m not).
  • Guy who geek-checked me for my Keyblade necklace. He didn’t play the spinoffs.
  • I went into the low fridge one day and the stack of juice boxes had toppled over, basically burying everything else. I asked the manager what happened, and he looked at me dead in the face and said “it was an appleanche.” 
  • Stoners calling to ask if we delivered.
  • Guy who said, in a deadass tone: “If you guys call it Chick-Fil-A because the staff is all chicks why don’t y’all wear more revealing shirts?” And I honestly didn’t even know what to do because a) our staff is not all women and b) Sir do you realize that this is a heavily Christian establishment I mean christ.
  • Unknown guest who left me several napkins with pictures drawn on them, labelled “tip.” To date it is the third tip I’ve ever gotten and by far the best.
  • That time we traded four large strip trays for eight cases of White Castle.
  • Woman in the drive thru that demanded to speak with the owner because we told her that she could not get six large cups of ice for free and would have to pay for a bag of ice instead.
  • Guy in a full replica batman cosplay. He came in, walked around, took some pictures with people, and left.
  • There was a baby boomer that screamed literally right in my face because his nuggets were cold. I had shit to do though and his breath with nasty so after six whole minutes of this (I timed it) I burst into tears and told him it was just my first day. Later the manager told me that she saw the whole thing and that she almost peed herself from laughing so hard and that I wasn’t allowed to do that anymore. 

And finally…

  • Prank caller asking if we could do a birthday party for 52 lesbians.
Come On

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY @destieldrabblesdaily !!!! Shirley, you are the best. the absolute best. HERE IS A BIRTHDAY GIFT OF A HIGH-SCHOOL AU FOR YOU <333

Dean let out a long, slow breath.

He’d imagined this moment so many times that he’d managed to make the reality of it feel like another daydream. Should he do it at school, or somewhere else? Separately, or all at once? Slowly, or bluntly? Seriously, or as a joke? Over and over, round and round, he’d pictured how he should come out to his friends.

And now here he was, with them all gathered around one of the tables at lunch. It was too hot for them all to be hungry; the summer had set in early, and it was all around them - in the discarded juice boxes littering the floor, and the scent of hot tarmac outside, and the whine of the air conditioning. It was putting sheens on foreheads and turning skin to gold - and Dean and his friends were at one of the outside lunch tables, enjoying it.

Jo and Anna were laughing together about a video that Ash was showing them on his phone; Charlie was talking at length to Garth about the Dungeons and Dragons game that they were both a part of, and Hannah was quietly biting into an apple as she listened in. And opposite Dean, Castiel was reading his book.

Dean watched them all for a moment, unnoticed. He had his bare arms resting on the hot metal of the table, his t-shirt sticking slightly to his lower back in the heat. Soon, they’d need to move inside - but first, he had something he needed to tell them. They were his friends. He wanted them to know.

He took a deep breath, and let it go. He could feel his heart pounding.

“Dean?” Castiel said softly; when their eyes met over the table, Dean swallowed. Castiel’s face shifted; it was the barest hint of a frown, the tiniest tilt of the head, the gentlest clouding of his blue eyes - but in the silent language that they’d built up over the years, it was a clear question. Of course, Dean thought, Castiel would realise that something was wrong.

He cleared his throat.

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Pale Green Paci

Pairing: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil (Phan)

Genre: Fluff, Angst, [No Smut], Little!Space

Word Count: 2200

Summary: Dan has a secret pacifier. And it’s not weird because he only uses it when he reaaally has to.

Author Note: This was the original draft version of ‘Sunday Night Sippy Cups’ before I scrapped it and wrote what you now know as SNSC^. Due to popular demand, I uploaded this very short draft idea (so unpolished) that inspired the SNSC series. 

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Writing daily-life stuff in Japan: Food

Considering how much fanfiction gets written set in Japan. I thought I might just share some daily life details that may or may not be useful. 

This comes from my own experiences of living in a bicultural household and living in the country for about a month every year of my life. Admittedly, I’ve only lived in a deep rural area and visited cities, but some of the pointers will still be relevant.

The first thing that come to mind when you’re trying to describe another place is to get to grips with the food culture.You know the saying, ‘To know a people, know the food that they’d willingly consume’? So, for this post, I’m going to talk about food details.

1. Food that you might have in the fridge: Old rice if you made rice in bulk + various rice toppings. Think of rice as the bread, and the fridge being full of the spreads you could put on it. 

Pickles: Might not be so popular with the younger generation, but if they live with their parents, there will bound to be at least one kind of pickle in the fridge, because there are speciality pickles for almost every prefecture and you cannot escape them. In the same way as spreads, they usually taste very strong and its rare to eat them as they are, unless they’re just that tasty and you like pickles that much (think of somebody eating peanut butter with a spoon straight out of the jar). You would eat pickles with white rice. Here are three examples: Umeboshi - pickled plum, and it is sour and very salty! You can suck on stone for minutes afterwards, just savouring the salt taste. Usually one plum is sufficient for one bowl of rice. Takuwan - a smelly, giant horseradish pickle, which might look a bit yellow with age. When you see giant horseradishes drying in the sun around the back of the house, this is probably what they’re going to be made into. Rakkyo - little pickled onions. 

Other toppings: Shirasu - tiny little white fish, each fish is about two centimetres long, and you sprinkle (or heap them, if you really like them) over rice. Delicious. Again, may not be popular with the younger generations who have grown up accustomed to more Western flavours.  Gohandesuyo - seaweed paste in a jar. It’s salty like Marmite and like Marmite the name of the food is the name of the brand. You put a tablespoon or so on one bowl of rice. 

Spring onions. We are never out of spring onions. Ever. Chopped up fine.

Sauces: Soy sauce, mirin, su (rice wine vinegar), yakiniku sauce (sauce specifically for yakiniku), mayonnaise, yakisoba sauce, ketchup, mustard in a tube, wasabi in a tube.

A tub of miso: of which there are red and white variants, and there is constant family clash over which tastes better!

If the household eats bread, you’re more likely to get a vegetable oil spread than butter. I think a few years ago there was a butter shortage. It was just too expensive to buy or not on the shelves, but there were so many different brands of vegetable spread made from different flower seeds! 

Egg is a fridge staple. If you’re in doubt and you need a quick breakfast or lunch, you could crack an egg raw over hot rice, spritz a dash of soy sauce on top, shovel it down and go.

Natto - fermented beans, its sticky and when you pull it apart it stretches with sticky web-like strands just like melted cheese. It’s famously an acquired taste but I love it on rice, in curry and in miso soup. Sold in wee cups, with sachets of sauce and mustard.

Also in the pantry: Katsuobushi - tuna flakes, often used to make tuna stock; Stick dashi - powdered stock, usually seaweed or tuna; wakame - seaweed; ginger; taka no tsume - dried hot chilli peppers, prettily named ‘hawk talons’; sesame seeds; sesame oil. Furikake - literally, ‘sprinkles’ for rice, when you have no other option. Maybe tofu. Panko for frying things. Golden curry roux blocks. Cream stew insta-kits.

Instant foods: Cup ramen, cup noodles, instant ramen, instant yakisoba, freeze-dried instant soups, instant corn soup.

The primary oil used for cooking is so-called ‘salad oil’: I don’t actually know what it’s made of, but it’s a vegetable oil of some kind.

2. Where I might buy food: Supermarkets for the fruit, veg, meat and fish, but for the best read-made fare, drinks and snack foods (kashi pan, onigiri, yoghurt, and depending on where you go there might be salads and bentos), you would head to a 24/7 open convenience store (e.g. Seven-Eleven, Lawsons’), where they also might do hot steamed pork buns and, lately, really good coffee to go. If you want to buy somebody a nice cake or box of tea-time sweets as an omiyage you might go to the basement floor of a department store. 

Vending machines - there is a vending machine everywhere. I am not kidding. Even in the deep countryside, I found a couple of vending machines up a mountain which smelled as if they had been scent-marked by raccoon dogs and bears. And at these vending machines, you can not only buy cold juice, but several different kinds of hot and cold Japanese teas, a very sweet milk tea, several different brands of hot and cold coffees, corn soup, potato chowder, hot shiruko (a sweet azuki drink), hot chocolate, hot and cold lemon…You’d honestly never go thirsty.

For sushi, we’d call up a sushi restaurant. The same goes for ramen. Unless you’re using an instant ramen kit, making ramen broth is hard. The tonkotsu variant is pretty much impossible at home. Likewise, you just can’t make good sushi at home. It’s not really a family meal or something that can be casually made. Typically sushi is brought out for celebrations or special occasions as it can be quite pricey but conveyor belt sushi places are more accessible.  

3. Bread: You will find white bread (fluffy, gorgeous, pillowy white bread, that’s basically like cake) but it’s really difficult to find brown bread. In the rural supermarket, it was non-existent and for bread with a crust, you’d have to go to the little street-corner artisan bakeries.

On the topic of bread and kashipan, I’ve often seen references in fanfiction of characters baking kashipan for each other, or kashipan just like their grandmother made it (e.g. anpan, melonpan, creampan). As much I like the sentiment behind these scenes, I’m not saying they’re impossible, but in most cases they are a little jarring. 

Our grandmother’s generation were not bakers. Most of the houses that our grandmothers grew up in did not have ovens, since Japan doesn’t have a tradition of domestic baking, and even now, a lot of houses still don’t have ovens aside from a nifty little oven toaster, Cakes and kashipan were seen as Western and trendy luxuries to be eaten at cafes (a Western import in itself) or bought from specialist shops which had the equipment to make them. They weren’t ‘casual home-cooking’ so to speak, even if the history of the anpan and the castella date pretty far back into the past now. 

Even now, unless you are a massive kashipan fanatic and dessert-making enthusiast, you probably wouldn’t bake a tray of kashipan at home when you could buy them perfectly made from a nearby convenience store. 

Having said that, I have tried making anpan in an oven toaster. I made six, since that was all that could fit on the little toaster tray. They were each about 6cm in diameters, and my grandmother complained that it was a waste of perfectly good azuki. 

You can, if you’re really into dessert making, make lots of things in an oven toaster, but if you’re looking to make something sentimental just like your grandmother made them, mochi might be a better option (e.g. warabimochi or ohagi), or maybe since sweet things historically tended to be more often bought from a specialist than made at home, quote a favourite wagashi that grandmother might have enjoyed from a particular shop e.g. the anko dama and imo youkan from Funawa; the chestnut manju from the shop by the station.   

4. Omiyage: If you go away on a trip and you’re inconveniencing work colleagues with your absence (which you are), this is the souvenir that you buy to take back and share at your work place, often a food item, so boxes of sweets are often packaged in such a way that the sweets inside are individually wrapped for ease of splitting distribution. 

This is also the word used for the gifts you bring back for family, either when you’re visiting relatives and you know that you will be encroaching upon their hospitality, potentially inconveniencing them, or if you’re coming back to the family and, in a way, again, it’s to make up for any inconveniences that might have been caused by absence  -although largely for family, it’s also about the joy of giving to those you care about!

Likewise, students who go away on holiday on a trip might bring back omiyage for fellow members of their club, if they’re involved in club activities. If you think of club activities as training children up for work place social structure and customs, it makes some sense. 

Not omiyage but an example of gift-giving, but if you move into a new neighbourhood, it’s usually expected that you visit your neighbours and take round gifts, as a gesture of courtesy and goodwill. There is, again, an element of asking forgiveness for inconvenience, because moving into the new home would have made a lot of noise and possibly caused a disturbance. 

With omiyage in mind, each prefecture tends to advertise certain foods/sweets that are ‘unique’ to it that would make suitable omiyage. A famous example would be ‘Tokyo Banana’ and anything matcha from the Uji area in Kyoto. 

5. Food is seasonal: Japan is hyperconscious of its seasons, so the fridge will likely contain seasonal fruits and veg. In a lot of Japanese poems, it was traditional to include a ‘kigo’, a word that encodes a season to set the poem in without explicitly saying ‘It is winter’, and some fruits are kigo. The persimmon is a kigo for autumn, peaches and cherries and plums for spring, and more recently the watermelon is a definite kigo for summer! Seasonal fruits also make good gifts for visiting friends’ houses, especially if you’re bringing them back from the countryside after visiting relatives. 

Autumn’s a great time for food. Now is the time when all of the mushrooms are coming out - shiitake, matsutake, enoki, shimeji - and they’re dried and preserved for the year. People who cook might have dried shiitake in the pantry for rehydrating and eating or using in stock. 

Foreign brands, aware of the seasonal sensitivity of their Japanese, often produce Japan only seasonal limited products. My favourite example of this is the Haagen-Daaz flavours. One autumn there was a pumpkin and cinnamon, and I’m pretty sure I saw a cherry blossom latte at Starbucks.

6. Food you might see at festival stalls: Taiyaki - fish-shaped pastries made with a pancake-like batter and filled with custard or azuki. Yakisoba - fried noodles. Yakitori - chicken skewers. Takoyaki - octopus batter balls. Hot dogs…With a shout-out to very rare diversity my local festival had a Turkish kebab stall last year. Kakikoori for the summer festivals - sweet ice, with typical syrups being red, green and yellow (strawberry, melon and lemon flavours respectively).

 …..and that’s enough for now I think. (21/9/2016)

One Week (Connor Murphy x Reader)

TW: EVEN SMUTTIER THAN THE LAST ONE, swearing, a whole lot of innuendos

Words: 1,700 ish

Disclaimer: I may edit this a tiny bit more in the future. But enjoy, kiddos!

“Oh here they come,” Alanna groaned to the rest of your friends, spotting you and Connor walking towards the lunch table. 
“Wow, and a whole new gallery of hickeys to go along with it!” Jared nodded towards the faint purple bruises on Connor’s neck. 
“Ugh, seriously, can we stop talking about this? He’s my brother. The last thing I want to think about is him… doing it,” Zoe basically cringed at her last words. She folded up her half eaten sandwich, clearly having a loss of appetite.

You and Connor sat down, smiling. Your boyfriend slung his arm around your shoulder, pulling you into his side.
“What were you guys talking about?” You asked curiously. 
“Oh, just how you and Connor can’t keep it in your goddamn pants,” Jared snorted casually.

“I mean, I’ve never heard Y/N complain-“

Zoe groaned. “Okay, that’s all I can take. Come on, Evan, let’s go eat outside,” she stood up and the blue boy followed. His ears were pink just from listening to the conversation.

“See? Even tree-nut over there can’t be around you two,” Jared remarked.

“What the hell do you mean, Kleinman?” Connor rolled his eyes. 
“I MEAN that we all know how much you guys fuck. My god, look at you; your neck could be a Picasso sunrise!” Jared laughed in between his words. Connor’s hand shot up to his neck immediately, in attempt to hide them.

“Every time we get together, you guys always leave early to have sex,” Alanna pointed out, taking a bite of a baby carrot.

“Do not! When was the last time we did that?” You looked at Alanna with disbelief.

“Literally last week we watched Schindler’s List at my house, and you sucked Connor off in the bathroom,” Alanna stated.

Your face turned bright red. Connor’s ears changed colour like a chameleon to match.

“Who the fuck gets turned on by dead Jews? You guys are messed up,” Jared joked.

You rolled your head back and groaned. “Ugh, you guys are exaggerating! We don’t do it that often.”

Alanna and Jared bounced back and forth.

“Last week. Schindler’s List.”
“Week before that, we went to the arcade. You guys left and had sex at Y/N’s house.”

“Week before that, we all went out to eat and you guys dashed before dessert came.”

“Ok, ok! I get it. We have a lot of sex. But what’s wrong with that?” Connor let out an annoyed sigh.

“There’s nothing wrong with it, scientifically speaking, but it’s just… annoying,” Alanna concluded.

“Yeah, I bet you two couldn’t go a week without having sex.” Jared took a sip of his juice box, giving you both a judgemental glare above the rim of his glasses.

“You’re on,” you shook his hand. Connor choked on his own spit, eyes growing wide.

“Wait, babe, are you sure-”

“Quitting already, Murphy?” Jared spoke as he reached out his hands to shake yours.

Connor gulped, looking between the two of you. “Ok. Fine,” he finally sighed.

Alanna checked her watch, “ok, so this time in exactly a week, you guys cannot have ANY sexual intercourse. That includes anything in sexual nature.”

You nodded with a confident smirk on your face.

Two days have already passed, and it’s been a lot harder than you thought. You have been so used to having little quickies and long nights with Connor, that you felt… frustrated. It was almost as if your nerves were just asking to be trampled on. Even worse, Connor was getting antsy.

You were at his house, in an attempt to study. But he couldn’t sit still. He was full of energy and in a pissed off mood.

“Connor, just come sit down,” you pinched the bridge of your nose with your fingers.

“I can’t fucking sit down. I can’t just sit, I-I need something,” he ran his hand through his long hair, pulling at the roots.

Connor had quit smoking after you two started having sex. When he smoked weed, he felt a release of stress. Then when he became intimate with you, he didn’t need that other outlet. Of course, you were over-the-moon when he told you that he had stopped smoking. And the sex wasn’t too bad either. You stood up from his bed, walking over to him and placed your hand on his arm.

“Look, I get that this is all a shitty bet made by Kleinman, but we have to prove to ourselves that this relationship is more than just sex,” you gave him an endearing look, searching his eyes.

Connor dropped his hands to his sides, nodding. “Yeah. You’re right,” he sighed softly.

The two of you were laying on his bed, staring at the ceiling.

“Do you remember that time, we were on a date, and you laughed so hard that soda came out of your nose?” Connor teases with a grin.

“Oh don’t remind me,” you giggled.

“I think that’s when I fell in love with you. I mean, who wouldn’t want a girl who has Dr.Pepper for snot?” He tickled your side softly.

“Ok, seriously, shut up. Remember the time you peed yourself in second grade? Yeah, don’t start shit, Murphy.” You jokingly growled back with a laugh.

The two of you continued to joke and share the odd memory or two. You reminisced on embarrassing moments, your firsts, and plans for the future. It had been so long since you two had just sat down spoke to each other. It felt… nice.

Connor must have been thinking the same thing, because when you looked to your right, he was looking right at you. There was something in his eyes that you hadn’t seen in a very long time. It was the look of genuine care and love. His pupils were enlarged and his eyebrows were relaxed. His mind looked like it was put at ease with something other than physical pleasure.

As much as you hated to admit it, Jared might have actually done something useful.


Time wore on and your patience grew both thick and thin. A week without sex was a week full of love and frustration. You and Connor took the extra time you had to get to know each other. But your time alone was the most frustrating. 3 days into the week, he had tried to sext you. Sending you teasing messages and pictures of himself that were not-safe-for-work. By the fourth day, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you. When you sat near each other, his hand would run up your leg and be hiked dangerously north. By the fifth day, Connor’s eyes were glued to your neck. He stared at the skin that resembled a blank canvas. He wanted to litter it with bruises created by his lips. He wanted to make sure that everyone knew you were his. And by the sixth day, you couldn’t take it anymore.


Connor growled as he shoved you into his room, slamming the door closed. You attacked his lips, pressing so hard that he almost lost balance. Connor yanked your jacket off of your arms, throwing it on the floor. The zipper hit the floor, making a loud noise. But you didn’t care. Every sensation that wasn’t caused by Connor – faded into white noise.

He quickly grabbed your thighs, throwing you onto his double bed. He tucked his head in your neck, biting and finally creating a piece of art that couldn’t be graded. His hands quickly moved under your shirt, grabbing onto your breasts roughly.

“God, I fucking missed these,” he breathed out messily.

“Connor, w-what about your parents? W-What about Zoe?” you whispered in between hot breaths.

His hands grabbed your thighs and pulled them apart roughly, slipping his torso between them. “At work. I don’t fucking care about Zoe,” he grumbled against your skin.

You tipped your head backwards, letting your boyfriend catch up on all the missed time. Every tick, emotion, or outlet he needed was now all in for your pleasure. His anger built up from the week is pushed onto his muscles: carrying out the pleasure that he dedicates to you.

Connor sat on his knees. Stripping off his shirt, he presented the pale torso that you know all-too-well. You placed your hand on the line of hair beneath his belly button. You wanted to admire his beauty, but Connor had other plans. He attached his lips to yours and the two of you continued to remove your clothes, throwing them to the side of his bedroom.

His kisses trailed down your bare body. His movements resembled a waterfall, graceful and with a plan. He got dangerously close to where you wanted him the most. Slipping under the covers, he threw your legs onto his shoulders, burying his face in your thighs. He kissed up them, his nose nuzzling into the soft skin.

“I’m so lucky. So goddamn lucky,” he murmured.

You sucked in your breath, leaning onto your elbows as you watched his every move.

Connor kissed up your legs, and placed a soft kiss to your core. You hissed in delight, mouth hanging agape. Connor licked a single stride, smirking as you squirmed beneath his touch. He alternated between his tongue and fingertips, making sure to give you his undivided attention.

“You’re such a pretty girl, so so pretty,” he murmured against your heat.

You grabbed onto his locks, throwing your head back with your eyes closed. You could feel him humming the tune to your favourite song. You felt so close to the brim and then he pulled away.

Whining, you looked at him. Usually, he would give you 2-3 orgasms a night. But he was too eager to finish what he started. Throwing open his bedside drawer, he reached for a condom and slipped it on.

“Ride me,” he spoke quickly. You nodded and straddled him. You slipped him into you and rested your forehead against his.


Zoe walked through the front door of her house. Her mom and dad were at work, but had texted her to ask Connor what he wanted for dinner. Running upstairs, she was already dialing the number to her favourite pizza place.

She swung his bedroom door open, “Hey Connor, what do you want for- OH DEAR GOD.”

Stargazing and controlling mothers JugheadXCooper!Reader Oneshot

Originally posted by dailyriverdale

Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings: Does Alice Coopers existence count? 

notes: Lmao sorry for the long wait but I got hella busy and also sick. what can you do :/ anyways enjoy my PG fluff.

You stared at the ceiling, lost in thought. You were supposed to be doing math homework, but the glow in the dark star stickers that you had superglued to your ceiling in 4th grade were much more interesting. So you stared at your makeshift night sky and thought about everything.

You thought about your sister Polly, and how much you missed her.
You thought about Jason Blossom’s death, and how you didn’t miss him.
And you thought about your boyfriend, Jughead Jones, and how you really missed him. Your disapproving mother didn’t exactly know you were dating him, and you hadn’t been able to sneak off to see him in the past couple weeks. Everyone else knew, and you wished you could share that part of your life with your mom, but there was no way in hell she’d be okay with you dating the son of a Southside Serpent.

“(y/n)? Are you still awake?” Your sister Betty’s voice came from the other side of your door.

You tore your eyes away from the ceiling and ruffled a hand through your hair, “Yeah Betts, I’m still up. Come on in.” Your door creaked open and Betty walked in. She closed the door behind her and crossed the room to stand next to you.
You sat up and nodded, “So, what’s up?” you asked.

Betty smiled sadly before taking a deep breath, “I’ve just been thinking about Polly lately. I mean, I know Mom won’t let us see her. And even if she did, Polly might not even be herself. But I really wish we could, I really miss her.”

You flopped back on your bed, letting out a long sigh. “Yeah I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like Mom’s trying to erase Polly, She won’t talk about her, won’t let us see her, and I hate it. I hate the whole thing. I miss her. I miss the way things used to be.”
Betty laid down next to you, the both of you staring at the star covered ceiling. You sat in silence for awhile. But after a few minutes Betty broke it with a complete subject change. “So, how’s Jughead?”

You grinned, “Good as far as I know. With your recent cheer-bellion Mom’s been cracking down on me with little errands for the newspaper. Trying to keep me busy, I think, so I don’t get any ideas about following in the scandalous footsteps of my sisters.”

Betty laughed lightly, “cheer-bellion?”
“Yeah. You know, Cheering-rebellion.”
Betty just laughed again.


The next morning you woke up before your alarm and rolled out of bed, your (e/c) eyes still bleary from sleep.  
You got ready for school quickly and threw your stuff in your bag. You climbed down the stairs and wandered into the kitchen. Betty was eating an apple and studying her history textbook at the kitchen table when you walked in.

“Are you studying at seven am?”
“Do you have a test today?”
“You terrify me.”
You shuddered jokingly and went to steal a sip of Betty’s orange juice, but she slapped your hand away. “Get your own (y/n)." 

You huffed as you grabbed a muffin from the box on the counter. "Nah, gotta get to school. Meeting…people.” Just as you had bit into your muffin, your mom walked in, already dressed for the day and chatting on the phone.
“Bye mo

m, I’m heading to school.” You waved before turning to walk out of the room. But Your mother’s voice stopped you.

“Where are you going, Sweetie? School doesn’t start for another hour.”
“I’m going early to work in the library for a bit.” You lied easily. You were meeting Jughead early today because you hadn’t been able to see him (other than the short lunch period) for weeks.

You grabbed your bag, muffin in hand, and walked out the front door. You walked to the school with a dorky smile on your face. There was a definite lovestruck idiot vibe coming from you.

When you arrived at the school, Jughead was waiting for you at the front doors. There were very few people hanging around the building, most teenagers didn’t show up an hour early to school.

When he spotted you he smiled. “Hey–” Before he could get out a greeting, you gave him a chaste kiss. When you pulled back he had a faint blush on his face, bringing a grin to your face. “I know you have a no PDA rule, but there’s barely any people around so. I feel like it shouldn’t count.”
He smirked, “I’ll let it slide this time.”

“Hey, guess who doesnt have newspaper things to do tonight!” You switched the topic to your evening of freedom from your mother’s incessant errands.
“Is it some unattainable version of you?” Jughead asked jokingly, but you sensed a tiny hint of sadness behind the teasing tone.
“Sorry to disappoint, but it’s just regular me. Shocker, right?”
He grinned, “So does this mean I can actually see you tonight?”
You nodded while smiling broadly.

You and Jughead sat and chatted for about half an hour until the school was overrun with your classmates.
You stood up to head inside, “I’ll see you at lunch?” Jughead asked. You grinned and nodded in confirmation. Then you went inside and headed towards your locker.

Later that day you opened your front door, immediately heading for your room, But before you could get even to the stairs, your mom stopped you. And she did not look happy.

“(y/n), are you dating the Jones boy?”

You froze and internally cursed. “What?” you asked, blindsided by her question.
Your mother held up Betty’s Diary and fixed you with a stern glare. Dammit. You knew she had been reading that fucking thing.
“You are aren’t you? You know how I feel about him! (y/n), I don’t think you should see him anymore.“

"I am not going to stop seeing my boyfriend just because you can’t get past who his father is!” Your temper was flaring. You crossed your arms, giving her a defiant glare.
She rubbed her temples. “(y/n), I just want what’s best for you–”
You cut her off, “No, you want what’s best for you.” Your tone was cold and clipped. 

She could control everything else, you didn’t care. You would not let her control this. Alice Cooper was not going to stop you from seeing Jughead Jones.
You readjusted your bag on your shoulder and stormed back out the front door.

You showed up at the Twilight Drive, completely pissed and on the verge of tears. You knew Jughead was working that night and he was the only person you wanted to see right now.

You knocked on the door to the little projector building, tears threatening to spill from your (e/c) eyes. Jughead opened the door, looking somewhat annoyed. His face immediately softening when he saw it was you, and not some unhappy drive-in patron. You didn’t say anything and just wrapped your arms around him, burying your face into his shoulder. Your breathing was shaky and unsteady from the overwhelming wave of emotions you were experiencing. Jughead put his arms around your waist slowly.
“(y/n)? What are you doing here?” Jughead asked you, his voice laced with concern. You mumbled something into his shoulder, nearly impossible for him to understand.

You untangled yourself from Jughead’s arms and looked up at him. “She said she didn’t want me to see you anymore.”
Jughead sighed. “We both knew that was coming.”
“Yeah, well…it’s not like I ever had any intention of listening. She can control whatever else she likes, but not this. Not us.” You closed your eyes and exhaled heavily. You didnt want to fight with your mom, didn’t want to wish she was someone else, but that’s just how it was. “Can I hang out here for a bit? I don’t really want to go home right now.”

Jugheads lips quirked up a bit at the corners and he nodded. You smiled and climbed up the chain link fence before twisting and pulling yourself onto the roof of the pink projector building. Jughead’s eyebrows shot up in surprise. Even he had never thought of doing that.

He followed you up and sat next to you, the movie screen illuminating the whole lot. There were a few scattered cars around, but most people didn’t see movies on weekdays.
“So, where’d you learn to do that?” Jughead asked as you leaned back, staring at the stars overhead.
You grinned.

“When I was 9, I had no friends other than Betty and Polly. This was around the time Betty had a bit of a phase about her little sister hanging around. Although, I think that was ‘cuz she didnt want me tagging along with her and Archie. And Polly had her own friends. So I was alone most of the time. So I got bored a lot and used to sneak over the fence and onto the roof here so I could watch whatever was playing without being caught. Mom wouldn’t pay for me to come here whenever anything she deemed inappropriate was playing, which was pretty much everything. So I had to get creative.”

Jughead snorted, “I guess we were both pretty adept at getting in here without being caught.” There was a trace of bitterness in his words. He got that whenever he talked about anything even remotely relating to his family.
You put your hand on top of his in an attempt to comfort him.

Jughead shook his head slightly as the movie credits rolled in the distance. “I’m okay. I just need to go take the reel out of the projector.” He lowered himself of the roof as you watched the people in cars pack up and drive off.  You heard the chain link fence rattling as Jughead appeared back on the roof, laying down next to you.  You put your head on his chest and stared up at the night sky.
“Don’t you have to go home?” Jughead asked, his chest rising and falling steadily beneath you.

You closed your eyes and smiled, “Probably.” But you didn’t move. You didn’t want to go home, not yet anyways.
You couldn’t say how long you and Jughead stayed like that, just watching the stars in comfortable silence. And pretty soon you fell asleep, your hands intertwined and your head still on his chest.

The next morning you were woken up by someone calling your name. “(Y/N)!?” you sat bolt upright and glanced around, Betty was wandering around the drive in calling your name. You almost had a heart attack when you realized it was morning.
You stood up and waved your arms to get bettys attention. “Betty! hey!” Jughead stirred at the sound of your voice, While Betty headed towards the building.

“What’s happening?” Jughead asked groggily.
“I’m going to die. That’s what’s happening.” You ran a hand through your hair and laughed ruefully. Your mother may actually kill you.

You and Jughead climbed down the fence and Betty grabbed you in a bear hug. “No one knew where you were and no one could get ahold of you! We thought you were dead! There’s a murderer running around!” Betty scolded you angrily.
You checked your phone and the screen was black, signalling it was dead.
“Oops?” You offered sheepishly.

Jughead leaned against the building and watched Betty scold you.
“Oops?! Mom is ACTUALLY going to kill you this time!” Betty grabbed your hand and tried to drag you while texting with her other hand, letting everyone know you were okay. You tugged your hand out of her grasp and walked back to where Jughead was standing.

“If this is truly my end, I love you Jughead Jones the Third.” You grinned, an overly dramatic tone in your voice. You kissed his cheek and ran back to where Betty was standing. He was frozen with shock. That was the first time either of you had said I love you.

“What?” You asked innocently.
Betty laughed lightly, even though she was still beyond angry with you. Your mom’s car pulled up and Betty leaned over to you. “Any last words?”

You would’ve laughed if you weren’t so terrified.
Totally Worth it.”

Give Me A Chance

For @waffle-walks 

Shiro watched as Lance rambled to Hunk about something from the kitchen as he sipped at his coffee, missing the first half of the conversation that was happening in front of him. He knew he should be at least eavesdropping if he was watching secretly, but he couldn’t help but stare as the lights from above illuminated Lance in a way that seemingly made him glow.

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The Hybrid Under My Bed [Chapter Two]

Originally posted by jungkookpresent

WARNING(S): Family abuse in the first few chapters.

Genres: Angsty fluff, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure

Pairings: Jungkook x Reader

Length: 3k words

Sypnosis: You were 7 year old when you met him, Jeon Jungkook, the little boy covered with bruises and dirt hiding under your bed, but little did you know that this encounter would drag you into a new morbid world full of darkness and adventures, but also unexpectedly love. (Not Requested)

BTS Jungkook hybrid!au, fantasy!au

(Third POV)

-> Prologue, Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three


Chapter Two

September 24, 2006

Waking up the next day was difficult for you. The dirt covered boy hasn’t left your dreams all night. Every time you would close your eyes, you’d have the same dream repeatedly: the boy coming from the forest, the puppy with violet eyes, the transformation… It was an almost non-ending nightmare. When you could finally sleep at peace without those visions, it was already sunrise.

You had finally woken up at 2 p.m. and since you were an early bird, this was the latest you had woken up. Stretching your hands over your head while yawning, you stared at the claw marks on your walls. So deep and so long they were! You didn’t believe that an animal could do that, but you weren’t sure either so you’d quickly forgotten about it. Today, you wanted to do something new and you will do so.

You went toward your curtains and opened them wide open, “Woah!” You exclaimed while squinting your eyes due to the bright sunlight. Today was a beautiful day, and you were going to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Your father wasn’t there so he wouldn’t know, right?

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Before It’s Too Late (part 1)

Summary: Bucky starts dating a girl from his History of Art class. The only problem: you’re in love with him. College AU.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: none…. yet.

A/N: I have a thing for friends turn to lovers so here’s another one :) Hope ya like. Also I got my first piece of hate guys!! Does that make me legit now? Do all the cool, awesome writers get hate??

“You doin’ okay?” Bucky questioned as he sat down on your bed, a bag of Cheetos in his hands.

“Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m fine.” you nod, looking over your shoulder before looking back at the paper in front of you. With your head in your hands and your elbows resting on your desk, you sigh.

“Your brain is gonna pop if you continue to think hard like that.” the brunette spoke before munching on a Cheeto.

“I really have to get this done, Buck.” you let out another deep sigh while turning around to face him.

Bucky Barnes. The man you have been in love with since your junior year of high school and now that you’re a junior in college, that makes it about 5 years. 5 years. You had met him your freshman year of high school when you had a panic attack upon entering the high school campus, being overwhelmed by the new scenery and older kids - that you didn’t know - that were attending as well. He came up to you, calming you down and reassuring you that high school was going to be fine. It helped and the two of you found out that you had first period together. You’ve been inseparable since.

“Get what done?” he reclined back, shoes kicked off as he got comfortable.

“My creative writing professor wants us all to write a two to three paged paper on the time we felt the most pain in our lives. She wants us to really dig deep into it, put a lot of feeling in it but I’m blank. I can’t think of anything.” you explain while running your fingers through your messy hair.

“How much time do you have to write it?” Bucky questioned.

“Two days. She said she was giving us extra time so we wouldn’t feel rushed. She really wants us to get in depth about it.” you respond.

Bucky closes the bag of Cheetos and sits on the edge of your bed. “The most pain you’ve felt in your life… hmm..”

He looked up into the corner of your room as he tapped his chin. After a few seconds, you sigh. “I’ll just write about the time I fell off my roof and how my thigh got impaled by that broken glass.”

Bucky winced. “I remember that day. I tried grabbing you, ya know.”

“You didn’t even notice that I fell until I screamed.” you roll your eyes.

“I was trying to get your damn Christmas lights up, woman.” you chuckle, shaking your head as you tap your pen on the desk. “But you survived and you’ve got a killer scar too.”

“Shut up, you’re annoying.”

He smiles, flashing you his pearly whites and you turn around, back to your paper.

“Just write about that, I’m sure you’ll do great. You’re an amazing writer.” he spoke from behind you. Thank god your back was to him or else he would’ve seen you blush.

“Alright, alright. Stop being so nice, it’s gross.”

The two days were up and you turned in your paper before walking to your car with Clint who was also in your creative writing class.

“How do you think you did?” he asked, pulling a juice box out of his backpack.

“Uh… decent. I guess.” you shrug.

Clint turned his head to you and quirked an eyebrow. “Just decent?”

“Well it wasn’t my best work but I couldn’t think of anything else to write.” you tell him.

“What did you write about?”

“The time I fell off my roof and had my thigh impaled by broken glass.”

Clint rolled his eyes. “That was six years ago, Y/N. Stop bringing it up.”

“I had to go to the hospital!”

“You sound just like Vince Vaughn’s character from Couples Retreat when he keeps bringing up the fact that he got bit by shark when really, he cut himself while climbing up the latter to get on the boat.” he says, sipping from the juice box.

“But I got seriously injured. I had to go to the hospital so that they could get the shard of glass out of my thigh because it was way in there.”

“Whatever, Dave.” Clint calls you the name of the character and you burst out laughing.

Once it dies down, you look over at Clint. “I know my truth.” you say, causing Clint to laugh. “Alright, back to a serious note. What did you write about?”

“I wrote about the time my dog died.”

“What do- Scruffy?”


“But you hated Scruffy.”

Clint let out a dramatic sigh as his left arm flopped to his side. “Yeah but he used to eat all my broccoli and now when I visit my parents I have to eat them.”

You chuckle. “You’re such a child.”

Before he could respond, you heard a deep voice shout your name, causing you to stop walking and turn around. Bucky ran over to you, cutting across the green grass as he held the straps of his backpack. He stopped in front of you, bent over and breathing heavily.

“What’s up, Naruto?” Clint smiled, causing the brunette to glare up at him.

Bucky stood up and pushed his hair away from his face. “I need your help.”


“I have a date with a girl from my history of art class.” he smiled.

That was another thing. Whenever he had dates, you would help him get ready for it. It sucked, yeah but he never went on a second date with any of them. “She was insane,” he’d say, or, “she was already talking about marriage!”

Something was always wrong with the girls he went out on dates with which gave you hope. Maybe you had a chance? If you ever got the courage to confront him about your feelings.

Pfft, yeah right.

“Okay.” you nod.

“I’m telling ya, she’s the one.”

You scoff. “That’s what you say about all of them.”

“I know, I know but I have a good feeling about her. I can feel it in my bladder.” he replied and Clint laughed.

“Are you sure you just don’t have to go to the bathroom?”

Bucky gives him a harsh look. “Don’t you have go complain about how you don’t have a girlfriend, Barton?”

“Ooo, look at me like that again. I think I just got aroused.” Clint shimmied and Bucky playfully rolled his eyes before laughing.

“Alright, meet me at the apartment.” you say, digging your keys out of your pocket.

“Can you just take me? I rode my skateboard to campus today.” he turns around to show you his skateboard which was hanging out of his backpack.

You smile. “Sure, Bucky. Hop in.” he smiles back at you before shrugging his backpack off. You turn to Clint. “I’ll see you later.”

Clint leans in close, whispering; “You still haven’t told him that you’re in love with him?”

You pull away and slap his arm. “Clint! Shh!”

“Ow!” he rubs the spot. “Sorry, Nat told me you were gonna tell him soon!”

“Tell who, what soon?” Bucky asked from behind you, causing you to jump.

“Y/N was gonna tell Sam that he should stop wearing socks with sandals on dates because it’s unappealing.” Clint responds smoothly and you silently thank him.

Bucky chuckles. “Ew, I know right? I always tell him to put sneakers on or somethin’ but he never listens.”

Clint smiles, pursing his lips as he rocked back and forth on his feet. “Well I’m gonna go, Vision said he rearranged our snack cabinet and threw out old ones so now I need to see if he threw away my Twinkies.”

You nod, both you and Bucky saying goodbye before hopping in your car and driving off.

You pull up to your apartment building and park before getting out. You lived with Wanda and Nat both whom you met your freshman year of high school. Natasha punched a guy in the face for making fun of the dress you had worn to school and Wanda made you laugh when you came into class crying. You all have been so close since.

Bucky also lived in the same apartment building as the three of you. He lived with Steve and Sam. You also met them your freshman year. Bucky introduced you to them. Steve had been his childhood friend and he met Sam through Steve. Come to think of it, you met your other friends, Peggy, Tony, Clint, Bruce and Vision your freshman year too. All of you were such a tight bunch, like family.

You, Wanda and Nat decided to move into the apartment building right off campus in the beginning of your junior year and once you told Bucky about it, he convinced Steve and Sam to move into the apartment building with him. “I want to be close to you,” was his reason. Bucky was a clingy person.

They lived just down the hall from the three of you. There was a lot of apartments to fill considering most of the people who lived there were seniors and had graduated.

Peggy lived in the dorms with her two roommates Cynthia and Pepper. Tony lived in the dorms as well with Bruce and Clint bunked with Vision. They all wanted the college experience, living in dorms and all but both Tony and Bruce were thinking about moving into an apartment due to all the shit they own.

You get to the door and look over at Bucky. “Open it.”

“You have a key.”

“I don’t wanna get it out.”

“Well, neither do I.”

You almost buzzed your apartment before remembering that Natasha was with Bruce and Wanda was at softball practice. Your finger circles before landing on Bucky’s apartment number, buzzing it.

“Who is it?” Sam voice comes out of the speaker in a sing-song tune.

“Y/N, open up.”

“Why yes, of course.” There’s a buzzing sound and you pull the door open, the both of you walking in.

You ride the elevator up to your floor and walk into Bucky’s apartment, being greeted by Steve and Sam. “Hey Y/N.”

“Hey guys,” you smile. “What’s crack-a-lackin’?”

Sam shrugs. “Nothing much. All I did was score a date with Cynthia!”

You rush up to him and take him by the shoulders. “You’re joking right?! Are you serious? Please tell me you’re being serious.”

Sam laughs. “I’m being serious.”

You thrust your fist in the air. “Finally!” you bream. “Now I can finally come here without hearing you talk on and on about how you’re gonna ask her out.”


“Alright, that’s enough.” Bucky pulls you to him. “Leave her alone, she’s helping me get ready for a date.”

“Who’s the unlucky girl?” Sam questioned and Bucky shot him a look before relaxing.

“Kristen, from my history of art class.” he responds.

“No way! The girl you’ve introduced us to?” Steve exclaimed and Bucky nods with a smile playing at his lips.

“Hey! How come you’ve never introduced me to her?” you turn to Bucky.

“Wanted to make sure she was good enough to bring home to you. Wouldn’t want my best girl to meet some asshole now would I?” he grinned, draping his arm over your shoulders.

“But I met you.”

His smile drops as Sam and Steve burst out laughing. Bucky pouts and moves away from you. “When you’re done being a meanie, I’ll be in my room waiting.”

He turns and walks into his room, shutting his door behind him. You turn to Steve and Sam as their laughter dies down and Steve gives you a sad look.

“You okay?”

“Why would she be okay? The love of her life is going on a date with someone.” Sam responds in a whisper.

“ ‘The love of my life’? That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t ya think?” you scoff.

“You love him, don’t you?”

“Yeah but-”

“Then I rest my case.”

You chuckle, shaking your head. “I’m gonna go. Peace out losers.” you say, throwing up the peace sign as you made your way to Bucky’s room.

A/N: I got some issuessssssss. So here’s the first part, I hope ya like. Tell me what ya think and if there’s any mistakes I’ll fix it when I wake up :)


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Good Vibes Only ✌🏻💦

Originally posted by stilinski-ortiz

Originally posted by barbi-palvin

Request: Juice buys a you a vibrator in case he’s out of town or in prison. He gently explains he hates prison and on the run sex policy.


Its not like you’d never seen one before.
You’d been single for two years before you met Juice, and those single nights in Charming were lonely.
Plus vibrators are fun.
But you’d been dating for three months. Still in the full swing of the ‘honeymoon’ phase of your relationship. Which in other words meant you were fucking like rabbits.
So you stared at the box in your hands, a slightly confused expression on your face.
Juice sat beside you nervously, chewing his lip, waiting for you to say something.
You turned the box over silently, reading the description on the back.
‘This German made vibrator is showerproof, whisper quiet, features five programs to get you off and is completely body-safe and phthalate-free.’
Juice nervously took a sip of his beer.
You furrowed your brows and turned to Juice, tilting your head slightly.
“Do you.. want me to use this on you?”
He spat his mouthful of beer, spraying a mist over the coffee table, thankfully missing you.
“No!” He laughed nervously. “God no.”
A blush crept across his cheeks and he rubbed his neck nervously.
“Its for you.”
You nodded your head. “Okay.”
Juice stared at you. “Okay?!”
“What do you want me to say Juan? Thank you. I love it.”
“You don’t have any questions?”
You shrugged. “Did it come with batteries?”
Juice laughed and shook his head before taking the box from you and placing it on the table.
He turned to you and grabbed your hands.
“Theres a reason I got it for you, babe.”
“You like watching me get off, I know.” You nodded.
Juice grinned and shook his head.
“I do, but thats not why.”
“Then whats the mystery reason, Ortiz?” You turned away from him and swung your legs onto the couch before leaning back, laying your head in his lap.
He draped an arm across you and caressed your cheek with his spare hand.
“Sometimes things with the club don’t go to plan.”
“No shit.” You snorted. It had only been a week since Chibs had been blown up with a car bomb, and that was something you weren’t going to forget anytime soon.
“And sometimes we have to go away. On runs or to Stockton.”
You swallowed and met his eye. The thought of him being in prison didn’t sit right with you.
“I hate being in prison.I hate being on the runs. I hate the idea of being away from you.”
“Theres an old club rule. ‘What happens on a  run stays on a run’”
You started to sit up but Juice stopped you.
“Its stupid. You know that your the only one I want to be with. But it got me thinking. If Im away for a week, or if i have to go inside then I wanna make sure your not tempted.”
“Juice, seriously? You know I wouldn’t do anything.”
“I know, baby, I know.” He leant forward and kissed your lips quickly, trying to shut you up before you could get the wrong idea.
“Its just.. I hate the idea of not being able to pleasure you. So I wanna make sure your still being.. pleasured.”
You smirked. It was kinda sweet, really. You knew Juice had his insecurities and if giving you a vibrator made him feel better, then who were you to complain.
“Thank you Juan.” You smiled at him and reached up to peck his lips before snatching the box off the table.
You flipped it over in your hands,studying the oackaging.
“You wanna try it?”
You met his eye, instantly noticing the playful spark and his tongue gliding over his lips.
You smirked and leapt off the couch and turned towards him.
“There’s batteries in the bottom drawer.” You tossed him the box and headed for the bedroom.
Juice leapt off the couch and practically ran to the kitchen.
Once you reached the bedroom you lifted your shirt over your head and dropped it to the floor.
You could hear Juice rummaging through the drawer and fumbling with the packaging as he tried to get the batteries into your new toy.
You tugged your jeans down your thighs and kicked them off your ankles and skipped over to the bed, perching on the edge.
Juice quickly reassembled the toy and charged down the hallway.
He stopped in the doorway, once he saw you sat on the edge of the bed, already half naked.
Juice grinned and sauntered into the room, catching your gaze and licking his lips.
He knelt down before you and placed the toy on the bed before grabbing your thighs.
You wrapped your hands around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.
The taste of his mints lingered on his tongue and you kissed him deeply, letting his tongue explore your mouth.
Eventually he pulled away and a mischievous smirk spread over his face.
“Lay down.”
You bit your lip and obeyed, falling back against the comforter.
Juice leant over you and kissed your navel, his hands roaming over your thighs.
He kissed a trail from your belly button to the top of our panties and he took the fabric between his teeth, tugging them down gently.
His hands gripped the waistband and he pulled them completely off before tossing them to the ground.
Once again he ran his hands from your knees to your inner thighs, caressing your skin softly, licking his lips as he looked at your body.
He pushed your legs apart, spreading them widely and a low groan rumbled in his throat as he eyed your core.
“Damn, baby.” He whispered.
You propped yourself up on your elbows and looked down at him.
Juice was a generous lover; he loved making you cum and tonight would be no different.
He pressed a soft kiss to your already glistening folds before reaching for the vibrator.
He met your eye and grinned before pressing the button, turning it on.
The low buzzing sound was the only noise filling the room, as you held your breath in anticipation.
Juice ran the plastic along your folds and when he reached your clit you gasped.
He smirked and dipped the vibrator inside you before quickly pulling it out.
You clutched at the comforter, twisting the fabric in your grasp.
He pushed the button once more and the vibrations intensified.
You whimpered as he ran it between your lips, each time lingering loner on your clit.
“You like that baby?”
Your only response was a moan and Juice pressed the button once more.
He hovered the vibrator over your clit and pressed gently, enjoying the way you squirmed and moaned.
Slowly he slid a finger inside you and you moaned louder, enjoying the new sensation as he added another and pumped his fingers in and out of you.
He pressed the toy against your clit and pushed the button again.
The vibrations intensified and your hips bucked involuntarily as the pleasure became too much.
Your stomach tightened and with the pumping of his fingers your body began to tremble as your high washed over you.
Juice smirked as he watched your body shake, your hands desperately clutching at the comforter.
He pulled the plastic away and replaced it with his lips, his tongue swirling around your clit as you came down from your high.
You moaned and wrapped your hand around his head, holding him to you.
You could feel him smile against you as he dipped his head lower and licked along your folds.
His fingers left you and he stood. He unbuttoned his jeans with a sense of urgency.
There was a hunger in his eyes as he looked down at you, flushed cheeks, lace bra, glistening core.
He grasped himself and pumped his cock a couple of times before he lined himself up at your entrance.
You pulled your knees towards your chest and wrapped your arms around them, holding them close to you.
Juice slid inside you and both of you moaned. He gave you a moment to adjust, his size stretching your walls and he gripped your hips before pulling back.
Slowly he hurried himself inside you, pushing himself further into your warmth with each thrust and he set a slow pace, with slow hard thrusts.
He watched himself enter you and moaned at the sight of your lips wrapped around him, his cock glistening with your juices.
He slid out of you and grabbed your arms, pulling you up.
You sat up and he kissed you hungrily, holding your face to his.
“Turn over.” He whispered against your lips.
You smirked and got on your hands and knees, wiggling your ass in his direction.
A gasp left your lips as he slapped your ass and he rubbed the redness softly before landing another smack on the same cheek.
He gripped your hips and pushed himself into you, making you moan at the change of angle.
You arched your back and leant down on your elbows.
He picked up his pace this time, thrusting into you hard and fast and you bit into the comforter to stifle your moans.
Juice placed one hand on your back, holding you in place as he punted into you and he reached for the vibrator with his free hand.
He hadn’t switched it off and it was still buzzing away.
He carefully moved his hand around your hip and held the tip against your clit.
The comforter did its best to cover the loud moan that escaped your lips and Juice smirked, gripping your hip tightly with his free hand.
He thrust into you relentlessly and pressed the vibrator harder against you.
Your walls began to tighten  and you pushed at the mattress, pushing yourself up onto your hands and you arched your back.
Juice knew he couldn’t hold out much longer and as he felt your walls clench around him he lost it.
You threw your head back as your body shook and you collapsed against the bed.
He groaned loudly as he filled you, his thrusts becoming slower as he rode out your high and he dropped the vibrator and released his grip on your thigh.
Slowly he slid out of you and you whimpered at the sudden emptyness.
Juice lay on the bed beside you and you rolled over, panting heavily.
Once you caught your breath you reached for the still vibrating toy and switched it off.
You stood before you knelt down next to the bed.
Juice rolled over and watched you curiously as you reached beneath the bed and pulled out a black box.
“What are you doing?”
You smirked as you lifted there lid, revealing your stash of sex toys you’d always kept to yourself.
Juice raised his eyebrows as he looked at your collection before turning to look at your sheepish expression.
“And here I thought you were a good girl.”
You smirked and placed the new vibrator in the box and you went to place the lid back on the box when Juice stopped you.
He reached down and picked up your gold Rabbit vibrator.
You bit your lip as he pushed one of the buttons, with of you watching the tip swirl and he pushed the other, and the ‘ears’ began to vibrate.
He turned to you, the playful spark back in his eyes.
“Wanna try this one?”



Beyond the Pale

Request: a story where Taehyung and Y/n are orphans from different families and end up falling in love, then getting adopted by the same man, so they end up living as bother and sister.

A/n: Okay so I thought it would be difficult to write this, but surprisingly it came out so naturally. I’m not familiar with how the child systems work so please excuse any mistakes. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to get out, but I hope you all enjoy ~ Kaitlin 

Genre: Angst | Fluff
Members: Taehyung x Reader
Word Count: 3224

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“Legally, you and Taehyung were brother and sister. Even though there was no blood relation, you were considered kin, and you weren’t supposed to love your family like this.” 

Originally posted by kookie-monstah

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You Get A Dog


It had been pretty rough the past few months and Fillip was constantly going on runs. Usually you wouldn’t mind but recently you had started to get lonely and it didn’t go un-noticed by Fillip. He saw the look in your eyes when he told you that he would have to leave again, you would put on a smile but it wouldn’t reach your eyes, it pained him to see you like this so he decided to do something about it.

“Darlin, do you know where the car keys are?” Fillip asked coming out of the garage, where he had been hiding away for most of the day. You where busy typing a document up for work, you where a lawyer and mostly worked with the club and this particular document concerned Juice.

“They should be hanging up in the garage, next to all the boxes babe” You answer without looking away from the screen hoping that he would leave you alone to finish what you had started almost two hours ago.

“I looked they’re not there” You sigh while shaking your head

“I don’t know where they are Fillip, its your car not mine” You sigh yet again when you hear him scoff, finally turning to meet the eyes of your old man. He stood leaning against the door connecting the garage to the kitchen, his leather vest hugged his body tightly from the way he had his arms crossed.

“Yer always using ma motor and yer the last one to use it so help me look. I need to get to the TM, my bike is actin up” He states before simply turning and walking back into the garage. You throw your head back and groan loudly, your annoyance only growing when you hear him laughing in the next room. Making sure to save your work you then proceed to shuffle into the garage entrance ready to give your man some cheek when you see it. The little bundle of adorable fluff chasing a ball around the garage floor.

“Oh my god” I laugh running over to the puppy who, upon seeing you runs over attacking your face with its tongue

“I’m going on another run in the next few weeks and I knew that I couldn’t leave ye all alone again so I though its either get ye pregnant-” you cut him off

“Yea no thank you, not yet” You say and he nods in agreement

“-So a puppy is like training for a baby, d'you like him love?” Chibs asked crouching down to pet the dog which in return licks his hand

“yes very much, thank you.” You smile turning to face him and planting a slow thankfull kiss on his lips “Love you”

“Love ye too darlin but we better get movin cause Tiggy’s dying ta see this dug”

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“Come on Alex lets go babe, I want to get to the cabin before it gets any later” I shout out of the passengers side of the car window towards the open door of the house. A few seconds later Tig comes running out and is almost at the car when he remembers that he needs to lock the door, I shake my head a familiar smile on my face as I watch him lock the door before jogging back over to the car.

“Sorry baby, couldn’t find the keys” He smiles starting up the car and pulling out of our driveway.

“ I can’t wait to get to the cabin for a few days” You sigh contently. The cabin was your happy place and Tig knew that, so whenever he could get a day or two off, that’s where he would take you.

“Yeah I’ve got it all planed out baby doll, make some dinner, have some desert then we’ll head to the bedroom for some fun loving” I laugh as he says this watching out the window as we exit Charming

“Looks like you’ve got it all planned out baby” I say smiling lovingly at him before returning my gaze to the window

“Oh yea I’ve been-”

“STOP THE CAR!” The car comes to a screeching halt as Alex looks as me like I’ve gone insane, which maybe I have.

“What the fuck Y/N?” I don’t answer him as I throw open the passengers side door and run over to the side of the road, Tig not far behind me.

“I saw a dog..” I mutter looking around the bushes for the small dog that I had seen walking into the forest area.

“It was probably a rabbit or something babe, their aren’t any houses up here except for the cabin. I don’t think that a dog would be-” I am quick to stop him as I spot the dog in the bushes

“Oh really is that why the dog is rolling around in the dirt Tiggy?” He raises an eyebrow before looking past me his face melting as he sees the little dog no older than about 6 months old. Alex drops to his knees and the dog immediately seeks his comfort and the look on Tig’s face makes my heart melt.

“Hey little guy, where did you come from huh bubby?” Tig asks while picking the little bundle up and brining him over to me, he pulls his attention away from the dog and locks his sky blue eyes with mine “I think we should take him up to the cabin with us” Tig says with a look of concern in his eyes and I give him a soft smile, moving forward to move his hair away from his eyes

“Yea I think we should, I mean we can’t leave him out here” Tig nodded in agreement as we made our way back to the car. I grab a blanket that we keep in the trunk to wrap around the small dog while we drive the rest of the way up to the cabin.

The rest of the night was spent giving the dog a bath and something to eat, I had no doubt in my mind that we where going to fall in love with the little guy. I watched from the couch as Alex played with the dog on the ground, it was jumping up on him and trying to grab Alex’s black curls with his sharp teeth making me laugh as Tiggy tried to get away laughing loudly as he does so. “I love him” I say and Tig gives me a look at say that he thought the same “We need to keep him Alex, I mean we’ve been talking about getting a dog for so long and this one is perfect babe” I say joining Tig on the floor the puppy immediately coming over to greet me. I watch Tig face as he has what looks like an internal debate with himself but when the smile formed on his lips I knew that he wanted the dog just as much as I did.

“THANK YOU!” I shout throwing myself on top of Tiggy and placing a kiss on his lips and placing my self on his lap.

“No problem Doll” He mumbles against my lips a smile on his face but we are quickly separated as our new dog jumps up and starts licking my face “Okay that has to stop”

Originally posted by heartsnmagic


“OH MY GOD” I shout as I fall back onto the bed groaning loudly afterwards. I hear something fall from down stairs and someone sprinting up the stairs the next thing I know Juan is in the door way of our bedroom, his chest rising and falling at a rapid pace as he looks round the room frantically.

“What happened! Are you okay?” He askes while walking over and looking over my body checking over for any harm.

“I’m okay Juan” I laugh as his reaction giving him a reassuring smile “I just saw this puppy on the adoption website, I mean look at his little face!” I shove the laptop in his face, his eyes squinting as they adjusted to the brightness. He takes the laptop out of my hands and takes the seat next to me on the bed before beginning to scroll through the website.

“You wanna tell me why you’re looking through a dog adoption site?” He asks while not taking his yes off of the screen.

“I always do it, I love dogs” I say shrugging “it’s no big deal I’m just looking I mean I know that you would never get one because of the mess and-” I’m cut of by Juice suddenly looking up.

“You want a dog?” Your caught off guard by the question but you simply nod your head.

“A dog would be nice…but babe you hate mess and a puppy is very messy-”

“If you want a dog then you can have a dog no ifs not buts, come we are going so the shelter” And that’s what you did. He drove you down and let you pick whatever one you wanted and took them home. It took a while and some adjusting to your lives but the little guys finally fit into your lives and Juice didn’t hate him as much as you though he would

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I hummed quietly and softly to myself as I worked on the dinner for tonight. I hadn’t seen Happy a lot this week so you thought that this would be a good opportunity to catch up with one another and have a romantic night in together. However this was interrupted when you heard noises coming from outside your front door. A confused look over comes your face as you stare at the front door where the whining sound was coming from. Making your way towards the door the noice gets louder and louder and when you open the door you are shocked as to what you find. Sitting in a basket in front of your door step was a little puppy playing with the blankets in its blanket.

“Aww baby, what are you doing out here in the cold?” You question and at the sound of your voice the little dogs head snaps up and if immediately tries to escape the blanket in an apparent to get to you. You smile at the dog as you make your way forward and pick up the blanket and once you have the puppy wastes no time in attacking your face with kisses making you laugh loudly. You don’t hesate to take the dog inside and place him by your feet in the kitchen as you worked after having given him a plate of meat. Around half an hour later you hear Happy’s bike pulling up out side but do not move from your position. As Happy walking into the kitchen expecting to have you greet him with a kiss he finds you one the tiled floor with a little dog using one of his socks as a chew toy.

“You got a dog?” Turning to smile at your old man he replies with an uncertain look.

“No, well yes and no. I found him outside our front door, someone must have left him out their” you shrug simply then continue to play with the dog. Happy continues to watch you interact with the puppy a smile pulling at the corners of his lips before he snaps out of it.

“I don’t want a dog” he stares firmly making you scoff

“Good because she’s not your dog, she’s mine” you say in a matter of fact tone while picking up your new family member and walking over to Happy sighing when you see the frown on his face.

“I promise baby, I’ll train her and she’ll be not trouble. Come on, I mean just look at this face” you says holding the small dog up in fort of his face. The dog simply sniffs Hap’s fave before licking him.

“Looks like you’ve made a friend for life” you giggled as Happy made a disgusted face before running over to the sink to wash his face .

“Keep that dog away from my face” that’s all you had to hear before you spent the rest of the night chasing Happy around the house with the dog.

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No Kiss List

@lapidot-anniversary-week and @jenhedgehog

prompt: first kiss

words: 3k

genre: childhood friends/enemies to sweethearts, human AU

summary: Peridot is the only person in the fourth grade that is on Lapis’s ‘no kiss list’ for a kind of underground kissing booth and Peridot is not happy about it, they grow older together and things begin to shift, Ao3

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Can I have how the boys would be on airplanes with their S/O? Like if they would like it, if they’d be scared, if they’d get sick, that kinda thing? I love the blog! Sorry about the mean people in the discord :/

Of course! I hope you like it! And it’s alright ^^ Thank you for your concern.

- Mod Saihara

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • Shinguuji has flown many times before
  • He needs to fly, in able to visit all sorts of people around the world for his work!
  • So he’s not afraid
  • And he’s certainly not sick.
  • He gives your hand a squeeze when you board your flight
  • It’s reassuring, knowing that your boyfriend is with you
  • Because if you’re going to die in this thing, dammit,
  • You might as well do it together
  • When you tell him this, he laughs lightly
  • “That’s a very interesting way to put it…”
  • The two of you stay relatively quiet throughout the duration of your flight
  • He’s got his novel and you’re truly content with just staring out the window and listening to music
  • Every now and then he’ll turn to you and sigh a dreamy sigh
  • What a cheeseball
  • When you catch him looking, he quickly returns to his book
  • The flight is peaceful and you’re kind of sad when you reach your destination
  • You wished life was that relaxed all the time…
  • You’ll savour the trip more on the way back, for sure

Rantarou Amami

  • The two of you board your flight, and the plane takes off
  • You turn to him for a kiss - flights weren’t really your thing… the idea of being stuck in this metal coffin wasn’t exactly comforting
  • But you thought you had it bad?!
  • Wait till you see this nerd
  • When you see the look on his face, you gulp
  • He totally looks like he’s about to throw up
  • Rantarou assures you he’s fine, but who is he kidding
  • His face has turned greener than his own hair.
  • When you tell him this, he laughs
  • “Don’t worry about me, s/o. I’m fine!”
  • You wish you could believe him
  • But he’s a terrible liar
  • He might as well have written “SAVE ME” on his forehead.
  • The boy literally looks like he’s about to die!
  • “Rantarou…”
  • His relatively calm expression changes like the flick of a switch
  • “I’ll be right back.“
  • "You’re on a plane!”
  • You shove one of the sick bags into his hands and turn away
  • He doesn’t throw up, but he holds it to his face for the rest of the flight, just in case.
  • Even when making jokes.
  • “Gandalf commands you get some rest, s/o.”
  • Silly boy.

Ouma Kokichi

  • The two of you take your seats on the plane
  • You’d been talking about this trip for a while now, and what you’d both do on the plane to pass time
  • But most of all, you can’t wait to watch movies together!
  • You lean your head on his shoulder and turn on the tablet, and scroll through the movies
  • Check if they have Zoolander, s/o, I wanna watch Zoolander.”
  • “Again?!”
  • There’s a jolt as the plane takes off
  • Ouma is clinging to you for dear life!
  • You never expected this from the supreme leader.
  • You’ve been on planes plenty of times before, so you’re completely calm
  • “Hey, I think they have Zoolander on here! Let’s watch it! Ouma!?“
  • He isn’t responding
  • You do the only thing you can do - without causing a scene, at least
  • You cup his cheeks and plant a kiss on his lips
  • When you remove your hands from his cheeks, you notice they’re bright pink!
  • The blushing is contagious! Now your cheeks are red!
  • Ouma smirks
  • He slyly snatches the tablet from your hands, and selects Zoolander on the movie list.
  • "Great idea, s/o!”
  • His words are innocent but his smile is that of a child who had just got their way
  • You roll your eyes and prepare for what seems to be your 1000th time watching Zoolander with Ouma
  • It’s gonna be a long flight

Saihara Shuuichi

  • You’d been on plenty of flights together in the past, both of you knew the drill
  • Hold hands, watch cruddy movies, and talk to each other in hushed whispers to see who could stay awake the longest
  • The two of you took your seats.
  • This was going to be your longest flight so far, and neither of you were going to fall asleep!
  • It wasn’t even a competition anymore - you just wanted to be able to say that you did that together
  • But as the hours went on, the two of you grew rather sleepy
  • Love Actually had ended long ago
  • The two of you looked down at your reflections in the black screen in your lap
  • You had pressed the sides of your heads together and interlaced your fingers
  • He continuously traced little hearts on the back of your hand to distract himself
  • You hummed a tune to keep yourself from drifting off
  • It was dark outside, but neither of you had bothered to turn on your compartment lights
  • But it didn’t bother you
  • It was so relaxing, being with him
  • It felt as if it was only the two of you on the plane…
  • Zzzzzz…
  • You wake up with your head nuzzled into Saihara’s shoulder
  • He grinned down at you shyly, but you could still see a hint of triumph in his eyes
  • He had won!
  • You’re okay with taking the loss because of how cute he looks.
  • But you promise yourself you’ll win next time!

Kaito Momota

  • The boy was used to being above the ground
  • He was the SHSL Astronaut, after all!
  • This was totally his thing!
  • You, on the other hand…
  • Not so much.
  • You hated this thing you were trapped in.
  • Why couldn’t Kaito have just agreed to do a road trip there, anyway?!
  • “I told you I can’t drive, s/o! Besides, flying is fun! You’ll see!”
  • ]Little did he know, it was also your first time flying.
  • But he picked up on it soon enough.
  • What gave it away? The way you gripped his arm like your life depended on it.
  • You had tried your hardest to put on your usual brave face, but screw it, you were thousands of feet in the air and thought you were going to die
  • Kaito wraps an arm around you and rubs your shoulder
  • He assures you, everything is going to go smoothly!
  • He didn’t like seeing you scared like this!
  • The boy plants a kiss on your forehead
  • You feel much better and safer knowing your boyfriend is with you…
  • You snuggle up to him and doze off, hoping the flight will be over by the time you wake up!
  • You wake up, and Kaito gives you a pat on the back
  • You survived! He’s so proud!
  • You smile. That wasn’t so bad after all.


  • You were curious as to what it would be like to fly with your robot boyfriend…
  • You knew you wouldn’t have to worry about him getting sick
  • And he wouldn’t have to get up to go to the bathroom, either!
  • It’d just be you and him, the entire flight!
  • It was also reassuring that robots probably couldn’t have a fear of heights, either…
  • Which you were scolded for saying by Kiibo before taking your seats.
  • “Do not discriminate! Just because we are not human, does not mean we cannot feel emotions such as fear! Now eat your sandwich, I don’t want you getting hungry! I love you!”
  • The plane takes off, and you sink into your seat.
  • Kiibo got the window seat, whilst you were stuck with the mediocre view of the aisle and all the plane’s passengers
  • After a few moments of mindless chatter, you hear a gasp
  • Next to you, Kiibo is making all types of noises indicating his shock
  • “Kiibo?”
  • He doesn’t reply
  • He’s completely mesmerised by the sight in the window!
  • You lean over his shoulder, and now so are you!
  • The two of you watch as the plane flies through the clouds and over the country
  • It’s a beautiful sight!
  • But what’s even more beautiful is the look of pure happiness on your boyfriend’s face as he watches the sight below him!
  • He looks back at you, and grins
  • You pull him in for a kiss
  • He reminds you again that he loves you!
  • And you tell him you love him back!

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta is not afraid!
  • Gonta won’t get sick!
  • Gonta will not kick the seats!
  • He promises he’ll be a gentleman and behave appropriately on the flight
  • It gets off to a weird start
  • Gonta can barely fit in the seat!
  • After some shuffling around, he had managed to fit himself in the tight space
  • But now you’re smushed up against the wall of the plane!
  • The view of the cement ground’s not half bad when your face is pressed against the window, but still
  • Gonta notices and he’s!! So sorry!!
  • He scooches over to the edge of his seat to leave enough room for you so that you can at least breathe!
  • You’re grateful, and thank Gonta for trying
  • But it seems you’re going to have to get used to tight spaces, at least for the next hour or so
  • And his shoulder does make a relatively good pillow
  • You rest for a little while…
  • The man sneezes
  • It’s  a near death experience
  • All the passengers jump in their seats a little
  • Gonta is sorry! Again!
  • You fall back asleep, this time he dozes off a little, too
  • You both wake up a couple hours later and you remind yourself to make him take the window seat next time on the way back

Ryouma Hoshi

  • You’ve been in the air for 10 minutes
  • You had to help him up into his seat, believe it or not
  • Even he was surprised!
  • He can usually do that stuff himself… how embarrassing
  • But what’s even more embarrassing
  • Is when a stewardess hurries over to your compartment
  • Holding what can only be described as the “Kid’s Meal” - A juice box and an apple.
  • She hastily places it on Hoshi’s fold-out table
  • “I’m sorry for not seeing your son earlier, Miss! He is rather short!“
  • And just like that she’s gone
  • You stop your conversation with Hoshi mid-sentence and point to the meal, holding in what is probably the biggest laugh of your entire life
  • In all the flights you and Hoshi had ever been on, this was certainly a first
  • Hoshi stares at the meal for a moment with his huge eyes
  • He’s speechless, and so are you
  • He grabs the juice and gives it to you, and saves the apple for himself
  • "That didn’t just happen…”
  • You nod, taking a sip of the juice
  • The attendant hurries back with a colouring in sheet and a blue marker, and disappears once more
  • The pen becomes useless, because the sheet is now covered in the orange juice you just spat out from laughing so hard
  • You don’t let it go for the rest of the flight
Paper Hearts (Part 6)

Originally posted by tbhobi

Genre: Angst/fluff

♡ Pairing: Reader x Jungkook

♡ Length: 3.2k

♡ Summary: It has been nearly a year since you started writing anonymous letters to Jungkook, giving him words of encouragement behind the thin mask of a paper. He never considered you as a possible suspect behind these letters, because you were nothing more than a best friend. And you couldn’t put all the blame on him either, after all, you were too afraid to confess in fear of tarnishing your precious friendship.

Part 1 ♡ Part 2  ♡ Part 3   Part 4   Part 5   Part 6  Part 7

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I don’t know if the requests are open are not. If not, please ignore. But you know how in Danganronpa 2 there was something called the “Despair Fever? ” How do you think the NDRV3 boys would react if their S/O had caught it? Sorry if it seems like a stupid idea. But if you do write headcannons for it, thank you! And good luck with the page! <3

Thank you so much!!

This is a very interesting idea! I literally made up almost every single disease the s/o catches, so I hope this is what you want!

Excuse the awful disease names

-Mod Kaito

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Ignored - Elijah Mikaelson

Request: Hi!!! i have e request for Elijah, i saw your last oneshot with him and it was amazing!!! ok, so the reader is a Salvatore sister and she tries to avoid Elijah after he’s back in town with Kaherine for the cure. ((Anon)) 

Warnings: angst, so much angst. Crying. Sadness. Depression. The bad stuff.

Pairing: Elijah Mikaelson x Fem!reader 

 A/n: I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in so long I’ve been so hectically preoccupied with school that I just forgot to post. 

Originally posted by weirdxsensations


 “Hey, little sister.” Damon’s voice drawled from the archway to the kitchen. Your mouth was around a straw you had stabbed into a blood bag, like a fucked up juice box. 

 “What do you want?” You ask, turning around to toss the empty bag into the garbage can. Damon frowns at you with a roll of his eyes. 

 “Just to tell you that your boyfriend is back in town.” You don’t even flinch, you hadn’t had a boyfriend since 1910, and he knew that. 

 “My last boyfriend is in the ground, has been since the sixties, you know that.” Damon tsks and taps his fingers against the kitchen island as he sits down.

“Did he really make that much of a fleeting impression on you? I mean the undead one, the beast to your beauty, consumed by saving his little brother, a thousand years old? Ringing a bell?” You tense up, you didn’t think you’d ever forget him. How had you forgotten him? 

 “Elijah’s back?” Damon smiles toothily at you. 

 “Oh, Elijah’s back, and as far as I know he came back with the cure for vampirism. For Katherine.” The smile that was growing on your lips fell. Katherine, of course he came back for Katherine, you hated that bitch. 

“I want her dead, I’ve wanted her dead for one-hundred-sixty years.” You cross your arms over your chest, resembling again the little girl that could get anything from Damon with a pout and puppy dog eyes. 

 “If you can give me a way to keep her dead forever, I’ll take it.” You roll your eyes and turn around to look out the window, Stefan was throwing a ball with a dog you had taken in. 

 “She’s such a-!” You cut yourself off half way through your shout, taking a deep breath and unclenching your fists. 

 “I know, she’s a bitch, an undead skank, you’ve said it all before.” You roll your shoulders, taking another deep breath. 

 “I hate her! I don’t- I wanted to be with Elijah and I thought I could be happy with him but then she comes back and he just becomes her little bitch all over again. He basically worshipped the ground she walked on!” Your hands rested in the island and before you can think about it two handfuls of granite are in your palms. Damon lifts his eyebrows. 

 “So tell him.” Damon says, you can hear the soft tone of his voice. If there was one person he wanted to be happy it would be you, and you knew it. 

 “No, he’ll come to me, I’m not going to run after him all over again.” You cross your arms and Damon smirks at you. 

 “That’s my girl.” You smile at him before throwing the crushed granite away. 


 You could hear them talking from the open window of the living room. You were petting Frank the fluffy collie dog and reading a book. Elijah was talking about you to Damon and Stefan, asking them to let him see you. 

 “She doesn’t want to see you, not as long as your Katherine’s bitch.” You could practically feel Stefan’s sass through the walls. 

 “I don’t belong to anyone.” You snort out a laugh. 

 “Yeah, right. But hey, as soon as you stop following Katherine around like a little lost puppy you can see her. Until then, if I see you around her I’ll rip your heart from your chest.” The door opens again and Frank lifts his head only to put it back down when Damon walks through the door. He winks at you and you smile smugly.


 It had been a week and you were finally ready to go see him. You had dressed up for the party, some stupid ball that Damon insisted on throwing for your birthday. But mostly you were dressed up for Elijah. Katherine was gone, and you looked amazing. 

 “Have you been ignoring me?” You had just reached the bottom of the stairs when you heard Elijah’s voice. You smiled and turned around. 

 “Why would I ever do that? It certainly wouldn’t be because of that undead skank that constantly makes you her bitch, now, would it?” He frowns. 

“Would you care to dance?” He straightens his back and holds out a hand to you. You take it and let him pull you into his chest on the dancefloor. 

“I’m sorry about Katherine.” You roll your eyes when he talks. 

 “No you aren’t, Elijah, don’t pretend. It’s rude.” You were fed up with his bullshit, he didn’t feel bad, you know he didn’t. 

 “But I still missed you.” You look away from him and click your tongue in annoyance. 

 “Just because you don’t believe me doesn’t make it any less the truth.” He grabs your hand and you don’t try to pull it away. 

 “Let’s say you missed me, why didn’t you come back?” Your words cut through the air like a knife, you were still angry and hurt that he left you behind. 

 “It was Niklaus, I couldn’t-” Now you pull your hand away. 

 “It’s always Klaus isn’t it? You’re so devoted to his redemption, he’s a monster Elijah, he’s not the little boy you knew when you were children anymore.” Elijah looks at a loss for words and when he does start to speak you cut him off. 

“No, okay just- no. If I’m not dead by the time you finally come to your senses about Klaus then come and find me but until then- stay the hell away from me.” You turn your back on him, walking away and bringing a hand up to wipe your tears away. Damon is sitting on the couch when you come home, flicking through the tv. You wipe away another tear. 

 “Hey how did- oh no.” Damon stands up when he sees you crying. He’s pulling you into a hug in less than a second. 

“He’s never going to love me as much as he loves them.” Damon tries to shush you, putting a hand over your head as you cry. 

 “I just want him to love me like he used to.” Damon gives a nod as you cry. 

 “I know, I know you do. It’s going to be okay.” 

But was it really?

Incomplete list of dorky things Mettaton has done

(aka reasons I love him)

Here’s your friendly reminder that this hotbot:

  • Had a bed in his house, even though the lack of one in Napstablook’s house and their fake sleep in ruins indicate that ghosts most likely don’t need to sleep;
  • Collected diaries, making only one entry in each;
  • According to Toby, had 4, 5 and 6-fingered gloves because he wasn’t sure how many humans actually have;
  • Got invited to an unfamiliar house and immideately decided that the appropriate thing to do is to lie seductively on the piano and feed himself grapes;
  • Bonus points if he was in the box form; 
  • Was unironically selling Bishie Cream, Anime Powder, Cute Juice, Attraction Slime, Beauty Yogurt and fashion basketballs made for wearing not playing;
  • Also sweet treats made out of sparkling stars, burgers made out of edible glitter and sequins and sandwiches shaped like a sword; 
  • Also pressed his face into the steaks and sold them as well (and it apparently wasn’t real meat either);
  • Promised one of his employees that if something happens to him, their face will be pressed instead;
  • Wrote reviews for his own hotel, one of which said “my face tastes beautiful!”;
  • Had tables in form of himself in his restaurant;
  • Refused to put functional lamps in the rooms of his hotel because “stars make their own light”;
  • But put giant bottles of perfume called Eau de Rectangle that looked like lamps and had caps too large to open;
  • Apparently placed a statue of himself in an already existing fountain, causing the water to flood the floor and the carpets?
  • Hired a monster just because as a rectangle he sympathized with their angular struggles;
  • Ignored all suggestions on the improvements of his hotel because “that’s not how they do it on the surface”;
  • Instead of berating Burgerpants made a whole CD album full of songs of how bad he is at his job and played it;
  • Was posing dramatically when the eggs on his cooking show didn’t turn out right and beating up villains on a quiz show;
  • Had a show dedicated to washing hands;
  • Made 28 movies all consisting of a 4-hour shot of rose petals showering his body;
  • Made a fabulous entrance by sitting god knows for how long behind a wall of his friend’s lab and then repeatedly running into the said wall until he crashed through it;
  • Included a question “would you smooch a ghost?” that only had answers “hell yeah” in his quiz and made the timer count up during that question;
  • Had adorable rectangle outfits;
  • Kept repeating “welly well well” when he couldn’t think of a good excuse;
  • Tried to make a pun and immediately decided to cut it in post-production;
  • Totally believed his enemy saying that there was a mirror behind his back and decided to check if he (a rectangle) looked good enough for the fight;
  • Made Frisk write an essay about himself in like 6 seconds;
  • Was fine with beating up a 10 yo and threating them with a chainsaw on live television, but didn’t allow them to write curse words in the essay because “family-friendly show”;
  • Felt the need to have a union-regulated break in the middle of the fight;
  • Caught a thrown stick in his mouth and winked;
  • Pointed at his friend and her crush with a leg and said “smooch now”;
  • Decided to sell Toriel plushies with his face instead of hers;
  • Put legs on his rectangle.
Eight Days A Week (a Yuri!! On Ice nanny au)

okay but a nanny!AU where Viktor has somehow acquired a bushel of children and needs a nanny to help care for his screaming brood - enter Yuuri, freshly retired from what he thinks was a failed figure skating career, and in desperate need of money to help pay off his student loans.

(it’s also on AO3)


Yuuri’s nervous – it’s his very first meeting at the nanny agency and he has no idea how he’s gong to pull any of this off, when Viktor Nikiforov, the world’s best figure skater (ret.), walks in. Yuuri nearly has a heart attack, but his excitement and energy quickly vanishes when he realizes that Viktor, who stood on the podium with Yuuri at Worlds two years before (for Yuuri’s first and only World medal, a bronze) doesn’t recognize him at all.

By the time Yuuri takes this in (wondering why he thought Viktor would even remember a washed-up nobody like him, anyway), a weary, weary Viktor is telling him that the longest a nanny has lasted with Viktor’s kids is a week, and the last one left after three hours, recommending that Viktor hire an exorcist instead of childcare help.

Yuuri, whose hurt feelings won’t pay the rent, swallows his crushed dreams and accepts the job.

(He tells all this to his roommate Phichit that night. “Wow,” Phichit says. “Your life sucks.”)

The next day, he goes to Viktor’s house and the door is opened by a tiny blond ball of rage, who promptly kicks Yuuri in the shin and runs off.

“That’s Yuri,” says a young boy lurking behind the hall stand inside. “He’s three. He hates you.”

“What about you?” Yuuri asks, favoring one leg.

The boy considers. “I’m Otabek. I’m five. I hate you too.”

Viktor comes up, removes the cricket bat from Otabek’s hands, and brings Yuuri inside. “The children didn’t want to come meet you,” Viktor says in way of explanation as they go into the large house. “I can usually find them.”

They discover Sara and Michele (twins, Viktor tells him, and six) in the kitchen, eating crackers under the table. Jean-Jacques (seven) is climbing a bookcase in the library. Mila (nine) is reading a book in front of the television, with the dog Makkachin at her feet. It takes a while to find the last two, Georgi and Chris, both twelve, but Viktor finally locates them sitting on the garage roof. Georgi has a guitar and Chris has a water gun, which he promptly uses to squirt Yuuri in the face.

“There they are,” Viktor says.

Yuuri takes off his glasses to dry them. He’s a little shell-shocked. “Eight children.”

“Yes.” Viktor hesitates. “I have to go. Are you staying?”

Yuuri puts his glasses back on. “Um, sure?”

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