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"Do you have this *item*" "No, I don't think so, sorry." "*mutters* well you had it years ago." Uhhh I think we weren't even the same store. There was a different store before it was shut down and became the current store so sorry we don't have the item you wanted 😐

I love those. Most of the time it’s been years so the customer doesn’t even remember what it’s correct name is and is asking for something that never existed and gets mad at you when you figure it out an hour later (because she won’t leave) and then throws something at you when you tell her it’s been years since we carried it.


Wednesday rundown..
  • Hello new followers that are not pornblogs. Maybe you showed up here because I was dragged, so you got curious. Maybe you showed up because my friends (many whom I’ve met in person, stayed in their homes, etc.) had my back. Or maybe you like beer, and cats like I do! Regardless, hello! In addition to cats, and beer, I enjoy 80s new wave/synthpop, Industrial Rock, darkwave, 90s Shoegaze, horror movies, comic books, video games, and many other nerdy things. Yes I am one of those Apple People. I will talk about Apple in bunches, then there will be times when I do not mention Apple at all.
  • I hate it when I tell someone at work that I will have something for them shortly, only for them to come hover around my desk 5 minutes later. Get the fuck out of here, I’ll get it to you when I am ready to give it to you.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, I do not believe I will be making the KMFDM show in San Diego. There is still a slim chance, but it is looking unlikely. It still bothers me that they are not doing their own show in lieu of the festival that is happening this weekend here in LA.
  • I received a text from a former co-worker yesterday that has worked at our competitor for the last 10 years or so asking me “What is going on over there?” The reason? Most, if not all of the people that were laid off last week had applied over there. It’s kinda hard to hide the truth when that sort of thing happens.
  • I’ve said this before, I am not a big Dodgers fan (the Angels have always been my SoCal team. *weep*) but it is not looking good for the Cubs. Captain Obvious, right?
  • I sure do enjoy weekends when I don’t do anything, or go anywhere. I also enjoy day drinking at the breweries so.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I guess I’ll get back to it. Bye!

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I was a virgin when I met my daddy but he’s slept with 136 other women and I can’t help but feel sick thinking about the fact that 136 other people have touched my daddy What do you think I can do to get over it?

Wow…… I mean….. just… wow.

Allow me to attempt to put this into perspective for you. Let’s say that your daddy is 30 years old. The average male begins having sex at around the age of 15. Even then, he usually only has one or two partners through high school so that brings us to the age of 18.

That gives him 12 years of sexual activity. And in those 12 years he’s had 136 partners?

That’s one and a half per month or something close to it. I think about that for a moment… One new woman every month for the last 12 years… And do you think that he’s a good choice for a daddy?

That number is either grossly inflated and all to make himself look cool, which honestly he doesn’t at all… Or he’s a raging whore who is only out to get some pussy.

Zero commitment. Territorial. And only out to get some… Wow. That’s some kind of daddy that you have there.

I think you should be less concerned with the people that have touched him, and more concerned with what he’s given you by touching you.

Even if he’s 40 years old or more, That’s still excessive. I know people who are polyamorous and also swingers and have not had that many sexual partners.

Unless they are a retired porn star.

Please… Run away.

Run away as fast as you can.

And get tested.


Oh my God, now that’s a difficult one, I honestly can’t decide. It depends on what kind of innocent we’re talking about:

“Not guilty of a crime or an offence.”

Now, John Doe is involved in criminal activities, and fully aware of his actions and decisions, even if his backstory mostly explains said decisions. From what we have so far, he had personally commited only petty crimes.

Eric Border is the Joker. Has been him. And he is still lurking beneath his skin. Though personally, I do view him as an innocent, if one that certainly has the capacity to become something terrible.

“A pure, guileless, or naïve person.”

John definitely wins that. Maybe not the pure part, per say, but guiless and naïve, definitely. This one is pretty much self-explanatory, his entire behaviour patterns prove it true.

Eric is none of those. He’s completely disillusioned with the world, and maybe he doesn’t view it as unsalvageable, but he doesn’t have an optimistic view on what and how life is.

Nia had a photoshoot she had to do for the family, but she’s waiting so she decided to play her games. Also I re did her room, and it was supposed to be a big reveal for Hana cause Hana’s the one who wanted her to change it up. But like, surprise I guess.

yeah you play your games my tiny baby. You do no wrong, lmao I totally get how parents could be like, not my kid. My kids a fucking angel bruh. 
touched by the universe. 

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M!A Poof! Wilford is now! Horny! As! Fuck! Lasts for three(3) days!

//i saw that coming, rip.//
Wilford was in a mood. Not just any mood, a fucking mood. He wanted to ram his dick into something, anything…. Or someone. It was a particular someone too, a stunning beauty with blue locks. He hadn’t been able to get him off his mind all day. Smooth skin and those soft lips. His beautiful eyes. What Wilford wouldn’t do for that man….

“Oh, Google~” he groaned, fisting his cock. He had barely made it inside the house before he lost all inhibitions and began to touch himself right then and there. But try as he might he just couldn’t cum. It had been like this all day. So he hiked his pants back up with a wince, walking further into his home. “Gooooogle~” the tent in his pants stuck out like a sore thumb, he hoped his husband wasn’t busy.

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D5 for Strife? I feel it'll go alone with the pain train

There you go, friend! Sorry for the wait, had a little trouble with this one but got there eventually, I hope you like it! :D
Poor boy though, who’s upset him? >:0

Still have two more requests from this sheet to finish, working on those at the moment! But will gladly take more if you want to send them in! These are fun and give me something to do between everything else x) Good expression practice too :P Though I’ll just take Yogs requests in general if you want to send those in :P

From this sheet! Send an expression and a Yog! :D

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Ok, so I forget which baking video this is in, but Phil does something and is just like "I've had a log of sugar today" or something along those lines and Dan is just like "yeah I know" and even though Dan sounds kind of annoyed it's one of my faves because it's just so domestic. Also from a baking one when Dan makes Phil go stand in the hallway of shame for eating the ingredients. Basically anything having to do with Dan being totally done with Phil's sugar addiction will get me.

Aaaaaahhhh I think those are all from the monster pops vids? Someone correct me if I’m wrong lol but ugggghhhhhh they’re literally so fricking domestic in that video holy crap

Take some Pharoga Phluff

Here is a little extract from the role-playing game I do with @mazandaroga … for all those who are in need for some Pharoga phluff.

Erik smiled, insecure now, nervous. The music box still played. “I …” , he hesitated and had to swallow, before he found the courage to continue his sentence, “In my whole life, I never danced with anybody.”

Nadir raised his eyebrows - he had expected that there was something wrong, that an event from the past had troubled Erik - but now he smiled relieved, his eyes warm. He stood up. “Do you know how to dance?” , he asked.

Erik could only lift his shoulders once. “I … I don’t know. I have seen people dancing … but that’s it.” He still felt nervous, a bit ashamed, also for some reason waiting for Nadir’s refusal for something he hadn’t even literally dared to ask for.

Nadir walked to Erik, suddenly nervous, too, but he reached out his hand to his lover, his smile remaining on his face. “Do you … would you like to dance with me?” , he asked.

Erik smiled shyly now like a school boy. “Would you let me?”

“Of course I would let you.” Nadir laughed softly and daring he grabbed Erik’s hand gently, pulling him close. “Not saying I am the best dancer.”

Erik carefully put the music box on the window bench. “You’ll be the best I ever had anyway.” He actually felt heat inside his cheeks and couldn’t believe his silly behaviour. He let Nadir pulling him close.

Nadir smiled blushing at Erik and he took one hand in one of his own, lifting it up on shoulder height. His other hand rested on Erik’s side. “I think this is the right way.” He laughed softly, suddenly nervous.

“I am all yours.” , Erik repeated and remembered the first time he had said it to Nadir. He remembered everything, all that had followed. Nothing had changed since then, he trusted him in every way. Trusted him that he could lead and guide him through any first time he hadn’t been allowed to experience so far.

Nadir locked eyes with Erik, knowing these words all too well, and his blush got more crimson. “Just follow me, and don’t step on my toes.” He chuckled, swallowing his nervousness away. He took his first steps, making sure he did it right. Luckily, Erik followed him quite easily and smooth like he always was. Nadir’s smile got wider, the music played in the background.

After a while, when the moves got smoother, Erik rested his head on Nadir’s shoulder, while they kept turning around themselves. “I know now why they say ‘dancing is a kind of making love’.” His voice was full of adoration and bliss.

Nadir smiled at these words and he pulled Erik closer. He swung his hips softly with the music, not close to the window, so no one would spot them. “So you like dancing then, hmm?” , he hummed.

„I do.“ , Erik assured, „I like to do it with you.“ Nadir’s lips closed his mouth. The moment was so perfect, filled with love for each other. Erik smiled into the kiss. “Thank you for loving me.”

Nadir stroked Erik’s cheek adoring. “I’ll always love you, Erik.” , he whispered.


iconic harry looks™

n.1: Harry Styles: Behind the Album (Abbey Road Studios) aka the most iconic pants ever


The Astral Body

Disclaimer: Everyone’s astral experiences are different. While the astralling community may agree for the most part on the following things, you may still experience and believe different things. And that’s okay! ;D *musical flourish*

Originally posted by dimensao7

Your astral body can be wildly different from your physical body:

  • Sexual and romantic tastes can differ between astral and physical.
  • Gender and sex can differ between astral and physical.
  • Shapeshifting is possible with the astral body.
  • Even throughout different lives and forms, your being has a core that remains unchanged. This could be known as a “soul”.

There are different kinds of astral bodies/astral experiences:

  • Some astralling is not permanent; you make a body to astral temporarily and it vanishes/dissolves when you’re done.
  • Some astralling is semi-permanent; you have an astral self that’s “stored” in your physical body.
  • Then there’s physical semi-permanent where, on physical realms, you form a physical body but it’s only active when you use it.
  • Then there’s permanent-permanent when you’re “tuning into” another body/consciousness with its own life that does its own thing even when not in use.

Your astral body and physical body can influence each other:

  • Injury/sickness in astral can affect physical. For example, many people who have been in astral fights wake up the next morning with pains where they were hurt in battle.
  • Injury/sickness in the physical can affect the astral, but not as much as the reverse (as limbs can be regrown, the body is very “fluid”, etc.). For example, if you are sick in the physical, parasites may show up in your astral body, it may be harder for you to connect to your astral body, your astral vision may become blurry, etc.
  • You can get used to being one way in astral and then feel “off” when returning to the physical. You can have wings in the astral and then feel like you’re missing something when you return to your physical body.
  • If the astral body is killed or destroyed, it can regenerate using the physical body’s energy.

Your astral body can change depending on where you are:

  • You can remember some things better in the astral (past lives, astral experiences) than in the physical. They may be weakened, lost, or harder to recall when returning to the physical.
  • This is applicable to specific realms as well. If you have a fae-touched soul, for example, you may recall past lives while travelling to fae realms.
  • You may also experience shifts in your astral form depending on location. Some fae-touched people’s forms change when they are in their fae homeworlds.
  • Different astral realms differ in their effects on one’s astral body. Some things may be possible in one realm but not another. This can also be tied to one’s energetic makeup. For example, someone with angelic energies might have a hard time shapeshifting when in Hell.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the information!~










AfterBuzz Interview Quote:

Interviewer: Last season, in terms of Netflix dropping episodes, was so much about trying to build up Keith’s confidence as a leader, and now we immediately see him basically getting to step out of that role. So what was sort of the decision, I guess, behind that?

Joaquim: I mean, I think he’s always been reluctant to be in that position, so I think it’s part of his makeup, it’s part of his character. … You know, Pidge tried pulling something very similar early on, and Keith was like, “What are you doing?” So I think this is also a nice turn. It shows their growth as a team, it shows their understanding of each other’s personal needs.

Lauren: And it’s also a situation where you’ve got one paladin too many. We only need five to form Voltron. Had Shiro stayed gone, Keith would have absolutely been there and been that leader. But he sees Shiro’s back, and I think he feels like he can’t fill those shoes. And so, it almost makes him want to pull back more, and he’s trying to almost force Shiro to retake that position. Because he never feels like he can adequately take his place.

Lauren and Joaquim talk about Keith stepping aside from Voltron


Why did I even draw this

Season 4 complaints

I’ve seen some people posting about how season 4 just ignored all the development in season 3 and yada yada so I decided to make a post about my view on the most popular complaints.

  • “Shiro’s headache and the whole it must be a clone theory was totally put aside because now he pilots Black again!”

Shiro going back to being the black paladin wasn’t him just saying “well let’s try this again just because” and the black lion going “one time is not enough but TWO times hell yeah u my paladin”


The team was in danger, Keith was away and was constantly showing signs that he would end up leaving the team. Another thing, Shiro had to convince Black to let him pilot it.

My point is: Black would not let the paladins fucking die if it could do something to save them. After letting Shiro (or clone Shiro) pilot it Keith decided he was going to leave and BUM there’s no return now and Shiro (or clone Shiro) had to be the black paladin.

Besides, if the clone builds connections with the team and loves them as much real Shiro it will be 1000000 times more heartbreaking to show real Shiro coming back.

  • “Lance’s and Keith’s relationship development was completely thrown away!”

Those kids are at a war. That’s what they’re doing in space, they’re fighting a war. You guys really think Keith (the guys who’s been fighting with all his strength the whole time, who has put his friends in danger just for the possibility of attacking Lotor, who trains more than anyone) is going to focus more on a crush we are not even sure he really has than on the fight against the Galra?

Voltron is not a show about two boys finding more about themselves and slowly falling in love with each other. Their relationship is a SUBPLOT, let the main plot run its course for God’s sake.

  • “Lance’s character development was ignored and now he’s back to the way he was in season 1!!”

Lance didn’t really open up for the team about his insecurities. He had one good talk with Keith, who left, and that’s it. Lance may be self-centered but he’s not self-centered enough to put his problems above the war they’re fighting. The whole thing about Lance’s character is that he hides his insecurities behind a mask of confidence and jokes.

Moreover, being insecure doesn’t mean being sad all the fucking time. He genuinely enjoyed being an actor and doing performances and flying around so let the boy be happy.

He never stopped being a flirt either.

  • “Lotor’s generals would not turn on him like that!”

We don’t know that. In fact, we know close to nothing about Lotor’s relationship with his generals.

As much as I love the idea of all the characters getting good development I know that’s not really possible. The show is not about Lotor and his generals, is about team voltron.

Besides, we might get some more information in the future, just like how it was done with Zarkon’s backstory.

  • “Keith leaving the team ruined the dynamic season 3 built!”

Firstly, Keith never wanted to be the leader and after the talk he had with Lance it was obvious he would not claim Red back when Shiro came back. Secondly, the Blade kind of represents a family to him in a sense, they’re a connection to his past. With Shiro being back and Red having a good pilot, Keith saw the possibility of helping team Voltron and the Blade at the same time. He took the opportunity.

In season 3, Keith wasn’t the leader because he wanted to, he was the leader because he had to. Now he can do something he really wants to do instead of being stuck in a position he doesn’t consider his own. Be happy for the guy.

  • “Lotor has barely been introduced as a main antagonist and is already having a redemption arc!”

Lotor’s intentions were very different from Zarkon’s intentions. He wasn’t after Voltron like crazy, trying to destroy the Lions or get them for himself. Lotor had a very specific plan and just used his position as the new leader of the Galra empire to to help him with it.

The talk he wants to have is not a “Wow I’m suddenly a good guy”. Lotor’s is an enemy for the Galra now and if wants his plan to succeed he needs allies. My enemy’s enemy is my best friend. Team voltron kind of has a debt to Lotor now that he literally saved everyone so he has an advantage.

Lotor doesn’t want to become a hero, he just wants his plan to work.

That’s it. Might do a part 2 later.

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I'm not a shipper, but @ every shippers who want a canon mlm representation, should stop erasing Keith and Shiro's relationship just because it's notp. Because from the look of it they're the ones that seems to have chance in becoming canon. People are screaming broganes! in every posts to the point of sounding like old homophobes, and even from non shipper's view, it's transparent as fuck. Like it'd be easier if people just admit that KL are not important to each other as people make out to be.

Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The very earliest Voltron interview I heard was before the show even released, and when asked about providing more lgbt rep the way they did with korrasami, Lauren said: “We have those first 13 episodes and if we ever went beyond that, we would like to push the envelope.” Which tells me any gay relationship they planned to expand on has been present right from the start. Add to that comments about how “Keith latches onto Shiro,” “Keith’s always scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong that’ll cause him to lose Shiro,” “He supports Keith one hundred percent, he’s stuck his neck out for Keith a lot,” and “Keith and Shiro have the closest relationship”–if they were ever hinting at anything, I think it’s sheith. 

From onscreen canon interactions, Keith and Shiro’s relationship has always read as romantic to me. And claiming what they have is just brotherly when it’s so obviously different from Matt and Pidge’s dynamic–I just don’t understand it. So many of Keith and Shiro’s scenes are incredibly intimate. They confide in one another, comfort each other, offer physical reassurances and hold each other close. Keith prioritizes Shiro’s safety first and foremost and literally vows to save him, “as many times as it takes.” We see from Keith’s very first scene a tenderness between them that’s never replicated with anyone else. So much of their relationship reads as a veritable fairytale romance. I don’t think that’s an accident. 

It’s really transparent to me when people claim that this season was somehow homophobic for veering further towards allurance or not having Keith interact with Lance?? Like, people are literally claiming the staff don’t care about representation and never had any intention of including it, but?? The crew has already blatantly informed us that it was never their intention to tease Kl/ance, and they directly said they wouldn’t queerbait it. Because it was never there. Fans making serious accusations like this is incredibly transparent–if the only representation that matters to you is your ship, then I think you should reevaluate why. As a bi guy, kl/ance has always made me uncomfortable and I never saw any precedence for it in canon. 

Lauren literally said, “we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that–even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!” When asked about Lance’s future “Mr or Mrs Blue Lion,” Lauren responded exclusively with female pronouns. This isn’t like the bait and switch with building up leader Keith only to throw Shiro back in the pilot seat. Representation is serious, there is no gotcha moment, they’re not continually pushing aside kl/ance so they don’t “ruin the surprise.” 

Representation is a very real concern for Joaquim and Lauren, and they’ve already outright said teasing kl/ance was never their intention. They’re completely against queerbaiting. We’ve been definitively told no. If fans are unable to let go of fanon and refuse to acknowledge the narrative we’ve been given, then that’s on them. But it seems hypocritical to me to claim they were led on when they just refused to listen. As Lauren said: “they start out at odds, but then they grow to kind of respect each other. And if that leads into people being like–they’re spending time together! Then that’s a ‘thing,’ but…We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.”

And I’ve seen people claim–but, kl/ance is so popular! The fans love it so much, they shouldn’t discount it just yet! Things can change! And it’s incredibly clear to me that those fans are naive in their understanding of the animation industry. Joaquim said this best: “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline, you know?” He and Lauren outright confirmed they can’t go back and make kl/ance canon, because the decision to do so would’ve had to have been made years ago. Animation is not a medium conducive to major change. That’s just something fans will have to learn to accept. 

Lauren and Joaquim really seem like they actually care and they’re fighting for more representation. That means something to me. And if people expect me to feel sorry for fans who harass them simply because they didn’t make their OTP canon and are trying to focus on their own narrative, then they don’t know me. If it’s representation fans are concerned about and not just ships, then they shouldn’t see kl/ance as the only viable source for it. I’m sorry if people were disappointed and wanted representation in another form, I really am. I understand, I do. But I don’t think it’s fair to tear down the creators for it when they’re trying their best and act like kl/ance was somehow our only chance. 


Middle Earth meme | [3/3] heroes  Samwise Gamgee

↳   It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something. What are we holding onto, Sam? That there’s some good in this world, Mr. Frodo… and it’s worth fighting for. 

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I'm kind of shocked you reblogged that post about neurotypical advice when I've seen you complaining about people giving you unsolicited advice for your chronic illnesses.

To me there is a difference between generally sound advice, and what is as you say, unsolicited advice from people who ignore what you have said, and insist they are right. 

I don’t mind any of those things, they are in fact great advice for most people and I think tumblr’s skewed anti-recovery rhetoric and baseline rejection of what are, lets face it, Basic Self Care Methods is highly toxic and harmful to those looking to start their path to recovery. 

For some people, drinking more water will help, for some people having a schedule and regular routine will help. To claim that these things flat out do not work at all, is false and harmful towards recovery. 

Where I get pissed off is when you have more severe issues, and people just willfully don’t get it. They refuse to believe that these things did not work for you, therefore you are a liar. 

I get a lot, A LOT, of daily messages from people asking me if I have tried XYZ for my recovery because it helped them, and more often than not I have to inform them I have, didn’t work for me, but thanks anyway. The response I get from that a lot of the time is “aw man that sucks, sorry to have bothered you then, hope you get something that works for you!” and I think to myself “what a nice person, I’m glad the thing helped them” and go about my day. Those messages do not make me mad because I genuinely believe they are sent with good intent. Sometimes it gets a little tiresome to repeat myself so often, but hey, they were just trying to help, and I’d rather live in a world where people try to help than where they don’t.

And then there’s the “If you just tried harder” squad who fall into my inbox every now and then, who don’t believe that some things can’t be cured, only managed. Who don’t believe me when I tell them I already do most of those things. Who tell me I am lying if I say XYZ doesn’t work because one time they had something vaguely wrong with them and it fixed them. 

They cannot perceive a reality where full recovery is not an option, and worse than that, they try to inflict that mindset on others and infer that we somehow deserve our suffering. Those people need to learn some of what they preach and try to be mindful, both of themselves and others. 

So yea, drink water, get sleep, eat regularly and try to be active. That shit is great advice for daily life. 

Just don’t be the asshole that sees someone talking about their health condition and immediately jump towards making suggestions. Listen to them, hear what they are saying and try to process it. If you still think you might have something helpful to say, go ahead, ask them if they have heard of, or if they think XYZ might help them. But don’t tell them that it will. And certainly do not tell them they just need to try harder then. Cause that shit ain’t right.

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ok but what do u think harry's name for draco in his phone is and vice versa

Oh Nonnie. I know you didn’t ask for this, but this is an adorable question and therefore you are getting a drabble! Please don’t hate me forever :) 


“Hello?” Draco said absently into the phone.


Draco chuckled. “Maybe. I don’t know why you’re so angry. It’s the truth!”

“Draco, do you even understand how inappropriate it is for my boss to see ‘Sexiest man you’ve ever had in your bed’ on my screen every time you send a message?”

“Oh please, you know he appreciates my arse as much as you do.”

“Draco Malfoy. You swore no more of this. You broke the truce. It. Is. On.”

“I’m positively terrified.” Draco drawled, hanging up quickly and laughing.

Message from: Seeker of Your Orgasms

Message from: Sweetums

Message from: Pookie Bear Hunny Pie

Message from: Most Glorious Hair You’ve Ever Touched

Message from: Keeper of my Heart Song

Message from: The Gangsta with the Hot Scar

Message from: Husband ️<3


“Harry,” Draco said, storming into the kitchen.

“What?” Harry replied innocently.

“It says Husband!”

“All those names I put in, and this is the one you’re freaking out about?”

“Yes! And what is this insipid little thing!?”

“It’s a heart, Draco.”

“It’s appalling. Take it out.”

“Only if you concede.”

“Fine. I’ll stop if you will.”

Harry pulled out his phone, which currently had Draco’s name written as ’God of Sex and Lover of Potter’, and smiled.

“I’ll stop, but I do have to put you in here as something.”

Draco looked at Harry for a second and put out is hand. “I have an idea,” he said, taking Harry’s phone and typing furiously. A moment later, he held both screens up for Harry to see.

Harry ️<3

Draco ️<3

“Took us long enough to get to those names as it is, don’t you think?”

“It’s perfect,” Harry smiled, kissing Draco quickly as he took his phone back. “But I thought the hearts were terrible.”

“I’m making an exception for my husband.”

“I meant it you know. You wanna?”

Draco smiled maddeningly and dashed up the stairs.

Message from: Draco ️<3

Find a better way to ask me, and we’ll see.