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endless list of favorite movies ≡ the lord of the rings: the two towers

It’s like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn’t want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it’s only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn’t. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something.

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I already love bughead, but I honestly can't imagine how they will become a thing from the interactions we've seen till now.. how do you think it will start?

i’m actually quite pleased with the development we’ve gotten so far, which really says something since they’ve only had 4 scenes together. in those 4 scenes, they’ve been able to show us how fond of betty jughead is. he’s only smiled a handful of times on the show so far and she’s been the cause for a number of them. we’ve also seen that he has a soft spot for her and listens to her, e.g. jug agreeing to write for the blue and gold, and playing the movie she suggested. (she suggested rebel without a cause to make him smile and it did). –he also seems to know betty better than archie does; seeming offended that archie would think betty would ever do anything to hurt him 

i think they’ve laid a great foundation and they’re going to build on that with him helping her figure out what happened to her sister. they’re going to get to know each other better and see different sides of each other. i’m hoping that betty will make jughead feel wanted and appreciated, and jughead will help betty realize that it’s okay to be emotional and selfish. that’s why i’m really exited to see him cup her face while she cries 

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You know something I love about you: You're not a food snob. I mean, yes you're all about good food and whatnot, but you're also totes cool with Spam and Twinkies and shit. I could gush to you about the 5 Star dinner I had, or I could gush to you about a Hostess cupcake, and you're just like "Yeah, those are both delicious! I'm glad you're eating delicious food." It's refreshing. Most fine dining people think they're too good for Hostess. They're full of shit. No one is too good for Hostess! lol

To be honest and forthright, I don’t like certain foods, but that is because I don’t like the flavor of them. I do sometimes have the streak of the elitist about me, when it is possible to get something better for less, or with less difficulty.

Canned food, most box wines, prepackaged foods of certain types, a few other things. But yes, most foods have a place, and that place is in my stomach.

I also enjoy trying new things, expensive or otherwise. “Bizarre” or “average”.

I came up scrounging through plague heaps for carrion scraps, prowling battlefields between carnage for the odd bite, baiting travelers into dark holes to snap their necks, playing the devil on dark and stormy nights. Hostess cupcakes are manna from heaven by comparison.

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It makes me so angry because she knoooows paps are there and she doesn't even try to hide his face!!! Because even if she didn't had any power over the person who posts those pics without blurring f's face, then try to do something yourself!!! HA, AS IF she actually cared enough to do it.

This is a pic from the site. She’s literally looking directly at the camera 

Don't reblog obviously

So a few days ago I reblogged a post that showed cupcakke buying the hotel room for the LGBT kid who got kicked out and made some unnecessary comments in the tags about the shirt in her merch shop that made me uncomfortable. After I realized it was wrong to bring this up after she was doing a really great thing for a kid I swept the comments under the rug and pretended it didn’t happen and I’d like to take responsibility and apologize for those comments because it was unnecessary and wrong to try to devalue what she’s done over something that she might not have had any control over and that she had since I first saw it removed it from her store. I’m sorry for that and I’ve learned a lot from the person that saw what I said and pointed out why it was wrong


I’ve noticed you guys like the stuff where Sasuke is embarrassed or trying to impress Hinata or is emotionally hurting over her.

This is not one of those.






Suigestu and Jugo were at a loss.

Sasuke had left his village again. He got approval from his village under the guise of collecting information on the most notorious people connected to the ninja world. This was not all a farce because their former leader was indeed doing what he said, but the real reason he left was because his girlfriend broke up with him. She was the heiress of some renowned clan or something outrageous like that, and both thought it was a bit fitting that Sasuke couldn’t leave any part of his life to normality.

Sasuke couldn’t just date someone ordinary.

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It's not rape...right?

I thought it was the right thing.

We were dating, we had sex before and it was good, great even.

We’re both girls, you’re a feminist and someone who believes in body positivity and all that.

You’re been abused, you wouldn’t do that to someone.

I got to have an orgasm that day, or something really close to one.

Those conditions make it not being a rape, right?

I keep telling myself those things and keep telling myself it wasn’t rape.

But the truth is, I asked you to stop. I asked you to stop several times.

I told you “not now” or “kiss me some more” or “let me do you first”. I asked you to wait, to give me more time, to let me get in the mood, to just… STOP.

Maybe you thought I was being shy or playing coy or that I wanted more teasing before sex but the truth is… I didn’t want sex right then. I just wanted cuddles and kisses and the chance to feel your body against mine.

I wanted to just enjoy our time together and talk face to face or while holding each other.

But you wanted sex and I had made you wait long enough, so I let you make me cum and I let you use my body any way you needed so you could orgasm too.

And then I was finally able to enjoy your cuddles and hold you like I wanted while you slept in my arms, blissfully unaware of how violated I felt.


I met Seán/Jack on the 9th of May, 2014. Twas the day of the 31st Happy Wheels Video (named DONUT SQUASH STEVE) (also lil fact I found Mark through Jack :p Jack was my introduction to let’s players on YouTube). My friend had introduced me to the game and I started playing it. I wasn’t very good at all hahahah so I looked how to skill up on YouTube and voila Jack yelled his way into my life 😁
Ever since that day I’ve tried to watch both of his uploads on a day, it became my routine, one in the morning and if I couldn’t watch one at lunch at school, I’d watch it after school. I loved the longer play through of games because I’m one of those people who need something in the background while doing things otherwise I’m not going to focus or feel lonely. He’s helped me through so much, made days so much better for me, and been a voice in the silence, and he has brought me off the cuff of not wanting to exist, just by laughing or telling me it’s okay. He saved my life. And sometimes when I’ve watched the two videos and need more (literally 99.99999% of the time) I’ll rewatch series and just go through them. Like even today I had a shit day and his Sword with Sauce video, and his laughter was absolutely contagious and I felt so much happier and just at ease with everything for a while. He put a smile on my face, a genuine smile that hadn’t appeared on my face for the last couple of days. You’ve helped me so much Jack, and I’ve heard and seen hundreds of stories of how you’ve touched people’s hearts and lives. You’ve been there to support and love us when we needed it most or just needed that fact to be reestablished. Now it’s our turn to repay you and provide you with the support you may need or just to show we care for you as much as you care for us. You’ve taught us all so much, and it’s time we use our positivity most and our reassurance to encourage that positivity to grow back again, stronger than it was before and to unite us again. We have your back Jack (I know serious moment but hey that rhymed :D)
I’ve found heaps of people through his channel and I’ve talked with a couple of them too ☺️ @jack-isms , @sean-loves-green (whom I talked to today, hai!) , @mariachrisavgi , @hypnojacksepticeye , @septic-crankiplier , @mysticravenous
Love y'all^^^
We all love you Jack 💚💙 and many of us know you’re probably just taking a break from all the things going on. We all hope you’re managing with anything, and that you’re okay 💕 we’ll be here when you return but take how ever long you feel you need to because we want you to be okay. We believe and support you 💕
Love from New Zealand and the rest of the community/family xoxo Kia Kaha (Māori for stay strong)

“Why didn’t you tell me you’re Spider-Man?”

Peter ParkerxReader


Word Count: 1104

Summary: Some big secrets come out when you accidentally bump into each other in a place you never thought you would.

A/N: Not my picture.

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Five Minute Ficlet (Angst, pt8)

Ti waved from the audience, big and bold, just like his personality. He was standing on a chair between your parents. When you waved back, you heard his delighted squeal of laughter and he held up a sign.

“My Mama becomes a doctor today!” You felt tears spring to your eyes, and pride swell in your chest. Ti had been doing nothing but babbling about Mama Doctor for weeks, and you knew to his young mind, there was something magical about your convocation. It made every single sacrifice worth it.

You’d already been accepted back at Starfleet, into the medical aid agency that went to developing colonies and provided medical care. You were just awaiting your assignment. It made more sense to go to a colony to practice than to apply to serve on another starship. Not all the Starfleet ships were equipped with family quarters, and even those that were usually were scarce on children. You wanted Ti to have as normal a childhood as you could offer.

Doctor McCoy had been in regular contact with you over the past few years, checking in on Ti’s growth and development like a doting uncle. You were free with the information, knowing it would get back to Jim, making sure to send lots of photos. Every year since Ti’s first birthday, regardless of where in the universe they happened to be, a gift arrived from Jim. They were always thoughtful, practical gifts. After the first one, you’d wondered how much influence Leonard had on what Jim was choosing, but when Ti turned two, the gift came with a note apologizing for his absence, and you could see the connection between the letter that Jim had written and the antique board book he’d sent. You’d always loved Jim’s sentimentality. It was reassuring to see he’d kept it, despite the rigours of command.

The ceremony was a blur. You knew your assignment would be waiting when you got home, and you were eager to get packed and ready to go.

Ti shot into your arms when the ceremony ended, covering your face with sloppy kissed. “My so proud of you, Mama!” You dropped him back on his feet, and took his hand, leading him back to the car. Your mother handed you your PADD when you were buckled in beside Ti, and you saw the Starfleet message with your assignment.

“Sherman’s Planet,” you murmured. “I don’t think I know that one.”

“That’s a distance outpost, Y/N,” your mother explained. “It’s non-Federation. It’ll be quite the important position you hold.”

“How so?”

“The Organian Peace Treaty determined that ownership will go to whichever side can most effectively develop it. The Federation is determined to help it develop into a strong Federation outpost,” your dad explained. “You’ll hold an important position there, as a doctor representing the Federation.”

Jim was sitting on the veranda when you go home. Ti raced forward, realized he didn’t recognize the man, and ran back to you, hiding behind your leg. You lifted him into your arms as you approached the stairs. 

“Ti, this is a very important man,” you explained, smiling toward Jim. Ti took in the command gold, and the three bars at Jim’s wrists.

“Him a captain?” He asked.

“More important than that, Bubs.” You used the affectionate nickname reassuringly. “This is your Daddy.”

Jim blanched. You realized the significance of him being there, today, on your graduation day. It meant he’d come to congratulate you, not just to quietly remember his son’s birthday. But he had yet to properly meet Tiberius, and Ti was four years old.

“I came to offer my congratulations on your -”

“I know,” you cut him off. “But you’ve been off exploring the past few years, and have never had to chance to meet your son.” You were careful to keep your tone friendly. He looked down at his feet and back up at you, those blue eyes locking with your own.

“I never intended it to be this way, Y/N,” he offered.

“I know,” you nodded. “I didn’t make it easy, Jim.” 

Ti squirmed out of your arms, and ran into the house. You both stared after him. You were just about to go search him out when he ran out, holding the old board book Jim had sent for his second birthday. He thrust it into Jim’s hands.

“You read the Daddy book to me?” He took Jim’s free hand and dragged him to the porch swing, pushing him to sit. Jim gave you a bemused smile and dropped into the seat, waiting while Ti hoisted himself up, and snuggled under his arm. You felt tears at the corners of your eyes.

“You’re okay, Jim?” You asked. “I’ll go get us drinks, if you feel comfortable?”

“Yeah.” His voice cracked and you could see the tears in his own eyes. “Don’t be long?”

You stepped into the house as he found his voice and began reading. “In the great green room, there was a telephone. And a red balloon.

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I've heard that there are some people with ultimate talents who think that people without talents only exist to serve their "betters". ...you're not one of those people though. ...r-right...?

*Ryoma lets out a sigh*

“Alright, kid. Grab a seat, because this may take a while.”

“People who think that just because they have the title of ‘Ultimate’ or ‘Super High School Level’ or whatever means that they’re better than everyone else ironically doesn’t make them any better. It just makes them look like self-entitled jerks.”

“So what if someone doesn’t have a single talent? Who cares? There’s still something they can do with their lives that can benefit others, right?”

“Even if you had no form of ‘identity’, you can still better the lives of others so they don’t go through the same thing you did, right?”

“So I guess to answer your question, Anon…No, I’m not one of those kinds of people that thinks those without talent only exist to serve their ‘betters’.”

“I hope that answered your question, kid. Now if you excuse me, I need to get myself a snack.”

Blooming Emotion - 2

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Pairing: Arme Thaumaturgy x Erbluhen Emotion
Raiting: T
Warnings: Previous references to sex I guess?

Arme has regrets. Lots and lots of regrets. Also Dreadlord keeps the bad ideas coming.

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I was watching sdcc's panel again and i reached the point where mark says an actor was confused because they had to have pretended not to know something. It can't be mycroft because mark said it, it is not eurus because she played a villain all along, mary was Saint Mary at face value in those three eps and neither sherlock nor john did that. Do you remember someone doing this or is it a tls thing probably? I have been racking my brains over it..

I honestly have no idea. Maybe he misspoke? The wording is very strange…

Actor was confused because he had to have to pretend not to know something?

Maybe that ridiculous Martin “I don’t know I’m just in it?” interview?

No idea.

Prompto woke up in an unfamiliar place. He didn’t know where he was. He felt his whole body throb, aching in pain. His mind was groggy, unable to think clearly. He felt dazed, unsure of himself. What had happened? Why did Noct do that? Wasn’t he.. worth something to them? Or did he weigh so heavily on them, they had to.. get rid of him? Prompto opened his eyes, ignoring the light sting of tears. He had to get up, and as much as he didn’t want to, he tried.

Pain flared, up and down his arm and his leg. Prompto checked, noticing that his shoulder looked weird and awkward. His arm had popped out of place entirely. He cringed, unsure of when he could fix that and then focused on the other pain. He couldn’t see it because of his jeans but felt it, gently poking and prodding until he found the sore spot, hissing in pain when he did.

Prompto forced himself off the ground, beginning to walk on unsteady feet. Maybe if he could.. follow the train to Tenebrae? But where were the tracks? He turned until he felt like he was facing the tracks, walking forward and hoping he’d hit them somewhere along the way. He limped, holding his bad arm to his chest. Prompto felt terrible… but he had to get to them first. Then, he stopped walking, a realization happening. He quickly felt his pockets, finding and grabbing his phone. Then quickly, he dialed a number on his phone and waited.

Please please pick up. I don’t want to be alone. I’m scared.


Fandom: RK

Unrepetant fluff. Cotton candy floss. Cavity warning

They were sitting on the porch, drinking tea and watching dusk fall, as they did nearly every night. They often didn’t speak, instead simply being together. Kaoru was sitting quietly, all big blue eyes and pretty pointed chin and sweet, soft-looking lips. She looked over at him and smiled, and Kenshin watched her for a long  moment; her smile had changed since their engagement, becoming something more intimate, something more inviting. And Kenshin had been so very good, for so very long, but his heartbeat was doing something funny in his chest… Blindly, he pushed away his tea and swayed forward, just a little. Kaoru’s smile melted into surprise and she carefully sat aside her own cup.

Then the whole world was just blue eyes and he scooted towards her without thought, watching until those blue eyes closed… and then it was just another few inches, and his own eyes closed at that first touch. His hand slid to the back of her neck, tilting her face just there while he kissed her just so. She didn’t know how to kiss, and something warm lit in his stomach at the knowledge. Carefully, so carefully, he coaxed her to move, just a little, a chaste press of closed lips.

Her mouth was soft and she was hesitant; her hands fluttered like little birds to land on his shoulders. Kenshin’s head was filling with the scent of her, flowers and soap. He resisted the temptation to taste, and he wanted to, greedy now that he’d begun this. He wanted to know if she tasted like she smelled, or like the tea that they’d been drinking. He wanted that soft side glide into her mouth, wanted to explore the smooth, blunt edge of her teeth. More than that, he didn’t want to frighten or disgust her. Instead, he raised a shaking hand to her jaw, and led her into a very old dance.

After a few seconds she started to gain a bit of confidence, and threaded her fingers into his hair. The static in his head got louder. He moved further forward, and was rewarded with Kaoru; she surged into him like a wave, pressing against him. He gasped quietly, sucking in a breath of air around her lips. She wound her arms around his neck, and it was so much, almost too much… It was different than the only other time he’d felt her against him; there was no sorrow and no desperation, just simple pleasure, savoring the warm weight of her, her soft curves…and greed. So much greed, growing stronger with every heartbeat.

Pulling some self-control from deep in his belly, he pulled away and rested his forehead against hers, his breath quick and his pulse rabbit-fast. He watched those beloved blue eyes flutter open, her confused, dilated eyes looking into his own, so close that she was blurry and it didn’t matter. A smile pulled at his lips, spreading over his face, and he was filled with a giddy delight that it didn’t fit a adult, that was more appropriate for a boy. Kaoru pulled away a little, her arms loosening around him, and her own smile blooming before his eyes. She lowered her arms, and turned away, facing forward. She licked her lips, her cheeks dusting with pink now that it was over. He watched her, watched her smile and look away with blush tinting her cheeks; she raised a hand and rested her fingers on her lips – because of him.

He watched her with wonder, and pride, and fell impossibly more in love than before.


Why did I even draw this

It's all wrong. By rights we shouldn't even be here. But we are. It's like in the great stories, Mr. Frodo. The ones that really mattered. Full of darkness and danger, they were. And sometimes you didn't want to know the end. Because how could the end be happy? How could the world go back to the way it was when so much bad had happened? But in the end, it's only a passing thing, this shadow. Even darkness must pass. A new day will come. And when the sun shines it will shine out the clearer. Those were the stories that stayed with you. That meant something, even if you were too small to understand why. But I think, Mr. Frodo, I do understand. I know now. Folk in those stories had lots of chances of turning back, only they didn't. They kept going. Because they were holding on to something.

Samwise Gamgee and I want to send love to anyone who is struggling tonight. I know there’s a lot of people scared and hurting about the US Presidential elections.

Completely Bashful and Flustered (NEWT X READER)

Originally posted by kylos

Anonymous asks:  What would you think about doing a Newt x reader fic where he accidentally walks in on her changing and then gets flustered, and Queenie picks up on it, then there’s cuddling and sweetness? Or something along those lines, anyway. Thank you! :)

WARNINGS: so much fluff you might die. Read with caution. Brief talks about being seen in a slip. So scandalous. PS- when I say slip, I mean like a dress slip, not a skirt slip.

It had been a long day. You had been working your tail off, only to go back to Queenie and Tina’s house to a complete mess. It had been raining all day, and water had begun to leak into the house. One would think, living with a bunch of wizards, that they could clean it up rather fast. They were able to clean it up rather fast, but tempers had risen. Tina was yelling at Queenie and Queenie was yelling back. Newt had basically hid in his suitcase, avoiding the line of fire.

You yourself were sulking and rather upset. You were soaking wet, and you were feeling down by the weather.

Queenie had locked herself in her room and Tina was storming around, fixing things up and repairing things along the way.

“I need to change,” You said moodily, glaring into space.

Tina frowned and said, “Not in my room, I’m tired of everything getting soaked. Dress in Queenie’s room.”

Normally you and Tina shared her room, since the two of you got along so well. Even though boys were technically not allowed, they had no problem carrying Newt in and out of the house in his suitcase. He had nowhere else to go, and you were perfectly fine with that. Because you liked him. Like a little bit. Smidge. Nothing serious.

“Queenie’s angry,” You said flatly, crossing your arms and tapping your foot impatiently. You pushed back some of your drenched hair, and tried to count to ten before blowing up and screaming.

Tina sighed in frustration. “Dress in Newt’s room,” she suggested. She adjusted the lamp and set the flatiron ironing out clothes.

Your face turned red. “Excuse me?” You hoped Tina didn’t see just how red your face was.

“Newt isn’t going to get out of his suitcase, so just do it quickly,” Tina said impatiently, she pressed her lips and then walked briskly to her room. “I’m taking a bath.”

You blinked and licked your lips. Clutching your clothes, you slowly made your way to Newt’s room. You were freaking out. This was wrong on so many different levels, but you were tired and just wanted to be in warm clothes.

Newt’s room was surprisingly clean. He barely spent time in his actual room, he spent most of his time and nights in his suitcase.

You prayed silently that he wouldn’t come out of the suitcase. You slipped off your skirt and your shirt and were about to take off your slip when you heard Newt say, “Is someone in my roo—” The words died away on his lips, as you turned around and to your horror, Newt’s head was popping out of the suitcase.

Your face flushed about five billion different colors. “Auhhh,” Was all that came out of your mouth, as you stood there, IN YOUR SLIP. IN FRONT OF NEWT.

Newt’s face was blank, then turned a shockingly bright pink. “Oh good heavens,” He stuttered, averting his eyes. “I, uh, um…!” His face was so red, and he was trying so hard to look everywhere but at you. “I must have left a cake in the oven!” He blurted, and his head vanished.

You stood there, still in complete horror. What. Just. Happened. Oh. My. Gosh. What. What. What. Your mind silently screamed swear words, as you ran out of the room, carrying your clothes with you. How embarrassing and shameful!

That night at dinner was unusually quiet. Queenie and Tina had seem to make up and were a lot more peaceful. Tina left the apartment to eat out with some fellow workers and it was just you, Newt, and Queenie tonight.

You refused to look at Newt. Newt was twitching and fidgeting with his silverware, occasionally glancing up at you, his face scarlet. Now and then he’d look up at the ceiling and lick his lips, a look of complete worry flushed over his face.

Queenie looked at Newt and said, “Are you alright, Newt?”

Newt shot her a pleading look. His hands were twitching as he tried to steady them. “P-perfectly alpight—I mean alright… s-something like that. Just thinking. Dragons. Beasts…” his voice trailed off.

What you didn’t know was how hard Newt was trying to distract himself by thinking of beasts. Queenie wasn’t buying anything. “Why, Newt! You shameful man! You’ve seen something, haven’t you?” Queenie teased, smiling mischievously.

Newt blinked hard several times. He hastily said in a timid tone, “More mash potatoes, Y/N?!”

You looked confused. Completely embarrassed and almost humiliated. “Queenie, what are you doing?” You asked cautiously, completely confused like normal.

Newt swallowed hard and gave Queenie another pleading look. “Dragon flies are a most certainly amazing type of dragon! Every wonder why we call the insect dragon flies? I have an essay on that if you want to read it!” Newt bellowed loudly, his hand fidgeting and picking at his fingers.

“Now now Newt!” Queenie chided softly, giving Newt a lazy look. “Don’t hide it, you thought Y/N looked ravishing—”

“I DO BELIEVE I LEFT A CAKE IN THE OVEN!” Newt shouted over the startled Queenie, his face scrunched up. He pushed himself away from the table, only to fall off the chair. He hastily picked himself up and ran blindly to his room. But he ran into a wall. After that he galloped away to his safe haven, his suitcase.

You then remembered Queenie’s ability to read minds. Your faced flushed, as Queenie turned her attention onto you. “It’s amazing how a guy can completely lose his mind when he sees a girl in a slip,” She said innocently. She patted your hand gently, as if that was support to comfort you.

“I can’t believe what happened…” You squeaked, burying your head into your hands. You felt like you were going to cry.

Queenie sensed your distress and said in an actual soothing tone, “Honey, I didn’t mean to make you upset! Why don’t you go talk to Newt and smooth things over?”

You were apprehensive at first, but somehow Queenie managed to talk you into it. You walked to Newt’s room and knocked softly. No answer. Naturally, Newt wasn’t in the room, he was in his suitcase. You climbed down and called out, “Newt?”

Newt was working on a small project thing, when he saw you enter the little shed like room, his face went scarlet again and he knocked over whatever he was working on. He hastily went to the ground and picked it up, only to stand up and bang his head on the counter. “Blast!” He cried out, clutching at his head.

You ran to Newt and helped him up. Newt seemed to notice that you were touching him and were looking at him with doe like eyes. That made him go into another fit of being completely and totally flustered. “I—uh!” he mumbled, jumping a little aback. “Yeah! I love nifflers! They’re quite charming little creatures once you—”

“Newt, it’s okay. It’s not that embarrassing,” You interrupted, taking his hands in yours.

He looked a little startled, but didn’t take his hands out of yours. “I-I bet—beg your pardon?” Newt stuttered, looking into your eyes. His face was still a red, and his eyes kept darting away from yours occasionally.

You laughed. He could be incredibly adorable at times. More like all the time. “It’s funny if you think about it! Think how classic it was!” You joked, winking at him.

Newt began to swing your hands back and forth. “Classic, you say?” He mused, swinging your hands a little harder and higher every time.

You nodded. Then an evil idea came to your mind. You truly were a horrible person. Really horrible. But you couldn’t help it, Newt was so attractive when he was bumbling and blushing and completely bashfully flustered. “Did you really think I looked ravishing in my slip?” You asked innocently, looking up into the hazel eyes of the now blushing Newt.

“Did—did I mention I love nifflers?”