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Today I was shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the death of Alan Bligh. For those who don’t know, Alan was the Lead Writer and Game Designer for Forge World and was heavily involved in Fantasy Flight’s Dark Heresy series of Warhammer 40,000 RPGs. Those titles, however, do not do credit to Alan’s standing at Games Workshop. His presence for over a decade hugely enriched the company, and the quality of both his writing and design is something we’ve all been fortunate enough to take for granted. He had a huge role in the development of the Horus Heresy as a Games Workshop staple, and was one of the great fonts of knowledge when it came to all things 40k. The fact that news of his passing comes on the day of what promises to be the hugely successful “Warhammerfest” event is deeply poignant. 

On a personal note, Alan was the man who created the Carcharodon Astra as we know them today, as part of his excellent Badab War Imperial Armour books. I never met him, but I desperately wanted to sit down one day and discuss it all with him, where they came from (design-wise that is) and what he thought about what I was trying to do with them. As it stands, all I have now are the two pages of his wonderfully evocative design notes. I can only hope that my future Carcharodon stories are works he would approve of, and that they continue to go from strength to strength. 

They are his legacy more so than they will ever be mine, and I only wish I could have thanked him for that in person. 

Tri-Wizard Heart

I love your Hogwarts imagines! Can you do a Slytherin!Kihyun x Hufflepuff!Reader please! I want something fluffy and cute (of course with some sassy Kihyun)!

Note: I’m sorry, everything about this drabble sucks. I hope you liked it, I tried to be funny and fluffy but idk. 

I don’t own the gifs/images used

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

The tri-wizarding tournament is a tradition that occurs every four years, and only those over the age of seventeen are allowed to participate. The first task had already been undertaken in the previous week, and the Hogwarts representative had scored highly. For the next few weeks, no such challenge would be played out until Christmas is over.

Christmas is hard enough at the best of times; you must think of gifts to buy friends and family members, prepare for aftermath of Christmas and somehow fit in all the studying and homework. But this year is being pushed to the limits. With every tri-wizard tournament comes a Yule Ball; and with every Yule ball comes with dancing, gowns and dates.

You’ve been trying to forget about it all, hence why you were one of the only ones studying in the library. The other fool trying to drown out it all? Your Slytherin friend, Yoo Kihyun.

A lot of people think a Slytherin and Hufflepuff friendship is unlikely, but in actual fact you get along better with the Slytherins than any other house. The Gryffindors have a tendency to look down at you for being ‘weak’ and the Ravenclaws think they’re on a higher intellectual level than anyone else. The Slytherins are more chilled out, only coming out with their ‘cruel’ side when someone’s pissed them off. Kihyun can be cruel, but only when he’s pushed. Usually, he’s sarcastic and funny, caring and kind on the down low. He’s the best person you’d met in Hogwarts to date, honestly.


You suddenly snap from your train of thought, your small bubble popping as you come back to reality. At first, you glance at Kihyun, but he wasn’t the source of the voice. You turn your head to see the Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team smirking down at you.

Here we go, you thought bitterly. If there was picture that defined ‘fuck boy’ in the dictionary, then it would be the man that stood before you, Shin Hoseok.

“Hi Hoseok.” You responded, smiling at him. Being a Hufflepuff, you had the initial reaction to be nice to everyone that approaches you, but no one should be fooled, because you’re more than capable of fighting your own battles.

“Here.” He says, extending his arm to offer you a single red rose. How unoriginal.

“I suppose you’ve got a fair few more collected in that rucksack.” You respond in the sweetest tone you could muster, not so subtly ignoring his attempt to put it in your hand.

“No, just for you.” He winked, “I only have eyes for you.”

“And the five other girls you’ve probably already planned to court.” You look bittersweet, and you can see Kihyun smirking in the corner of your eye.

Hoseok put the rose down on the desk and tilted his head to the side. “Always so dismissive of me {y/n}, do you really think I have no shame?”

“Yes.” You reply, and he actually laughs this time.

“Funny, really. Now, since this clearly isn’t going anywhere, I think I should cut to the chase already. There’s a lot of girls that want me to take them to the Yule Ball. but since I only have eyes and a rose for you, I’d like you to do the honour of being my date.”

You sigh, but you do let the smallest smile tug at your lips. You, {y/n} going to the Yule Ball with Shin Hoseok? It’s laughable. For one, he is nothing like you, meaning it would probably become awkward, and two, imagine the hoards of girls that would try and hex you if they saw you with him.

“No thanks.” You reply, “Good luck with the next girl, champ.”

Hoseok turns more serious this time. “I’m being serious, {y/n}. Please?”

You were about to respond, but another voice beat you to it.

“She rejected you kindly, I don’t think it’s negotiable from here.” Kihyun stated. He’d been smirking earlier, but now he looked pissed off. His eyes were dark behind his glasses, and his expression was hard, he looked even more vexed from the way his arms crossed over his chest.

“I want a justified reason why you won’t come with me.” Hoseok spoke to you, making Kihyun glare at the way he had been to bluntly ignored.

Kihyun stood up, “Probably because you’re an unattractive, cocky seventh year, who hides the fact he has no brains by throwing quaffles and passing around love potions.”

You would have laughed if you hadn’t been so quick to bite the inside of your lip. Hoseok looked enraged.

“You’re a joke.” Hoseok snapped, “And I’m more attractive than you could ever comprehend.”

“I don’t think so. I don’t look like the ministry found an unregistered animagus.” Kihyun rose an eyebrow confidently, outwitting Hoseok as his cheeks blushed with crimson like the red of his robes.

“Oh yeah? If you’re so dreamy then why isn’t {y/n} going with you?” Hoseok snapped.

“She is.” Kihyun stated simply, “Right?”

They both turned to look at you, and you glanced between them awkwardly before nodding. “I mean, yeah?”

Hoseok sighed, then without another word, turned and walked off.

You looked down at your book as Kihyun returned to his seat. It was quiet for a moment until Kihyun spoke again.

“You don’t have to go with me, I’m sorry I put you on the spot like that it’s just-”

“Kihyun.” You interupted him, “There is no one more I would like to spend time with at this horrible idea of an event with than you.”

Well, it happened. I had a feeling that someone was bound to say it and now I’m going to address it.

Floriana Lima being demoted to recurring guest star status has absolutely nothing to do with Katie McGrath being promoted. Literally zero correlation and Floriana would be the first one to tell you as much. This is an ugly reach by the Lena haters.

Aside from “the every fandom has its idiots rule,” those idiots are overwhelmingly in the minority and there should literally be no discourse between Supercorp and Sanvers whatsoever. Yet here we are.

Katie was promoted months ago and I do not believe for a second they had to demote Floriana in order to do it. There is something fishy about the whole ordeal with Floriana, make no mistake. I am upset at the implications this means for Sanvers. However, haters need to redirect your anger somewhere that I can’t see it or somewhere it actually belongs: The CW.

L'appel du vide. You know I just learned that term, the call of the void. Such a beautiful phrase for something I’ve always experienced and never had a name for. If you didn’t know, it’s a term to describe that desire to jump, so to speak. To this day when I see bleach, chemicals, or any kind of poison, I feel the void pull. As a child it was frightening. As a witch it feels good. I hear it’s call, and I stare into it, unafraid. I’m not going to do it of course, but I will answer back, like to a friend. It’s like those cryptids! I think I love the void. Maybe I’ll date the void.

c-jay321  asked:

If you're still doing the character hc's can you do one for my boy Izuku? ^^

HAHA YES but this is really hard since he’s the main character we already know so much gahh

-Sorry it took me a while to finish this-

1. I had a headcanon that he liked Uraraka but came to the same conclusion that she did, just way sooner than she did, and decided to put aside his feelings for now.. or something along those lines… BUT after listening to this beauty where he briefly mentions something about being proud that he’s getting better at carrying on a normal conversation with a girl, I’m wondering if he actually has feelings that he’s just kind of ignoring as just “talking to girls makes me nervous” or if it’s actually just that (thoughts on this are welcome)

2. He only saw his father between the ages of 0-3 so he really doesn’t remember him. They don’t talk or communicate really at all.. In previous years his mother and him would call him on major holidays, but it’s always been really formal and uncomfortable for Izuku. Now and then (maybe once or twice a year) he gets a text or an email but.. he really doesn’t know him and he thinks of him like he would a stranger, or an uncle you’ve never met and only heard of in stories. He doesn’t talk about him to others and sometimes he forgets that his biological father is actually supposed to be his father. He can only imagine that his relationship with All Might is what a real father son relationship is supposed to be.

3. {kind of tying into the last one} As he’s grown closer to Toshi, he has become more and more of a father figure. More recently he’s wondered if this is what having a father stand by and support you is really like. Since he found out about Night Eye’s prophesy or whatever it is, he’s beginning to realize he doesn’t want to miss out on the opportunity to tell him that he’s like a father to him. (I really hope that he asks if he can call him Dad, but idk if that will happen)

4. When he was pretty little he used to HATE vegetables.. I feel like most kids typically don’t.. but he really hated them. He would cry if they were put in front of him.. Inko had a hard time. Then he saw some Ad or campaign All Might did on TV telling kids to eat healthy or whatever and he never cried at them again. After eating them for a few weeks he secretly started to like most of them.

5. He tends to drink a decent amount of Gatorade

6. He’s not against getting a small tattoo when he’s older but he doesn’t want it to be in a super obvious place. Maybe the back of his neck or something. It would prob have to have a meaning too. He’s still not 100% sure he wants one at all, and it’s not really something he’s worrying about… It’s just that some of the other guys were talking about where they would get one when they were older and still wanted to, and so he thought about it.

7. He likes plants & he will have a garden when he’s older.

8. He used to bite his nails but managed to stop himself by the time the Entrance exam came around.

9. He still occasionally watches that All Might rescue vid

10. He doesn’t like orange or lemon flavored things. The artificial flavors are gross to him. The actual fruits or juices are ok tho

strictly-chaotic  asked:

Rachel!! I LOVE your Sterek lyric edit, it's incredible! Always had thoughts of Sterek when I heard this song, but seeing your graphics with those lyrics....just perfection. Totally made my day better seeing it. :D I hope you're doing well and that you're having a lovely, relatively stress-free day. *hugs* :D <3

*flails* Thank you, Mary!!

Those lyrics are perfect for Sterek, aren’t they? I got such intense feels every time I heard that song and even with my limited editing skills I just had to do something for it. You’re really sweet, and I’m so glad you like it! :D


For those of you who are awake and give a damn about other people, listen up. I don’t do this often, actually this is the first time I’ve done something like this, but this was too close to home for me to stay silent.

At 10:30pm GMT a coward walked into the lobby of Manchester Arena as the Ariana Grande concert that had just finished and set off a bomb into the crowd of pre-teens, teens, and waiting parents, killing 19 (as of writing this), and injuring over 50 more. 

Yes, currently the police here are treating this as a terrorist attack, but we have no other information besides it was a bomb, and a second device was safely detonated after the arena was cleared. 

Please, for the love of the survivors, don’t make this political, and don’t spread any unconfirmed news that may be spread around. This has affected a lot of kids that were out for their first concert, this has effected a performer no older than me.

For the love of the gods, pray for those who are hurt, pray for the families that are still missing loved ones, those who are in the Manchester area continue offering your help, but please remember these were kids, they were innocent of anything that affects us this badly.


heartbreak chronicles {1} | M


Contains: bad crack, smut {fuckboy!jimin}

Words: 10,164

Summary: Park Jimin had it all — good grades, a place as the soccer team’s captain and, more than that, the broken hearts of at least half the campus’ population. Though, one thing he did not have was someone willing to break his heart and, after you were dragged inside a miraculous plan to play that part, the last thing counted on was the preposterous idea that, perhaps, you could fall for him as well.

[img cr]

A/N: I tried out a “lighter” writing style for… whatever this is. Hope you guys like it! | This fic is based on the movie “John Tucker must die” | SUB!BTS COLLAB

The girl’s request echoed on the warm air of your living room, dancing on silence as your body was covered in shock. For an instant, you truly believed you had misheard her words, replacing them for something much more unrealistic. Regardless, as the quietude fell like a blanket over the two of you, you noticed, at last, that your friend could not be more serious. “You want me to do what?” You finally asked, flabbergasted.

The night had started normally — and that was all that you could ever wish for. All that you wanted was to rest after an exhausting week, merely putting your your pajamas and watching shallow TV shows until your tiredness forced you to go to sleep. You wanted to get some pizza and gossip with your roommate about the most frivolous of subjects, allowing for the storm of stress and unfinished projects to disperse from around your head.

However, she had a different idea of how that night would unfold. “We want you to break his heart,” Lisa told you with utter serenity, as if the words that had left her mouth were no more than mundane. “Thought that was quite clear.”

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Why did I even draw this

Again [a Flyleaf Acoustic cover]
The Unwritten November & Eowyn

                                                I love you, please see
                                                  And believe again


This is my contribution for the Mental Health Awareness week. To anyone who’s struggling with mental illnesses… You’re not on your own. We’re here with you.

The Smart Way

A long time ago, I worked at a big-box store, pulling boxes off trucks, stacking them on pallets, and sending the pallets out to the sales floor to stock. It was hot, tiring, and not particularly fun, but they paid me, so that was good enough.

I had a coworker that those of us in the warehouse liked to call Crackhead. Crackhead wasn’t really a bad guy, but his choice of vice was really beginning to affect those around him. Unfortunately, he had an industrious, git-‘er-done attitude, which management absolutely loved; if a supervisor told him to run head-first into a brick wall, he’d do it with a smile. Which, I suppose, isn’t all that bad either, at least as far as management is concerned. Except… “charging head-first into a brick wall” was his go-to strategy. If the boxes on the beat-up conveyor belt got stuck, his solution was to shove as hard as he could, slamming the boxes into each other until something broke or fell off and everything started moving again. Of all the breakage we experienced that wasn’t broken in transit, 90% of it was from Crackhead. We lost gallons of paint because he wanted to know what the bottom of the paint box looked like. We lost a case of shampoo because he opened it to see what it smelled like, and dropped it on the cement floor. We even lost our lunch hour once because he somehow broke the time-clock so we couldn’t clock in or out for lunch, and told management that everyone had “totally had taken lunch already” and “oh man, those guys are so lazy, they want two lunch breaks.”

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First words [One-shot]



This little one-shot was inspired on two things:

-My relationship with my sister

-The manga “Shugo Chara”. For those who know the manga, it’s based from the chapter when the guardians go to Yaya’s house.


I tried to adjust Blueprint’s story to PaperJam’s story. So, since (according to his description) he lived with Ink until a certain age, he met Blueprint before the others. I also tried to make him the most canonically possible, but adjusting his personality to the story.


As you may know, English is not my first language. I deeply apologise if there are any Errors in the story. I checked it lots of times and hope there’s not a single Error ovo



*Ink!Sans belongs to @comyet

*PaperJam/PJ belongs to @7goodangel (I’m sorry if I didn’t make PJ’s personality too well. I tried to stick the “a jerk on the outside but a big child inside” part and this was what I got. Sorry ;u;)

Secondary characters

*Gradient belongs to @askcomboclub

*Moku belongs to  @6agentgg9

*Palette belongs to  @angexci 

And last, but not least

*Blueprint belongs to, well, me! 

Hope you guys like it!


This will be narrated from PaperJam’s perspective.


I never was good with new people. And I wasn’t very happy when you came.

One day, Ink just came “home” with a baby, claiming that it was my “new brother”. I didn’t understand what was he saying with that, and then he showed you to me, my new little brother.

I wasn’t happy with this. I didn’t want a brother. I mean, Ink couldn’t even take care of me, why would he want to have another one? To let them here alone and forgotten with me? Wow, good plan, dad. However, he told me that you only would be staying with us for a day so I could get to know you, since bonding with brothers was very important and blah blah blah…

We spend a few hours talking about you and how you came to life. Apparently, you were just an accident, but not a bad one. And since he created you, you were my brother. Well, step-brother, because Blueberry was the other one that created you. I couldn’t help but feel a little bit jealous… you were going to have caring parents and a better life than mine. What if Ink actually forgot entirely about me?

Yeah, the idea of having a brother was becoming less and less “exciting” to me.

But then, just before I started to think more things like that (which I thought was very rare for me), Ink suddenly had to go (I wasn’t surprised, with his work of protecting AUs and all; he barely had time to be here), cutting our conversation just when I actually started to enjoy it. Ink stood from the sofa and was about to open a portal when he realised something important:

Who was going to take care of you?

He told me that Blueberry and… Honey… I think, were with the other versions of them and he couldn’t take you to wherever they were. So, he had only one option… that I didn’t like, at all.

Why I had to take care of you?! I didn’t ask him for a brother and I didn’t know how to take care of a baby. I was five years old! I was starting to learn how to write and read! I remember arguing with him for a while, until I had to accept.

But not without asking something in return, of course.

In the end, he went to do whatever he needed and I was left alone with you. An awkward atmosphere formed where we were, since you found my face very interesting and kept your eyes on me for a really long time. I tried my best to ignore you, but you were too much persisting and even threw me some mini bones at me to gain my attention.

What a smart baby, huh? Well, we were magic skeleton monsters after all. But it was becoming annoying.

“What do you want?” I asked you and you only looked at me and babbled something. I instantly felt stupid, remembering that Ink told me you haven’t said your first word yet. how would you even tell me what you needed? You kept looking at me and then, surprisingly, your stomach made a noise.

Right… now I had to feed you.

Making something for you was horrible. I mean, we were in the Anti-Void and only had some snacks since we didn’t really need to eat, but being you a recently made creation, obviously needed to consume something, even if you had your HP full. Eventually, I found some milk and gave it to you, ending getting milk on my face and shirt because you apparently didn’t know how to drink it.

That was enough for me.

Usually, I’m not a person that gets mad easily. However, I did get mad that time. I stood abruptly from my seat and went to clean my face, leaving you alone on the sofa. Ink told me to not leave you, but I didn’t care. I wanted to be alone and so I did. I went to my bedroom (well, it’s not a real bedroom… just a bed that Ink made for me) and stayed here for a few hours. Maybe three or four…

It wasn’t until I heard a soft sound that I didn’t get up from my bed. And when I did, I instantly paled: You were lying on the floor crying softly. Your soft cries barely reaching my non-existent ears. And it wasn’t the worst. No, no.

You were blushing and sweating a lot. Were you sick? In that moment I didn’t know.

Quickly, I went to your side and picked you up, checking if you had hurt yourself from the fall. Luckily you didn’t have any bruises, but your skull was very hot. Now you were sick? And I was alone.


How you could get sick so easily and fast? I didn’t understand that at all! Was that the real reason of why Ink brought you here? So he could watch over you while Blueberry and Honey were busy? If that was the reason, he was very irresponsibly by leaving you with me: a child, taking care of another child!

I didn’t know what to do. I couldn’t use magic to help you, I couldn’t ask Ink for help, I couldn’t open a portal and find Blueberry… I couldn’t do anything. And I was scared.

What if something happened? What if you started to feel worse? What if…

What if you died?

Those thoughts were swirling in my head, making me fell worst and worst. I didn’t want you to die.

Come on! You had a great life ahead! You would have a caring family and friends and maybe… maybe we would have been friends! I should have watched you. Maybe if I haven’t left you alone…

I couldn’t help to feel guilty, even knowing that it wasn’t my fault that got sick. In that moment, I didn´t cared about anything, just you.

It was in that moment when Ink decided that he should go home, and so he did. He came to the Anti-Void and found me on the sofa, hugging you like it was the last time I’d see you and honestly, that’s what I thought. He rushed to my side, worryingly asking what was wrong. I wasted no time and explained him what happened, apologising for being a bad brother and almost crying

Almost, ok?

What I wasn’t expecting was that Ink just took you and, with a quick spell, healed you. I mean, I knew magic were fast and efficient but, that was just too fast. When I asked him why, he explained that you were having some problems with your soul.

You see, brother (and also you, reader), Ink told me you were created without a soul, since you were just a magic drawing. So, he made an artificial one for you with the same paint he used to create you. Apparently, he didn’t want you to become like some “evil flower”.

Your soul was like your eyes: a blue diamond. And that soul was filled with Prussian blue paint that could give you the emotions you needed. It seemed like your body wasn’t used to having it yet and would make you sick from time to time. I didn’t quite understand that, but I was relieved when he said you would be fine.

The rest of the day was peaceful. Ink and I talked about random things while you slept. It was… nice, being with them like we were a family. That’s what we are, right? Yeah, right.

Eventually it was time to bring you back home. Ink said that you won’t be coming anytime soon because he wanted to protect you from dangerous people (aka, Error). It kind of made me sad, not being able to talk you again for a long time, but… it had to be done, hadn’t it? Ink made a portal back to Underswap and gave me time to say goodbye to you. After that, he started to walk to the portal, stopping when you started to squirm under his grasp.

Curious, I walked to the portal. You immediately looked at me and gave me a huge simile, saying (or trying to say) something that made us look at you in surprise:

My name. Yes, my name!

It was kind of babbled and wasn’t my full name but… It was your very first word. And it wasn’t “dad” or “mom”… no, it was “PJ”

You didn’t have idea of how happy you made me that day. The day when I found you, disliked you and then liked you and accepted the idea that we were brothers. And, in the bottom of my soul, I hoped to see you again.

Maybe having a little brother wouldn’t be that bad, right?


I hope you liked it! It was an idea I had for while uvu and really needed to make it. We now know more about Print and PJ’s relationship. I won’t say PJ likes him because he’s not my character and don’t want to say incorrect things (since he isn’t one to make friends). So, I only will say that Blueprint’s first words made him very happy.

I’m sorry if it looks rushed, but this isn’t a story. It just PaperJam talking with Blueprint and telling him the story (with some people spying on them(?))

AriA’s File

Okay, what is the deal with Aria’s file? What on earth could be her secret? A secret that would put EZRA in jail, and make him pick Nicole over her?

AD says the following to Aria:

“Jessica DiLaurentis kept excellent records. If Ezra knew what was in your file he would definitely choose Nicole, and she would be visiting him in jail.”

Why would something …

  • in ARIAs file 
  • put EZRA in jail 
  • AND have him pick Nicole


One thing we know for sure is it had to be something that happened BEFORE Jessica’s murder, since it is something Jessica found out.

This can be interpreted in two ways:

  1. Jessica DiLaurentis found something incriminating about Ezra that Aria has kept a secret. But…. why would Ezra hate Aria because of it? Why would Ezra blame Aria if this came out? What is she willing to keep secret about Ezra that she would go against her best friends for? Does Aria know a secret about Ezra that if it came out would put him in jail? Okay, there are a few possibilities here, but why would it make Ezra choose Nicole over Aria? Thats the part I just dont understand. Ezra could be upset that Jessica found out something about him, but why would it make him give up his love for Aria??? 
  2. Jessica found out something about Aria that would cause Ezra to hate her and to do something that would put him in jail….Is this signifying that Ezra would kill Aria if he found out this secret?

I feel like the following photo is significant. The 4 glasses represent the four main girls, Spencer, Hanna, Aria & Emily. 

By shattering a glass, it is a symbol that she is no longer one of them, that she is going against the group to protect whatever is in her file.

The girls have always stuck together, so it has to be something HUGE if she is willing to go over to the dArk side. 

(Side Note: I swear to GOD if Marlene messes this up and its something stupid Im going to jump off a cliff) 

There has always been something sketchy about Aria. I’ve written a million posts about it and don’t want to go through every little thing again because we’ll be here all day, but I do want to go over a few significant things.

  • Aria and Eddie Lamb

When Aria goes into Radley to get info on Bethany’s old roommate, Eddie Lamb recognizes her and says he feels like they have met before. Aria acts REALLY BIZARRE in this scene. She is obviously hiding something. She has some kind of connection to Radley Sanitarium. 


  • Aria and Jason

A part of me has always believed that Jason is A. I have written theories about it. He has always had a thing for Aria. The weirdest thing was when he had all of those close-up photos of her sleeping. He claimed Alison took them-but I just dont buy that. And later A had the same photos in his/her lair.

Then there is a very similar scene in later seasons, of Aria hanging up her creepy doll photographs in a dark room. It is a parallel to when Jason is in the darkroom with the pictures of her.

Its possible that whatever is in her file has something to do with Jason. This could lead in to why it would cause Ezra to choose Nicole over Aria.


  • Aria and Mona

What the hell did Aria whisper to Mona at this moment that had her running scared?????? Aria and Mona have always had an interesting relationship and suspicious conversations.


  • The Dollhouse 

Aria had the mannequin family framed in her Dollhouse bedroom. The look on her face seems to convey that she KNOWS SOMETHING. Who/why they were taken there.


There are so many crazy possibilities as to what is in Aria’s file. The last few episodes of the show have really depressed me. I’ve been majorly disappointed in the writing and reveals. I am really hoping they give us something shocking and amazing for Aria’s secret.

Fingers crossed. 

The Tree That Outsmarted Me and Punched Me in the Face

Ok so this one isn’t so much wild as it is ‘Rekina what the heck do you think you’re doing sit down this instant’ kinda deal.

Our story begins back when I worked retail.

Alrighty so quick update. The part of Saskatchewan where I live is flat. I don’t mean mildly ho hum flat I mean flat ok like the nearest slight incline(besides the dump) is nearly a fifteen minute drive. ok flat as a ruler

And because of this intense flatness we get some equally intense wind. The last few days we’ve had winds upwards of 90km (55mph) and that’s a pretty normal seen it all before kind of wind storm. Nothing out of the ordinary. But then sometimes we get even worse winds called plough winds. Now, these are sometimes hurricane force winds ok windy as all get out

These winds make a straight path across the prairies, ripping roofs off, uprooting trees, and causing general havoc ok

there’s a reason they are called plough winds they plough over everything in sight like a bull in a china shop it has zero regard for your average home or retail employee like myself

Plough winds only show their ugly faces during the summer. and in summers I worked in the garden center. 

Now, normal people would stay indoors during winds like this. Common, sesnible people would hunker down and batten down the hatches and wait for the whole thing to blow over. Not me. Not only was I at work

I was outside

That’s right folks yours truly still had to go out and water the plants in winds fast enough to shut down most cities

So there I am in my oversized rain jacket that I was practically swimming in. This thing trailed along the ground it was so big on me. I have my garden hose on and am doing my thing

First of all, do you have any idea how hard it is to water plants when the water comes out of the hose and just kinda shoots off into the distance

It’s an acquired skill to say the least k I was standing like two feet to the side of the plant I actually wanted to water

Now if that wasn’t annoying enough i also have to deal with these jerks of trees

At the back of the center is our tree selection. I’d tied them down with the full stregnth of my scout knot tying knowledge and most of them stayed secure. But there was three little jerks on the very end that would tip over, making me go and pick them up again

This happened every ten seconds.

I would go, water a plant, and then drop everyhting to pick up these stupid trees

I did this for five hours straight

Then one time while I’m picking up a fallen ash, this little apple tree gets cheeky and topples down right on top of my head.

It didn’t hurt, but those leaves are like little whips in the wind my whole face was stinging by the time I got the jerk set up right again

This tree was about to become a very big problem

See when the other trees tipped over they would politely lay in place until i could reach them, still tethered loosely to the pole. But not this apple tree oh no

Little did i know i was dealing with Houdini Incarnated into a tree.

So I’m minding my buisness watering a plant from a distance and I happen to see Houdini take the fall. Except this time something was different. This time it not only fell, but it started to roll

It had somehow jumped the little enclosure and slipped the bonds

Im still pretty chill at this point. The whole center is surrounded by a fence where could it possibily go I’ll just go get it when it hits the fence right?


Because I was dealing with an escape artist ok what happens next had nothing to do with me

See off in one corner we had this pile of manure right near the fence. 

This tree my little Houdini was chugging towards it at full speed, those little leaves were like sails it was just a’cruisin down aisles of bricks. It’s fine tho it’ll hit the manue and–

It hit the manure alright

It rolled up the manure pile 

and over the fence

So now The Little Tree That Could was barreling around on the highway like a phsychotic leafy bat out of hell

My first thought is if that hits someone im so fired

I scream and drop the hose and begin my pursuit because I am not getting fired over an apple tree ok no sire im going down with my dignity

So i do the only logial thing in my head

Most people would run through the open get four feet behind them and calmly make their way to the highway. Not me

I sprinted across the compound, scrambled up the manue pile, and vaulted the fence

For one glorious moment I thought I could fly.

And then I plunged downwards with a very undignified squeal.

Still I splash down into the ditch and prepare to make my heroic capture

Problem: I had just landed chest deep in slough.

For those of you lucky souls who don’t know what a slough is let me explain

A slough is what happens when stagnat water, cow crap, cow piss, and crop fertilizer mix and heat up in the sun. Doesn’t smell good.

And I just landed chest deep in the stuff. Gross doesn’t even begin to cover it

But being the trooper I am i decide I’m going to end this day on a high note and salvage my dignity

I heave myself out of the slough and take off after the tree which is dancing around the thankfully empty highway

Just one issue: Plough Winds tend to change direction

So there I am chasing this freaking apple tree around in circles and it’s winning ok every time I get close to grabbing the trunk of branch the wind throws it in another direction leaving me stumbling like a drunk moose as I try to adjust course 

This goes on for a solid twenty minutes

I’m back and forth across this highway cursing enough to make a sailor blush

And then victory is in sight my fingers graze the trunk and–

the wind stops

The base of the tree is so heavy with water that It sits straight up and whacks me across the face harder than Dwayne Johnson ever could

My momentum throws me forward, my foot catches the pot

and I sail head first into the next slough

I am now covered in disgusting, thick, sticky water and that tree is just taunting me on the road

Eventually I manage to snag the little jerk and I start dragging it back towards the compound like oh yeah who the boss? i’m the boss i caught the tree 

Just as I see  two more trees making a break for it over the fence

It was a long end of shift to say the least

I had a black eye from that tree for a week and a lovely bleeding cut on my forehead. But i caught it and I am still proud of that to this day

Thank you Ishida, thank you God for TGRE 125

There are honestly more hate than I expected and I’m sorta disappointed? Cuz I mean I understand that there are people who has other ships, but Touken shippers who are hating this chapter saying that it’s too much and it doesn’t have anything to do with the plot?

Firstly, maybe it is too much and I am just a pervert but I think it is beautiful to see one of my OTPs making love. I have always wanted to my see ships and OTPs showing how much they love each other in canoned chapters and in my opinion Ishida did this without making it look like a hentai/smut chapter. Why? Because we’ll, for one he didn’t really show graphics (dicks etc) also it wasn’t just blush blush kiss kiss fuck fuck there was meaning and a story to it. Which leads me to my second point.

I’ve seen a few posts saying this already but I’ll say it again. This chapter HAD meaning, and it DID have something to do with the plot and the story. Kaneki has been so lonely especially since Hide disappeared. Now Touka is there with him and for him and loving him and he is not alone anymore. Yes that doesn’t mean that they have to have sex to show this but those two loved each other since part 1. Even when Kaneki lost his memories and became Haise he still had feelings for her.

My point is… this is Ishida Sui we are talking about and every chapter he writes always have meaning. I think we should all just except this chapter, we don’t have to like it but just except it. Because this is part of the story and Ishida probably has a reason for doing this not just because of fan service.

anonymous asked:

Sometimes I wonder if poeple don't take Phil too seriously (and partly it is because Phil himself doesn't want to show himself too serious) but I mean this is the man who was with Dan when he made the decision to drop out, and somehow had to help him through it (and those were the years where I do believe Dan's crisis were quite strong ones), he also somehow sticked by Dan's side when he was in his 2012!period which I'm sure affected (hurt) Phil as well. What do you think?

Anyone who doesn’t take Phil seriously isn’t paying very much attention to Phil. 

He’s someone who made an entire career out of something that wasn’t a career, just on the grounds that he wanted to be doing something he liked for a living. That takes a little bit of luck, sure, and he did start out in the fortunate situation of having parents who helped support him. I don’t want to seem like I’m being blind to his advantages, because I’m sure as hell not. 

But luck and rich parents alone can’t make an empire out of nothing. It also takes determination and faith in himself and work. A whole lot of fucking work. I don’t mean at making videos; I mean at building connections, setting goals and seeing them happen, reaching out and finessing the luck he was granted into something sustainable long term. He took an offer to do a segment on BBC radio and turned it into a years long weekly stint on a popular radio show. Dan was part of it, but back when they first started with BBC Phil was by far the more influential name with a bigger subscriber base. 

You can see elements of the same attitude in everything Dan and Phil do, and I don’t want to diminish Dan’s role in it but the pattern of behavior is so strongly Phil: they’re offered a book, they spend a year writing it and make it the best book they could make. They have to do signings, they turn it into a year long stage show. Crunchy Roll and Dragon City want them to do a sponsored video, they end up sponsoring the entire show. That’s what people underestimate in Phil, I think - the guy who see what he wants, ignores that it shouldn’t really be possible, does it anyway. 

I think you’re right that it isn’t a side of Phil that we’re really supposed to see, because Phil has such a firm sense of boundary between what is for an audience and what isn’t. Just like we don’t see business-guy-Phil except in the sense that we see the final product that emerges, we also don’t see supportive-partner-Phil except in the final product that emerges: Dan himself, and Dan’s dedication to Phil, his constant almost-awe of everything Phil does despite the more immediate fond mocking we see in actual videos. 

Am I even answering your question? Sorry, I just have strong feelings on the minimization of Phil’s complexity that happens in phandom. Actually, reading it back, it seems like you were asking more about if I thought that Phil was as hurt in 2012 as Dan was; the answer is yes, of course, I totally agree with you, anon. That definitely goes back to Phil having a stronger boundary between what is for an audience and what isn’t. Dan handled his upset by slamming figurative doors and shouting at us across the room, Phil handled it by just quietly locking that door and effectively shutting us out of his mental process for years. But it feels like it should go without saying that just because someone doesn’t want hundreds of thousands of people he doesn’t know to know when he’s hurt or upset, it doesn’t mean those feelings don’t exist. 

Everyone is comparing Tony attacking Bucky to Peter attacking ego but seriously? There's​ a much better parallel to be drawn.

When Drax attacked Gamora. Look it’s the exact same situation. Drax attacked Gamora because she killed his family, or more accurately, Ronan killed his family but she worked for Ronan. Gamora is a person who was abused and coerced into doing evil things. She killed a lot of people. Drax had his family killed by the same people who Gamora works for and knows pointblank that Gamora is a killer. Any daughter of Thanos would have been abused and in a difficult position but he still attacked her. Because he was consumed with grief and pain and he didn’t care at all about her circumstances he just wanted her to die.

When they get to know each other, when they start to see the person behind the acts, they become family. They forgive each other for what they’ve done and what has been done onto them. This is what I want. Bucky seeing Tony as more than just another faceless victim while Tony sees Bucky as the faceless victim. Not someone who killed his parents but just a man who was tortured and hurt against his will. Someone who was forced to do the most awful things a person can do.

I don’t blame either for what happened in civil war. Bucky Barnes is not a villain for being hurt and used as a tool by hydra. Tony Stark is not a villain for being backed into a corner of rage and grief and lashing out. So many things have been done onto them and they both reacted in realistic ways. That’s what humanity is. A person cannot fight someone forever when being tortured and it’s awful that anyone thinks it’s Bucky’s fault that he killed Tony’s parents. But at the same time a human being with human emotions cannot just let the all-consuming pain of a parent’s death “go” without fighting those instincts for a long time. No person on this earth has the willpower to resist seventy years of torture and no person on this earth has the willpower to ignore a video of their loved ones being murdered and then being forced to stare into their killers eyes without doing something. These are both human characters who reacted exactly the way we could all expect. No one was in the wrong in this situation. (Well okay untrue Steve was very much in the wrong but I’m not talking about Steve.) Both Bucky and Tony had no choice. You wouldn’t blame an abused animal for killing someone their abusers made them kill, and you wouldn’t blame an animal for trying to kill the person who took away their family. These are both natural reactions. Neither Bucky not Tony was at fault in Siberia.


pokeaniweek day 4 → favorite rival ★

his rivalry with may was the best thing :’) ♡