had to do it sorry

HAVAAHS just relazied what i’m doing lol sorry everypony that had to read that i’m just  pondering the reality that is art school LMFAO catch me at ur local mcdonalds in 7 years

I accidentally left my ps4 on and forgot about it and left the boys standing there, and by the time i came back four in-game days had passed and the last photo i got was this picture of prompto

He looks so upset


“Wtf dude. Four days without food. How could you?”


“This mah squad, better move aside boy”

Instead of studying for my test, I doodle my predictions for the ep “The new Crystal Gems” while I was listening lots of We Bare Bares songs so yall better listen to this song while seing this thingie

“I’ll protect you… no matter what”