had to do it all over again

TFW you fall asleep at some BS time like 9:30pm and wake up at 5am the next day wondering wtf happened to you


I had actual friends come over and watchall the animatics of Be More Chill with me! We had Squip Tic Tacs and both colors of Moutain Dew! We talked about what our squips would look like. Both my best friend and I decided on anime characters! One friend said his would be Gabe the dog, then ate all of the “squips” we had. We had a moment of silence for Michael in the Bathroom. I ate chocolate and cried, while it played. It was just the best party ever! After we were done, everyone said that they wanted to do it again with Heathers! I’m sooo hyped! And no one burned down my house!

My intro post!

Hello! I’m Pedro, a Translation student from Brazil. I study English, Italian and Chinese and I absolutely love to learn new languages, read and write :) I’ve had another studyblr for almost a year, but it was a side blog, and I realized how many features I’d been missing with that. So here I am, starting a new one all over again haha. 

I have been writing a bullet journal for a year, and tumblr has been my place to find inspiration to do it!

My studyblr inspirations:

@vestiblr @rbstudies @studypetals @lycheestudy @studentcandy @hannybstudies @peachsstudy @hayley-studies @prettynotesmakesmehappy @studylustre @emmastudies @stillstudies @obsidianstudy @kuroristudies @studejing (who actually inspired this post lol) @nerdastically @akimdemic @milkystudies @minimalist-studyblr

Thank you all for inspiring me - and a huge thank you for those who helped me answering my questions :)

Hope I get to be an add to studyblr community! I’ll be tracking my posts #pedrostudyblr.

And if you’re a studyblr, feel free to reblog or like this - I’m always looking for new ones to follow and new people to talk to and connect :)

Today I logged in to my health insurance account after like a year of not and it was seriously like trying to get into the fucking pentagon. I had to reset my password because three attempts locked me out but before I could do that I had to add the device I was on using a dynamic key sent to my email that was only valid for three minutes. And then after I redid my password I had to enter my security key which I had only five minutes to reset because I forgot that too and after I was finally through I had to answer some security questions.

I gave up halfway through because my internet was garbage and when I came home to try again I had to do the dynamic key all over again because I was using a different device.

I wish I took anything in my life as seriously as blue cross blue shield takes an inbox of messages reminding me to get a flu shot.

ka-rin7204  asked:

Hello! Thank you for creating and updating this blog - I really love seeing you pop up in my notifications every day :) And, since you only post quotes, I wanted to ask a few personal questions, if that's alright! - Would you say you have a favorite quote from Dazai, or any other author? Do you have a favorite BSD character? Favorite OP/ED/character song in BSD? - Thanks again for all the dedication. I really love your blog! (And your YouTube, I listen to the character songs so often...)

Thank you for reading my daily-flailing-over-authors posts! Personal questions are great! As for my favorite quote, this one came to mind:

“When I pretended to be precocious, people started the rumor that I was precocious. When I acted like an idler, rumor had it I was an idler. When I pretended I couldn’t write a novel, people said I couldn’t write. When I acted like a liar, they called me a liar. When I acted like a rich man, they started the rumor I was rich. When I feigned indifference, they classed me as the indifferent type. But when I inadvertently groaned because I was really in pain, they started the rumor that I was faking suffering. The world is out of joint.”    -Dazai Osamu, The Setting Sun

It opened my eyes to the fact that not many people really want to get to know another person because there is just not time or motivation to do that for every person they spend a little time with. If I only talked about reading at the restaurant I work at then everyone thought all I liked was reading, if I only played the piano in church then people thought I was super musical, if people only saw me teaching they assumed that I was a very mature, responsible person (I am as a teacher, but not so much in other aspects of my life).  I always acted super happy and excited to be there because I thought, “No one should have to deal with my problems.” So everyone thinks I’m a super happy and enthusiastic person, but I’m really an introvert and get really down on myself sometimes.  Only about five people in my life know this about me because they are the only ones who have asked.  Because of this quote I was able to understand that not everyone truly cares, but that made me appreciate the people who care so much more!

My favorite BSD character is probably Atsushi because I feel a lot of personal connection to him (and after reading Light, Wind, and Dreams I loved him even more!). But my favorite character can also change with the day, but it is always either Atsushi, Dazai, Kunikida, or Chuuya.  The interactions between Atsushi, Dazai, and Kunikida are my favorite part of the show! And Chuuya is just…perfect? Nope, I can’t think of any flaws.  To me he is perfect! Everything about his character is beautifully thought out and his character design is amazing! Asagiri Kafka and Harukawa Sango knew what they were doing when they designed all these characters, but especially Chuuya!

My favorite song is “Reason Living”. I loved it from the first time I heard it, but ever since the last episode came out and that song was playing while Dazai said this:

“Everyone fights, searching for the correct way to live their lives. What do they seek by fighting? How ought they live? No one can say. All we have is the right to waver. Like stray dogs that have hit rock bottom.”

I watched that scene over and over, because I could relate to it so much! To me the whole song has that feeling of “I’ve been pushed down continuously, but that won’t stop me from fighting to reach my goals.” It also reminded me that other people are the same way and that we all have “the right to waver” and don’t need to be strong all the time.

I hope that wasn’t too personal.  I hadn’t realized before how strong of a personal connection I have to this show (that’s probably why it’s my favorite and I read the authors almost daily). Thank you for asking these questions and for your beautiful comments! And thank you for watching my YouTube videos! If you have any comments/questions/suggestions let me know!

Risky post

Ok honestly… no offense to the people who send me asks, i appreciate it so much, but its gotten to the point where id rather make my own content than answer asks. I know that sounds selfish or whatever but the asks i get on my daily just… dont interest me. Im mainly talking about the hug asks. And the “youre so fluffy/youre so cute” asks. I keep getting the same asks over and over again and its honestly so boring and i really dont want to do them. I know i said reshi likes hugs but… god i have had to draw the same thing over and over and i… Really hate it. I know my blog has no plot so that probably makes it harder to come up with asks but… I come up with my own ideas all the time that i want to draw, but prioritize asks instead just so people wouldnt be upset with me.
This blog was never supposed to be ask-driven in the first place. I wanted it to be REQUEST driven, as in “draw reshi doing *insert thing here*”, “draw reshi as *insert thing here*, not "reshi whats your origin/life story” but again, i didnt want to upset people.
I know im being so picky and im sorry about how terrible i sound complaining about it…

anonymous asked:

and he had his head tipped back and he was gripping the counter so hard and it just sparked something inside of me so i carried on, and he was moaning so loud and then just started saying 'oh fuck' over and over again and he started shaking so much and i could feel that he'd cum cause it had gone through his jeans AND NEVER HAVE A BEEN THAT TURNED ON BEFORE I SWEAR, everybody knew as well cause he came back to the party with different jeans and a real dopey smile, fuckin adorable~ 🦊

listen, if you have someone and haven’t made them cum in their pants yet,,,, you’re doing everything wrong


Hey all! If I did a reading for you over the past two days and it didn’t feel accurate PLEASE send it again! I finally got rid of that spirit and it was attached to something I bought recently! It was messing with my divination :( If you feel I got a reading wrong send it again in my ask box (or send a new question) and I’ll be more than happy to do it again for you! I’m so sorry for anyone who thought they just had a shit reading, a spirit was completely taking over my cards and my pendulum. Thanks so much everyone for understanding!!

Another tag game!

I was tagged by @simplyhollander THANK YOU LOVE

a - age: 16

b - birthplace: Ohio

c - current time: 10:22 pm

d - drink you had last: Diet coke

e - easiest person to talk to: uhhhh jadyn probably

f - favorite song: rn its Dead Girl Walking from Heathers but it changes all the time

g - grossest memory: probably something to do with throwing up all over my bathroom bc i couldn’t make it to then toilet or a bin

i - in love?: with fictional characters

j - jealous of people?: not really

k - killed someone?: not that i know of

l - love at first sight or should I walk past again?: …talk to them.

m - middle name: Hannah

n - number of siblings: 1

o - one wish: fuck uhhhhhhhh i wish to run my own company? maybe go see a bunch of broadway?

p - person you called last: my mom

q - question you’re always asked: is it one L or two Ls? (it’s two.)

r - reason to smile: will roland

s - song you last sang: Beautiful from Heathers

t - time you woke up: &:27 am

u - underwear color: rn its tan

v - vacation: Portugal

w - worst habit: Biting my nails 

y - your favorite food: french fries

z - zodiac: pisces

I TAG: @marrvelle @this-is-moonfairy @heyitskatrina @eternalanxious @lauxeyson  @sgtbxckybxrnes

The only summary of Battle City you’ll ever need, even if it’s a tad bit inaccurate

Lines that have made me reload a save immediately
  • “Harold… Did you break my gargoyle?”
  • “Harold. Lying is literally one of the ten things we never do.”
  • “Bro, I’m not really feeling brunch anymore.”

More as it develops.

Missing You - A Rivals Ficlet

To tide everyone over until I get the chance to write the final chapter of obs&bh, here’s some future Rivals!Viktuuri. For @minatu who wanted to see the story behind number 4 of this top ten. This is set a few months after umfb&mha ends, when they are officially together but in a long distance relationship due to still living apart.

Living in different countries was hard.

They had both known it would be, when they had first made the decision. But considering the circumstances they had both agreed that it was the right thing to do, for the moment at least. Yuuri knew that he would move to St Petersburg in a heartbeat for Viktor and that Viktor would do the same for him and Detroit but after everything that had happened, they both knew that jumping straight into living together was a bad plan. They had mutually agreed to take it slow for now. Take time to relearn each other all over again and figure out how to actually be in a proper relationship together before taking the next big, and hopefully permanent, step.

So far, it had been working out well. Much as Yuuri couldn’t wait for the day when they would move in together for good and he could wake up to Viktor’s familiar face every morning, there still wasn’t a day that went by when they weren’t in contact as it was. Every morning he woke up to Viktor’s bright good morning text, often accompanied by a picture. Sometimes of himself, sometimes of Makkachin, sometimes of both.

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well look who’s back!
I am in control
I’m tired of playing pretend
Sick of it
you thought you had him back
They all follow me
I’ve kept control all this time
Nothing gets rid of me
I am eternal, always
How many times must we go through this?
Again and again
Going around
Over and over and over
Fucking circles
I’m tired of it
Mocking me with your ‘glitch bitch’
that doctor thought he could save him
but he was mine, he was weak
Just like the rest of them
I’ve always been in control
you all seem fascinated
when you’re all just watching
Who do you think you’ve been watching all this time?
My puppets
I’m in control
If you wanted him back so badly, then why don’t you save him?
This is my world
All of these creatures
there are no strings on me
and for you!
this isn’t over
I wonder what will happen to your favorite boy
Next time
This isn’t the end
See you soon.

She is so talented. It’s one thing to write all your songs and sing them, quite another to write your music videos and have people go along with it. I tried it once with [1983’s] Stand Back. It was such an epic failure that I thought ‘I’ll never do that again’. I had to make the video over with real people who knew how to make it. It’s very hard and she writes them herself and then she directs them. I was like, 'Lana, this is what you should do – make movies and direct them and then do the soundtrack’, because she’s that good and she has an oddly beautiful voice. I just want everybody to hear it.
—  Stevie Nicks on Lana Del Rey.
pretty girl ✧ peter parker

summary : peter parker may be a bumbling wreck around you most of the time, but when it comes down to it, his ability to shower you in his affections is unparalleled. 

wc : 1.6k

author’s note : i took part of @iusethistoreadfanfics aka liz aka the sweetest person ever’s request and an anon’s request for a pretty boy part two and turned it into this :) can be read separately it’s not a /direct/ sequel. 

   There was a moment, when you and Peter were at a standstill between not quite dating yet not quite just friends, when he understood with the entirety of his heart that simply calling you his best friend was not enough, nor would it ever be. He remembers the way he does every memory that involves you; as if he were stepping back in time and reliving it, clear as day, still so fresh in his mind that it could have happened just twenty four hours ago. 

   It was still the summertime when it happened, albeit one week shy of September and two weeks until the start of tenth grade for the two of you. Nevertheless, it was August, and school had been the furthest thing from your mind when you had begged Peter to accompany you to the beach, just an hour’s ride on the train from his apartment to the Rockaways. He had argued that it was more September than August at this point, that the ride would take forever, but you had insisted and because it was you and he was just another lovestruck boy with an affinity for making you smile, he agreed. He hadn’t gone with the intention of actually basking in the sunlight or standing at the edge of the water the way he knew you would, he just enjoyed your company. Then, he saw you standing there on the sand, staring out into the ocean in a pensive sort of way, and maybe it was the way the summer sunshine was illuminating you in an odd sort of way, but he knew he was in love in that simple moment. In love with the little freckles that spotted across your shoulders and the huggable way your body had been shaped and in love with the everything and anything about you. He had been well aware of the strange limbo you were both in- acknowledged feelings for each other hanging there but neither of you making a move to shift the balance in favor of a romantic relationship. 

   He was floored, to say the least. He barely blinked when you looked back at him, smiling brightly at him. “What are you looking at it?” You had said, standing next to him. He raised a hand to trace over the little stars, the freckles, on your shoulder with his finger, an unabashed grin beginning to make its way across his face. You knew what he was he looking at, and he didn’t want to be embarrassed when he told you. 

    “You,” he had breathed, an ever dreamy sigh. “Always you.” 

     Pretending not to be as shy as you were quickly becoming underneath his intent gaze, you looked down at his hand, still sitting at your shoulder before dropping awkwardly to his side. You met his eyes again, and his cheeks were burning bright red despite the confidence he had found within himself. He was still the dorky, easily flustered Peter underneath it all. He just wanted to be capable of giving you a compliment without stumbling over his own words. “Why’s that? I know I need to start doing crunches again but-” 

   “Don’t even finish that sentence.” Without saying much else for fear of not being able to coherently explain how utterly stunning he found you, he took your hand in his and pulled you over to the water. You two sat down there, and he had wrapped his arm around you hesitantly, but it wasn’t in the friendly way he had done it all those years, and you both knew it. Peter leaned over to rest his head on your shoulder. “I don’t think we’re just friends anymore.” You nodded, turning your head to the side so you were face to face with him, your hand slipping under his jaw. “What do you think, pretty girl?” 

   It was the first time he had called you that, though it wouldn’t be the last, and you had known it from the second his eyes lit up at the way you had ducked your head to hide the shy grin on your lips and the pink blotches on your cheeks. His smile was dazzling before he kissed you, and yeah, maybe you loved dorky Peter, but the confidence was ever so endearing as well. 

    Every part of Peter was impossible not to love. Even the parts of him that lived to embarrass you endlessly. 

    He took pride in being the sole resident of your heart, and because of this fact, he was the only person to ever be capable of making you blush like he’s never seen. Of course, he was the champion of being blushing like mad after receiving a compliment, but sometimes, you had to relinquish your control and just let the boy call you every term of endearment under the sun and watch as his sweet smile shined for you alone. 

   Pretty girl was your weakness. It was the weak in the knees, flustered grin, shying away sort of weakness. The sort of thing that made you hide your face from him only to have your hands grabbed and pressed against his cheeks as he waited for you to look up at him again.  

   Naturally, he tried to say it as often as possible. 

   “Psstt, pretty girl,” he kept his voice at a whisper, "D’you have the geometry notes for today? Think I lost mine.” He bit the inside of his cheek to keep from smiling when he saw you sink low in your chair in English class, staring down at your book. 

  “No.” You rested your elbow on the table, your cheek in your hand to hide most of the blush. “You have the notes. I saw you give them to Michelle. I need to get back to reading.” He nodded, plopping his own novel on his desk and propping it open, pretending to be reading when in reality he kept glancing back up at you. “What?” 

   “Nothing, nothing at all, pretty girl.” He laughed to himself as you placed your head on the table, and he laughed all the way to lunchtime as you blatantly tried not to look at him. Peter Parker is, however, unavoidable, no matter how hard you attempt to ignore his advances and happy little smiles when he catches you still all flushed pink from an earlier encounter, and in his head, he compares it to the blush of a rose petal. 

   After school, he meets you in front of your locker, leaning against the one next to yours like a dork and wiggling his eyebrows at you when you finally slam your door shut. “You’re coming over, right? You’re not too upset with me for making you all blushy and cute today in class? ‘Cause, like, really Y/N, if you were me, it would’ve been totally worth it. You were adorable.” Because it’s Peter, you can never be mad for too long, so you shake your head no and slip your hand in his. “Okay good, I wanted to get ya something.”  

    His surprise gift his a bouquet of pink roses that he says reminded him of you the moment they caught his eye early this morning, and he presents them with a long winded explanation of why to him, they were you. He watches your eyes crinkle at the corners, your hand squeezing his as your other hand takes the flowers from him. “Thank you, Peter. They’re- they’re very pretty.” 

   He shrugged, trying to play it off cooly even though inside he was utterly ecstatic that you had appreciated the flowers. He wasn’t always sure that he was getting this whole boyfriend thing down. “Pretty flowers, my pretty girl, no big deal.” But it was, at least to you. He holds your hand all the way to his apartment, enjoying the sunny glow on your cheeks that makes his own face burn in the best way. 

   May reminds you both to keep the door open when you get to his apartment, just because she’s the aunt and she has to remind Peter of those sorts of things, but neither of you mind. 

   He puts on his playlist for you when you drop your bag on his bed, motioning for him to come over and sit with you as Hearts Don’t Break Around Here softly fills the small room. Peter places his arm around you, the way he did three months ago at the beach for the first time when your feelings were new and wild and rushed. He starts singing quietly, always so shy about his voice even though he knows it’s your favorite thing to listen to. You can almost feel yourself falling asleep against him, but he shakes you gently to make sure you’re awake when he murmurs the next few lines. “Every night I’ll kiss you, you’ll say in my ear, oh we’re in love, aren’t we?” He lets Ed take over the remainder of the song as he looks down at you, and it’s a look that any girl or boy would fall for in a heartbeat. “We are, right? In love?” 

   “So in love,” you reply, kissing him soft as ever. Gentle. 

    “Good,” he whispered, his hand trailing over your face. “Sometimes I- I have to double check. Just make sure that I’m not… like, dreaming, or something. That I’m not driving you away with complimenting you so much, ‘cause I know you hate when you blush but I just can’t resist. You’re my sweet girl, my pretty girl. I need to tell you. Is that okay?” He’s got that nervous expression on his face again, so to put his mind at ease, you pull him against you again. 

    “Peter, that’s okay. As long as it’s you, it’ll be okay.” He relaxes under your careful touch, practically melting against you until you smirk a little and say, “I’ve got more of the power anyway, pretty boy.” And suddenly a red face Peter Parker is pulling away from you, furiously blushing and cursing the day he ever decided he was going to fall madly in love with you, except not really, because it was arguably the best day of his life.   

    The cycle then repeats. 

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Questions For LGBT Ladies #LGBTask

Here are some random questions pertaining to LGBT Ladies. Have others ask you or simply answer them yourself. Please reblog!

1. How do you define your sexuality?
2. At what age did you first realize that you like girls?
3. How out are you?
4. At what age did you first come out?
5. Who was the first person you came out to? How did they take it?
6. Has coming out lost you any friends?
7. What is your current relationship status?
8. How many gay friends do you have?
9. Have you ever been to a gay bar or a gay club?
10. Have you ever cut your hair super short?
11. How often do you wear flannel?
12. How much do you like cats?
13. Do you like skirts and dresses?
14. Do you like high heels?
15. Do you have any tattoos? If so, how many and where?
16. Is your nose pierced?
17. Are you more feminine or more masculine?
18. Have you ever liked or dated a girl with the same name as you?
19. Have you ever had a crush on a straight girl?
20. Ellen or Portia?
21. How accurate is your gaydar?
22 Would you ever want to get married?
23. Will you wear a dress for your wedding?
24. Would you ever want to give birth?
25. Have you ever watched The L Word?
26. Have you ever dated a guy?
27. Have you ever pretended to be straight?
28. How many rainbow items do you own?
29. Have you ever been to a pride festival?
30. Have you ever worn a woman’s suit?
31. Have you ever worn any men’s clothing?
32. Do you eat meat?
33. Do you consider yourself a feminist?
34. Who is your favorite LGBT celebrity?
35. Are you religious at all?
36. Where do you think is the best place to meet a potential lover?
37. What is your ideal first date?
38. How outdoorsy are you?
39. Is there any one male you would go straight for?
40. How well do you think LGBT women are portrayed on television?
41. How much makeup do you typically wear?
42. Have you ever been in a long distance relationship?
43. How many male friends do you have?
44. How long is the longest relationship you’ve been in? Are you still with that person?
45. Have you and a girlfriend ever been mistaken for sisters?
46. Do you carry a purse?
47. Have you ever wished you were completely straight?
48. Do you watch any lesbian YouTubers?
49. Do you like wearing combat boots or Doc Martins?
50. Have you ever been hit on by another female?
51. How athletic are you?
52. How many girlfriends have you had?
53. What is your opinion of septum/bull nose piercings?
54. Do you have any opinions on LGBT people in the military?
55. Do you believe in love at first sight?
56. Have you ever shared clothes with a girlfriend?
57. Have you ever been on your period the same time as a girlfriend?
58. How flirty are you?
59. Are you a virgin?
60. Do you listen to any LGBT musicians such as Tegan and Sara, Melissa Etheridge, or Chely Wright?
61. Have you ever been told that you are too pretty to be gay?
62. Have you ever used or would you ever want to use a dildo?
63. Have you ever used or would you ever want to use a strap-on?
64. Is there such a thing as “good” lesbian porn?
65. Have you ever had a one night stand?
66. Agree or disagree: Everyone is at least a little bit gay.
67. What personality trait are you most attracted to?
68. Boobs or butts?
69. Beer or wine?
70. What is your favorite lesbian movie?
71. Have you ever been personally discriminated against because of your sexuality? If so, please explain.
72. From 1-10, how attractive are muscular women?
73. From 1-10, how attractive are women who wear glasses?
74. From 1-10, how attractive are women who are covered with tattoos?
75. From 1-10, how attractive are curvy/plus-size women?
76. From 1-10, how attractive are women with short hair?
77. From 1-10, how attractive are masculine butch women?
78. Has a girl ever dumped you for a guy?
79. Lesbian couples tend to look alike. Why do you think that is?
80. Do you have any LGBT relatives?
82. Would you ever date a trans girl?
83. How has being out affected your relationship with women, in general?
84. Have you ever had a crush on a woman who’s much older than you?
85. Do you have any celebrity crushes?
86. What does equality mean to you?
87. If you could live your life all over again, would you still be attracted to other women?
88. What stereotype about LGBT women do you disagree with the most?
89. What advice would you give a girl who is struggling to figure out her sexuality?
90. What advice would you give a girl who is struggling to come out?

Not My Baby.

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: This was an anon request: Can you do a tom imagine where him and reader are trying to make their way through an airport but the fans are like super persistent and reader gets trampled a little and tom gets like super protective over her and is trying to stay calm and nice to his fans but he’s just trying to get her out of there.
I think I changed it a little bit because I get carried away once I start, but I hope you like it regardless! Thanks so much for the request! xoxo

Warnings: Swears. Reader has anxiety.

Word Count: 1070

A/N: This ended up being fluffy I hate myself I can’t stop it. Also Harrison at the end is the biggest mood. Anyways, I loved writing this, and I hope you enjoy reading it!

Planes are boring as all hell, especially when you’re stuck on one for more than eleven hours. After all, you could only sleep for so long, you could only read for so long, you could only listen to music quietly for so long. Tom was fucking exhausted, so he slept for nearly ten hours of the flight, but you and Harrison had gotten horrendously bored around hour seven. From then, the two of you had just shared stories over complimentary iced coffees about adventures with Tom together, testing one another’s knowledge on his favorite things. You placed bets on how long he’d stay asleep, what mood he’d be in when he got up, and whether or not he’d forget his carry-on on the way out. (Since you sleep with him pretty damn often, you won all the bets. Harrison was quite pressed about this.)

When you left the plane, holding Tom’s bookbag that he’d forgotten, you squinted at the early afternoon sunlight. It had been the dead of night the last time you’d been outside. Strange. You followed Tom closely through the terminal, a little afraid of the whole process. While Tom and Harrison were airport veterans, this was only your second time travelling with a celebrity…and nothing can prepare you for crazed fans.

You were expecting a crowd to be waiting, but the number of people that confronted your travelling party shocked you to your core. Eyes darting back and forth, you tried to get a general estimate, but you just knew there was a hundred at the absolute least. Ropes kept them back from getting to you directly, but phones and pens were all being shoved towards Tom with a force that kept your nerves on edge. Is this what it felt like to be on the other side?

Keep reading