had to do a gifset too ;)


I need his [The Flash’s] help, too. My brother’s been kidnapped  ( insp ).


I wanted… to die. I thought I had to apologize to Mom… But… I couldn’t do it. I wondered… what you guys would think if I died. I thought something fun might be in store for tomorrow, too. I thought, “I don’t want to die yet!


I played the culmination of Josie’s romance on my mage Quiz recently. Rhea Trevelyan is normally level-headed and diplomatic but leapt right into dueling a dude for her girlfriend and clearly had no idea what she was doing (I wanted to put that gifset on my games screenshot tumblr but it was too big to work damnit.)



Nathan Adrian Appreciation Week Day Seven: Free Choice

Nathan Adrian thanks Michael Phelps for giving him a lead of almost 2s into the final leg of the 4x100m medley relay at the 2014 Pan Pacific Swimming Championships (feat. adorable synchronised hair fixing).


little big rappers ♥ (2014 - 2016 debuts)


A/B/O Dynamics + surprise heats / suppressants

Part 1 [All Parts]

“I know.” It was hard to hold back the smile as he said it.

Hannibal knew he had to play the rest of this very carefully. Even so, he was sure Will wouldn’t find out about the placebo suppressants until after they were bonded. And by then it would be too late for the Omega to do anything about it.

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Ficlet by@desperatelyseekingcannibals

A small series of gifsets that will show various tropes/cliches we see in A/B/O fanfiction.

Okay but making these two gifsets made me think of a ColdFlash soulmates!AU where individuals have the last words their soulmates say to them written somewhere on their body.

One where Len and Barry aren’t together but there is an attraction, they both know it but neither of them do anything about it. 

Len knowing he isn’t coming back from his trip through time because of it. Barry not thinking too much about it because it’s such a common phrase but he can’t help but miss the other and he doesn’t understand why.

Barry putting the pieces together when Ray tells him he’s dead.

Phil Coulson takes Melinda May–the real Melinda May–right back to that library he kissed her LMD counterpart. He does this after Melinda is healed up (they’d already confessed long held back secrets as she’d recovered in her med bay bed and Phil had pressed a kiss to their joined hands, the fear of almost losing her still strong), but May’s not sure what exactly they’re doing here or where exactly here is.

Phil plants her in a very specific spot in front of a bookcase and he’s saying something about Ulysses before she cuts him off.

“What are we doing here, Phil?”

He shuffles his feet and rubs the back of his neck nervously. “I shared a first kiss with you–well sort of you–here and I don’t want that to be our first kiss.”  He takes a step closer to her and one hand slides up to thread through her hair and his thumb rests on her pulse (how could he have ever thought the LMD was her when her hair was this silky when his hand was lighting up like a firework at her touch?) 

Melinda seems to understand and she bites her lip and lifts herself on her toes, using her hold on his chest as leverage. 

"Then let’s rewrite some of our history.”

Their first kiss–their first real kiss–is nothing short of electrifying. His hands are in her hair and tugging her closer and controlling the kiss, dominating. She’s moaning into his mouth and when her back hits the bookshelf behind them (when did they shuffle backwards?), she hitches her leg up over his hip to bring their bodies into contact. He’s hot and hard against her and they both groan at the feel of increased pressure. 

Phil stops to nip at her bottom lip and revels in the sound of her gasped out, “Phil.” 

He breaks the kiss and grazes his teeth down the soft skin of her neck and stops to suck at the pulse point. She bucks beneath him and clutches at his shoulders. 


It’s rare to hear him curse and it makes the moment all the hotter. Well, it’s a hell of a first kiss.

detailed colour porn tutorial - scenery

This has been a tutorial that people have been asking me to do for quite a while but I simply hadn’t had the time to do. 

I’m doing more of these “colour porn” tutorials since this one will be strictly dedicated to scenery (I was going to do all in one but it’d honestly be way too big)

Here’s a few examples of gifsets in which I’ve used this kind of tutorial xx, xxxx and xx

I’m using photoshop cs5 to make this gifset (you can use other version of photoshop though) and you need a basic knowledge on how to make gifs.

We’re going to go from this

to this

and this

and this

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I guess people have forgotten about everything Jo has done for Alex way too fast and keep saying stuff like he deserves better. I’m sorry but I have yet to see another female character on this show who’s been so supportive of her boyfriend. Jo was written as too supportive at times but yet she gets nothing but hate.

Good lucking waiting for Alex to ever find someone who loves him the way Jo does again. They’d walk through fire for each other, it’s not one sided. Alex would do anything for Jo just as much as Jo would do anything for Alex. People who say that Alex deserves better than Jo clearly paid no attention to their relationship so here’s the reminder.

(photo credit dailyalexjo but i couldn’t find the gifset anymore. I had this saved on my phone)


                                      one gifset per episode: 04. Shadow of Linked Chains
                                                  “Do you want to join the Matoba clan?”