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Top 5 Elounor moments?

Going in for the kill I see dear anon lol okay here we goooo


1) Mama Jay’s Wedding, summer 2014! RIP MAMA JAY!! 

I feel a personal conviction when talking about these pics because some asshole (L*RRIE!) hacked Mama Jay’s computer to get proof that L*rry was real….instead she found private pics of Louis and Eleanor at Jay’s wedding and posted lmao. And ya know, Eleanor was Jay’s maid of honor too so like…that just goes to show how great of a relationship the two of them had :))

I’ll only post the one that Eleanor posted on her Insta, which btw is STILL ON HER INSTAGRAM B/C THEY NEVER DELETED PICS OF EACH OTHER B/C TRUE LOVE !! (you can see the other pics from Jay’s wedding on Google because they’re sooo cute omg!) 

2) Montreal, summer 2013 (aka Elounor shopping, Eleanor got freaked out by the crowd of girls following them and Louis stepped the fuck up and got all cute and cuddly and extra protective bf!) 


3) VMAS, summer/fall 2013!!! (aka Eleanor was a proud gf and cute af!) 




4) The This is Us premiere, summer 2013. Because Eleanor looked Hot as Hell, Louis looked sharp and dapper and  they were sooo fucking cute omgg

Here they are at the after party and their feet are wrapped together and they look sooo engrossed in each other’s company :))


BONUS! Eleanor arrived with his family I mean come on?!!!!

5) Topman Fashion show winter 2013. They were so fucking young SO YOUNG! And yet they looked flawless af!! Louis clearly was like, “I don’t wanna be here but El likes fashion so I’ll grin and bare it,” lol. But they looked like a couple in love :)))))

So many cuddly moments I can’t :)) 


There were too many good moments to choose from lol 

Long story short, Elounor is so fucking cute I love them so much BYE!

We took one for the team and rewatched TFP just to check for plot holes and other nonsense.
  • How is Moriarty talking to little Eurus in the plane at the beginning?
  • Not even gonna start on the killer clown
  • If she had such huge mind power, as described by Mycroft, why wouldn’t she have tried to leave the facility earlier?
  • Why wouldn’t Mycroft tell Sherlock who Redbeard really was when he talked to them in 221B, so that Eurus wouldn’t have the upper hand on Sherlock?
    • She called him ‘Drowned Redbeard’ and they hONESTLY coULDN’T FIGURE THAT OUT
  • Why didn’t Mycroft make them leave the flat IMMEDIATELY after he recognized the grenade the drone was carrying?? WHY DID HE WAIT FOR THE MOTION SENSOR TO ACTIVATE
  • Why the fuck does the skull painting keep changing colours, before it was lit up, now it’s… purple-y?
  • Mycroft says the bomb could affect the café downstairs, because it’s on the floor, but when they come back at the end of the episode the floor is perfectly fine?
  • John, do you want to say goodbye to your daughter who is incapable of even pronouncing a da-da yet, over the phone?
  • Jumping out of a window in the second floor, no wounds WHATSOEVER.
  • How is a fucking Fisherman aware of the Sherrinford Facility (because when he’s talking to the newbie his face says he clearly knows what’s going on in there)
  • If Mycroft can assume full control of the facility (It’s MY office now), why the fUCK DRESS UP AND PLAY PIRATES
    • Yes he said he can’t trust anyone and nobody can know he’s there, then proceeds to step out of the room where he will be seen, so what the frig, my man?
  • Eurus has been in prison, no contacts, no access to anything (there’s NOTHING in her cell, no internet, no books), yet she possesses a vocabulary worthy of someone with a PhD on psychology.
    • How does she even go to the bathroom, she would need to be escorted because there isn’t one in her cell, how was she escorted all these years without recruiting all her guards
  • Why the fuck did she wait until she was an adult to mentally enslave people and start doing whatever she wanted, why now
  • What was that thing about Eurus and Sherlock’s mom’s hairband again?
  • Mycroft has never heard, until now, about the guy who Eurus compelled to kill himself and his family??? The British Government is not aware of that??
  • How exactly is Sherlock’s playing the violin related to the question of how Eurus escaped the facility?
  • There was no glass, “you suspended the signs” THE ONE ON TOP, MAYBE, BUT THE ONE FLOATING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AIR, UNMOVING??? HOW???
  • She wanted to make Sherlock laugh?? So she killed ‘Redbeard’ because she thought that would make him laugh, but that made him scream instead? How does that make sense
  • How did Mycroft not realize the Governor was brainwashed before John did?
    • John: This guy’s brainwashed, let’s go out on the balcony and get some air before Shit Goes Down™
  • Wasn’t Mycroft supposed to be in charge there now? How could the Governor put the entire facility in lockdown AND have EVERYONE doing Eurus’ bidding? Did she have a talk with EVERYBODY THERE?
  • Mycroft, why would you grant Moriarty entrance into Sherrinford and let him have an UNSUPERVISED CONVERSATION with tHE MOST DANGEROUS CRIMINAL MASTERMIND EVER, how was that a good idea and a CONTROLLED RISK
    • And to top it all, why do you have to tell him EVERYTHING ABOUT EURUS BEFORE HE GOES IN, you fucking dumbo, if you don’t tell him anything then she will have to spend most of the time explaining who she is and nOT plotting SHERLOCK’S DEMISE
  • How the hell is Eurus doing the ‘little girl voice’ thing if it’s HER?? Is she making that voice?
    • How does ‘the little girl’ never hear them talking among themselves when they’re not even lowering their voices
    • If Eurus is so deeply traumatized that she’s hallucinating being the little girl in the plane hOW THE FUCK IS SHE SO CALM AND COLLECTED IN A MATTER OF INSTANTS WHEN SHE SWITCHES TO HER NORMAL VOICE AGAIN
    • How can she mock the little girl’s fears when they are HER fears, HER trauma??
  • So, one of these men has to kill me or my wife will die, there is no other way, gUESS I’LL JUST SHOOT MYSELF
  • Mycroft being squeamish and puking at the sight of a dead body, but he personally infiltrated a Serbian den to save Sherlock from his torturers (SURE HE DIDN’T HAVE TO GET RID OF SOMEONE THEN) in S3 and she walked into a plane full of corpses in S2 like he was strolling through the park???
  • “I want to see you interact with people you’re close to”, for no reason whatsoever, apparently
  • “Who loves you?” “Irene Adler?” “Don’t be ridiculous, look at the coffin” ERM EVEN BETTER??? SHE’S??? A?? LESBIAN??? ???????
  • How is Molly not hearing Eurus’ voice if they’re on speaker
  • “I wouldn’t put explosives in Molly’s house, I wouldn’t be that clumsy”??? ??????? ??????????
    • What was the plan if Molly didn’t pick up the phone or time ran out, if you didn’t rig the flat with explosives??
  • Sherlock smashing the coffin?? For no reason?? No knuckle wounds or wounds of any kind afterwards???? Couldn’t expect less from Dr. Strange I guess?
  • “Don’t do as the Governor and kill yourself, because the others are gonna die anyway if you do” “Oh, I’ll just kill myself then!”  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • John “I’m gonna stop Sherlock from killing his brother but not from killing himself” Watson
  • Okay so Eurus met Moriarty on Christmas Day 5 years ago, and according to what the show has hinted at, she wasn’t able to escape the facility then (she could have met up with him on her own if that was the case, but she didn’t ‘cause she was locked up, so that’s why she asked for him). Moriarty kills himself shortly thereafter, and still they somehow managed to orchestrate all of this??? When???
  • Sherlock is not the tiniest bit suspicious that, after hours of holding a call, A) the girl’s phone still has battery, and B) she hasn’t tried to call someone else in the meantime???
  • “Moriarty wanted to make trouble when he was dead”, by providing clock and train sound effects, apparently
  • Sherlock doesn’t know his dad is allergic to dogs?? His parents never bring up the fact that he seemed to be convinced they had one?? And that he had totally forgotten about his sister???? Like, ever???? #Parentsoftheyear
  • Victor Trevor was a kid who liked to play pirates and, according to canon, drink from a dog bowl with the name of his favourite pirate engraved in it
  • I haven’t asked my brother to join his pirate game like, once, but I’m jealous so imma kill his best friend and he’s gonna forgive me and hug the psycho away from me
    • How the FUCK did 6yo Eurus LOWER A KID HER SIZE DOWN A FREAKING WELL WITHOUT THROWING HIM IN AND KILLING HIM INSTANTLY (and he is shown alive down there, so, HOW??)
    • Sherlock remembers Victor and he’s still calling him Redbeard in his memory, what kind of fuckery, nobody uses your pirate-game name when things get that fucking serious
  • Fuck the girl on the plane and John in the well, I need to hug brunette Harley Quinn
  • She’s been on the air her whole life, why is the plane crashing now
  • “You went wrong the last time” UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY
  • John Watson? Drowning? What is a Drowning?
  • Here, have a rope, now your feet are Magically Unchained
  • “I couldn’t tell you what your daughter had become” WTF THEY FUCKING KNEW SHE MADE A KID DISAPPEAR AND BURNED THE HOUSE DOWN
  • “She’s secure this time” well I hope you replaced the entirety of the staff working at Sherrinford
  • “Sherlock, you were always the grown-up”
    • Sherlock, who has been addressed as and called himself a Giant Baby Several Times
  • Back to Baker Street, where the floor is intact, the windows look like they exploded from the outside and not from the inside and the bookshelves, books and buffalo skull are safe
  • Whoa, that was incredibly convenient of Mary’s second posthumous DVD to arrive right at the end of the MCFREAKING CASE
  • “I know What You Two Can Become, because I know Who You Are, but also who you are dOESN’T MATTER
    • ?????
    • ???????????
    • ??????????????????????????

And people wonder why everybody thought the leak was a fake. Somebody turn off the lights and close the door, we’re done here. @malinwolf

  • Allen: Mate, I would follow you into hell.
  • Lavi: I would take you on my shoulders, like, I'd strap you up, and I'd be like, let's go through hell.

Drew the Diamonds (from su) as humans..kinda. I was in the mood to draw dresses and I’ve been having a lot of feelings for them with the new leaks 

I’m gonna throw my two cents in here and say that Pink Diamond was much younger than Blue & Yellow Diamond since she only ruled one planet (while the others had multiple !) She was inexperienced and the other Diamonds probably didn’t pay much attention to her since they assumed she could handle one little planet..until it was too late. That’s probably why Blue feels so guilty bc she probably feels like she could have done more. 

Pls don’t delete my caption !! And please don’t steal my art :/ I rarely post art on tumblr just bc of that

Bucky Barnes can sing?

(A/N): So, this was one of the other deleted requests. I don’t remember it perfectly but I remember it had to do with Bucky playing a guitar and singing for an injured (Y/N) so that’s what this is :)

Summary/Request: (Y/N)’s sick at the compound and Bucky’s left behind to watch them

Warnings: Fluff to the max

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    Bucky eyed the slowly breathing body carefully, almost methodically if he thought about it. 

   “Buck- don’t just stare at them, that’s weird,” Steve muttered as he grabbed his shield, eyeing it before strapping it to his back. 

   “Steve, I don’t know how to take care of-” 

   “Bullshit,” Steve smiled, clasping his friend on the back. “You took care of me all the time back in the day,” 

   “Well, that was for colds and asthma and shit, (Y/N)’s been shot and beaten and-” 

   “And you’re going to take care of them just fine, I know you will,” Steve smiled, giving his friend’s shoulder a good squeeze. “Just put on some TV, make them soup, give them their meds and they’ll be good to go,” Steve stated as he walked towards the elevator of their floor, “Don’t put any metal in the microwave, try not to start anymore fires, and do not take your eyes off (Y/N),” 

   “I know all that you little shit,” Bucky growled as he grabbed a pillow, chucking it at the ever patriotic man. Steve chuckled as the pillow landed short of his body, landing just below his feet. 

   “Obviously you didn’t the last time we left you alone,” Steve muttered, quickly pushing the close button on the elevator doors to avoid another pillow. “Be safe!” He called out as the door shut and the elevator descended. 

   “The little ass,” Bucky grumbled as he walked to the pillow, bending over to retrieve it. “Telling me not to put metal in the microwave,” With a sigh he walked back to the couch, the couch (Y/N) was sleeping on. 

   The last mission they had been hit pretty hard, they were beaten to a bloody pulp, shot a few times, and had broken more than a few ribs. Now days later they were curled up on the couch, their breathing slightly labored as they slept restlessly. Now the team had another mission but someone needed to stay behind and watch (Y/N) and it just so happened that Bucky, the local nurse for every Avenger, was selected. Bucky really didn’t know what to do or how to care for (Y/N), he could give them medicine and soft foods but that was about it. 

   “Buck-” (Y/N)’s voice was soft and unsteady but just loud enough that it pulled Bucky away from his thoughts. Bucky quickly looked at them and their now slightly stronger breathing patterns. “Can you hand me my water?” (Y/N) raises an arm and point in the direction of the cup as though Bucky couldn’t see it. Without saying a word Bucky takes the glass, holding it out for (Y/N) to take. 

   “Sit up,” Bucky’s voice is rather curt, taking both him and (Y/N) by surprise. With a sigh (Y/N) slowly, infuriatingly slow flipped onto their back, wincing and crying out in pain as they did. They probably needed to take their medicine again. “That’s not sitting up,” Bucky states, an almost smile playing at his lips. 

   “I know,” (Y/N) pants softly. “Just give me a minute,” Bucky nods, impatiently waiting for (Y/N) to sit up. With great difficulty and they finally do, biting their lip to refrain from crying in pain again. 

  “Here,” Bucky hands them the glass to which they mutter a quiet ‘thanks’. “You need meds?” (Y/N) nods, wincing as they shift their body just a bit. 

  “Yeah, meds would be great,” Bucky nodded before standing, making his way over to Tony’s kitchen counter where bottle after bottle of medicine lay. Bucky grabbed the ones for the pain, popped the cap off, and took two for (Y/N). Without a word Bucky deposited the little pills into (Y/N)’s palm, watching them as they swallowed the little things with great difficulty. “You need anything else before I leave?” (Y/N)’s expression falls a bit, their previous pained look quickly melting with a concerned one too. 

   “Leaving? Where to?” 

   “I’m just gonna go train for a bit, I’m not actually leaving,” (Y/N) smiles, nodding their head in relief. 

   “Um…I don’t think I need anything else,” Bucky nods, giving (Y/N) a small smile before rising once again. 

   “Just tell Friday if you need anything, yeah?” (Y/N) gives Bucky a little pained smile, muttering a quiet ‘yeah’ through their pain. Honestly, Bucky did feel bad about leaving them in that state but he couldn’t do anything else for them until they needed more pain meds or food. So rather than hang around them all day, no doubt awkwardly too, Bucky decided that training would be a better alternative. 

    Bucky only stopped his relentless pounding of the punching bag when Friday’s voice came over the speaker, drowning out the music he’d been listening too. 

   “Mr. Barnes, (Y/N)’s very sorry to bother you but they are feeling a bit hungry,” Bucky hummed as he wiped the sweat from his brow, already thinking of what was on (Y/N)’s dinner plans for tonight. 

   “Okay, tell them I’ll be up in 10 minutes,” 

   “Will do Mr. Barnes,” Bucky smiled as he set the old towel down, his feet already carrying him towards the communal showers. He had to shower quickly and run up to make whatever shitty soup Bruce had told (Y/N) to eat. Soup was really an understatement, what (Y/N) was eating was some honey colored liquid with a few floating chunks of something, more of like a nasty broth than anything else. But if that’s what (Y/N) had to eat then that’s what they had to eat. 

   Bucky winced as he handed the bowl of ‘soup’ to (Y/N), his nose wrinkling in disgust as he does so. 

   “Sorry you have to eat this nasty shit,” Bucky muttered as he took a seat beside their legs, being careful not to hurt them. (Y/N) smiled a bit as they sighed heavily, sticking their spoon into the gooey mixture. 

   “It’s fine, only 3 more weeks of this and then I can start with the harder foods again, right?” Bucky gave them a sad smile, knowing exactly how they felt. It wasn’t easy to be immobilized like they were and it most definitely wasn’t easy having to rely on others, something Bucky had to do countless times. 

   “It’ll pass by quickly, I promise,” (Y/N) chuckled sarcastically, letting their spoon slump against their bowl in defeat. 

   “Yeah, I’m sure it will,” Bucky’s heart stopped when he heard the telltale sniffle of oncoming tears. Shit, fuck, fucking hell, he really didn’t know how to handle tears, he was so unprepared for this- and fuck, (Y/N) was crying. 

   “Hey, don’t cry, you’re gonna hurt yourself,” Bucky’s words only seem to spur (Y/N)’s tears on more as their chest heaves with their sobs. Each sob is followed by a wince or cringe of pain, no doubt only adding to their tears. “(Y/N) don’t do this to me,’ Bucky all but pleads, still, not knowing what to do. 

   “I’m sorry-” They hiccup, a small whimper of pain leaving their lips as they do so. Bucky bites his lip as he thinks of someway to calm (Y/N) down, their crying was breaking his heart not to mention breaking theirs, literally. And suddenly, as (Y/N) sobbed so hard they had to clutch at their ribs an idea sprang upon Bucky. Without a moment to waste Bucky sprang from the couch, running to his room to grab what he needed before returning. 

   (Y/N) hadn’t stopped crying by the time he returned, if anything they were crying harder. In fact, they only acknowledged his presence when he sat up by their thighs, much closer than he had been previously. They lifted their hands to wipe away at their eyes when Bucky began, slowly strumming the strings on his old guitar. 

   (Y/N) immediately stopped in their tracks, slowly sniffling as they cracked their eyes open to see just what in the hell Bucky was doing. The sight they were met with was Bucky, gently strumming on some guitar no one knew existed. 

  “Are you lonesome tonight, do you miss me tonight? Are you sorry we drifted apart?” He knew it was kind of a cheesy and stupid song to play but it was one of the only softer ones he knew. 

   He kept his eyes glued to his fingers, the metal of his left hand thrumming against the strings. He had never played for anyone, he had only taken up the guitar a couple of years ago, right after Hydra as a way to cope with his losses. Being able to remember lyrics and chords actually helped him regain a few of his long lost memories but after playing for only a day he realized that he loved to play the instrument for a whole other reason. 

   “Does your memory stray to a brighter sunny day When I kissed you and called you sweetheart?” Bucky hoped his voice sounded better than he thought it did because right now he could’ve sworn it was shaking horribly, no doubt sounding awful. “Do the chairs in your parlor seem empty and bare? Do you gaze at your doorstep and picture me there? Is your heart filled with pain, shall I come back again?” Even if Bucky thought he sounded terrible there was no denying the small smile albeit bright smile that had made it’s way to (Y/N)’s teary face. So despite the shake of his hands and the way he wanted to shy away from (Y/N)’s adoring gaze he continued, finishing his little chunk of song. “Tell me dear, are you lonesome tonight?” Bucky finished, his hands shaking quite a bit now, far too much to continue to play smoothly. So with a shaky sigh and shaky hands he set his guitar on the ground, still avoiding (Y/N)’s gaze. 

   “So Bucky Barnes can sing?” (Y/N) asks, their voice still watery just a bit. 

   “Not very well but yeah,” (Y/N) smiled, their spirits brighter than they had been in days. 

   “That was gorgeous,” (Y/N) whispers, staring at Bucky with that adoring and fond gaze of theirs. “When did you learn to play?” Bucky smiles, casting (Y/N) a small little smile. 

   “After D.C, it was more of a coping mechanism at first but after I learned some chords and songs I realized I actually really liked it,” 

   “It’s beautiful, you’re really good at it,” Bucky smiled a bit wider, his hand still thrumming from the strings. 


   “Yeah,” (Y/N) nods, smiling at Bucky with that sweet, innocent little smile that was starting to grow on Bucky. “Can you- can you play some more for me?” Bucky smiled as he nodded, grabbing his guitar once again. And so instead of staying apart like Bucky had originally planned he spent the rest of the day with (Y/N), curled up on that couch, playing sweet and soft music for the two of them. 

~Extended Ending~

   “Would you look at that?” Tony clicked his tongue, smirking as he watched Bucky playing some tune for a very sleepy (Y/N). “Did you know Barnes could play?” Tony turned to look at Steve, who at the moment was smiling like a child on Christmas. 

   “I didn’t,” 

So I couldn’t remember the exact request but I loved the general idea of it so here it is :) sorry if it’s not what you asked for at all!

I know this is sorta late, but I wanted to make a short animation of the viewer’s encounter of Darkiplier from the A Date With Markiplier video. And so I used Halsey’s Control to make this. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t like Dark.

Okay, about Mark and Dark’s hair, I wanted to color it in, but the only problem was that whenever I tried to use the bucket tool on one closed spot, it ended up filling up the entire thing…It’s kinda annoying and it’s not the first time Sai did that. So just imagine Mark and Dark’s hair are black. Btw, at the end of the frame is Mark trying to stop Dark from manipulating the viewer.



Greetings Ike/Marth/Smash/FE fans of tumblr. Remember any of the posts in the top image? Well the blog they originated from (ike-marth) is gone :( Long story short, I deleted my main blog by mistake and ended up losing all my side blogs as well. So, I made a new one (this blog) where I’ll be posting all my art from now on. It’s going to be multi-fandom so you’ll be seeing Fire Emblem and Smash stuff in here, as well as other fandoms I’m active in. Feel free to follow if you wanna support or see more of my arts in general ^v^

The below image is just idk why the hell not  

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The couple is sleeping on an air mattress. One person goes to bed later then the other. They're so tired they flop down, thus launching the other into the air. Feysand or Nessian pleaseeeeeeeee?

Sorry, this took so long but I have been super busy lately and I hope you enjoy it. Sad thing is that I originally had this written but it deleted itself so I had to restart which is why it is so late. 

I really hope you enjoy it!

“Rhys!” I yelled as I slammed my hands down on the table he was seated at. “Please, what are you doing?” I said still angry that he had ignored me for so long. I missed him, desperately. I knew he was busy and I knew that he was stressed but I just needed him beside me. 

“Yes Feyre darling,” he said as he looked up but my anger disappeared when I saw his face. He was tired and I knew that I had made him more upset by commanding him. The dark circles around his eyes indicated to me that he was beyond tired. I was instantly embarrassed by my outburst because I knew he was doing this for me. 

We had recently moved out of our apartment and were in the process of building a new house which would start construction on Monday. This meant that we had rented out a cheap apartment and were currently sleeping on an air mattress that was missing my new husband.

“I miss you,” I whispered. “I know you’re busy but Rhys, I need you.” 

“I know Feyre darling but please. I’m almost done for the night. I just need to look at these things and I’ll be done. I promise.” He said and I knew I was being selfish but he was so tired that he should’ve come to bed a long time ago. 

“Please come to bed soon darling,” I said as I walked around him and placed my arms around his neck and placed a kiss on his cheek. 

“Feyre,” he said as he tilted his head allowing me more access to place my kisses. “Everything I do is for us. The reason I am doing this is because I want it to be perfect. Somewhere we can call completely ours because…” He moaned as I licked the column of his neck, “Because, you and me. We deserve a place to call home. A place that is not tainted by previous people. Somewhere that I can start making new memories with you. That’s all I’ve wanted Feyre. To share this with you.” I finished kissing his neck down to his shoulder and stood straight up, my chin on his head. 

“Take all the time you need. But Rhys… Know that when this is over. I will have an incredibly long list of ways to start our new lives.” With this, I walked out and left him there. He had made me realize I was being extremely selfish but this is what we did. Him and I. We balanced each other out. Mor had once called as soul mates and I wondered if she was right. 

That something in my soul had spoken to him and he understood completely what it was like. Like we were bonded through an unknown force of nature that made us inseparable, Whatever it was. He was the one that made me the happiest in my life. 

As soon as my head hit the rather small pillow of our makeshift air mattress I was instantly asleep but was awoken when I was catapulted into the air. I screamed and rolled onto the floor. I immediately got up already knowing who was the cause of my discomfort. 

“Rhys!” I screamed. I couldn’t believe it. First, he came to bed late. I didn’t even know what the time was and secondly he had woken me up. I could hear him chuckling softly as I scrambled back onto the bed. 

“Sorry, darling. I was tired,” he mumbled, his voice obscured by the cushion. Unbelievable bastard. 

“You couldn’t have sunk down nicely instead of launching me into the air,” There was a smile playing on my lips now because Rhys was beside me. He usually slept later than me and woke up earlier so I truly hadn’t felt his presence in weeks. 

“You know me Feyre. I’m all about the show. Besides, it was your idea to get the air mattress.” he said wrapping his arm around my waist, I was now facing him and his violet eyes, although obviously exhausted held so much love and mischievous ideas that I laughed and playfully pushed him away. 

“I thought it would be fun,” I said as I leaned in and brushed his lips with mine. The kiss soon became heated and demanding and his arm had tightened around my waist. 

“What do you mean? I’m having a wonderful time,” he chuckled and kissed my forehead. I smiled into his chest and clung to him. 

“If I go to sleep now and you are not here when I wake up. I’m leaving you,” I said smiling broadly hoping he would take the bait. 

“You leave me no choice Feyre dear,” he started to stroke my hair and I held him close as he continued. “I love you,” I think he said as I started to drift off to sleep. 

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So the writers are finally remembering Caitlin and Barry have a relationship? The two are really having scenes together? Without the whole cast in the middle of them? Without 10 metres of distance between each other? And the scenes are in fact substancial? They are not just having a trivial or science conversation? They are talking about one or both of themselves instead of crime or a third person? And they are actually TOUCHING? SHOCKING!!!!!!!!!!!

I mean, given that the last substancial scene these two had were on the 2x22 episode and before that it was probably on 1x07, the whole scenes will either be deleted or they will probably have a terrible argument/fight. Obviously, he will understand Caitlin wasn’t being herself and their friendship will be fine, but I bet there will be more 36 episodes where their friendship will be ignored. Because the writers seem to have forgot how to write characters without monopolizing their relationships. Since season two, they can’t have multiple (friendly/romantic/fraternal) relationships. They don’t seem to be allowed to have meaningful scenes, share secrets and vent with/to different people, at least not on the same episode (more like over an entire season, to be honest). Suddenly, the writers have got this terrible idea of monopolizing and hierarchizing the bonds of this show. Which is quite frustrating because I don’t find that realistic. For me what’s actually healthy and realistic is to have multiple people in your life that equally matter to you, but in different ways. I have friends that I’ve known longer, the ones that are fairly different from me so they can bring me a different perspective and others who I basically have everything in common so they always make me feel understood. I mean, there are so many possibilities to go with those great characters and so much potential for deepening their current relationships and developing new ones; but the writers don’t seem to give a flying fuck about that anymore. Which it is a shame, but at least soon I will be given a Caitlin-centric episode, focusing on her developing powers, struggle, and hopefully, she will finally overcome them, embrace her abilities and use them to save even more people. And the fact this episode was important enough to be the one they made Kevin Smith direct makes me excited for The Flash for the first time in a while; but the season itself so far still feels like a disappointment to me (except for two episodes that I found remotely good).

why does tumblr do that thing where a gif doesn’t play anymore and acts as a picture even though when you posted it, it was moving


I finally made some successful butter slime!! (I think lol) it feels lighter and more rubbery than I expected, but it’s still super soft and fun to mess with! I took two videos: this one, and one spreading it with a knife! (When I post the other one I’ll link it here ^^)

(Feel free to delete the caption for aesthetics)