had to chop off keys shoulders

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“Honestly Tiggy, I didn’t need a ride-” Tommy clings to his god fathers shoulder as he keeps himself from tripping his own feet.

Tig drunkenly laughed, “Your aunt Venus would chop off my balls if I had- If I’d let you drive!” He tries to keep the two of them planted firmly on their feet.

“Alexander, you had better get that poor boy in that house in one piece!” Venus yells from her shiny red BMW parked in the driveway.

Tig fumbles with a set of keys as they approach the front door, “I got ‘em! I got ‘em!”

Tommy laughs, leaning against the house, “He’s got me!”

Luckily Tig got the door unlocked on the first try, “Yup,” he smiled under the full dark moon, “still got it.”

Thomas stumbles through, “Tha- Thanks unc-”

“Hey- hey you need help getting to the bed?” He leaned against the doorway.

Tommy scoffed, “I think I can manage,” he backs up and nearly trips over the floor mat.

Tig laughs, turning back toward the BMW, “Alright kid, see you in the morning!”

“Bye aunt Venus!” Tommy waves.

“Goodnight sweetheart!” She waves back.

Tommy slams the door shut.
“Shit!” Tig yells as the clattering noise of a drunken stupor broke the moment of silence.
Thomas smiled, briefly resting his head on the door as he gathered what strength that was needed to turn around, to stand in the house that brought back too many memories.
Slowly, he inched around, suddenly wishing that he was as drunk  as he was pretending to be. With his back straight, he took everything in, not a single thing had changed; which wasn’t too far off from the way their parents kept it, just a bit more Harley posters. Abel had kept it the exact same way since the Teller brothers were both here in Charming last. As he slowly stepped through the house, the memories of his last visit began playing through like a distorted movie.

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