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did you not spend valentines day with jimin?

“We didn’t but that’s only because we kept it lowkey! Finally I bought him flowers and chocolate. I had to buy the flowers from a different florist though,,”

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maito gai w

W: Waiting impatiently for something

Gai tapped his foot as he stood at the designated meeting place. His rival should be here by now! He’d promised they would do a challenge that morning, and it was already noon. Gai knew his friend’s inclination for being late, but at this point it was getting just plain rude. Gai frowned at the ground, spinning a few times to try and dispel energy while staying in place. He’d had such a good challenge too! It was going to be who could eat a bowl of ramen the fastest, and the loser had to buy a gift for the winner.

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i’m eating strawberries , they only cost 15 kronor at willys and i had to buy them because when i smelled them i got summer feelings in my whole body

i think one of the only real surprises about being a legal adult is that no one tells you about that particular kind of grossness you feel if you go for long enough without eating a plant of some kind


and you call yourself a spy Natasha

“you know you can come through the front door by now, right?”

“but princess, this is far more ro-meow-ntic.”

(…i just want adrien to be the hugest closet romantic ever. bad puns are romantic, right??)

dailysakuraiba #1-100 | subtlesakuraiba #83 - vsa 【2017.02.16】