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Idk if anyone has asked you this, but how do you think sakura and karin became good friends despite liking the same person? I like how karin and sakura shares a bond but i can never wrap my mind on how.

A while ago, someone had made an absolutely brilliant doujinshi regarding Sakura’s time in labour, and how she and Karin became good friends. It was literally like that person invaded my mind and stole all my thoughts, lol. I agreed completely with it, but unfortunately it was taken down.

Luckily, since the doujinshi was basically a physical manifestation of my own thoughts on the matter, I can recount it perfectly :)

This is MY headcanon for it

(Because that doujinshi basically stole all of my ideas!)

Basically, after Sasuke and Sakura arrived at Karin’s hideout, she was surprised that they had chosen to go to her instead of the local doctors at any of the villages they had visited. Sasuke justified his decision by saying how he knew and trusted Karin, and would rather rely on the help of an ally then a random stranger for a matter as important as this. Karin was a little flustered and taken aback by this, but she quickly regained her composure, and said that in that case, it couldn’t be helped, in a rather tsundere-like manner.

After a while of Sakura resting in a bed, Karin would come and check on her, to ask her a few questions to see how far along she was in the labour process. Eventually, Sakura would interrupt and ask Karin whether or not she still loved Sasuke. Karin would initially deny it and act as though she didn’t know what Sakura was talking about, but Sakura would insist that it was obvious; the way she looked at Sasuke said it all. Sakura would then ask why Karin never confessed to him? Because if it had been her, she wouldn’t have been able to keep it a secret from him for all these years.

Karin would then concede, and in a defiant manner, she would ask why it mattered? Sakura’s feelings were the ones that had gotten through to Sasuke in the end; Sasuke had chosen Sakura, and she could tell that he was happy:

Karin was glad that Sasuke had found someone who loved as him as deeply as Sakura did, but she also revealed that she couldn’t help but feel a little envious. She would have given anything for Sasuke to look and smile at her the way that he does with Sakura. After all, it’s what she had originally wanted:

But Karin would reiterate that nothing can be done about it, Sasuke had made his choice, and Karin felt as though she subsequently had no alternative but to discard her feelings for him.

But Sakura interjects. She tells Karin that the first two times she confessed to Sasuke, whether or not he felt the same way had never been a fear of hers; she just wanted to let him know that he wasn’t alone, and that someone truly loved him. Sakura would then go on to state that just because she was his wife doesn’t mean that Karin automatically became nothing to Sasuke; the fact that he could have chosen any amazing doctor in the world, but he came to seek her aid should have indicated that, but Sakura would continue. She mentions to Karin how it was her who was by Sasuke’s side while he was at his at rock bottom; while he was so engulfed in darkness and hatred that he became unrecognisable, and Sakura reveals to her how grateful she was that Karin looked after Sasuke all that time, stayed by his side even though it pained her to see him that way. She tells Karin that she may be his wife, but the bond Karin formed with Sasuke will never disappear; she’ll always be an important person to Sasuke, and would like to also consider her a friend:

Karin was very moved by Sakura’s words, and after a little while, she would begin to smile as tears formed in her eyes. Sakura would ask if she was okay, and Karin would say:

“You know, Sasuke was right. You really are annoying. Just when I thought I had found the resolve to finally let go, you drag me back in…”.

Sakura smiled at this, and said that she would love for Karin to be her child’s godmother, and was sure that Sasuke would approve as well.

After Sakura had just given birth, Karin would congratulate them on a healthy baby girl, and would look on with a sad smile at the happy family in front of her:

But after a little while, Sasuke would ask Karin to hold baby Sarada. Karin would comically hesitate, but after looking at Sakura, who just silently smiled and nodded in approval, she’d carefully take Sarada into her arms. Sasuke would then genuinely thank Karin for her aid, and would display to her that elusive smile that she had wanted to see for all these years:

And after realising that Sasuke’s smile was indeed directed at her, Karin was left at a loss for words, and was just frozen in place for a moment:

But she soon regained her composure, and jokingly warned Sasuke to not do anything to make Sakura unhappy. Sasuke only smirked at this, and Karin smiled to herself as she went back to making funny faces at baby Sarada.

As Sasuke and Sakura were about to depart with their new companion, Karin would privately tell Sakura to please take care of Sasuke. He had gone through so many hardships in his life, and he deserves some measure of happiness in return, which had become apparent that he had finally found with her. Sakura would then reassure Karin that she would do everything in her power to make Sasuke happy. Karin could see the sincerity of her words, and would tell Sakura that she was glad Sasuke had someone like Sakura in his life. She would then wish the two of them all the best as they headed back towards Konoha. As she watched them leave, Karin would quietly whisper to herself the three words that she had never been able to say to Sasuke directly, but was sure that he knew how she felt anyway…

As Sasuke and Sakura slowly faded from view, Karin would then make her way back inside, thinking about what she’d send Sarada for her first birthday.

Meant to Be

Summary: A meeting with Cupid leaves some tension between you and Dean

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 2807

Warning: Fluff

(A/N): Originally on Wattpad, but since I had no ideas for any other stories, might as well give you guys something am I right?

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First drawing/sketch in a long while! This is a concept drawing based on an ask @magickandmoss received about her desired outfit. She gave a really detailed and nifty description, and I found it to be absolutely amazing! This image sparked in my mind, and I decided to whip it up between the day’s errands. I’m not sure if it was hat you were picturing, but this is a simple version of what I imagined. 

It’s Over Now || Stilinski x Reader

Okay so this is a lot different from what I usually do but I wanted to experiment a little bit and this is the end result of that, make sure you listen to this while reading (it’ll make it so much better I promise)

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Request: No but I’m tagging @dylansdreamboat bc Stiles

Warnings: Death, Mild Language

Word Count:1222

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Can I request Regis finding out about noctis/nyx? Feel free to do whenever, if you do decide to write this. It's been on my mind after re-reading the first work you wrote for this pairing. TBH I don't see Regis getting upset, but I can certainly picture Nyx and Noctis being terrified at first

this is exactly what you think it is i promise =3

He’d been so careful. Even Noctis, for all his recklessness, had been so freaking careful. Both of them knew the scandal which would ensue should they ever be found out. While it wasn’t enough to scare either of them into ceasing their illicit affair, it was enough to encourage the both of them to proceed with extreme caution. No one knew. Literally no one, not even the prince’s most trusted confidantes, not even Nyx’s sworn brothers.

So, how the hell was he here, feeling like a standing corpse in the middle of the King’s throne room? How had he come to the point where his healthy respect for King Regis had twisted and shriveled down to nothing put pure, abject terror upon hearing the cold, callous sentence he’d been dreading for months?

“How long have you been sleeping with my son?”

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I think you mentioned a while back that you were thinking of a supercorp hp au. Would you mind sharing more of what you had in mind?

I did, yeah! And tbh I’m not sure, I don’t really have a full story planned out in my head or anything. I just think it fits really well. 

Like we’ve got Lena, coming from a line of wealthy and very powerful slytherins that went bad and now she’s struggling to get away from all that and be her own person. So she’d be kind of lonely probably, even among her fellow slytherins and just sort of biding her time so that she can leave and start using her magic and influence to do some good in the world. 

And then we’ve got Kara, hufflepuff through and through and she looks so innocent and nice but underneath it all she’s so good at magic, like scary powerful spells when she wants them to be. And there are people that would want to take advantage of that, but she’s got her big sister Alex (gryffindor) looking out for her and telling her to keep out of trouble. But trouble just finds me, Alex, I swear! 

And somewhere along the way the two would meet and it’d probably be really gross and fluffy overall.

Made it to San Fran. 😁 ❤I had some time to do a little sketching while I was at the airport. ✍✈ Gotta love the sleep deprivation and what it does to the mind. 😜✨But don’t forget that in a few hours I will be at the Kinokuniya Bookstore! 😀📚 Get there at 6:30pm for my signing and meet & greet! 📖🖋🤗💞

Today I heard the song “We built this City” and I immediately had to imagine the Goblin’s singing the refrain “We built this city on rock’n roll”, while working on constructions for the new Goblin Castle.
When Bog asks what this is about, all the Goblins point to the elves that are helping them: “It’s their fault. They are singing all the time!”
Bog just runs a hand over his face groaning, while Marianne stands besides him chuckling, thinking this is very adorable from the Goblins. 

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Hey, I've been wondering, since you're the one of the coolest artists going and would have great design concepts, if you had any ideas about an updated AH hybrid au? Cause it's been years since it was first conceived, and we've learned so much more about them all since then. I understand if not, but it's been something that's been in my mind recently and I've been looking for a second opinion. Thank you!

I actually made my own hybrid AU a while back but now I wanna like. Make a badass update for it :O ohhhh shit. I shooouuuld.
Yeah, to be real for a moment, it kinda frustrates me that like a lot of people seem to think that there can only be one version of the hybrid AU and they assume that its the same one but like. It’d be SO cool to see everyone’s individual take on it.
Like ram Geoff is chill and all but he could be so many other things as well, yknow? Like…. A pangolin. Or a panda. Or a snail XD A SNAIL. SNAIL GEOFF.
So yeah.


PARAKEET: This is nice!

PALOMA: Isn’t it? Y’know, something’s been on my mind for a little while and I haven’t had time to tell without the rest of the family hearing us over..

PARAKEET: It’s pretty crowded, isn’t it?

PALOMA: Yeah, but it’s cozy crowded and I wouldn’t want to change it for the world! 

Such a Joker (17/?)



Jerome’s POV:

“I’m bored. Some one tell me a funny story.” Barbra says while leaning against Robert. I internally roll my eyes and let my free mind wonder. My doll, my kitten, my (y/n) hasn’t been here in weeks. Has she gotten old of me? Has she seen that I’m not good enough for her? Or had her no good daddy forbid her from seeing me?

I’m brought back to ‘reality’ when a new inmate stands on the table. “SURRENDER YOUR SOULS TO ME! I-I…” he falls to the table top and starts to cough. What a boring show. Suddenly the mans mouth opens and blue gas starts to flow from his mouth. I stand up and stare as everyone does the same. The gas spreads around the room to us and all at once my head goes fuzzy. My vision brighten, and. My hearing decreases second by second. I laugh and fall to the ground with everything going black.

(Y/n) POV:

The doors to Theo’s house open up and soft grunts are heard. I put down my book and peek up to see workers rolling Arkham inmates into the place. I watch each one as it rolls past looking for my prince of crime. Then I see him in all his glory. Oh it’s been to long!

“What the hell is this place?” I hear Greenwood groan as they all start to wake. “Ain’t Arkham, anyhow. Things are looking up.” My sweet Jerome says.

Theo walks into the room with them. “Welcome, everyone. My name is Theo Galavan.” Tabitha and I walk in and both lean against the desk. “This is my sister Tabitha, and I’m sure you all have seen (y/n) before.”

I look around the room seeing all the familiar faces. I wink at Jerome and as my eyes travel down the line of maniacs I see someone I’ve missed for so long.

Barbara! I wave and smile at her and she smiles widely back. “I understand You’re feeling confused, scared a little groggy but please, relax. Today is the first day of a wonderful future for all of you. If you want it.” Theo says walking down the line of people.

“Who are you?” Barbra asks. “Well, now, the question is who are you? The world sees criminal lunatics. I see brilliance. I see charisma. And power. I see power. Is that what you see (y/n)?” I smile and walk closer to Jerome. “Oh yeah. It’s nothing but power here.” I smirk at Jerome and run my fingers over his milky cheek.

Jerome lays his head back. “Yes. Exactly, my man. Oh, that is so spooky. That is me to a T. This darling right here knows it too. These other bozos, oh, I don’t know, but - you’re singing my song.” Jerome says to Galavan.

“Quiet, Jerome. Keep talking.” Richard says. How rude!

“Imagine a group of brilliant outlaws like yourselves, each selected for their unique ability, all working together as a team. Imagine the synergy. Imagine the impact. Gotham would tremble before you.”

“Well, that sounds fabulous, but I am not a brilliant outlaw. I just have mm issues.” Barbra says simply. “Same girl!” I say looking at her.

“You have ferocity and beauty and desire exactly like (y/n), and that’s enough. Come with me, Barbara. Whatever you want in the world, it’s yours. (Y/n) gets anything she wants. That’s why Jerome is here.” Theo says placing his hand lightly on Barbra’s chin.

“Theo? That’s your name, right Theo? You’re getting way ahead of yourself, here. First of all, keep your hands off her. Second, this whole “magic team”? I gotta pass. I don’t take orders. Good luck on everything, though. It’s an intriguing concept.“ Richard says.

“This is very disappointing.”

“Oh. Fair play. You want a reward for busting us out of Arkham. I am grateful. How’s a million bucks sound? Pretty good, huh? I can get it for you today, as soon as I hit the street.” Richard try’s to negotiate with Theo.

“Money’s not the concern. Oh I had such high hopes for you. I didn’t anticipate sexual jealousy. That always poisons the well. We already have one romance strewing we don’t need another. You have to go. (Y/n) will see you out.” Ohh goody!

I unstrap him from his restraints. “Miss Kean is coming with me.” Richard says walking closer to Barbra.

“Oh, she doesn’t want to go where you’re going.” Richard turns around confused, but as soon as he does I lunge forward and tackle him to the floor stabbing him in the chest repeatedly. “Well that was fun.” I giggle and get up from the floor.

“Anyone else want to leave?” Theo asks. “No sir.” Jerome says eyeing me. I wink at him and walk to the other room swaying my hips.

I walk up the stares to Jerome’s room and shut the door laying on the bed pulling out my phone. I look up at him and smile. “You’re still in your Arkham clothes baby.” Jerome smiles at me and shakes his head. “They’ve grown on me dollface.”

Jerome crawls up to me and his hands soon begin wandering on my thigh. I ignored him, allowing him to move his hand under my skirt, his eyes widening at the realization you had foregone panties this morning.

"Naughty girl,” He whispered into your ear, nipping slightly. “It’s like you were ready for me.” “Well I didn’t want to waste much time.”

His finger moved in a circular motion, causing the wetness between my legs to grow even more. He added a second finger, using them both to pinch your clit gently before he inserted them into me without warning.

I gasped at the sudden fullness, a heat filling your stomach as he pumped them in and out slowly. “God Jerome.” I moan out. It’s been to long without him. Without his touch where I needed him most.

"Such a good girl for me,” He whispered huskily, his usual playful demeanor long gone. “Always so good. So wet. So responsive.”

He kissed the spot behind my ear as he sped up his movements.

I gripped onto his free arm for support as i felt myself crumble in the bed. My orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, clenching around Jerome’s fingers as I let out a whimper, begging for more.

"You want my cock, baby?” He asked, licking my taste off of his fingers and humming.

"Yes J please fuck me,I want your cock.” I moan out needing him. He quickly unbuttoned his pants, lowering them around his thighs and pulling your skirt up.

Jerome went between my legs and forcefully entered me without warning, pausing momentarily for me to adjust before slowly thrusting in and out.

"Always so tight for me, do I need to fuck you more?” He groaned, hands reaching around and softly cupping your throat.

"Yes,” I croaked out, eyes closing. “Fuck. Harder Jerome.”

He smirked against my hair, increasing his speed, hitting my g-spot with each motion. “I’m so close,” I whined. “Baby, please.” “Go.” He said, huskily.

I let out a whimper as I released, clenching against Jerome’s hard member. He quickly followed my lead, breathing becoming more ragged as he released inside of me.

He hunched over me for a moment, before kissing my cheek softly and putting himself back in his pants.

You straightened up, adjusting yourself as he handed you a tissue. You wiped the mess between your legs and gave him a small smile.

“Sorry doll,” He shrugged. “I needed that.” I pulled him back down to me and kissed him passionately. “Don’t worry baby. I needed it too. My fingers are nothing like yours or your cock.” Jerome laughs. “Guess we’re going to make up for lost time huh?” I nod and flip him over. “My turn to be in control J.”

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Not Human But Loved - Elijah Mikaelson

Prompt: It didn’t matter that he wasn’t human, I loved him.

It had been a while since Alaric daggered Elijah for Damon, and I still could shake Elijah or the image of his daggered body from my mind. It plagued my dreams at night and passed my thoughts at the bare mention of anything to do with him like the Martin Witches or Klaus.

Elena is my sister and I couldn’t escape that genetic fact but I just felt a pull towards Elijah that I couldn’t shake like it was his soul that tethered me to the earth’s gravity. The only way I can explain it was how imprinting was explained in Twilight: Breaking Dawn by Jacob Black about Renesmee Cullen.

Last night was the 60’s decade dance and that it where we found out that Klaus had possessed Alaric to spy on Elena and find out more about her while getting rid of Bonnie.

I walked down the wooden stairs of the Salvatore Boarding House after talking to Stefan about how he is going to keep my sister safe when I heard heavy breathing from the front door. I walked to the front door to find Elena handing over a dagger to Elijah while I stood their mouth slacked and speechless, I then did the unthinkable. I ran to Elijah and hugged him and in that minute I realised that it didn’t matter that he wasn’t human, I loved him.

Important Supernatural question (or so I think).

Okay a demon or a ghost can’t walk through salt right, so does that mean that they can’t go into the ocean or does salt water not count?( Some give an opinion please, have had this in my mind for a while)


Crofton: School!?!?! You never said anything about any school.

Roja: Yes, school which you are going to first thing tomorrow morning.

Crofion: Very well then, Even the greatest minds of science had to make sacrifices every once in a while…I guess I can do them a favor and grace them with my presence.

Roja: Uh…that’s the spirit I suppose…*in thought* Is this even my child?

Initials - Chapter 4

: K+

1 2 3 4

Through her various weeks of working at the hospital in Konoha, Sakura found that she had made a friend in one of the other girls that also worked at the hospital. She was loud, proud, beautiful, and a great first friend for Sakura; Ino Yamanaka. While Sakura hadn’t found time to hang out with Ino after hours, they always had plans to eventually meet up one of these days, and spend some quality girl time together.

Today IS my day off. Maybe she’ll be free, Sakura thought to herself as she finished her grocery shopping for the next couple weeks. She had recalled that Ino gave Sakura her address in case of an emergency, so now was better than any time. With her bags in her arms, she made her way towards Ino’s home; her mind was frantically thinking of what she’d say when she got there.

“I guess this is just my luck,” Sakura mumbled to herself after she learned of Ino’s absence. Of course the one day she has off, Ino is away on a mission for the time being. Sighing loudly, Sakura began her walk back home. “Might as well get some training under my belt. It wouldn’t hurt to learn the layout of Konoha since I’ll be staying here.”


“The doctor actually did a great job, and I didn’t feel any pain the entire time,” Ameri recalled, both of her teammates looking at her. The wounds on her neck were completely gone, and only replaced by small bruises, “she even cleaned up the scars!”

“Was it Granny Tsunade who healed you?” Naruto questioned, looking at Ameri’s recovered wounds.

Ameri’s eyes widened at the thoughts, but held back the truth, not wanting to anger Sasuke with who it really was, “uh, no. It wasn’t her.”

Sasuke felt his mind wander back to the doctor from Suna, thinking about what kind of job she would’ve done if she had been here to take Ameri in during their emergency. He ignored the questions that Naruto asked Ameri, and finally looked back to the bruises that painted Ameri’s skin. The Uchiha finally scoffed, “shouldn’t you be out of here, then? I mean, you’ve only got a few bruises and cuts. And if that doctor is as good as you say she is, you should be at home by now.”

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“My mother told me to keep an open mind when meeting him for the first time. While she told me he was from Sixam, she had never actually told me exactly where that was. 
It’s a bit further away from here than Bridgeport. Just a bit.
You probably wouldn’t believe me unless you actually met him, so I’m going to skip the details about exactly where it is.

Either way, he was nothing like the way I imagined him to look like. But it didn’t change the fact that he was my father, and I was happy to have him home.”


Pairing: Freewood

Word Count: 690

Genre: Angst

It was late and Ryan hadn’t heard from Gavin in a while. That wasn’t necessarily unusual, but that didn’t stop the nagging feeling in the back of his mind that something was wrong. It didn’t help that Gavin had been working with a dangerous crew that night and that Gavin was supposed to have been back an hour ago. Maybe Ryan was just being over protective. Gavin had accused him of that before.

But maybe something was wrong.

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i just had sex- the lonely island

Oh my god, I had to look up this song on iTunes and I was dying. Thank you for the laugh, I needed that!

And for you, my friend, I think I’d have to write some hilarious Bond/Q story. Q being the totally experienced, confident top who gives Bond the night of his life. Bond, not really having had much queer sex, let alone been allowed to *not* be in control, wakes up feeling amazing and full of energy. So he grabs Q’s MP3 player - he’s sure Q won’t mind - and starts rocking out to the “Goofy Dancing” playlist while doing some body weight exercises. He’s getting really into the oddly appropriate “I Just Had Sex”, singing along about how great his penis feels, when Q wanders in, splashing coffee all over the mug he’d brought from laughing so hard.

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A thought popped into my mind while I was watching Charmed, and then seeing your blog added onto that thought. What if Prue never died? Paige clearly had her powers before then (since she orb'd out of the car her adopted parents died in), so if Prue didn't die, she would still become a whitelighter. But would the Elders know about Paige's half witch side if it wasn't for trying to reform the P of 3? Would they even bother telling Prue Piper and Phoebe?

As far as I understand, the Elders had no idea about Paige. So she might never have discovered her whitelighter side, which means the Elders wouldn’t have known, either… which in turn means they wouldn’t have known about her witch side. So no, they wouldn’t have told the sisters, because they didn’t know themselves.

Again, proving my point that the Elders aren’t infallible, and shouldn’t be put in charge of anything.

@tashwampa Imagine what Lone Hermit Witch would have to say when she found out about Paige.

What do you mean you didn’t know about a fourth sister?

How could you not have noticed the mother of the Charmed ones during her pregnancy? You’re supposed to be protecting her.


EDIT: Meanwhile, she would’ve absolutely known about Paige all along, because that’s what LHW is all about

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how about baking a cake for bohdi's birthday?? :3 i'm in love with fluffy bohdi ❤️

Yooo I saw this while I was baking a cake with my bae! Mind blown!

Birthdays were never widely celebrated throughout the rebellion. Maybe someone would receive a  curt congratulations from a colleague, but never anything more.

But not for Bodhi.

Even though Bodhi had stressed that (Y/n), his co-pilot, shouldn’t get him a gift, she was too stubborn for her own good and quickly began brainstorming ideas once she found out the date.

(Y/n) now snuck into room, clutching his gift tightly, the foil crinkling under her fingers.

(Y/n) sat down at the edge of the bed beside his sleeping form and gently peppered kisses on his cheek.

Bodhi woke up slowly, humming contently from the amount of affection he was being shown. (Y/n) smiled at him and began to softly sing to him, giggling as Bodhi smiled wide and sat up.

“Happy Birthday, to the best pilot and apple-of-my-eye I could ask for.” (Y/n) announced, handing Bodhi his foil clad gift.

He rolled his eyes playfully and kissed her cheek, thanking her as he looked over the present.

“You know you didn’t have to get me anything, it’s not that big a deal.” He watched as (Y/n) pouted and leaned into him, resting her head in the crook of his neck.

“Yeah, and you know I was going to get you something despite the “no present” rule you laid out.” (Y/n) mumbled against his skin. She pulled back once she heard him open the gift, bouncing excitedly once the foil was torn away.

Packed neatly into the casing was a small, rectangular chocolate cake. It was still warm from the oven and the smell of it had Bodhi’s mouth watering instantly.

“Where did you get a cake?” He questioned, looking between (Y/n) and the pastry.

“I made it…” she admitted, watching him take a small bite before continuing. “Do you like it?”

Bodhi smiled widely and took another bite, moaning at the delicious taste. “I love it! It’s delicious!”

(Y/n) smiled and hugged his waist as she breathed a sigh of relief. She had been so worried the cake would be too bland or burnt, but Bodhi liked it. He loved it.

Bodhi pressed a kiss to (Y/n)’s forehead and fed her a bite of the pastry, chuckling when she shut her eyes and groaned in bliss.

The rest of the day was spent in bed, telling each other stories and napping throughout the day.

Bodhi couldn’t have asked for a better birthday.