had this in my drafts for months

Oh hey, I redid my top 28/phone wallpaper the other day! I had more changes to this one than the previous few, but that makes sense since the last draft lasted nine months! I took out Rent, The Sound of Music, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown, Ordinary Days, West Side Story, and Les Miserables in favor of Mack & Mabel, In The Heights, Fun Home, She Loves Me, Falsettos, and Great Comet. I also switched to different art for Passion, The Last Five Years, and Follies.


Not when I finally could have you…

Finally did it! the draft had been piling on my computer for a month lol 

This takes place in secret01 episode 6 (I think). i was feeling a bit frustrated since mc didn’t really interact much during the secret episodes. So if the secrets were to have a bad ending, this is what i imagined would happen… i guess? ;;v;;

Consider: Jason hides food. It’s a holdover habit from when he was little, and it really threw Bruce for a loop when Jason first showed up because 

  • Jason always has food on his person
  • He’s perfectly willing to share. Every time Bruce says he’s hungry, Jason starts pulling fruit snack packages out of his shoes and ???? They are at a gala?? Food is provided??
  • Why are there slim jims taped to the supply closet walls
  • Didn’t Alfred just buy potato chips
  • The potato chips are in the laundry hamper
  • Okay
  • Alfred and Bruce find food hidden around the manor for years after Jason died, and it’s not fun for anyone involved

But! Jason’s back now, and the chaos continues because he’s still doing it, he still hides food

  • Anywhere he frequents, including places that don’t belong to him
  • Jason: [pulls an entire bag of kitkats from underneath a chair]
  • Tim, owner of the chair and surrounding property: what
  • Because Jason still remembers where he hid snacks in his youth, he has the magically ability to pull five-year-old packages of crackers out of the manor floors
  • Sometimes his siblings actively search for stashes– they know they exist– but they rarely find anything on purpose. More frequently, hidden food turns up by accident 
  • “I’m going to assume the package of jerky in the piano is yours, Todd”
  • One day shortly after Tim became Robin, he made the mistake of unwittingly eating a package of cashews he found in a living room vase. In front of Bruce. Didn’t end well. 
  • Jason still carries a variety of snackfood on his person, most commonly granola bars, fruit snacks, and skittles. He’s still willing to share.

Illustration of the kylux fanfic Beatdown by @acroamatica.

I had the idea and made a first draft something like 2 months, and then the second part came, it was so good I had to finish my fanart.

It’s an orchestra AU, it has an intense nerdy vibe about classical music, good writing, a very good characterization and a very good playlist! Thanks again to the author to share that awesome piece of writing with us :)