had this in my drafts for like 4 days now

It’s been rainy for the past few days which has been marvelous for my writing motivation. Still moving along on chapter 5/6. The Thing now needs a prologue and maybe an epilogue. I had the goal of 4-5k words per chapter, chapter 4 sits at 7.5k atm and 5 looks to be about as long. It’s getting harder because I know when I’m done with these drafts I need to edit The Thing and that’s just a nightmare I don’t feel like doing but know I need to. And I’m starting at my new job tomorrow so I have limited time. 

So all in all I’m happy with the rain. At least I’ll maybe finish 5 today. 6 shouldn’t cause problems, but what do I know. I hope to be in the editing phase before the halfway point of June.

And in other news, the first 2 gifsets for red week are horrendous and I need to redo/rethink them both but all my motivation slipped down the drain when I saw them again this morning. So it’s more than likely that I’ll not be doing a set for every day. Maybe one or two larger ones though.

Why am I writing this you might ask? I’ve found that if I moan and whine publicly I usually find some motivation or ideas as if by magic. So here’s hoping.

powerstudier-deactivated2015062  asked:

can we have your stationary rec?

Of course! I’m fairly new to the study-aesthetic world but I already have some favorites! I decided to post the things I have been using as of late as these seem to me the best stationary (at least for the moment!)

Fair warnings: 1) I use my iPad for a lot of my in-class note-taking (so I don’t my notebooks a lot), 2) I am left-handed (therefore smudging is an issue for me) and 3) I’m a huge fan of Muji products! Please let me know if you would like to know anything else!


1. A pouch large enough to carry a good amount of stuff (but not too big as to encourage me to carry everything I have)
This one is a more or less old purchase from Hema.

2. “Heavy duty” pens
I’m a black-pen kind of girl. The ones I’ve been using lately are Sharpie Pen FineMuji’s gel-ink ballpen (0.5mm), and Sakura Pigma Micron Pen (05).

3. Pencil & eraser
I’m not one to use pencils a lot. I’ve had this Pentel Sharp Drafting Pencil (0.5mm) for 10 years now and it’s still going strong! My eraser is from Muji (and it has seen better days).

4. High/mildliners
I’ve fallen in love with Zebra Mildliners. I still use a normal, yellow highlighter from Muji for some things, though.

Paper goods:

1. Graph ruled paper for drafts and personal notes for papers
I like using graph ruled sheets because I like how I can organize the content on the sheet. These are from Staples but I don’t have a preference here.

2. Tab stickers/page markers (kept in a small tin)
I bought these cute Owl and Cat tabs but I haven’t used them yet. The rectangular ones are also from Staples and I got them because I needed some and they were cheaper than other brands.

3. Full adhesive notes
These are the only ones that stick to my computer and I like using them for keeping track of deadlines to come.

4. Colored paper clips (kept in a mini-Mason jar from a Bath & Body Works candle)
These are pretty old and they have survived my moving!

5. See-through tab stickers
These are really old and I don’t remember their brand. I use them as I would regular paper page markers.

6. Assorted Post-Its
These came in two multi-sized packs, from the Bora Bora and the Rio de Janeiro collections.

7. Notebooks
I’m using a A5 double ring notebook (with plain sheets) - which is easy to carry around in a small bag but has enough room for notetaking. For quicker notes, I use small, passport-sized notebooks (I particularly like this one to take notes on literature books, as I can fit it inside the book in question).

Colored pens:

1. Muji
I have other Muji gel-ink ballpens (0.5mm) than the ones pictured here, but I couldn’t find them (ops). Their blues and purples are amazing.

2. Staedtler
I haven’t done extensive use of my Staedtler Triplus Fineliner yet but to me they feel a lot more comfortable than Stabilo fineliners. I also love the variety of colors.

3. Marvy Le Pen
I have just recently bought these Marvy Le Pen Fine Point pens. They are extremely thin and I don’t know if I would be able to write longer texts with them, but they feel amazing against the page and, again, great variety of colors.