had this girl walk into the audition room doing that

Ice Dancing (Jimin, OC) Part 3


“Hey kiddo, time to wake up.”

Jimin ruffled his younger brother’s flop of brown hair and patted his cheek gently. The latter groaned in complaint and tried to swat his hand away; quite ungracefully as it didn’t even touch his older brother’s hand with how he was practically still half asleep.

Jimin chuckled at Jacob's—or Jay as what he’s called—attempt before shaking him a little more forcefully, causing the younger to whine in protest.

“Okay… hyung! I’m awake. Stop—“

"Are you sure? Do I need to flip you off this bed?”

Jay glared at his brother. “You’re mean.”

Jimin smirked. “You know I’m not.”

“You’re right. Tae Tae hyung said you’re evil.”

“And you believe him?”

“He says Santa really exists and that it was scientifically proven that he lives in the North Pole. Yup, Tae Tae hyung is smart!” The kid smiled lazily as he tried to keep his eyes open.  

Jimin sighed amusedly before pulling the curtains aside to let in some light. It was the blue hour, just at the brink of sunrise and Jimin couldn’t really blame his brother for having a hard time waking up.

“Yeah… I think we need to stop hanging out with Taehyung too often.”

“That’s what he told me about you!” Jay said which made Jimin chuckle, knowing Taehyung would actually really say that to try and steal his little brother away.

“Oh yeah? But you have to admit… Hyung is cooler than Tae Tae hyung right?” Jimin said as he helped the eight-year old out of his bed and pulled him onto his feet.

There was a moment of silence.

“Are you actually thinking about this?” Jimin asked incredulously which made Jay laugh. “Why you little—“

The little boy squealed as Jimin initiated a tickle fight, attacking his sides which Jimin knew was his most vulnerable spot. Right there, Jimin forgot his problems momentarily; with the whole skating and ‘save my career’ fiasco that’s currently keeping him up at night.

With Jay, he could just be himself and not have to put up his "champion-athlete” front.

It was a few years ago when their parents passed of a terrible accident. Jimin, who was only sixteen then, was already a competitive skater in the juniors division while Jay was merely three-years-old.

Jay was so young when he was left under Jimin’s care and the older was terrified to death when he thought he would be taken away from him considering they were still both minors. But Seokjin, their amazing and most beloved cousin, had come in and took them under his wing for a few years until Jimin was old enough to take care of Jacob on his own.

With Jimin’s success in his skating career, he was able to do just that: provide a home for the both of them and even support his schooling. Jimin was basically a parent at what’s supposed to be the prime of his youth. Though he never saw it as a downside.

In fact, he didn’t mind it at all. He would rather take care of his brother than do all those things kids his age usually do: like partying or dating.  

Jimin would do anything to keep his little brother with him. The only family they got was each other, after all.

He listened with a smile as Jay talked animatedly about his camping trip this weekend. They had gotten up extra early today since the bus would leave at 6 A.M. which should take them up north to a wilderness reserve. Jimin was against it at first, not wanting to have Jay so far from him but after much pleading from his little brother and assurances from his teachers that they would be completely safe, Jimin gave in and thought what kind of a brother would he be if he didn’t let him go out and explore?

He just hoped there weren’t any bears in that place.  

“When you get there I want you to send me a text, okay?” Jimin said as they pulled over at the front of the school. “I know there might not be signal in the woods but before you actually go in, please let me know—”

“Yes, hyung.“ Jay huffed while rolling his eyes. Jimin had been talking nonstop during the drive even though he probably gave him the whole safety speech for the hundredth time that week. "I know I know, you even told Mr. Brown about it remember?”

Jimin sighed as he pulled out his camping bag from the trunk. He caught one of the parents looking at his car and smiled inwardly. His BMW has always been a sight for sore eyes.

“Just be careful okay?” Jimin said as he placed the hat over the little boy’s head and helped him wear his backpack.

“It’s two nights hyung.” Jay rolled his eyes and Jimin wondered if Taehyung taught him to sass like that. “The worse that could happen is that I forget to brings insect repellant.”

“You did?!”

“No. you packed it yourself remember? And a spare too on my other bag.” Jay reminded him and Jimin sighed in relief. “I’ll be back before Monday!“

"I mean it, Jay. Behave.” Jimin said before pulling him in for a bone-crushing hug. “Love you.”

“I—I can’t breathe—"

“That’s not the reply I was looking for~” Jimin teased as he hugged him tighter.

“Okay I love you too hyung—can you please let go?”

Jimin chuckled and let go eventually, patting his back. “Have fun.”

Jay tipped his hat before jogging towards the bus where the other kids were. Jimin watched him go and was surprised when just before he boarded the bus, his little brother looked back and waved goodbye with the brightest smile on his face and somehow that made Jimin feel a lot less worried knowing his brother was going to have a blast.

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remember my lance headcanons? yeah well they now have a sequel

  • loves “no scrubs” by tlc and most 90s hip hop/r&b
  • lost a handful of potential friends his first day at the garrison because he said he thinks drake seems like a cool guy
  • knows all the words to ice ice baby. every single one
  • somehow that also hasn’t helped him in the friends department?
  • had a tidal account before lemonade dropped
  • when lemonade dropped he wrote his parents in the middle of the night to ask them to put “murdered by beyoncé” on his headstone, forgot that he did, and was (briefly) very alarmed a week later when his older sister e-mailed him a photoshopped grave concept as a joke
  • drives with the radio too loud. drives better with the radio too loud
  • he started turning it up in the first place so he wouldn’t have to hear his siblings’ singing over the actual music (or himself) #narcissism
  • is the friend that you tell to watch stuff on netflix and he says he will but never does, usually because he forgot
  • out of both necessity + survival, lance is the most obnoxious person to share a bed with. he is so skinny but will find a way to take up the whole thing?? plus he has zero control over his legs once the REM cycle starts
  • this has gotten him out of bed-sharing during family get-togethers as well as when his brothers and sisters had to consolidate quarters to make room for the little ones
  • beautiful biracial and bisexual ✨
  • has seen every single episode and cycle of america’s next top model
  • when they were doing the first guys + girls season he tried to sneak through auditions but got caught and disqualified because he was too young. it was the saddest moment of his young life… his dreams of becoming the world’s first prince-pilot-supermodel-celebrity-astronaut were crushed
  • fruity pebbles > cocoa pebbles
  • has made out with his arm AND his pillow for practice. he needed more than one test subject. it was a frisky night
  • still doesn’t know that hunk walked in on him Practicing because hunk is equal parts considerate and awkward
  • also once gave himself a black eye while jerkin it
  • he wore the bruise with pride as opposed to shame; hunk felt the shame for him
  • updates his snap story too much
  • abuses the puppy, butterfly, and flower crown filters in that order
  • has at least 100+ blurry candids of hunk saved to his phone from various occasions. hunk’s camera roll, on the other hand, is 75% pictures that lance took of himself while hunk was busy
  • can’t maintain an insta aesthetic to save his life
  • maybe the real aesthetic was the 4,963 selfies he took along the way
  • for a solid month before keith got kicked out of the garrison all of lance’s passwords were Mulletfucker89
  • Uncomfortable™ with white men who wear hats
  • when he was smol, beach trips always resulted in collecting a bunch of seashells. he had a tradition of picking one for each member of his family, kissing it for good luck, and giving it to them. his mom still has all of hers in a vase on her dresser
  • bath bombs? bath bombs.
  • uses said bath bombs as an excuse to take longer in the bathroom and hog it from everyone else
  • will deny things that he knows to be factually true just to be vexing
  • preternaturally good at Bop-It 
  • pool chicken champion
I Never Knew

I wrote this months ago…I am posting hopes to help inspire me to write more. It’s not meant to be long, just a few chapters.

Group: Monsta X  |  Pairing: You x Wonho (sort of) | Genre: Angst? | Word Count ~ 1,000

Part 1

“It’s okay. We’re just friends.”

It wasn’t just the words, but the sadness in your voice that made Hoseok’s heart break. He felt cold inside as he watched you walk away. He couldn’t even feel the girl nuzzling her nose into his neck; all he felt was guilt and shame, sadness. His heart was weighing him down, his limbs felt heavy and it was a struggle just to breathe.

“Wonho…” the girl at his neck half whined, half purred into his skin. She was pretty, dumb as a box of rocks, and he didn’t know her name. She obviously didn’t know his real name either. She was a clubber, a girl he had met tonight, and he was doing the same thing he always did when he met a hot girl at the club. He let her dance all up on him, letting her lips wander over him while his hands wandered over her.

It was his standard operating procedure for the past few months, something he did so he could forget his stress and troubles, focus on anything other than being an idol. It was funny, because being an idol was what got him the attention, but once he picked a girl to be with for the night, he could forget that aspect of it. It was just about her and him, escaping reality, and just being an indulgent person. It was not the healthiest way to get through life, but for now, it was working by keeping him from going insane.

Until tonight. Until you. Hoseok frowned, wondering just where in the hell you had come from and how you snuck up on him without him noticing. He hadn’t realized how much he didn’t want you to see this side of him until it happened, a big metaphorical slap in the face; you seeing him at his worst.

“Stop,” he murmured, nudging the girl away with his shoulder. He thought about following you, explaining to you…what? What could he say that would make this ok? And why did it even matter to him? He was a grown, adult male, who could do what he wanted, when he wanted. He owed you no explanation.

The girl next to him leaned back over, dotting his collarbone with kisses, pulling his shirt aside so she could get to his skin. He wanted to push her away again, but the guilt and sadness were starting to give way to numbness inside him. You deserved better than him. You didn’t need the heartache that would inevitably come with being with him. He closed his eyes and let the girl kiss him, slowly dying inside because all he could think about was you.

~ * ~

5 weeks ago

You wiped your sweaty palms on your pants before you walked into the rehearsal room. You were a temporary fill in, this was just a short term job, but you were excited because it was a chance; a chance to do what you loved.

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Paring: Reader x Dylan O'Brien
 You audition for a part on the MTV show ‘Teen Wolf’ and end up meeting one of the cast members. Let’s just say the two of you instantly click…
Word Count: 3181
A/N: This is a prequel to the other imagine I wrote called ‘Real’. You don’t necessarily have to read that one first, but if you want to, you can find it right HERE. This part is about how you two first met. I really, really (really, really, really, really) hope you enjoy it :))

Written by: The lovely McJoyce ;) @sun-moon-mantra

“Please tell us your name and the part you are reading for us today.”

You were standing in front of a simple camera, but it seemed so big, pointing at you and recording every mistake you made. Behind the camera was a table with three men, also focusing on every mistake you could be about to make.

The man sitting in the middle was the one who gave you the instructions. He had introduced himself as the casting director, but you were too nervous to remember any names. Of course you knew who the guy on the right was; Jeff Davis probably made you the most nervous. He would have a big say in whether they were going to pick you to play this part on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

You took a deep breath and told them your name, as well as the name of the character you were hoping to play in the future. There was a slight hesitation at the end that caused you to stutter, and it made your heart stop. You knew you were going to have to pull yourself together if you wanted to get this part, so you tried to quickly give yourself a silent pep talk.

“Where is your script?” the casting director asked, causing you to snap out of your thoughts.

“Don’t n-need it,” you replied, but you weren’t so sure of that anymore.

You had gone to auditions before, and you had even gotten some of the parts, but this was different. Teen Wolf was a very popular show on a very popular channel. This could be a huge career booster, and you couldn’t mess it up.

“Alright, then let’s start.”

You nodded and looked at the casting director, whom you now remembered was named Jeffrey, before looking straight at the lens of the camera. This was it. This was your moment to prove to everyone that you could do this. Everyone who doubted you in the past had to be shown they were wrong, and this was the perfect opportunity to make that happen.


You hadn’t expected to get a call so fast. Especially not from someone who had good news to tell you, instead of the familiar, ‘sorry, you didn’t make it’. Somehow, you hadn’t had a good feeling about the audition when you left the three men with their judging looks. However, you had never been so glad to be wrong.

Now, you were standing in that same room, together with the same three men and the same camera. Only this time, there was another girl present as well. You had been told her name was Miranda Grayson and she had auditioned for the same role. They had decided to do a chemistry read with both of you, to make the final decision on who would get the part.

The door swung open and a guy who looked around your age walked in. You recognized him as Dylan O’Brien, the actor who played Stiles Stilinski on the show. The character you were hoping to play would become Stiles’ new love interest.

“How nice of you to join us,” Jeff said. However, he had a smile on his face, so you assumed he wasn’t mad. That seemed like a good thing. It was probably best if he was in a good mood while judging your performance and making a decision that could really change your life.

“Sorry,” Dylan mumbled while closing the door behind him, “crazy traffic.”

“You were already here on the premises,” Jeff answered, his smile replaced by a frown. “I saw you this morning.”

“I’m not talking about traffic jams,” Dylan explained. “I’m talking about Ryan somehow getting his hands on a golf cart and almost running me over with it. That guy thinks he is allowed to do anything when he’s wearing that damn uniform.”

Before you realized what you were doing, you felt yourself chuckle quietly, but since the room had been silent, it was clearly audible for everyone inside. It wasn’t even that you thought it was really funny, although you did find it at least slightly amusing, but you were probably just nervous. You always chuckled like an idiot when you were nervous. That, or you felt like crying because of how bad you were screwing things up. Maybe that would be next. You certainly hoped not.

Everyone was staring at you while the awkward silence that followed seemed to be killing you slowly. That was, until Dylan was so kind to break the silence and save you.

“Yeah, go ahead, laugh about it,” he said, walking closer to you, “but if you get this job, you better remember to watch out for any possible golf carts with me behind the wheel.” Dylan had reached you by now, and the serious expression on his face turned into a smile. He held out his hand. “I’m Dylan.”

I know. “[Y/N],” you said while taking his hand and shaking it briefly.

Dylan nodded, still with that same smile on his face, before turning to the other girl. “Then you must be Miranda,” he said before shaking her hand as well. “Nice to meet you both.”

You returned his smile. He caught your gaze. You stayed like that for a few long seconds.

“Okay,” Jeff spoke, causing you to break eye contact with Dylan and look over at the men sitting at the table. However, you could still feel Dylan’s look on your face, even though you had already looked away yourself. “Miranda, would you like to go first?”

The young woman nodded and you saw this as your cue to sit down on one of the chairs against the wall by the door after taking one of the scripts from the table to follow the scene. Both Miranda and you had already read through the script while you were all waiting for Dylan to arrive, so now you could get started immediately.

Throughout the entire scene with Miranda and Dylan, you stayed focused on everything they did, especially everything Miranda did. From her facial expression to the way she moved her hands and used her voice. You were planning to take notes of the things you would do differently, but she didn’t do anything you wouldn’t do. Miranda was a great actress. If anything, she did things you wouldn’t have even thought of, things you could learn from.

This was bad. You couldn’t just go over there when it was your turn and do either just as good or not as good. That wouldn’t get you the part, and this was supposed to be your big break. You needed to stand out, or they would definitely pick Miranda over you.

“Thank you,” Jeffrey said when Miranda and Dylan had finished. “[Y/N], you’re up.”

You nodded and jumped up nervously, walking over to the spot in front of the camera that Miranda had just left. Dylan sent you a smile and a thumbs up, causing you to automatically smile back to thank him. You just hoped you weren’t about to disappoint him, along with yourself.

“Ready?” the third guy at the table, Russell Mulcahy, who was the director of a majority of the episodes on the show, asked. Both you and Dylan nodded, your expressions turning serious instantly. “Action!”

“You are not coming,” Dylan said. “Absolutely not.”

“I can help!” you replied, sounding desperate. It wasn’t until after you said it that you realized it sounded exactly the same way it sounded when Miranda said the line. That wasn’t a good thing, you were supposed to stand out.

“I said no,” Dylan said with a low voice. “You’ll just slow us down.”

Your expression changed from desperate to hurt and you just stared at the boy in front of you.

Dylan took a deep breath and shook his head, guilt in his eyes. You were getting slightly distracted by how good of an actor he was. Of course you had seen him act before, but that was on screen. Now, he was right there in front of you, showing off his talent.

“You know I didn’t mean it like that,” Dylan said.

“Then how did you mean it?” you snapped back after having taken a glance at the script in your hand. You tried to keep the hurt in your eyes as best as you could. “Don’t tell me I can’t come because I’m human,” you continued. “We both are, and you’re going. Why can’t I come, too?”

“Because I have two properly functioning feet, and you don’t!” Dylan exclaimed, sounding as frustrated as the script said he should.

You stayed silent and looked down at your foot, where the script said you had a bandage wrapped around your ankle from an accident that happened in a previous scene.

“Just- please, stay here so I have one less thing to worry about,” Dylan said, his voice gentle and soft.

You looked up, trying to show the conflict on your face that you were supposed to feel according to the typed out description on the pages in your hand. Without saying anything, you turned around so your back was towards Dylan. Behind you, you could hear Dylan letting out a sigh before turning around and walking away.

It was that moment when you realized this was your chance. If you didn’t do anything now, Dylan was going to pretend to leave the fictional room and Russell was going to stop the scene and give the role to Miranda. You just knew it.

“Stiles, wait,” you heard yourself say. You dropped the script and turned around, seeing Dylan had done the same. If you looked closely, you could see the confusion in his eyes because he knew this wasn’t in the script, but you were thankful he kept playing along to your plan of desperation.

You started limping towards Dylan as fast as you could, pretending to still have that foot injury the character was supposed to have. The desperation on your face wasn’t even an act anymore, it was the look of someone who needed this job, but you just hoped everyone would mistake it for acting.

As soon as you reached Dylan, you let yourself fall into his arms, and fortunately, he caught you. He wrapped his strong arms around your body as you wrapped yours around his neck and pulled him closer. “Be careful,” you whispered, but loud enough for everyone in the room to hear. “Please.”

The two of you stood there longer than you probably should have, because eventually you heard someone clear his throat. You slowly let go of Dylan, but his hands rested on your lower back before he let go of you as well.

“Thank you,” Jeff said, the expression on his face blank. You didn’t know if that was a good or a bad thing, but your common sense told you it was definitely a terrible thing. If only your common sense could have been there with you when you were about to ruin the scene and your chance to get the part.


“Now I know why you seemed so familiar.”

You had been sitting in your favorite spot in your favorite little coffee shop downtown, a book and a steaming cup of coffee in front of you on the table. The table was positioned in the corner of the shop. No view, no interaction with the other customers, but cozy and exactly right for you.

However, today the part about no interaction with other costumers had changed. You looked up to meet the eyes of possibly the last person you expected to see here, and especially the last person to notice you in the corner, reading by yourself.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Dylan asked, a cup of coffee in his right hand and a chocolate muffin in the other.

“Not at all,” you replied. You closed your book about a futuristic world you could only dream of ever living in, and looked over at Dylan on the other side of the table.

“I come here all the time,” Dylan said, before taking a sip of his coffee and frowning when he remembered it was still hot. “Nice and quiet. My favorite place to get coffee.”

His eyes were on you and you couldn’t look away, even though the silence that followed was incredibly awkward. You somehow felt like you were supposed to understand what Dylan was talking about, like he had just explained what he was trying to say by telling you this was his favorite place to get a cup of coffee. The only problem was; you had no clue.

“Yeah, their coffee is great,” you eventually decided to say. It sounded like such a stupid response, but you had no idea what else to say. Maybe he was just trying to make easy conversation.

“It would be pretty weird if you didn’t think so.” It seemed like, with every new sentence that came out of Dylan’s mouth, you got more and more lost in the conversation. However, also in his eyes. He had beautiful, brown eyes. They seemed to shine off their own little bit of light, and they looked so deep. They were just so-

You quickly caught yourself and focused on the conversation again. “Dylan,” you said, impatient to finally get to the part where you understood everything, “why are you saying all this?”

Dylan stared at you for a few seconds before smiling and looking down at his hands that were holding his muffin. “Like I said, I come here a lot,” he explained, “and every time I do, I notice this girl sitting in the corner, all by herself with a cup of coffee and a book. She doesn’t look up, she doesn’t look around to watch the other customers or the people behind the counter, or the people walking past the windows to get their coffee somewhere else. I look for her each time I enter the shop, and when she’s there I keep looking at her until she looks back at me, hoping she will. She never does.”

Dylan’s words from earlier came back to you. Before he joined you, he said he ‘now knew why you seemed to familiar’. You hadn’t put much thought to it, but now you understood. He recognized you at the chemistry read audition because he saw you almost every time he went to get some coffee, but he probably didn’t immediately realize you were the girl from the coffee shop because you never looked up and he never got a proper look at your face. Until now.

“I’m sorry,” Dylan said, looking up at you with an apologetic look in his eyes. “I really didn’t mean to sound like a total creep. I’m s-“

Before he could apologize again, you stopped him. “Relax,” you laughed, glad you finally understood the conversation, which seemed convenient since you were a part of it and you had been the entire time. “You’re not a creep, you’re just observant.”

“Observant,” Dylan repeated. “I’d rather be mysterious. Like you.”

“Me?” you said, surprised to find out he looked at you as someone mysterious. “Why would you think I’m mysterious?”

“Well, you sit here almost every day, sipping your coffee and reading a book, pretending like the rest of the world doesn’t exist,” Dylan started to unravel his theory, “and now I’ve come to think about it, I don’t really know anything about you.”

“You know plenty about me,” you argued, a smile on your face because you couldn’t help but feel amused by the turn the conversation had taken.

“Oh, yeah?” Dylan said, his eyebrows raised. “Like what?”

“Like my name,” you started to defend yourself, “and what I do for a living. Or what about my ability to screw up my first big audition by basically yelling, ‘fuck the script’ at everyone in the room, including the person who wrote a big part of it?”

To your surprise Dylan laughed. Sure, it was meant to be a way of mocking yourself and your stupidity, but the part about ruining your chances of getting that part wasn’t funny at all.

“I’m sure they didn’t think it was that bad,” he tried to reassure you.

“But-“ you started.

“No,” Dylan interrupted you. “No ‘but’, just trust me on this one, okay?”

You sighed. “Okay, fine.”

“Nice job at changing the subject,” Dylan said.

“I did no such thing,” you replied, pretending to be shocked and insulted. “I already proved you wrong. The conversation was, and will remain to be, over.”

“A name and a profession is not exactly what I would call knowing ‘plenty’ about a person,” Dylan said, drawing quotation marks in the air with his fingers as a sarcastic look rested on his face. “For all I know, you could be part of some type of cult that sacrifices baby ducks every full moon.”

You laughed and shook your head. “Who knows,” you said, still chuckling. “Maybe I do. Just make sure to let me know when you ever decided to drop by my place so I can hide all the weirdly shaped candles and my long dress with all the duck blood on it.”

“Baby duck blood,” Dylan corrected you. You were both laughing now.

The sound of your ringtone interrupted the two of you. You got out your phone and was about to decline the call when you didn’t recognize the number on the caller ID, but Dylan stopped you. He glanced at his watch before looking back at you. “I’d pick up if I were you,” he told you.

You frowned, slightly confused, but did what he advised you anyway. Your hand made a gesture that was supposed to let him know you would be right back, before you got up and walked away from your table. You answered the call and put the phone to your ear. “This is [Y/N].”

A couple minutes later, you walked back to the table where Dylan was waiting for you with the same big grin on his face that you had on yours since the second you heard the news.

“Welcome to the cast of Teen Wolf!” Dylan said, sounding just as excited as you were feeling. He got up and wrapped his arms around you in a hug, surprising you at first, but you quickly hugged him back.

“You knew,” you said, stating the obvious. The both of you let go of each other and sat back down.

“I mean, I don’t want to sound like I’m possibly the best person walking this earth at the moment,” Dylan started, “but they let me make the final decision, and I picked you. Obviously.”

You didn’t know how it was possible, but your smile grew even bigger. “Thank you,” you said. “Thank you so much.”

“You can thank me by not joining Ryan on his mission to run people over with a golf cart,” Dylan said, making you laugh. “Oh, and, please, leave those poor baby ducks alone.”

“I will,” you promised. “Thank you.”



Send her som feedback on this okay, she’s done a great job, and the previous one was just as god :) She sent this to me a little while ago, namesd ‘surprise’ and it was unbelievably great, really put a smile on my face bc this is relaly cute!

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