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“I’m not embarrassed. I’m also not dancing.”

“Oh yeah? What’s this then?“

“Technically just standing.”

what she says: i’m fine
what she means: if naeha had been able to talk to kevin before he made his nominations she would have been safe week 3 and probably would have made endgame with sarah, brittnee and sindy and i’m just…it’s an injustice, you know? it’s not right.


*throws knb stuff at you* lately there’s so much aoka and takao on my dash all my feels are suddenly back o<-< rip my soul

Friendly reminder that

- Piper is Native American

- Hazel is black

- Frank is Chinese

- Leo is Latino

Please don’t whitewash. Representation is important.


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camila i really need to know this. when undyne tells papyrus that sans is dead, he isnt even shedding a tear. hes eyes are just watering. i know he is kind but sans is hes brother, the most important thing to him. if everybody (me too ;-;) cried why didnt papyrus?

Papyrus had been crying the entire night before.

I made it VERY clear that papyrus also felt the moment when Sans died, EVEN UNDYNE mentions that HE told her first.

Like… bruh. Wat


But my eyes are open
And everything still moves in slow motion
Breathless and blue, and behind your eyes, the sea
Oceans of light envelop me.

Sugar and Suites Pt. 2

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Characters: Heir Minhyuk/ Reader

Genre: Fluff (maybe eventual smut shhh) Sugar daddy AU

Length: 3000 words

A/N: He seems to take too much interest in you, and you can’t bring yourself to mind. 

Part One, Part Three

When you returned the next day, you found yourself having transformed into a queen.

Well, that’s what it felt like, at least.

Your fellow employees welcomed you with bright smiles and friendly words, with even the maids and the electricians stopping their work to wish you a good day. You had been submerged completely in suspicion before you even made it to your desk and, once you finally did, you found an unfamiliar face looking back at you from the desk beside yours.

“Hello and good morning, Y/n. Minhyuk told me to tell you that,” he spoke, seemingly waving you off before his eyes were scanning the now much-reduced stack of papers that he must have swiped from your desk.

“Hello to you, too. Who…are you?”

He blinked up at you through his dark fringes, and the round glasses propped upon his nose. “I’m Kihyun, your new coworker.”

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Hannigram AU: The Alpha’s Mate

The Garoux pack was run on several ongoing traditions but only two were the most closely followed.

They had the same Alpha until the previous died, be it in combat or of old age.

The Alpha mate was chosen at random. Those who caught the Alpha’s eye were blessed to live in luxury for seven years till a new mate was chosen.

Or so it had been before Will Graham.

The Lecter massacre had made Hannibal Alpha fourteen years ago as he was the only survivor among them. He had chosen young Graham by chance meeting, a skirmish on the street in which Will refused to bare his neck.

He then refused to go to the Alpha at all, having to be formally escorted. Over the next seven years their pack watched the Alpha pursue his mate.

Will did not seem to care for his mate at all, surprising everyone when he chased out the Alpha’s choice tearing poor Kristina to shreds.

For the next seven years, Garoux flourished with their leaders so in love. Surely the Alpha would not replace Will.

Then Warren received a handwritten note from Alpha Hannibal.

You are Chosen.

“You can run.”

Warren heard the words echo in his head when he walked up to the door of the Alpha’s home.

His sister had been sobbing when he left, cursing him and for good reason.

He was a coward.

Everyone knew running wasn’t even an option, not really.

Seven years ago Kristina had tried, and her death had been terrible, had looked so horribly brutal.

Warren couldn’t die like that.

The door opened before he could knock, the bloodshot look of the alpha’s eyes making him pause.

“Alpha Hannibal?”

A growl. “You.”

He was pulled in by his shirt front and slammed into the wall so hard he cried out.


Warren whimpered, shaking, “I’m sorry! I…”

He was let go just as abruptly as he’d been grabbed, falling to the floor hard.

The alpha paced back and forth, mumbling to himself as Warren took in the state of the house.


Broken vases and artwork, overturned tables, and the scent of blood in the air.

The one thing he did not smell was the reason he had been so frightened to come to the door.


The alpha paused, turning to look at him slowly. His eyes were glowing yellow and angry. “You dare speak his name?”

Warren shrunk back as the alpha turned and began staking towards him. “I didn’t mean…”

“He left.”

Warren whimpered. “He isn’t supposed to?”

A growl, “Forever, he left forever. Finished playing the game. Those were the words written on the note.”

Warren swallowed back the fear bubbling up to the surface, “I’m sorry.”

Hannibal stood in front of him, his face dangerously close. “You should be,” he reached out to touch Warren’s cheek, “He would’ve made it much quicker than I will.”

Warren could not see for the tears that welled up, shaking his head. “Please, please don’t.”

The sudden transformation was halted as the alpha let him go, the distinct scent of Will filling Warren’s nose though he could not see him. Warren sobbed, scrambling to his feet as he ran, only for the Alpha’s mate claw dig in hard when grabbing his arm.

“You run away, it will only make it worse,” he whispered, “Didn’t they tell you that?”


The Alpha was smiling, his eyes teary. Warren could barely breathe, stopping his struggle when Will’s arm came around his waist.

“This is the last. Do you hear me?”

The Alpha nodded, “Yes.”

“Fuck tradition. You know who belongs to who now, don’t you?”

Hannibal knelt and presented his neck. Warren felt the low appreciative growl go right through him.

“Damn straight.”

Warren was let go, the euphoric glee of freedom stopped short when the Alpha grabbed for his leg and pulled him down. Warren screamed as his throat tore, clogging blood blocked every struggle for breath and his last image was of the chosen mate touching the Alpha on the head.


I've Got A Theory....

A/N: if you get the title reference, then we should totally be best mates.

Reid x Reader

Spencer groaned watching the images on the screen, his dick in his hand as he worked it up and down.

You had been away for three weeks and those three weeks had been hell. Before you’d gone he made a ridiculous pact with himself that he wouldn’t touch himself until you were back. But it was too much, he’d become used to having regular sex and three weeks was killing him. Finally he’d given in and got his laptop out, sitting on the couch and indulging in some good old fashioned porn. Sure he’d only have to wait another day or so to see you but given how long it had been, he knew he’d go off like a rocket as soon as you touched him. And he didn’t want that. So he decided to give his pipes a clean out. Desensitise the sausage.

The girls on the screen weren’t as hot as you were but they were getting the job done.

You were exhausted but pleased you’d managed to catch that early flight. Now you could surprise Spencer. You’d checked in at the BAU, making sure he hadn’t been pulled out on a case whilst you’d been away guest lecturing, so you knew he was at his apartment. Hauling your suitcase up the few flights of stairs you stopped just outside his door, searching your bags for the spare key he’d given you.

And that was when you heard it.


The distinct sound of a woman moaning. And then the groan that you recognised without a doubt as your boyfriend’s sex groan.

Well then. That was it. He was cheating on you. Brilliant.

You leaned in to the door, fighting back anger and tears.

Wait a sec.


The female moans were tinny, like they were coming through speakers.

Which meant one thing.

He was watching porn.

Spencer was watching porn.

Well, least he’d be ready and raring to go.

You found your key and slotted it into the lock.

Shit shit shit shit shit!

Spencer heard the tell tale sound of his front door unlocking. His mashed at the keyboard, quickly deleting the Internet history and pulling up You Tube, clicking it to the first video he saw and then shoving his dick back into his pants.

Only Morgan and you had a key to his apartment and he knew that if Morgan found him watching porn he’d never live it down, and if you found him watching porn surely your feelings would be hurt. Women didn’t like their guys watching that sort of stuff, did they?

You swung open the door and dragged your suitcase in expecting to see a very specific site in front of you.

Except, nope. His pants were up and a cutesy video of some sort was up on the screen. Seeing you there, he tossed the laptop to one side shutting the lid so that it closed down automatically, and rushed over to you.

“Y/N! What are you doing back so early!”

You scrutinised him carefully. Face flushed, pupils slightly dilated, lips chapped from biting down on them. All the tell tale signs that he’d been doing something. You knew he masterbated, almost everyone indulged in a little do it yourself. You’d even caught him doing it before and it turned into a very hot and heavy session. So why was he being so weird about it?

“I caught an earlier flight. Thought I’d surprise you. Is everything okay?”

His eyes flickered over to the laptop and back to you.

“Everything’s fine! Why wouldn’t it be? I’ve just missed you that’s all, and I’m super happy you’re home.”

“Are you sure? You’re acting a little weird right now, like you’re on edge. Did I…. interrupt something? Because if I did, we can always head to the bedroom to carry on,” you raised your eyes provocatively and touched your hand to his groin. He’d definitely been doing something.

“No! Wait… No, you didn’t interrupt anything but yes let’s head to the bedroom.”

He took your hand and led you to his room, quickly distracting you with his mouth. And because he himself was so distracted by the thought of what you’d say if you’d caught him watching porn, he didn’t go off like a rocket.

In fact it took him so long to finish that you were starting to wonder if something was wrong. So when you’d both finally finished and he had fallen asleep, you slipped out of the room and powered his laptop back up. You knew his password just like he knew yours.

And the only thing in the Internet history was a video which showed cute little bunnies frolicking around on a hill side.


Fucking bunnies?

He’d definitely been wanking before you’d entered the apartment.

To bunnies?

He’d been getting turned on by bunnies?

You tried so badly not to freak out. People had fetish’s, some people had majorly weird fetish’s.

You just never expected Spencer to have one. How had he managed to hide it from you for so long? Or was it a reasonably new thing ? Had he stumbled across sexy bunnies when you’d been out of town? You couldn’t bring yourself to watch the video. Given the female moaning you’d heard through the door you could only presume that some sick fuck had tweaked the video, laying sound effects over it. After an hour or so of pacing the apartment and trying not to have a meltdown, you finally calmed down enough to get back into bed.

Where you lay with your arms straight by your side, not touching Spencer and not sleeping. Your mind was in overdrive.

By the time the morning rolled around you’d just about accepted it. You loved Spencer, everyone had their own kinks and this was just his. Maybe you could work with it. Bunnies were cute right? Maybe you could dress up as one. He’d clearly not been as into you last night as he normally was, perhaps a cute pair of bunny ears and a tail would change that?

Yes, that’s what you’d do.

Spencer was finishing up in the bathroom and you were getting ready to surprise him. You’d done your best to act normal around him today, you loved him and no weird little kink was going to turn you off him.

Unless it turn out that he’d actually been fucking bunnies somehow in which case you figured you might have to call someone.

After a nice breakfast together you both went out to run errands, going your separate ways for a few hours. And in those few hours you’d found a costume shop. You’d been torn between a playboy bunny leotard with the collar, cuffs, ears and tail, and a full blown furry rabbit outfit that would cover you from head to foot. In the end, you’d gone for the playboy bunny option. At least that way you wouldn’t feel so weird. And if it turned out that it didn’t turn him on, well you’d go back to the store and purchase the other one.

You finished drawing whiskers onto your face, assessing yourself in the the mirror. You actually looked pretty good. You just hoped it would be enough. The door to the bedroom swung open and Spencer walk in, stopping dead in his tracks as you stood posed with your hand on one hip.

“Hey there, big boy,” why on earth you’d decided to lead with that you didn’t know. His eyes raked over your body, taking in the outfit and a smirk spread across his face. He strode over to you and captured your lips in a breath taking kiss before releasing you and pulling back.

“Not that I’m complaining, but to what do I owe this pleasure?” his voice was low and gravelly, the way it was when you knew he was turned on. You breathed a sigh of relief.

“Oh thank God. So this will get you going then? I thought I’d have to go back to the store and get the other one.”

“Huh?” confusion crossed his features. “Why wouldn’t it get me going. Although you should realise that you don’t have to dress up to do that?”

“I don’t? Is dressing up not part of it then? Do I need to like, get on the floor and wiggle and twitch my nose or something instead? Should I fetch a carrot from the kitchen, I bought a bunch just in case.”

“Y/N, what on earth are you talking about?”

Oh God, you’d hoped he’d just accept your outfit and efforts and that you wouldn’t have to deal with his denial.

“Spencer, I know okay. You don’t have to hide it from me. I mean, sure I was a little freaked out to begin with but then I remembered how when I was a little girl I used to be weirdly attracted to the fox version of Robin Hood. I get it, it’s fine.”

“Get what exactly?”

Ugh. This was worse than you imagined.

“Spencer, I know that you get off to bunny porn okay!”

His jaw dropped.

“W-what…. W-hat… B-bunny porn? What even is t-that,” he hadn’t stuttered around you in ages. He must have been super nervous. You moved forward and took his hands.

“Last night, when I came home early. I could hear moaning through the door so I knew you were doing something. And then you tried to hide it and practically threw the laptop across the room. So after you’d gone to sleep I looked. I saw the bunny video on YouTube Spencer, I know that’s what you were watching whilst you were wanking.”

He started to speak but you interrupted him. “I was freaked out. I’m not ashamed to say it. But I love you and if bunnies are what turn you on then….”

“Jesus fucking christ Y/N,” he jumped in, cutting you off. “I wasn’t watching bunny porn, I was watching normal porn.”

“Babe, that’s not normal to most people. I know it is to you but….”

“No!!” he was starting to turn red now. “Bunnies do not get me off, no animals do. I was watching regular porn but I thought you’d be pissed at me so I quickly deleted my browser history and clicked on the first video I found.”

Wait, what?


That actually sounded logical.

“So you weren’t getting off to rabbits?”

He shook his head, “Fuck no!  Just normal standard, run of the mill porn.”

“Oh thank God.”

“You seriously thought that I…?”

You nodded furiously, “Yes.”

“So you dressed up like this for me?”

You nodded again. “I love you, I want you to be happy. And if dressing as a rabbit made that happen then I would dress as a rabbit.”

His face softened into a loving smile. “As weird as this all is, that’s really amazing that you’d do that. I love you so much.”

“Good, you’d better do. Because I’ve been in turmoil about this for the last 24 hours. ”

“I can’t believe you’d think that I’d find bunnies sexual….. I mean I know the British caramel bunny is quite provocative looking but she’s a cartoon.”

You raised your eyebrows at him. “What was I meant to think? You’d clearly been masturbating and I’d heard noises - which if I can head through the door by the way then you gotta think your neighbours could hear too, ever heard of headphones Spencer? Anyway, I knew you’d been doing something and then all I can find on your laptop is bunnies. Do you really think I’d be pissed at you for watching porn?”

He nodded.

“Spencer, baby. Watch all the porn you want. As long as it doesn’t affect our sex life then go for it. Hell even I’ve been known to watch the odd porno when I’ve been alone and feeling frisky.”

“You have?”

Now it was your turn to nod. “Yup, it’s not just for men. In fact if you do your research I bet you’ll find that the percentage of women who watch is a lot higher than you’d think. Now, now that I know you’re not into cutesy little bunnies, I’m gonna take these ridiculous ears off.”

Spencer looked you up and down and then bit his lip. You knew that look.

“You want me to leave them on don’t you?”

“You do look super sexy. It’s not the ears, it’s the outfit as a whole. And you did go through a lot of effort, would be a shame to waste it.”

“Are you gonna show me how much you appreciate the effort?”

He grinned and pulled you towards him, his hand reaching round to your ass and squeezing your fluffy tail.

“You betcha, bunny.”

Look how much I love you (Zen Smut)

Rated R
Smutty AF
A little angsty?

You and zen had been walking around the mall all day. Not doing much, just appreciating your time together, until some fans recognized zen and came running up to him.

“Zen can we get pictures?!? “Will you sign this for me?!?!” You looked up to your boyfriend of five months face, at first he was taken off guard, but then quickly smiled and agreed to what his fans were asking. Of course the small scene had drawn the attention of others and soon enough there was a small crowd of about 20 people wanting pictures and autographs.

Normally this didn’t bother you, you had been stopped. By fans with him before, it just made you slightly disappointed that you couldn’t have one day alone with the man you love.

He removed his hand from the place where it was interlocked with yours to take photos and sign things. He politely listened to the little things his fans would say to him. You looked out into the group of people in front of you. A majority of them were young girls, about your age give or take a few years. They were all so thin and pretty.

You shook the negative thoughts from your head. Zen loves you. Right?

You lost your train of thought when you heard some fans whispering to each other. “Is Zen really dating her? She’s not even that pretty, he could do better.” You felt your happy attitude from earlier today drain from your body.

They were right though. Zen could do better. You were on the verge of tears when you felt a rage hand wrap around yours again. You looked to see your handsome boyfriend smiling down at you. “Ready to go princess?” He asked smiling. You nodded up at him pushing into his side slightly.
Once you were back at the home you and Zen shared he left a soft kiss on your cheek, “I’m going to take a shower babe.” He said leaving you and walking to the bathroom, taking off his shirt as he went. His body was perfect. Didn’t he deserve a girl that was just as perfect?

You walked into your guys’ bedroom and laid on the bed thinking.

You heard the shower shut off and the door open, Zen walked in with a towel around his waist.

You quickly flipped yourself over facing away from him so he would t see the tears that were now streaming down your face. You could hear him opening drawers and changing his clothes. When you heard him stop you assumed he did what he always does and stopped in front of the mirror to take a look at himself.

You casually flipped back over wiping the tears off your face, fighting back the ones that threatened to come out. You watched him mess with the t-shirt he had put on. While you were busy staring at him you didn’t even notice him looking back at you. “Y/n, why is your face all red and puffy? What’s wrong?” He asked turning back to you.

“What, oh nothing.” You said wiping off your face again looking away from him. “Babe I know you’re lying, tell me.” He said not giving up on.

“It’s just…” you sighed “your so perfect and I’m so… not perfect. Today I heard some girls who wanted your picture saying how you could do better and I just, don’t you agree with them?” You said tears welling up In your face again.

“Y/n, you couldn’t possibly believe I think that, and how could you think that about yourself? You are perfect.” He said to you his red eyes sincere. “I guess I just don’t see it.” You muttered yo yourself. “Well if you don’t see it then I’ll just have to show you.” Zen said wiping your face dry and pulling you up in front of the mirror. “All of this,” he said gesturing over your entire body “ is perfection.” He slowly lifted your sweater up and off of your body looking at your top half in the mirror seductively. “This is beautiful.” He said running his hands over your now exposed stomach down to your jeans.

Undoing the buttons and pushing them down your legs, you kicked them the rest of the way off, quickly realizing where this was going. “This is gorgeous. He said running his fingers along your legs. “And this,” he said running his hand over your panties “is my favorite part.” He said quickly moving his hand into your (f/c) panties.

He rubbed you gently kissing your neck as you tilted your head up. He used his other hand to grab your head and push it forward forcing you to look at yourself, and him behind you, in the mirror. “Your so perfect. I want you to see what you do to me.” He whispered in your ear staring into your eyes in the mirror.

He then moved unhooking your bra and throwing it across the room. Reaching around to grope your breasts. You let out a small moan. His fingers moved as he slipped two of them inside you causing your knees to weaken. You let out a louder moan as you fell back on him slightly. He took the opportunity to attack your neck, leaving hickeys. He removed both hands for a moment. Sticking the two that he had been using on you in your mouth. You sucked them clean as he pulled away to remove his shirt and boxers. Bringing his hands back to you as he pulled down your panties swiftly.

He aligned himself with your entrance looking at your face in the mirror. Your lips parted slightly as you closed your eyes in pleasure. “I love watching the faces you make.” He said slipping into you. “You just look so pretty when I’m in you.” He moaned pulling out and slamming into you again. “I don’t want your eyes to leave that mirror, not until you realize how much I love you and how beautiful I think you are, got it?” He said smoothly. You nodded moaning in the process.

“Good.” He said, as he began to slam into you more rapidly. You started moaning louder. You two looked at each other in the mirror.

You moaned louder. “Zen.” You gasped out. The sight of him filling you from behind drove you crazy. You could hear him moaning behind you. His hands sat on your hips keeping you in place. “Y/n” he moaned into your ear.

His thrusts into you got more sloppy, you were reaching your high and so was he. He suddenly moved one of his hands grabbing your face and forcing you to look at his face in the mirror. “Do you see it now?” He said breathing heavy. You nodded. “Good. Now cum for me” he moaned into your ear. Barely above a whisper. That was enough for you though. And you rode out your orgasm he pulled out of you shooting his load up onto your stomach.

Quickly he spun you around kissing you hard. “If that doesn’t prove how beautiful you are to me, than I don’t know what will” he spoke. Pulling away from the kiss. You smiled up at him. Pulling him back to the bathroom. “After that you need another shower. And so do I” you said turning the water on. “ ohhh round two?” Zen giggled behind.

hello, it's me (Haikyuu, Iwaizumi/Oikawa, R:G)

More Iwaoi established husbands!AU, a little earlier in the relationship. I like how my brain tries to avoid writing a particular fic…by providing me with inspiration for other fics, OTL. 

Another quick piece, again un-betaed, so let me know if there are any errors. I’m still kinda new to tumblr, but I’m assuming comments aren’t a thing here?…Either way, enjoy the read (I hope)!

The phone in Iwaizumi’s hand had barely vibrated before he thumbed the green ‘answer’ circle and lifted it to his ear. “Yo.”

“Hajime.” Oikawa’s voice was high and slightly shrill, even through the staticky reception. “Hajime, the flight’s been delayed another fucking two hours-

“I know.” The arrivals board had been updated and the airport announcement made just a few minutes before Oikawa’s call. It was the third delay announced for that particular flight that day, and while Iwaizumi was as irritated as Oikawa likely was, swearing up a storm in a public place wasn’t going to help either of them. “Something about the weather, wasn’t it? It sucks, but it can’t be helped.”

“Can’t be helped, my ass; there’s nothing wrong with the goddamned weather, the sun’s out for god’s sake, I don’t know what they’re fucking thinking, if they are thinking at all -”

“Hey. Hey. Tooru.” Iwaizumi gentled his voice, pitching it as low and soothing as he could over the line. “Tooru, sweetheart.”

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