had these since sophmore year in high school

Jughead x reader - Hunger

Jughead x reader 


Warnings: deals with bulimia and anorexia. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

word count: 3,248

taglist: @sgarrett49

It was better to punish yourself. It felt better to punish yourself. The more it happened the less you let people see.

Your mother had made remarks on your weight as long as you could remember. When you were younger, you hid in your bathroom late at night. You made yourself feel sick and purge what felt like to be a release.

It had been years since the last time you did that. You would make sure of anything you wouldn’t do that again. However, now it was the time of high school.

Your mother began to notice your body changing and once again dived into remarks that made you look at your body more and more. The feelings were coming back but you wouldn’t do what you did before. No, there were other ways to feel thin.

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