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hii i was wondering in the meant to be yours verse is the regina like canon regina s1/2 or canon regina at all? like do you think she's already gone through the character development like she has currently in s6 or she'll revert back to being evil? neither? or both? i noticed she kinda had an urge but i'm not sure if she's at like s3 redemption wise or s4 or just your own version?

Hmmm, that is an interesting question.

I think in this verse Regina’s a bit more like S3 / S4 Regina. One of the things that will start to happen now that Henry is seeing Archie, Regina will start to reference (to herself in narrative, and to Robin) how session with Archie helped her, even though she couldn’t be completely honest with him. And as the issue of Emma comes up, we’ll see Regina’s feelings about giving up Henry as a baby/not going through with the adoption the first time, and how she sort of felt like that was her penance.

But yes, she still has those impulses, but ultimately, right now, she’s fueled by the desire to be a good parent to Henry and to give Henry the life he deserves. In some ways, its also Robin’s support and love that sort of keeps her grounded whenever she feels like she may be going off the deep end / reverting back. we’ve seen that a bit before, and we’ll see it again. She wants to be the person they see her as, not the person everyone else saw her as.

Thanks so much for asking!