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by LanxBorealis

Billck Diamond and Dipearl miss how much they enjoy fusion

Words: 2908, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Alternate Universes

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/1Q8uXsp
Imagine having to spend a long car ride with the Winchesters and Crowley...

It wasn’t that you hated the king of hell, simply that there was nothing in this entire world that you disliked more than that slimey smirk. It’d been that same smirk you’d woken up to the day you’d found your closest friend had in fact not been your friend at all, that she’d had a demon using her as a vessel for the past month. It was blind luck you’d survived that day at all, Crowley hadn’t been interested in you, only in the demon inside your friend but being the spare pawn you were, you’d managed to slip away reasonably unnoticed. It’d been too late for her and before that day, you had never thought yourself one to hold a grudge, but Crowley? No, you spoke truthfully, you didn’t hate him - you outright despised him.

So, knowing this what better than to spend an 8 hours in a confined space with him?

Letting out an annoyed sigh, you wiped up some spilled water off the basin and plopped your bag in the sink. Dean had gotten pissed at you last time you’d attempted to do your make up in his ‘baby’, and the mirror of the crappy port-a-loo wasn’t exactly dressing room quality, but it was enough to adjust your make up. A girl had to allow herself a few luxuries like that even on the road and it just happened to be an added bonus that it gave you a few minutes away from Crowley. You took your time, applying your make up with precision that you’d usually only save for… well, you wouldn’t normally take this long at all.

There was a knock on the door and you heard Sam’s muffled voice from the outside, “hey, Y/N, how long you gonna be? Dean wants to get going.”

“What?” You screwed up your nose, “I’ve barely even been 5 minutes!”

“You’ve been 15 minutes, we’ve got to get moving, I’ll see you back at the car.”

You grimaced and packed down your make up back into the little brown bag. Talking a final glance in the mirror you thought that at least you’d had a few minutes to chill off, it wasn’t ideal but it was better than nothing. Plus to a certain extent you didn’t just feel like you could kill him now, you looked like you could too.

Stepping down out the cubicle, you made your way back to the impala to see Dean and Sam waiting with the engine on and presumably, that left Crowley in the boot. You opened the back door and tossed your bag in before sitting down in the other seat.

“You good?” Dean asked, making eye contact with you in the rear view mirror.

“I’m good,” you smiled.

A muffled sound from Crowley came through the seats but was quickly drowned out as Dean turned the keys in the ignition and the engine roared into life. Dean threw you a wink and you settled back into the seat as the miles began to slip by the window.

It couldn’t have been more than 20 minutes before you heard Crowley humming in the boot. You tried to ignore it knowing that he’d be doing it for a reaction but he just kept going. The same few notes over and over…

You looked over at Sam who was clearly as frustrated as you were, drumming his fingers relentlessly on his knee before he finally caved and started fumbling for the tape box Dean kept locked in the glove compartment.

“Preferences?” He said, looking to Dean poignantly.

Dean glanced back towards the boot and just muttered, “anything loud.”


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I just.. want to say that your stance on Armin is really refreshing haha, I actually really liked his character in the very beginning but now I'm at a point where I definitely dislike him and it's frustrating since he's such a central character. I feel the same way about child genius characters that you do, and I just.. like, the way Isayama portrays Armin has me going ?? Half the time it feels like Armin just makes these huge leaps of logic that are conveniently correct? Like, I dunno, I-(c)

-he doesn’t even feel to me like a particularly believable Brilliant Child character. To me he went from one of the ones I identified with to being really difficult to get invested in because he’s So Super Smart. I’m frustrated with Isayama’s writing a lot of the time, but Armin has become particularly annoying to me and I always lose interest in new chapters when I see they might be Armin-centric. It’s hard to talk about since 99% of the fandom adores him. Refreshing to see other views! (2/2)

I like you, anon.

I’ll admit that I never identified with Armin, though I think if I was watching this series as a teenager I’d probably find some things about his character to be pretty relateable. 

I was personally really hoping we’d see a darker side of Armin. I know Isayama mentioned something about a rift between Armin and Eren. Eren’s shift in character (angry to tired to determined to do what it takes) had me thinking that soon Armin would be getting some similar development…just in another direction. I’d have liked to see that. I was hoping Armin would be the first of the Kid Crew to understand and accept the necessity of death and killing people. But in reality it seems that role isn’t going to be his.

I’m a little on the fence about it myself. On one hand I’m happy to see Jean accepting how shitty things are and how limited their choices are. Jean recruited Marlowe and couldn’t shoot his gun/protect himself (forcing Armin to kill someone), so it seems likely to me that he’s going that route himself wrt killing Reiner.

I had hoped Armin would be the one to take the ruthless stance in the series, which would have made him interesting to me on some level or another. The things these kids have seen have been pretty terrible–and I don’t just mean the titans and stuff. The government was against them and they were fugitives. Erwin was going to be hanged. The senior soldiers tortured a man and they had to hear it.

Like–it was understandably frightening. And here are all these 15-18-year-old kids asking themselves in the ends will justify the means and none of them have an answer to that question. Like Jean seems to have done recently, and Eren as well, they have to set aside every doubt and just assume it will work.

But most of what we’ve gotten from Armin has been unrelateable. He desperately lies to Bertholdt and then pukes after he kills someone. And then wants to talk to Bertholdt the next time he sees him…and lies again. 

I don’t know what I was hoping for, or what I was expecting, but that was not it. I could go with an Armin who doesn’t want to kill, who strongly believes there is another way, that talking is the answer. I could go with an Armin who believes in ruthlessness because if you’re going to kill people do it decisively don’t waffle on that kind of thing. Either you’re in or you’re out.

But the Armin we’ve had lately doesn’t seem dedicated to one side or another, and I don’t mean it as a compliment of his character: it doesn’t feel like an intentional split to me. It feels like Armin isn’t really getting development so much as he’s become a convenient plot device–a character used to push the plot along while offering relatively little to the story/other characters’ development/getting no deep development himself. :/

If you seriously believe that Syltherins are oppressed that you haven’t really read the books or completely ignore the fact that they were the ones for the most part who were the oppressors and the fact that they had the most power within wizarding society bc of their status as purebloods.

~The Creatures on You’re Birthday :)

I had this idea for a while now so here yeah go! :) i really hope you guys enjoy. (sorry if there is writhing error’s)


Jordan: “Hey Y/N! happy birthday.” *he says as he grins* He would have giving you a weird gift. but it was cute. “hah, here’s the real gift.” it was tickets to a movie. 

James: “Y/N, here!” He yells playfully as he throws he’s gift at you. “Dinner is on me tonight, ladies choice and then we can go back to my place.”


Aleks: Dude happy birthday! says as he comes over to give you a big ‘happy birthday’ huge and whispers in you’re ear “Party at my place.” he winks. ;) 



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You like people to think nice things of you when you say that H and L are in love and, they're good people etc when you clearly don't. Believing that two people are together and believing that there's true love between them while they're also in a relationship it's different and the former is definitely your case. Stop pretending to be someone you're not. And I'm convinced that you're lying on your stance on Louis too. You're a Harrie, anti Louis Stan. You're mean!

Oh and btw don’t worry, I’m not following you ;) I only follow people I know are real about their stances. Your posts are written in a way that so easily give away your real opinions, you don’t fool

I don’t think there’s much one could answer to this. I’ll just post these last expressions of yours as a precious legacy. And remind myself of how this world is a beautiful place made up by such incredible creatures. Cheers.

Ok so I had an idea for a Miraculous Ladybug AU. What if the good luck and bad luck powers were switched between the two kwami animals? So instead of having the black cat of bad luck, we’d have the white cat of good luck. And instead of the good luck ladybug, we’d have the black harlequin ladybug of bad luck. (well, harlequin ladybugs aren’t technically considered bad luck, but they are referred to as “Halloween lady beetle.” They are associated with Halloween, much like black cats, and if that doesn’t with you “bad luck vibes” then idk what will) So yeah, just silly little idea I had. They don’t have names yet, so feel free to suggest some. You are also welcome to come up with possible superhero uniforms for their charges, as well as the possible powers they grant.

Bonus individual pictures because why not:

she had no idea how long she had been wandering for. but it felt like hours since she woke up in the woods. every few moments she’d get a flash of something in her head. for a second she would a place or the side of someone’s face. she didn’t remember anything she saw but felt like she should. it all made her head pound but she kept on walking. trying to find anything, something familiar. she finally made it to the three houses, looking at all of them with curious eyes. then she saw something else. she closed her eyes tightly as what she assumed was a memory overtook her. she saw a girl – her. she was in a classroom writing something down on a piece of paper — Bianca di Angelo,then it ended. my name’s bianca.  she muttered to herself. bianca didn’t know how but she was sure of it and that felt good, being sure about something. when she heard footsteps behind her she quickly turned around. who are you?’ 

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Cell being in a situation with a Z Fighter where he and the other person HAVE to work together/get along to survive. Like "I hate you. You hate me. But we have to put that aside for now. Let's get out of this as soon as possible so we can go back to hating each other."

Anonymously tell me what you want to see happen to my muse.

      “Seriously-?! You want to see me to team up with those do-gooding slouches and… get along with them…!?” Cell said, looking as though somebody had suggested that he ought to give up his evil ways and fight for the side of good. Shock and distaste was present in his features for several moments as he mulled the idea over, wondering what sort of situation or common enemy would force him to go against his very instincts. What’s more, which Z Fighter did they have in mind for such an event…?

//: I actually like the idea of this a lot! @sempiiternity and I were discussing something along the lines of this not too long ago where Cell and Trunks would be forced to put their differences aside, needing to work together to prevent an even more terrible villain from wrecking havoc. It could work out very well; as much as Cell dislikes Trunks (as well as the other Z Fighters), he would see the logic in working alongside old enemies if only to ensure his own rate of survival. Strategy is something he’s keen on and would be open to complying with ideas and plans, if only to get themselves out of trouble quickly enough so he can go back to being the awful villain we know and hate.

so you know how in movies and shit people will get this little lightbulb, and suddenly - bam - they know exactly what they want to do with the rest of their life

well that happened to me about a couple of weeks ago? and it turns out that thing is ‘write tpp’


Someone pulled the small audio teaser off AOA Cream’s website so I thankfully don’t have to go there and get my ears blown out again. Anyway, I like this. I’m excited. Even though this is barely over 10 seconds of a teaser, I can actually hear how bits of a song fit into it. I can hear where a rap verse would come in, I can imagine what a chorus might sound like. That, added in with basically the AOA all-underappreciated team getting to shine with this, and I’m happy and excited.

Vic Fuentes - "I'd rather wait for someone whose faithful for years then date a shit bag like you."

requested: yeah by anon :)

summary: you break up with vic and then start dating an asshole. vic meets said asshole and then they fight over you and you end up getting back together with vic (sorta)

triggers: swearing, some sadness in the beginning

writer: caitlin

word count: 1,712

A/N: this took me two hours to write and then edit, so I hope it doesn’t suck. i did this one first bc I had an idea and went with it. so yeah. love you xx

“So you’re just going to let me go then.”

You say bitterly, your eyes red with anger and hurt.

Vic’s eyes stay glued to the floor.

“You deserve better, someone who can give you everything- especially their time.”

Vic mumbles, his hands playing with the hem of his shirt.

“I gave you everything,” You say, your voice cracking, “but apparently that wasn’t enough.”

“I love you, y/n, I always will. But you deserve a guy who can be here with you always. And I just can’t give you that.”

You say nothing in response, getting up and slamming the door behind you.

Everything was gone.

All the dates, cuddles, late night phone conversations, fights, sleepless nights, screaming, make ups, long-ass flights, the ‘I’m sorry’s- all of it was down the drain.

He was really, truly gone.

You were a mess the first couple of weeks- after all, you and Vic had been dating for four years.

Having your lover and very best friend, just leave your life suddenly, with little reason or explanation, was extremely painful.

Night after night of netflix watching, eating junk food, and singing along to cheesy breakup songs, you could finally say this:

Time can heal all wounds.

Slowly, but surely, you begin to move on from Vic.

Your friends and family lure you out of the house, and manage to help you sort your life back together.

Included in this was y/f/n arranging a few blind dates for you- despite your arguing and complaining.

“y/f/n, this really isn’t necessary, I’m fine being single.” You groan.

“y/n,” your friend sighs, zipping up the back of your dress, and spinning you around to face them, “This is will be good for you. You haven’t been out on a date since you broke up with Vic- which, by the way, was over three months ago.”

You open your mouth, and then close it.

There was no getting out of it.

About ten minutes later of prepping, and worrying, your doorbell rang.

You go downstairs to answer it.


You smile at the attractive man standing in front you.

“y/n, this is Luke; Luke this y/n. Have fun.”

Your friend sent you a 'don’t fuck this up’ look and went back inside.

“Let’s go, I guess,” He mumbles.

You follow him to the car and then later into a nice, formal restaurant.

You felt a twinge of sadness when you walked in, although you couldn’t put your finger on why.

The waitress came over to take your order and introduced herself as Tracy.

Then it hit you.

This is where Vic had taken you for your last anniversary dinner.  

You felt another wave of sadness wash over you.

“I think we need a few more minutes.” Luke says, winking at the waitress and you sigh.

“Yeah,” You agree, forcing a smile.

She walks away, and you pick up the menu, “So have you been here before?”

“A few times,” He mumbles, his attention focused on his phone.

The date was pretty uneventful and you spend the rest of the evening getting to know Luke and, while he didn’t really make much of an effort, it didn’t really go that bad.

He drives you home and you can’t help but compare the date to all of you and Vic’s dates.

Nothing could ever come close, you think.

You shake your head, No, you think again, let’s just give him a chance.

And that’s how you ended up agreeing to a second date, and a third, and then a fourth.

He asks you to be his girlfriend, via text, and you agree.

You were getting ready for your next date, Luke wanted to take you bowling, when your phone rang.


“Uh hi, y/n, um how are things?”

You expression dropped as your recognized Vic’s voice, the feelings from your previous relationship came rushing back- slightly overwhelming you.

“Vic?” You choke out.

“Uh, yeah, it’s me,”

There’s an awkward pause before I remembered that I had a date.

“Um, listen, Vic, can I call you back? I actually have a uh date.”

“Wait, really? Oh shit sorry-”

“It’s okay, really, I’ll call you later-”

“Whose it with?”

“Um, his name’s Luke.”

“Cool, cool, well um have fun with that. And I’ll just- yeah.”

After a rather awkward goodbye, Vic hangs up and you just kinda stare at your phone in disbelief.

Why did he call you?

“Y/n? Are you coming?”

Luke calls from downstairs.

“Be right down!”

“Thanks for tonight, I had fun,” You smile, looking up at Luke.

“Yeah, same,”

You wait a minute or two, but his eyes are still on his phone.

“Well,good night, then,”

“Good night.” He mumbles.

You go inside and take your shoes off, starting your night routine.

Your phone lights up.


“Hey, uh, it;s me again,”

“Oh hey,”

Vic coughs awkwardly.

“So um we actually ended the tour a couple days ago and I was wondering if you uh wanted to chill? I mean not just us- the guys wil uh be there and my parents probably-”

“uh, okay,”

“Cool, uh I’ll text you then,”


You knock on the door, shuffling your feet nervously.

“You have to pee or something?” Luke asks you.

You had asked Luke to come with you, not because it would make things less awkward- let’s be honest it will definitely makes things weird- but because you knew Vic would have to meet him eventually, so you decided to get it over with.

However, you had “forgotten” to tell your boyfriend that Vic was your ex.

Instead, you simply told him Vic and his family were friends of yours.

Luckily, Tony soon answers the door.

“Hey, y/n,” Tony grins, opening the door. “It’s nice to see you! Erin’s here and she missed you like crazy.”

“Hey, Tony, this is Luke, my boyfriend,”

Tony looked a bit surprised, but quickly recovered, shaking your boyfriend’s hand and ushering you both inside.

He leads you first into the kitchen, where you hug Tony’s girlfriend Erin, Mike, Mike’s girlfriend Alysha, Jaime, and Jaime’s girlfriend, Jessica.

“Nice to see you guys again,” You smile.

“You, too, babe, how have you been?” Erin asks.

“I’ve been good,”


You turn to see Vic standing in the door frame.

His smile drops when he sees Luke, arm around your waist, and everyone goes silent for a moment.

“Hey, Vic,” You say, desperately trying to cover up the awkwardness.

“Hi,” He mumbles, noticeably less enthusiastic then before, and grabs a drink.

“Um, this is Luke,” You say, forcing another smile.


“Hey,” Vic mutters once more, his eyes never leaving the arm Luke had around your waist.

“So,” Jaime says, clearing his throat, “y/n, you missed out on a pretty epic tour. Mike’ll fill you in though, tell her about the time you and Tony snuck into that bar-”

“Oh shit, yeah,” Mike laughs, “We didn’t have wifi on the bus and we were passing this bar but it was closed-”

“So we snuck in through the window and then we ended up getting busted by the employees.” Tony finishes.

More stories we told soon after, but Vic remained silent through it all, his gaze on you the entire time.

The idea of food was soon brought up and Mike ended up leaving to help Jaime and Tony pick up some pizza.

Luke leaves to take a call.

“For business,” He says, while you pretend not to notice the lie.

Vic stands around for a moment before mumbling about needing some air and leaving you alone with the girls.

You hung out with the girls- Erin, Jess, and Alysha- just talking and laughing.

“God, y/n, I don’t want to make this awkward, but Vic never shuts up about you.” Erin blurts.

You bite your lip, “If he wanted me, he shouldn’t have left.”

She nods, “Yeah, I know, you’re right, I just- I think he realizes he made a mistake, you know?”

You nod slowly, “Maybe,”

“Just give it some thought,” Jess adds, “Vic’s changed a bit since you two broke up. He parties a lot less and is just generally unhappier.”

The subject changes back to tour but your mind is still on Vic.

“Can I talk to you?”

You hear Vic ask Luke.



Oh no.

You drop the drink in your hands on the counter and quickly turn just to see Luke following Vic out of the room.

This was not going to end well.

You follow behind them wait as they go into a separate room.

You press your ear against the door.

“Look,” Vic was saying, “I’ll get straight to the point. You’re an asshole and I don’t feel very comfortable having you around y/n.”

Your jaw drops.

How dare he?!

How dare he tell someone they can’t date you just because he doesn’t approve of them?

“What the fuck?”

“You heard me,” Vic says, “You don’t fucking deserve y/n. You’re an asshole to her and I know for a fact that 'phone call’ you took earlier was from your other girlfriend.”

You cover your mouth with your hand.

“So what if it was? She doesn’t know that. And you’re not gonna tell her. You know why? I make her happy. Much happier then you ever did. All you ever did was make her cry-”

“Shut the fuck up! You don’t know anything-!”

“I do though,” Luke’s voice rose with anger, “I read stuff all the time online about how you broke her heart. You left her. And yeah I might be a dick with a few side hoes but at least I’m here when she needs me.”

That was it.

You pushed the door open.

“I’d rather wait for someone whose faithful for years then date a shit bag like you.”

They both turn to look at you, Luke’s expression dropping and Vic’s face lighting up like a damn Christmas tree.


“Don’t fucking call me that. Get out.”

“Fine,” He spats, “You’ll be sorry.”

He stomps out and Vic shakes his head.

“What an asshole to be honest.”

“yeah,” you drift off.

“Y/n, I’m so sorry I left you,” Vic says sincerely, “And I want to make it up to you.”

“I think that can be arranged.”