had the best body


Daisy Johnson in Agents of SHIELD: ‘Farewell, Cruel World!’


The Yakai (02/09/2017): Wherein we learn how Sho had a big misunderstanding about the plot of Kimi no Na wa because he missed the beginning of the movie. He started watching after the characters have already switched bodies, so he was so confused about what was happening. He must have thought the story was about a effeminate boy and a tomboy. ^^;

EXO’s Reaction to You Wanting Rougher Sex

A/N: SO I changed this one a little b/c i’m pretty sure all the boys would already be naturally dominate, instead i made it into you wanting it rougher ehuehuehue


Xiumin’s arousal would be obvious when you told him that you wanted rougher sex. His eyebrows would raise slightly, a mischievous look flashing in his eyes. “Sure, jagi..as long as you think you could handle it,” he’d say in a soft, warning voice, making your insides flutter with excitement.


When you told Chen your request, he’d go quiet for a minute. “You sure?” he’d ask, and when you nodded he’d just smirk. Though you were seriously sore in the morning, that night was one of the best so far.


Baek knew where you were going before you finished your sentence, and you could see him slowly getting turned on the more you spoke. He’d readily agree, eyeing you up and down like a meal, making you shiver with anticipation for the night to come.


Chanyeol wouldn’t have a big reaction when you suggested rougher sex, and you thought he just wasn’t taking you seriously. You almost thought he had forgotten when night came, however he quickly showed you just how rough he could be.


“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you. Tell me if I hurt you,” Lay would say when you asked him. You’d reassure him that you’d be fine. It wasn’t until you teased him and forced him to become rougher that he finally let out his true side.


Already a bit rough, D.O would be secretly surprised that you wanted to go further. He’d readily agree, but do everything he could to make sure you were comfortable. Nonetheless, you had several hickeys to hide in the morning.


Always overflowing with care and concern for you, Suho would be hesitant to go harder in bed. It wasn’t until you practically begged him that he agreed–the idea of being rough with you secretly arousing him more than he cared to admit.


More of a smooth, sensual lover, being rough would be somewhat foreign to Kai. When you explained what you meant, all with a red face, he’d smirk and nod. After that night, it took what seemed like a week to regain feeling in your legs.


Even more rough and dominant than D.O, Sehun would be seriously turned on when you asked for rougher. “You sure about this though? I don’t think you’ve thought this through,” he’s say cockily. You’d insist you could handle it, however that night you realized just how much you had underestimated him in the best way.

Victor Nikiforov believed in fitness like it’s a religion. As a former model and owner of his modelling agency VTA by Victor Nikiforov, he had to keep up his image and his body was the best advertisement for his company. The morning run was his way of unwinding, the only the day when was truly alone with Makkachin. Across the way, he usually took a detour to the dog park that was on the way. Makkachin was a very sociable dog, he liked to visit his dog friends every day and that was their routine every morning.

you can fine the fic here : http://archiveofourown.org/works/9696299

Title : Red String Of Destiny 

Author: Swiftgirl01

Word Count: 10k+ (ongoing)

Rating: Teen and Up

Art drawn for Chapter 4 by my friend @lunoloon. Thank you so much <3<3<3 You are the best!!!!

theyre thousands of feet above the sea, and this is all i could think of

im love this au thanks arc for the heart attack at sea :)

World Of Glass (Jughead Jones)

You were are really sweet girl, kind and caring; you didn’t had the best body but there were tons of guys crushing on you.

You were loved by most people, even Cheryl said nice things about you ones in a while.

Class was finished so you grabbed your bag and got out of the classroom and as you walked down the hallway you found Reggie and his friends picked on some guy, Reggie was about to throw the laptop of the boy in the trash can when you caught his attention

“Reggie!” You scolded him as you walked over to him, he froze and grinned nervously “Give me the laptop, Reggie” you instructed him in an authoritative tone, yet sweet.

He rolled his eyes “C'mon Y/N, we were joking, right Jug?” He said and the Jug guy stood silent, sending him dangers through his cold stare

“Give me the laptop” you said simply and he sighed before handing it over to you “Thank you. Now go” you said in a friendly tone, the boys left and Reggie gave Jug one last glare before leaving you behind. “Sorry about them” you apologized to the tall boy before handing him the laptop

“Thanks” he said simply walking away, you titled your head to the side as you watched him leave, there was something about him that intrigued you.


“Okay, time to make the pairs for this semester’s project” the teacher said and everyone started looking for a pair, except for you, you were sat on your place caught up in your reading. “Who wants to be Jughead’s partner?” You heard the teacher say, you couldn’t help but look around.

Everyone stood silent, looking at each other nervously or just pretending that the teacher didn’t said anything, you looked over to Jughead who was writing something on his laptop completely concentrated in that and ignoring the fact that one wanted to be his partner.

You bit your lip slightly before raising your hand and smiling “I’ll do it” you said and you could feel the boy’s eyes on the back of your head, the teacher smiling widely

“Thank you Y/N, you may go with Jughead” he instructed and you nodded before walking over to him and greeting him as you shook your hand slightly, he looked at you completely puzzled before murmuring a soft “Hi” under his breath.

You sat beside him a small grin on your lips “Why did you volunteered?” He asked you rather intrigued and you raised and eyebrow

“You want to do it on your own? Cause if you do it’s fine, I’ll just leave” you replied kindly and he shook his head

“No, that’s not what I meant” he said neutrally “I mean why do you want to be partners with me?” He asked and you shrugged

“Well we both needed a partner” you answered simply
“Don’t you have friends?” He asked with a little rudeness but you brushed it off and shook your head
“There’s a difference between knowing people and being friends with them” you said and the bell rang, you hoped off your chair and grabbed your bag “Should we do the project after school?” You asked and he nodded “You don’t mind if we walk?”

“No” he said and you smiled and waved him goodbye as you left for your next class

At the end of the school Jughead was leaned against the door frame of your classroom, his headphones were placed on his ears above his beanie, you walked over to him and tapped his shoulder.

He looked at you and you smile making a little gesture with your head telling him to follow you, you walked side by side and talked about pointless things, he was really interesting when you took the time to know him.

You pulled out your keys and opened the door, letting Jughead go in behind you “Mom, I’m home!” You called out as Jughead closer the door behind him

“In the living room, darling!” She replied and both of you headed there, then you saw her, her hair was really short, some places were still bald, the veins were visible, specially in her hands and neck, she was pail and looked really tired.

Nevertheless she smiled sweetly at the sight of you, when she noticed the black haired boy behind you she gasped slightly “Honey! You should’ve told me we would have a visitor, I don’t want your friends to see my bald head!” She scolded you half serious, you giggled giving her a peck on the cheek

“Mom you’re still beautiful with or without cancer” you hugged her and Jughead looked at you with both eyes wide open in surprise. “We would be upstairs” you informed your mom holding Jug’s hand and guiding him up the stairs.

After some time of working you could feel him staring at you, so you looked up at him smiling “What?” You asked

“How can you be so sweet when your life is falling apart?” He asked and you closed the book that laid down on your legs

“I don’t know really it’s just the way I am” you shrugged and he went back to reading, and none of you would have known that since that day you became inseparable

Later that day Jughead went back to writing his book where he wrote about you saying :

“When I first met her I couldn’t help but be curious, she was sweet, no one had nothing bad to say about her.

Not even Cheryl.

Loved by everyone yet a lonely girl; bubbly and kind with a dark past, her whole world was made of glass”.

The One After Vegas...

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, Sub!Dean, Dom!Reader, use of restraints (for Dean) mention of anal play, mention of spanking (sorta), edging. Pretty much PWP

Word Count: 3152

A/N: This one is written for @sis-tafics and @eyes-of-a-disney-princess birthday challenge. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES! It also has a Part 1 that was posted earlier today. Thank you goes to @avasmommy224 for betaing this for me. Feedback is appreciated and I hope yall enjoy!! ♥

Dean’s POV

It’s been a month since that night in Vegas and no matter how many women I pick up, no one has compared to her. It seems like just plain old vanilla sex just isn’t enough anymore. Yeah, I get off but it’s just not the same. Then there was the one other time I tried the sub thing with another chick…it got weird, quick.

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~ Make A Wish ~

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Request: Insomnia fluff with Bones -  @bkwrm523

Words: 2347

Warnings: //

Beta’d: No and I’m terribly sorry for that, but it took me so long to write this fic (I had way to many ideas and like three different stories I had to put into one) and I just finally wanted to upload it for you. I hope that there aren’t too many (or at least not really bad) mistakes.

A/N: I hope you enjoy! I never actually suffered from insomnia, so I don’t not if the methods I mention here would work for someone who does suffer from it, but it works for me when I’m not tired enough to go to bed.

Tags: //

Annoyed you huffed out as you turned onto your back again and stared at the ceiling. You’ve been laying there for a long time, trying to fall asleep but weren’t able to do so. You weren’t even able to close your eyes. You thought that they would’ve grown accustomed to the darkness by now, but you still couldn’t see your hands in front of your eyes. Even if they were, the table and the vase you thought you saw weren’t actually there. They couldn’t be.

The table and the vase belonged to the interior decor of your quarters on the Enterprise, but you were at home right now, on Earth, which was probably the reason for your insomnia. You missed the constant humming of the machinery on the Enterprise, the hushed voices that sometimes passed your quarters and you missed being able to open up your eyes and look out of the windows to see the stars so close and beautiful.

Something you didn’t miss, because you weren’t lacking it at that moment, was his warmth. On the Enterprise he had to sleep near the med bay in case of an emergency and you, as a bridge crew member, were stationed a few floors above him, so you rarely got to sleep together. Right then though, you were almost ready to kill him. You weren’t really sure as to why you never noticed it, but boy, that man snored! Pinching his nose or shaking him a little only caused him to scrunch up his face or move a little bit, but he stayed asleep and snored on.

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This is taken from New Girl. Completely. Well, not the convos. Maybe inspired is a better word because I changed the situation a bit, too. @avadean-kedavra thank you for introducing me to New Girl, I already messaged you in all caps about this. Also it is short but ever since I watched this episode all I could think about was writing. Oh and this is an AU. Sorry, I ramble a lot.


James tried to open the wooden door that was locked from the other side as his friends cheered on for them to kiss. This wasn’t how he planned tonight would go but then again, he shouldn’t have tried to trick Remus and Sirius into playing this idiotic game while they were drunk.

“I told you not to do a two!” shouted James, thee door wasn’t budging at all and he was getting frustrated, there was no way he was kissing Evans right now.

“You told me to do a two,” shot back Lily her green eyes burning holes in James’ skin. She had a bra and a tutu on for some reason and was walking up and down.


“Shut the fuck up and let us out now Padfoot.”

“Yeah, no fucking way Prongs,” replied Sirius from the other side. “Just kiss and we’ll let you out.”

“It’s simple really,” added Remus and he kept on chanting.

“Let’s just kiss and get it over with,” suggested Lily pushing a lock of her hair behind her ear. “Let’s french it out a little bit.”

“Okay,” said James as he let out a sigh. “But stop calling it that.”

They walked to each other and just stood like that for a good while trying to fathom the fact that they were about to kiss each other. They had been roommates for what, two years now? How did they end up like this?

“Okay, we are doing this.”

“Are you a tonguer?” asked James after a brief pause.

“Am I a what?” 

“I wouldn’t want to– you know do something you are not comfortable with.”

“Just.. do it,” nagged Lily with a lengthy eye roll.

James put his hands on Lily’s cheeks and gathered the courage to do this. This was the only way out of this hell hole. He leaned in..

Nope,” backed out Lily. “Nope, no can do. I can’t do this. Your face–”

“What’s wrong with my face?”

“You do this weird face.”

“Okay, I will try something else,” he snapped. “Just stop interrupting it.”

James didn’t know what was wrong with his face, for all he know he was as good as it comes but apparently Ms. Evans thought there was something wrong. As if she was the prettiest girl with her green eyes and red hair.. 


James leaned in once more, not knowing what to do with his face, he straight up smiled and Lily backed out once more.

“You can’t kiss me with your teeth, you know?”

“Okay, I’m done.”

“Just kiss me.”


“Just do it, what’s the big deal?”

“I can’t.”

“James,” she began sounding very impatient. “Kiss me so we can get out.”

“Not like this!” he yelled finally. 

What?” whispered Lily in response. 

James was asking himself the same question, where did that come from? He didn’t like Lily, they were buddies, they were bud-buds, she was his best mate or something. He started frantically walking up and down the room trying to figure out a way out of this.

“What does that mean?” repeated Lily as she watched him walked around the room like he had lost him mind finally. 

There was a way out of this, just one way out so he walked to the closest window and climbed.

“What are you doing?” screamed Lily.

“I’m getting some air,” he replied shouting. He was standing at the edge of the window and he realised the stupidity of what he had done when it was too late. He started walking towards the living room window holding onto anything he could find so that he wouldn’t fall down and die because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. Yes, he was out of the room but he was about the fall four stories down.

This was all compliant with his new strategy in the loft, avoid Lily Evans at all costs, even if it means you’ll fall to your death.

What the hell does that mean?

Lily had been tossing and turning in his bed for a good while and she was bored of it and she decided to go out to get some water or wash her face to forget what James had said.

James Potter with his stupid hair and stupid gorgeous body. No. They were best friends, they had always been best friends. She was there for him, he was there for her, that was the extent of their relationship.

She got out of the bed and opened her door to one James Potter standing right in front of him. 

“I was just–”

“I just want to get some water Potter,” she interrupted.

“I wasn’t doing anything,” he said hastily.

“I know it was just in the heat of the moment,” she reassured even though she didn’t believe that one bit. “We were drunk and, yeah, don’t fret about it.”

“Yeah, you’re completely right,” he answered with a small smile. Lily could swear he was staring at her lips but she was sleepy and this wasn’t good.

“Anyways, good night James,” she mumbled as she made her way to the kitchen. 

She suddenly felt a small grip on her forearm and her lips were on James’ lips. They were softer than she thought they were and she didn’t understand how but she was kissing him back. This wasn’t how she planned this night to go but as James deepened the seemingly innocent kiss, she felt like she could see through space and time. 

“I was talking about something like that,” said James before he went back into his room without saying another word.

Lily just stared trying to understand what just happened was real or not.


The houses trying to eat healthy
  • Gryffindor: OMG I FEEL SO ENERGIZED AND AWAKE I NEVER WANNA STOP THIS!!! *secretly eats chocolate in the middle of the night*
  • Hufflepuff: I tried eating healthy once and I had nightmares for two weeks straight. Also, I treat my body the best with cake k bye!!
  • Ravenclaw: *on a date* Eating healthy is actually the best thing you could do to yourself - it helps you concentrating, feeling more awake, ...
  • *them* Okay, why don't you try it then?
  • *Ravenclaw, shoves breadsticks into purse* Sorry but I have to go right now immediately.
  • Slytherin: I see my body as an empire - only if I give candy to the folks they will be satisfied. Otherwise they would rebel.
I’m Okay With That // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan (M)

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Pairing: Jackson x Reader x Mark

Genre: Smut, Threesome

Summary; Jackson and Mark remind you of the things you all got up to a month ago when all three of you were stranded in the back seat of a broken down car; only this time, things certainly become more heated.

PLEASE READ: This is a continuation of a previous threesome I wrote before. If you want, you can read it here - Stranded // Jackson Wang & Mark Tuan.

This scenario is rated M for Mature as it contains threesome sex and dirty talk~ You have been warned!

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Karkat Cares. A lot.

I don’t know if y’all know this, but Karkat Vantas has, like, the biggest heart out of almost all of the trolls (in my opinion at least).

Yes, you heard me correctly. Karkat Vantas, the character that most would perceive as loud and angry, has the biggest heart. Now to back up my claim with facts.

Exhibit A:

Ah yes, bringing out the big guns first thing. When our lovely hero is faced with a dangerous foe, does he fight back? NO! He gently pats him on the face and calmly handles the situation. He cares about his friend, even if said friend is a raging lunatic without his addictive drug to suppress him.

“But stew,” you may be saying, “they’re moirails! It’s kind of a given to do this sort of thing!”

Well sure, random reader, they are moirails, and I see your point, this is what they do, but not to this magnitude. I imagine that, when faced with this certain situation, most moirails would leave their partner to handle the problem for themselves, just like most people would do in a relationship where their partner has been hurting themselves for a while and seemingly cannot be helped. Onto my next point:

Ok, I get it. Yes, they were both being forced into this situation. What more can you do when your friend has just died and the only way to revive them seems to be to kiss their corpse? But let’s just look at their differing reactions to their similar circumstances. Terezi had just spent the previous pages analyzing the body and deciding the best way to go about this. She didn’t want to do it at first, not by any means, and was obviously made very uncomfortable by the situation. Karkat, on the other hand, seemingly has no second thoughts. He sees his good friend’s body and knows exactly how to hopefully bring her back, and does exactly that with seemingly no hesitation. He knows that the situation is desperate and that it requires these drastic measures. Yes, he is probably uncomfortable as well, but you can tell that he cares about his friend and would do anything to bring her back.

Exhibit C:


Please watch this, the voice acting is fantastic and it conveys the emotion of the characters very well.

As you can see here (if you watched it, that is), Karkat comes across Terezi in the “fake forest” and sees that something is wrong, almost instantly, may I note. He asks her what is wrong, to which she replies by telling him that she feels as if she may never measure up to what her ancestor is. He tells her that she doesn’t need to worry. He tells her that she has her own worth and that their ancestors aren’t really as great as they seem to be. Sure, he does rant for a bit, but it’s Karkat we’re talking about here. Personally, if I am trying to comfort someone, I tend to do the exact same thing, go off on a tangent and then bring myself back to the topic after a bit. For me, it’s how you can tell that I really care about you and your situation, and that is exactly like what I think Hussie was intending to convey in this part. He wanted to show that Karkat is still Karkat, he is still talkative, loud, and a little abrasive, but he still cares much more than he would like to admit, and that he would do anything for any of his friends. Even though he may not be the best at comforting others, he tries his best, and I think that is more powerful than just saying a couple of words and then hugging it out.

I could list so many more reasons why I believe that he cares so much, but I think this would suffice for now. If you have any requests for topics to rant about, characters to analyze, or even if you just want to talk, please ask or message me. Thank you all for reading.

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16 w jikook :)

i hope u know u have just corrupted me lmao

Send me a pairing + a number: jikook, “oh… sorryomgwrongnumber”

smut | sexting

Jimin wasn’t a virgin, he had a pretty good amount of sexual experiences on his back. But the thing was, sending nudes was a whole other different thing. It was new – at least for him –, and it made him nervous like a stupid high school boy with a crush. Except he didn’t have a crush, he just wanted to get laid – but his heart was racing and his palms were sweating anyway.
Jimin stared for another eight minutes at the picture taking the whole screen of his phone. He was with his back to the mirror, profile partially appearing over his shoulder as his hand held the phone high by the side of his body. It wasn’t the best picture he had ever taken of himself, but it was nice. His butt looked pretty, just like his hair. However he still couldn’t stop the nervousness bubbling up in his stomach, making him wonder if a stranger he met at a bar was worthy of that picture. Maybe Jimin was a bit too desperate for sex, trying to shove a certain mistake he had made with a certain someone to the back of his mind. But it didn’t matter – at least the bar guy  was cute, didn’t seem like an asshole – and for god’s sake it was just sex.
Jimin selected the picture and rolled the page of his contacts down until he found the newly added number. Jonghyun. He took a deep breath, placing his thumb just above the name and then squeezing his eyes shut – like that was going to stop the embarrassement of doing what he was actually doing – to click on the screen, instinctively dragging his finger to the send button afterwards – eyes still tightly closed. Jimin only allowed himself to open them when he heard the sound indicating that the message had been sent coming out of the speakers of his phone.
He released the breath he was holding back and stared at the sent picture – there was nothing to do now, it was done. Relief almost settled in his chest, the burden of doing the most difficult part having left his shoulders – when Jimin realized, in a silent gasp of horror and dread, that Jonghyun hadn’t been the one he sent the picture.

Jungkook – online

Jimin was mortified for a second until the sign of seen appeared on the screen and he completely freaked out.

You – 9:12 pm

He couldn’t fucking believe it. Universe must probably really hate him like crazy, because, fucking Jeon Jungkook from all people.
Fucking Jeon Jungkook, the stupid little shit Jimin had had sex with five days ago, because they were both too drunk to be thinking straight. Jeon Jungkook the biggest fuckboy Jimin had ever met – and surprisingly, the best friend too. He couldn’t fucking believe it. He had spent the last couple of days fucking and being fucked by plenty of different guys just to erase the drunken memories of Jungkook’s body on his – Jungkook’s lips on him, kissing him and sucking bruises with a hunger as if the world was falling apart around them. And even though it were just blurry flashes of a very fucked up night, it still brought things to Jimin’s stomach he didn’t want to bother finding out what meant. He just needed to forget everything and then it would be okay.

Jungkook – typing…

Oh god.

Jungkook – 9:13 pm
fuck hyung

Jimin’s heart stopped in his chest.

You – 9:13 pm
did u open it???

Jungkook – 9:13 pm
yeah it was kind of too late

Jimin wanted to die and bury his entire body into the biggest hole he could dig with his own hands. His cheeks were burning red, so hot it was tingling his skin. He didn’t know what to do, so he just kept terrifiedly staring at Jungkook’s name until the word ‘typing…’ appeared again.

Jungkook – 9:14 pm
hyung i know you told me to forget but how can i now
u have just fucked up my stability
i’m so hard

Jimin tightened the phone on his hands, the sides of the metalic thing burying on the skin of his sweaty palms, his breath hitching. He closed his eyes, trying to steady the flow of oxygen entering his lungs, but his phone buzzed against his skin again and his eyes snapped open in a heartbeat.

Jungkook – 9:15 pm
pls dont do this
u can’t just send me this and keep quiet as if nothing happened
i want to touch you
i want to touch myself thinking about you
hyung im really so fucking hard please talk to me

But Jimin was barely breathing. He could only feel his heart pulsating in every inch of his body, the furious muscle knocking against his ribcage violently. His own cock started twitching inside his pants, Jungkook’s words arousing him a lot faster than it should.

Jungkook – 9:16 pm
you have the most perfect ass
i want to get my hands on it again
my biggest and only regret of that night was not being sober enough to remember every single detail about you
i want to have you again so bad hyung
i could do whatever you asked me too
i could suck you so good you’d come in my mouth crying my name

Jimin whined out loud, not being able to repress the painful hardness between his legs anymore. Jungkook’s tongue and mouth on him was the most vivid memory he had of that night – and it was fucking up his head.

Jungkook – 9:17 pm
i could eat you up like you have never been before
i’d make you scream
and beg
you’d like that right

Jimin gasped this time, his hand going down to cup his painfully hard cock before he could realize it. He heard the tiny moan falling out of his lips as he rubbed it through the fabric of his boxers, precum having wetted it like it never did before.

Jungkook – 9:18 pm
fucking talk to me hyung
im touching myself and i think im going to come but i want u
i want you jimin please

Jimin took his hands of his boxers – a tiny whine of complaint forming in the back of his throat –, fingers finding the button he wanted on the screen of his phone before he could think about what he was actually doing.
Jungkook answered in the first ring.
“Shit.” Jimin heard Jungkook’s breathy voice at the end of the line, making him clasp his knees together in response, thighs pressuring the tingling head of his sensitive dick against his stomach, needing some kind of friction so he wouldn’t lose his mind, “Hyung, fuck. Mmmm… ha… H…hyung, say some…thing, please.” There was a pause, Jungkook’s loud breathing completely filling Jimin’s ears along with the obscene sound of his hands working himself up and down. Jimin moaned. “Shit. Shit, hyung, do that again. I need to hear your voice, please.”
He swallowed hard, throat dry and mind dizzy, too clouded from scenarios picturing Jungkook jerking himself off thinking about him.
When Jimin’s voice finally surged, it was deep and hoarse, drowned in a lust he didn’t know he possessed.
“Come over.” He murmured, breath failing on the last syllable. “Now.”

So We Meet Again

Warnings: Language. Negan. Smut. (unprotected sex). 

Request:  Hi there! I love your writing and I wanted to make a request if that’s okay? :3 One where the reader is in her early twenties. She and Negan had teamed up early on in the outbreak, and had a close, romantic relationship. Then a hoard came through, separating them and causing them both to think the other is dead for a few years. One day he and the Saviors find a new town to “make a deal” with and he finds out that she is the leader. Fluffy smut if possible? Thank you! ^-^ - anon

If you requested this…. hit up my ask (anon if you’d like) and tell me how you liked it!

A/N: I may of gotten carried away, but I hope you enjoy it anon! Thanks for sending in!! Also, keep sending in your request. I have a few I’m going to start working on! 



You’d met him just a week after the world went to shit. Being nineteen at the time, you fell head over heals for him. He, an older gentleman that he was, didn’t force you into an uncomfortable situations. He took care of you and you took care of him. You learned how to kill these dead creatures that resurrected from the grave together. 

Together you two were unstoppable. Neither walkers nor people could stop you. The first kiss was something of magic. The sparks you felt run through your body was the best feeling you had at the time. Your first time together was wonderful. 

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Back To Your Arms...

Word Count: 2,552

Warning: Injured Robbie!!!!!

((I was feeling like shit sooo I decided to write some Robb Stark cause he always makes me feel better! To the anon who requested, I hope you like it!))

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