had such an amazing time with these people


So I went like almost a whole week offline
I havent talked to anyone or been on tumblr.. which is crazy for me. Im always on my phone and my queue has like never been empty since i started this blog lol.

I went to this thing called gratitude training. It was 4 days. Pretty much all day. It was really difficult at times for me but… no pain, no gain. Am i right :p

Anyway. I just got home. I had an amazing experience. With amazing people. I learned things that i will carry with me my whole life and i am so grateful for the people i have around me. I feel loved. I have a lot more growing to do.

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Hey, I just wanted to say I think you're an amazing author and you seem like a nice person. I have commented on a few of you works and I love that you always take time to comment back. (I'm the one who commented on the Pokey story about my special teddy bear. Also, the bear had no name before. I just never really got around to naming it. I hope you don't mind, I would like to name it after you.) You seem really cool. I wanna be your friend but I'm really bad at talking to people.

 I suck at naming stuff as well! My own cat doesn’t have name!

I am so honored, thank you for always commenting on my work, it means so much. <3

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Hey just letting you know your tags made me cry for my fic bc that's literally the nicest shit anyone has ever said about my story thank you. Honestly ;~; thank you

…. okay i’m not going to scream but oh my gosh

@kimseokjinsthighs first of all thank you for writing such an amazing fic!! words cannot express how much i love it, 10000/10, my favourite taejin fic by a mile and in my top 5 bts fics of all time for sure!

 it’s the first fic i’ve actually wanted to actually tell people (like not just people who like bts but like, everyone) about and discuss with them like seriously i was so hooked. for that whole entire week the first thing i did when i got up (like literally as soon as i opened my eyes) was check to see if you had updated and every time i saw i new chapter i nearly cried (idk what i would have done if you didn’t update as quick as you did, probably cry some more). i would read your fic sneakily in lectures (which i never do bc i’m hella shy and scared of being caught) but dude,,,

i usually don’t get this way over fics (i’ve read it three times now which is impressive considering i barely ever read the same fic twice) and i wish i actually commented on your story (something i also never do bc i’m trash) but i’m so glad i have a chance to tell you now how i feel bc damn i have so many emotions i literally wasn’t joking when i said i could probably write an essay on your fic that’s how much it affected me. i write too so i could tell a hell of a lot of effort went into the fic and it shines through in every chapter. i swear to god there were moments i got chills and had to stop reading for a minute (this has literally only happened when i’ve read like proper novels and omg i just realised i must sound like such a kiss ass but oh well this is your fault anyway so sorry for the word vomit)  the characters were so compelling and unique i’ve never seen a relationship like theirs before and i found it so so enthralling. and i think you also wrote one of my favourite version of jin i have ever seen. i write bts ff too and i read a lot of it and i feel jin is usually the one who gets stereotyped and kinda forgotten or dismissed and poorly written jin is one of my pet peeves and you made him so interesting and complex (it was so interesting to see the one who is usually stuck in the ‘motherly’ roll act the way he does in your stroy and it made my heart sing) and tae omg my poor baby he was hurting so much, they both were and you did such a good job of getting in their heads and letting us understand why they acted the way they did (i saw you explained jin’s charcater and motivation at the very end but personally i didn’t need that bc i thought it was very clear from the way you wrote but it was interesting to read none the less) you had me rooting for them to work out (which is quite a feat considering how messed up everything was) 

your writing style was quite simple imo but so so effective and at times really beautiful and atmospheric and idk how to describe it but it felt clean and neat like it wasn’t cluttered with needless words which is how good writing is supposed to be, you take out the unnecessary fluff and you’re left with the best bits. i loved jk in this and his relationship with taehyung. it was plotted so well and i was so happy with the ending seriously i don’t think i wanted it to end any other way. it was just so satisfying and perfect like i hate when ending so get it right like an itch i can’t scratch and it bugs the shit out of me.  

like i said i write too so i know how important feedback is and how rewarding it is to get comments (well for me anyway) so i am sorry i didn’t go out of my way to tell you how incredible your fic is but i hope this embarassing mess of a reply gets across how i felt and yeah

just thank you and everyone go read this fic~ 

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Disrespect , disappointment, hatefulness

So many people are hating on Felix

Others are saying Jack wasn’t helping Felix in a time of need

Now people are saying Mark was only talking about himself or him not talking about Jews?

Why are people doing this, it was one video. Felix said he was sorry. He said he knew what he had done was wrong. Then Jack made a video saying his own thoughts. People stared saying he was wrong, he wasn’t helping Felix, that everyone was disappointed in him. And now people are mad at Mark?

Fans everywhere are hating, unsubscribing, and are just being assholes to these three amazing men. These men make us laugh and help us through our toughest days. These men have helped so many people by just making videos. I call these men my friends.

We need to do something. We need to help. And by help I don’t mean to tell all the haters to back the fuck up. Ok, don’t do that. We need to say the truth, what Felix really said, what Jack really meant , and what Mark is trying to say. We need to help them and support them.

Please excuse the quality, I was told no flash on set. I had a blast getting to meet so many amazing people yesterday. This one in particular was so surreal. @christiankane1 is so down to Earth, kind, humble, and genuine. I got to hang out with him, Chris Rich, and a few other awesome people after we wrapped. Christian played Eliot Spencer on one of my all time favorite shows “Leverage”. He was so kind and didn’t make me feel like a “small actor”, I was just a person, or “the Pastors Wife” as I was nicknamed. Hopefully we will cross paths again and get a better picture next time! It was great meeting you, Christian and I hope that you find continued success both in career and life! 💗💗

A picture of me while we were taking a walk with Yamada-kun in Hong Kong.
We’re finally home… It’s been amazing to play overseas again and the time we had was definitely great. Can’t wait for upcoming shows and I really want to meet more people and make them happy with our music…. But now, let’s enjoy the time back in Japan!✌

The day I apparently broke the internet! From Dallascon16

So I have come to learn that quite a lot of people have seen this photo and only about half know the amazing story behind it. So I thought I would finally tell it here on tumblr!

I had bought a mishalecki photo op ticket on the Thursday before the convention but had absolutely no clue what pose to do, until it hit me. I am a hug Misha fan, and every time I have gotten to talk to him I am usually sarcastic and try to match his wit. I also love Jared, he is like an actually giant puppy. Anyway way the whole fandom knows that Misha had bragged about how flexible he is, well I am quite flexible too. Just as flexible as Misha actually,lol! So then this pose came to mind. I knew it would crack Jared up and it would give me a chance to show off some skill. I didn’t want to many people knowing what pose I was going to do because I was afraid volunteers might not be keen on the idea or I just wanted it to be a surprise.

So I was third or so in line for the photo and Misha and Jared set the tone pretty quickly with their entrance that screamed fun and sexy. Half the people in the room knew what pose I was gonna do and the other half didn’t. When it came my turn I walked up to Jared and Misha, I had to repeat it twice but for the sake of just retyping the same things I will write once.

I stood between Jared and Misha, looking at Jared while I kept Misha in my sights. I said this, “ Hey guys so I am going to do a pose you have never done before. (They began to smile; I then gently put my hand on Misha’s chest to direct Jared’s attention) See I am more flexible than Misha is, (Jared chuckled, Misha looked curious) so I am going to do a reverse table top yoga pose and I want you two to arm wrestle on my stomach. Look as extreme as possible, got it!?” I had to repeat this twice, but both were smiling and went ok, I have a feeling they were still confused, that was until I hit the ground. I heard half the room gasp,slightly, and the other half sorta whispering. From above I heard Jared and Misha go at the same time, “OH”, they had finally understood. Jared actually signaled for Chris to do another picture because he realized they both were not ready when the photo was taken, I am so glad he did cause it turned out amazing.

As I started to come out of the pose Jared helped me up, which was basically pulling me 3ft into the air, I am 5′2! He went, “Damn girl that was kick ass!” and gave me a high five. I told both of them thank you and started to walk away when Misha decided he was not done with me yet. Misha gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back. He leaned in so close to my face I could feel his scruff and he whispered, “ Your not more flexible than me.” As I turned to look at him he gave me the Casifer grin and winked. And to put the cherry on top of me walking away I started smiling and wagging my finger going, “No no no no no”, and the damn music stopped. Misha and Jared chuckled and I left. Later that day I showed Jared the photo, he cracked up laughing and decided to sign it, even though I already had his auto. I was like Jared stop and he went, nope I am signing this. He also signed it with AKF.

There you have it, my crazy story!


While watching Episode 12, something became apparent to me.


12 was a splendid sight to behold, from Victor’s tears to the skating scene at the end, the animation was amazing and the cinematography is gorgeous. People are pointing out that Episode 1’s opening had less colour than Episode 11’s, but let’s look at the actual show. 

Red is the colour of Russia, or the colour Yurio and Victor wear most of the time. Victor is shown wearing a red jacket at the beginning of the show when we first meet him, and his skating outfit is a shade of red, pink.

Even Yurio is up in this action, the cute little bun. 

When you think red, it’s Russia. 

But Yuri Katsuki, his colour is obviously Blue. His glasses are blue, his coats are blue, his skating outfit is blue, his aesthetic IS BLUE.

Victor’s eyes always intrigued me, because well, he’s a silver haired guy with blue eyes. *cough* Riku from kingdom hearts *cough* Anyways, his eyes are blue, because blue is what he has his sights on, and will always see, aka: Yuri.

In a way, Yuri has the same thing going on, because the brown of his eyes is a type of red.

(source: randomyelly) In Randomyelly’s gifs, of comparing their two respect performances, it’s easy to see the blue and red contrasts between the two. 

Then, in Yuri’s performance there is a sudden shift in tone with the introduction of Purple. 

You can say it’s the same dress as before, but this is one of the frames before the lighting change.

You can see the purple in the dress, even as the light is blue. 

The point with the introduction of purple, comes down to one single line: “When I open up, he meets me where I am.” 

Yuri has a fear that he is holding back Victor from being on the ice, and these fears have been dulled down by the end of this episode. (Not extinguished, but have been calmed for the time being.) Purple is a combination of red, Victor’s colour and blue, Yuri’s colour. As well as being in their duet, Victor’s colour is purple in the aforementioned opening song. 

It shows that Victor can still be himself and skate, while having and accepting Yuri in his life. Even if you argue that Victor’s outfit was red, it’s somewhat even more poetic, seeing Victor and Yuri work and come together under their combined colour, both meeting as equals and lovers. I love that there was so much work and effort put into this show, right down to the colours. 

At the end, Yuri is even running beside a red bus, showing us, the audience, Victor’s going to be by his side.

Today’s Meetup

The meetup was today and it was absolutely insane and so incredible and I had just an amazing time. Just wanted to talk a little bit about it, but before I go into it more, I want to say a couple things.

I was not at all prepared for this meetup and I want to apologize. With such a new and growing audience I had no idea what to expect for this meetup. I legitimately thought 15-20 people were going to show up, but instead over 200 people ended up coming. 

Originally I had planned on having this meetup in the mall, thinking that the mall would be able to handle the small group of people that would show up. Had I known that so many people were going to come, I would’ve put a LOT more planning into it, and it would have been a lot more organized.

Before I had even gotten to the meetup, people were already getting kicked out of the mall and forced into the parking lot by mall security and police. At the time I thought “well okay, we’ll just move it to the parking lot.”

After arriving and seeing the huge swarm of people, I had to talk to the police and was told that myself and everyone involved in the meetup had to leave the mall property at once. I did not anticipate this at all, so I seriously had no plan. Then I told everyone that we were moving to a new location which was about 20 minutes away with traffic. 

After arriving at the new location, we were all then outside in the cold and we were still taking pictures and signing stuff far after it had already gotten dark. That was totally fine with me, and I made it clear from the beginning that every single person would have a chance for a hug and a picture. But what I was not okay with was the fact that you guys had to wait so long in the cold and in the dark to meet me. I honestly do feel terrible about it. 

I feel so bad knowing that you guys waited so long in the mall to meet me, then were all kicked out, then you all had to move to a completely new location and had to wait in the dark and in the cold to meet me. I sincerely apologize, and in the future, I will absolutely put more thought into these kind of things.


This meetup was absolutely insane and so surreal for me. As I said before, I thought that 15 MAYBE 20 people would show up, and when I saw the giant mob of people outside of best buy, I was completely astonished. To everyone that came to the meetup, thank you so so so much. It was so amazing meeting so many of you and getting to see you face to face. You were all so kind and so lovely to interact with. Every one of you was so cheerful and you were all so respectful of not only myself, but to the other people that were there. I am so proud of you guys. This was such an amazing experience and I had so much fun. I really hope that those of you who went weren’t disappointed, and I hope that you all had as much fun as I did, despite having to stand in the cold. 

It was so touching to hear all of your stories and see how much the channel has affected every one of you. I am so lucky to have such a kind and giving community. Thank you all so much for coming today. It was amazing and I cannot thank you guys enough. You all absolutely blew me away. I had so much fun taking pictures with you guys, and filming videos with you and just simply getting to say hi.

Thank you for being at the meetup, thank you for being so kind, and thank you for being a part of this incredible community.

Today was incredible. I cannot comprehend what happened today.

I love you all so much.

Season 2 was meant to be a stepping stone.

Look, I’m not gonna act like there weren’t problems. There was too much going on in the small timespace they had to really flesh out everything they wanted to, and the season really suffered for that. At face value, this season was weak and, for most people, failed to meet the expectations left over from the amazing production of Season 1. 

But it wasn’t meant to meet those expectations in the first place. 

As some people have pointed out, Season 1 was meant to take place over the course of a longer time period than Season 2. Season 1 was introductory, it was meant to set up the characters, the premise, and the villains. And it delivered. The story took place over the course of 1-2 months, and the worldbuilding was kept to a minimum in order to place a focus on the characters.

Season 2? This was meant to expand the universe. It was meant to explore different species and planets, as well as give us insight to rebel groups formed from Galra and connect them to those key aspects of our main characters. They also tried to carry this out over what can amount to no more than 2 weeks within the universe.

How are you supposed to meet those expectations when premise of these seasons aren’t meant to be similar in any remote aspect? What relationships between characters are supposed to develop within two weeks? Season 2 wasn’t supposed to flesh out every character and work through their relationships with the rest of the team. They didn’t have the time.

Instead, Season 2 took a different route.

It laid the building blocks for the seasons to follow, and made sure to connect them properly. It’s primary focus was to introduce new worlds and emphasize Shiro’s connection to the black lion, and it made sure to focus on that because he would be gone by the end of the season. It set up Keith to take Shiro’s place if anything were to happen to him, but it made sure to emphasize Keith’s connection with the Red Lion as well, in order to make the audience wonder whether or not a switch would actually take place.

The Keith & Allura development was weak here because it was only meant to serve as the starting point for what is meant to be an important arc between the two of them (Shiro was the closest with both of them, after all). The season left hints to Lance’s insecurities because they’re meant to be explored more in correlation to Shiro having wanted Keith to lead Voltron, and Keith potentially wanting to pass that torch to Allura instead. And, although it was very subtle, there was some implications that if they had actually been successful in their battle with Zarkon, Hunk may not know whether or not he wanted to remain on Earth after he returned. 

I have my problems with this season, too. There was much that could have been taken out or rearranged in a way that would have been much more satisfying, and frankly, may have served as better foundation for the next season. But that isn’t my point. My point is that despite the flaws and misdirection at times, this season laid the foundation for what’s to come, and plans to connect everything. 

We just have to be willing to give it the time this season lacked.

“ I really think that for us, who all grew up listening primarily to recorded music, we tend to forget that until about 120 years ago ephemeral experience was the only one people had. I remember reading about a huge fan of Beethoven who lived to the age of 86 [in the era before recordings], and the great triumph of his life was that he’d managed to hear the Fifth Symphony six times. That’s pretty amazing. They would have been spread over many years, so there would have been no way of reliably comparing those performances. “

~Brian Eno

Do you ever think about the fact that Brian McCook didn’t think he would see 30 and he’s now 34 and he hasn’t had a bad day in awhile and is really happy. Do you ever think about the fact that Brian McCook was worried that people wouldn’t like him on drag race and now he’s one of the most loved ru girls in history. Do you ever think about how much Brian McCook has grown  in such a short amount of time and how confident he was in all stars 2 compared to season 7. Do you ever think about the fact that anyone who meets Brian McCook has nothing but amazing things to say about him. Do you ever think about how intelligent  Brian McCook is and how inspiring he is to so many people.  I just  love Brian McCook so much… I love him so so SO much??? He’s such an amazing human being who deserves all the love that he’s received and more.

The signs as love quotes

Aries: “Maybe in my black and white world, you were the only thing that was gray.”

Taurus: “If you fall, I’ll pick you up, if not, I will lay down with you.”

Gemini: “We loved with a love that was more than love.”

Cancer: “One of the most amazing feelings in the world is having someone fall in love with you who you thought you never had a chance with.”

Leo: “I like when you smile, but I love it when I’m the reason.”

Virgo: “My only mission is to make you happy.”

Libra: “You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.”

Scorpio: “When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and nobody can keep them apart.”

Sagittarius: “I bet not even all the fireworks in the world can light up my world like you do.”

Capricorn: “I would love you in any shape, in any world, with any past. Never doubt that.”

Aquarius: “I feel like I could love you forever, and that scares the shit out of me.”

Pisces: “You are the first thing I think of every morning, the last thing that stays on my mind every night.”

source: the one and only - tumblr

Trigger warning- child abuse.
Spending time cuddling this silly goose today.
Last night, for the first time, I woke up and hyperventilated. I had a horrific dream that I’d left her with an unknown babysitter (obv would never do) and they’d abused her. People don’t talk much about child abuse because it’s distressing but, I was very badly physically abused by my stepmother (not the amazing gorgeous one I have now) for 8 years from 7-15 and as that level of abuse would, its traumatised me. Whilst child abuse isn’t the norm (thank god), it does happen and I think I’d like to talk about it more. Nobody helped me because they didn’t want to seem nosey or thought it wasn’t their place. As the child with broken ribs and bruises carefully left where clothes would hide them, I wouldn’t have cared if someone had been nosey or stepped in. I wasn’t in a position where I could help myself, abusers are incredibly controlling and manipulative- I needed other people to help me.
I’m not a victim of my abuser but I’m still, on occasion, effected by her and what she did to me.
If you suspect someone is being abused, mistreated, whatever you want to call it, speak up. Talk to people. You can email the samaritans or confidentially call childline.
After a good cry and a lot of love from Liam, I feel ok. Not great because what’s usually deeply buried feels very fresh, but ok and ready to enjoy my day, because I can, because she didn’t win. I did.
Be aware of abuse and help stop it. ❤️ http://ift.tt/2fRS8S0

Merry Christmas everyone!! i don’t know what time zone you guys are in but it’s currently the 24th of december in Sweden, which is the day when we swedes celebrate christmas, for some weird reason…? i’ve been working really hard on this drawing, because it’s my christmas present to these fandoms/communitys! i was originally gonna add more people but i had no idea how to fit them all in so this is all i got. i hope you all have a wonderful christmas, and if you don’t celebrate it, i hope you have an amazing day nonetheless. Merry Christmas weirdos!

Everyone that watches YoI think the skaters are amazing and we have only really seen Viktor and Yakov coaching, a little of Celestino so time to appreciate the coaches!

In episode 5 we had Kenjirou and his coach. No matter the result, look how happy they are over a personal record!

Episode 7 gave us more of Guanghong and his coach. Not sure if she is really nice but she calms him and carries his stuffed animals so she looks okay to me!

In episode 6 we got a little of Leo’s coach but this week gave us a bit more and show us how close they are.

Next, Phichit and Celestino. They fit well together, both very lively and cheerful people. I wonder who the woman is tho, is it Celestino’s wife or who is she?

Finally, Chris and his coach. I was surprised to see how nice of a guy it was. He looked like an ass but he is far nicer than Yakov.

Anyway, I love the subtle moments of showing the relations between coach and skater!

“i’m glad you came.”

Yup this gif is inspired by that amazing UT amv :D

Finally! I’m ready to thank all of you ;w; This week I reached 5,000 followers, and I really wanted to do something special to thank (I wanted to do that even earlier when I reached 1,000 followers, but never had time to do something T^T )I’ve never expected that I could get so many people following my Tumblr blog, but it happend, I’m amazed. When I set up my blog, I didn’t use it until joining Undertale fandom, I’m glad that I started to use my blog to post my fanarts ;w;

Thank you so much! *hugs

*I’m going to do a giveaway contest to celebrate 5,000+ followers. Soon I will post more details about it C:

Do you ever wonder, as each day passes by, if that was it?
Was that the best day, the best kiss, the hardest laugh?
Has it slipped our grasp?
Has it passed us by?
Do you question whether you missed your chance?
Do you think such great things…moments…people have the ability to repeat themselves?
I desperately hope this is true.
I pray good things come frequently, great things come often, and amazing things just might come in twos.
Because, god forbid, you don’t realize the first time the rarity of what is at your finger tips, who is lying next to you at night, or the immensity of your happiness in a given moment.
I hope for all our sake that we get a chance to recognize this again, to identify what we had once overlooked.
You just never know if what you have given away out of naivety is the best you were meant to receive from life.
I beg life for second chances, I beg myself to appreciate everything the first time around.
—  hanaaraii, A Book I’m Going to Write (H.A) 

I used to be such a snob about things like this. Once I started teaching kids, though, it became easier for me to accept that people aren’t born knowing things that I take for granted. Now that I teach an introductory bioanth course, one joy I get is seeing people learn something amazing for the first time. If we had better science education and communication, people wouldn’t have to wait till college to be part of it!