had some of the page saved in my files

Remember This

Summary: “As long as I remember you, you will never be lost to me. You will never be lost again.”

Characters: Kim Taehyung x Reader/You

Genre: Wedding Planner!AU, v angsty, as usual

A/N: im back from the dead! show this some love pls <3 requested by @myeonggu here

The rules for your job are fairly simple. There are only two.

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Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share with you some of the mess I dealt with today. Last night I went to bed, and my computer had a difficult time shutting down. I didn’t make much of it, but this morning it had to repair a drive when it booted. This made me uneasy, since repairing drives can damage and erase files. After searching through said drive, I noticed a folder was missing.

The folder where I keep all of my drawings

The folder that contains every page I’ve ever done for the Academy.

So, over the roughly eight hours I spent trying to recover files from the drive, part of me was trying to figure out how I would explain this to you guys. Pages in progress, a big thing I’m working on for the Academy, hours and hours of work gone in a bad partition. There’s no way to work around that.

The good news is, a friend was able to help me, and it appears everything has been pulled safely from the drive. So, the Academy will continue on “schedule.” Rather than have to explain to you guys what I’ll have to do to recover, I get to share today’s events as an anecdote. I was lax in my archiving of things that I cared about. I ignored a hard drive behaving erratically. Drives fail. If you have work that you care about, take the necessary steps to ensure it is safe. Make backups, make backups of backups. My archive drive is external, and I leave it off when I’m not writing to it so that it’s entirely disconnected from anything that could harm it.

I spent most of today in a panic, but thankfully it appears the worst is over. If I had taken proper steps, this would not have been a crisis in the first place. I hope you’ll take the lesson from my near-tragedy, and be careful with the work and the things that you care about. Because everything not saved will be lost.

Thanks everyone.


Coloring process….

Guys some of the files (commissions and personal projects) that i was coloring had an error and they didn’t saved on my computer and now i have to start coloring them all over again…this comic page was one of the files affected by the error on my computer but i´ve been coloring it…Hope you like it!

(and dont worry the commissions will cost - 50% less for the delay)

A Word file, is a zip in disguise

Just rename your file from .docx to .zip and unzip. You will get a folder of all stuff inside the doc, like all the images and some crazy xml content.

As a web developer, my clients often send stuff for me to place on their website, mostly in a doc with dozens of pages with images. I got tired of saving every single image from the doc. Too many clickz. Much carpel tunnel.

This saves me a lot of time so I just had to share this awesome trick.


When in doubt, doodle about!

So, when i was browsing my files, i noticed i had saved some doodles i made last semester in school when i was bored, but never posted, why? because the plan was to doodle everyone, and the program i was using (sketchbook pro) corrupted the colors of the Pokemon reps when i was working on them after saving the progress for the day and going home.

I figured “why not finish these doodles now then?” and so i did. Behold a lot of doodles and jokes!

the original doodling is only the first page, page 2, 3 and 4 are what i was drawing lately, was a lot of fun and practice, actually, I’d recommend giving it a shot.

One thing of note, before this post i mentioned that i was working on a secret project, well boys and girls, this ain’t it. Hard to believe, but this is only practice for the real thing, and the real thing is more elaborate than all of this, more on that later.

(PS: i consider the inkling to already be part of the smash family, what’s with the success of the game and it being first party, its just a matter of WHEN they will join the cast).