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Teach Me

I had an anon request for Professor Dean smut. Here ya go!

Summary: You are in a secret relationship with your grad school professor. The two of you have some fun in his office.

Warning: smut, a tiny bit of dirty talk

Word Count: 2650

A/N: This was a fun AU to write! Hope you enjoy! Feedback appreciated!

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About Tai’s Joke

Last weekend, myself and the entire rest of the RWBY fandom held its breath after the now-infamous “you must have lost some brain cells” moment.

This moment, after the initial shock, is beautiful. It shows us so much about the relationship between Yang and her father.

We have *never* seen them interact before, ever. We had no idea what their character dynamic was prior to Yang’s maiming and PTSD. No basis for comparison.

Before Beacon, I can easily imagine Tai and Yang constantly poking at each other (all in good fun). They’re both pranksters who love a good laugh and can take a hit. I can just imagine them training together: Tai gently ribbing Yang on her fighting form. Yang telling him he’s doing pretty well for an old guy. Landing a couple blows and being able to laugh it off because, at the end of the day, Tai and Yang are family. They love each other, and they know despite their smack talk, they have each others’ back no matter what.

But that balance was disrupted by Yang’s loss of limb. Suddenly she’s missing part of herself, struggling to remember what normal feels like, and every moment is a reminder that she’s not whole again, and the way Tai treats her very delicately during and after the timeskip only reinforces that.

Tai has been tiptoeing around Yang for months, avoiding the issue, doing all he can for his little girl. No jokes, no pranks. Their relationship is completely different now. He’s been trying a gentle approach, and it’s so out of the norm from before that it only makes Yang more conscious of her loss. 

So Tai makes a gamble, in a moment where Yang seems to be in a better mood than usual, chuckling at the shenanigans of Port and Ooblek, having something to distract her, if only for a moment, from her loss. It’s a risk, but one that Tai’s willing to take to try to bring Yang back from the dark place she’s in right now.

And it works. This little moment, this almost-out-of-bounds joke, jolts Yang briefly into the past. Her laugh is real, genuine. The jab is a reminder of simpler times, of normalcy. And Yang needs normal right now, after being treated like a breakable thing for months on end by her family, her friends, and even herself. For a brief moment, she was no longer a victim, but just a daughter laughing at another stupid dad joke.

It’s a small step, but an important one on the road to recovery. 


My dearest friend @zabka-zee was at MechaCon 2016 this past July and had snapped a quick photo for me of her friend (the Symmetra) alongside a hilarious Junkrat cosplayer who apparently totally knew what they were up to. I thought the entire story was just so hilariously sweet and I love my girl for thinking of me over the weekend and having some silly shipper fun with friends. I HAD to draw the result of these shenanigans!

Look who I found at the MSP airport! It’s RachelFightsBack! I had seen that she was headed to Minneapolis for the weekend and thought it would be funny if I bumped into her. I was sitting on a bench and turned around and there she was! She’s just as adorable in person as you would think she would be! So fun to meet her in person. 

Then I got to welcome home our wonderful daughter home for spring break!

While she’s probably more excited about free food, extra sleep, and cuddling with the dog, we are excited to get to spend lots of time with her and give her some in person parental loving. Our son is headed to Boston to hunt for apartments, so she’ll have to suffer all of our attention. I’m pretty lucky!

So glad I got my run done yesterday. I went to mat Pilates this morning and other than my airport run, have been taking a much needed day off. Back at it tomorrow!


This costume was like a year in the making and I finally got to wear it the other weekend at Brisnova! :’)

I was dying and sweating SO BAD because it was so hot that weekend and at the point when these were taken some things were kinda slipping & getting bent out of place (I’ll redo like the belt buckle thing and fix stuff next time I wear her) but overall I had a really fun time and everyone that asked for pics was so lovely and ahhlashfa

My bestie took these shots of me just with her phone but hopefully next time (and when it’s cooler) I can organise a shoot~ yayyy

Mistletoe Mayhem

Merry Christmas Eve! I hope everyone is having a very nice holiday weekend. I have a little early Christmas present for all of you! Since I had some time off of work I was able to finish writing my holiday Meihem fan fic ^.^ You can also find it on AO3 here. Without further ado, enjoy some Mistletoe Mayhem:

It was one hell of a Christmas party they were throwing at the Watchpoint. As a buddhist Mei didn’t really celebrate Christmas, but she wasn’t about to turn down a chance to blow off some steam and have fun with her friends. She stood with Angela and a plastic cup of punch as they watched Lena and Hana face off against Lucio and Jamison in a tiebreaker match of beer pong. Jack had tried to stop Hana from playing, saying she was underage, but she had pushed back by pointing out that the legal drinking age in Korea was 19, her exact age. Eventually Hana had gotten her way, Jack had flopped onto a couch with a beer and a grumble, and the game had begun.

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Everyone was super amazing this weekend! My favorite op is my solo Jared, where I asked him to give me a protective hug. J2 were sweet as always, giving high fives and great hugs. We had so much fun, especially at autographs.

My kiddo brought Jared some Harry Potter gummy slugs and pretended with him that they were real. He joked around that she better be kidding or she’d have to eat real slugs too. She finally said no, no they’re just gummies and he said he’d find her and get her if she was lying 😂 He’s such a good sport.

Jensen asked about her missing tooth and where it went and what the tooth fairy brought her, and acted surprised that she got a whole dollar. He saw that her other tooth is loose and goes “you don’t have to yank out all your teeth to make money!” He told her she could rake leaves, or find a partner for lonely socks, or do laundry and finally was like “just rip them all out” to which his handler gave him pretty funny looks. Kiddo then told him about pranking Jared with candy slugs and Jensen promised to laugh at him later about it.

So some of you have contacted me and suggested that I participate in SatArtday this week.  The theme was redesigning Star in a new outfit.  I was reluctant at first but I couldn’t help think of all the different designs I could draw.  I love character designing and this outfit was a lot of fun.  I wanted to draw her in a skater inspired outfit but for some reason I see her riding a scooter instead of a skateboard, haha.  The colors are so vibrant and really out there that my favorite thing in the design is her jacket.  

At this point I submitted this already so I’m posting it on my own account just in case they don’t use it for this weekend.  I still have another design to color and if I can finish it before Saturday, I’ll submit another one.

Thank you all for the push to participate in this challenge.  I had a lot of fun with it and I hope you all enjoy the colorful space inspired outfit I made for her. 

How To Be A Heartbreaker

Originally posted by hohbi

Words: 3597

Parings: hoseok x reader

Genre: fluff, smut

Summary: You were the player out of your friend group but when Hoseok comes along and enter your life, Will you player title be taken away?

Warning: oral sex, cussing

AN: I wrote this based off of Marina and The Diamond’s song How To Be A Heartbreaker, highly recommend listening to the song while reading this if you haven’t heard it.

Rule 1. You Gotta Have Fun

“Y/N are you ready yet?” Abigail said as she peaked her head into the hotel bathroom.

“Almost.” You said as you were recurling some pieces of hair that had fallen out throughout the day. You and a few of your friends were spending the weekend out of town for Abigail’s birthday. You had just finished spending all day shopping, getting your nails done, etc. All gearing up for tonight, you and your friends pitched in to get all of you tickets to see one of her favorite bands in concert. Abigail was the first to get ready since she was the most excited and wanted to get there super early to get into the stadium first. You back away from the mirror and took a long look at yourself before heading out the door. You were wearing a pair of ripped black skinny jeans, a grey crop top and an army green jacket wrapped around your waist. You sprayed some perfume and headed out of the bathroom and into the room where everyone else was finishing getting ready.

“I’m so excited!!” Abigail said jumping onto the bed next to you knocking over some bags from earlier that day.

“Don’t waste all your energy now, save some for later.” Sam said as she was putting on her sneakers.

“I can’t help it, I’ve been waiting years to see them perform live and I’m so happy I have amazing friends like you that would make this dream a reality.” She says opening her arms for a big group hug. You and Sam jump into her arms and end up falling off the bed onto each other laughing hysterically.

“Awwww, I’m never around for the group hug.” Cameron said as she walked out the bathroom. You reached up and grabbed her arm pulling her down onto the floor. You loved these girls with all our heart and couldn’t imagine being with anyone else.

“Y/N promise you won’t go off with some guy.” Abigail said sitting up causing the atmosphere to go from happy to serious.

You were known for being what they call, a “player.” You couldn’t help it, guys always fell at your feet and you enjoyed having them. You never really wanted a real relationship so when the night was over, you’d get up and leave never seeing them again. It was just how you rolled, and you haven’t been happier.

“I can’t promise that,” You said as you say Abigail’s facial expression drop, “but, I can promise that I can get you a guy tonight.” You said seeing her face light up like a Christmas Tree.

“Really?!” She said as she jumped back into your arms for another big hug.

“Best birthday ever!!!” She said.

When you made it to the stadium there were already hundreds of people waiting in line to get in, so this was the perfect time to scope out potential partners tonight. Sam and Cameron both had boyfriends so they were out of the game but enjoyed helping out, they just couldn’t do anything with whom they found.  You didn’t find anyone while waiting in line which made you think that tonight was going to be a free night for you. Just as you had that thought, you locked eyes with a tall, pinkish hair, really fit boy. He wa surrounded by 6 other guys who were just as tall and good looking as him. You smirk at him realizing you’ve found your victim.

“Abigail, over there.” You point over to the boys behind you.

“Oh my, daddy’s af.” She says causing the entire group to burst out laughing.

Finally, it was your turn to show your tickets and head inside the stadium. You found your seats and sat down.

“We’re gonna go get some drinks, do you guys want anything?” Sam says and her and Cameron stand up.

“Can I have a soda?” Abigail says.

“Me too.” You say smiling at them giving them room to get past you guys.

“I can’t believe i’m finally here!!” Abigail says shaking your arm causing you to burst out laughing at her. You turn your head and notice the boy you saw earlier were sitting directly behind you. The one you locked eyes with earlier was directly behind you sitting on his phone not paying attention to anything around him. This was going to be a fun night.

Halfway through the concert your voices were already gone and the main act hadn’t even come out yet. There was a little intermission before the main act came out so that they could get the stage ready for them and also allowing everyone to go to the bathroom and get settled.

“Guys! Do you wanna go down to the stage? I see an empty spot and people are just walking down there with no security stopping them!” Abigail says not giving us a chance to answer before she grabs onto our arms and pulls us away from the stands and down the stairs. You make it the middle of the crowd and have a way better view of the stage than before. Abigail couldn’t stop moving because her excitement was taking over her body. You turn around looking back at your seats to see the boys again and realize, they were gone. Where did they go off to? Just as you questioned that, the lights dimmed and music started to play telling everyone that the concert was about to begin again. You head high pitch screams all around the stadium and your heart starts to pound. You started dancing along to the music forgetting about everything around you and not caring that you probably looked crazy. Your voice recovered over the break but was slowly giving out once more. You moved your hips to the beat of the song feeling every beat hit your body. You felt hands wrap around your waist guiding you along to the music. Thinking it was Cameron or Sam you went along with it. You continued this until the song was over when you turned around and noticed it wasn’t Cameron or Sam. It was the tall guy from earlier. Your heart stopped and you started to sweat even more than before. The guy smirked at you and went back to dancing to the next song that started to play.

“Was he going to play me? Well sir, two can play at this game.” You thought to yourself before backing up and moving your hips again telling him you wanted to continue what you left off. He gladly accepted and paced his hands on your hips again. You look over and see Abigail was doing the same thing with one of the other guys. You were glad she found someone because now, you could mess with your guy all you wanted. You continued grinding on him feeling how hard he was getting. His hands felt you up gliding down your hips onto your thighs and back up to you waist feeling every curve in your body. Just as soon as the song ended you got off of him and went over to Sam leaving him hard by himself. You stood next to Sam and looked over at him. He was staring at you with a “the fuck are you doing?” face. You laughed at him and winked knowing you were winning.

You decided to go to the bathroom during one of the slow songs to give yourself a break. You walk in and notice there was no line since everyone was in the stadium causing you to feel utter joy. You heard someone walk in, but it didn’t sound like a girl. The steps were super strong and hard telling you it was a man that walked in. You had a panic moment thinking you had walked into the men’s restroom which would make sense since there was no line. You peak through the crack in the stall and look around noticing there was no urinals which made you believe you were in the girl’s restroom.

“Why the hell is a guy in here then?” You thought to yourself. You step out and look around seeing no man around. You walk to the sinks and wash your hands. A pair of arms wrap around your waist causing you to turn around and slap the person behind you. The person falls to the floor grabbing his face and then you noticed, it was hard-on boy.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” You shout out realizing this man was just a creep and not some toy you messed with.

“Shit, you’re strong.” He says picking himself up off the floor.

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My Boys Drabbles - Elevator Ride

Hey guys. I wrote this story a couple of days ago and it probably deserved more decent editing by me. Since I’m on a train to Scotland doing basically nothing, I’ve decided to post it. :)

Thank you @jia911​ for your reliable support and proofreading!

This story is from the series My Boys Drabbles but it can also be read as a independent one shot.

  • The Prompt:

The lovely @bluebelle18 asked to write a story about Owen getting really angry at Amelia.

  • Timeline:

This happens before they had kids, after ‘Sunburn’ and ‘Pest Infestation’.

My Boys Drabbles – Elevator Ride

“Hey, Jim!” Amelia barged in the radiology room where the neurosurgery team usually gathered every Tuesday morning to discuss cases. “How was the weekend?” She playfully asked, suggestively giving her colleague a pat on the shoulder and a dirty gaze. “Yeah, look at that womanizer face you got there… I bet you had some fun!”

Jim Nelson gave her one mortified look that made Amelia crack up laughing. She loved to tease the other attending and that was no secret. Seeing her colleague’s usual lack of response, Amelia was about to add another teasing comment when her husband stormed into the room.

“I need you, ER, now,” He demanded, without offering any explanation.

Amelia frowned and looked puzzled from Jim Nelson to the door, but Owen had already left. Without much of a choice, she excused herself and followed his trail, wondering what in the world could justify Owen being in a hurry like that.


“You stay close and make sure you have your kits on you all the time,” Owen commanded, pacing back and forth to make sure the whole team was properly geared up. “Don’t forget to add the appropriate tags so patients can be removed after they were assessed,” He reinforced for the third time, taking one last look at the team of five doctors who were in the transport with him.

Owen made individual eye contact with each one, receiving affirmative nods in return. It was no surprise people were following his lead, considering his entire background. Owen Hunt was good in critical situations and everyone knew that. To have a strong, imposing leader like him inspiring trust and confidence was comforting for the team of surgeons who were just about to take big risks in a massive accident location.

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this is one of my favourite journal entries from Eric; as it’s really about NOTHING, & he’s doing things and just seems happy…

Heh heh heh. I sure had fun this weekend. Let’s see, what really happened. Before going to Rock-n-Bowl we stopped by King Soopers and me and picked up some big ass stogies. We then went to Rock-n-Bowl and I had a few cigarettes and one of my brand new cigars. We then went back to ’s house where her mom had previously bought us all a fuck load of liquor. Personally I had asked for Tequila and Irish cream, Vodka got his Vodka, and there was beer, whiskey, schnapps, puckers, scotch, and of course, orange juice! So we had some fun there playing cards and making drinks. We eventually made it to bed at about 5 AM. Got up at 10, went to Safeway got some doughnuts and then I took Vodka home. The bottle of Tequila is almost full and is in my car right by my spare tire and right by the bottle of Irish Cream. Heh heh. I’ll have to find a spot for those 

- Eric Harris 11/8/98

prompt: Riley Matthews’ six favourite photos and the stories that go with them.


Summer vacation had just begun and the five friends (Zay was visiting family in Texas) had no idea what they should do. They had planned for this summer to be their best one yet, but they had no idea how to make it amazing. So, they were sitting in Topanga’s ome Wednesday morning, some talking, some on their phones, when Riley let out her signature, “Yayyyyyyy.”

The friends turned to look at her with questioning looks.

“I know what we should do this summer!” She squealed. “There’s a music festival this weekend not far from here. We HAVE to go.”

“A music festival? Is that fun?” asked Smackle. Obviously she’s never been to one, Riley thought. Even MORE yay.

“That it is, Smackle.” said Maya.

“Okay well, I have nothing better to do this summer. Let’s do it!” Farkle smiled.

So Riley went home and convinced her parents to let her go, on one condition of course, Uncle Josh had to come “chaperone”. Even though Riley knew he’s not much of a chaperone, she didn’t mention that to her parents. Uncle Josh was responsible, but he would probably just have fun with them so she didn’t mind him coming, Afterall, it would be nice to spend sometime with her favourite uncle. They hadn’t been spending much time together since he started college and she started high school, and she had to say she missed him. 

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I watched Ghostbusters over the weekend and LOVED IT! Such a fun, entertaining movie! And then when I saw everything happen on Leslie Jones’s twitter, I wanted to show support and did it by doing some fanart! I had an affinity for Patty especially in the movie, in high school, I was the girl more interested in arts and humanities hanging out with science and math gals. I could definitely relate to Patty as all of the science jargon flew over her head, but she brought something different to the team that the team needed. Patty had knowledge of New York history, she was intelligent in her own right, not to mention incredibly brave and hilarious! 

Anyway, I’m definitely rusty when it comes to finished illustrations because I’ve been so focused on drawing boards but this was really fun to do <3

If you can, please go watch Ghostbusters!! It’s a great, hilarious movie!!


More Shay photoshoot pictures!  We had a ton of fun in Montreal and these are just my iphone pictures.  Wait until @thenixonparente gets back to England and posts all her professional shots!  

That weekend was probably some of the most fun I’ve had stuffed into 4 days in a long time.  Also: Steven is a total sweetheart.  One of the nicest people (and insanely energetic) I’ve had the pleasure of spending time with!

UNDERTALE: One Year Anniversary WalkingMelonsAAA COLLAB!!

IT’S. FINALLY. DOOOONE!!! It'sdoneit'sdoneIt’s duhuhuuuunn…! X’D Oh my god I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks now and I’m just so glad that it’s finally done…been my main reason for the lack of sleep this last week…

This is the final part of the WalkingMelonsAAA COLLAB. First part being her MTT pic, second being this; she sent me the sketches of MTT EX and Muffet. Honestly though this was super fun to do! Gave me some great practice for BGs, fire and special effects, and then some. Unfortunately the speedpaint probly won’t be up for a min. because… A) I have over 60-70 hours of footage to go through and cram into 15 min. B) This is actually my birthday weekend lol, goshdarn the timing Toby!! He had to go and make an amazing game 2 days before my birthday…So the speedpaint will HOPEFULLY be up by this weekend, I wanna put it up on the week of Undertale’s Birthday, but the reality, probly whenever I get to it next week… :(

But I’m so excited. This is literally the launch point for Crystal Kitty K that I’ve been dreaming of since we kicked this off during the summer. CKK Flourishing: I’m gonna post the QnA a week after this speepaint comes out, and from there; commissions will be open, I’m gonna have a new banner and avatar, get a Patreon, and hopefully finally change my Deviantart account to Core and finally properly change my name to Crystal Kitty K. And it’s all thanks to Melons investing the time to work with me, and I sooo appreciate her humble generosity. I have told her a million times over and over again, but Melons, I’m so glad I got the opportunity to work with you. I’m so incredibly grateful in words that I can’t properly express here, but in the QnA hopefully you’ll get an inkling of how appreciative I am. Not only has this done wonders for my artistic career, but I feel like we really bonded through this entire ordeal, so thank you so so sooooo much Melons for EVERYTHING you’ve done for me. Thank you! XD

And thank you to every single person that has joined me during the streams, and has subscribed or watched me up until this point! I definitely wouldn’t be here without you guys so thank you…~

Whether they like it or not, I have some honorable mentions of people that have been in almost every single stream since the beginning, and have stayed up with me to sometimes well past 3 in the morning! You ridiculously loyal peoples…~ Owo

And thank you to everyone else that has joined me in the streams! You guys make my streams so much more enjoyable, more than you think! See you guys in the QnA!


This weekend I had (1) a military girls night thing, (2) joint bday party for a father & son who are moving away soon, (3) 6 year old bday party for Scout’s schoolmate, and (4) hanging out with the friends who are moving agin just one on one and eating their leftover Colorado edibles before they move. 

It was all fun stuff, just busy. On Saturday evening when I told Scout to get ready for C’s party, after we had gotten home from the other, she says, “that’s TONIGHT!? Mommy I am going to be soooo exhausted.” I feel ya, kiddo. 

Next weekend Scout has the city science fair (because she placed in her school’s she gets to compete against all the kindergarteners who placed) from 9-12, my in-laws arrive at some point that day (trying to get in before the science fair is over), and a birthday party at 2. They are staying until Thursday so most of the week will be Doing Things bc they don’t do well just at home. 

The weekend after that, well the saturday after that, we have a squadron fun run at 8:30 in the morning, a 3 year old bday party out at White Sands from 11-1 and Jem has a 5 year old bday party at the Space Museum at 2. 

When they’re all in elementary school and adding extra curricular activities to this I think I might need to hire an assistant. Please keep track of RSVPs and the calendar for me. Also split the driving bc my goodness it’s so much. Weekend are short enough, can we just stay in pjs and watch tv and eat snacks all day???

The Cave

“Come on honey, we’ll be safe in here.” I reassured my daughter as we made our way into the cave. “The storm won’t last long, then we’ll be on our way.” She still looked petrified.

Since my wife and I got divorced, every weekend I get my daughter from Friday night until Sunday night. And she never seems to have much fun with me, so this weekend I decided to take her camping. It was going well until this brutal storm started out of no where. Sheets of rain were pouring down, it seemed to be lightening right over us, and the wind was so strong it blew our tent away. So the only thing I could think to do was bring her to this cave for shelter.

She was terrified to be in here, I could tell. She was afraid that there might be some dangerous animals deeper in, and to be honest I was too. But I had to keep her feeling secure so I didn’t let my fear show.

“Daddy, are you sure there’s nothing else in here?” She asked.

“Absolutely sweetheart.”

“But how do you know?” She questioned, staring into the darkness of the cave.

“Hey!” I shouted. “Anything there!”

It echoed back…. “Hey anyone there….hey anyone there…..

We listened for a moment.

"See,” I said. “Nothing but us.”

She began to smile in relief. “I like the echo,” she said with a giggle. “Hello!” She hollered into the darkness.

The echo rolled back……

I had to smile, at least she was kind of having fun.

"See, no storm can keep us down.” I gave her a pat on the head. “Were alive and having fun!” I belted out waiting for the echo.

It echoed back…… “Not for long!….”

Written By: Sage

Every since their little get together in the pool Ryan had been actually putting thought into this. He wanted to take her to do something fun, only because he knew that if he didn’t then she was bound to kick his ass about it later. He took advantage of the weekend to spend the day on his phone looking for fun things to do in Hawaii, but nothing seemed really that interesting so he just decided to go old fashion. He texted Kodi quickly, letting her know when they’d be going and to not wear heels. He got ready himself, putting one of his button shirts, always leaving some of the buttons open and his usual black skinny and ripped jeans along with some boots, before he walked downstairs to wait for her in the front door. Hurry up. He texted her, just to tease.