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Presentation post !

Dr.Club doesn’t like nature. He was a man of city, of science. But when he had to escape and hide from enemies, the only option that come to him was this big stupid forest.
His plan was simple : Hide for one or two years, the time they forget him and he had a plan. And avoid EVERY FUCKING ANIMALS.

But things didn’t come like he planned when he meet someone that already live in this forest…A someone who look neither human or animal.
It was the beginning of a strange relationship.

Green Hat :

  • Age : Very old apparently (he was already here when they were dinosaurs).
  • Likes : Learn new things, taking care of animals and plants.
  • Dislikes : Scare people unintentionally, killing without necessity.
  • Powers : Incredible speed and strenght, shapeshifting, talk and understand every animal langage (except human), release pheromone to calm or scare someone, healing.
  • He’s the caretaker of the forest where he live. He protect it from natural catastrophies, humans that want to destroy the plants and kill the animals, and other predators from outside the forest. He also regulate the ecosystem, making sure they’re not too much predators or prey, and hunt if it’s the case. It’s the only moment when he eat meat, most of the time he eat plants.
  • He’s very curious about human, but never really could interact with them. They start to fear him since the beginning of their evolution, calling him monster, demon… It’s why he didn’t know how to communicate with them and avoid to show himself to them.
  • He found the top hat he wear when one day, years ago, he come face to face with a walking group of bourgeois, who run away at his sight. One of them lost his hat, and Green Hat keep it, finding it funny to wear ! He take off the top to let the plant on his head have sun and rain.
  • The plant on his head and his right eye are from when he healed himself after the comet that hit the Earth and kill all the dinosaurs. Whenever he heal someone, plants and flower grown where the wound was. And if you don’t take care of it, the pain of the wound come back.

Dr.Club :

  • Age : 22.
  • Likes : Science, comfort, cleanliness , studying.
  • Dislikes : Nature, animals, don’t know things, be told what to do.
  • He’s a scientist. What do he do before come to this forest ? He didn’t tell. Why did he was pursued ? He didn’t tell. No matter what you ask about his past, he refuse to talk about it. The paperbag he wear is to make sure nobody recognise him. He don’t talk much, but when he come to ask questions and study, he become quite chatty.
  • He’s afraid of every animals and insects. When he see one too close, he had panic attacks. He’s so afraid he can’t even eat meat.
  • He’s very curious about Green Hat, and try teach him how to talk english to communicate with him and learn more about it. Since this one had some difficulties, they use drawings to say what they want to say.
  • He’s afraid of 202 like every other animals, but he make his best to try to be used to it.
  • He didn’t dislike Florencia, but don’t like to talk with her, for some reasons nobody know.

Florencia :

  • Age : 19.
  • Likes : Nature, make friends, chilling while lying on the grass, singing songs with her guitar.
  • Dislikes : Violence, pollution, society.
  • A pure hippy, like her whole family. She leave her hometown to try to live in communion with the Nature… and almost died. After her solar energy van broke down and that she wasn’t able to find anything to eat, she was lying on the ground, waiting to be eat by some bears or wolfs. But Green Hat find her and take her to the camp of Club. When she felt better, she decided to stay with them, totally impressed by the way Green Hat survive in the forest for so long, and how he understand everything to the animals and plants. Green Hat accepted immediatly, so happy to make another human friend, and Club accepted too when Florencia say he could sleep in her van, so much more confortable than his tent.

202 :

  • Age : 5.
  • Likes : Fishes, berries, hugs.
  • Dislikes : Loneliness, when Club avoid him, or he’s too close to him.
  • A bear that Green Hat healed after an accident. He tried to return live with the other bears, but the flower on his wounds afraid the other bears. Alone, he returned to Green Hat who decide to take care of him.
  • He love Green Hat and Florencia, and is divided about Club. In one hand, he want to be friend with him, but in the other hand, his instinct tell him that he’s dangerous.