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Break: A sequel to Surprise

author’s note: this is the sequel to surprise by @torontogawd what we started and as we saw so many notes of saying you want another part, i was willing to write the second part, hope you like it. also this is very unedited so pardon me x also this took me literally idk how many months i’m so sorry

“Girls, girls, take it little easier and more quiet! You’re waking daddy up,” they both seemed to be restless and very into making some pancakes before Shawn is waking up. The break had started two days ago and it had been really tiring all way back home to Toronto with your loving husband and with two twins. Ava was like little Duracell rabbit, she couldn’t even stay stable for one second but that’s where Shawn’s wife, Y/N, had to find something that both of them had fun to do and make.

“Mommy, Victoria isn’t helping me,” Ava’s whiny voice tinged in Y/N’s head, reminding that she isn’t okay with something. Victoria was tasting the liquid or tough of a pancake and peeked from her eyecorner that nobody can catch her.

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One of the best things about That ‘70s Show is the fashion. It’s great to see the styles from back then on a more current TV show.

The characters all had some great outfits, Jackie especially. And we see a lot of terrific appreciation posts for her wonderful wardrobe and some great ones for Donna and a few for the guys too.

But someone who *never* really gets a lot of fashion appreciation or attention and who had some great, fun, very 70s style outfits is:

Kitty Forman! 

Just look at that skirt! It’s one of my favorite outfits.

Over the next few days or so I’ll be posting some Kitty Forman fashion appreciation stuff thanks to the inspiration from @nastycrookedwoman ! Thank you so much again!!

Any particular outfit or something of the sorts you’d like to see, just let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

*PLEASE NOTE: I deleted the post from yesterday of some of Kitty’s outfits because I’m hoping this PSA will help get you followers interested and excited about the idea before I post anything.*

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8 with Dark :)

This is gonna be fun

8. Breathtaking Kiss - It’s the kiss that you can’t do anything for a few seconds after, you keep your eyes closed with mouth agape of you try to let your mind process what happened.

How had this happened? How did someone like him, a being from somewhere beyond this word, evil as you knew he was, care so much about someone as insignificant as you? 

“Do you need me to show you?” Dark said with a drawl. What? Had he asked a question? You’d been lost in your thoughts.

“I- well, I-” He cut you off by smirking and tilting your chin up to meet his eyes. Before you could process it, his lips met yours. It was so soft, but passionate, and demanding all at the same time. He had everything under control. He always did. You hardly responded to his touch, still taken aback by the fact that this was happening at all. It was all so surreal.

He pulled you flush against him, and you melted into the kiss. His tongue slid between your lips, and his hand moved up to your hair, tangling in it, pulling you closer to deepen the kiss.

When he finally pulled away, you could barely speak. It took you a moment to realize he was gone. Your eyes fluttered open and met his. His thumb was still underneath your chin.

“I told you,” he said with a sly look. “I can give you anything.”

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I honestly love your porn drabbles and so I'm really looking forward for it to be coming back. i think it's a great way to interact with your followers and include them in the process. although I don't personally ship wincest I still respect anyone who does and will wait excitedly for one that personally appeal to me. I love the idea of voting on themes and so you do you :) it's your blog ! have fun haha

Thank you! In the past, it got difficult to try to make sure I had a balance of each ship and reader inserts on the same day. It’s so much easier for me to do it this way! (Not that the anon asked.) I appreciate you! XOXO

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i'm so proud of you for completing such a masterpiece :) but i really hope you enjoyed writing it and didn't feel trapped/obligated :/ you should be really proud of yourself. you have a lot of happy fans. you're going to be an amazing, successful writer one day and i'm gonna buy all your books :)

Why thank you! 

Eh, I don’t know about trapped, maybe a wee bit restricted…

…but in all seriousness, this was something I felt I had to do as an artist, for myself. Committing to SoaD was a deliberate choice I made, hoping it would teach me what it really meant to complete a full-length novel. I miiight’ve gotten a bit carried away (I always do), and I am annoyed at myself for how flippin’ long I took, but I have zero regrets for the work itself.

I had so much fun doing this and meeting the phandom and pushing my boundaries as a person and an artist. It was worth it. <3

Floral Skirts and Pink Daisies

Originally posted by jxnhyungs

Member(s): Kim Taehyung and Park Jimin (BTS)
Genre: Angst/Fluff
AU: Kids
Warning: Ignorant kids being homophobic
Word count: 2k

Taehyung was always the “weird” kid. From his like of playing with dolls with his younger sister or watching the Power Puff Girls every morning with his breakfast. He just wanted to have fun, no matter what he was doing. Today was a Sunday and he and his mom were going to the store for a few groceries and a few articles of clothes for Taehyung considering he was starting his second week of preschool the next day and he wanted more just so he’d have more variety of clothes than he already had, considering he only had about four shirts and one of them was almost falling apart because of how much he wore it and how he played most of the time.  

He walking around the shop with his mother, holding tightly onto her hand and making sure to pay attention to where he was going so he wouldn’t accidentally run into a pole again. They had been walking around for about 15 minutes before out of the corner of Taehyung’s wide little eyes he saw something long, blue, and flowy, he had seen his mom wear something like it before, but in several different colors and lengths. His mom had stopped in the aisle that the woman in the flowy blue thing was in. While his mom looked at something Taehyung had quickly ran to the woman to ask her what the name of the flowy thing was. He lightly tugged on the material, feeling how soft and silky it felt, it got the lady’s attention and she looked down at Taehyung with a small smile.

“Um excuse me miss, but what is this thing you’re wearing?” He asked curiously; holding up the fabric of the skirt.

“This is a skirt sweetie; do you like it?” She replied back to him.

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I was tagged by @80smikewheeler 😊 Thank you so much, dearie!

Rules: tag ten of your followers you want to get to know better

Name: Nicole

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 5'4-ish

Sexuality: Straight, though I’m also leaning more towards just plain asexual.

What images do you have set as your desktop/cell wallpaper: A cartoon-y bookshelf, complete with rickety ladders and candles

Have you ever had a crush on a teacher: No. Like I’ve found a few aesthetically pleasing, but honestly, I just love making friends with my teachers and professors. They’re so much fun to talk to and I love being friends with them:)

What was your last text message: My mom texted me from downstairs asking me if I wanted tea. I said “yes” and then I FOUND THE LAST JASMINE TEA BAG! TAKE THAT MOM! I GOT THE LAST ONE!!!! Mwhahaha, she was stuck with Chamomile.

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years: Hopefully either in the Arctic doing research on proto-viruses, or digging up medieval graves to work on my (hopeful) thesis on the genetic code for Sweating Sickness and it’s evolution into modern diseases. 

If you could be anywhere else right now, where would you be?: Hmm, I’d really love to be somewhere in Norway. Preferably somewhere by a fjord, where it’s quiet and cold and I can just relax.

What was your coolest Halloween costume?: Probably my witch costume in college. I wore it four years in a row, each time with a different dress, but I have the absolute coolest hat.

What was your favourite 90s show?: Oh wow! Umm, gosh there were so many. I loved Rugrats, All That and the Amanda Show. Oh, and Zoom!

Who was your last kiss: Like on the lips? Never had that. But I did kiss the kids I babysit on the cheeks cuz they’re so cute:)

Whats the stupidest thing you have ever done?: I think a better question is what is the smartest thing I’ve ever done cuz that’s a much shorter list. Probably not studying as hard as I could have in college.  

Have you ever been stood up?: Nope

Favourite ice cream flavour: Vanilla, with M&Ms on top

Have you ever been to Las Vegas?: Nope

Favourite pair of shoes: Probably my black high-heel booties.

Whats your favourite fruit?: Strawberries or Nectarines

Whats your favourite book?: So many!!!!! Right now it’s a tie between Good Omens and The Book Thief.

What loser?: I haven’t watched it yet! I’ve been traumatized by clowns and just can’t see it. But from the gifs and pics that pop up on my dash, probably Richie, though I have a soft-spot for Bill and Georgie (does Georgie count? I just wanna wrap him up in a hug and protect him).

Taglist: some of you might have been tagged already so sorry

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And also anyone else who wants to do it! I want to get to know as many people as I can:)

[INTERVIEW TRANSLATION] Hyoyeon in Cosmopolitan Korea (November 2017) by SonexStella

Winter is a season that really suits red lip colours. When you wear a neutral coloured coat or a thick knitted pullover often, just making your lips red allows you to have a complete look.

This was your first beauty editorial shoot in a while, how was it?

Today we showed one point makeup that emphasized a red lip colour, it’s not a style that I normally attempt so it was new and fun!

Do you have a lot of interest in makeup normally?

I really enjoy doing my makeup on my own and I have a lot of interest in cosmetics. When a new product comes out, I like testing them. I also bring out makeup that I had bought before and hadn’t used that much and try it too. Not only makeup products, but I also enjoy using body creams and body mists, and I prefer subtle and natural scents.

Is there a beauty product that you’re fixated on these days?

I’m totally into cheek blushers. Depending on what colour you apply on both of your cheeks, the look of the whole makeup changes and that’s interesting. It changes your mood and impression a little bit too. I like mixing pink and orange colours – it’s feminine but also appears bright.

We’re curious what products you carry in your makeup pouch.

I like makeup a lot, so I tend not to be minimalistic. I carry almost all products that I need, so my pouch is heavy. Haha. When it comes to cushion compacts, I carry both a product that’s good for coverage, as well as a product that can lightly fix your skin tone. I also carry a liquid brow gel that can clean up your brow hairs, shading (contour) powder, eyeshadow with basic colours and a powder that eliminates excess oil.

Your eyebrows today have been drawn very prettily. Did you trim them yourself before applying makeup?

Like how you apply toner and cream on your face day and night, I carefully take care of my eyebrows on a daily basis. Right now, we lowered the arch of the eyebrow to create a curved shape, and I’ve often heard that it looks calm. I dyed my brow colour a bit lighter to match my hair colour and I think my complexion looks brighter.

You recently attempted unicorn hair colour too, right?

Various colours looked mystical and dream-like, so I really wanted to try it. But maintenance of the pastel pink colour was harder than I thought. I dyed my hair a bright, Barbie doll-like colour and I liked it. When I change my hair colour, it changes my mood and I find joy in trying something new.

How do you typically maintain your skin?

I tend not to go to skin clinics or estheticians. I suppose it could improve your skin in an instant, but instead, I choose to sleep well, eat delicious foods and make my heart comfortable. If you think optimistically and have a comfortable heart, I think your skin improves as well. Of course, it takes some time but I’m trying to instill and master healthy habits that are good for my body. These days, I am eating pomegranates which are good for women’s health and taking vitamins diligently.

These days, the wind feels cold. Should we say it’s weather that makes you hide because it’s cold?

I go out even more when it’s like this. I think it’s just my personality. On the weekend, I ran at the Han River while sweating. It relieved a lot of stress? Even when I’m at home, I move a lot, doing things like organizing my vanity, and it becomes a natural diet.

We’re curious about your future plans.

I’m diligently preparing my solo album, and I’m studying English and composing. Musically, I want to show a mature side of me. For SNSD, which is in its 10th year since debut, it’s not the end but only the beginning.


What’s Hyoyeon’s haircare tip, who enjoys transforming with various hair colours? “I recently dyed my hair back to blonde, after the pink unicorn hair which I attempted this summer. Pink hair was harder to maintain than I thought and it damaged my hair a lot. I was concerned especially because my hair strands had been thinning, so I diligently took care of it with hair ampules that make your hair healthy and now my hair has shine and I can feel its strength.”

trans. credits: SonexStella

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More SuperSanvers! Alex had tried to get Kara to eat healthier for YEARS. Aside from a salad every once in awhile(like once a year) it was a bust. Not even Eliza had any effect when it came to food. But then Maggie came along. With her desire for home cooked meals, and long living partners. All Maggie had to do was put the veggies on the plate she made up for Kara and set it down with a look and 'please, for me and Alex.', Kara now eats any fruit or veggie Maggie puts in front of her.

Alex looks horrified the first time she actually sees Kara eating the veggies on her plate. She had tried, so hard, to convince Kara that it would be good for her, but Kara had always just pouted and argued “It’s not like it would make a difference anyway, Alex” and eventually Alex had sighed in resignation and had given up because it was pointless to argue with a stubborn alien.

But then Maggie came along, Maggie with her home cooked meals and her concerns after seeing Kara’s absolutely awful eating habits and “really, Kara, you can’t keep putting crap like that into your body” and Kara had suddenly felt so very small and guilty under Maggie’s disagreeing and concerned gaze and she had eaten a whole plate of veggies and Alex almost went into shock at the sight and Maggie just had a very pleased smirk on her face, arms crossed over her chest and a triumphant “see, that wasn’t so hard” passing her lips once Kara had finished her plate, causing Kara to blush so hard and Alex to glare at them both but in the end she couldn’t stay mad for too long because who is she to complain when Kara is finally, finally eating her veggies and fruits for once

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1 & 8!

1) is there a story you’re holding off on writing for some reason?

I don’t wanna do more Raised By Wolves post Little Deaths because they’re just so happy! It would be mean to make plot happen to them now! Luckily I have a lot of backfilling to do still (…and also am too busy with Star Boys to do much there anyway)

8) favourite genre to write

Fantasy for sure! I’m finding it easier than I thought I would to write a modern-day romance (when we were still discussing it, I was pretty sure this novel was gonna be something June wrote while I did cheerleading from the sidelines) but Weird Elf Shit is always gonna be where I feel most comfortable. There’s so much fun to be had with the tropes played straight and inverted, slipping between a high and low register, and t b h it makes it that much harder for people to call out inaccuracies ahahaha


- In which the beast really only needed to work on loving himself a bit more, while beauty signed up for kicking some ass and not that magical bullshit.

I spent the whole evening listening to the Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and couldn’t control myself.


Model Adrien pt. 2! I had to do this because I often think about Adrien as an IG model (like an AU where he /actually/ enjoyed/loved doing it…), it was actually one of my tags in the first post LOL

Like, he’d love using IG because he can sort of be himself since his father doesn’t care about social media (but all of Paris does) (it doesn’t get him into trouble though)

Quagsire Sprites Review

Gold- A wonderful retro Quag, he’s still getting used to his new arms from evolving. Tail seems a bit thin but he’ll grow into it. A lovely shiny boy. 5/5

Silver- A lovable chubby QuagHe’s bending down to talk to smaller pokemon but he may be a bit overexcited and yelling. Still working on his manners. A very friendly boy. Adorable stripes and back ridges. 5/5

Crystal- Such a happy Quag! Now with movement! Look at him, he’s so excited to use his new arms! He’s practicing because he dreams of one day playing piano. He’s singing for you too! A wonderful quag with a bright future ahead of him. 5/5

Gen 3/FR/LG- A friendly dancing Quag! Such a cute and fun pose! Such good balance! But he’s also the most mysterious Quag. If you blink you’ll miss him change his pose and cry out. How does a Quag move so fast? A perplexing quag 5/5

Diamond/Pearl- This a very friendly Quag, he’s a bit more shy than the others but he’ll still wave to you. He’s got one enlarged nostril, but he’s still beautiful. Lovely big back ridges. lovely shade of blue. Be gentle with this Quag and give him all the hugs. 5/5

Platinum- A Quag with a lovely darker pallete! He’s a bit of a nightowl and goes for a lot of night swims. He’d love to hold your hand. Has a bit of a wonky foot and probably trips a lot, but he’ll still do his best for you. 5/5

HG/SS- The most loving Quag!! He wants a hug!! HUG THE QUAG!!! HUG HIM!!! So wonderfully chubby and such a sweet smile! Perfectly friend-shaped! I love him so much. The ideal Quag A+++ 1000000/5

B/W-  Just like the last but even MORE EXCITED! YOU JUST HAVE TO HUG HIM! He’s even dancing and reaching for you! A precious angel baby who deserves all the love in the world! HUG THE QUAG!! 10000000/5 spare my heart. 

XY/SM- The newest member of the Quag family. Beautifully rendered, the most lovely chubbiest belly, the friendliest face, even a precious neck roll. Probably 90% squish. He’s a little self-conscious but still a lil bouncy. Give him all the pats and beans in refresh. 5/5


Pokemon Conquest- The sleepiest, laziest Quag. I love how big and detailed this quag is. Look at those cute toes and fingers. Look at that chub. Look at that shading. Please though, let this poor boy rest. 5/5

Pokemon Trozei- The tiniest quag, just a happy ball. They still captured all his best features. This quag may lack limbs but he’ll still dance and smile for you, a good egg. 5/5

PMD Sky/Time/Darkness- A nicely shaded and pleasant Quag. Lovely bg gradient and colors. Looks like he’s spacing out though. Exploration team life can be hard on a simple quag. Buy this boy a drink at Spinda’s cafe pronto. 5/5

PMD Gates to Infinity: AN ANGEL SENT BY ARCEUS HIMSELF 999999999/5

In short, all Quags are good and deserving of love. <3