had so much fun doing it


I thought of this cool idea that I haven’t seen anyone else do, and really I wanted to try it out of curiosity. 

It’s a palette challenge for overwatch. You take your top 5 most played characters and use their colours as seen above as your palette, then draw the hero you main in those colours.

It was fun, I couldnt be bothered drawing the visor because I’m lazy but have Widowmaker.

I want to tag some artists to do this, you don’t have to but I thought it’d be fun, so please give it a try if you feel up to it! (Y’all are gonna do so much better than I did I bet.

@level-110-beer-mage @vekusen @felfreckles 

(This is where I forget who plays OW and draws ;n;)

And anyone else who wants to do it, go ahead, I had so much fun drawing this!


Eyyy this has to be my fav chibi chibi con I’ve ever gone too. It was so awesome how so many people recognized us! I’m still so tired from yesterday too lololol. But we had a blast!! We met so many nice people and chatted with a lot of people. I also got some awesome loot from the con that I love so much! Mostly 707 stuff lmaooo. We also were in the cosplay contest together which was so much fun, I was so nervous but I’m really glad we decided to do it.

I was 707!

Jumin Han is @iheartanime14

V is @iamnotamuffin

The secret of the dungeon

Ok, I was thinking in diferents ways that Sheldon may propose to Amy and I had a cute idea that I want to share with you:

- Sheldon prepare a D&D game for Amy in their apartment, Amy´s characther need to find a treasure chest that the bad guy stole, they had so much fun playing and she finally win the game and found the chest, she ask about what the treasure is, he said that she can open it and discover it, she looks to sheldon that has the velvet box in his hand!    

Nerdy and romantic way, right?, What do think, guys?

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The harmony between Ciel and Sebastian is so much fun!But when I did not give to Sebastian gift to all of Ciel's employees, I was really upset, but really frustrated.(Chapter85)Do you think the day Ciel will really care? :(

Ahh yes, Sebastian seems to be the only one who didn’t get anything on that day while all the other servants got a gift. I, too, had thought it would have been nice if Ciel had given him something. But then again, Ciel knows that Sebastian doesn’t really care for worldly possessions. And actually, it’s not that Sebastian was completely neglected. He was the one who asked Ciel to get those new things for the servants and Ciel also granted his request of visiting Somerset House without even knowing the reason why Sebastian wanted to go there.

And that’s probably more valuable to Sebastian than getting a gift.

Ciel isn’t one to show appreciation often. Especially with Sebastian since the base of their relationship is the contract and Ciel knows that he’s already giving what’s most valuable in exchange for Sebastian’s services – his soul. But sometimes there are still scenes that show that they appreciate each other’s company aside of what they’re getting out of it in the end. Like when Sebastian said that he enjoys his life as butler or when Ciel praised Sebastian.

Falling for John

For @yorkiepug I hope you like it. Thanks to my muse, @musing-out-loud who stayed up texting with me until 1am listening to my crazy ranting about Sherlock, John and their crazy wizard adventures.

Warnings: potterlock, explicit sex between consenting adult men, lots of bad jokes and so much fluff and sweetness reading this will literally make your teeth hurt. 

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hey there! Thank you so much for hosting the meetup today. I had such a great time and it was so fun to meet other phandom members. I am wearing my flower crown right now :) Cheers! Also, so that you know who this is: HEY VIC DO YA LIKE PANIC AT THE DISCO?!!! XD

Lol HIIIII YEAH I LIKE PANIC AT THE DISCO. As I said in the store I like Hallejuah, Victourious, and Nine in the Afternoon the best. It was cool hanging out with you!!! See you at Geek Market :D

And no, no, no, I dont lie
Cause I was taken over by the devil last night
And I know, know, know, when he come around
I’ve done a bad thing and I’m paying for it all right now
” (x)

So I made a little anti art, anti belongs to @therealjacksepticeye, I had so much fun doing this little project, gonna be starting on another project soon. So stay tuned. 

           Ŝ̴̢͙̰̭̞̩̰̙̞̳̫͍͔͑̅̋͗̿́̆̅̕tͮ̀̈́͗̏̔͆̌̋́̚͏̥̟͚̗̙̮͙͈̱͞a̡ͭ̂͂͛ͥ͊̈́̀͘҉̹̣̰͇͍͕̘y̴̴̼̯̯̫ͩ̊͌͋̉̔͐̋̅͑̌̈͒ͣ̓́̀̽̓͢͢ͅ ̸̥̙͙͇̮̺̲̫̥̝̩̜͈̣̠̭͈͙ͪͧ͑ͫͦͤ̽̐̍̄̓̔͐͒ͬ̐̎͗ͤ͠W͕̘̟̲̲̝̬̤̣̱͔̼̆͆̆̐̋ͨ̓ͣͪ̊̀͝ͅe̵̴̵͍̮̝̦̓͗̅̍i̴̻̫̜̙̱̠̟̮̍̋̐͗͘͠r̐̄̽̉̾̅̀̄̽͏̢̛̘͚̠̝̖̱̱d̨͈̪͇͓̝̫̖̹̞̪̼͙̳͉̻̯̩̣͗̆̈́͛̄̄̈̂̀̎ͯ͊̕ ̢̛̪̦̩̲̘̖͍̥̼̙̬͇̖̻̻̪̠͔͔ͯ̾̽͛̔̓͒̓̚̕͢M̸͂̃̔ͭ͆̇̉̂̚҉҉͈̺̪͇̠̹͕̫̞̲̻̫̫̪y̸̹̞͚̝̜͈̤̙̮̼̞̣̮̪ͥ͆ͮ̄̽ͬ̄́ͤ̋̃̍͒ͤ͘̕͜ͅ ̸̷̠͓͖̫̹͔̗̖̣̹̣̳͕̗̩̀ͨ͒̈͗̐͌̎̐ͨ̋͆̀͢F̷̧̣̜̠̮̅̇̅́͒̃ͩr̛̺̬͓̞̪̖̞̫͎̯̞͇̀̔̐͐̌̎͋̓̒ͮ̌̐̀̆ͬ̚͜͜ͅi̵͉̱̜̻̊̔ͭ̽́̐̈̉ͭ͒͋͗ͣ̂̑̀͡͠ȩͤ̾̋͗ͩ͒̚͠҉̻̬͚͙̬̘̣̣̘̦n̨̟̗̻̘̞̭͔̥̠̫̑̐̐͐̾ͤd̵̢̳͔̠͇ͭ̍ͧͥ̇̊ͣ̈̐ͭs̵͖̹̺̩̑̃̓ͧ̿͡͠ 


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- ethan hates coffee
- he drinks it anyway
- he’s has such sensitive hearing
- he can hear shit from a mile away wtf??
- he loves his two girls very much uwu
- probably is like Jack
- and picks them up and marches around
- he’s the fun and nerdy dad
- i feel like he didn’t have a good household??
- like his family always fought with each other
- and he usually had to fend for himself
- like buying clothes and groceries for his family
- he actually had to steal sometimes
- and like Zoe, he hanged out with the wrong crowd when he was younger
- so he was so scared when eveline was born
- he didn’t want to be like his family
- and he didn’t want eveline to do horrible shit
- or fend for herself
- just so she can stay alive
- he wants eveline to have a normal and happy life
- so he tries his best and ahh I want to hug him
- surprisingly his favorite season is fall
- he likes the warm yet windy weather
- also the leaves are pretty so
- he’s also a good baker??
- his chocolate chip cookies are good
- he really likes cats lmao
- so whenever he goes to the baker estate
- he pets the cats
- and the cats love him
- he doesn’t let eveline touch the cats
- “sweetheart ur going to get hurt”
- the cats want to touch the human tho but Ethan
- he’s like nope stay aWAY
- he has a tattoo of a ace symbol on his wrist
- he doesn’t know how he got that tattoo
- probably got it when he was high
- he hates everybody at work
- he only likes Zoe
- everyone there annoys the shit out of him
- he usually gets to work first
- and he gets annoyed easily in the morning
- so maybe that’s why but like
- he just hates everybody at work

@babylolitazilla thank you boo, yay hugs <3 its the next day so yes, i have peace in mind, and aaaa present for me??? ah ah!

@ivycats *huggles* feeling better don’t you fret, I’m an emotional rollercoaster x) thank you!

@shiyosin I’m so sorry to have you so worried shiyo boo I’m real sorry. I rested a lot for my bday - ended up missing out on going to my friend but I don’t think overdosed me would have had fun out anyway heh.

@idontflippinknowanymore Thank you dear <3 I’m trying to remember when was the other time you messaged me, I do my best to remember everyone but brain is failing me right now. but thank you and haha you don’t have to do that <3

thanks anon boo <3 appreciate your kindness very much <3 I will do my best to stay strong :3 (and aw dont be shy!)

ah thank you! I live for my art and all my art is mostly dependent on my emotions so its really lovely to hear that <3

@criminallychaotic ah happy birthday to your sister <3 thank you very much!!

@i-am-universe-blog thank you <3

I didn’t get everything I wish and more but thank you!!

@celestialsagax Thank you dear new boo <3  You’re absolutely lovely, and internet people are very much! simply on my birthday I wished to have ppl physically with me haha

I know I’m loved - my birthday just mehs me ehehe… thank you anon boo <3

@wecomeinmeow THANK YOU BOO IT MEANS A LOT TO HEAR THAT <3 (also saw your reply to the previous post, ahhh im excited <3)

@nekosamadead oh hey you a feb too huh? happy past or soon bday to you old boo <3 Thank you

@sayarock121  thank you thank you dear boo <3 I really appreciate that

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I'm making a fan game referencing different games, including a Portal level in it, and I wanted to know more about Portal, so I looked up a play-through on YouTube, and the first thing that came up was the musical! I want to say: you did fantastic, as a fellow voice/actor I was/am enamored with your performance, and can't wait to see you in more productions! -Maria

Thank you very much, Maria! I had a ridiculous amount of fun playing Wheatley! I plan to do many more productions, so you should have lots to look forward to. And I’d like to see how your fan game turns out!

Femslash Feb Day 18 - Autumn (Cedar/Ramona)


I decided to do something a little different for this and it was so so fun to write like for some reason I loooove Cedar and Ramona and Cerise as kids so much??? they have such a great kid-canon

Brief Summary: Child Ramona and Cedar play in the leaves together

Word Count: 641

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Rules: You can only say guilty or innocent. 

You are not allowed to explain anything unless someone messages you or asks you. tagged by @thirstyalec I love you so much okay (I tell you this a lot but I do) 

Repost, don’t reblog! Asked someone to marry you? Innocent

Kissed one of your friends? Guilty

Danced on a table in a bar or tavern? Innocent 

Ever told a lie? Guilty

Had feelings for someone whom you can’t have? Guilty

Ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? Guilty

Ever kissed someone of the same sex? Guilty 

Kissed a picture? Guilty

Slept in until 5pm? Guilty

Fallen asleep at work or school? Guilty

Held a snake? Guilty

Been suspended from school? Innocent

Stolen something? Guilty

Done something you regret? Guilty

Laughed until something you were drinking came out of your nose? Guilty

Caught a snowflake on your tongue? Guilty

Kissed in the rain? Guilty

Sat on a roof top? Innocent

Sang in the shower? Guilty

Been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on? Innocent

Slept naked? Guilty

Made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry? Guilty

Been in a band? Guilty

Shot a gun? Guilty

Donated blood? Innocent

Eaten alligator meat? Innocent

Eaten cheesecake? Guilty

Still loved someone you shouldn’t? Guilty

Have/had a tattoo? Innocent

Been too honest? Guilty 

Ruined a surprise? Guilty

Ate in a restaurant and got really bloated that you can’t walk after? Guilty

Erased someone in your friends list? Guilty 

Dressed in a man’s clothes? Guilty 

Dressed in a woman’s clothes? Guilty

Joined a pageant? Innocent

Been told that you’re beautiful by someone who totally meant what they said? Guilty

Still have communication with your ex? Guilty

Cheated on someone? Innocent

Got totally drunk one night when you had an important exam the next morning? Innocent

A total stranger treated you by paying your fare? Guilty

Got so angry that you cried? Guilty 

Tried to stay away from someone for their own good? Guilty 

Actually murdered someone? Innocent

Thought about mass murder? Innocent

Actually committed a mass murder? Innocent

Rode in a stranger’s vehicle? Guilty

Stalked someone? Guilty

Had a girlfriend? Guilty

Had a boyfriend? Guilty

Totally drunk during a holiday? Innocent 

Tagging: @softshumjr @alexanderglghtwood @qideonalexander @grumpycatsantiago @clizzyx @niifflers 

Of course feel free to ignore me but I love you all ❤️