had so much fun coloring this one

Inktober Day #28: Starry

This…was meant to be traditional…I had some issues with my traditional supplies however so it ended up digital after all ;;7;; Eh this is probably the quickest, cleanest, less frustrating option so here you go! (let’s see if I can catch up tonight ack)

Have a Jade! Because I adore Jade :’)

Hey, @that-one-ninja-fan!! I’m your Secret Santa! I hope you don’t mind a surprise reveal! It’s a little off topic, so sorry about that.

I summoned the color palette of @terriblenerd and did my best to make a magical shoujo light show with one very “Oopsie doodles!” TIkki. I’m really pleased with this! I pushed myself in an entirely different coloring direction, and I think it paid off.

I hope your holidays are treating you super well, you super sweetheart! It was a pleasure to draw for you!


I wanted… to die. I thought I had to apologize to Mom… But… I couldn’t do it. I wondered… what you guys would think if I died. I thought something fun might be in store for tomorrow, too. I thought, “I don’t want to die yet!


I did a style challenge! I drew Hercules Mulligan from Hamilton as my character of basis ah

I would like to say that I copied these artists’ styles as an exercise and in no way take credit for developing these styles or owning them or calling them mine or anything. I only claim that I was the one to draw each of these pieces- not that the ideas and styles I based them on were mine. 

I had quite a bit of fun with this, and it really helped me learn a lot!

the first one is my style, even though my style changes all the time fhdskjafd

@crashandburrnart is the second one, and I love !?!? their style so much!?!? its so unique and beautiful and im emo the colors are always so well done and I love the trademark over-the-eyes

@terror-in-the-dream is the third one, and just golly im literally so gay for this style?? YOu have such a good grasp of colors and it was an honor to try and just replicate it fhghjgzy

@raythrill is the fourth one, and this was probably the most challenging style for me to replicate. Your art looks so good despite the fact that it seems you don’t use guidelines and I”m just like,,? HOW

@halpdevon is the fifth one, you are such a doll and your art is incredible and jeez im just gay for you in general , stay beautiful and hydrated love

@spibbles is the sixth one, HI YES I LOVEyou r art you’re so talented and you get a lot of shit here on tumblr and no we’ve never met before but you’re such an inspiration to me and I love your art and I love your animatics and I hope that you stay healthy and that you are happy in life and - anyways herc is so cute in your style but your style is cute in general so 

@eightmonkeys is the final seventh piece. I love your art so much, it’s so flowing and like,, you have a really good grasp of shapes and I love the way you draw freckles and I love the way you can maintain consistency and ALSO HIT ME up about Daveed Diggs and clipping. cause I love talking about. that. and nobody else seems to like it rip me

Solgaleo and Lunala drawing.
By: Gato. Tumblr | Instagram | Facebook | Etsy
Hello there to all my beloved followers!! I’m back!!! So let me tell you. Last year as a gift I receive a 150 prisma colored pencil package and of course I had to try them. And in honor of the new Pokémon games. Sun and Moon I made the new legendary Pokémon Solgaleo and Lunala well I hope you like it. I did my best. I definitely had so much fun working on these two. I know last year was the most inactive one but I’m not planning do the same thing this year!! So the next one will be a watercolor painting!! And no. I didn’t forget the eyes. I just simply did not do them. Lol


Kanto pokémon: 001-151


After so much careful color picking, suffering, sai crashing, tablet randomly losing pressure i finished it! It’s been three weeks of working on it and i think it really paid of. Overall i had fun and it was a good lineless art practice.

I guess i should start working on gen 2 now???

Do not repost without permission, claim as your own, or delete the caption. You may use them as icons if you ask me first. No need to ask if you’re going to use them for something personal (something you will not be posting online). Thank you!

“Look Papy! The snow is so pretty here! I wanna play wit it allll day!”

“Well good– because this is our new home!”

“But I don’t want a new home.”

“… why’s that Sans?”

“Cause I already have one.”

“But we can’t go back…”

“Silly Papy, you’re my home! I’m always home when I’m with you, so I don’t need a new one–”

srfnwesgwesg I mentioned to a friend before that he wears the scarf as a hood– SO HERE IS SOMETHING VISUAL-

Have some of my SF babybones

I had so much fun with this too, the colors were nice to play with ;o;

collab with @polarissketches!!!! aaaaaa i kinda tried a different coloring style for this one! i had so much fun collabing with you♡!

(polaris lined and i colored//)


hey guys for the last few months @sir-adamus has been uploading a bunch of pics of the outfits for team rwby between volume 1 and 2 in the upcoming chapter 13 of the manga. I went on ahead and made a few sketches of what the design looks like overall for all of your drawing needs.

Please keep in mind:

-I made the originals on paper and had to paint with the mouse so sorry for the really crappy coloring 

-The designs change slightly from frame to frame(for example Weiss has black boots on one and white on the other) and they sometimes have more detail.

-This may not look like the final product I was following 5 to 6 images.

-Yang wasn’t shown all that much so It’s kinda hard to know what she looks like.

-Blake has shorts, they’re really small tho

- Have fun!


After saw those cool references and last beautifull @keiid’s drawing I had to draw my dear wears suit :3 

I tried my new sort of style (and this time looks quite similar Mashima’s one, I’m lil pround ^^) also with coloring, the colors look strange bc the phone destroyed them :,)  btw hope it’s ok ^^

Inktober day 4: Snake Charmer🐍✨
I had so much fun drawing this one, currently editing the process video!!! I will definitely be making prints of her! how’s everyone’s inktober going? 😍
Materials: kuretake menso brush, speedball 512 nib, daler rowney black and green ink, prismacolor colored pencil, fabriano watercolor paper.
#inktober #inktober2016 #illustration #jacquelindeleon #artistsoninstagram #witch #snake #snakecharmer #comicart #characterdesign

Happy Birthday Fatal!!!

I had sooooo much fun making this! I even put some fun little words and phrases in the code too~

Enjoy~ ^_^

Fatal_Error belongs to @xedramon / @fatal-error-blog

Art by me // @dragaura

🌙 owl boy variation on Techie 🌕

one of the very first people who ever reached out to me on Tumblr ~ and who was kind to me and encouraged my work, was @jathis (-^ ___^-) and i’ve been grateful for that ever since! so i’m sorry i’m a little late in finishing this, but a very happy birthday to you, Jathis!!!


I did an art collab with the lovely @ashiibell, with drawings of the original trio from Throne of Glass! Thank you so much for doing this with me, it was so strange to work with someone else’s line-art, but I had a lot of fun!

The first one is my line-art with ashiibell’s coloring, and the second one is ashiibell’s line-art with my coloring ^^