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Fukurodani Awesome Duo ★ | Akaashi & Bokuto | o(〃^▽^〃)o
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So after many hours of work, I made some BATIM screenshot edits to use for whatever! Backgrounds, headers, knock yourself out.

Crediting is loved, but not necessary. Just don’t TAKE credit for them, and we’re good.

They have captions


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In spite of everything I love Harley Quinn but, damn, writers treat her so badly. I swear, the temptation to make her actually stupid must be terrible because it’s so often implied, or explicitly stated, that she slept her way through school. First of all, it does not work like that.  Second, she’s not a therapist or a psychologist, she’s a psychiatrist, she’s a fricking MD and a damn young one too. Managing pre-med and collegiate gymnastics that she relied on to keep her scholarship? Harley is fucked up, but she’s not the dumb blonde she plays. (also stop making her stacked, she’s a gymnast. she is 4’11” of pure muscle and is not top heavy)

If you want a good Harley backstory it’s simple. She’s ADHD but medicated and slightly robotic because of it. I want to take special care not to demonize meds but, rather, people’s disapproval of neurodivergence and a lack of focus on what is best for a patient rather than what is most convenient for others. So, maybe, around ten years old Harley is a hyperactive space cadet who’s brilliant at tests but sloppy at coursework, who would be a gymnastics prodigy if she could actually focus on technique and put in practice time instead of fooling around. Then the meds come and it’s actually really cool because she can do the things she needs to do instead of just wanting to do them, doing something else entirely, and getting in trouble. People are proud of her, she’s proud of herself. But now there are expectations. Family and teachers and coaches overschedule her, find worth only in her success and don’t care about her mental health at all as long as she’s performing and castigate her when she does fail. Fuck if you don’t internalize that. But she doesn’t look unhealthy and she’s doing amazing. She actually has to choose between the Olympic trials and continuing her grad studies. She probably has some issues with self-harm but it either doesn’t look like self-harm or is well covered up. 

When Arkham accepts her, fresh from her residency, it’s not a mistake. The woman is amazing. All they can see is a mountain of achievements rather than the seething ball of nerves, self-loathing, and imposter syndrome boiling just under the surface. That’s when Joker comes in. He’s got the Hannibal Lecter shtick down. Where everyone else sees an intelligent driven young woman he sees a frightened overwhelmed girl who is working her hardest to convince the world she’s anyone other than herself. Sending her into a nervous breakdown would be too easy so he doesn’t even bother. Instead he’s open with her, almost friendly. The other doctors are amazed, Harley is amazed, she’s not done anything particularly revolutionary but, for the first time in forever, it looks like the clown prince of crime is showing progress. He unravels her and it’s a challenge, she flinches back and gets very serious when he comes too close to the real Harley under the professional. Still, soon she’s questioning everything. She doesn’t even really like her co-workers. She hasn’t had a real friend in years. She’s forgotten how to have fun. Did she ever want this to be her life or did she just do it for other people? It starts so slowly that it looks, at first, like she’s getting better at self-care. Maybe something totally silly one weekend, a trampoline park where she can enjoy the way her toned body moves without stressing out over landings, a face painting booth at a street fair, some garishly colored downright tacky decoration that clashes with her sensible apartment. Suddenly she realizes how much she hates knowing the difference between cream and ecru. The beigeness of her life is repulsive. She hates the person she’s pretending to be even more that she hates herself which is really saying something.

After her weekend of freedom she would have called in sick if it wasn’t so suddenly important to see him. The relief she feels at talking to one of Gotham’s most infamous supercriminals is disturbing but it is relief and she’s been swallowing a slow-motion panic attack for hours. She admits, though she shouldn’t, that she took his advice about doing something fun and he teases her, what would straight-laced Doctor Quinzel do for fun? Did she realphabetize her sock drawer or buy a new clipboard? It’s not important to impress him, it’s really not. He’s dangerous, cruel, and he looks so proud when she admits that she bought a lamp shaped like a lawn flamingo. The only mistake, he says, is that she should have stolen it. She hopes the wicked thrill it gives her doesn’t show on her face. It does. She almost even laughs. He likes it when he can make her laugh and she likes it when he likes things.

It’s wrong and unprofessional, the relationship she develops, and she knows it but her whole life she’s been so high strung. Nothing she’s done has been for her, she’s not sure she knows how to really do selfish things anymore, but he knows the selfish things she needs to do. It feels good when she follows his advice even when it’s small things like the rainbow striped socks she wears concealed under her very bland slacks and sensible shoes. She’s so happy, almost giddy, and he loves her happiness, he loves her, he loves the real her that she’s had to beat down and hide for so long, the her that even she isn’t able to love. She is able to love him, though, and since he loves her she’s able to love herself for him, to protect and nurture something so important to him.

When the choice comes between her old self, the tedious endless labor of making the world proud, and Him, the spectacular man that brought color into her life, it’s not even a question. She kills Doctor Harleen Quinzel, she throws away the version of her that let herself burn just for medals and hollow accolades. She embraces Harley Quinn and it’s so much a part of her nature she can’t even see that she’s still living her life for someone else’s approval, except this time that person is a murderous clown. She hasn’t let her hair down, she’s just put it in pigtails instead of a bun.


This is Part 5 of my Miraculous colored comic. Btw, this comic needs a name. Anyone want to name my comic for me? I’m horrible at coming up with names.

Part 1     Part 2     Part 3      Part 4    < Previous Part    Next Part > Part 6

Another big thank you shout out. I wouldn’t have gotten past part 1 without so much awesome response. I’m having a lot of fun painting these :) 
It should be noted that the painting is a recreation of one I found online, I think it’s called Paris through new eyes, but I had a hard time finding much on it. I just liked it and did a rough color replica. I feel it deserves proper recognition.

Alright, so how about those names?

“I miss you so much… If only I could see you again…I’m sorry.”

I decided to draw something real quick for Saeran, a.k.a Ray. V route is one emotional rollercoaster and I wanna protect BOTH Saeran and V right now ughhhh.

Anyways! Yes! I decided to step out of my comfort zone and played with lightings this time. I experimented with various other coloring methods as well and I had fun! :> Will definitely try out more new things in the future! 


There is no telling what kind of pain will come after me, but… if I stop believing because of that, if the hero should change, it’ll turn into another story from the one my master left behind. Then it wont be Naruto! I can’t write novels like my master did. That’s why the sequel has to come from the life I live no matter how great the pain, I’ll continue walking because that’s who Naruto is!


Happy birthday, Naruto! +:。゚☆



born in 1915, the oldest sister, she was married to Harfang Longbottom and had a son a daughter.

Cedrella, born between 1915 and 1919, the middle sister. She was disowned and burned from the family tree for marrying the “blood-traitor” Septimus Weasley, with whom she had three sons, one of them being Arthur Weasley.

Charis, born in 1919, the youngest sister. She was married to Caspar Crouch and gave birth to two daughters and son.

♪ like brother to brother, we’re all for each other ! ♫

a collaboration piece between me and @eyefocusing~ they did the original drawing, and i did lines and color! i had a ton of fun with it, their art is SOOO cute and i love this concept so much!! we hope you enjoy it too! ♡

Hey, @that-one-ninja-fan!! I’m your Secret Santa! I hope you don’t mind a surprise reveal! It’s a little off topic, so sorry about that.

I summoned the color palette of @terriblenerd and did my best to make a magical shoujo light show with one very “Oopsie doodles!” TIkki. I’m really pleased with this! I pushed myself in an entirely different coloring direction, and I think it paid off.

I hope your holidays are treating you super well, you super sweetheart! It was a pleasure to draw for you!

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d + p + doggos ! (you're wonderful)

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[ German alcohol-free mixed drink with cherry and banana juice ]

Thank you so much for your request!! I had a lot of fun drawing this one :D

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Weekly Spread Ideas

Hello my lovelies. (We should probably talk about what we want to call our little fan base) I have been inspired by Pinterest again and have tried to recreate some fantastic page ideas. Most come from one or two ideas meshed into one, so bear with me. 

All of these ideas are for the month of October. 

1. The Minimalist- I put a little calendar tracker up in the corner of the left hand page and a habit tracker on the right. I love that this month started with Sunday being the first. And before anyone asks, yes. It was awkward putting Wednesday in the crease.  

2. Artsy Minimalist- This is the next step up from being minimal in your spread. The days are neatly placed and highlighted for an extra pop. I also added a tiny monthly tracker because I need it. To add the artsy part, I’m sure you completely missed it, but I added a cute little quote that covers most of the second page to encourage myself.

3. Doodle Bug- I looked up “leaf doodles” on Pinterest and found lots of cute and easy ones to draw. I colored them in and tried to give it an autumn theme. Don’t get so overwhelmed by all the plans I have this October, I know I take on so much. (Kidding!) I also added a sweet little quote to both inspire me and fill up the blank areas. 

4. Color Pop- This is probably my favorite spread that I have tried for this month because it’s more my style. It has just enough color and space to add goals, a small habit tracker, and notes. You can add your own fun things to the blank spots, but these are just a few ideas. 

5. The Overachiever- If October had ended with a full week, this page would have been loaded. I tried to get all fancy like the ones I saw on Pinterest, but let’s be honest, I don’t have time for that. This is probably the most decorated page in my journal currently. Also, there’s nothing wrong with being an overachiever. I just thought that this is the page for those who like to go above and beyond. 

And that’s my October. If you’d like to follow me on Pinterest and see what other things I have tried out, click [here]. Have fun! 


I did a style challenge! I drew Hercules Mulligan from Hamilton as my character of basis ah

I would like to say that I copied these artists’ styles as an exercise and in no way take credit for developing these styles or owning them or calling them mine or anything. I only claim that I was the one to draw each of these pieces- not that the ideas and styles I based them on were mine. 

I had quite a bit of fun with this, and it really helped me learn a lot!

the first one is my style, even though my style changes all the time fhdskjafd

@crashandburrnart is the second one, and I love !?!? their style so much!?!? its so unique and beautiful and im emo the colors are always so well done and I love the trademark over-the-eyes

@terror-in-the-dream is the third one, and just golly im literally so gay for this style?? YOu have such a good grasp of colors and it was an honor to try and just replicate it fhghjgzy

@raythrill is the fourth one, and this was probably the most challenging style for me to replicate. Your art looks so good despite the fact that it seems you don’t use guidelines and I”m just like,,? HOW

@halpdevon is the fifth one, you are such a doll and your art is incredible and jeez im just gay for you in general , stay beautiful and hydrated love

@spibbles is the sixth one, HI YES I LOVEyou r art you’re so talented and you get a lot of shit here on tumblr and no we’ve never met before but you’re such an inspiration to me and I love your art and I love your animatics and I hope that you stay healthy and that you are happy in life and - anyways herc is so cute in your style but your style is cute in general so 

@eightmonkeys is the final seventh piece. I love your art so much, it’s so flowing and like,, you have a really good grasp of shapes and I love the way you draw freckles and I love the way you can maintain consistency and ALSO HIT ME up about Daveed Diggs and clipping. cause I love talking about. that. and nobody else seems to like it rip me


“Love is when you look into someone’s eyes, and suddenly, you go all the way inside, to their soul… and you both know, instantly.”

Fakiru week day 3: “FLIGHT”

It’s a day late because it took longer than anticipated to finish, but DAMN I am proud of this one! I’m struggling to even remember the last time I had so much fun with a piece of art, and I really love how all of it turned out! <333

collab with @polarissketches!!!! aaaaaa i kinda tried a different coloring style for this one! i had so much fun collabing with you♡!

(polaris lined and i colored//)


I did an art collab with the lovely @ashiibell, with drawings of the original trio from Throne of Glass! Thank you so much for doing this with me, it was so strange to work with someone else’s line-art, but I had a lot of fun!

The first one is my line-art with ashiibell’s coloring, and the second one is ashiibell’s line-art with my coloring ^^

Lace and Silk

Victor Nikiforov, international hunk and sex icon, impulse-buys more lingerie than necessary to impress the boy who stole his heart before flying across the globe.

He clearly didn’t think that through.

(Teen And Up Audiences)

The first thing Victor Nikiforov does after buying his ticket to Japan is to go lingerie shopping. He wants to pack only the best underwear as he leaves on his international booty call, and so he wants to make sure he has variety at his disposal.

(”Go with red,” Chris said. “You can’t go wrong with red.” But black looks better on his skin? And Yuuri seems to be more of a cool-tones kind of man – and the vivid fantasy of Yuuri praising his lavender underwear – “how did you know that’s my favorite color?” he’d ask – before them making sweet, passionate love all night until the break of dawn had basically made him decide on getting as many colors as he could get his hands on.)

If he’s getting his ass wrecked by the hottest man on earth, he might as well be wearing the most exquisite piece of underwear while he’s at it. It’s a way of showing Yuuri his admiration and how smitten he is, because he can’t hide how he’d been dreaming of that moment since the banquet, and he’s definitely had the time to plan for it.

It comes to a point where he doesn’t know which one he wants to wear first, and the fact that he impulse-bought a 12-colors selection when his extensive research on Yuuri’s favorite color was inconclusive.

Turns out he doesn’t get the d.

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