had purple hair

I picture him as the person that likes to steal his partners clothing…(◡‿◡✿)

Iwa-chan will smack him around for it.. I’m pretty sure… and he will be shirtless (⁄ ⁄◕⁄‿⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿)

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This isn’t going to be one of my normal captions. I just wanna know how 6 months ago I was a stupid tumblr addict starting a random blog to have an outlet and here I am almost to 10k followers, thank you all so much! And to clear up some confusion, the theme of my blog is obviously purple, the girl in my profile picture had purple hair, I’m not her. Sorry to kill your dreams! Still love you! -t.m.

i love jeonghans hair. i love it long or short. in that cute bob or with the sides shaved or in the ponytail with that one bit at the front hanging out always getting caught on his lips. it looks good pushed back or all sexy in his face. i love blonde jeonghan, grey jeonghan, brunette jeonghan, red head jeonghan, black haired jeonghan and that one time he had purple hair for a day and it looked a different colour in every photo jeonghan. i love jeonghans hair with its dead ends with it all clipped off when its damp with sweat i love it when it was out and flowing and he’d brush it out of his face during akkinda and do the lip thing. i love it now cropped all short but when he flicks his head it still gets in his eyes. i love all of jeonghans looks. i love jeonghans hair. i love jeonghan.

Dangerous (Carry On Countdown Nov 26th)

I love the idea of punk Baz. This prompt turned out to be more fun than I thought. Enjoy! @carryon-countdown


Baz walked out of the club and stepped onto the quiet street. By all accounts it was still pretty early in the evening for him, early enough that there were still people shuffling on the street.
He lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply. There were several reasons why it was a terrible idea to smoke but Baz couldn’t help it. The fire in his lungs reminded him he was alive, living and burning.
Baz looked up at the sound of voices laughing. There was a group exiting the coffee shop across the street, happily yelling at one another. One of them had long purple hair swirled around a curvy frame; her eyeglasses matched her hair. Another one looked like a Barbie doll come to life, all long blonde hair and peaches and cream skin. The third one caught his eye and held him there.
He was wearing a powder blue sweater and light brown corduroy pants. The outfit struck Baz as being what his friends would describe as “soft.” The boy had wide rimmed glasses on his freckled face. After a moment the boy’s blue eyes swung up to meet Baz’s staring ones.
Normally, when Baz was attracted to someone, he would slink over to them and whisper what he wanted to do with them. Because normally, he didn’t really care what the response would be.
This time though, Baz was floored. He knew nothing about the curly haired blonde and yet he felt he was somehow familiar, in an aching sort of way. Before the boy could look away Baz smirked smugly and waved his hand. He waited for a response nervously.
The boy raised an eyebrow and pointed to his chest as if to ask me? Baz nodded. He watched as the other boy paused in the street to really look at Baz. For once, he felt somewhat self-conscious about his cruel appearance.
He watched in amazement as the boy said something to his friends, who were now staring too, and crossed the street towards him.


Simon was very sure he was making a mistake. A big one. Yet he still didn’t turn back to Penny and Agatha who probably thought he was crazy. He looked down at his light pink socks as he crossed the street instead of the other scary looking boy.
He stopped when his eyes found a pair of distressed looking combat boots. Slowly he lifted his gaze upward.
The other boy was wearing tight black skinny jeans, so tight that they made Simon’s throat ache nervously. He wore a loose grey shirt that showed off his collarbone. On his neck a dangerous looking leather choker winked at him.
All of these things were intimidating but not nearly as much as the boy’s piercing grey eyes. They were lined with charcoal eyeliner and focusing on him.
“I’m Baz.”
Simon swallowed loudly. “I’m Snow. I mean I’m Simon Snow.”
Baz looked him up and down lazily.
“Snow? Rather fitting.”
Simon felt himself blush. “W-Why did you…I mean what were you waving at me for?”
Baz took a heavy drag on his cigarette.
“I thought you were hot.”
Simon felt a surge of excitement shoot up his back.
“Oh. Well, thanks.”
Baz smirked. “So why did you walk over?”
Simon bit his lip. “I guess because I thought you were uh, hot too.”
Baz’s eyes widened by a fraction, but his face gave no other clue to a reaction. Simon realized that this was the kind of guy with excellent self-control. It made him uncomfortable.
“I also thought you looked a bit scary.”
Baz shrugged. “Lot’s of people do.”
“But it’s not because of your clothes.”
Baz’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “It’s not?”
“No. It’s the way you carry yourself. You seem…dangerous.”
Baz stamped out his cigarette. “I am. In some respects at least.”
“So formal.” Simon muttered.
“You seem a bit dangerous yourself Snow.”
“What?” Simon had never heard anyone use his name and the word dangerous in the same sentence before.
“Sure, you might be getting coffee on a Saturday night instead of getting wasted. And yeah, you dress like a soft pastel aesthetic blog. But…you walked over here.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Baz frowned. “That you’re not afraid of me.”
“How does that make me dangerous?”
His cool grey eyes locked on him again.
“It makes you dangerous to me.”
They both went silent after that.
Simon didn’t know the boy. In fact he was pretty sure the guy was fucked up in a multitude of ways. But he found he didn’t care. In fact he was pretty sure he was already marginally obsessed with him. Cheeks burning he pulled out his cellphone.
“Here…you can put your number in.”
Baz’s face was completely serious. “You sure?”
Simon nodded solemnly. “Yes.”
They stood there as Baz put in his contact info and Simon texted the number. After that was done they stood awkwardly. For a long moment they just waited on the street.
“I should probably go back to my friends,” Simon whispered.
Baz nodded, “Okay.”
Simon started walking backwards. “Call me.”
Baz wandered back towards the dingy looking nightclub behind him.
“Sure thing Snow.”
Simon knew he was in for trouble but somehow he was excited about it.

i wanted to draw the hair


These are amazing, but I gotta say, it’s a little fucked up that Jessica Jones’ vinyl color is based on her rapist.

(I suppose you can argue that in the comic Jessica had purple hair, but that isn’t the case in the show)

The score to Daredevil and Jessica Jones weren’t as memorable as Luke Cage’s, but it’s certainly nice to have these as a set.