had purple hair


I started this last year after I read Blood of Olympus, found the unfinished work-in-progress recently, and worked it into this during some downtime. 

After all that happened to Reyna and Nico, I just want them to chill together forever in New Rome looking at pictures of cute dogs.

remember 1d day?? we just all collectively sat down and watched one direction do a live stream for 7 hours….. 7 hours. niall had purple hair. harry almost died. those were the days man….

I picture him as the person that likes to steal his partners clothing…(◡‿◡✿)

Iwa-chan will smack him around for it.. I’m pretty sure… and he will be shirtless (⁄ ⁄◕⁄‿⁄◕⁄ ⁄✿)


june 12, 2017 - a huge contrast to yesterday, today was horrible. My ombre Namjoon-purple hair had to go and now my hair is too short and it looks fugly. My issues are getting worse and I’m now in distress.

Hopefully watching a compilation of Seokjin laughing will make the day less horrible

Meeting room nine was our room.  It was identical to all of the other meeting rooms in every single way, yes, but it was our favorite.  Every day at around 11:25 I’d walk past Violet’s cubicle with a quick, “9 at 12?” and she’d inattentively nod and go back to typing or stapling, and I’d continue my brisk walk back to my work station.  Why I felt the need to confirm our usual habit was anyone’s guess, my insecurities would be on the top of that guess list though.

Of course it wasn’t just Violet and I.  Ryan and Jennifer were there, too.  I didn’t like them as much as Violet.  Regardless, it was us four in room 9 at 12 noon everyday for lunch for the past four months.  That was how it was, at least, until March 29th.

On March 29th, at 11:57 I sat in room nine with my lunch bag already open, its contents meticulously placed in front of me, my $1.50 bottled mountain dew to my right, my napkin to my left, and my sandwich and bag of pretzels in between.  I was usually the first.  In fact, I tried to be, so I could get in a little extra conversation with the second and third people to enter the room.

Ryan was first.  “Hey, Ryan,” I said.

“Hey, man.” Ryan said. 

I hated how he didn’t say my name.  He knew my name.  I gave him my expense reports all the time and my name was on each of those in three different places.  He definitely knew my name, but he never said it.  When I was in high school, one of my teachers told us that people really appreciate it when you use their name in conversations, and I remember thinking ‘Yes I do like that,’ so it bothered me greatly when Ryan didn’t say my name.

I was waiting to pick up my sandwich until the other two arrived.  It was polite.  In contrast, Ryan plopped down his white syrofoam box of Chinese and began chowing away.  He used chopsticks and I hated him for it.  The bag from the Chinese place came with little plastic white forks and knives.  He was a show-off and always had been.  He only ate with us because he was in Jennifer’s department and they knew each other well.  If it was up to me, he wouldn’t be there.

The entry of Jennifer was a refreshing event.  “Hey Jennifer,” I said.

Jennifer smiled and said hi to me.  She used my name.  Jennifer had a packed lunch, like me, and a really cute laugh.  It was tough to make her laugh, so I tried to prepare a good joke or at least something humorous to say for when I was with her.  We engaged in some light conversation.  

It was 12:04 according to the very plain clock above the door, and I was worried Violet wouldn’t show.  I was running out of conversation with Jennifer and didn’t want Ryan to steal the floor from me. 

I had been preparing this line for a couple days, having thought of it a couple days ago.  So, over the past couple days I had been refining it and practicing it, and I decided that it was the time to use it.  I had prepared this thing for two days, keep in mind.

“You guys ever notice how there’s never any markers on the dry-erase board in here?  How would you even use that thing if you wanted to?”  I said, as best as I could, in a way that a comedian would say it.

My eyes darted to Jennifer’s face.  After gazing over at the board, her face turned towards mine and she laughed!  I was really happy about that.  Ryan laughed too but I didn’t care.

“Where’s Violet?” I said, transitioning, trying to keep up the flow of conversation in the room.  It was 12:05 now.

“Did you remind her?” Jennifer asked me.


Just then Violet walked into the room with her purple hair on her head (she had purple hair).  Her name was Violet and she had purple hair.  Probably not a coincidence.

“Sorry everyone, I had to print off copies for my meeting later.”

“That’s okay.  No problem,” I said, speaking for everyone in the room. 

“So… what did I miss?” she said, slapping her bag of McDonalds down on the table.  I could only assume there was breakfast food in there.  McDonalds didn’t start serving lunch food until lunch time, and I doubted she had time to make a run there during work hours.  Still, though, she could have done it.  Or it could have been day old lunch food.

“He tried to make a joke about how there’s never any markers by the dry-erase board,” responded Ryan before I had a chance to speak.

“What do you mean tried,” I said, my eyebrows scrunching up in an emotion in between annoyance and anger.  “Both you and Jennifer laughed.”

Ryan chuckled, “We were laughing at you, man.  You talk about the dumbest stuff.” 

Jennifer laughed.  But now I hated her laugh.  Violet had a blank expression, like she probably agreed with him but cared enough about my feelings not to join in.  I couldn’t handle this.  I quickly packed up my lunch, and in my hurry accidentally dropped my opened but untouched bag of pretzels onto the carpet.  I left them there, like I was a common litterer, and ran out of the room.  I didn’t cry, but I really wanted to.  After asking my boss for permission, I went home early and watched TV until dinner time, but I felt too sick to eat anything.

The worst part about the whole thing–the thing that still bugs me to this day–is I never found out if Violet’s McDonalds was lunch or breakfast food.  When I finally mustered up the courage to ask her about it six days later, she claimed she had no idea what I was talking about at all.

I Will Take Care of You

|||Anon asked: Can i request a xiumin exo wolf mate au?? Like a cute and fluffy one maybe?|||

Kim Minseok (Xiumin) x Reader

Genre: Wolf AU

Word count: 976

Originally posted by drawien

You just moved but already didn’t like this place. Your father was a novelist and so you had to move whenever he finished his book as there was no more inspiration after that. He wanted to work somewhere quiet and calm and because of that each new place was more secluded than the last one. This time it was a town of 4000 residents. It was a cloudy day as you made your way to yet another new school. Due to your constant moving you gave up on making new friends so didn’t expect much out of this day. The first thing you had to do today was find the library. The smaller the town the less people will be there and so you can be alone and spend some time with yourself without anybody bothering you. You loved reading and you could thank your father for that. You took an old looking book from one of the shelves. Surprisingly it was a book about this town. Might as well get to know where you’re going to be living for the next year or so. You weren’t even 30 minutes in when you heard footsteps.

“Hello gorgeous” a man said and before you could react took your hand pecked it.


“Haven’t seen you before, you’re new?”

“Actually yes I’m” you said quickly taking your hand out of his. “And who might you be? I’m not used to people just coming up out of nowhere and trying to start a conversation.”

“Why not? I saw you through the window and you looked incredibly cute, so I couldn’t resist talking to you.” he said smiling and you could feel how your cheeks started to burn.

“What’s up with him, he’s totally weird.” you thought but in reality you found him very handsome. He had dark purple and black hair and was wearing a white shirt with leather jacket on. You followed your gaze up to his face and unexpectedly made eye contact with him so you had to quickly avert your eyes to which he smiled. Great. You don’t even know him and he’s not even doing anything but he’s already making you blush.

“Name’s is Minseok by the way.”

“I’m sorry but I have to go.”

“Already but I just got here.” he pouted but you were already standing up and turning around to leave.

“Hey!” he shouted after you.

“What is it?” you asked.

“Will you be here tomorrow?”

“I might, why?”

“Oh nothing.” he said and you noticed how the pout was turning into a smile again. “I just thought I should look after you.”

You didn’t expect him to say that so you quickly turned around and headed out of the building. You were all red from his words and couldn’t let him see you like this. But you also couldn’t stop thinking about him on your way home.

“I’m back.” you said.

“Oh, welcome home” your father replied. “Sweety, could you do something for me? I just got this wonderful idea for a story but really need some photos for reference.”

“Now? It’s getting dark.”

“Please, I know you love doing this, help out your old man” your father said handing you the camera.

“Fine.” you said putting your more comfortable boots on. “I won’t take long.”

Your father was right, even though you didn’t live moving from one place to the other, the only thing you enjoyed about it was the nature. The forest started just across the street. You wondered what kind of story your father came up with now. As you were thinking and taking photos you didn’t even notice how now you were somewhere in the middle of the forest.

“Okay.” you thought. “Don’t panic. You can find your way back.”

With that you hear a branch snap and quickly turned in the direction of the sound. No way. There was a grey wolf there. How come? You never knew there were wolves in this area. The animal didn’t look happy. Were you in his territory? You tried remembering what to do in situations like this. Do you keep eye contact? Do you pretend that you’re dead? The wolf started approaching you growling, you took a few steps back when you hit a tree.

“That’s it.” you thought. “This is how I die.”

When suddenly out of nowhere another wolf appeared. The newcomer started growling at the other and he stopped in his tracks. They stood still just looking at each other for what seemed like ages when the grey one decided to take off. By now your legs gave up on you and you just slumped by the tree. Were you saved just now? But it was not over. Now the newcomer was drawing near you. You couldn’t have a good look at him as it was dusk and his fur was black. The only thing you could see clearly was his golden eyes. The wolf stopped right in front of you and sat down. You were now both staring at each other.

“Is this one friendly?” you thought, not sure if you could pet him. The wolf tilted his head as if inviting and you put your hand on his back. The fur was soft and warm and now you just wanted to hug him. And so you did. You had nothing to lose anyways, so you threw or arms around his neck and snuggled in it. Then the realization of what just happened and that you almost died just now hit you hard and you started crying. Before you knew it you were in someone else’s embrace. You felt strong hand wrap around your waist as a chin was put on top of your head.

“There there.” he said stroking you hair. You looked up and saw Minseok.

“I said I will look after you.”

A/N: I hope this satisfies the lovely anon who requested, I tried making this as fluffy as possible but idk 😃 Anyhow, I would love to write more kpop reactions, scenarios and stuff like that. I keep up with a lot of groups, both male and female, so if you have any ideas feel free to request!!