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Ok, so this is a imagine that I’ve had in my head for a while now. Enjoy, My Lovelies. xx

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Dean looked up as the Y/C/H hunter walked into the viewing room. Her hair fell loosely around her face, the soft Hollywood curls framing it perfectly. His eyes wandered over her body, the way her jeans hugged her arse perfectly, the black tank she wore that was slightly see through, the deep red bra underneath that showed off some of her best assets. Her silver cross hung down over the top of her breasts, the diamonds shining in the light. Her heels clicked on the polished concrete floor, he glanced down at the ankle boots, that was a new looked. The look was Y/N all over, but a sexed up Y/N. He frowned at the duffels in her hand.


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“Blinded” (Lay Smut)

Title: Blinded

Featuring: Lay (EXO) x Reader

POV: 2nd

Rating: NC-17. 

Summary: You decide to incorporate a blindfold into your playtime. 

Requested by anon!

You crept up behind Yixing sitting on the stool, waiting for you. You’d told him you had a surprise for him, but he had no clue what he was in for.

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Haven’t Seen Her

Title: Haven’t Seen Her

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Jacksepticeye x fem!reader

Word Count: 1766 

Summary: Jack has a new girlfriend?

A/N: This story is told as the reader is female. For my NonBinary/Male pals out there, if you would like for me to rewrite the story with genderless pronouns, just let me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible

Originally posted by riciehmon

Jack had a new girlfriend. The internet was buzzing, his community talking about it on every form of social media. Who had managed to catch the eye of the sweet, loud, Irish boy? More importantly, how had they not noticed? The clues should have been as clear as day, not to mention all the times he mentioned you.

       The first time he mentioned you, it was a passing remark. No one really took notice of it, too occupied laughing and focused on what the Irish man was doing. Smiling, he held up a handful of containers, and a small note with scribbles on it.

       “So, I got my make up here that was so generously loaned to me. (Y/N) put a little list here for me so I knew what order to put them on.”

       The second time was a few months later, when he was doing a new and improved house tour. Not much changed, though it was always entertaining to watch the shaky camera and the happy voice accompanying it.

       “This plant is very pretty. Its not mine though, I’m just watching over it while (Y/N) visits her family.”

       Yet, the fans still didn’t seem to pick up on anything. Sure, there were a few comments here and there about what he had said, but they were buried deep in the comments section, covered by links and click bait ads.

       The third time sparked interest within his community, more and more people noticing your name popping up here and there, casually as if he had already told them who you were. Had he? Or was this a new development?

       “What’s my favourite memory of 2015? Oh, that’d have to be the time a bunch of my friends and I went on a group camping trip. It was amazing. I never really get to hang out with people as much, not that I’m complaining or anything. It was just nice to get away for the weekend. (Y/N) and I had canoed down the river, and almost got lost if it wasn’t for her being smart enough to bring a compass.”

       By now, theories began to pop up. Did Jack get a girlfriend? An old family friend? A neighbour? No one could figure it out, and Jack had given them no clues. People began writing stories, drawing art, trying to guess who you were and what you looked like. It wasn’t until the four incident, when they finally got some clue into who you were.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye!”

       Thousands of people watched in confusion as Jack sat in front of the screen, his face being the only thing seen, awe and confusion on his face as he looked off screen, and not the game that was put in the title. That wasn’t the only thing that was off. The voice of the intro, however, wasn’t his. It was a woman’s voice, melodic and teasing as she practically screamed the line he was known for. Jack laughed, slouching over the table slightly before quickly standing up, only the corner of his jaw seen of his face, whispering something to someone off screen. There was a laugh, then Jack getting pushed back into view of the camera, before the video reset, playing the intro as it should have been, as if nothing had happened. An arm, a hand, and a glimpse of hair was all they got, but it was enough to explode the internet.  

       The fifth incident was different than the others. It was a vlog, nothing too unusual for Jack to do every now and then. However, this time, he stood in front of a hair salon, his green hair faded so much it was practically yellow.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to another vlog! I know I’ve been doing quite a few of these lately, but this time, I’ve brought you to the hairdresser! Tons of people asked me to show me going to get my haired dyed, and the process of it. And in order to not bore myself. I’ve brought along a friend!”

       There was a cheerful hello in the background, but Jack hadn’t turned the camera, the voice hidden, and the person unknown. Was this (Y/N)? The girl that had started showing up in Jacks videos more and more? The audience waited in anticipation, enjoying themselves already.

       The video continues, Jack doing things here and there, cracking a few jokes and introducing the lady who was dying his hair. However, it was soon obvious whom he had brought with him, as the same name rang out half way through, and a woman walking behind Jack as he filmed himself looking in the mirror. The mystery girl had returned. Fans eagerly watched, hoping to catch another glimpse of her. However, the only thing they got was Jack retelling a joke you had said, or repeating a funny comment while you laughed in the background. It wasn’t until the end, when you were revealed again.

       “Don’t I look soooooo pretty!”

       Jack’s voice was high pitched, hands pulling your hair so it curled over his head, which was partially dyed to match his, as he smiled sweetly into the camera. You laughed from behind him, quickly stealing the camera, and your hair back, from his hands and flipping the camera to filming him. However, the camera had turned to your face, and for a split second, the world saw your face.

       Twitter blew up minutes after the vlog was posted, the hashtag #WhoIsJack’sNewGirlfriend? spread like wildfire, single shots of your blurry face everywhere.

       The sixth mention, wasn’t as much as a mention, but more a video. The video was titled “HAPPY WHEELS CHALLENGE…WITH A GUEST?!?!”, no mention of who it was, or if they had been on a video with him before. Fans spectated the video, starting with the intro, just as it always was. However, the camera was placed differently, so that Jack was completely visible till his waist. His arms were behind him, and two smaller hands replaced them, high-fiving the air beside the camera. Jack laughed as the hand totally failed, but continued to do his intro.

       "Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to…HAPPY WHEELS! I have a very special guest with me today, (Y/N)! And this is a very stupid video we decided to do, because why not?! I’m going to have my arms behind my back, and (Y/N) is going to control the game for me, but she can’t see a thing! Hopefully this wont be a total disaster!“

       The video was full of laughs, screams, and Jacks new hands smacking his shoulder several times, which just made them laugh harder. It was hard not to laugh along, especially when Jack kept screaming while (Y/N) tried to do a spike fall. The fans hoped that they could at least see a small view of your face, however, Jacks back and shoulders covered everything that could have been seen.

       The seventh and final instance, was when the truth came out.

       Jack was filming another reading your comments video, a half a year after you were first mentioned. He started the first few as he normally did, a few silly one, a few serious ones with silly answers, and one serious one. And then, the moment of truth.

“Jack, can you please tell us who (Y/N) is? You’ve mentioned her a lot recently, and I know I’m not the one wondering. I’ve seen a lot of these comments recently, and yes, I have seen them and haven’t answered them. (Y/N) is a very special person to me, and I respect her enough not to be forcing her to do things she doesn’t want to do. She enjoys her privacy, and can be shy sometimes, so I don’t want to be forcing her to sit with me on camera, or be constantly filming what we do. When (Y/N) and I hang out, I don’t have to pretend with her. Not that I’m saying I pretend when I talk to you guys, but when I film, I constantly have to make things interesting, keep the energy going. (Y/N) is my rock, and I couldn’t imagine her not being in my life. When she’s ready, maybe she’ll introduce herself to you, but for now, please don’t pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do. If you haven’t figured it out, (Y/N) is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for almost eight months now, and honestly I’m so happy. I love her to death, and I hope you guys will love her just as much as I do. Okay, maybe not that much.”

       He ended the question with a giggle, and that was that.
       Of course you were mentioned more and more over the course of the year, Jacks face lighting up at your name and the stories he told. He apologized most of the time when a story got away from him about the two of you, but instead if receiving hate or comments that told him they didn’t want to hear stories about you, all the comments were positive. They loved hearing stories about you, about the life Jack had outside of YouTube. As soon as he started mentioning you, others did as well. Mark, Felix, and even Ken mentioned you at least once in their videos, excited for Jack and happy that he found someone to love as much as they had. Mark of course had to be the odd man out and have a whole story on one of his videos, but the fans loved it, laughing about how you got lost at the mall with them and had to huddle next to him until you two managed to find Jack again.

       It wasn’t until a year and a half later, when you were finally introduced to the world. It wasn’t a video like most hoped, a picture was what revealed you. Your face wasn’t in it completely, you were turned away, just the side of your face being seen, but Jack was full center. The pictured seemed almost better than a video when everyone saw the smiles on yours and Jacks face as he held your hand up, a ring on your ring finger sparkling in the light, did they realize that they didn’t need to see you to know that you made Jack incredibly happy. And that was enough for them.

Anti Thoughts

Not really so much a theory, but more something I just realized. Back in October when Anti first came around in FNAF Sister Location, the titles of the videos always gave us some clue as to what was going on:

Basically, it gave us hints that Anti was slowly taking over and becoming one with Jack. As Anti got stronger, the titles in other games started giving hints as well, but even THUMBNAILS started to show signs. For example, in Layers of Fear:

The thumbnails started to show Anti literally trying to separate from Jack, while the titles continued telling US what was happening. Both games happened to be horror games, so naturally Anti would like the horror genre, as well as wanting to show up in games that he had a connection too and that were semi-similar to each other. 

So…that led me to notice something. Two games that Jack has played over the last week or so: Epidemic and Bio Inc Redemption. Jack himself has said that these games are pretty similar to each other, and I agree. Creating a disease and evolving and spreading it to kill people. Well…I noticed today that the titles of those two games are very similar to titles from back in October…Messages, and sinister ones at that:

Now, we all know how much our little Anti loves death, (I mean, he’s already ‘killed’ Jack once)  and he’s ALSO made an appearance in Epidemic, after a little break.  Anti HIMSELF is sort of like an epidemic or disease.. Nothing huge to start out with… but then a few people see him, and start talking..then more..then more, which gives him more strength to take over again. But the question I have is why? Why is Anti back NOW? Just for the similarity of the games? Just because they’re about disease and death? Or is he planning something for us and Jack and we’ve already been ‘infected?’ 

Duration of Human Jedi Apprenticeship

This is just a minor niggle for me, but the age that Obi-Wan is in TPM seems odd to me. At least, odd in that he hasn’t been knighted yet.

In Western history, most boys were about 13-14 when they became a squire and were knighted at about 21.

If your basing this off the Eastern Samurai, they began training at 3-5, and were acknowledged as proper Samurai, with a ceremony, typically by 18, although there was much more variation, give or take a few years.

Either way, 25, and still an apprentice, doesn’t make much sense to me.

Obi-Wan would have begun his training at 3-5, passed the initiate phase by 13, become a padawan and have been knighted by 20-22.

I just don’t buy that he was 25 in TPM. 22, maybe, but he wasn’t 25…unless he had already been knighted for a few years.

If the latter, than that would make for subtle but important shifts in his relationship with Anakin…for the better.

(It would also make more sense in terms of when and how Qui-Gon learned how to become a Force Ghost. If he was apprenticeless for a few years, he probably had more time to go investigating into the obscure…Without Obi-Wan knowing. After all, in canon, he’d had no clue.)

I may have to write this AU.

(As a side note, I imagine the proper title for a Jedi knight would be Sir. So it would be Sir Kenobi, or Sir Jedi. When he attained the rank of Master it would be Master Kenobi or Master Jedi. If rank was unknown it would be Jedi Kenobi…? While he was still training it would be Padawan Kenobi. This is what makes sense to me.)

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Holy wOW your Connor fic was SO GOOD omg!! Would you consider doing more connor stuff? Like maybe something that follows on with your last one when they stopped him? I'm so obsessed with that fic no joke !! Also no worries if you don't want to do this!! 💚

Title: Interrupted pt.2

Words: 1,378

A/N: I originally intended for Interrupted to be a one shot, so I was a bit stuck on this and didn’t know what you write. You can clearly tell i had no clue what i was doing, but hey here it is i guess whoops sorry

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Pairing: Dean Ambrose/You

Summary: A selection of moments from the journey that is having Dean’s baby. A.n. I seem to write a lot of baby!fics. Ah well heres another for ya.

Tags: @the-geekgoddes @wweobsession1029

You pace up and down the hallway of the hotel. This must be your third or fourth circuit by now but you’re a little nervous. You’re almost certain you’ve got the right hotel and if Seth gave you the right instructions then you should have the right floor. The only hitch so far is that piece of paper in your wallet with the hotel information on says room 23 and the door in front of you says 203. You’re hoping the Seth just got the number slightly wrong or you wrote it down incorrectly, otherwise knocking on the door is going to be pretty embarrassing.

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Originally posted by qt-taehyungssi

TITLE: butterfly

MEMBER: kim taehyung x reader

GENRE: fluff, angst, romance

WORDS: 13 327

WARNING: profanity, mentions of sex

AUTHOR: thelillzmonster

SUMMARY: taehyung and you were really close friends before. but something happened. you had no clue what it was, but suddenly he stopped talking to you completely, stopped looking at you at all and basically ignored your existence overall. and no matter how much time went by, you couldn’t stop thinking about him. but then, something changed…

ENJOY     ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

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I've been reading your metas and I want to say that they're really well thought and impressively intensive! Got a question that I'm not sure if you've answered however: if Ouma was meant to be a "pawn of the mastermind" and had despair imbued into his talent, do you think his amazing intellect might have come from actually having the SHSL Analyst talent along with his Leader talent?

I think it’s a distinct possibility! Ouma’s despair role is interesting, because clearly it’s something he himself wasn’t the most aware of. Or rather, while he suspected himself of having been the intended figurehead for the real mastermind, and he knew he clearly had things about himself that were fitting for an “evil Supreme Leader,” etc., he didn’t know about hope vs. despair terminology, because those things weren’t something that Tsumugi actually busted out as her trump card until Chapter 5.

So while Ouma definitely seems to have been someone Tsumugi wanted to manipulate and use as a pawn the entire way through, I don’t think he actually was supposed to know or think of himself as SHSL Despair until the very end. Had everything gone according to Tsumugi’s plans (meaning if Ouma hadn’t been nearly as big of a pain in her ass as he was), she probably planned to corner Ouma with a remember light specifically designed and entailed for him, to make him “remember” about how he was “the successor of Junko Enoshima” and encourage him to go full Remants of Despair Leader, claim credit for everything, and ultimately be “defeated and talked down by students of Hope’s Peak Academy,” only to kill himself in a fit of despair just like Junko did.

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I have no clue what to title this, shoot me 😉

You really didn’t know Jughead Jones the 3rd personally, you had just heard of him from your friends Betty Cooper and Archie Andrews sometimes. Even though you didnt know him didn’t mean you were going to ignore him when Reggie Mantle started to pick on him saying that he was the one to probably kill poor Jason Blossom. “I mean let’s think about it, if a kid at Riverdale was gonna kill Jason, it’s not gonna be a jock, right?” Reggie states in his deep voice while sitting in the lounge.
“No, lets be honest, it’s always some spooky, scrawny, pathetic internet troll to busy writing manifestos to get laid.” He continues while tossing glances in Jugheads direction, smirking at his goons that were surrounding him. Jughead continued to lean casually against a wall next to the vending machine, shooting daggers at Reggie. “Some smug, moody, serial-killer fanboy freak? Like Jughead?” You roll you eyes as you strolled over to the vending machine pretending to look for something to snack on, well maybe not pretending, you were hungry and exhausted just having to listen to Reggie spew word vomit in the lounge, just incase you wanted to or had to intervene on the subject at hand.
“What was it like Suicide Squad? When you shot Jason?” Reggie persisted, you had been wachting at this point, leaning against the back of one of the couches, having to move from the vending machine seeing as you were just standing there, some kid coming up behind you grumbling for you to move from the vending machine since you weren’t getting anything. “You didn’t do anything to the body did you, you know like, after?” Reggie pushed on trying to get a rise out of Jughead, Jughead was practically trying to burn holes into Reggie’s face with his glares. “ It’s called necrophilia Reggie, can you spell it?” Jughead asked Reggie sarcastically. Reggie pounced trying to grab at Jughead before you had gotten in the way “Y/N what the hell are you doing? Let me at this little freak!” Reggie yells in your face and you glare up at him, “Reggie, you are honestly such a pitiful excuse for a man, Jason Blossom’s murder is NOT a joke. Do you hear me?!” You tell back at him, he just glares down at you, you being 5'4" (A/N I apologize if your not, i just put an average height there you can totally ignore that if your taller and maybe closer to 6'3") was a big difference to him being 6'3", still it doesn’t mean you can’t beat some ass. “Y/N get the hell out of my way, I don’t want to hit you.” Reggie growled at you, glancing around the lounge most of the people were watching you growl and yell at one another, Jughead on the other hand, also being taller than you, was staring right over your head at Reggie but also glancing down at you from time to time.
Reggie glances at you then at Jughead and tries to shoot his arm over you and hit Jughead, effectively hitting you directly in the face, everyone watching gasping as he knocks your glasses off on the process (A/N again ignore that if you want, ya know the whole glasses thing). “Shit Y/N I really di-” Reggie stops mid sentence as you punch him as hard as you can in the jaw, he falls to the ground as you kick the back of his knee while he is bent foward holding his face, grabbing his arm and forcibly holding it behind his back while you shove him face first onto the floor. “Reggie Mantle, if I EVER catch you trying to touch ANYONE like that ever again i will do this again, ten times over” you growl into his ear “do. You. Under. Stand?” You pronounce into his ear, hearing him whimper you let him go grabbing you glasses from the floor as you get up and move to your bag, leaving the lounge.
As you walk down the hallway you hear shoes thumping against the linoleum running after you, you twirl on your heel of your ankle boot to see Jughead panting with his hands on his knees, “Man Juggie, athletics really isn’t your strong suit is it?” You chuckle as you stare at him with an amused smirk. “Why did you do that back there?” He questions you at once, you take in his appearance fully now from up close, he was wearing his signature beanie, black jeans with black and white suspenders hanging at his sides, a dark grey T-shirt with an S on it, a deep burgundy hoody and a black jean jacket. “Maybe because I’m tired of Reggie’s shit, or maybe it was because i like you and have been meaning to talk to you and just decided to defend you?” You say with a hum, tilting your head and puckering your lips a bit while playing with his jacket, “but you can decide what it was.” You say as you look back up at him with an amused smirk, “well, how about you and me talk at Pop’s tonight, I can meet you there and we get to know each other like you wanted” Jughead suggests looking down at you with smirk as you move your hand to rest on him chest “hmmm, that depends.” You say looking back up at him with your finger tapping your chin in an exaggerated curious expression, “depends on what?” He pushes as he plays with the ends of your Y/L, Y/HC hair. “Depends on if I like you enough.” You pat his chest as you grin up at him before you spin around again and walk out of school skipping the rest of the day.
*A/N- i know it sucks, i literally only write when im given assignments in school and its like, only argumentative essays 😥. I’ve had this idea in my head for a while and needed to get it out. Please no hate this is literally my very first and probably last one shot. I apologize if this has already been writen or you have had the idea and this is probably (definitely) not doing it justice.
Rome: Seven Minutes

Rome: Seven Minutes

A/N: I accidently a bit of sweet tea on my keyboard and fucked up the ‘h’ key, so it some word doesn’t make sense, just add a ‘h’ in it, maybe it’ll make sense then. I tried to got through and fix them all already. LMAO, what i was trying to type ‘ ‘h’ ‘ it kept coming out as ‘’

There’s so many “Seven minutes in heaven” stories, opefully i’m not too basic. And if you haven’t realized, short fics paranoid me, I had to make this different so it wouldn’t be under 2k words. *whoops*

I’M BACK ON THAT SMUT GRIND (lol jk, tis was easy to write until i got to the smut part)

Why is it so hard to find a serious picture of you bae I have so many but none of them are serious. Got to be basic and use a photoshoot on one -___-

REMINDER: Just in case you didn’t know, Christian is Rome’s orginal/English name.

“WOAHH! Christian! You got Christian _____!!” Your friends cheered. The one person at the party you didn’t want to get. It’s not that you didn’t know him, in fact you’ve known him since before he moved here from Australia. But he always made you nervous. You were both really competitive but for some reason, you could never beat him, no matter how hard you worked.

You were both dancers since middle school, and in every talent show, he would always place one before you. Even in school, whenever you made a perfect grade, so would he; whenever he scored a 99, you would score a 98. It irritated you more than anything. Salty? Like hell, you were salty.

The only thing you were better at was cooking, singing and having a boyfriend and height too. He, like everyone, towered you. He was a terrorist in the kitchen and satan when he sang. And he’s had a few girlfriends but the relationships never lasted that long and you were sure it was because the girl couldn’t stand his arrogant personality.

”_______! Why are you still sitting there? Come on!!” Your friend Eric, who hosted the party, ushered you to get up. “Go girl! It won’t be that bad,” your friend Choa, sitting nesting you pushed you forward as your other friend Hyeri pulled you up. “I’m sure it’s going to be lots of fun!” She giggles as if to hint something.

“Whatever, you act like he’s Ravi or something,” you rolled your eyes. “You know the Rav____ ship sank before it even set sail right?” She jokes even though she wasn’t. “Rome!” She got his attention, Peniel had already dragged him in front of the room you and him would be waiting him and left.

He smiles at to Hyeri and gives you a blank to haughty expression. “Your timer starts the moment the door shuts,” she exclaims. “Hehe, enter holding hands!” She connects your hands together. “What! That’s not even a rule!” You clarified and pulled your hand away.

“Do it! It’ll be more fun!” Amber pushed on. You turned to see the whole crew in the living room had followed you. “What the heck guys! You weren’t watching when Hyeri and Henry were doing it! And you didn’t make them hold hands either! Same for Yura and Jonghyun!”

“Because they would do it without having to be asked,” Ray explains, “You know what? She’s never going to agree to holding his hands. Let’s just tie their hands together!” Your eyes shot bullets through Ray when the words fell from his lips.

“Ah! Yes! That’s really smart Ray! Let’s do it!” Amy cheered. She immediately moved over to Rome and pulled off his tie. He laughs, “You guys are too much.” “He means you guys are a bunch of assholes,” you say, “Don’t you fucking dare touch me!” You dodged Amy when she reached out for your wrist.

“You guys are so fucking childish!” The others start laughing. “Calm down _____! It’s only for seven minutes! You don’t have to even say anything!” “__________! Get back here! If you don’t get your ass over here then you’re paying for dinner the rest of the week!” Amy threatened.

“Uh-Agh…. fine,” you sighed and gave up. “Not so tight Amy! Why are you crossing our wrists?” You questioned. It wasn’t comfortable. “You complain too much, it’s not even tight,” Amy replies. “How the hell do you expect me to be comfort for seven minutes like this??” You complain again. “Twine your fingers with his!” Amy says, without making a move, Rome curl his fingers between yours first. “You’re always so difficult,” he retorts without looking at you.

“Okay that took way long than it should have,” Amber joins Amy and pushes both of you into the room. “Oh, I almost forgot,” Amy says, she starts patting you and Rome down, taking your phones away. “Christian, I need your watch too,” she tells Rome and takes off the watch herself.

“Okay, have a good time!” Amber gave a cheeky smile and slammed the door shut and put an additional lock on the door, since the built in lock could be unlocked from the inside. You heard the giggling decrease as the group moved back to the living room.

… … . .

After counting to ten, you began complaining again, “Isn’t it time already?? Swear, I bet they’re cheating on the time.” Rome sighs, “We just got here. And you know it could be worse right?” You sigh. He was right, it could be worse but who you were you kidding, this wasn’t even that bad. After all that alcohol, you could use some peace and quiet.

“Uhh.. Chri- Barom, what are you doing,” you could feel his warm breath on your neck. “You smell so fucking good, ______,” he says. His voice was unnecessarily breathy, you could feel every word on your skin. “Stop, you’re being so weird,” you say, shrugging your shoulders, hoping to push him off.

“I can’t, we’re tied remember?” Of course, how could you forget? But at least he doesn’t have to be this close to you! “Why are you being like this?” His fingers of his free hand tickled the skin under the hem of your sequin cami, but you brush them off. But that doesn’t stop him, he continues to touch you, cold hands landing on your somewhat bare tummy, giving you goosebumps. “Ro-”

“You’re so beautiful….. and attractive,” he hisses into your ears, sending shivers down your back. His hands gently snakes to you back and down underneath the cloth of your high-waisted shorts. “Rome… stop. Why are- you doing this?” you asked with short breaths.

“Why are you so nervous?” He whispers in your ear, “We’ve known each other forever.” “That’s not the point Christian,” you said, tempting to push him off but you were tied so it didn’t really make much difference. “Then what is?” he asks, cornering you again, his breath blowing against your forehead. Looking away, you don’t put effort in pushing him away so you just smirk.

“I have a boyfriend. That’s the point,” you sighed. He lowers his face to align with yours, “You think I’m convinced?” he chuckles, blowing your hair back. “He doesn’t even love you, he doesn’t even care.” You wanted to hit him but you remained calm. “Like all your friends said, the Rav______ ship sank before it set sail.”

You wish you couldn’t deny it but you couldn’t. Ravi, your boyfriend for over a year, didn’t really care about you anymore and you could care less about what he was really doing right now too. Why you were still together? You had no clue. It’s like you were just staying for the boyfriend and girlfriend title. To make Rome jealous? Was that it? You couldn’t even come up with a legit reason why you were with Ravi.

Sure, at first you and him were crazy about each other but after a year, it just faded. He didn’t even remember your anniversary, and you weren’t at all disappointed, though you should have been. Actually, you weren’t even expect anything.

“What the hell do you know?” you retort, not wanting to give him the satisfaction of being correct. Without a verbal answer, his lips crash on yours. First you were pushing him off but he holds your tied hand against the wall on your head and the same with the other. Soon your reluctance pacified and your lips were beginning to move with his.

“Christ-” “Barom,” he corrects you the moment you open your mouth after he pulls away. “I feel closer to you when you use that,” he continues, his voice now was much more soothing. You felt like your chest was about to pop. You heart was beating so fast and you loud you were pretty sure he could hear it.

“I like you _______, a lot… no, I love you,” he begins confessing, “for a really long time, it’s almost sick.” He looks at you full of hope.

You gulped and bite your lower lip. “I… I…”

He shuts his eyes, ready to except your rejection. You were right, you had Ravi now, you had no business getting between you. The only thing he could do was wish you happiness.

“I think I like you too…” you confess. He looks into your eyes, , half surprised and half suspecting what he just heard. “You do?” The way he was looking you made you blush and you turned away in embarrassment and nod. “I don’t know when but… yeah.”

With his free hand, he turns your chin over so your eyes meet again. You blinked and when you opened your eyes, the next thing you know is his lips touching yours. It wasn’t long before you kissed him back and was even sooner that the kiss became hot and passionate. His tongue pushed past the entrance of your cavern and fought your tongue for dominance, which his effortlessly won.

His hands began to travel up your crop cami, not even realizing the time you let him go freely. You impatiently move the hand he had locked with yours down to your pants, motioning him to unbutton them. He smirks at your bold move. He moves your free hand to his pants so you guys could proceed together.

His hands immediately slipped in your panties the moment your shorts were off. Yours remained on the waistline of his boxers.  “Hmm… You’re so wet _______,” He purrs, it satisfied him more knowing he was getting you this excited. He was getting impatient as well and shoved your hands down his pants.

You already felt his hard on grinding on you but this the thing in your hand was massive. He fingers massages your with an increasing tension. “Barom… stop teasing,” you whimpered. With that you slip his boxers down.

His lips caress yours again, this time much hotter and sloppier than ever. He guides both hands both your head, pushing you forcefully against the wall. He knew he couldn’t waste much time so you on trying to take off your top. He pushed your top up above your breasts and attacked the skin under your bra with his hands. is lips now launched at your neck, sucking you sweet spot hard.

His member lines up with your womanhood. “Hmm are you ready ________?” he whispers into your ears. You groan in consent as he grind his hips against yours. With that, he thrusts his member deep down into you. You whimper from sudden pain then in pleasure.

He didn’t intend to make the first thrust so hard but it must have been the alcohol acting on him, but seeing your reaction threw his worries out the window.  He wraps your legs around his waist so you could be higher and he an easily thrust into you and so get deeper.

You throw your arms around his neck, pulling his face closer to yours. Your lips attacked his, your tongues fought for dominance and was again, his won. His kiss was almost just as intense as the pounding he was giving you against the wall. The way he was moving his hips was like magic. Just like the way he danced. All his moves were magic.

“Just thinking that… that shit you call… boyfriend’s… been in here… I can’t stand it…” He grunts between his thrusts, each time being harder than the previous. You moan and arch your back off the wall as you felt yourself tighten around him. Your fingers of your free hand entangled through his hair, his face buried at the nape of your neck, mercilessly sucking at the skin present. You were sure you were marked but you couldn’t think straight so you didn’t stop him. His mouth made the sensation more exquisite.

“Barom~” You moaned, you were close to your climax. You couldn’t even make out your whole sentence. The words you were stuck in your throat, you could feel it. “Yes, go baby,” Rome hissed in your ears. His voice, there was no saying no. You let go as his thrusts quickened. “Barom!!~ Oh my god!!~ Uh~” your scream fuse into a throaty moan.

Soon after your release, he shoots his load deep inside you. You hang your body against him weakly. It wasn’t proper sex but is by far the best sex you ever had. He was still holding your tied hand as your other arm was swung around his neck. You were exhausted but the same time you felt energized.

“Did I hurt you?” his voice was soft and gentle again. You felt like just melting against his body. You weakly shook your head. He smiles and kisses you softly. “Let’s get dressed.”

He quickly puts his clothes on in its usual position and helped you into yours. Right when you got your shorts on, the door introduced with a loud bang, reminding you you friends were just outside and you were challenged. You looked at Rome with wide eyes, “Fuck.”

“HOW MANY SEVEN MINUTES ARE YOU TWO PLANNING TO TAKE IN THERE?” the voice belonged to Amy’s. “How many seven minutes do you plan on locking us up in here!” Rome yelled back in reply. She unlocks and opens the door with her hands covering her eyes. Then removing them when she knew it was safe to look.

“You’ll made it!” Amber congratulated. You pull of his tie from your wrist the moment you step out the room.

“I thought they were going to kill each other in there,” Eric smirks knowingly.

“They did! Didn’t you hear the walls almost falling down?” Choa says.

“And look, Rome punched ________ so hard, he bruised her,” Amy teases, pointing out the mark on your neck.

“AMY!” you exclaimed, pulling your blazer up to cover the red skin.

You all return to the living room, sitting in your circle. Rome decides to sit next to you but you playfully push him away. “I told you the Ba______ ship was they way to go,” Amy whispers to you. You slap her leg as Rome pulls your hand into his.


A/N: I feel kinda good about this, hopefully it get more notes than the other Rome fic!



About the wedding dress

Let me just speak my piece (my peace? piece?) about the Emma’s wedding dress.

Yes, it’s an almost copy of Grace Kelly of Monaco’s dress. I always thought that dress was beautiful, and Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen looked a lot like it.

Here’s the thing with Emma and the dress though. Emma was born a princess. The dress may not reflect her 100%, but it reflects where Emma is right now in her life and where she comes from.

The opening episode of the second half of the season was all about how Emma chose her name, how this orphaned, runaway little girl chose her last name, and after almost 6 seasons, it feels like she’s finally completed her journey. 

Grace Kelly wasn’t born into royalty, she married into it. And for 28 years of her life, Emma had no clue where she came from or who she was, and when she found out, it was the title of Savior that took over everything in her life.

She got to be a princess for like an hour when she and Killian went to Midas’ ball during the season 3 finale.

And the wedding dress makes her look like a damn fairytale princess. It may not be who she is or will ever be, but it is what she is, she was born a princess.

And the thing is, after the first proposal, Emma told her mother that she never thought this would happen for her, and when she said that, I started wondering if she ever stopped and looked at wedding magazines when she was younger and how she put that dream away because she didn’t think it would happen for her.

A lot of women, when they’re prepping for the big day, what they wanna look like is a princess. It’s the one day they go all fucking out, balls to the wall and live out this fantasy. Maybe Emma wants to live this out too, and I imagine that her parents (mother’s) opinion on this will matter a lot.

This isn’t just Emma Swan, bailsbond person, mother of a teenager, Savior and so on.

This is about Emma Swan, the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, who has both her parents walking her down the isle, getting married to the man she loves.

I just think the dress is part of the journey. And more than that, it’s about her roots.

If people don’t like it, that’s fine. I mean I’m in the middle of hating on Killian’s outfit. Been hating on it for weeks now. 

Queen of the Water (4)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: A normal girl gets thrown into the Royal world. Royal AU

Word Count: 2.8k+ 

Warnings: swearing, two punches in the face (this chapter is a roller coaster of emotions omg)!


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 5

Originally posted by gregorybtw

Let’s get one thing straight, everyone at St. Mark’s Preparatory School are snobby two face bitches who flaunt their status and wealth (there’s always a few exceptions to the rule, like Y/n and Steve). Y/n was the outcast in the school, the American Princess. She was stuck in her roots. She refused to fit into the mold everyone wanted her to squeeze into. Unlike everyone else on casual Friday’s, she wore jeans and her competition surf t-shirts. She took casual seriously unlike everyone else. Everyone else wore proper Royal clothing. Expensive dress pants, silk skirts, and everything else in between.

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MATT THE BABY DADDY // masterlist

Request: Can u do a oneshot where the reader is dating Matt and when she finds she is pregnant she tells Hux and ren, and ren has to tell her he is matt.

Can u do a oneshot were the reader is saying Matt and she doesn’t know he’s kylo, but she becomes pregnant and so she goes and tells kylo and Hux as part of regulations and Hux gets mad and kylo gets projective because its his.

A/N: Ignore the really bad title, I had no clue what to title it and it was the first thing that came into mind ok. Thanks for the requests, anons! Enjoy! P.S. requests are open again :)

Word Count: 2K+

Warning: None

“Matt, we shouldn’t be…doing this.”

“No one will know.”

“Matt…anyone can walk in on us!”

“No…they won’t, trust me.”

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title: derailed (for #projectNDAE)
rating: pg-13
length: 18,223 words
summary: the alternate ending to last train to blue moon canyon (don’t read if you’ve never played the game!) including some much needed, and unavoidable, francy angst.
author’s notes: thank you to everyone who’s decided to participate in this project and have displayed such kindess towards me as i write this! i had so much fun and it’s one of the longest pieces i’ve ever written for this fandom, so i hope you all enjoy it as much as i enjoyed writing it! 
link: read it here!

Bangkai Woes

Continuing from Here with @omegaaskblog

The Arbiter simply stares at Omega’s description of how the SOULs within him would theoretically control how he looked.

“……….Wait.” Internal dialogue ensues.

“Hey… SOULs?
Yeah you heard that too?
-what do you mean!? Of course I can’t do that on my own!”

“NO I - I want to be a flower so I can be mobile again?!?? Actually, try fitting this thing ANYWHERE. I can’t even sit on anybody’s shoulder and loom at people!

-And if I COULD do it on my own, I WOULD have?

-!?? NO I DID NOT CHOOSE THE RUSTY OVERGROWN INDUSTRIAL LOOK. I thought you guys did that? As some weird symbolism for how long we’ve all been at this song and dance! 

Nooonononono don’t you start telling ME that I chose this. I did not have ANY hand in this. -WHAT DO YOU MEAN DON’T GET POETIC ON US?”

“Y-you’re joking me. ‘The FLOWER switch?’ I have ‘switches?’ I - no, oh my god. No, no metaphorical switches in my he- ok. ok ok .. .”

“Omega? They say they have no clue they had any say in what I looked like, nor do they know how to change any aspect of that. But..! At least you helped us figure out that the SOULs have something to do with it, and can actually be the ones to help change that!”

“Guess that even though I might be one of the older ‘Floweys’, I’m still pretty new to being a functioning Omega. Sheesh, negotiating with the SOULs can be difficult at times. How do you even do it??”

Golden (Part 1)

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Title: Golden

Pairing: Jungkook x You

Synopsis: His song recommendations on his blog were always there to put a smile on your face. Now if only you could find out who the mysterious blogger was.

A/N: Merry Late Christmas! I’m sorry for barely updating this blog. I had a huge writer’s block and school got in the way! But I’m back! Hopefully. Anyways, the summary of this story sucks but I promise it’s going to be better than what it sounds! Also, please listen to this while reading or… when you get to a certain part. You’ll know. Okay bye!

Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8

           You didn’t know why you decided to sign up for a Creative Writing class at your university. It wasn’t like you were ever going to become an author or something. Maybe it was just something you chose to do because it would give you those extra 3 credit hours that would bring you to 15 credits to consider yourself a full-time college student. Or maybe it was because it was an “easy A” class and you wanted your GPA as high as you could get it as a 2nd year college student. That, or maybe it was because the General Ed class you needed was to its capacity and Creative Writing was the only thing left that caught your attention.

           Either way, you didn’t expect the classroom to be in a lecture hall filled with almost 200 students. You were expecting a small classroom with maybe 15 students in it not this. But you still enjoyed the class. Most of the work was completed at home – or for you, your dorm – and in class discussions was just about ways to improve your writings and explaining when the next projects were due. You spent most of your days in the class catching up on some sleep since it was an 8am class that lasted about an hour and a half long. Luckily, you sat in the back and the stage where the professor stood upon was at the very front and she couldn’t see the back very well. Besides sleeping, sometimes you would chat with your friend and roommate, Chloe, but she made it a habit to only show up to the class only once a week despite the class meeting three times a week. You couldn’t really blame her; you did beg her for weeks to sign up with the class for you. She only caved in when you promised her a date with your senior buddy, Namjoon.

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