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So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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This picture has made the rounds on Tumblr once as a photo of the print during the con weekend. I think it originally came from a post made by salmondestiel, so I am here to post my much clearer jpeg! 

If its hard to see, my sign says “Honey, I shrunk the Baby!” I had already bought the car to have J2 sign, and the idea came to me. One of my friends had a Sorry board so I borrowed it for the op, too!

I didn’t tell Jensen to do anything, so this is what just kinda happened. I will say one thing, I knew I wanted to make an ‘oh crap’ face, but I almost lost it when I looked toward them. I needed to look anyway to see what Jensen was going to do but my friend was making the best ‘oh shit’ face behind the board, and I almost laughed instead. 

This is definitely the most creative I have gotten for a photo op and it will NOT be the last. Adam Malin (one of the Creation organizers) was even standing to the side, and he said it was a great photo idea. Creation approved!

“Prince Bruno, of the Emblian Empire, I ask you now…

Are you Zacharias?”

aaaa i had no idea where i was going with this draw but i just!!!! want alfonse to rip his stupid mask off already :’p

One thing that still blows my mind is the pattern of astrology placements that show up in your life that you had no idea about. As you discover yourself you learn more about individuals in relation to you. As you look at the charts of individuals around you, you start to notice a pattern. Shared placements of individuals who you love and hate. A common mars sign that brings your joy or a moon sign that you don’t think you can deal with emotionally. It’s a very interesting phenomenon that makes you think of the individuals you’ve met who you’ll never get to read the charts of. People who have made you feel so strongly. What placements did they have? What was it in their synastry chart with you that provided such a powerful relationship(good or bad)?

  • Fiyero: How's your tea, darling?
  • Glinda: You made it perfect. Just the way I like it.
  • Glinda: Strong.
  • Glinda: Green.
  • Glinda: And very, very bitter.
  • Glinda *whispering*: Just like Elphie.
  • Fiyero: Excuse me?
  • Glinda: Nothing, nothing.

                                                                        SHE’S HERE!😭💝

          Yesterday, June 12th at 2 a.m I had an appointment to be induced due to a growth issue with my daughter. I wasn’t actually induced until after 5 a.m and I didn’t have my daughter, Zariyah, until 4:21 p.m. It was a rough time for me and I’m so, so thankful to have had people here to support me.You guys are my family and I love each and every one of you so much! My mom couldn’t make it because she was in Paris for business but Jayden’s mom had the idea to FT her and it was the strangest yet sweetest thing. 🙌🏾

       Just wanted to update my Tumblr fam and let you guys know that I’m okay, Riyah’s okay, some of the best doc’s in NY are tending to her,  and I’m already so obsessed with this little girl @mysimbrotherskeeper and I made. She literally makes time stand still for me 😢😍 Our baby was 7lbs, 3oz & 19 inches.

w/ @ashter-blank , @bornsuccessful , @dawnreese , @taylorporter and the best nurse in NY @tysheemgates .

Imagine you and Chris sending out ‘Save the Date’ cards.

A/N: Epilogue 😊 And don’t worry, no break needed this time. Chapter 5 is being written as we speak, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. ❤️❤️❤️You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C)

Sunday was spent writing 'Save the Date’ cards at the Gucci headquarters. Why at the Gucci headquarters? Well, Gucci and their visual design team kindly offered to design your 'Save the Date’ cards seeing as you were marrying one of their spokespeople. They even offered to do the wedding invitations, except that task had already been snatched up by Kevin Feigi who was pulling some major strings with Disney so the two of you could have a Disney themed invite.

You’d discussed having a full blown themed wedding, but decided against it after looking at themed weddings on Pinterest. Classy and elegant with subtle hints- like a classic white and gold wedding invitation that had Mickey and Minnie’s silhouettes as a watermark, and the Disney castle in gold glitter on the header. That was more your speed, and anything you liked- Chris loved; he just wanted to marry you. As much as you both liked Disney, you both were in agreement when it came to not wanting the best day of your life to look like a children’s birthday party.

Your wedding was to happen on the 28th of September as the two of you met on the 28th of February. You joked saying you picked the twenty-eighth so Chris could “have an easier time remembering our anniversaries.” His response “I could never forget the best days of my life” rendered you speechless, leaving you to do the only thing you could when he bested you; kiss him.

“Thank you so much, Adriana,” you squeezed her hand. Adrianna was the head of the design team and the one that came up with the elegant black and gold 'Save the Date’ cards; 'Save the Date: 28th of September - Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N are tying the knot’ written in breathtaking calligraphy. “We can’t thank you and your team enough. Aren’t they beautiful, Chris?” You held up a card for him to see, chuckling when you saw him lost in his thoughts.

It didn’t look like there was anything negative on his mind, after all there was nothing to complain or worry about- he’d everything he’d ever wanted. You’d finally agreed to end the long engagement and was starting to plan the wedding with him. You’d also met with Emilia and had a discussion about your future in Hollywood if you were to write your love story.

Emilia had given you a rundown at the meeting, explaining that it would be at least three years of focus on one piece. First you had to write the script, until you did that- there was nothing to proceed with. But once you had your piece, you could start pitching; you could decide on a production company, and find the right director to tell your story. After that, the company you signed with would sort out the copyright, movie rights, and other legal issues before you moved on to the financial budgeting, location scouting, and casting. There was a ton to do, but like Emilia reminded you before you left her office, “the script is the most important thing. We cannot start the process if you don’t write the script. Whether or not you choose to sell your story to Sony Pictures, I urge you to start writing. This could be the next big thing, the last thing you want is for someone to swipe it from you.” When she said that, the angst built in the pit of your stomach.

That had always been a concern, it’d been a concern for you since you started posting on Tumblr. You were always worried about someone stealing your ideas and stories, sometimes it’d even keep you up at night. There were times where you’d find other writers posting scarily similar stories to yours, forcing you to consider shutting down your Tumblr to protect your intellectual material. Then Chris would sit you down and remind you that “people can steal your ideas, but they can’t steal your talent.” So though Emilia words worried you, you knew Chris was right. You could wait a little while, get through the wedding and the honeymoon first then get to work when January rolled around. You already had Emilia’s attention and promise that she’d have you in whenever you’d finished writing.

The thing you didn’t tell Emilia, or Chris- for obvious reasons- was you’d already written the story. It wasn’t in script form, but it was done and ready to be turned into a script. You were a writer, you wrote about everything so the story began the second you met Chris. You may not have always shared what you wrote with people, but you wrote about everything- all your experiences; the good, the bad, and the wonderful. You kept it a secret because you wanted to marry Chris first, you knew if you told him- he’d put you and your dreams first, rushing everything else so you could get to work as soon as possible. But you didn’t want to rush your wedding or your honeymoon, you didn’t want to rush what was most important to you: Chris.


He tapped the blank card and gold pen in his right hand, and his left clenched fist, against the table’s glass surface as he continued to lose himself in his thoughtless daydream. It wasn’t until you waved a hand that he snapped out of it and gave you one of his adorable smiles. You found yourself smiling too as you held up the card to which he nodded at with the same smile, “that looks awesome. Sorry,” he chuckled, releasing card and pen from his grip. “I’m just thinking.”

“About what?” You asked, leaving Adriana and her team to continue their work to walk over to Chris. He wheeled his chair back, patting his lap; you shook your head because you were surrounded by people and not in the privacy of your own home. “Is everything okay?” You quizzed, taking the empty chair next to him.

“Everything’s perfect,” he assured you, taking your hands. “I’m just daydreaming, nothing important’s running through this chunk of wood.” He knocked on his head and you giggled, squeezing his hands. “I don’t know, I think I’m just daydreaming about our wedding. I mean- it’s in three months, that’s insane.”

“It is,” you nodded, smiling. “And it’s weird, 'cause just a few days ago when we discussed getting married- I felt so blindsided. But now, I’m okay. I’m ready to do this, like- I want to get married and play house with you,” you joked and he laughed. “Speaking of house, are we thinking of moving back to Boston after we get married or are we going to stay here?”

“I think we focus on the now first,” he answered. “Let’s just get through the wedding and go enjoy our honeymoon, then when we come back- we’ll sort out everything else. We don’t know where your upcoming job is going to need you, I think we make a decision based on that.” You nodded with pursed lips, feeling guilty about lying about the status of your story. “What’s wrong?”

“If I tell you something, will you promise not to react the way you want to?”

“I can’t promise you anything if I don’t know what you’re talking about, sweetheart.”

“You got me there,” you chuckled softly and he nodded, smiling. “I just- It’s not a big deal, so don’t freak out when I tell you that I actually…” You trailed off, then mumbled under your breath, “finished writing the story already.”

“What?” He frowned. “What do you mean you’re finished?”

“I wrote about us in real time, Chris,” you explained. “Whatever happened, I wrote as it happened. But I didn’t write with an intention to do anything about it, it was just for us. I don’t know, maybe even for our future children.” He ran a thumb over his bottom lip as he pondered for an appropriate reaction. “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to feel like we had to rush things. I know you want this for me, but I want you more. I could never do anything that would jeopardize my time with you just to become a famous screenwriter.”

“So what you’re saying is you went behind my back instead, lying 'cause you felt like you had a better perspective of what we needed as a couple.” He raised a brow, trying not to smile; you nodded sheepishly. The two of you really were too similar. “Oh sweetheart,” he chuckled and hugged you. “I made the right choice marrying you.”

“I made the right choice marrying you too,” you smiled, kissing his cheek as he pulled away. “Emilia said she’d meet with me whenever I’m done, and I am- I’ve only got to convert it into script form. As soon as we return from our honeymoon, I’ll do that and I’ll go meet with her and start walking the path you so selflessly found for me.”

“Sounds like a plan, my future Mrs. Evans.” His smile reached his eyes when he said 'Mrs. Evans’. You chuckled, baring your perfect teeth as you grinned. “A perfect plan,” he leaned forward and pressed his lips against your forehead.

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Chapter 5 ❤️

rowanthealchemist  asked:

so my parents surprised me with a copy of your book. they had no idea that i follow you on tumblr, and were slightly worried i had already bought it. luckily, i was waiting to have the funds to do so! just wanted to share a story of surprise happiness. i spent christmas night reading excerpts to entertain family.

This is so utterly charming!!! Sorry for the delay in answering but please say hello to your family for us! Let us know if they have a post request :)


Summary: Phil makes a collab with Caspar, and Dan gets a tad bit jealous.

Word Count: 1,069

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: None!

Extra Tags: jealous!dan, video filming, caspar lee, oneshot, domestic

A/N: So I’ve been meaning to start writing phanfics since forever and I never got around to it because I was very nervous and a bit scared (and I still am, in all honesty). I haven’t written fics in a LONG time, so forgive me if this isn’t as good as everybody else’s. I’ve only ever written fanfics on Wattpad (and about 20 fics later, I can agree that Tumblr writers are a lot more serious and overall better at this), and I’m still kind of new to this, so bare with me until I get my shit together. I already have a list of ideas and I’ll play around with them, so in the meantime, I wrote just a little something that came in mind while watching Phil’s video. Enjoy!

This fic was inspired on this video.

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hello everyone ~ ^^ the blog just reached 15,000 followers ♥ thank you very much for following! i hope you’re all having a nice day ♥ ♥ 

Hi friends, it’s me again, your friendly neighbourhood fledging academic, wanting to pick your brains about fandom things :D

So after months of research, I finally have a rough idea of what my Honours thesis is about :D The extremely brief CliffNotes version is: I am looking at hyperserial texts, which is basically the term I’ve come up with for networked collections of stories set in a single storyworld. i.e. something like the Star Trek universe, or Star Wars, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, etc etc.

You see, English Lit (and other disciplines that look at narrative texts) is great at talking about single texts, and also sequels, adaptations, even serial texts, and is starting to get into transmedial texts, but still hasn’t really managed to figure out how these huge, vast, hyperserial texts work and how we read them. SO that’s where I’ve stepped in.

My research question is basically asking what kinds of narrative desires are satisfied/enabled by these hyperserial texts. The traditionally recognised narrative desire is ‘desire for the end’, i.e. theorists reckon the only reason we enjoy texts is that we want to find out what happens and get closure. 

But my hypothesis is that actually (and especially in the case of hyperserial texts) one of the pleasures we have in reading is inhabiting and expanding a fictional world. 

Which is kind of one of those, yeah, duh, of course, why else would we watch 700 and whatever episodes of Star Trek and read novels and comics and play games and write fan fic and make art and playlists and talk about these fictional characters and events and settings and everything?

So now I just need to find the textual evidence to back up this claim. Ideally it would have been great to actually talk to people (my supervisor was like, OMG yes, I want to read that so much), but alas, I’m already halfway through this thesis and have 0 qualitative research training so far (she encouraged me to go and get some for my PhD lol), so I’ll have to stick to looking at texts like a good English Lit Honours student :P

Which is where you all come in! I was originally planning on not doing Star Trek (only because I’ve already got a paper on female-centred Star Trek fan fiction coming out in a few months), but now that I know what I’m looking for … well, this is the fandom I know best, have friends in, have read/watched/played the most stuff in, and also have a bunch of “non-fiction” in-universe books for, so Star Trek it is!

I’m already loosely thinking of looking at things like: fan fic which doesn’t have much of a traditional plot, but which explores character or worldbuilding, etc (i.e. most of it, lol); paratexts (fancy word for the stuff outside of the narrative texts) like the aforementioned in-universe books but also technical guides, series companions, the encyclopaedia, etc; and then fan discussions, meta, and any accounts of people’s reading processes or responses. Basically anything that can be used, and looked at closely, to go ‘look, see, this shows that people like inhabiting this fictional world!’ or ‘this shows that people like expanding this fictional world!’ (beyond the fact that all this stuff exists that is)

So I’m hoping that by throwing this open to other people I’ll come up with more ideas than I would by myself. I’m already going to dig through my boxes of Star Trek books in storage (and was excited to realise that the Vulcan Travel Guide I bought a few months ago could be a great text to use), and look here on Tumblr, and at fic, etc, but if this has twigged any ideas for anyone, please pass them on! I can’t interview people or anything (because academic ethics), but if you’ve had conversations or seen great meta posts talking about any of this, please send me links, or even email me at thevalkyriedirective@gmail.com :)

@cosmic-llin @dgcatanisiri @tinsnip @ussjellyfish @starstarship @captaincrusher @trekkiefeminist @thetrekkiehasthephonebox (I’m just tagging folks off the top of my head who I know like Star Trek, no obligation to send me things if I’ve tagged you!) (but also plz tag others if you think they could help!)

Revisting an Old Fic

So @greenfeelings​ asked for a POV snippet, and requested a bit from Louis’ POV after he wakes up in the hospital from a terrible accident. This is from my fic for last year’s Summer Exchange, entitled For Better or For Worse.

Before I post this though, I wanted to say something. Last year, I was playing around with some ideas for an exes-to-lovers fic, which I almost didn’t think was worth writing, because someone had already written what I thought was the pinnacle exes-to-lovers fic. When I put that as a comment on some discussion going around Tumblr, the author of the fic reached out and encouraged me to stick with my fic, to write it because there’s room for all the stories, and that my story was a story I needed to tell, and it would be unique and mine. Worth writing and worth reading.

That fic became Feels Like Coming Home, and that author who reached out to me? @greenfeelings​. So, my dear, please write every fic that comes to your mind, if you want to, because there’s room for all the stories, and your story needs to be told by you. It’s worth writing, and will definitely be worth reading!

And now, below the cut, some pain for a Saturday evening.

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Bath (Theon x Reader)

(Gif credit to the owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Theon Greyjoy

Word Count: 820

A/N - I really love your fanfiction stories, especially the “Game of Thrones” stories. I saw that you already posted some with Theon, but I am curious to see how a reader interacts with him after he escapes the Bolton’s. I admit I have a soft spot for him. Not an original idea, since I saw a similar post somewhere else Tumblr, but could you write a story where the reader takes a bath with Theon, she comforts him, and MAYBE he gets some justice against the Bolton’s? (Maybe not “severed” either)?

I hope this is okay, sorry for the VERY long wait <3

It was him. He had finally came home. Yara looked proud as she held her brother’s arm. He should’ve looked happy, but he watched everyone, flinching as people came too close. You felt pity for him, all the time he had spent held captive by the Boltons had really messed him up. Yara approached you, holding Theon tightly, making him look uncomfortable. “(Y/N)!”, she said, “You will be looking after my brother”. She let go of his arm, but he didn’t move. “Go and get him cleaned up. He isn’t presentable in that state” Yara commented. You gentle put a hand on Theon’s arm, he jumped slightly. “Yes m'lady” you replied as she started to walk off.

“This way my lord” you spoke softly. You started to walk off, Theon was dragged behind you. He was muttering something, “I’m not a lord”. Your face fell slightly and you slowed down to match his pace. “Yes you are. You are Lord Theon of House Greyjoy” you told him. He rapidly shook his head, “Reek. My name is Reek” he stuttered. You sighed quietly and opened a door, “This way”.

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Three times Spot and Race almost came out to their audience, and one time they did

Continuation of this series! Hope you enjoy ^.^

This is probably painfully English. I don’t think you have Tesco in America.

This is also one of my first forays into the X times trope, so I hope I didn’t fail too bad at that.

They heard about it on Twitter before anywhere else. Spot had been aimlessly scrolling through his feed when a flurry of ‘omg Sprace confirmed!’ and 'GUYS WE WERE RIGHT’ started to appear. His first reaction was to, stupidly, look around the living room as if there would be a subscriber stood in the corner with a notepad, watching him and Race. When his shock had faded, he clicked on one of the tweets to try and find out what people were talking about. This sometimes happened over just a glance at each other in their videos, even before they were dating, so Spot wasn’t too worried. Until he saw that Jack was tagged in most of the tweets.

Jack was a fan of urbex so whilst he didn’t technically make the same videos as them there was enough of an overlap that they’d appeared on each others channels a few times. He was particularly fond of joining Race and Spot for a Halloween video so his content would be a little spookier than normal. One of Jack’s videos was linked in a tweet and Spot clicked it, surreptitiously putting in his headphones to watch. He didn’t want to worry Race, curled up lazily at his feet on the other end of the sofa, unless it was completely necessary.

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the-legend-of-pixell  asked:

Hng I just found your tumblr and saw your Zora OC...And their design is so similar to My idea ;; I was almost done with mine but now I gotta cancel her...Oh well :') but great work on your oc!! And love your art ❤

Ahh, that’s really unfortunate :(

I think you should still finish her, though! I know how you feel - before I posted my zora oc for the first time (thinking I’d be the first with a jellyfish oc lol), I found that someone had already made one based off of a jellyfish. At the time I felt similarly to how you feel now, but I had spent too much time on it to discard it with good conscience haha,,

I may be mistaken but I think you’ve worked really hard on your idea.

It really sucks when ideas turn out to be similar, but in this case it was just a coincidence. I don’t think you should let my design stop you from finishing your idea - designing something is a lot of work, and all that work shouldn’t be discarded because of a stranger having a similar idea as you.

It may turn out different in the end, with just a few similar traits (this is a bit of an off topic example but think about all the books with like vampires and love stories - if you describe them as something like ‘a girl meets a vampire and falls in love’, that could describe a whole bunch of books but if you look more in detail, there’d be a bunch of significant differences between the books. That’s kinda what I’m getting at)

Sorry this turned out so long (and possibly incoherent??). It’s like 3am and I have a tendency to ramble lol

But I’d really love to see your design and hard work, even if it is similar ☺️

(also thank you for the compliment on my oc and art 💜 I really appreciate it)

false DMCA copyright violation (again)

Got an email from Tumblr saying a post of mine infringed copyright, specifically this Phoenix Wright one.

whoa I had no idea an 8 second voiceover clip about Ace Attorney could somehow infringe 13 different musical artists, wow that’s incredible

This already happened to me before 2 years ago with this Meowth post.  The same exact person/corporation, “Jeremy Banks (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)” got it taken down on absurd charges, and eventually after I complained to Tumblr, it got restored.

Of course, I’ve already contacted Support about this, but this is still ridiculous.  I had hoped that Tumblr would get better about this in the 2 years since the last “violation,” but clearly it hasn’t.

Tumblr, if you’re going to have a “3 strikes you’re out” copyright policy, you need to CHECK the “infringing” posts in question and ensure that they are in fact infringing copyright.  Deleting a post immediately without checking is unacceptable.

anyways, if this Tumblr ever disappears one day (not because of this specifically, but you never know), you can always keep up with me on Twitter or YouTube or Instagram.  It’s moments like this that remind me that it’s never good to have too many eggs in one basket.

meanwhile, I’ll just wait here till Tumblr Support apologizes (again)

clockworkinsectoid  asked:

Ever consider doing some of the classpect powers for classpects we see in the comic? I know we get to see a bit of them, but I'd be cool to see your take on them, like potential other powers the players could develop alongside what they already did.

Ok, dude, I can go ooon with alternate powers, but looking at my power posts should show at least 2 things each could have had and spark ideas for where they could have branched off as well as generally how good they were at their powers. Spoiler, most aren’t












So far (excluding Alpha trolls)
Lord English/Caliborn, Dirk, Eridan, Dave, Karkat, Aradia, Terezi, Tavros, Nepeta, Gamzee, Equius

Going by those posts a whole LOT OF THEM didn’t live up to their potential. Lord English, Aradia, Terezi, and Dave are kiiinda the only good ones
Asexuality discourse

I’m 22 and today for the first time I cried because of what someone I don’t even know said to me on the internet.

I came across a person being hateful to asexuals, especially cis heteroromantic aces. She was ignoring the ace part and refering to them just as “cishets”, in a mean way. I tried to explain to her how harmful that was because she wasn’t acklowledging them as asexuals, and that she was encouraging the invisibilization of asexuality.

Of course she didn’t listen. But even worse, she started to make fun of asexuality and denying all the problems we face, such as being seen as sick or broken, being laughed at, being ignored…

The one comment that hurt me the most was that she said that any family would celebrate if their son/daughter is asexual as they would stay pure and don’t have sex.

You know what? My parent’s wouldn’t. They would send me to a therapist, as many other parents of ace people would. They would think that there is something wrong with me that needs to be fixed.

How do I know that? Because I thought that too for a long time. When I was younger and all my friends were getting boyfriends and girlfriends and I couldn’t find anyone or even like the idea of it. When my parents asked me if I was a lesbian because I never had a boyfriend but i couldn’t say yes to that either because i didn’t felt any attraction and I didn’t understood why. When asked if I had already lost my virginity and feeling embarrased about it because I didn’t and didn’t even wanted to.

I thought I was broken because I didn’t know that asexuality existed until a random post about it reached my tumblr dash.

So don’t fucking tell me that it doesn’t happen. Don’t tell me that asexuality is considered normal by society and that people that don’t know about it are going to understand it and even celebrated it because you have no fucking idea. Invisibilization is a huge problem, it’s harmful, don’t ignore it and act as if this issue doesn’t exist.

And I probably should add she considers herself part of the LGTB community. Yes, she considers herself a part of an oppressed colective and still she has the gouts to deny the struggle of others.

Yes, asexuality recieves less direct harm from society, but you know why? Because society doesn’t know it exists and that is very harmful in its own way.

Asexuals just want to be recognized, to feel validated as an orientation, to stop being invisible. And the easiest way to start this process is by approaching other colectives that had suffered this problem of not being recognized, the LGBT colective.

And it just hurts so much to recieve hate from people that know about being rejected and hated.

Fine, you don’t want aces in your colective, but could you at least not hate on them? We are not the cause of your problems, we already have enough with ours. Have at least a little empathy. You have been in that spot, you know what is like.

Also, one question. If we don’t fit in society but also don’t fit in the LGBT, where do we fit?

Lots of love to my asexual brothers and sisters. Remember that we are valid and that we belong together wheter we are accepted in the LGBT community or not.