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I accidentally deleted an ask that was asking about who runs this blog, so I’ll go ahead and answer it in this post.

There are two of us running this blog; I’m @marimbeast and the other person running this blog is @tc-be (formerly lythekka, if I remember correctly; he can edit this if I spelled it wrong). That said, let me tell you the story of how this came to be.

Some number of months ago that I don’t exactly remember, @classical-crap made a post saying that, instead of writing prompts, he(?) need composing prompts. When I saw that post, I was reminded that I had the idea to do composing prompts back in February, when I wasn’t active on Tumblr, so I thought, “I’ll make a blog for it!” but much to my dismay, I discovered that this blog had already been created. Immediately, I decided I would message this person and explain what I just explained to all of you and to ask if he needed someone to co-run the blog. When I asked, he agreed to let me co-run this blog, and I guess the rest is history, as they say.

And no, the ask didn’t ask for the story, but I am blessing you all with it anyways :))))

And if anyone wants to actually know stuff about us, feel free to send asks asking for specific information (as long as it’s not getting stalker-y). I know I would love to interact with all of you on a more personal level!

“Prince Bruno, of the Emblian Empire, I ask you now…

Are you Zacharias?”

aaaa i had no idea where i was going with this draw but i just!!!! want alfonse to rip his stupid mask off already :’p

This picture has made the rounds on Tumblr once as a photo of the print during the con weekend. I think it originally came from a post made by salmondestiel, so I am here to post my much clearer jpeg! 

If its hard to see, my sign says “Honey, I shrunk the Baby!” I had already bought the car to have J2 sign, and the idea came to me. One of my friends had a Sorry board so I borrowed it for the op, too!

I didn’t tell Jensen to do anything, so this is what just kinda happened. I will say one thing, I knew I wanted to make an ‘oh crap’ face, but I almost lost it when I looked toward them. I needed to look anyway to see what Jensen was going to do but my friend was making the best ‘oh shit’ face behind the board, and I almost laughed instead. 

This is definitely the most creative I have gotten for a photo op and it will NOT be the last. Adam Malin (one of the Creation organizers) was even standing to the side, and he said it was a great photo idea. Creation approved!


So, if anyone remembers this work in progress i posted two weeks ago, here’s the finished product! (Bonus details under the cut ^-^)

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anonymous asked:

Vernon dating Joshua and vernon threesome plz

huuuuge thanks to a sweet anon who sent in this idea for the scenario, Memesol and I loved it so much that we nearly fought over which one of us would get to write it 😂 hope you guys enjoy! 💕

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,380 words

As Vernon’s girlfriend and a fan of Seventeen, it had only been natural for you to watch every single teaser they posted up til the release of their album Al1. His was the very first teaser and you had loved it already, and they kept the level of aesthetic pleasantness until the very end.

The most memorable teaser for you, however, ended up being Jun’s one. Sadly, it wasn’t necessarily for him, but for the voice that was speaking at the beginning of the teaser, which just happened to belong to Joshua.

And, well, that voice just happened to make your imagination run wild: there was something about Joshua’s voice, as calm and beautiful as it may be, that you found incredibly attractive, and you unashamedly played the teaser over and over again, to the point of Vernon finding it funny.

Little did he know.

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  • Fiyero: How's your tea, darling?
  • Glinda: You made it perfect. Just the way I like it.
  • Glinda: Strong.
  • Glinda: Green.
  • Glinda: And very, very bitter.
  • Glinda *whispering*: Just like Elphie.
  • Fiyero: Excuse me?
  • Glinda: Nothing, nothing.

“The boy in him has cried and begged not to touch the young wolf, but who was he to tell him No to such tempting prey. Derek never even had a chance…" 

… and further with my Void Stiles drawing. 


                                                                        SHE’S HERE!😭💝

          Yesterday, June 12th at 2 a.m I had an appointment to be induced due to a growth issue with my daughter. I wasn’t actually induced until after 5 a.m and I didn’t have my daughter, Zariyah, until 4:21 p.m. It was a rough time for me and I’m so, so thankful to have had people here to support me.You guys are my family and I love each and every one of you so much! My mom couldn’t make it because she was in Paris for business but Jayden’s mom had the idea to FT her and it was the strangest yet sweetest thing. 🙌🏾

       Just wanted to update my Tumblr fam and let you guys know that I’m okay, Riyah’s okay, some of the best doc’s in NY are tending to her,  and I’m already so obsessed with this little girl @mysimbrotherskeeper and I made. She literally makes time stand still for me 😢😍 Our baby was 7lbs, 3oz & 19 inches.

w/ @ashter-blank , @bornsuccessful , @dawnreese , @taylorporter and the best nurse in NY @tysheemgates .

Disney Love Medley

Pairing: Tom Holland X Reader

Basis: Voctave’s Disney Love Medley + Haz’s story of Tom singing Billy Elliot

Word Count: 843

Warnings: Swearing

Note: I do not own the videos nor the songs mentioned in this fanfic. All rights go to their respectful owner

Fan’s P.O.V

It was 3 am and I was still awake, on my phone, scrolling through Instagram. Refreshing the page every now and then.

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Hi! My name is Karma.

Some people know me as “Karma the Night Owl.”

But in the beginning, I was known as “energeticnightowl.”

I’m 20 years old.

And this is my story.

Around junior year of high school, my awesome friend @stereofeathers advised me to create an account on this site.

I wasn’t too keen at first, but I felt eager to explore more of what the internet had to offer, so I decided to take a chance a go for it.

On August 29th, 2015, I created my first ever URL address


I started off making posts relative to this guy

Sept 8

I was already a fan of his movies even before having access to Tumblr.

*Thank you The Great Mouse Detective and Theatre of Blood

*And The Thief and the Cobbler of course*

That’s where it all kind of started with my art.

It wasn’t until late October of 2015 that I began to get an idea of how to draw him.

And he eventually became the main subject for my art online.




At one point, I felt like a micro-celebrity. I felt like I had an identity as an artist. The whole world felt right when I created something that cheered a group of people who came across my artwork.

I even made some amazing friends who had an equal amount of interests in various fandoms related to film, theatre, animation and art. People like @thepalatine, @vincentpriceonline, @christopherleefan, @greenishq8, @athousandsapphires, @techieninja18 to name a few.

And around May 2016 and onward, I started drawing these two gents.






Then in early June of 2016, I stumbled across Instagram right after graduating high school.

Well, for Instagram at least.

When I started my account on Instagram, I realized it was very different from Tumblr. I set aside artwork of my muses for a while to see what else I was capable of drawing.

I even did my first art challenge that boosted my confidence and creativity. That being “Inktober.”

Then, somewhere in November 2016, I discovered how awesome this guy was and decided to draw him for a while…



And then, early 2017 and further into the year, I drew fanart of him with this other guy…

who happens to be equally as awesome as the others listed above, and were also together in a tv show that wasn’t too popular at the time and no one really talks about anymore.



And eventually, I draw these guys…




I also drew some friends…


and other lovely faces.

I even drew  a little bit of Undertale art here and there.

Yep. I drew quite a bit from this game.

But around mid-2017, I had this strange sense of doubt that came over me. This occurred when I tried to make more art for Instagram. Like I mentioned earlier, I mostly kept my artwork related to my muses like Vincent, Christopher, Peter and Ian hidden from it. Because I kept getting these ill thoughts in my head like;

“people are going to think you’re weird for being interested in this and that old school stuff.”

“Those fandoms are dead. You gotta be more millennial with your art”

This feeling started out very small. But of course, that feeling grew stronger and stronger.

And I began to dislike what I drew.

It was only when I drew my muses that I truly felt at ease with myself. But other than that, I felt like I couldn’t draw anything the way I envisioned or rendered to fit my style. Then, I began asking myself:

“What is my art style?”

“Do I have an art style?”

“If so, why does it feel so non-existent?”

It was this strange anxiety that seemed to dwell over me whenever I drew.

But, somehow, I was able to overcome that.

Later this year, I slowly gained more confidence to show my admiration for my muses and interests on both platforms as best as I could.

I even changed my name from “energeticnightowl” to “Karma the Night Owl.” It just seemed right to me.

Instagram was very welcoming and so was Tumblr at this point. I felt like I was getting better at what I drew.

I learned new techniques to improve and wasn’t afraid to give a little bit of background about my artwork. It was a mixture of art and my fascination for knowledge.

I even attempted this year’s Inktober challenge…

I failed.

But I accepted it.

From the internet, I found comfort from my muses and friends, even the weird part of it fascinated me.

And through it all, I’ve mostly been inspired by you guys.

You gave me the courage to keep going with what I was able to do with my art.

It’s a shame that things on this site MIGHT change a bit differently due to future enhancements regarding net neutrality. Thank you, FCC.

HOWEVER, if it hasn’t, I’ll keep drawing.



But that’s besides the point. The point is that no matter what has happened over the years, I’m supremely grateful that you’ve been with me and supported me for that long. I know I might have not been the best mutual in terms of communicating with all of you on here, and I’m sorry for that. But for the times that we did talk, I’m glad that I was able to get to know most of you and exchange ideas, art, conversations and give emotional support whenever it was needed.

 All I can say is thank you. Thank you all so much for being with me for 2 ½ years.

You have helped me change my life.


















and all the rest of you lovelies out there:

I love you. Stay awesome.



Fandom: Boku No Hero Academia

Relationships: Aizawa Shouta/Yamada Hizashi

Word count: 1,400+

Rating: T

Tags: chronic pain, body swap, angst, hurt/comfort

Notes: chances are, you’ve probably already seen this, since this is a prompt i wrote awhile ago and this is just the post saying that i put it up on AO3. i’m working on the second chapter of I Would Understand and the last chapter of Liability, so i figured i’d post from my tumblr backlog in the meantime.


All Hizashi can do is lay on the couch.

He had no idea it was like this for Shouta, and the only thing he can think about is the fact that Shouta lives like this, every goddamn day. He can’t even bring himself (or—bring Shouta’s body) to roll off the couch and crawl across the floor to the bathroom or the kitchen to get food. He has to pee pretty badly and his stomach is growling for food and his mouth is dry, but he can’t.

Everything fucking hurts and nothing makes it better.

(Shouta and Hizashi swap bodies due to a quirk and Hizashi experiences what Shouta has been living with for years.)


Hizashi tries to find his words. He opens his mouth, his tongue less dry now that he’s had water, and slowly turns his head towards Shouta, his voice coming out as Shouta’s quiet, near-whispering voice, “…How’s it feel?”

Shouta stops, the fingernails Hizashi had painted a couple days ago hovering over Hizashi’s shoulder. He stares at him, green eyes a little wide, “Being in your body?  I mean, your quirk is hard to control. I nearly blew out the clerk’s eardrums when I tried to talk to her at the grocery store today.”

“No,” Hizashi gives a cough, wanting to scream at the way the simple motion seems to jolt everything in his body. “No, the pain.”


Imagine you and Chris sending out ‘Save the Date’ cards.

A/N: Epilogue 😊 And don’t worry, no break needed this time. Chapter 5 is being written as we speak, and I cannot wait to share it with all of you. ❤️❤️❤️You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and ‘She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1/Part 2A/2B/2C/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C)

Sunday was spent writing 'Save the Date’ cards at the Gucci headquarters. Why at the Gucci headquarters? Well, Gucci and their visual design team kindly offered to design your 'Save the Date’ cards seeing as you were marrying one of their spokespeople. They even offered to do the wedding invitations, except that task had already been snatched up by Kevin Feigi who was pulling some major strings with Disney so the two of you could have a Disney themed invite.

You’d discussed having a full blown themed wedding, but decided against it after looking at themed weddings on Pinterest. Classy and elegant with subtle hints- like a classic white and gold wedding invitation that had Mickey and Minnie’s silhouettes as a watermark, and the Disney castle in gold glitter on the header. That was more your speed, and anything you liked- Chris loved; he just wanted to marry you. As much as you both liked Disney, you both were in agreement when it came to not wanting the best day of your life to look like a children’s birthday party.

Your wedding was to happen on the 28th of September as the two of you met on the 28th of February. You joked saying you picked the twenty-eighth so Chris could “have an easier time remembering our anniversaries.” His response “I could never forget the best days of my life” rendered you speechless, leaving you to do the only thing you could when he bested you; kiss him.

“Thank you so much, Adriana,” you squeezed her hand. Adrianna was the head of the design team and the one that came up with the elegant black and gold 'Save the Date’ cards; 'Save the Date: 28th of September - Chris Evans and Y/N Y/L/N are tying the knot’ written in breathtaking calligraphy. “We can’t thank you and your team enough. Aren’t they beautiful, Chris?” You held up a card for him to see, chuckling when you saw him lost in his thoughts.

It didn’t look like there was anything negative on his mind, after all there was nothing to complain or worry about- he’d everything he’d ever wanted. You’d finally agreed to end the long engagement and was starting to plan the wedding with him. You’d also met with Emilia and had a discussion about your future in Hollywood if you were to write your love story.

Emilia had given you a rundown at the meeting, explaining that it would be at least three years of focus on one piece. First you had to write the script, until you did that- there was nothing to proceed with. But once you had your piece, you could start pitching; you could decide on a production company, and find the right director to tell your story. After that, the company you signed with would sort out the copyright, movie rights, and other legal issues before you moved on to the financial budgeting, location scouting, and casting. There was a ton to do, but like Emilia reminded you before you left her office, “the script is the most important thing. We cannot start the process if you don’t write the script. Whether or not you choose to sell your story to Sony Pictures, I urge you to start writing. This could be the next big thing, the last thing you want is for someone to swipe it from you.” When she said that, the angst built in the pit of your stomach.

That had always been a concern, it’d been a concern for you since you started posting on Tumblr. You were always worried about someone stealing your ideas and stories, sometimes it’d even keep you up at night. There were times where you’d find other writers posting scarily similar stories to yours, forcing you to consider shutting down your Tumblr to protect your intellectual material. Then Chris would sit you down and remind you that “people can steal your ideas, but they can’t steal your talent.” So though Emilia words worried you, you knew Chris was right. You could wait a little while, get through the wedding and the honeymoon first then get to work when January rolled around. You already had Emilia’s attention and promise that she’d have you in whenever you’d finished writing.

The thing you didn’t tell Emilia, or Chris- for obvious reasons- was you’d already written the story. It wasn’t in script form, but it was done and ready to be turned into a script. You were a writer, you wrote about everything so the story began the second you met Chris. You may not have always shared what you wrote with people, but you wrote about everything- all your experiences; the good, the bad, and the wonderful. You kept it a secret because you wanted to marry Chris first, you knew if you told him- he’d put you and your dreams first, rushing everything else so you could get to work as soon as possible. But you didn’t want to rush your wedding or your honeymoon, you didn’t want to rush what was most important to you: Chris.


He tapped the blank card and gold pen in his right hand, and his left clenched fist, against the table’s glass surface as he continued to lose himself in his thoughtless daydream. It wasn’t until you waved a hand that he snapped out of it and gave you one of his adorable smiles. You found yourself smiling too as you held up the card to which he nodded at with the same smile, “that looks awesome. Sorry,” he chuckled, releasing card and pen from his grip. “I’m just thinking.”

“About what?” You asked, leaving Adriana and her team to continue their work to walk over to Chris. He wheeled his chair back, patting his lap; you shook your head because you were surrounded by people and not in the privacy of your own home. “Is everything okay?” You quizzed, taking the empty chair next to him.

“Everything’s perfect,” he assured you, taking your hands. “I’m just daydreaming, nothing important’s running through this chunk of wood.” He knocked on his head and you giggled, squeezing his hands. “I don’t know, I think I’m just daydreaming about our wedding. I mean- it’s in three months, that’s insane.”

“It is,” you nodded, smiling. “And it’s weird, 'cause just a few days ago when we discussed getting married- I felt so blindsided. But now, I’m okay. I’m ready to do this, like- I want to get married and play house with you,” you joked and he laughed. “Speaking of house, are we thinking of moving back to Boston after we get married or are we going to stay here?”

“I think we focus on the now first,” he answered. “Let’s just get through the wedding and go enjoy our honeymoon, then when we come back- we’ll sort out everything else. We don’t know where your upcoming job is going to need you, I think we make a decision based on that.” You nodded with pursed lips, feeling guilty about lying about the status of your story. “What’s wrong?”

“If I tell you something, will you promise not to react the way you want to?”

“I can’t promise you anything if I don’t know what you’re talking about, sweetheart.”

“You got me there,” you chuckled softly and he nodded, smiling. “I just- It’s not a big deal, so don’t freak out when I tell you that I actually…” You trailed off, then mumbled under your breath, “finished writing the story already.”

“What?” He frowned. “What do you mean you’re finished?”

“I wrote about us in real time, Chris,” you explained. “Whatever happened, I wrote as it happened. But I didn’t write with an intention to do anything about it, it was just for us. I don’t know, maybe even for our future children.” He ran a thumb over his bottom lip as he pondered for an appropriate reaction. “I didn’t tell you because I didn’t want to feel like we had to rush things. I know you want this for me, but I want you more. I could never do anything that would jeopardize my time with you just to become a famous screenwriter.”

“So what you’re saying is you went behind my back instead, lying 'cause you felt like you had a better perspective of what we needed as a couple.” He raised a brow, trying not to smile; you nodded sheepishly. The two of you really were too similar. “Oh sweetheart,” he chuckled and hugged you. “I made the right choice marrying you.”

“I made the right choice marrying you too,” you smiled, kissing his cheek as he pulled away. “Emilia said she’d meet with me whenever I’m done, and I am- I’ve only got to convert it into script form. As soon as we return from our honeymoon, I’ll do that and I’ll go meet with her and start walking the path you so selflessly found for me.”

“Sounds like a plan, my future Mrs. Evans.” His smile reached his eyes when he said 'Mrs. Evans’. You chuckled, baring your perfect teeth as you grinned. “A perfect plan,” he leaned forward and pressed his lips against your forehead.

Tags: @chrisevans-imagines @widowsfics @m-a-t-91 @imaginesofdreams  @katiew1973 @winter-tospring @shamvictoria11 @soymikael @faye22 @always-an-evans-addict @heartblackerthancoffee @whenyourealizethisisntagoodname  @yourtropegirl @smoothdogsgirl @createdbytinyaddiction @dreamingintheimpalawithdean @rileyloves5 @buckys-shield @catch-me-im-a-falling-star @tabi-toast @ssweet-empowerment @chrixa @feelmyroarrrr @akidura79 @castellandiangelo @edward-lover18 @yourenotrogers @im-a-fandom-slut @royalexperiment256 @palaiasaurus64 @tacohead13 @badassbaker @pegasusdragontiger @sfreeborn @dorisagent101 @aekr @imagine-cats96 @adeptkillsyasse @shliic @justanotherfangurlz @winchesterandpie @creativeheartgemini @camerica96 @thestarlighthotel @sf0206 (I’ve kept the original taglist which I will utilize when I’m back on one shots, but seeing as I’m working on the series now- I’ll just be tagging those I notice follow the series. Let me know if I left you out and I’ll add you back in.)

Chapter 5 ❤️

Bobby Finstock & Stiles Stilisnki platonic soulmates au

(aka @thisdiscontentedwinter has way too many headcanon days about Finstock and they give me ideas that I can’t let go)

(I originally wanted to post this a month ago, but tumblr was all “lol, nope”)

Everyone had a soulmark - a simple band around you wrist spelling out the first words your soulmate would say to you. If you were born before your soulmate, you would appear markless. If your soulmate was born before you, you will be born with the mark already in place. If your soulmate dies, the mark turns a faded red - barely readable, but still there.

When Mieczysław Stilinski was born his mark already firmly in place, Claudia and John rejoiced that their baby’s soulmate was already out there waiting for him. Somewhere else 30 year old Bobby Finstock frowned at his new mark and reached for the next bottle.

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If you reblogged my shared post of GerryArthur’s most recent Cullen art, you might want to delete it. The first posting of it by the commissioner is here, and it should be reblogged instead: http://daisytje.tumblr.com/post/169028658412/cullen-by-gerry-arthur-my-awesome-christmas


hello everyone ~ ^^ the blog just reached 15,000 followers ♥ thank you very much for following! i hope you’re all having a nice day ♥ ♥ 

Aqours x social media

Mari: She’s the most present in all sorts of social medias. Her instagram already had a pretty good following pre-aqours cause she posts lots of pictures from her travels. Meme queen on twitter. Lurks on tumblr and sends mysterious anons to her fans’ blogs. Runs one of the biggest kanamari conspiracy blog.

Kanan: Tries her best posting regularly but isn’t so sure about what to post really. Her work-out selfies are very popular but she posts one every blue moon and has no idea why they’re so popular. Has alerts on for all of her friends’ accounts.

Dia: ‘I don’t have time for that!’. Secretly has a popular Eli/Nozoeli tumblr and a twitter and writes fanfictions. Reblogs all the cute Ruby support posts.

Chika: super present for 2 weeks then forgets her passwords and stops posting for a month;

Reposts lots of videos from her favourite school idols groups. 'Guys you should really support those girls they’re so good!’

You: Exclusively posts selfies that kill her fans everytime or ridiculous pics of the other girls, especially of Dia.

Riko: Wants to post more on her official accounts but is afraid she’s too boring so only posts when really exciting things happen. Addicted to her secret shipping tumblr. She’s in a mutual with Dia since three years; neither of them know it. So Many 'I’m gay’ posts. Thirst-blogs (and saves) so many pics of Chika.

Yohane: posts a video a day on her fallen angel youtube channel. Lots of posts on her blog and the official twitter; Dia deletes most of them.

Ruby: was a bit shy at first but really wants to make a connection with her fans cause she loves to know a lot about her favourite idols! Posts selfies and inspirational quotes, replies to fans a lot, takes a lot of pictures during work sessions/rehearsals to keep the fans updated. Wishes she could post covers or do streaming sessions but still feels too shy.

Hanamaru: poor baby really, really tries but she only ends up sending personal texts on twitter or really blurry selfies; she became a bit of a meme actually. Posts about any cat she meets in the street. Ruby sometimes records her singing and posts it for her.

Bath (Theon x Reader)

(Gif credit to the owner)

Fandom: Game of Thrones

Character: Theon Greyjoy

Word Count: 820

A/N - I really love your fanfiction stories, especially the “Game of Thrones” stories. I saw that you already posted some with Theon, but I am curious to see how a reader interacts with him after he escapes the Bolton’s. I admit I have a soft spot for him. Not an original idea, since I saw a similar post somewhere else Tumblr, but could you write a story where the reader takes a bath with Theon, she comforts him, and MAYBE he gets some justice against the Bolton’s? (Maybe not “severed” either)?

I hope this is okay, sorry for the VERY long wait <3

It was him. He had finally came home. Yara looked proud as she held her brother’s arm. He should’ve looked happy, but he watched everyone, flinching as people came too close. You felt pity for him, all the time he had spent held captive by the Boltons had really messed him up. Yara approached you, holding Theon tightly, making him look uncomfortable. “(Y/N)!”, she said, “You will be looking after my brother”. She let go of his arm, but he didn’t move. “Go and get him cleaned up. He isn’t presentable in that state” Yara commented. You gentle put a hand on Theon’s arm, he jumped slightly. “Yes m'lady” you replied as she started to walk off.

“This way my lord” you spoke softly. You started to walk off, Theon was dragged behind you. He was muttering something, “I’m not a lord”. Your face fell slightly and you slowed down to match his pace. “Yes you are. You are Lord Theon of House Greyjoy” you told him. He rapidly shook his head, “Reek. My name is Reek” he stuttered. You sighed quietly and opened a door, “This way”.

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rowanthealchemist  asked:

so my parents surprised me with a copy of your book. they had no idea that i follow you on tumblr, and were slightly worried i had already bought it. luckily, i was waiting to have the funds to do so! just wanted to share a story of surprise happiness. i spent christmas night reading excerpts to entertain family.

This is so utterly charming!!! Sorry for the delay in answering but please say hello to your family for us! Let us know if they have a post request :)