had my first animation class today

where the h*ck have i been

hello to everyone!!! hello hello!!! i don’t know if this post is necessary, but i feel like i’ve been very scarce on here for a month or so, so i thought i’d update you on my crazy, crazy life and what has been happening to me recently!

in the past month or so

- i finished final projects for all of my classes including but not limited to: a 10 second traditional animation, a fully modeled 3D character, a workbook for a film and a 40 page novella!

- my tablet of two years broke, and i had to check out tablets from my school for the last month of school (i’m sending it in for repairs today!)

- my phone screen also broke, for no reason at all! i just woke up and it was broken

- i worked on 5 films for upperclassmen, and watched them screen for the first time last weekend

- on a whim, i went to TCAF with @nhuuy and @bokchois and met incredible artists (including bryan lee o malley and leslie hung and gigi d.g. aaa)

- i managed to pack everything from my dorm room and drive 7 hours home from school yesterday! 

so between all of this, i haven’t had much time to be online… but now that it’s summer, i will have plenty of time to post more and create more! im so excited and thank you so much for sticking with me even when i go silent!

today I went to my life drawing class, and my teacher said I’m a terrific artist and it’s a shame that I didn’t do it in the room the first semester, and I should definitely make up for it by coming to the second life drawing class. So I had 2 life drawing classes which was super fun, and my group for a group assignment has a more solid idea for our project

today was very good :)


100 Days Of Productivity

When i was in a charter school n wld see ppl taking pictures/videos at school online i was like???how????but now that im in public school i understand how easy it is lmao. The first snap is from my animation I class and the last pic is from my theatre tech class ! Today was a lot less stressful so thats good. I also had homework for AP Psych to research a psychologist. Mine was David Wechsler !