had my bottom ones put on today


My 👏🏼mental 👏🏼illness 👏🏼does 👏🏼not 👏🏼define 👏🏼me 👏🏼

I discovered the absolute godsend that is UfYH last night, and lemme tell you, I am STOKED with what I’ve managed to achieve.

I’ve been meaning to sort this space since we moved in nearly 20 months ago and I never have, despite being unemployed for the better part of a year. I decided last night to celebrate finding full-time work at a pet store (!!!!) with sorting my shit out.

Top two photos are befores, number three is one (ONE!) hour in and bottom is after my second 45/15 session.

Not pictured: all the cat piss I had to clean off of fucking everything, me breaking my back mopping the floor for the first time this year and the Prodigy keeping me motivated and my energy levels up.

All in all, in two 20/10s and one 45/15 session I managed to clear all my shit, put that new rug down, rearrange the furniture into a configuration that I like and is practical AND get through that pile of alterations I needed to get through, all before noon today. Habitat: Unfucked.

Breaking…. bad

Author Ladyoftheteaandblood.

Alternative Tom and Conny.

Conny has a problem and Toms trying to fix it. Warning bad jokes and fluff.

“Just let the bloody thing out”

“I can’t, I just can’t, years of mums training, I can't”

We were lying in bed and I had indigestion and really needed to, well you know. Trouble was in my house as a child you didn’t. It was so not done that it was almost a hanging offence,

my mother would look like someone had shot the hamster and really go into one, if the horrors of horrors happened. Of course, we all did but not in her, or anyone else’s hearing.

This meant that now I couldn’t, I had such a hang up about the whole subject, I’d rather die of pain than let one loose where anyone could hear.

Tom thought this was totally ridiculous, he didn’t just thingy anywhere, he was a gentleman most of the time but in the bedroom and bathroom he had no qualms about letting rip.

The more he told me I could, the more it became a problem and the more I didn’t, thus ending up in pain and discomfort.

The little bastard had tried to end this …

“Frankly silly state of affairs” as he put it, by making me giggle and on one occasion, seriously getting quite cross.

It didn’t help, I just felt worse than ever about it and waited till he’d finally gone to sleep, before creeping down stairs and resolving the problem in the downstairs bathroom.

So today here we were, me in pain and him telling me yet again to, ‘just let it out’, and I wanted to, I really did but my mum was still with me in spirit and my bottom end still following her rules.

“Oh I give up, you strange beast of gas filled joy, let’s finish the book after all we better not, EHeheheheh….you’re pumped up enough and you might explode Ehehehehehe"

I didn’t hear the end of the book he’d been reading to me for the last month, even though I love it when he reads.

I fell asleep.

Only to wake up two hours because he was laughing fit to bust.

“What is your problem Mr?”

“Oh my little angel of Ehehehehehehe"

“What are you laughing at?” This was not said with a happy face, I’m not good at being woken up, except under exceptional circumstances and that involves his tongue.

He put on his Dobby voice and said.

“Mistress has bestowed a great honor on Dobby, Dobby has been blessed” he then fell about laughing again.

“Will you just tell me Arse face, what is so bloody funny you woke me at 2am?”

“Actually, you woke me” he now had smug face on

“I bloody didn’t!”

“Oh, you did my little sweet smelling Eheheheh flower, I snuggled up to you and you……”

“Shut up, don’t say another word” oh no!

“Yup, on my leg as I cuddled up to your back, I gave you a bit of a hug and the next thing I hear is a unicorn breath”

“If you don’t shut up, I will hit you” I said now so red that there was no need for a light in the room.

“You wouldn’t hit the love of your life”

So I gave him a ding bow and the fun began. This was a pillow fight I was not going to lose, he’d dishonored me, trouble was I was still full of …of…and as we rolled round the bedroom, well it sort of got out. On its own!

Modified by my body’s betrayal, I turned to apologize, as he said,

“The Unicorn is back then” He then hugged his pillow and was unable to speak any further as he was laughing so hard. He was laughing so hard he Farted! And I then lost it and did too, which made him laugh even more and ..oh you get it.

And that my friends is how I got over my phobia of making Magical Unicorn Breath, in front of Tom. Until he mentioned the unicorn could do with a breath mint!!!!!!

(picture not mine I just played)

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The end of an era...

My tank was awfully still this morning. Even when Hades was at his worst he would try to swim up to the surface but today he didn’t. It almost seemed like my room was eerily quiet. I got up to see if he was still alive since I was going to put him to sleep today anyway but he had beat me to that. I broke down the second I saw my once happy boy lying at the bottom of his tank spread out. It’s like losing a child. I loved Hades more than anyone knows. I cared for him as much has I care for my other animals. Thank you for following my fish sons journey and for complimenting him too. I will keep this blog up and maybe come back if the right fish finds me but I’m going to turn one of my tanks into a memorial for Hades. Thank you all for everything…

Bully Pt. 4

Title: Bully pt. 4
Pairing: Wonwoo x Reader
Genre: angst, fluff
Warning(s): cursing, physical violence

Originally posted by 7teans

Part One // Part Two // Part Three

This part doesn’t involve Wonwoo but it is important, so be careful if you plan on skipping it.

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nsfw headcanons for rfa+saeran coming home and mc is only wearing a sweater?? like no underwear and the sweater isn't even zipped up. Thank you~

mmm some good aesthetic MC in sexy stolen wear-slight NSFW

-he had to stay late after class
-he comes home to MC
-”Your hoodie,why?”
-yea his hoodie and nothing else, like bare-bare-bare EVERYTHING!!!
-he’s a strawberry, hes blushing so hard
-her butt looks so nice poking out from under the bottom of his hoodie
-gotta touch it

-MC had found one of Zens t-shirts deep in his closet and put it on
-she loved that it smelled so much like him
-he came home exhausted from todays show
-”MC WHA-”
-she turned around
-she was naked from the waist down
-he pinned her against the wall

-MC was wearing one of her favorite sweater when Jaehee walked in
-can you put pants on
-MC was sticking out her tongue
-Jaehee started tickling her
-you get what you deserve, now give me my sweater back!!

-he had so many formal wear items
-MC took one of his button up shirts and left the front open
-she was cooking when he got home
-he was so shocked
-but he kind of loved it
-he lifted her and put her on the counter
-”welcome home love”

-MC was wearing his hoodie
-ya know THE HOODIE
-he came out of his office looking for it
-bloody nose
-her hair was up in a sloppy pile on top of her head
-she turned around smiling
-he grabbed her princess style and carried her to the bedroom

-all she could find was this huge sweater
-so she put it on
-the sleeves went past her hands and the material hung low exposing her collarbone
-saeran got home from shopping and dropped the bags on sight
-he used those giant sleeves to tie her hands

-a v neck t shirt was her choice
-MC had just woken up and moved to the kitchen to make some tea
-her hair was tousled in a messy ponytail and the shirt hung low
-with the tea in hand she was so aesthetic
-v nuzzled into her neck her loved that spot on her body
-this shirt was awesome

aw man i feel this so heavily, my regular wear is one gigantic t shirt and a messy ole bun on my head

Weak Little Erudite

Originally posted by shaggyanimal

Requested By: @onlythebestfandoms

Request: hhhHHHELLO YOUR WRITING IS AWESOME. I’m sorry I’m awful at introductions. So, now that we’ve gotten past the awkward stage, could you possibly write a one shot with Peter Hayes, where it’s the day after you all join Dauntless and Drew is saying you’re weak because you’re the only Erudite there, and you sass him the fuck up and then punch him for good measure. Peter notices how brutal you are on the mat, and then romance and shenanigans (my fantasies don’t go that far into the plot). Thank you!!


I was getting ready to leave the dorms and head to training when a hand grabbed my arm. Spinning around, I was met with the smirking face of Drew.

“What do you want, Drew?” I spit out.

“I just want to say that you’re not going to win your fights. It doesn’t matter who goes against you, you’re going to lose. Because you’re just a weak little Erudite.” He laughs.

I didn’t mean to punch him, my anger just got the best of me. No. I did mean to punch him. And I punched him hard. He stumbled back, his hand placed on his cheek.

Am I just a weak little Erudite, Drew?” I ask calmly.

Without waiting for him to respond, I swiftly turn and walk out the door.

Time Skip

Today was the day of the fights. I was nervous to see who I was paired to fight with. I thought about who it could be as I walk towards the training room.

“Alright.” Eric says. “Look on the board to see who you’re paired with. We have an odd number so one person will sit out today, and that person is Myra.”

I scurry over to the board in excitement to see who my partner is. My eyes scan the board until I find my name at the bottom of the board. And my partner is….


Oh great. So now if I lose he will just be taunting me for the rest of my life. And that is not what I want. I have to win. I have to. I’ve had enough of him making fun of me and taunting me. This was the only way I could put an end to this all.

I watched as everybody went up and fought their opponent. Congratulating who won. Feeling sorry for who lost. Finally it ws my turn.

“Next up! Y/N and Drew!” Four yells over the chattering.

I timidly walk up to the mat, thinking about how I was going to take him down. But I soon learned that I couldn’t think, I just had to do.

Drew walked up to the mat, and as soon as he got the signal to start, he launched at me. Luckily, I dodged him. I watched as he stumbled to regain himself, and of course it didn’t take long. He turned to me, and we stared at each other. It was like we were staring into each other’s souls.

I decided that we couldn’t just continue looking at each other, so I proceeded to launch a punch at him. And I failed. He blocked my punch and kicked me in the stomach. It hurt so bad, but I couldn’t give up. I regained myself fast, and pretended like I was going to punch him, but in reality, I kicked him where the sun doesn’t shine.

He fell to the floor, groaning. This gave me a chance to kick him in the head and end this, but when I tried to make the final blow, he grabbed my foot causing me to fall down. He got back up, still groaning, and tried to kick me as I tried to get up. This caused me to fall back down again. He tried to kick me again, but I rolled out of the way. I quickly got up and jumped on his back. He tried to elbow me off, but he didn’t succeed. I kicked him in the belly with my heel, making him hunch over. I jumped off his back, and kicked the back of his knee, and he fell down onto one knee. I got in front of him and punched him. And punched him. And punched him.

Finally, Four yelled, “Stop! Y/N! You won!”

I smile in triumph and walk off the mat.

Later that night, I was in the dorms while everybody else was off having fun, getting tattoos, getting drunk. I thought that I was alone, but I was wrong.

“That was some fight earlier today. I didn’t know that you could be so brutal.” Peter says.

“A while back, Drew said that I was just a weak little Erudite.” I say without looking at him.

“Well obviously you’re not.” Peter responds. I could hear his footsteps coming closer to me.

I look up at him, “Thank you?”

I didn’t know where this was going. And I wasn’t sure that I wanted to find out.

“Do you want to go out sometime?” He asks.


“I said, do you want to go out with me sometime?” He repeats.

I hesitate for a moment. This could just be some prank to get back at me for beating up Drew. I mean, Peter was really good friends with him.

“I don’t know. You are really good friends with Drew. This could all be just some big prank.” I finally answer.

“I can assure you it’s not.”

“How do I know you’re not lying?”

Then before I could react, he leans forward and kisses me. It was short, but it was still a kiss.

He pulled back. “I’m not lying.”

“Fine. But if you try anything, you’re gonna get hurt.” I say.

He laughs. “That’s my girl.”

Worldwide Writers: “Cramps and Memories” (Harry Styles One Shot)

** A/N: This is the 6th edition of Worldwide Writers! Keep in mind, these writings will not be included on my master list, or affiliated with my preferences, as they are not written by me! I hope you enjoy! xx **

I sensed it the moment I woke up.
The usual tense feeling at the pit of my stomach. The nauseating pulse of pain ripping at my lower abdomen. The ceaseless sense of hunger that surrounded my thoughts. The signals I was receiving from my body quintessentially epitomized how a typical bad day started for me.
I groaned as I rolled over and sighed as I stared at the dark red blood stain through my half closed eyes.
This was honestly the last thing I wanted.
I gripped my stomach as another wave of convulsing cramps overwhelmed me, I flipped my head in distress and saw that the other side of the bed had been perfectly made. At first confusion hit me, but then I remembered that Harry had gone to the studio to record the final songs of the upcoming album with the boys.
A little note had been placed on his pillow, his messy handwriting was captured in the ink on the paper.
“I know you always get your period on this day, here’s some Ibuprofen, call me if you need anything else. I’ll be home really soon, having the boys over for lunch later. All the love – H.”
I glanced at the bedside table where like I thought, Harry had placed two pills and a tall glass of water. I didn’t hesitate for one moment as I hastily threw them into my mouth, and chugged the entire glass afterwards.
I winced as another wave of pain stomped me in my lower abdomen so that I stretched my spine to relieve the pain at the bottom of my back as well. It had always ran in the family that periods also brought heavy cramps with them, they were honestly the five most hellish days of my month. And I absolutely despised getting my period today; as the boys were coming over for dinner.
I glanced at the note again (even though my uterus was creating the feminine version of the Niagara Falls) a smile spread across my face as this was one of the many things Harry did to cheer me up.
If it wasn’t for his bad jokes and cheesy comebacks, I would’ve probably been bored to death in this relationship. And though his horrible puns (that he always laughed about for 10 minutes straight) weren’t that funny, I always laughed only to see a glimpse of that satisfactory grin that spread across his face. He always felt so fulfilled whenever he succeeded to make me laugh, and if it made him happy, then so be it.
I ran my fingers through my messy hair as I realized I must look like I was just hit by a typhoon.
It made me think of the time I was too tired to brush my hair, so he did it. And though he didn’t manage to get all the tangles out because he was scared that combing the big ones would hurt me, it was relaxing to have his big hands in my hair.
He’d always do little things like that to cheer me up.
It also made me think of the time he attempted to bake me my favorite apple pie (using my grandma’s recipe) a few months back, but he ended up starting a fire in the kitchen. I remember seeing him soaked under the water sprinklers, his cheeks were flushed as he stared at me all pouty faced. I remember my only reaction was to laugh at him as he had my pink apron on, a whisk in one hand and smears of cake batter across his face.
“Heeeey don’t laugh at me!” he whined, he was clearly offended as he brushed a flour covered hand through his moist curls.
“C’mere Harry!” I shook my head as I placed a big fluffy towel around him, it was the one I always used after I took a bath. He said it smelled like me.
I got up from bed reluctantly and took the stained bed covers and hastily threw them in the washing machine. I then forced myself in the shower before I could lay my eyes on the bed again, sleeping for the whole day seemed like such a good activity right now.
I turned up the heat of the water and let it fall on my lower back to alleviate the pain. But not much helped as I bent forward in agony when intrusive cramps took over again.
I wished Harry was here to wrap me in a towel and put on my PJ’s so that we could watch Mean Girls together as he fed me chocolate pieces. That’s what we did last month when the cramps hit me bad.
I remember seeing the disapproving look on his face when I told him that’s what I wanted to watch. Then as the movie progressed, I watched that expression change into one of disbelief as he threw his hands in the air and yelled “YEAH CADY, YOU TELL THEM!”
Most of the time I wasn’t even laughing at the movie, I was too busy observing Harry’s comical reactions to everything The Plastics said.
He was adorable.
I winced.
The water of the shower was getting too hot; I turned it down a bit and realized I had to accept Harry was extremely busy this week. To be honest all I wanted to do is call him and ask him to cuddle but I definitely didn’t want to disturb their recording.
I stepped out of the shower and quickly retrieved a tampon from the cupboard before the white tiles of the bathroom would look like the setting of a horror movie.
As I slipped on my comfy period panties I quickly pulled one of Harry’s T-shirts over my head. I messily put on new bed covers and then hastily dived in bed again after throwing on a pair of yoga pants.
I wrapped my arms around my cramping abdomen and realized that getting up and moving around was definitely not an option today. I bit my bottom lip as I physically and mentally pushed myself through the pain. The pills really weren’t working, in fact, it seemed as if the cramping had only intensified throughout the day.
“Think positive thoughts, love.”
Harry’s soothing voice echoed in my head as I remembered the last time my cramps had gotten this intense.
Positive thoughts… hmm… To be honest at the rate with which my body was tortured, there wasn’t much positive left in my brain.
The bed croaked underneath me as I pulled the duvet over me and clutched my cramping stomach even tighter.
This bed bore a lot of memories with it. Sweaty, sensual, erotic memories filled with nights of soft whispers and heavy breathing.
I fell in love with the way his husky voice cries out my name as he finds his sweet release whenever we made love.
I’ve also fallen in love with the way he wraps his arms around me, holding and protecting my convulsing body after we both lay there panting, embracing the glorifying after shocks of love making.
I dwelled over some more laugh-evoking memories which included Harry jumping in the pool to save a duck (who in my opinion was swimming perfectly fine, but who in Harry’s eyes was drowning).
Or the time when I saw Harry with red cheeks due to the cold snow, standing outside, scraping some leaves together so he could make a house for some baby porcupines he found in our garden. I remembered seeing the hot fog escape from his breath as he appeared to talk to the little animals, I’m sure he soothed them.
Harry was able to sooth anyone with one glance into those magnetizing emerald eyes.
I glanced at the clock which read 2.47 PM, panic overwhelmed me as I realized I had literally not prepared anything for lunch. That was also when I came to notice that the pains of my cramps were savaging my body at a maximum rate. I forced my eyes shut moving my body into the fetus position, desperate for anything that could alleviate the pain.
My emotions also sky rocketed on my period, which caused me to spend the next twenty minutes crying as I slowly rocked my body, I was unable to move much as the pain seemed to paralyze me.
My entire pillowcase was soaked with my tears and snot when I heard voiced coming from the living room. I assumed Niall had made some stupid joke again when I heard Louis’ laughter fill the entire house.
“Shush guys, I think she’s asleep. So fuckin’ loud.” Harry’s familiar voice sounded worried as he tried to calm down his friends.
“You guys wait right here, I’ll be right back.”
I rolled my eyes as I heard Liam joke about Harry kissing his princess awake or something.
I quickly wiped away the tears as Harry peaked into the bedroom. His hair was pulled into a bun and a black leather jacket was hugging his toned torso.
His eyes widened with concern as I was sure I looked absolutely hideous, I was a snot dripping, red-eyed, swollen-faced monster.
He strode towards me with large steps as he immediately cupped my face and brushed his thumb across my cheek, this only caused me to cry even more.
“Baby, what’s wrong? You’re having a bad period again aren’t you?” his voice sounded so soothing I was almost sure that a few of my back muscles instantly relaxed.
I nodded as he wiped away my tears and blotted my nose with a tissue.
“Shh… It’s okay love, I’ve got you now. I’m here.”
He bent down and placed a long kiss on my forehead, and without losing my eye contact he moved around the bed. He quickly got on his side and placed himself behind me, so that my body fit into his like a puzzle piece. One arm was draped over my cramping abdomen as the other was used to brush the damp hair out of my face.
He positioned his lips next to my ear as he whispered sweet nothings, surprisingly relaxing the pain with every word he spoke. It was as if his presence radiated some Zen energy that calmed every muscle in my body.
“Why didn’t you just call me? I would’ve come home immediately, you know that.”
“You were busy with your recording. Also I’m so sorry, Harry, I didn’t prepare anything for lunch.”
“Don’t be silly! We’ll order pizza or something. And promise me you’ll call me next time this happens again? Hey? Promise me all right.”
I reluctantly nodded my head as he rubbed his hand over my tummy.
“You feeling better, baby?”
Harry kissed my neck softly in approval. It was truly miraculous what effect this boy had on my body.
Ibuprofen helps period cramps my ass.
A hesitant knock was heard on the door as a shy Louis appeared from behind.
“H-hey, uhm, do you want ice cream…?”
“Or chocolate?” Niall chimed in happily from behind.
“You told them?” I turned towards Harry as I sat up embarrassed, who shook his head and looked as confused as me.
“No, Sophia is on her period as well.”
Now Liam walked in, plastered against the wall. I forgot Sophia and I always got it around the same date, she must’ve mentioned it.
“That sounds lovely, thank you so much.” I nodded desperately as I realized I hadn’t eaten anything all day.
“I got you a heat pad as well!” Liam grinned as he threw one in Harry’s direction, who placed it on my stomach and adjusted my duvet.
“I can just tell these bastards to go away, you know?” Harry laughed as Niall jokingly punched him.
“No, I really like the company,” I smiled as the rest of the boys positioned themselves on the sofa next to the bed, “thank you guys so much.”
“No worries, I have so much respect for you girls to be honest, don’t know how you do it.” Louis placed the tub of ice cream and chocolate next to me as I realized Harry had turned on the TV.
By now we were both sitting against the headboard of the bed, his hand stroking my thigh gently as he went through all the channels.
“Ah! Mean Girls, let’s watch this.” Niall exclaimed as he folded his legs, Louis and Liam nodded in approval.
I began to laugh as Liam mentioned something about me not telling Sophia.
“I’m not complaining.” Harry spoke seriously as he turned up the volume and intertwined his fingers in mine.
The rest of the afternoon was filled with cries of “GO CADY” and “NO REGINA!” as I spooned a ton of Ben & Jerry’s into my mouth.
But I couldn’t have wished for a better way to spend the day to be honest.

This was written by harrysaesthetic! She is currently writing chapters to a piece called “To Catch A Flying Bird”, so please make sure to check that out if you enjoyed her writing! xx

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I love the idea of Harry having a sibling (preferably a little sister) could you do one about how their relationship would be pretty please?


What if the Potters had found themselves on the flip side of the prophecy, and Neville had been The Chosen One? They might have had their chance at happily ever after.

FFN    AO3

Chapter Two: Broomsticks and Little Sisters

“Muuuummmmyyyyy, that baby has my broomstick again!”

Lily closed her eyes and steadied herself against the stove. She took a deep breath.

Twenty sodding seconds of peace to put bread in the oven, was that too much to ask? 

Yes, apparently.

Another deep breath.

She plastered a smile on her face and stepped into the hall.

“Now, Harry darling,” she said, careful to keep her tone even, “‘that baby’ is your sister and you shouldn’t be cross with her—” but her  speech was interrupted by the baby in question, who zoomed through the hall, cackling, swerved as Lily lunged for her, and crashed headlong into the door. She fell to the floor heavy thump and burst into tears. Lily scooped the heaving, squirming mess into her arms and set her on a hip.

“There’s a girl,” she soothed, “it’s alright, Mummy’s got you.”

Harry snatched the broomstick off the floor and glared at the baby on Lily’s hip. “No, Sissy. This is MY broomstick.”

“Harry. You were given a brand new big boy broomstick not two weeks ago for your birthday.”

“Yes, Mummy, but this one’s mine, too!”

And it was his. Of course it was his. Lily knew he slept with it, even though it’d been too small for months. Still, he was four, and able to learn a thing or two about sharing.

No little boy needs two broomsticks, at least not 100% of the time.

James may say otherwise, of course, but James was at a match with Padfoot, and she was home with their children. They were rebelling against her, and it didn’t much matter to her at the moment what James would think about the broomstick business later.

Deep breath.

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"Is that my shirt?" Noiao please!

Prompt “Is that my shirt?”
Morning Indulgence
Rating Mature
Words 900+
I apologize for taking so long, I haven’t been writing for a while because of a hand injury. It’s been taking a long time to heal and it’s still not even close to healed, but I’m persevering through. Typing is still very difficult but I can manage, and hopefully start writing more and more very soon. BUT regardless, I hope you enjoy some morning fluff. <3

Noiz ran his hands through his hair to wring free the remaining water. With a tired sigh, he stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel to dry his body with.

He really, really didn’t feel like going to work today.

Most days he could resist the urge to stay curled up in bed, watching his lover as he slept peacefully in the crook of his arms. But today, finding the strength to pull himself out of bed was close to nonexistent. Aoba had felt so warm, such stark contrast to the cold winter storm that raged outside. The weekend couldn’t appear faster, so they could spend time together in the midst of doing nothing, savoring each other’s warmth as they remained huddled close for hours.

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Achilles’ Heel [Kaoru Kirishima - oneshot]

Below cut is NSFW

            Kaoru had been reading a lot of books for his research lately. Today was also one of those days when there was no sign that he would finish reading anytime soon. He adjusted his reading glasses and I thought for a second that he would finally talk to me. But instead, he just flipped another page and ignored me completely. His eyes focused on the book and I flopped back on the floor. We were sitting at a homemade kotatsu. It was my idea to make one of those tables with just a lighter blanket instead of a thick quilt for some colder spring days. Instead of having the regular low table kotatsu, we had a pit underneath it so we can have our feet dangling while sitting underneath it. It would be like sitting on a regular table when we can stretch our legs because the regular low table kotatsu won’t do with Kaoru’s long legs. His legs would just peek on the other end. And my decision was correct because this kotatsu was one of Kaoru’s favorites. He loved it so much that he refused to move away from it unless it’s necessary.

The warmth from the blanket made me feel sleepy. I stretched my legs and had accidentally kicked Kaoru’s long legs.

“Sorry,” I said, sitting down quickly so that won’t happen again.

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Well I don’t know about you but I personally can’t fucking breathe.

For Tesni’s birthday on the 27th February I have spent the last six months or so writing to all of her favourite celebrities asking if they could spare the time to send her an autograph. I never heard anything, and when her birthday came and went I told her of what I’d been doing, and admitted I’d had no response. UNTIL TODAY.




(Sorry I had to put my name on there otherwise companies can take the image and start selling Tesni’s autograph as a print and I don’t want that.)