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As college professors, we have watched events of the past few days in Charlottesville and around the country while preparing for a new semester. We know that students in our classes will bring many questions and perspectives about this moment in history. They will look for us to comment on a response from the president that many Republicans and Democrats alike found deeply troubling and insufficient. They will wonder why many white nationalists and racist groups feel empowered at this moment in time. We have our work cut out for us.

In turn, we are also historians in and of the state of Mississippi, where white massive resistance to black advancement has been the norm for 200 years. It is now incumbent upon us to take the strongest of stands against the white supremacist establishment in this nation and in this state and put this recent wave of white nationalism in historical context.

With that in mind, it is long past time for the emblem identified with the Confederate States of America to be removed from the state flag of Mississippi. This flag does not reflect the entirety of the state’s history and people. It ignores the reality of the African American experience, and it limits the scope of what Mississippi has been, is and can be.

Historians have long held that the Civil War was fought for the right of southern states to maintain and expand the institution of slavery. In declaring their support for the Confederacy, Mississippi’s leaders clearly stated in the secession ordinance of 1860, “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery—the greatest material interest of the world. … A blow at slavery is a blow at commerce and civilization. That blow has been long aimed at the institution, and was at the point of reaching its consummation. There was no choice left us but submission to the mandates of abolition, or a dissolution of the Union, whose principles had been subverted to work out our ruin.”

Not only that, the emblem connected with the Confederacy was not adopted for general use until 1894, meant to further demean African Americans after the 1890 state constitution implemented black disfranchisement. At the time, Mississippi was majority African American and, in the 1870s, had even had two black U.S. Senators. When Barack Obama was elected to the U.S. Senate, he was only the fifth black U.S. Senator in history.

With black disfranchisement, white supremacists in Mississippi quickly established their control of Jim Crow and social, political and economic power, and the rest of the South rewrote each state constitution to reflect what was called the “Mississippi Plan.” With the advent of lynching, those white leaders assured there would be little challenge to their authority.

In the Equal Justice Initiative’s third edition of “Lynching in America,” the initiative has recalculated the number of known lynchings, and Mississippi was number one per capita and number one in total: 654 from 1877 to 1950. For three quarters of a century, a lynching happened every six weeks, and those are just the “known” victims. Throughout the South, that number was 4,084 over those 73 years, or more than one lynching every day.

The threat of racist mob violence has been present throughout American history, and as seen by the flag-wielding neo-Nazis and racist sympathizers in Charlottesville, the use of Confederate emblems echoes the racist reasoning of whites in Mississippi at the end of the 19th Century, who used terror to impose minority rule.

In light of these facts, we object in the strongest possible terms to perpetuating a symbol of racial terror on a flag that is supposed to represent the people of Mississippi. The current state flag only perpetuates division and discord rather than unity and understanding. Emblems and flags matter. They signify what is important to a citizenry and cause us to reflect on our history.

We demand a flag that represents the entirety of our state’s history and all its people, and we are encouraged that some state leaders, both conservatives and progressives, have declared that it is time for the current flag to come down.

As historians, we by no means want to erase history. Quite the opposite. We believe it is important to remember these emblems and teach students about what they have represented to the people of our state over time. However, the appropriate historical context for the long-time state flag and Confederate emblem can be delineated in textbooks, museums and archives so the public can reflect upon it with the support of proper, historical interpretation.

This emblem does not belong on an official government flag that signifies the values of all the people of the state of Mississippi, nor does the emblem belong in public spaces that officially represent those people.

It is time to bring down that flag.


Robert Luckett, Ph.D., Jackson State University
Stephanie Rolph, Ph.D., Millsaps College
Janice Brockley, Ph.D., Jackson State University
Alison Greene, Ph.D., Mississippi State University
William Storey, Ph.D., Millsaps College
James Giesen, Ph.D., Mississippi State University
Christian Pinnen, Ph.D., Mississippi College
Otis W. Pickett, Ph.D., Mississippi College
Robert S. McElvaine, Ph.D., Millsaps College
Kathryn Green, Ph.D., Mississippi Valley State University
Anne Marshall, Ph.D., Mississippi State University
C. Sade Turnipseed, Ph.D., Mississippi Valley State University
Bridget Smith Pieschel, Ph.D., Mississippi University for Women
Elizabeth Anne Payne, Ph. D., University of Mississippi
Anne Twitty, Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Max Grivno, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Susannah J. Ural, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Charles Westmoreland, Jr., Ph.D., Delta State University
Darren Grem, Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Alexandra Finley, Ph.D., Mississippi State University
John R. Neff, Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Ted M. Ownby, Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Amy Wiese Forbes, Ph.D., Millsaps College
Erin M. Kempker, Ph.D., Mississippi University for Women
Andrew P. Haley, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Kevin D. Greene, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Jarod Roll, Ph.D., University of Mississippi
April Holm, Ph.D., University of Mississippi
Rebecca Tuuri, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Kyle F. Zelner, Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi
Patrick Connelly, Ph.D., Mississippi College
Jason Ward, Ph.D., Mississippi State University


Bear goes to Uni

*conversation had through gritted teeth while waving steadily.

Adair: How long do you think she’ll last?

Sabeena: I give it two weeks tops.

Adair: Sabi I’m shocked! You have no faith in Bear. I give it a week.

Sabeena: You’re working that bear-pak Bear!

Bear: Thank you-uu. Bye-eee!

Sabeena: Bye Sweetie. I love you!  (*nudges Adair* tell her you love her)

Adair: Wha..?? Good luck! Be a good…uh bear.

Ripples - Part 7

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Warnings: 18+. SMUT. All the things are happening

A/N: Finally, after weeks of teasing, its happening. All the drama in one chapter featuring our conflicted characters. I’m literally dying each post because I know the evil I unleash each chapter - I’m sorry! Enjoy.

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Previous Part: Part 6 

Reader POV

Your eyes jerk open, taking in the soft creme colors of your room and you give a soft sigh as you relax into your mattress. The low moan that woke you up echoes again in the room and you place your hand softly on the warm arm, gently pushing it off your waist as you slip out of bed. You grab the large T-shirt that smells like him, cologne and sweat intermingled perfectly together, and throw it over your naked body before tiptoeing to your kitchen.

You had never brought anyone to your home. Not Tony, not Natasha, not even Terry. You liked your privacy. Preferred the distance and space.

But things had changed. Two weeks of marriage and the internal debate of what you were going to do. Wanting to choose Bucky but feeling loyal to Steve. You frowned as you rinsed your coffee pot. Loyal wasn’t the word. Not anymore. You were falling for him too.

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Connection Chap 3

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Chap Two.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 3575

Chapter Three.

The last few weeks had been tough on you. The signs of Christmas were everywhere and impossible to ignore. You hadn’t been affected like this in years and yet you were missing your parents so much, you were wound up too tight. You had to calm yourself and clear your mind almost every morning once you got into your office, calling on techniques your favorite Psychology professor, Patrick Harding, had given you after your parents’ sudden death during your senior year at the University of Pennsylvania.  

You had learned that you could survive more than you thought but it took a toll. Professor Harding ended up being the one to pull you from your funk and get you moving again. He brought books and tons of pamphlets of other psychology programs that fit your interests. He helped you through the stages of grief and guided you toward your saving grace; something to live for.

He brought Shelley by to see you and as hard as you tried to lock up your grief to keep from hurting her, you couldn’t do it but she sat down next to you and rubbed your back. She had learned to control it to a certain extent and she wanted to thank you because if you hadn’t reached out to her and listened then she never would have gotten this far. It had only been three months and you were amazed by her progress.

You left for Oxford only two months later and never left England since except for the few visits back to your alma mater. You had flourished in the new environment and fell in love with the culture that was so much like what you grew up with and yet completely different. That first Christmas had been rough but since then, you had handled it well except for a few stray Christmas Eve’s here and there when you didn’t have work to distract you from the traditions you held with your parents.

This year, however, the heavy feeling in your chest had started earlier than ever and work didn’t seem to make it go away completely. You tried to sort it out and only came up with two conclusions, either you were more worried about this Moriarty business or the thing you thought you were handling was handling you. Either way, you weren’t as in control as you usually were and you were beginning to feel it.

Mycroft hadn’t said a word about Moriarty since you confronted him and you didn’t know if he was still holding him. It was a classified matter and you weren’t needed at the time for any further consultation. You noticed Mycroft’s scrutiny ever since that confrontation as well, especially whenever Sherlock’s name came up. It wasn’t very often but enough for you to take notice and for you to keep your mouth zipped about the fact that Sherlock knew of Moriarty already.

Even though you had done your meditation technique before your appointment with Sherlock, Mycroft was still on your mind as you sat in your chair across from the couch. Sherlock was sitting with his left leg crossed neatly over his right knee. Luckily, his attention was elsewhere as he had rambled about his most recent case but only half-heartedly before he grew quiet and stared toward the window. His face wasn’t in its usual blank slate though because his brow never relaxed.

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The Silver Fox, Part Two

A/N - Well, well, well, here we are! Unless you count my whole ongoing Werewolf!Jeremy AU, this is the first real sequel to an original fic I’ve ever done! REJOICE! (Or not, whatever…) So yeah. I kinda wasn’t expecting the original Silver Fox fic (which you can read here if you want) to go down so well, but seeing as it did, I felt confident enough that I should maybe try my hand at carrying on the story, seeing as I had some ideas for where it could go. Then…all this happened! And now I have the longest fic I’ve ever written right the fuck here! Seriously, I can’t believe how loooooong this one got! But I hope any folks out there who enjoyed the original will like seeing where I took this one! A big thank you to @mandywritesrtthings for being such an incredible friend and both encouraging me to write this sequel in the first place, and taking an early look at the first draft to give me a second opinion - you’re the best, gurl, and I appreciate the hell out of all you do for me! Oh, and again, just to be clear - the ex-wife and children mentioned in this AU are NOT Ryan’s IRL kids and spouse. They be imaginary, yo. Just like all of this nonsense that I wrote! So, get ready for some long, rambling passages and enjoy, my friends! (If you can…)

(Also, don’t tell anyone, but I may have even more ideas for further sequels in this AU, if there’s still any interest after this fic…shhhh…)

Pairing - Ryan x Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, mentions of alcohol, some DRAMA, a handsome older man and some maaaaajor awkwardness, yo.

Word Count - 8, 210 (!!!!)

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This is for you, @avioncitodetergopol - I think this is number 5? I don’t remember, but Ima do these out of order.


“Heehehe.” Mater laughed, sneaking quietly behind Flo’s V8 Cafe. “Oh, McQueen is gonna love this!”

A few days ago, Mater had been out cruising the town when he caught sight of Fillmore unlocking what looked like a safe out behind his distillery. Curious, the tow truck watched as his hippie friend mixed a little bit of some mystery liquid into his organic fuel. Promptly, some visitors rolled into town. Fillmore, distracted, left the safe unlocked and slightly open while he went to try and sell his products.

Mater rushed over and paused in front of the oil can Fillmore had just mixed the liquid in. With a quick look around, he decided a little taste wouldn’t hurt anything. 

“Hm. Not bad.” Mater looked at the open safe and saw several different cans sitting on a shelf. Not knowing what was what, he grabbed one with his tow hook and made a run for it before Fillmore came back.

By the time Mater had returned to his rickety old shack, Carburetor Canyon was starting to turn funny, lucid colors. He stopped and watched as the rock walls twisted and turned into a rainbow of different colors and shapes.

“Whoa…” he was completely amazed. A bug flew by, but all Mater saw was a UFO. He started to chase after it, but slowed to a halt as the junk in his salvage yard started to sparkle. He parked there, mesmerized until things finally turned back to normal. 

“That was incredible!” he said to himself. He knew exactly how he was gonna use that can he’d stolen.

Now, Mater was sneaking in the back door of the cafe. McQueen and Sally had just returned from a leisurely drive out to Wheel Well and back, and were looking for a drink. Flo stopped mixing oil for a moment to go out and welcome a few out-of-towners. This was Mater’s chance to give his best friend the experience of a lifetime. 

He meant to only pour a little bit of the concoction, but his hook slipped a little. There went half the can straight into McQueen’s oil. Mater hesitated, but then figured it was alright. Fillmore’s always talking about how good this stuff is for your health, right? And so he slipped out the back and joined the conversation outside, telling everyone about his encounter with a UFO a few nights ago.

“Two usuals coming right up!” Flo said, bringing Lightning and Sally’s drinks out. “Enjoy!”

“Thanks, Flo.” they answered in unison.

Mater giggled quietly, but kept engaged in his tall tale to stay distracted. When he’d finished, the visitors kindly thanked Flo for the hospitality and drove on out of town. Sally noticed something was definitely… different with her boyfriend.

“Hey, Stickers, you feelin’ okay?” she asked.

“Uh, hey Flo?” McQueen slurred out slowly. “I- I think something’s up with this drink. Did you do something different?”

“Nope, just the usual, honey.” Flo said, a little confused.

“Everything’s… so…” he trailed off, staring into the middle distance, wide-eyed.

“What, you seein’ sunshine and rainbows?” Mater asked, choking back laughter.

“Is… is that? Is that…” Lightning slowly rolled forwards towards a stack of oil cans and started talking to them in an indistinguishable manner like they were an old friend.

Everyone besides Mater was becoming very, very concerned. 

“I think we need to call a medic.” Sheriff said. “I think that oil’s contaminated, Flo. Somebody help me put a boot on him before he hurts himself.”

Mater absolutely lost it. He laughed and wheezed. “Can - can you guys believe it? McQueen thinks them there oil cans is a car!”

All the ruckus broke Lightning’s concentration away from his ‘friend’ and he turned back to the crowd. All he saw were several distorted, colorful figures making noise. He suddenly felt very lonely.

“Mater! What did you do?” Sheriff asked threateningly. “I know you’re behind this.”

Mater told them all the short version of his story. “I swear I was gonna put it back after I used it, but this was just too good to pass up! Fillmore, I owe you one.”

The VW didn’t look impressed. “The good new is, it should clear up in about an hour. The bad new is, what you grabbed out of my stash isn’t the same remedial ointment you tasted. This is a genuine hallucinogen. Left over from the glory days, my friend.” Fillmore explained.

“Is he really gonna be okay?” Sally asked.

“He’ll be fine.” Fillmore assured. “No worries, man.”

McQueen didn’t absorb anything anyone had just said. He was still completely lost in a maze of shifting colors and slightly familiar faces. All he wanted was to talk to Sally, but where was she?

He slowly rolled over towards her, who looked back at him and sighed. Might as well make the most of the moment. While she held his attention, Sheriff slipped a boot on him so he wouldn’t per chance take off and hurt himself or someone else.

“Hey, have - have you seen my girlfriend? Her name’s Sally… I really wanna talk to her. I miss her.” McQueen said, looking a little confused.

Everyone relaxed and laughed a little bit, including Sally. “You know, I actually haven’t seen her around lately.” she said. “I think she said something about going for a drive. But I don’t know if she’s coming back. I think she was leaving town for good.”

Big mistake. There is a time for sass and a time for anything but. The red racecar’s lower lip started to tremble, and he started making sounds no one had ever heard before. Then came the waterworks.

“No! I have to go find her! She can’t just leave, I love her!” he shouted out, blubbering and trying to move towards the road, slowly realizing he had a parking boot on. “What? No! You can’t keep me here! I can’t go back to jail! Sally!”

“Oh, for the love of Peterbilt, come on! It was a joke! I’m right here!” Sally tried to correct her mistake, but it was no use. “Stickers, look at me. I. Am. Right. Here.”

The fully grown racecar wasn’t having it. Sally shot Mater a death stare. Mater had calmed down and sort of shrank away from the situation. He’d realized his mistake and felt very guilty. 

All they could do was wait it out.

The Thing About Forever Is... Pt. One

Hold on, my sweet muffins! My new AU is go! I hope you like it, give me your feedback, and it will be on FF.net tomorrow. 

Santana Lopez is not normal. This is just a fact and it resonates on a deep level with her. Yeah, she had a rough childhood, and an odd adulthood, and she gravitates towards people she shouldn’t, and likes people with the ‘wrong’ type of genitalia… But, more than that, she’s odd. She always makes sure to leave the closet door in her bedroom open a crack, and has never had a marshmallow.  She’s definitely one of the weird ones. She doesn’t mind, though. It’s what got her her podcast Santana Lopez is Not Normal (broadcasting every weekend evening on the Paranormal Podcast Network), and enough advertising revenue to help pay some of the bills, and her producer/ sidekick. Hell, she even got an intern that year. Things were weird but good.

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Shipwrecked (Part Two)

Summary: Written for Stark Tower’s 3k Celebration Movie AU Challenge @stories-from-stark-towerTony decides that everyone needs a break and takes it upon himself to plan a week long cruise for himself and his friends. One thing leads to another and suddenly they all find themselves stranded on a mysterious, yet all too familiar, island. Peter Pan Movie AU

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader (eventual)

Warnings: storms, mentions of drowning, angst (a bit)

Word Count: 1423

A/N: Second Part of Shipwrecked. We’re getting there

Part One x

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Things had been wild since the ‘S.S. Stark’ had left the dock, to put it lightly. Tony had entered coordinates into the autopilot and all of you partied all day and through the night. The next day, after your hangovers were sufficiently cured, was spent surfing, water skiing, and everything else you could possibly do in the water. It was your third morning on the boat and you were determined to actually relax that day. Which is how you found yourself enjoy the salty freshness of the air as you made yourself breakfast. You were alone for the first time in three days and frankly, you were loving the silence. The warmth of the sun was beating down softly on your face as you laid on one of the lounge chairs on the patio. Music was playing behind you at the perfect volume, courtesy of Tony’s AI named FRIDAY, and you could feel yourself slowly slipping back to sleep. Until someone interrupted your bliss that is.

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So what nonsence went down at MATERS bachelor weekend/party. I wonder how it was compared to lightnings? How bout Holleys bachelorette party?

Holley’s bachelorette party was pretty much straight out of a textbook. She and her friends from back home got together, went bar hopping, and stayed in a penthouse suite for two days. Her friends got carried away with the partying and of course were terribly inappropriate the whole time, but through her embarrassment, Holley actually had a good time.

Mater’s bachelor party, on the other hand, was nothing but slightly organized chaos. He didn’t want to go out and party in the big city like McQueen had, so he arranged a venue out in the country. And then promptly invited a dozen of his closest cousins. And Lightning.

They spent three days basically dragging Lightning through actual hillbilly hell and having the time of their lives. They went muddin’, played soccer with one of those ridiculously large blow up soccer balls, had a Dukes of Hazzard jumping competition, did a mock moonshine run that may or may not have accidentally involved real police, and built the biggest bonfire they could to tell over-exaggerated stories around. Mater & Co. had a blast and would have done more if time had allowed. Lightning put on a happy face for his best friend, but later scheduled consecutive appointments with his doctor and his therapist, just to make sure he was still okay.

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Hey is there any abo where there both alphas?

yes there is!

Little Wolf by GreenasCole (4/? | 16,409 | R)

When Jackson pulls a nasty trick on Stiles’s seventeenth birthday, he may go off the deep end, just a bit. Peter notices and hatches a plot.

No one is surprised.

Now Beacon Hills has a serious Alpha overpopulation problem, Scott is caught in a tug of war between Stiles, Derek, Isaac, and Allison, and the Sheriff knows everything.

It’s going to be a long summer.

Ready by ashley_ingenious (1/1 | 3,117 | NC17)

Derek Hale’s not an idiot, okay. He knew becoming an Alpha wouldn’t prevent him from going into heat. He just thought… he just thought he had more time, because Alpha’s don’t go into heat unless they’re in the presence of their true mate. And that, well, Derek hadn’t been expecting that.

The Orange is a Lie by GreenasCole (7/7 | 26,923 | NC17)

July was a always a rough month for the Stilinski men. It had been ever since Stiles lost his mother. This year was going to be different. After getting a perfect score on his PSATs (which nearly resulted in his evisceration at the hands of a certain wrathful strawberry blond goddess) the University of Chicago, his parents’ alma mater, had invited him to come spend a week being wooed by the alumni association.

Stiles was looking forward to reveling in the normality of this milestone with his dad and best friend, despite the potential for big love and drama. This was going to be their first step on their road back to a safe, happy, supernatural-free life.


Or the one where Stiles finds a book, botches an enchantment, and discovers that the skeletons in his mother’s family’s closet are the animated kind that try to kill you (meanwhile Scott causes a diplomatic incident and Derek struggles with a different kind of closet).

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Lightning/Sally Headcanon: 7

7: Kissing Headcanon

Lightning got a smooch on the cheek (fender?) when they got to Flo’s at the end of Cars 1 a la ‘Hiccups’ and he melted into the pavement. 

I’ve also always thought their first kiss would just be very natural and not awkward or anything. Very similar to how it would’ve been had Mater not popped up in a helicopter lmao. Gentle teasing, then a kiss. Probably in a quiet corner of Flo’s while everyone else is otherwise occupied. 

To me the nuzzling under the neon always looked super affectionate and intimate. Not in a… creepy way. Like I think it’s more than just sitting close to someone, it’s like arm-around, kiss on cheek, close cuddle. So I think that was the ice-breaker in terms of showing affection first tbh, so a kiss isn’t too much of  a step from that. They both already knew at that point the other was interested. 

Also because proper kissing is pretty… difficult when you’re an anthropomorphic car, there are many cheek-fender kisses. Many. They’re not super lovey-dovey but they don’t mind showing affection in front of others at home in RS. They reign it in more at the tracks and stuff, mostly because the press just get annoying with it and also because it’s a professional environment with a LOT of people lmao. 

Also bonus for humanised AU: Lightning likes to dip Sally for a dramatic kiss now and then. He may have dropped her sometimes, but he won’t admit it. Sally clings to his neck for dear life whenever he does it. 

And inspired by a kiss Lewis Hamilton got from his girlfriend at the time - Sally sometimes gives the front of Lightning’s helmet a kiss instead after a win before he’s had time to take it off after he gets out of the car and gets to the crew (it’s hard to take those things off quickly!)

Send me a character and a number for a headcanon!

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Can’t wait for the weekend haha! I Can’t Save Her❤️❤️❤️ I love basketball too! When I found out you were from Oklahoma I wondered if you liked basketball haha. I can only imagine your disappointment when Kevin Durant left?😅

Yay I am so glad!

Originally posted by nbagifstory

Oh yes – I live and breathe by Thunder Basketball. My parents won tickets to a game and it started a family tradition which now my boyfriend and I keep alive. I’ve been to several games in OKC – some of which were playoffs (I was there the night that Patrick Beverly hurt Westbrook which pretty much ended our playoff run for the year).

I hadn’t been to a game for a few years but my alma mater had bought up a lot of really amazing seats (eight rows back from where the players sit – omg) for the Tulsa preseason game. Since I only live about 30 minutes north of Tulsa it was super easy and fun (unlike driving to OKC which I loathe).

I’m still salty AF about Kevin Durant, but it’s cool. As one fan’s shirt said the other night “KD can suck Thunder balls.”

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This game was a blast. I mean we had Melo, and Paul George playing against James Harden and Chris Paul (Russ was there but not playing because he had just gotten some sort of shot in his knee).

I will confirm – ESPN calls the arena that OKC plays at Loud City for a reason. We’re just a bunch of blue collar workers that enjoy beer, get rowdy as fuck, and love the shit out of basketball and our boys.

Sorry – I seriously love the shit out of basketball. Oh my god. I’m also in love with Steven Adams and finally got to yell it to him where he could hear it.

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An alum from my alma mater had twin boys this week and named them “Azure Horizon [last names]” and “Indigo Zenith [last names]”, and like I’m happy for her and all, but… really?