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Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting to save money to go back to school in the fall semester but it’s been pretty hard with all my expenses so I decided to go back to commissions. 

This time I will only work on paintings and stylistic sketches. They help me improve and they’re more fun to make. I know they’re a little bit on the pricey side, but from previous experiences, I do believe they’re worth the money considering the time and effort spent on them…also results are pretty good, I think… I mean I’ve never had any complaints and I’ve seldom ever had to go back and alter a commissioned piece for a client.

I would really appreciate a reblog if possible. It will help me a lot. 

If you’re interested in commissioning me, just message me here or email me at asmasartdump@gmail.com. I also enabled direct messaging for everyone so you can use that if it makes you more comfortable.

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If you dont mind could you write it where Marco goes to visit Dragon!Tom during the winter, but on his way a group of wolves corner him. Right as Marco screams Tom flies towards him and attacks the wolves (beauty and the beast style). Marco passed out from being outside in the cold for so long, that a wounded Tom has to carry him back to his cave. They both end up being snowed in Tom's Cave where Marco has to snuggle up against Tom for warmth. Please and thank you!!!

Okay I had so much fun writing this! Thank you so much for the request! It was a lot of fun writing something so intense that ended with such fluff! I tried to amp up the drama, but still make it sure and lovey because I love the adorable Dragon!Tom! This is one of my favorite aus! I hope you enjoy! I love you icon by the way! Is that you? You’re so pretty!


Marco looked up, he could hardly see anything through all the snow and wind. It was so, so cold. He couldn’t see or breath and he felt his entire body going numb. He saw the figures of the wolves moving closer and closer. Marco gasped for breath and tried to sit up. He thought he was about to be devoured alive when he saw a figure drop down in between him and the wolves. Marco squinted and looked closer before he saw Tom stand straight and spread his wings, hissing to get the wolves to back off. As soon as Marco saw this he sighed in relief, and passed out from the bitter cold.

Tom growled like an animal at the wolves and hissed, baring his claws. One of them jumped on him and began biting at him. Tom hissed and pushed him off, but he cried out in pain when it slashed his stomach with it’s claws. Tom fell to his knees, trying to drag himself up, but another one of the animals jumped on his back, trampling and biting his wing. Tom fell down and began to feel dizzy, unable to push forward.

Tom was yanked out of his delirium when he saw one of the wolves approach Marco, who was layin unconscious in the snow. Tom felt rage bubble up and overflow inside him. Despite the bitter cold tampering his powers he hissed flames, and bashed and threw the wolves off his human with his tail. Tom scooped Marco up in his arms and forced himself to fly despite his injuries and the treacherous storm, needing to bring Marco to safety.

Tom fell into his cave and walked with buckling knees over to the makeshift mattress he had in his cave. Things were beginning to get darker and darker as he lost blood from his wound. The pain was so intense it was beginning to make him feel nauseous. Tom set Marco down on the bed and put the blanket over him before collapsing and blacking out.


Marco’s eyes fluttered open and he looked around. He was so cold. He couldn’t move his fingers or toes at all, and the pain and difficulty that came from moving his arms and legs was intense. Marco forced himself to roll over, it was bitter cold wherever he was, it was too dark to see though. Marco squinted and his eyes adjusted to the dim light. He recognized the area almost at once. Marco looked over and gasped when he saw Tom laying face down on the floor next to the bedded area.

“TOM!” Marco screamed. He shot out of the bd, ignoring the horrid cold and inability to use his limbs properly. Marco shook the dragon and tried to get him to respond. Marco felt a pain in his chest when Tom didn’t move. He felt so cold. Marco shook him frantically and felt his face. Marco almost fainted, thinking the dragon wasn’t breathing. But he sighed in total relief when he felt the lightest breaths exit Tom’s nose. The poor cold-blooded creature was not only near frozen to death, as Marco was, but he was suffering from other fight-related injuries.

“Tom, please open your eyes please get up.” Marco begged, knowing very well the dragon couldn’t hear him. Marco shook him and jumped when he saw the blood seeping through his shirt. Marco almost yelled and scurried away to the chest on the other side of the room. He had previously brought over some medical supplies to leave here in case Tom was ever hurt. Marco pulled out a bandage and ran over to Tom again, tying up his waist as tight as he needed to. It was hard to do it when Marco could not even bend his fingers, but he had to do his best for his poor dragon.

“Tom please look at me.” Marco begged, shaking him again. Tom’s eyes fluttered a little bit and he opened one ever so slightly. Marco sighed in relief and shook him more. “Tom! Look at me okay? Stay with me.” Marco begged. Tom made a little noise and opened his other eye a bit more. Marco bit his lip. It was hard to think in this situation. “I have to get you warmed up.” Marco concluded. Not just Tom, Marco may be more aware, but if he stayed like this much longer he would die too. Marco sat Tom up and wrapped the blanket around him. “Tom do you have fire wood?” Marco asked. Tom tried to choke out some sort of answer but couldn’t. Marco looked around and his eyes fell on the same wooden chest of medical supplies he had used earlier. He ran over to it and broke the wood up, putting it in the fire pit. Marco then rubbed two stones together furiously, trying in vain to get a flame.

Marco was interrupted when Tom crawled over next to him and laid his hand on the wood. He seemed to struggle for a long while but then smoke began to circle his hand and he lit the wood on fire. Marco smiled big and looked over at Tom, who had collapsed against him. He was so used out that this small activity took most of his energy out of him. Marco grabbed him and shook him a little.

“Tom look at me, we have to stay awake.” Marco told him. He brought the blanket and mattress over and wrapped it around the two of them, holding the dragon close. Marco gasped when in the light of the fire he saw the tips of his own hands were blue. He held them closer to the fire to try and warm up. He looked over at the dragon who was fighting to stay conscious. “Tom you have to stay awake.” Marco repeated. “Try to talk to me, it might help.”

Tom stirred a little bit and tried to move to be closer to Marco. “M-Marco… it-it’s c-cold.” Tom choked out. “H-how… are y-you o-okay?” Tom tried to speak.

“You saved me remember?” Marco asked. “I passed out from the cold and you saved me. The wolves slashed you up pretty good though.” Marco gulped and looked at Tom’s wound. “But you’ll be okay, I’ll make sure of it.” Marco promised. He nestled Tom and himself deeper under the blanket and moved closer to the fire. “Tom, can you tell me a story?” Marco asked, thinking it would help him stay awake.

“M-Marco… I n-never told you w-what the v-volcano is like.” Tom spoke. “I-it’s where dr-dragons g-go when it gets this cold. B-because we’re cold bl-blooded we can’t take th-this weather. I w-wanted to show it to you.” Tom said. Marco smiled.

“After this, we’ll go there together.” Marco promised. Tom smiled and kept talking about the area where they nest in the cold months. Marco listened closely and tried very hard himself to stay awake. It got easier as the fire burned hotter and he felt the cave trap the warmth inside. Over the next few hours, feeling slowly returned to Marco’s hands and feet. Tom, being cold-blooded, still felt like ice. So Marco nestled him closer and kept him awake. Tom was lying with his hands and head in the flames, because of half-dragons’ ability to resist fire, Marco thought it would warm him faster. A few hours later both Tom and Marco just couldn’t stay awake anymore and they dozed off against each other.


Marco woke up the next morning to see a bright light pooling into the cave. He looked up and saw a wall of snow illuminated by the sun on the other side. Marco looked around and saw Tom curled up like a cat on the embers from the fire. Marco went over and felt his face and hands, careful not to burn himself. Tom still felt cold, but he seemed okay now. Marco looked down at his hands and wiggled his fingers, happy to see they had returned to their normal color. He and Tom had a big scare, but they were both okay.

Marco buried himself in the blanket and watched the sleeping dragon, making sure he remained okay. Tom’s ears twitched and he opened his eyes, looking at Marco cuddled up in the fluffy blanket. Tom jumped up and without a word and he ran to the human, cuddling him for warmth as the two stayed nestled in the blanket together.

“Oh Tom, thank god you’re okay. You really scared me.” Marco laughed lightly, but he was still so worried.

“You scared me.” Tom said back. Marco pressed his forehead against the dragon’s and took a deep breath.

“Well it looks like we’re snowed in.” Marco said. “No way I’m getting home in this. And I will not have you flying me home in your condition.” Marco insisted, before Tom could say anything. Tom wasn’t even sure he could fly at the moment. He still felt so weak. He tried to spread his wings and he hissed in pain. Marco looked up and gasped when he saw Tom’s right wing was bent at an odd angle. “Tom! That must have happened during the fight, stay here, I’ll fix you up.” Marco promised.

Now that Marco’s hands weren’t frozen, he changed Tom’s bandages and wrapped his wing up as best he could. Which was actually a pretty good job considering he wasn’t a doctor. Marco pulled back and saw his poor dragon still seemed to be in pain, and his shivering was evident. Now that he was warm enough to not be totally frozen and numb, he felt the cold much more. Marco wrapped them both up in the blanket again and he cuddled his dragon. “I wish there was something I could do for the pain.” Marco whispered.

“You’ve done more than enough.” Tom assured. “Thank you for taking care of me. Even though you were hurting too, you still saved my life.” Tom smiled and blushed a tiny bit. He looked up and gave the human a kiss. He then cuddled close to him and looked at the pile of embers on the floor. “Did you break up the chest?” Tom asked. “You know there’s fire wood in the back right?” Tom asked. Marco made a face.

“If I knew that I wouldn’t have broken up the chest.” Marco responded. Tom laughed a bit and ran to the back to grab some more firewood. He put it on the smoldering embers and blew on it until it caught flame. “Tom get over here. You’ll freeze.” Marco insisted, pulling him back into a hug. He pulled the blanket over Tom’s ear and he giggled. Marco smiled fondly at the dragon. He looked tired. “Tom, you can rest now if you want, I think we’re okay.” Marco assured. Tom yawned and cuddled closer to the human, taking in his warmth.

“I love you Mar-Mar.” Tom whispered. “I’m so sorry you got in this mess.”

“Don’t be. You saved my life.” Marco reminded.

“And you saved mine.” Tom giggled, cuddling closer. “Let’s just call it even.” He joked, letting his eyes fall shut. Marco smiled and yawned himself, leaning against the dragon, dozing off.

rubykgrant  asked:

speaking of Danny Phantom merch, I can't believe there weren't just... tons of shirts with the DP on them (I guess I've seen a few, but rarely and usually they are super expensive). I'm surprised there wasn't even more games, too. the one for Ultimate Enemy was pretty simple, but I had a lot of fun playing it (side-scrolling button-mashing at its finest). really, it is just a shame fans weren't able to get more stuff to enjoy

Can you imagine that?! Fly around shooting ghost baddies and a whole arsenal of different abilities and weapons that you’d progressively get through the game…sorta like Jak and Daxter if you ever played those games.

I’m amazed they didn’t have shirts like that though. That was the whole point of Danny getting his emblem in the show too; the Nick executives were like, “BRO, MAKE THIS CHARACTER MORE MARKETABLE” so they threw that on his chest and never did anything with it. 

At least make an official Fenton thermos I don’t get it Nick.

Had a really shitty day so imma talk more about my ‘if Bo had a little bro’ headcanons cause I can okay.

Shouji gets stressed out over school a lot, puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on himself for a variety of reasons. On particularly bad days he doesn’t want to do much and usually hides in his room. Kou hates seeing the poor kid so upset so he does his best to help cheer him up, usually in the form of some kind of board game. It gets ridiculous after a while cause Kou starts making up rules when he starts losing. He usually has Shouji laughing by the end of it all. Anything to help his little brother feel better.

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If it's okay, can you draw the biggest And fattest Sans you can draw?

Here you are. The biggest Sans I could make. I had a lot of fun making this one! More undertum requests are on the way!

so I haven’t watched the latest swr episode, but if the artist that was commissioned (presumably commissioned) to do that portrait of Ursa Wren is Mandalorian

think of the possibilities

Gustav Klimt as a Mandalorian. 

Space!Vienna Secession in Mandalorian roots. Mandalorians going against the Association of Imperial Artists to do their own thing. 

“To every age its art. To every art its freedom.”
“Anay ca'nara be bes'niiv*, Anay bes'niiv be mayven." 

*bes’niiv, pronounced bes-NEEV. (kinda like ‘knee’ except with a v at the end)

It’s not the best translation, and I had to make up up a word for "art” (bes'niiv, based on how “bes'laar” means music, and “laar” refers to a song)

But honestly? I’m having a LOT of fun tying art history to Mandalorians.

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Hercules? 2, 7, 15, 22??? Please??? I love you!!!

Thank you! I love you too! Sorry I didn’t do this last night but something came up. I had a lot of fun doing these headcanons though.

2: Emotional weak spots: Hercules is a crier. He can cry really easily. 

7. Tickle spots: Just like Laf, his tummy is very ticklish.

15. What it takes to make him cry: Just put on Titanic or Up and he’ll be crying like a baby.

Volleyball | Preference

Requested By: Anon

The Twins watching you play Volleyball


-Like your biggest cheerleader ever

-Lots of yelling

-Like the proudest little thing, you would do literally anything well he would tell everyone around him that you were dating

-Whenever you had an ace he would do your little team cheer with you guys from up in the stands

-Might get a little bit distracted by dat booty, but snap back to attention when Ethan makes fun of him

-Would mob you with kisses after every game even if you won or lost bc to him it doesn’t matter

-Would talk for days about all your awesome plays

-“That’s my GIRL!!”


-More of a quiet watcher, but would reassure you whenever you looked up into the stands with a thumbs up

-Would accidentally stare at your butt for like 10 minutes, but would glare at anyone else who accidentally glanced at it

-Would touch you endlessly after the game bc he thinks you and sweat are a good look

-When you lost, he would talk to you all quietly about everything you did well

-Ice cream after every game

-Everytime you so much as touched the ball he would nudge Gray and brag about how good you were and how lucky he was to have you

Hey, I hope you like it! My first preference, but this was really fun to write!

Im here for boys who have been abused by a(n ex)girlfriend or female family member or a female friend. Im here for the ones who have been told “it’s not abuse because shes a girl”, or “you aren’t man enough”. For the ones whos stories have been discredited or made fun of. Your pain is not funny. Your abuse is not a joke. Youre here and you’re valid.