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I never realized that making people understand that “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women” romanticizes an unhealthy relationship was the hill I was willing to die on until I started seeing so many people praise it like hell. But this is who I am, apparently. 

So fun fact, William Marston was an asshole who told his wife that he had to let another woman into their marriage and was convinced that women’s liberation = women being bound, because all women truly want in life is to be bound by men. He is the equivalent of the guy who uses feminist/progressive ideas as a way to fuck as many women as possible. Go read “The Secret History of Wonder Woman” by Jill Lepore. And for the love of god don’t go praising this literal piece of shit.


“It was pretty slippery in there,” KJ Apa, who plays Archie, revealed to Entertainment Tonight. “They had a fog machine in the actual bathtub.”

The actor admitted the sultry shot was actually very funny to film and they couldn’t stop laughing as they got intimate.

He continued: ”We would just start cracking up laughing because none of [the crew members] were allowed to look at us while we were unclothed. But yeah, it was funny.“

Camila, who stars as Veronica, revealed the hardest part to film was kissing KJ as she wanted to spit out the shower water.

She said: ”Like, we just wanted to spit it all out, but we had to make out, so we were just like plegh! [It was] the funniest moment, it was a lot of fun! It’s kind of funny playing a scene like that and having a whole camera crew like, right around you, but KJ always makes it so funny that it’s a blast.”

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Clone Anon: Actually what I meant was the idea doesn't fit the dialogue because Jim & Jim keep talking in a continuous way like they remember the last vids but see now I realize, half the sci-fi clone plots follow that. "Jim, did you realize you've just died 4 times?" -Hagrid voice- "You're a clone, Jim." "I'm a what?!" There's a actually a lot of fun to be had with this general thought. What if the house is trying to kill the Jims but the Jims just don't die?

hmm, ok I see where ur comin from lol. Honestly, anything can happen in sci-fi, the rules are your own making :P

pFF omg.

I don’t know why but my first thought was “radioactive Jims” and thats.. kinda horrifying but also I wouldn’t really be too surprised if they were, in fact, radioactive.

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Do you guys have any tips on telling friends that I think I'm autistic? I'm pretty scared too bc they make a lot of autistic jokes and make fun of me for acting "differently" but I really want to tell them but I don't know how.

Something that worked for me was telling my friends things about autism first, and then transitioning into something more personal by telling them that I think I fit these traits after I had been teaching them for a little while.

So, for example, you could start by telling your friends that their jokes about autism are harmful and explaining why and in the process teach them about autism. Then, when you feel more comfortable with their opinions on autism, tell them you think you’re autistic.

If none of that works, I’d suggest dropping them as friends. I know that’s way easier said than done, but if your friends don’t treat you or others with respect and make ableist jokes, then they aren’t really worth keeping as friends in my opinion.



ASOIAF + (some) houses’ prominent traits
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David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Four

David’s Quirks: A Comprehensive Study

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