had lots of fun making this

Street dwellers 

Growing up in France we had a lot of those little cobble stone streets. They were nice but at 2 or 3 Am after a fun night out they were magical! With the little bistro lights hanging out and no one in site and the big shadows..

I know it’s just a sketch but sometimes, sketches like this make me happier than full blown illustrations.
It’s funny what motivates us as  artists in general. It’s usually not money although being paid a lot of money is nice and most of us dream about making a lot of it with our art…. when we think about it.. but mostly, motivation comes by doing a GREAT piece of art. Further more.. the piece of art has to be great in OUR eyes. We love being able to deal with a difficult problem and find a solution we had not yet thought of, or doing happy accidents and getting a  fantastic balance between the technical and the intuitive aspect of our work.. When we feel we’ve done something better than what we’ve ever done before.. we feel good.It breaks our heart when other people don’t see that and we tend to seek other people’s approval of our art because it’s a way for us to know that the intense stories that we live in our head actually have a connection and make an impact on the outside world.BT.. public approbation does NOT make an artist happy.. IF this artist doesn’t think his work is worth it. That’s a funny thing…. you can praise heaps and heaps of compliments on someone’s work and it will feel….nice… most of the time, but it will definitely not take precedence over the feeling the artist has of his /her own work. This is where the feeling of being a hack comes from.
We always hear “no pain no gain”.. we tend to think that you have to work hard at something if you want to get  better… and when we do a piece that takes us NO effort and people LOVE it, we feel like we’ve cheated. This feeling is reinforced when we actually work HARD at a piece and people barely take notice at all.
The best though… is when as an artist you feel like you’ve worked hard, HAVE learned something AND the public recognizes your work AND you make a million bucksThen… yeah…. that’s awesome.But money alone is not a great motivator for artists.

As usual..this is just my opinion and you are free to disagree!

A bit late but I have some willshenko(Shep/Ashley/Kaidan) headcanons for ME Poly Week (what is Virmire haha?)

  • Since both John and Kaidan are biotics they’re always warm, Ashley takes advantage of it because she’s cold most of the time. They may scream a bit when she touches them with her cold hands or puts her cold feet on their backs.

  • They cuddle a lot.

  • When John has nightmares they hurry to get to his side and hug him tightly and kiss him on the cheek.

  • Kaidan and Ashley tend to make fun of John’s “I should go” he gets a bit grumpy because of that but they say they still love hearing him saying that.

  • Seriously there’s a lot of cuddling and hugging going on. John had to buy a bigger bed.

  • When one of them has a birthday coming the others plan a party weeks before their birthday, they want it to be perfect.

  • Ashley likes to read poems as John and Kaidan lay beside her, quietly listening to her. They tend to doze off, but it relaxes them and makes them feel at peace.

  • John and Ash both agree that Kaidan gives the best, warmest hugs. They love hugging him. However, Ash and Kaidan love being hugged by John too because he’s really tall and they feel safe as he hugs them.

  • Ash is the biggest motivator of the group, Kaidan is the best at calming them down and John is good at making them feel pumped while in battle.

  • The three of them have inside jokes that no one understands, they’re often seen laughing at some joke they came up with.

  • John is a vanguard so Ash and Kaidan get worried about him. When he gets hurt because of his recklessness they scold him and then hug him.

  • Ash and John used to get into bar fights, when Kaidan doesn’t have a migraine he goes with them and makes sure they won’t do something stupid.

  • They almost broke up because of Mario Kart.

here’s a Megatron poster design thingy I made for my AP Art II teacher!! :0 in class he’d call me Megatron every now and again and it pretty much just kinda became my nickname lol. Sometimes we’d talk about Star Wars and Transformers (with what very little knowledge of G1 I have) and idk I just had a lot of fun in that class and wanted to make something to thank him!! 

there’s a lot of design mistakes here since, admittedly, this was my first time drawing literally all of these guys and the background probably could’ve been better (I had to rush to get it printed in time yikes) but other than that I’m really pleased with the way this came out!! and my teacher really liked it too aaaa I’m so happy!!


After Sonia finally left, after a very extended goodbye and lots of kisses for the twins, Julian tried to find an activity that wouldn’t rile them up too much before bed. He found a book about puppies that had them both excited.

It was fun babysitting; he hadn’t done it since his sister, Angelina, was little still. She was six years younger than him, so he had fond memories, and not so fond memories, of what she was like at this age. 

Plus, he wanted to do everything he could to make things easier for Sonia.

He knew what it was like to lose an important relationship in your life.

Good friends made it bearable, and having distractions was important. 

From the first day he met her when she came to interview for the position, he had been intrigued by her. But as the years went on, she had become a very good friend of his, more than just a pretty face. There was once a time that he thought he’d be happy if she broke up with Elliot, but now he just felt sad– sad that she was hurting so bad. And he wanted to make it easier on her.

Commission for Jorge Torres.

This is his FFXIV character, Em'ineh Hanazono.
I seldom could get a chance to draw the back of the character. Although the upside down pose was hard to draw, I had a lot of fun during designing the scene.
And I also like the place as the background, it is very fantastic. :D


Since there are too many people in the high priority line at this moment, the waiting time get longer and longer, and need to wait about several months just like the general line.

Because I can only do commissions one by one, I usually can do 10 images a month including the commercial artworks.
If you are still interested in my commissions, please make sure you can wait before you fill the commission booking form.

Thank you for understanding.


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Jeff Hardy - Prompt #94

Prompt: “I had a bad dream again”
Requested: by @littlemisskittyroosterteeth
Warnings: None
Words: 600+
y/d/n: your daughter’s name

Being married to the one and only Jeff Hardy had its perks. His hard work over the years meant that you could live a comfortable life, he treated you like a queen. He was an amazing husband and an amazing dad to your 3-year-old daughter, y/d/n. The bad side? His hectic schedule.  

It wasn’t too bad when it just the two of you. You would travel with him pretty often with your work allowing you to work from home. But now 6 years later and a 3-year-old daughter it makes it a lot harder. You’re basically a single parent. Jeff’s parenting usually just involves face time and if he is home, he’s the super fun cool dad. He didn’t want to just be the sometimes dad though. He had almost given up wrestling multiple times during your pregnancy and your daughter’s short life but it was his dream and you weren’t going to let him give it up. 

Lately, it had been harder than normal. Y/d/n had been a handful. Not that she was being bad, you were actually very lucky that she was a really good kid, it was just at nights. Since Jeff left just a little over two weeks, y/d/n has been waking up during the night more than normal. 

You sat on the couch watching reruns of The Simpsons. It was close to midnight and Jeff was going to get home soon and you wanted to be awake to greet him. 

Just got in the cab be home in like 10 xx 

You smiled at the text. You were so excited for Jeff to get home. Y/d/n went to bed a few hours ago so it was just going to be you two which was very rare now. You were cleaning up a little before Jeff got home when you heard the crying. 

“Please stay in bed, please stay in bed” you prayed staring at the ceiling. Next thing you know you hear tiny feet coming down the stairs. You sighed as y/d/n ran to your legs and wrapped around your legs. “What’s wrong monkey?” you asked picking her up to try and calm her down before Jeff got home. You knew he would be tried so you didn’t really want a moody 3-year-old on your hands. 

“I-I had a bad-d dream again” she hiccupped through the tears. She wrapped her arms around your neck and cried. 

“Shhh, it’s okay. It was just a dream” you cooed rocking back and forth, rubbing circles on her back. It took some time but you calmed her down. She still had tears falling but her cries turned to hiccups which were good enough for you. It was at least quiet. You heard a key in the lock of the front door. 

“Babe I’m home!” Jeff called dragging his suitcase in behind him. His smile dropped as he saw you holding your daughter. “Oh no”

“Sorry” you mouthed to him as he walked up to the two of you. 

“What’s going on baby?” Jeff asked. Y/d/n was such a daddy’s girl so when she heard his voice she quickly turned to him, reaching for him. You loved watching the two of them interact. Jeff was a natural father. Jeff wiped her cheeks as she laid her head in the nook of his neck.

“She had a bad dream again” You say rubbing her leg. 

“Again?” Jeff asked her “Monsters?” y/d/n nodded and wrapped her arms around Jeff harder. “Come on baby come sleep with me and mummy” 

“You sure? You must be tired” 

“Being a father, it’s what I live for” Jeff smiled taking your hand pulling you to the bedroom. You laid in bed, cuddling into Jeff with y/d/n in the middle of you. As soon as she laid in the bed she was out like a light. You traced Jeff’s tattoos on his arm. 

“This, this is perfect” Jeff mumbled 

“You’re not going to be saying that in the morning when her foot is in your face” You giggled 

“I’d have a million feet in my face if it meant I’d wake up with the two of you” Jeff yawned falling asleep.

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Riverdale is like an evil genie warped my 11 year old me's wishes to make the worst possible way for them to come true you will get a jarchie fandom but you have to see cole sprouse's insufferable face not the good nice original needlenose and you will get beronica but its actually just an actress who got lost on her way to a production of grease queerbaiting u and the aesthetic is horrible so none of the fans are good truly a double edged sword

it’s like, the worst thing about riverdale is that it could have been really good (or at least a lot more enjoyable). like they could have gone weird and experimental and have a neat tone. could have had better dialogue, a better overarching plot. 

could have had fun subplots that fleshed out the side characters. could have had side characters that were developed beyond having a first and last name. 

could have had more lgbt+ stuff than the GBF and his Latino Gangster bf. sure they might make one more of the side characters lgbt+ in s2 but we’ve already seen how side characters are treated in this show. 

hell, we could have had a josie and the pussycats cover of fucking mad world but no they even took THAT out. 


This was meant to be a quick fic because I realised I hadn’t done anything epistolary. Oops, I accidentally 2.8k. Set in an AU where these two were a lot stupider for a lot longer. Lots and lots of pining.

Well, the Herald’s an odd one. One moment it’s scowling and frightening the neighbours, the next it’s sprinting up the steps like some sort of oversized mabari to ask me questions about the Imperium and the architecture and Dorian, just how far ahead in thaumaturgy is the Imperium? It’s almost endearing. Certainly, it makes me think he’d be fun to have a drink with.

I think he’s smuggling me books. I found On Marches Spirit Magic had somehow ended up on my desk the other day. It’s a kind thought. I thanked him the other day and he denied it. But he’s a truly dreadful liar. And when he smiles, even broken-nosed and with those startling tattoos, he’s… almost handsome. An odd thought, and one I ought to dismiss, really, if I know what’s good for me.

My father would be asking me why I’m keeping a diary like some simpering adolescent, but with all the oddities I’ve found so far, I thought it might be useful to document them. Especially if I can make notes for letters to Felix, find a few things to make him laugh. He deserves that.

And now I’m getting morose. Time to end this before I think too much.

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I'm still touched that you saw my hunger games post and actually took the time to read it and write a reply! ty ^w^

*smiles* I l-liked it a lot, surprised I m-made it so far!!~ *giggles teasingly* B-be honest~ Y-you were just being k-kind!~ N-no way I w-would have made it s-so far!!~ *sways happily* B-but I’m h-happy I did!~ I bet you h-had fun making it as well, t-thank you for doing it!~


David Tennant Appreciation Week: Day Four

David’s Quirks: A Comprehensive Study