had it twice

A new experience...

Ok, I forgot to post this the other night. I think I may have had my first encounter with a female FA/feeder in a restaurant situation. I was out with visiting family and I kept catching the server (5'2-ish, the slightest little bit chubby, extremely cute) staring at my belly. I thought it was just a coincidence. Then she started calling me cutesie names. We all ordered basically the same thing, burgers and fries. When our food came my burger was clearly larger than everyone else’s and I had easily twice as many fries as everyone else. She kept asking me how it was, could she get me anything else, and even went as far as to bring me MORE fries when I finished what I had, without me asking or saying anything at all. Yet, when everyone else finished their food, nothing. Then she brought the dessert menu directly to me and told me I “HAD to get the large hot brownie with ice cream”. When I ordered it I thought she was going to explode. While I was eating it I caught her sitting at another table stealing glances, pretending to look at her phone. This was totally surreal, and completely HOT. Needless to say I will be going back there soon :)

An update

At the end of this semester I took about a week off to focus on school (insert Asian joke here). In case anyone wants to know I got 3 B’s and an C. Hurray.
Unfortunately at the end of the week I got a call from my sister. I knew that our father’s bladder cancer had come back but he’s a strong man and he had fought it off twice before so I wasn’t really too concerned. But based on the sound in her voice I knew he wasn’t doing well. I came back to Denver to stay with my family on the 11th. I did get to see him very briefly before he passed around 1:30 am on the 14th. Seeing my father, who’d I’d looked to as my strength and motivation for my whole life as a weak shell of himself has absolutely destroyed me.
He was the one who moved us out to the US from Japan because he knew it would benefit all of us. He was the one who taught my siblings and I English so we could go to normal public school. He was the one who listened to my mom when she said she wanted to work again and taught her English so she would feel satisfied with her life. He was the one who never missed work even if it meant dragging himself out of being deathly I’ll just to be there to make us money to support us. He was the only one who still said he loved my brother when we disowned him when he went to prison. He was the one who, despite being the most stable person in our life, still cried when he heard that my sister was having twins because he was SO excited to be a grandfather. I may be absolutely devastated but I can’t even imagine what my mother feels. She lost her husband of 25 years, the father of their 3 children, and a person who worked twice as hard so she would have time to integrate before going back to work in America. These words do no justice for how I feel currently.
Unfortunately because I didn’t ask for time off to go to work 2 weeks ahead of time (go figure) I have lost my job. I guess I’m not hurt by it too much considering the fact that I’m likely going to stay in Denver for the summer to help my family out during this rough time.
So all that being said, I apologize for my being gone and I’m just letting everyone know my time online may be sporadic for the next couple of months. I’m going to be busy helping my mother grieve and my sister with her pregnancy and dealing with my own emotions trying to cope. I’m sorry I’m advance. Please keep me in your thoughts, I could really use the good vibes and some friends. Thank you for listening

Egoistic (Lee Jong Suk Scenario)

Genre: romance, modern, fluff

Word count: 3 067

Warning:  none

Summary: Sometimes is good to be egoistic.

You kept on pressing the button to close the doors of the elevator, not caring that someone was actually hurrying towards you. You were late! Like, really, really late! And your colleague had already texted you twice since you got into the elevator!

“Excuse me, excuse me,” you made your way through the busy room and up the stairs towards the conference room. “I’m soooo sorry,” you gave out an apologetic look towards your team leader and colleagues.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, the traffic is horrible,” the team leader smiled and turned back to the presentation. “What I was about to say is that we have good news. Out team won in front of the others in results and so we get to work with a company from South Korea. One of their artists is coming here for a photoshoot and they would like someone to show the team around and, if the artist desires, to give him a private tour as well. Now, we have only two of you free at this point, so how would you like to choose who’s doing what?” He then turned to you.

And you were already jelly, all puppy eyes towards your colleague who happened to be your best friend as well to let you have this project. I mean, it was South Korea and a celebrity, like, duh, you had to have it! Who knew, maybe the artist was Kim Woo Bin or maybe even better, one of your favourite bands. Nope, missing on something like this was defintiely a no-no!

“Please let her have this project ‘cause otherwise I won’t hear the end of it,” your best friend sighed. “You owe me big one for this,” he then whispered to you, a bit torn between the prospects of the project and being a good friend to you.

“Are you sure? If things go well you might actually get a part two of it,” the team leader raised his eyebrows towards the two of you.

“Oh, c’mon, why are you tempting him?! He already have up the project in my favour,” you protested with a frown. “It’s mine! My previous,” you went all Gollum much to the laughter of your team.

“Fine, fine! Then that’s it. Good work, guys and keep it up! And you,” he pointed at you, “wait for me, we have to go through the paperwork and the detail.”

So, while everyone was making their way out, you remained seated, catching your breath after all the running you did since the beginning of the day. Damn your legs hurt like hell!

“First of all I want you to know that you’re going to sign a non-disclosure contract,” your team manager approached you after the projector’s light died down. “Our legal team went through it already and everything’s good. Basically, what they want from you is to, by no means, post up pictures with the artist or post anything regarding what you see on the internet.”

“As if I’d do that!”

“Secondly, the dude is apparently something big in his country, so the team wants discretion and if he by any chance wants you to show him around the city, they way you to know that there might be fans or press following around, so –”

“I need to keep it professional, so in other words keep my distance. Got it, boss! Anything else?” Fuck the contract! It wasn’t like you were going to kidnap the dude or anything like that!

“Nope, that’d be it. Do you want any other details?”

“Who’s the artist in talk?” You gave him your best smile.

“Oh, that’s easy. He’s a young actor, very popular for a recent drama called… what was it again?” The team manager frowned, racking his brains to remember th info he himself heard from one of the higher ups. “Ah, ‘Pinocchio’! The drama’s name is ‘Pinocchio’. W-What? What’s wrong?”

Why of all the people it had to be him?!

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imaginarytalkingrabbit  asked:

There's this gay orc game called Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim. According to the creator it includes: 5 very different orcish men, a selkie farmer, a very eager human, and a boar who does it all for the ~*aesthetic*~. It's still in development, but you can download the 45-minute free demo at mitzialexander on itchio. I haven't played it (dating sims aren't my thing) so I don't know if it's any good, but I thought you might be interested :)

I had to read this twice to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating it because it sounds like something straight outta my dreams tbqh. Thank you so much for letting me know this is a thing 🌈

P.S: “Randomised in-game Scottish-orc-name-generator” is apparently a feature

There are certain aspects of Tumblr culture that I find really creepy. 

Pulling receipts on people is one of them. 

Even creepier, the people who go out of their way to send asks like “Just so you know, you reblogged so-and-so and they said something homophobic three years ago.” 

Okay? So? I’m just here reblogging dog pictures and funny screen caps from trash tv shows. I don’t really care what so-and-so said three years ago. 

You know who else said ignorant shit three years ago? Me. 

You know who else said ignorant shit three years ago? You, probably. 

I mean, if I reblog something from someone who is actively, currently, human garbage… like if I reblog something from someone who is on par with Donald Trump, go ahead and tell me. 

Otherwise, maybe just let it go and stop pouring so much energy into policing the internet. Most of the people here are in their teens and early twenties. They are going to say ignorant shit that they regret!

If you are currently in your teens and twenties and you’re bristling at the idea that you too may be saying ignorant shit that you are going to regret, just you wait and see. 

Growing up is a constant progression of looking back at your past self and thinking “Oh god, what the fuck was wrong with me?” 

Tony gets a scooter

@reioka ​ because I couldn’t let go of the scooter idea.

Tony riding the scooter how I used to ride the scooter. And also that vague squiggle is Iron Man. Tony has an Iron Man scooter. 

Tony goes to his best friend. 

Steve says “Tony, no.” Well nobody asked you, Steve.

Rhodes says “Tony, Yes.”

Kool Kids Ride Skooters. (The proportions are fucked up but I literally don’t give a shit right now)



They got caught by Pepper. Steve you snitch Totally by accident. 

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Boi, can you believe it’s already been a whole year since Horikoshi saved my life

some simple (but effective) tips when your skin is not cooperating

hi friends, here are some tips i’ve learned over the years that help me keep my skin in check. feel free to add any tips that have benefitted you :) 

  • wash your pillow case! this one can really be overlooked. i change/wash my pillow case once or twice a week, even when i don’t wash my sheets. this really helps makeup and bacteria from building up
  • probiotics. i know some of these supplements can be pricey, but if you can get your hands on some they are magic! i take one everyday. they support healthy gut flora which helps nourish skin, hair, and nails. you can also get probiotics from fermented foods like miso, kimchi, and sauerkraut.
  • vitamin c. so i started taking vitamin c supplements two weeks ago when i was trying to fight off a cold. the next week, i couldn’t believe how much my skin texture had improved. vitamin c is essential for the production of collagen and elastin that keeps skin toned and firm. it also helps regenerate vitamin e in the body (also super good for our skin)!!!
  • eat more foods with vitamin e. foods like avocados, almonds, olives, spinach, peaches, and tomatoes will make your skin v happy.
  • take your makeup off before a workout. i know this one seems so obvious but i honestly just started doing this. normally, i would go to the gym right after class when i still had makeup on. i don’t wear liquid foundation, but i would conceal or powder some areas. recently though, i’ve been going to the gym right when i wake up while my face is nice and clean and i think letting my pores breathe and sweat without the makeup on has helped so much!
  • reduce dairy consumption. for the past week or two, i unconsciously cut out a good majority of the dairy products i typically eat. even though this was unintentional, i began to notice that my skin was looking much more clear. conventional dairy products at the grocery store can contain antibiotics or added hormones that spike insulin in the body, causing breakouts. it can also lead to a rise in oil production that will fuel the breakouts. experimenting to see if this helps your skin could definitely be beneficial! 
  • do not touch your face ever ever..never. just don’t touch your face. you may think your hands are clean but better safe than sorry.
  • sanitize your phone. !!!! think about this bc i think a lot of people forget but there is so much bacteria on that thing. clean your phone screen to reduce the bacteria that could come in contact with your face!