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“Oh, he made it,” Andrew said. “That’s interesting.”
He pressed two fingers to Neil’s throat, checking his pulse. When Neil tried to bat him away, Andrew caught his wrist with his free hand. His smile was small and fierce as he leaned forward into Neil’s space.

“Remember this feeling. This is the moment you stop being the rabbit.”

Family Life

Summary: One day Mickey and Ian have to watch Yevgeny and Liam. To say the least, Lip is surprised at how good Mickey is with children when he finds them.

Word Count: 1013

Notes: I’ve had this in my drafts for a while, I don’t know why I haven’t posted it. Also, I’m working on a bunch of requests I’ve recently gotten so hopefully their posted soon!

“C’mon, Mickey, stop fucking complaining,” Ian shrugs at his boyfriend. “We watch Yev all the time, I think we’ll be able to handle Liam too.”

Mickey rolls his eyes. “Fine, whatever.” He lazily stands up and goes to check on his baby. One kid is enough for him to handle, he doesn’t know how anyone could handle two.

Just as he goes to pick up Yev from his crib, he hears a knock on the front door. Fortunately, Ian goes to answer it and lets Liam in the house. “I’ll be back in two hours,” he hears Lip say.

Suddenly Liam runs to where Mickey and Yevgeny are. “Hi, Uncle Mickey.” Mickey raises his eyebrows. Uncle Mickey? That’s new. “Can I say hi to Yev?”

Mickey nods and squats down so he and Liam are eye level. As the younger boy is greeting the baby, he thinks for a second. “Wanna hold him?” Liam’s eyes light up and he nods rapidly. “Sit in this chair.”

Liam obeys Mickey’s commands and sits in the wooden chair that was next to the crib. He anxiously waiting for Mickey to hand the baby over to him.

Mickey told Liam how to put his arms out and placed the baby in the eager little boy’s arms. “You got him?”

“I got him!” Liam said gleefully. “Hi, baby Yevgeny. I think I’m your uncle,” he quizzically looked at Mickey for help on whether or not he’s his uncle or not.

“Yeah, buddy, you’re his Uncle Liam,” he smiled.

Ian was secretly watching this whole interaction between his boyfriend, Liam, and Yevgeny. He couldn’t help but smile at the three boys. “Uncle Liam, huh?” He raised his eyebrows joyfully as he joined in.

“He’s our son, ain’t he?” Mickey said nervously. “If he was fucking conceived because of us, he might as well be both of ours.”

Ian smiled widely and flung himself on Mickey, giving him a kiss. “Yeah, Yev’s our son–”

The happy moment gets cut off by Liam. “Ew, Yevgeny, Mickey and Ian are kissing,” he said to the baby. “Kissing is gross,” Liam sticks out his tongue causing Ian to laugh.

“Trust me, bud, you won’t think so in a couple of years,” Ian kisses him on the head.

Mickey shakes his head. “I fucking thought kissing was gross ‘til I was about eighteen,” he smirks at Ian.

“Bullshit, you were just scared to,” he says in a joking tone, but Mickey agrees.

Ian and Mickey both turn their heads to the children who were laughing in the corner. “I made him laugh,” Liam tells them proudly, causing them to smile. “Can we watch TV?”

Ian nods. “Yeah,” he goes to grab Yevgeny from his brother. “C’mon.” He waves for his brother for follow. The boys then walk into the living room and huddle together on the couch.

Mickey thoughtlessly hands the remote controller over to Liam so he can pick out what he wants to watch. He eventually winds up choosing some show on Cartoon Network. “Man, I used to love this channel as a kid,” Mickey snorts.

The boys watch the show for a while, but they eventually end up falling asleep on the couch. Ian is leaning into his boyfriend, who has his arm around him, while Yevgeny is spread out on both of their laps. Liam is also sleeping while leaning on Mickey with a emotionless look on his face. He has a lot of nightmares, so when he has a peaceful nap, it’s something to be happy about.

While they are still sleeping, Lip begins walking toward the house. Before he knocks on the door, he looks through the window and sees the four of them sleeping peacefully on the couch which surprisingly makes him grin– it’s a nice sight, they look like a family.

Suddenly, Mickey jerks awake. He kisses Ian on the head and then moves Yevgeny mainly into Ian’s lap so he can get up. Once standing he squats down in front of Liam and picks him up. “Hey, buddy,” Lip can scarcely hear Mickey speak. “You started to shake, did you have a nightmare?” He rubs his back as he paces back and forth with the child in his arms.

“Another monster came for me,” he says sadly. Lip frowns through the window. He also can’t believe he’s seeing Mickey Milkovich being so caring towards someone other than Ian.

“He’s not here anymore, okay? I have a monster too, did you know that?” Liam shakes his head and waits for an explanation. “I got to lock him away for good,” he says as he refers to his father. “You gotta fight the monster if you want him to go away. Can you try to do that next time?”

Liam nods. “I’ll try. Thanks, Uncle Mickey.” He hugs him tightly.

Lip then realizes it would be a good time to get his brother, so he knocks on the door. When Mickey opens it, Liam is getting his shoes from the corner of the room. “Hey,” he nods. “He behave in front of the baby?”

Mickey nods. “Yeah, he was good.”

“I held the baby, Lip!” Liam squeals.

Lip raises his eyebrow. “You let him hold a fucking baby?”

“Fuck off, he could handle it,” Mickey shot back. Lip just nods because he saw how good he was with his brother so he knew he wouldn’t have let Liam do something he was unable to do.

“Well, thanks,” Lip says as Liam begins to walk towards him. He truthfully is thankful that Mickey handled his brother so well.

Liam nods. “Yeah, thanks,” he smiles widely. “Bye, Uncle Mickey!” Mickey waves at him.

Mickey walks back to the couch and kisses his son and his boyfriend on their heads one last time before waking them up. Seeing Yevgeny latching his arms around Ian gave him a warm feeling in his heart. He smiled at the sight of the two of them cuddled up like that.

Maybe kids weren’t as bad as Mickey has always thought. Family life seems alright.


Stan Twins + similarities



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