had i been whole all those years ago

Bless The Broken Road -Elijah Mikaelson One Shot

Word Count: 676
Requested By: @harmonyjasper                                                                     Based on the song ‘Bless The Broken Road, Rascal Flatts.

P.S I am so sorry this took so long to write, I'be been working on my personal statement to apply to university all week so i’ve not had much time to write. Also I’m not too happy with this one shot so I nearly didn’t upload it.

You had been with Elijah 1000 years ago, you loved him and he loved you in return. From the day you met him you knew he was the one. The whole mikaelson family adored you, including their mother, Esther. So much so that she made the decision to turn you into a vampire along with her children all those years ago. For some time you lived happily with the Mikaelson’s, with Elijah, who vowed he would never leave you and would love you. Always and forever.

However all things eventually come to an end, and the promises made by Elijah was no exception. You regretfully parted ways with Elijah in the 11th century as a result of the five. Alexander had seduced Rebekah and despite your warnings she gave him her trust, which you would all realise would be a fatal mistake. A mistake which ruined your life.

You had blamed Rebekah for a long time, if she hadn’t been so trusting of Alexander then you would never have been daggered by the five, you were undaggered of course but you had lost 50 years of your life to the dagger and try as you might, you never found yourself able to find Elijah, or indeed any of the Mikaelson’s again. Their names became myths, the horror stories told to vampires just as tales of vampires are told to humans.

Eventually you moved on from searching for Elijah, despite never forgetting the time you shared together, you were not prepared to waste your immortality searching for a man no one had seen, or even heard of for centuries. For all you knew he was no longer alive.

Over the years you had a series of lovers, all of whom you cared for, however non of which could live up to your memories of Elijah so eventually, you gave up on love. You gave up on everything and with time you began to forget about the sensation of love you shared with Elijah all those years ago.

That was until a few months ago, you had begun dreaming of the time you had spent with Elijah.

To begin with the dreams were distant and unclear, seemingly unconnected. However with time your dreams became decipherable,  your dreams reflected the life Elijah had lead since you parted ways. He was alive and you had to find him.

After months of following endless leads which were inevitably dead ends and countless dreams taunting you for what was just out of reach you found a lead by the name of Marcel Gerrard who lead you to New Orleans. The city was strange and you were unconvinced that you were going to find your lost love in this city. That was, until you were rushing through the streets of New Orleans to make your way to another lead when you ran headlong into another passerby, you hardly looked above this mans chest as you apologised and went on, however the stranger grabbed your arm and uttered your name.

At this moment you realised that this man was no stranger at all; but the man you had been searching for all this time. Before you even had time to process what was happening you flung yourself into `Elijah and threw your arms around him lie your life defended on it, after a few moments entangled in Elijah’s embrace you parted and you gazed up the the man you had been longing for for so long.

Finally you spoke “I can’t believe it’s you! I’ve been searching for you for so long, I thought you may have been dead.” You exclaimed .

“Oh Y/N I have been searching you too, ever since the moment I lost you, believe me, you were not forgotten, by any of us. I love you so much Y/N” With this Elijah wrapped his arms round you once more and kissed your forehead before taking your hand.

“Come, I’ll show you around the city my brother and I have created, we have a lot of catching up to do darling”


“Mom, Maxim and I have been in touch for years. He’s been telling me about my father. Some stuff about my father. He says it’s up to you to tell me the rest, but he knew you would only do that under dramatic circumstances.” Ren said, which explained the gun. Harper felt her heart beating in her throat. They’d been in contact for years, without her knowing? Harper had fought so hard to keep the truth from Ren, but Maxim had been feeding it to her behind her back. This man, who humiliated her by making Mikhael marry her, who wanted to kill Ren as soon as he knew she was born, this man who Harper had been trying to protect Ren from her whole life, apparently knew more about her own daughter than she did. Veteran’s words from all those years ago came floating back into her mind. She’ll resent you if you shelter her too much. I promise you that.

Maxim told me tonight that you’re a secret agent. Is that true?” Ren asked.

Harper tried to swallow the lump in her throat. “Yes,” she said.

“And Uncle Vet, he’s a spy too?” Ren said, with her eyes wide.

“Yes.” Harper replied.

“Was my father? Mikhael?” Ren asked, using the name she had just learned.

“No. He was a criminal.” Harper spat. Ren looked to her Uncle for confirmation.

“Criminal is a harsh word.” Maxim said. “I think he prefferred the term ‘altruist’.”

“There was nothing altruistic about what he did to me!” Harper yelled across the table.

“Which was?” Maxim prompted, and Harper fell silent, glaring at him. “This girl deserves the truth that you’ve kept from her. You tell her, or I will.” Maxim said dangerously.

I hate that I’ve been flagging so bad in the confidence department.  A little over a year ago I would have taken a night after work, drank a whole bottle of wine, and wrote the hell out of a chapter… not so doable nowadays.  But I’ve gotten some writing done… probably doubled what I had just this past week alone and that’s gotta count for something right?

I just hope once it’s all done people will feel that it’s been worth it, especially those that have been waiting so long.  Hope it at least comes close to expectations


Hi @taylorswift it’s me, Anrozelle :)
You followed me a year ago, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! I’m 18 and I live in New Zealand. Earlier this year, my horse Rocko passed away (if you look closely you can see his name tattooed on my wrist) and Rocko was my best friend, my soulmate and my child all in one. He took up all those places in my heart and in my life and in one night I lost it all, I lost my purpose in life. The one thing that got me through this difficult year in my life was your music Taylor, and looking forward to seeing you in Adelaide in exactly one week on December 8, you gave me a reason to get up each day and I will be forever grateful to you and your music for making me happy and inspiring me when nothing else could :) I love you so much 😘😘

I was so happy when you “came out” as a feminist! I’ve always known of course that you are a feminist but it was so amazing to see you embracing the term and embracing the girl love this era! Shake it off and New Romantics are such anthems! I’d love to talk to you and Lorde about feminism sometime! Feminism is such an important cause and it’s so amazing that you feel about it the way I do :) when you followed my feminist/swifty blog last year you made my life :)

I will be wearing this fab gold outfit, the shake it off top and welcome to New York skirt, in the B stage December 8 in Adelaide :)


Whole Foods blessed me. I’d never been before and when I saw the vegan bbq chicken pizza I flipped. I bought 2 slices but one of them didn’t make it, I ate it as soon as I bought it. This slice was prettier but the cheese got stuck to the paper (yall know how daiya cheese is…) so I had to scrap it off and attempt to put it back on the pizza. Regardless, it was delicious and amazing. I haven’t had a really pizzeria tasting pizza since going vegan all those years ago so it was nice to be reacquainted with a flavor that, all in all, I had forgotten about.


CS AU Week: Baby, I’m a Monster Too (Demons AU)

It happens to him when he’s been alive for nigh on three hundred years. He’s lost his love and the only semblance of family he had ever had, since his father had left him aboard that ship all those years ago. 

So, when Pan offers him a way off his island in exchange for his humanity, he hands it over gladly. 

It had only ever brought him pain anyway. 

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Without You (Soryu Oh)



Part Three

Hearing his voice again made you almost forget your problems. As that deep voice of his filled your ears you began to feel whole again, like that part of your heart that had been brutally torn out of you all those years ago had been stitched back into place. You took a deep breath. “What is it you need?” He asked, hope brimming in his voice.

“I don’t want to talk about it over the phone. Sor, I want to do this in person, face to face. Can we meet somewhere?” You asked him. You were worried he would refuse, you had left him after all.  He had every reason to hate you for what you had done. “I know you probably hate me for leaving - but I just want a chance to explain myself.”

“I don’t hate you. I could never hate you. I just want you to come home to me. That’s all I’ve wanted since you left.” His voice made your heart ache. He still wanted you after all these years, after all you had done. You shook his words out of your mind. This wasn’t about you and him, or the thousand reasons why you could never be together. This was about your daughter, about his daughter, this little life the pair of you had created together. “I still love you.”

“I never stopped, but this isn’t about us anymore Soryu. There is no us, no matter how much I want there to be…” The words fell from your lips like bricks. “I’ll explain everything when I see you. How does tomorrow morning sound - I can come to you-”

“I’ll come to you, just give me your address and I’ll be there first thing.” Soryu’s voice was full of pain, and you fought back your tears. Life is cruel, but love is crueler, you thought. You told him your address and you heard him shakily jot it down. “Whatever it is that I done - whatever I did to push you away, I’m sorry…”

“You didn’t do anything wrong Sor. This is my fault, all of it. I’ll see you tomorrow. Stay safe.” You hung up the phone before he could say anymore. You felt hot tears stream down your face.

“Mummy?” The soft voice of your daughter filled your ears. Ying was stood in the doorway, her teddy in her arms looking up at you with worry in her eyes. “Why are you crying, was it the doctor?”

“It wasn’t the doctor this time sweetheart.” You gathered little Ying up into your arms and carried her back through to the sitting area. With her small hands she wiped away at your tears. You planted a kiss onto the tip of her nose, relishing every moment with her worrying it would be the last.  “It was your daddy Ying. ”

That night had been the longest of his life. He had stayed up all night just thinking of you, reciting every word you had spoken to him trying to make sense of it all and of course, coming up empty. You had told him that this wasn’t about you and him, but he had no idea what else it could be about. Letting out a sigh he carefully headed towards his car, clicking open the doors.

It had only taken him an hour to drive to the address you had given him and It hit him that all this time you had been just an hour away, so close yet so terribly far. The apartment block you were staying in was run-down, the guttering was all squint and windows were smashed in. Weeds grew out of the brickwork diseased veins and the stone was eroding away, you had left him for this.

With a shaking hand he pressed your buzzer and after the longest few seconds he heard the door click open. This was it, he was finally going to see you. He ascended the steps slowly, every clank of his shoe against the cement resonated through the hall. His pace quickened when he saw the door and after one loud rap, it slipped open and his jaw swiftly hit the floor.

You looked different. There were dark hollows where your full cheeks had once been and your hair lay lank around your shoulders. You didn’t look healthy, you looked sick. “Soryu…You came.”

“Of course I did.”

“Come inside. I - I made some omelettes for breakfast.” You led him indoors and he shut the door behind himself. Omelettes, some things never changed. Your apartment was just as dingy on the inside as it was on the outside. Wallpaper peeled from the walls and the carpet was long since worn thin. The whole place stunk of damp and if it were not for the pleasant smell of your omelettes there would have been nothing at all homely about this place.

“What is this all about, what do you need me for?  Are you in trouble?” Soryu asked as you put the omelette in front of him. He wanted nothing more than to sit down and eat it, but he had other things to worry about just now, like finding out what was going on and what was wrong with you,

“I can show you easier than I can say it.” You told him carefully. He watched you leave the room. When you returned you weren’t alone. There was a tired little girl in your arms; a little girl with black hair and eyes the exact same shade as yours. “Soryu this is Ying.” You paused, just enough time for Soryu to make eye contact with the black-haired child. She stared up at him curiously, sleep still in her eyes. She was adorable. “Ying, this is your daddy.”

Exactly a year ago I joined a certain fandom called Diamond no Ace. I had no idea that it would completely change my life, but here I am.

Despite all the shit I get for being a Furuya stan I was lucky to find some amazing people in this fandom, that’s why I’m doing this.

I want to say thank you to those who have been put up with me since the day I started this baseball mess. There were times I thought about forget the whole thing because I was supposed to have fun, not cry over the most stupid stuff.

So here are some of the most awesome people I had the pleasure to meet thanks to Terajima’s work. Go follow them!

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Again, thank you! And let’s win the national title! :D

It makes sense that Killian and Emma are now two halves of the blade because the Dark One has been Killian’s arch enemy almost for centuries. This man single mindedly pursued this demon for so so long and he changed so much in that pursuit. And the woman who changed him or rather who inspired this change in him is now the demon he had been chasing all those years ago.

So, it’s almost poetic that Emma pretty much helped make Killian the man he is today. Obviously, I’m not saying that he changed just for her or she is responsible for every good thing he has ever done but you have to admit she was part of the reason that he began.

Emma Swan helped Killian Jones become the man who can be the hero who could defeat the Dark One. Even if the Dark One was Emma herself.

They are opposites now? Which is why I feel like they help make Excalibur whole. They take the worst parts of it and the best parts of it and make it complete.

And I have feelings now.

Pretty sure there was a point to this when I began but I lost it along the way because my brain is just going TRUE LOVE on loop in my head, sorry.