had he been jack the ripper

Jill the Ripper?

Many of us are familiar with Jack the Ripper, the unidentified serial killer from 1880′s White Chapel. But what if it wasn’t Jack at all, what if Jack was actually Jill. 

There is a theory that Jack the Ripper wasn’t a man at all, but rather a woman. For one if it was a female midwife they would be able to subdue their victims just by applying pressure on their pressure points thus making killing and mutilating their victim easier. Also the killer if she was female could disguise herself in the victims clothing to make leaving the crime scene easier and less noticeable. 

One of the ripper’s victims, Mary Kelly, was thought to have died between 3 and 4 am. But Mrs. Maxwell gave aw testimony saying she saw Mary Kelly not once but twice after she was thought to have died. When detectives asked if she was sure she was adamantly sure she had seen Mary Kelly wearing the outfit she was seen in earlier that day. Could the killer have been posing as Kelly to escape unnoticed?

In William Stewart’s book “Jack the Ripper: A New Theory” he narrowed down the class of who a female ripper could have been. He said that the ripper could have been a midwife-probably an abortionist- who was betrayed by one of her patients and then sent to jail. Her motive for killing was to get revenge on her own sex for betraying her. 

While there is not much supporting this theory it is an interesting one none the less and one I hadn’t heard of. We may never know the true identity of Jack the Ripper but it is fun to speculate. 

Was Madam Red Trying to Die?

At this point, we all know Madam Red’s main motivations. She had been in love Vincent, but he had married her sister and had children by her. Later, Madam Red marries and becomes pregnant only to lose both her husband and unborn child. Just as she trying to recover from that, she loses her sister and Vincent to a fire. All this was enough to push her over the edge to kill women who had abortions. Upon looking at all this again, however, I have to ask one thing.

From the moment she lost Vincent and her sister, was Madam Red trying to die? Was she perhaps purposely engaging on a suicidal mission?

Let’s look at the manga for a moment. At the funeral, Madam Red feels that she’s lost everyone - and they are in the place where she can’t reach them.

They had all died, and she was all alone. Of course, she thought her nephews were dead at this time as well. What’s odd is that she actually was jealous of Rachel for being able to die with someone she loved.

While still alive, Madam Red couldn’t be with her loved ones again. It’s quite possible that she felt she had very little reason to be alive.

Later, she starts to kill prostitutes to whom she had performed abortions. This, in itself, was dangerous. She was simply one person at first. Any of her victims could have fought back. She could have been seen, and such a crime would have meant death or imprisonment. Instead, she keeps going until she meets Grell.

She knew that Grell was a shinigami, and I don’t think she had any illusions the danger that Grell presented. Even if the two did become close, Madam Red always knew her partner wasn’t human (unless Grell told her directly, Madam Red didn’t have anyway of knowing that Grell had ever been human either), and Grell had no issues with dead, murder, and violence. She had to know that Grell was dangerous, but Madam Red continued.

Ciel returned shortly thereafter, and Madam Red could have stopped killing right then and there. Someone she loved had returned to her after all. While her nephew was now distant, she hadn’t lost everyone. Despite this, she still murdered these women.

Ciel becomes the watchdog, and Madam Red knew that he was tracking ‘Jack the Ripper.’ She was with him while he gathered information from Undertaker and attended Druitt’s ball. She could have easily stopped once again because, at this point, Ciel didn’t suspect her. Plus, you have the idea that this could be seen as a dangerous game, and Madam Red herself had said she had never won a game against Ciel.

Let’s look at all this. Madam Red started killing these women after she had lost everyone she loved and had to perform abortions when she could no longer have children, however she could have stopped. A loved one did return after all. Instead, she partnered with someone she knew was dangerous and engaged in a game against someone who always won against her. It’s as if she was purposely stacking the odds against herself.

Perhaps, a part of her had wanted to die since the fire at Phantomhive Manor, so she set things up so that would most likely be the outcome.


10 Serial Killers Never Caught
  1. Charlie Chop-off: The killer had a bad habit of stabbing young African-American boys, and subjecting them to genital mutilation. The killer’s first victim was an eight-year-old African-American boy named Douglas Owen. Owen was found on March 9, 1972 on a Manhattan rooftop. The young boy had been stabbed 38 times and his penis had been mutilated. Over the next year, two other young boys would be found stabbed to death with their penises removed. In 1974, the police arrested a man named Erno Soto after he confessed to the murder of one of Charlie Chop-Off’s victims. However, Soto was considered to be mentally unstable, so his testimony wasn’t taken too seriously. In addition, a survivor of an attack by Charlie Chop-Off could not make a positive I.D of Erno Soto. As a result, Soto was found to not be guilty of the heinous crimes. Even so, the Charlie Chop-Off murders came to an abrupt halt after Soto’s arrest, leaving police to believe that he is still the most likely suspect.
  2. The Honolulu Strangler: The Honolulu strangler is the first known serial killer on the usually peaceful islands of Hawaii. This killer is thought to have murdered a total of five women in the mid-1980’s. The first victim of The Honolulu Strangler was a 27-year-old woman, named Vicky Gail Purdy. Her body was found on May 30, 1985. She had been raped, strangled and her hands were tied behind her back. Then on January 14, 1986, The Honolulu Strangler struck again. 17-Year-Old, Regina Sakamoto’s body was found in the exact same fashion that Purdy’s was. Over the course of the next three months, three more women would be found raped, strangled, with their hands bound behind their backs. The police interrogated a suspect in association with the murders. The suspect’s girlfriend told police that, whenever the two of them would have a lover’s spat, the suspect would leave the house, and then The Honolulu Strangler would strike. Despite this testimony and the fact that the suspect failed a polygraph test, the police were forced to let the suspect go due to lack of evidence. However, strangely enough, the murders in Honolulu stopped right after the police brought their suspect in for questioning.
  3. Stoneman: Stoneman is India’s most notorious serial killer. He is believed to have committed 13 murders in Calcutta, and a possible dozen more in Bombay. Stoneman’s first victim was found in June of 1989. The victim was a homeless man who was sleeping alone in a dimly lit area. He was killed by being bashed over the head with a stone. Over the next six months, twelve more homeless victims would be killed in the exact same fashion. In 1985, there were a dozen homeless people murdered in Bombay, in the same way that would eventually be occurring in Calcutta. This led authorities to believe that the same person was committing the murders, but they couldn’t be sure that the original killings hadn’t inspired a copycat killer. The police brought in a number of suspects but weren’t able to charge anyone with the murders. However, the killings came to a halt after the suspects were brought in for questioning, leaving many to believe that the real killer was part of the group of suspects that the authorities questioned.
  4. The February 9th Killer: The February 9th killer is a serial killer who is believed to be responsible for the 2006 murder of Sonia Mejia and her unborn child, and the 2008 murder of Damiana Castillo in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both of these women were strangled in their apartments and both of these murders were committed on February 9th, hence the killer’s name. The killer would get his victims to open their doors and then force his way into their homes. Investigators were able to link the two cases through DNA analysis, but they weren’t able to get a match. As a result, the case went cold in 2011.
  5. Jack the Ripper: Jack the Ripper is arguably London’s most notorious serial killer. He was active in 1888 and his killing grounds were areas that were fairly poor, in and around the Whitechapel district of London. Jack the Ripper’s name comes from a letter that was written by someone who was claiming to be the infamous killer. Today, this letter is considered to be a hoax but the name Jack the Ripper stuck. Jack the Ripper is responsible for the murder of a possible five victims. All of these victims were working girls who had their throats slit, before being mutilated by the Ripper. In three cases, the Ripper even took a souvenir of his kill, the internal organs of his victims. All of these killings took place between the 31st of August and the 9th of November, in 1888. Although law enforcers worked diligently to solve these murders, and were even sent a letter from the killer himself (which contained a half-preserved kidney), no one was able to discover who Jack the Ripper actually was. Today, there are over a hundred theories as to who the infamous serial killer could be.
  6. The Baby-Sitter Killer: The Babysitter Killer, also known as the Oakland County Child Killer, is responsible for the murders of at least four children. The killer was active between 1976 and 1977, in Oakland County, Michigan. The murders took place during a thirteen-month period, causing panic in Southeastern Michigan. During this time, children would not be let out of their houses without a parent or guardian present and the few who were allowed to go out without their parents, had to do so in a large group, where everyone could see them. The Babysitter Killer’s first known victim was twelve-year-old, Mark Stebbins. He went missing on February 15th and his body was found just four days later. He was found laid out on a snow bank with the same outfit that he had on the day he went missing. He had been strangled and sexually assaulted. The next three victims were all found fully clothed, and in plain sight. Although law enforcers brought in many suspects for questioning, they were never able to tie anyone to the crime. The case was reopened in 2012.
  7. Jack the Stripper: Jack the Stripper is the nickname of a serial killer who was active in London, between 1964 and 1965. The reason why his given name is so similar to that of Jack the Ripper’s is because their victimology is so alike. Like Jack the Ripper, Jack the Stripper murdered prostitutes. He murdered between six and eight prostitutes and then dumped their bodies into the River Thames. Jack the Stripper’s first known victim was named Hannah Tailford. Her body was found in February, 1964. She had been strangled and some of her teeth were missing. When a second body was found around where Hannah had been dumped, 57-year-old Kenneth Archibald confessed to the two murders. However, police dismissed his confession when he failed to remember certain facts about the killings and when a third body was found. A total of three more bodies were found, that seemed to match Jack the Stripper’s murders. Around this time, John Du Rose, the head of the investigation, held a press conference announcing that their pool of 7,000 suspects had gone down to 20, then 10, and finally three. After this, the killings inexplicably stopped and Jack the Stripper got away with murder.
  8. The Atlanta Ripper: The Atlanta Ripper was active during the year 1911, in Atlanta. This unidentified person is responsible for the murders of anywhere between 15-21 women. The Atlanta Ripper’s first victim was found on May 28, 1911. The woman was named Belle Walker. She was an African-American woman who was found with her throat slit, just 25 yards from her home. Then on June 15, the body of another African-American woman, Addie Watts was found in the exact same fashion as Belle Walker’s. By the end of 1911, another thirteen African-American or dark skinned women would be found with their throat’s slashed. Although six different suspects were questioned in correlation with the murders, no one was ever convicted.
  9. The Original Night Stalker/East Area Rapist: The Original Night Stalker was active in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, in Contra Costa County. His first victims to ever be reported were Dr. Robert Offerman and his girlfriend, Debra Alexandra Manning. The couple was shot and killed in their home on December 30, 1979. During the next seven years, The Original Night Stalker took seven more victims, all by breaking into their homes, where he would kill them. Around the same time as The Original Night Walker killings were going on, San Francisco was being terrorized by the East Area Rapist. This man would break into the homes of women and then rape them. He managed to do this 50 times. In 2001, investigators made a miraculous discovery using DNA testing. They discovered that The Original Night Stalker and the East Area Rapist were in fact, the same person. Thankfully, this serial killer/ rapist’s crimes stopped in 1986, leaving many to believe that he either died or was imprisoned for another crime. 
  10. The Zodiac Killer:  The Zodiac killer is arguably the most infamous, unidentified serial killer of all time. He was active in Northern California in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s. Although the Zodiac Killer claims to have murdered 37 people, investigators have only been able to link him to 5 deaths and 2 injuries. The Zodiac Killer’s first known victims were Betty Lou Jensen and David Faraday. They were found on December 20, 1968. The couple were on their first date and were planning on attending the Christmas Concert at Hogan High School. Instead, the couple decided to visit a friend and then they made their way over to a gravel turnout, that was well-known as “Lovers’ Lane,” that’s when they came into contact with the Zodiac Killer. Investigators believe that the killer exited his car and made his way over to the couple’s car. He then ordered them to exit their own car. Jensen seems to have exited first but when Faraday attempted to exit, the killer shot him in the head. When Jensen tried to flee from the killer, he shot her as well. The Zodiac Killer would go on to claim five more victims. During his killings, the Zodiac Killer would send letters to the police, taunting them. He would make demands, give them cryptograms to solve in order to reveal his true identity, and he would tell them about upcoming attacks. His final letter concluded with this, “Me=37, SFPD=0.” A number of people were suspected to be the Zodiac Killer but nothing ever came of it. A few people have even confessed to the crimes, while other children have come forward claiming that their father or stepfather was the real Zodiac Killer. However, none of these claims came with much evidence to back them up, meaning that the Zodiac Killer has yet to be identified.

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Alec was lounging on the couch in Magnus’s living room while the Warlock bustled about the chamber. He had finally remembered to check his mail, and it seemed that nearly three hundred pieces had come for him in the year since he last opened his mailbox. He was content just to watch, especially since Magnus had opted to skip a shirt while they lounged around his loft today.

“Huh, a letter from Amara Galley.  Haven’t spoken to her in five years,” Magnus commented to himself.

“Why’d you stop talking?”

“We dated briefly; she found me to be a bit too emotionally unavailable for her tastes.” Alec raised his head to look at Magnus, who just shrugged, “I got better.”

He went to open the letter when a cloud of white dust enveloped his face.

“Magnus!” Alec shouted shooting immediately to his feet, pull the seraph blade he kept under the couch and moving to protect him.

Magnus was still coughing when Alec appeared at his side. A thin sheet of white dust covered most of his face and hair- but, to Alec’s dismay, it quickly melted into his skin.

“Magnus,” Alec said holding by the shoulders to look into his eyes, “what is that stuff? Should I call Cat? Is it dangerous?”

Magnus waved a hand in front of his face, “it’s nothing. Just an old Warlock prank.”

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A Love Unrequited (Part 2)


A/N: This time it’s from Jacob’s POV and the reader is not in love with him…or at least tries to pretend she’s not. It is very angsty and it leads right up to the Jack the Ripper DLC. I may do a part three depending on how well this part does. Thanks for reading.

It switches POV towards the end and it’s marked so you’ll know where.

Words: 4,611
Warnings: Angst, mentions of violence, mentions of blood

Jacob woke with a start and a pounding headache. He groaned as he rolled over only to find the other side of the bed empty again.

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Has Madam Red, Francis, the undertaker, Diedrich, Lizzy, Edward, and Lau figured out that our Ciel was not the first born real Ciel?

From the evidence I’ve seen:

Madam RedMust have. The way she looks him over when he shows up at the hospital, the wording she uses when she’s playing chess with him, even how she acts and what she says when they later confront each other as adversaries. Particularly what she says when she’s poised to stab him… that he should never have been born… that’s because no one was expecting twins; he really was this unexpected extra at the time. A bonus gift, but also an extra burden. She should know, since she nursed him back to health every time he got sick, and that must have been quite often. And they must have played against each other at chess countless times. She seems to know exactly which twin she’s playing chess with during the Jack the Ripper arc. She had no expectations for him to return to the manor, claim the earldom, pick up the watchdog post, or even seek revenge. Real Ciel would have been expected to do that, but not the younger twin. The earl explains quite honestly why he’s returned and accepted these burdens. He even vague-explains what’s so unusual and useful about Sebastian, and I don’t think he would have told this to just anyone… not even Aunt Frances, and definitely not Lizzie.

FrancesProbably not. I’ve never noticed her say or do anything to suggest she’s figured it out. Plus, unlike Madam Red, she seems to have not spent nearly as much time with the Phantomhive children. Looks like the Midfords had a tendency to just let Lizzie play at Phantomhive Manor without them, since they are never shown in any of the flashbacks of Lizzie and (real) Ciel playing.

Undertaker Definitely. He must have realized it (almost) immediately. He must be severely near-sighted, but he’s not that blind. Just like with Madam Red, Undertaker says things in a way to suggest he knows, and the earl doesn’t really seem to hide it from him. The fact that he tells Undertaker he chose to wear the watchdog collar speaks volumes.

Diedrich Highly doubtful. Of course he knew there were twins, but he’s spent most of his time in Germany, so he probably never got to know them well.

Lizzie Not originally, but now she must. She spent a lot of time at Phantomhive Manor, but it seems that she mostly played with real Ciel outdoors, possibly while the earl stayed inside, too sick to play outside… let alone run around the manor grounds. Besides, she was real Ciel’s intended, so it would make sense for her to focus on bonding with her future husband. That said, she sure had some serious doubts when the earl returned and claimed to be Ciel. He seemed shorter, frail, and kept forgetting to call her Lizzie instead of Elizabeth. Her true fiance would not have made such a mistake… and kept making it over and over to the point that she would feel the need to say something about it. Then they celebrated Easter (a bit late) after the Campania fiasco. She was testing him by saying she’d decorated her own egg, as usual. She’d never actually done that before, and he failed the test… miserably. Still, she didn’t want to admit to herself she’d been accepting a lie all this time. So, she wonders what could have possibly happened “that month” to make him not realize she’d never decorated her own egg before. Faulty memory? She had become so good at rationalizing everything and making herself believe she was somehow wrong about her doubts. But things must have changed around the time she decided to stay at Sphere Music Hall. She visits real Ciel/Lord Sirius there. Blavat has told her who-knows-what, but there is probably at least some truth in it. It’s possible that she’s now had conversations with real Ciel leading up to the events of ch’s 129 and 130. Whatever she now knows, it must be why she told Sebastian that “she alone” could “not return to that side”. She had trusted the earl, and he’s now lost her trust (for now, anyway).

Edward Nope. Even if he didn’t have “Edward vision” (only focusing on Lizzie), he never spent enough time with the twins to tell them apart. Even once the earl returned, he spent minimal time with Edward. Didn’t even know Edward attended Weston. Edward likely treated real Ciel about the same - didn’t really want him to take away his precious little sister.

Lau No way. Lau apparently didn’t join the “aristocrats of evil” until after the earl became watchdog. In fact, Lau probably has no idea there were ever twins.

Thanks for the ask! :)


Chlaus Highly doubtful. Just like most others, he would have spent more time with real Ciel, since the kid was being groomed to take over for Vincent and was more likely to be out in public with Vincent, too. And, like Diedrich, he seems to have spent most of his time out of England. Italy for him.


In August of 1879 a woman named Kate Gardener was found dead in an alleyway. After an investigation it was discovered she was poisoned with chloroform and also that she was pregnant. It was known around town that she was having an affair with a local doctor named Thomas Neill Cream. They went to ask Dr. Cream some questions about her death he claimed she was impregnated by a different guy, a prominent businessman, but the cops weren’t buying it. Cream made the decision to flee to the United States to avoid any more questions. Dr. Cream was born in Glasgow and raised in Quebec City, Canada. He went to McGill University in Montreal where he graduated in 1876. After his postgraduate studies he settled and opened a practise in London, Ontario.

After the murder accusations he fled to Chicago where he offered illegal abortions to prostitutes. Between 1880 and 1881 there were three murder investigations opened on Dr. Cream, but none of them had enough evidence for the authorities to take any action. They were all poisons, usually strychnine, but there was nothing directly connecting them to Dr. Cream. Finally the cops got their break. In 1881 a man named Daniel Stott was found dead of strychnine poisoning after Dr. Cream had supplied him with a remedy for epilepsy. Although his death was attributed to natural causes, for some reason Dr. Cream wrote to the coroner blaming the pharmacist for Stott’s death. The authorities investigated and instead of arresting the pharmacist as Cream was hoping, they went after his blackmailer: Dr. Cream himself. He was arrested with his mistress, but she turned evidence against him to avoid some jail time he was sentenced to life imprisonment in Joliet prison. In 1891 his sentence was commuted after his brother pleaded for leniency and also allegedly bribing the right people.

He left America and went to England, establishing a new practice in Liverpool and settling on Lambeth Palace Road, a poverty stricken area at the time. In 1891 a nineteen year old prostitute was given a drink by Dr. Cream, the next day she was sick, she was dead within a week from strychnine poisoning. During the investigation Cream again wrote to the coroner, this time offered the name of the murderer for a three hundred thousand pound reward. On October 20th he spent the night with another prostitute and again, the next morning she was found dead in her apartment. Cream wrote another note to the presiding physician, this time accusing the physician himself of murder and asking for a bribe to keep his mouth shut. On April 11th Cream had a date with two more young ladies of the night. He brought with him two special bottles of Guinness. He left before the poison could start its work but apparently both women died in extreme pain over night.

Cream had written many accusatory letters and all of those accused turned out to be completely innocent after investigated. The authorities figured he knew more than he was telling. Also he had referred to one of the deaths, which had been diagnosed as from a natural cause, as a murder. They soon realized that he might be the serial killer who newspapers were calling ‘the Lambeth Poisoner’. Scotland Yard put him under surveillance and after watching him and his prostitute addiction for a short time they contacted the United States and discovered he had been in jail for murder, specifically he had poisoned a man and been a suspect in other murders.

On June 3rd, 1892 he was arrested and formally charged with five murders, one attempted murder and extortion. He tried to say that he was not the man they were looking for, he claimed he was Dr. Thomas Neill, not Dr. Thomas Neill Cream, but that did not work. After a four-day trial and the jury deliberating for only 12 minutes he was found guilty and sentenced to death. Less than a month after his conviction he was hanged at Newgate Prison and was buried in an unmarked grave. It’s said that while being hanged his last words were “I am Jack the…” he was hanged before he could finish the sentence. It has been speculated that he was confessing to being Jack the Ripper, however these are completely unsubstantiated claims. Although one of the more humorous explanations for his last words were from one of Cream’s biographers. It was suggested he was so scared on the scaffold that he lost control of his bodily functions and mumbled “I am ejaculating…” which could have been mistaken for “I am Jack…”. Including the five deaths he was convicted for, it is also suspected he murdered his first wife Flora Brooks in 1877 and at least four other women who had died on his table while he performed illegal abortions.

Pictured above: an illustration of one of his victims Matilda Clover, the grave od the man he killed in Chicago, some newspaper and penny dreadful illustrations about the crime, his capture and execution and lastly Lambeth, England where he made his name.

Okay but...

This small headcanon has been harassing me for a long time so I need to share it with you.

Thanks to the Animus Database, we learnt that Jacob lived in India for a year or so. A year is a very long period during which many things could have happened: we know he trained himself and his initiates and spent all the time he could with his sister and brother-in-law, but the fact that Ubisoft keeps hiding things about his life after Crawford Starrick’s death sounds too strange for me. I mean… they showed us his granddaughter and never, never told us about his son (because it is obvious he must have had at least one) and possible wife. I honestly don’t know why they want it that way, but at least we can free our imagination with thoughts and headcanons so it’s not that bad😂

By the way: he travelled around the 1870, but, since in the Jack The Ripper DLC Evie said that “the last time they were together was fifteen years before”, then it must have been 1872-1873. And I honestly think that, in that time, he had already found the woman of his life and married her. In short words: if he did, then he must have travelled with her to India and… why not, their child could have been born there, perhaps? Can you imagine Evie comforting the woman while she’s in labour and Jacob’s outside the room screaming in panic? Ooooh dear Lord.

(I am sure Emmett was born before, in England and that Jacob and his wife had another daughter while they were visiting Evie. Maybe she was even conceived there)

And that would be the main reason why they stayed for so long; especially in the past, if I am not wrong, women who just gave birth to children tended to spend much more time resting after childbirth for people thought they could have fallen into post partum depression more easily. So Jacob and (possible wife) decided to live there for a few months more.

Could this be real, ladies? @oreanagalena @swiggle-muffin @afterglowingassassin @jiruchan @galaxyparade @cavernofrandomness @idiotgangleader I think I have some ideas for a story eheh

Reckless - Part 15

Part 15/??

Characters: AJ Styles, OFC, Baron Corbin

Summary: The newest woman on the roster finds herself making waves she never intended to, with men that are both off-limits to her.

Previously: Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four | Part Five | Part Six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Check out the Master List

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so, giorno... what do you actually know about your biological father? do you want to know more?

“Thanks to Polnareff’s previous engagement with the SPW foundation we’ve been able to formulate an alliance with them; Therefore having access to their informational files- that includes their recorded supernatural research.”

“However, The SPW foundation had been the first to point out my father’s quite alarming history.”

“At first I hadn’t thought to believe in such potent claims but they had more then a plethora of recorded proof on the matter and Polnarelf had vouched for the employers because of his personal experiences.”

“It seems my birth father was in possession of some sort of stone artifact-  A mask excavated sometime within the 19th century. It’s said to have the ability to free one from natural limitations. In other words, it grants it’s user with immense strength and abilities in return for your humanity.”

“According to his early history he had been orphaned due to sickly parents being extracted by death and brought into the Joestar estate as an adopted son. He later murdered his step father and brother a like, utilizing the corpse of Jonathan Joestar as a sergeant body.”

“His reign has costed many lives and wreaked havoc over the centuries- Even to have recruited murderous fiends such as the famous Jack The Ripper and Ancient Britain warriors Tarkus and Buford to do his bidding.”

“1983 Dio’s casket had been discovered by fishermen off the coast of Africa- The SPW Foundation believes he had fled into hiding around this time, engaging in secret commutes to and from Japan and Egypt.”

“My mother birthed me in 1985.”

“After my birth, Dio gained possession of yet another artifact- The Bow and Arrow in which carried a virus that granted supernatural abilities to those whose spiritual power could retain it. These abilities were identified as a Stand.”

“Dio’s stand had also been confirmed as The World- able to stop time it’s self for a matter of seconds.- Polnarelf was quite the fervent believer of this claim.”

“Dio was reported deceased after a horrendous battle with an Jotaro Kujo- whom coincidentally made the discovery of my existence as well.”

“It was he whom sent agents to investigate my person and brought the Foundation’s attention towards me as well.”

“I admit I am appalled by Dio’s malicious despotism and the scornful path he proceeded yet..”

“I remain curious..”

“I hadn’t nearly experienced any means of a proper father figure in my life and though he was nothing more then an iniquitous villain…perhaps..”

“By a small glimmer of hope..I could of found the means to deter him..”

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Regency: Sherlock is thrilled to be working with Dr. M. Hooper, a pathologist whose essays have made Sherlock a fan of their work. When Sherlock meets Dr. Hooper, he is both surprised and impressed that Dr. Hooper is a young woman. When he sees that she's as kind as she intelligent, he falls and falls hard for her.

The Science of Courtships Part 1 (there will be 2 parts to this prompt!)

thanks to @strangelock221b for beta reading! :)

Sherlock Holmes was on a rather large case concerning one ‘Jack the Ripper’ and was rather thrilled to be working with Doctor M. Hooper on it. He had been a longtime admirer of the doctor’s essays submitted to the various medical journals he read. Oh, it felt like Christmas to him.

“Ah, Mr. Holmes,” Mike Stamford greeted him. “Dr. Hooper has been waiting for you in the mortuary.”

“Thank you,” Sherlock nodded, venturing into the morgue. He looked around the formaldehyde scented room when his cerulean eyes landed upon a young woman.

“Mister Holmes, I presume. I was told we would be working together and—” Doctor Hooper turned to face the most handsome and distinguished man she had ever seen. She did her best to keep her heart beat under control.

“Doctor…Hooper?” he asked with uncertainty.

“Y-yes sir, that would be correct,” Doctor Hooper confirmed, dropping her scalpel. Sherlock bent down to retrieve it for her.

“I must say, I am quite impressed that a young woman such as yourself has such intriguing insight of the medical field,” Sherlock stated. “It is a pleasure to meet you, Doctor Hooper, as I have been a longtime admirer of your work.” He glanced at her hand quickly before meeting her eyes once more. “May I?” She nodded and he took her hand, placing a soft kiss on the back of it.

“I am glad to know you are not disappointed to find me to be a woman, Mr. Holmes,” Doctor Hooper remarked.

“Disappointed? No,” Sherlock told her. “If anything, I admire you all the more, Doctor Hooper.” She gave him a small smile.

“Thank you, Mister Holmes,” she nodded.

“Sherlock, please,” he said.

“Mister Holmes, we have hardly been acquainted,” Doctor Hooper pointed out. “We have already broken one societal rule; are you sure you want to break another?”

“I am quite sure, actually. You will learn that I am not one to follow societal normalities,” Sherlock informed her. “Of course, we will only keep it between ourselves but if you are not comfortable with the use of first names, I will cease my insistence upon it. I apologize, Doctor Hooper, if I have been intolerable.”

“It is quite alright, Mr. Holmes. Sherlock,” she replied, testing his name on her tongue. “Margaret is my name, but I prefer Molly.”

“Molly,” he repeated. “I quite like the sound of that, Molly Hooper.” A faint blush rose upon her cheeks. His rich baritone voice spoke her name as if it contained only the best letters of the alphabet.

“Yes, well, now that we have that out of the way, care to examine this cadaver with me?” Molly asked.

“Delighted,” Sherlock replied.

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Hannibal Lecter x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 566

Warnings: Hannibal Spoilers!!!!!!!

     Summary: Reader is married to Hannibal and has a pretty interesting conversation with Jack and Alana


You knew exactly what to expect from a ‘interrogation’ with Jack Crawford and Ms. Alana Bloom. Ever since Will had been convicted for the Chesapeake Ripper’s murders he had been swearing up and down that Hannibal was guilty. Hannibal had already made sure that they wouldn’t find anything on you so it was more of a matter of giving them enough information to throw them off track.

You all had decided to meet at Hannibal’s office because that was a comfortable, (sort of) Third party environment to do business in. “I’m sorry to bother you again Y/N” Jack apologizes for the third time once you opened the door to your husband’s psychiatrists practice “It’s really no problem Jack, It’s just a formality, I understand” You smile, you and Jack had developed quite a friendship over the many times that the Crawford’s had been to your home for dinner.

“So, I assume you have your questions all lined up then” You open, crossing your right leg over your left gently, leaning back in your seat. “Yes, just the typical ones…Where were you the night of Will Graham’s arrest?” he asks and I smile.

“ah yes, I was at my home, with Hannibal, enjoying a delicate and buttery platter of veal” you say, recalling what really happened that night, how much blood Hannibal had come home covered in, you felt bad for lying to Jack but you made a promise the day you married Hannibal Lecter, till death do you part.

“Alright, now I’d like to ask you a few more personal questions, about Hannibal” Alana interrupts making you straighten at her rudeness but you smiled none the less.

“Have you noticed any anomalies in his personality? You’ve been in medicine long enough to know haven’t you?” she asks and you try your best to ignore the accusatory tone in her voice “I believe I’ve been in medicine long enough yes, and will Hannibal can be quite eccentric when he wants to be, I will admit” You laugh, giggling at your own joke but Alana didn’t look amused.

“Mrs. Lecter, I really just need straight answers from you” she says and you bit your tongue, not appreciating her rudeness “Hannibal does not have any personality problems Ms.Bloom but I fear you might” you say, taking a sip of you wine as if proving a point. “Alright ladies, I think that’s enough for today, Alana go wait outside” Jack orders and while she wants to protest, she doesn’t.

Once it was just you and Jack, you relaxed even further. “I’m so sorry to have put you through that Y/N” Jack says and you smile “It’s alright” You say, taking a second sip of the crimson liquid in your glass “Do you think Hannibal is guilty Jack?” you ask after a moment of comfortable silence.

“I do not” He allows and while you know he isn’t technically allowed to tell you that, he does anyway. “You will have to come over for dinner some time Jack, you must bring Bella as well” You smile, and he chuckles “She would love that” He says, and you could tell he was comfortable with you, which was exactly what you wanted.

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thoughts on jack the ripper ?

I think if he had been born a century later, he could have been quite easily caught.

I think the fact he targeted prostitutes is significant - probably because they were convenient and used to being approached by strangers.

I think the theory he was a surgeon or had medical knowledge is a red herring - the missing body parts were likely removed to fulfil a sexual fantasy, and the level of skill required to excise those parts isnt as high as you might think.

The fact all the victims were killed in the same general area suggests the killer came from that area himself - his ability to disappear successfully even after being interrupted suggests he knew the crime scene well.

The last Ripper murder is drastically different from the rest - the victim was younger, it occurred in a house, and the killer spent a long time with her body. Why? Was there a personal connection between them?

”Will loves Hannibal because he doesn’t have emotions and so Will can be himself around him because he can’t pick up feelings from Hannibal with his empathy disorder.”

I’ve seen this idea a few times and it’s baffling. Here’s a list of reasons why that’s wrong:

1. Hannibal has emotions. Many emotions. His emotions are not fake. He shows emotions when people aren’t even observing him or in the same room. He was upset at what happened to Margot after Will left the room. He was upset that Bella died and was crying over it by himself in Italy. He moped around about Will in Italy the entire time. He missed Will so much in Sorbet he was fidgeting around and clearly upset about it. He was mad that Gideon was calling himself the Ripper. He gets super annoyed at rude people. These are all emotions.

2. Will can “read” the Ripper enough to know which crimes scenes are his and which aren’t and also give a history about his childhood to Jack. Will can also “read” the copycat. Hannibal is the Ripper and the copycat. So, Will can read Hannibal. Which is why Hannibal got super defensive about Will in Season 1 and framed him and put him in prison. Because he knew Will would find him out eventually.

3. Will can “seduce” and “deceive” Hannibal in S2 because he can empathize with him or “understand” him. Hannibal says this directly and Will agrees.

4. Hannibal and Will share a memory palace. Will goes to places he has been to “read” him, just like he does at crime scenes. Will knows Hannibal “intimately” as he says himself. If he likes being around him because he doesn’t “pick up” things from his empathy, then that makes no sense.

5. Will doesn’t automatically know who a killer is, even if he’s investigating their crimes. Tobias is a prime example. Hannibal realized Tobias was a killer immediately, Will didn’t. Another example would be Abigail. Hannibal knew she was a killer before Will did. If anything Hannibal has more insight into people than Will does. That doesn’t mean he has less empathy than Will, it means he has the same amount or more. “I can’t turn it off anymore than you can” Hannibal says to Will in Aperitif. When Hannibal was doing Will’s job in S2 for Jack he got the job done, he figured out who the killer was and why he was killing and exactly where he was, he just didn’t tell all that info to Jack because he wanted to go kill him first. Hannibal can in fact do Will’s job and he helps Will do his job better, “Will has never been more effective than he is with you inside his head”. Hannibal knows all about the Shrike enough to help Will figure out who the Shrike really is, right from the beginning of the show. “He had to show me a negative so that I could see the positive, that crime scene was practically gift wrapped.” My point being that just because Will doesn’t know Hannibal is the Ripper for a while (about 3 months) doesn’t mean that he can’t “read” Hannibal’s emotions. His empathy disorder doesn’t make him psychic and it isn’t supernatural.

I get it’s hard to understand why Will didn’t realize Hannibal was in love with him, but this is no explanation. It negates the entire show. Other explanations should be entertained. Will knows that Hannibal is very sad over him, “He sent us his broken heart” and he knows that the key to understand him is love, “No one can be fully aware of another human being unless we love them” and he knows he can take advantage of Hannibal’s feelings for him, “You’d only do that if I’d rejected you.” So, taking all that into account, the explanation that he just didn’t want to fully believe it, he was lying to himself, or wanted it confirmed by Bedelia (because he was afraid Hannibal loved her or because he believed she would know more than anyone else), or some combination of those is the most likely.


George Chapman was born in 1865 in the Warsaw Governate of Congress Poland. At the age of 14 he was apprenticed to a senior surgeon in Zwoland, Poland, though he only lasted half a year. He later left Poland for London. The exact time of his arrival has never been reliably ascertained but it is thought that he arrived around 1888. He married a young Polish girl named Lucy Badowski and had two kids. Soon after this he was confronted by his first wife from Poland, something his new wife had no idea about. He had at least four mistresses who would alternately pose as his wife, but eventually three of them were dead, poisoned by Chapman. He gave them a compound of tartar-emetic, which he purchased from a pharmacy in Hastings. Rich in the metallic element antimony, tartar-emetic causes a painful death with symptoms similar to arsenic poisoning. Although his motives for the murders remain completely unclear, in one case his victim left him 500 pounds in her will. One of the girls, named Maud Marsh, was suspected of being a murder victim. Upon further investigation they found out she had indeed been poisoned. The other two women, Bessie Taylor and Mary Isabella Spink, were exhumed and also found to have poison in their system. British law only allowed one count of murder to be on a charge against someone, so it was Maud Marsh that condemned him to death. After his trial, he was convicted of murder and on April 7th 1903, he was hanged. He is one of the many, many Jack the Ripper suspects we have going today. At the time of his arrest, Scotland Yard detective Frederick Abberline stated “you’ve got Jack the Ripper at last”, however there’s no real concrete evidence that says it was him. On one hand he is a killer and his wife said he we used to go out a lot at night during the time of Jack the Ripper was killing, on the other hand, he was a poisoner, and serial killers don’t often change their M.O. There is more evidence for both sides, but i personally don’t think it was him. Pictured above: George Chapman with 2 of his victims, fist pic is with Maud Marsh and the second is Bessie Taylor, a picture of Chapman, a copy of what his death certificate looked like, and a book about him possibly being Jack the Ripper. Source: Wikipedia

Of Phantomhives and Shinigamis (thoughts about ch.103, part 2)

Part 1 here.

I’d like to really thank all of you who read that theory as well as those who came to discuss it with me, I had a great time during the last two days!

Part 2 is written for all the points I didn’t get to talk about in Part 1, as well as for providing answers to the recurring questions I got, for anyone interested.
Please keep in mind that Yana didn’t create any plot holes with this chapter. So here goes. 

Warning: spoilers everywhere and lengthy post. My bad.

1) Humans who can see Shinigamis

Whenever doing their job in the human world, I believe Shinigamis can either decide to be seen by humans and interact with them (like Ronald right before the beginning of the Campania Arc who asked Mey Rin where the passengers’ entrance was, or William who became a member of Noah’s Ark during the circus arc before leaving the day they all got killed) or decide to remain unnoticeable.

As shown in the Circus or Campania arc, Shinigamis often conduct investigations, especially before numerous murders taking place at the same time (Campania), since they have the burden to decide whether or not someone is to die or keep on living, and they can do so while being seen by humans (William and Ronald in two arcs) or while hiding themselves. I believe it’s probably easier for them to interact with humans during the investigations in order to gather information faster.

However, as Sascha pointed out, sometimes humans can still feel them even when the Shinigamis’ve chosen to stay invisible (Ciel being an exception here) and those people generally are close to dying. That’s all Sascha says.

Examples: - In the Campania Arc, Ronald wasn’t hiding himself on purpose (otherwise how was hesupposed to talk to Mey Rin?), neither was Will at the beginning of the Circus Arc.
- Grell played the role of Madam Red’s butler, a human, so obviously they had chosen to stay noticeable to other humans’ eyes (even if they could easily disappear to go commit the murders as a part of Jack the Ripper, by becoming invisible).
- The Undertaker stayed noticeable whenever he was the information broker/mortician, but he could also choose to remain unnoticeable like in Weston College and maybe at the end of the Circus Arc when he’s shown watching the fire started by Ciel and Sebastian.    

I’ll also add that Shinigamis aren’t always seeable by demons when they’ve decided to stay hidden: perfect example in chapter 103 when Sebastian didn’t sense the 2 German Shinigamis, or simply when he never knew that Undertaker was a Shinigami until he saw his eyes.
That probably depends on if the demon already faced the Shinigami in question at least once (that would be how Sebastian sensed Will in the Circus Arc after meeting him during the Jack the Ripper case) and how much he has to focus to sense them (he had faced Undertaker on the Campania Arc, but remained unsure of the Principal’s identity in Weston until the reveal).  

Finally, some rare people with special lineage (like Ciel) can detect Shinigamis even though they’re not close to death yet.

2) Why isn’t Frances on that family tree?

(Surprisingly, I thought people didn’t care at all about Frances since she’s rarely been around, even if I think she rocks, so that was a pleasant surprise ^^)
The tree panel is in reference to Ciel’s lineage, discussed by Ludgar/Rudgar and Sascha because our MC just spotted them. So the tree shown is about Ciel, not the Phantomhive family.
Of course, Frances is Ciel’s aunt, his father’s sister so they share a blood connection, but that tree only shows direct relatives and that doesn’t include aunts, uncles or cousins.
Direct relatives are siblings, father, mother, grandparents and sometimes great-grandparents, the people who directly transmitted blood to Ciel, and that’s indeed what’s showing on Ciel’s tree. Claudia made Vincent and Frances, and as siblings they have the exact same blood (assuming Frances’ father is Cedric too). Then Vincent married Rachel and they had Ciel, so Frances and Ciel’s connection stops at Vincent. She’s neither his sister nor his mother so she’s not a direct relative and doesn’t appear on that tree.

This tree is of the simplest kind, basically because it only shows direct relatives (don’t worry, that means Madam Red isn’t on Rachel’s side of the tree either, Rachel’s parents supposedly are there though).

Let’s imagine that Yana had drawn Elizabeth’s tree: Frances’ name would show up, so would Alexis’, Edward’s, Alexis’ parents’ and Frances’ parents’ but not Vincent or Ciel’s name. As for Vincent’s tree: Frances would be there, their parents as well and the grandparents on the two sides.

Now I know we don’t all have to agree about this tree, but do you seriously think Yana would forget about Frances, Elizabeth and Edward’s mother, Vincent’s sister? Well, I don’t. :)

periwinklelime theorized differently that the tree was only showing Ciel’s dead relatives (Sascha and Ludgar are Shinigamis after all) which would explain why Frances isn’t on it and that’s actually a very interesting point.
However, the two branches coming from Vincent and Rachel’s union are opening too much possibilities in that case, so I’m stopping there because I’m still hazardous on the details about this particular corner. It’s a theory to keep in mind though.

3) Claudia and Cedric’s parents’ part of the tree.

In Part 1, I wrote the possibility that Cedric and Claudia were lovers more than husband and wife (which doesn’t mean that Claudia didn’t have a husband on the side, if Cedric was the lover that is)  because of the drawing differences  between their branches and Vincent and Rachel’s.
This was by far the weakest point of the whole theory, since indeed, Vincent’s grandparents’ branches look more like Claudia and Cedric’s than Vincent and Rachel’s.
First I’ll explain that part.

For me, it’s mostly that, seeing how close Vincent’s grandparents’ frames were, Yana didn’t have the place to draw the branches in between them, while she could draw the junction between Claudia and Cedric (enough space) but chose not to. That’s fishy, but since it’s definitely a matter of appreciation here, I can understand people not agreeing at all with me.

So then were Claudia and Cedric married or not?

Here’s what I think: trying to decipher Claudia’s parents’ names, I don’t think we can say for sure whether “Phantomhive” is her maiden name or not. So starting from that, there are several possibilities:

Claudia was born as a Phantomhive (like Frances) or she wasn’t but she married one (like Rachel). Again, her parents’ names are illegible so I’m being cautious, but since we can see a woman before Vincent when Randall spoke of the Watchdog and his predecessors in chapter 15, I’d say she definitely was the Watchdog before Vincent, which would mean for me that she was born as a Phantomhive.

I’ll try to stay neutral though.
So if Claudia was born as a Phantomhive, Cedric either was her husband or her lover (because even a woman heir to her own name wouldn’t be free to choose who she’d marry); however if she married a Phantomhive Lord and then took his name, that means Cedric was only her lover. Speaking with probabilities, that means Cedric had more chance to be her lover than her husband (2/3 against 1/3), but again you don’t have to agree.  

Assuming Cedric is the Undertaker (my theory of part 1), the way I see this character, a Shinigami who worked for a long time and then deserted, who has morbid tastes and six other lockets aside Claudia’s, I can’t see him married to a respectable woman who would need discretion more than anything else to do her work for the Queen.
In the end it comes down to your own thoughts of him, but I don’t think he would love like a normal man. He’s got interest and curiosity for humans, the Phantomhive family in particular, and he might have been saddened by Claudia’s death (regret and loneliness, mostly) which then lead the Bizarre Dolls project, but I can’t see him married to an important noble lady.

Which is why, I clearly prefer for Cedric to be her lover, if Cedric is the Undertaker’s real name.  

Bonus Question: If Cedric is just Claudia’s husband and a regular human, then who or what is making Ciel’s lineage special?

This stood out when I was trying to find an explanation about Claudia and Cedric’s parents’ part of the tree after writing Part 1.

You should really check the original panel of the chapter to compare, but the right frame above Claudia’s has a branch going higher while the frame on the left doesn’t, which technically means that Claudia’s parent on the right had ancestors while the one of the left didn’t (he or she comes out of nowhere).

The question here is, is it a mistake or was it done on purpose?
- If you take the illegibly writing in these frames as a way to discard Claudia and Cedric’s parents because they are not important and Yana didn’t want to have to look for names or dates, then it was a simple mistake.
- If you think Yana wanted to hide one of their identities because one of them is important then it was done on purpose.

However, since it took the German Shinigami one look to notice that Ciel had a special lineage thanks to that tree, then we can definitely assume there is something evident on that tree, and if it’s not Cedric himself (who’s more fishy than Claudia or Vincent with his frame half hidden), then it’s got to be that upper left frame, one of Claudia’s parents.
Pushing that idea further, if we consider that Yana didn’t draw a branch above that frame on purpose, that means that parent really comes out of nowhere; and adding that to Claudia and the Undertaker’s link, his similarities to Vincent, as well as Frances’ strength and Ciel’s lineage, then in that case, we can pretty much say that maybe the Undertaker is Claudia’s father.

So in the end, is the Undertaker Vincent’s father or Claudia’s?

Well, it depends on whether or not Shinigamis are dead and soulless humans or beings that have nothing to do with them.

- If they are dead humans now acting as reapers, then technically they have a birth and death date like any other humans, and coincidentally Cedric’s dates are hidden (in that case Cedric = the Undertaker). [EDIT: except if, when the human becomes a death God, theirrecord is “erased” in order for the human to start their new “life” as Shinigamis]
- If they aren’t former humans at all, then that upper left frame having no family above it is understandable since Shinigamis can’t have a familial background (in that case the Undertaker = Claudia’s father).

Make your own opinion by choosing the theory you prefer.

For me, taking Sascha’s words in consideration (“I’m so happy to be a Shinigami” meaning there was maybe a time they weren’t one) makes me think they’re dead humans turned into Death Gods (and it would also explain why their physical appearances are so close to humans’). 

Also the Undertaker left his people around 50 years ago and while he could have had intercourse with a woman while still being a Shinigami, Claudia was born 60 years ago (we’re in August 1889 she was born in 1830) so my guess is that he came to know about her after deserting, and he got interested in the Phantomhive family upon watching her acting as the Watchdog (a woman having such a powerful position at that time wasn’t common, aside from Queen Victoria, so she was probably a sight to behold for him who found humans so very interesting…). So basically, for me the Undertaker was Cedric K. Ros-.

Thank you for reading all that if you were brave enough, and like last time, feel free to add/ask anything. 


more shots of Sterling from earlier. out of all my dolls, he is one of my top faves. and to think I was going to sell him the year I got him! Ringdoll’s been putting out more boys and I would really like to get another one, but it’s so hard to choose, all the sculpts coming out lately are too good 😅

anyway, I have a bunch more pictures to post here and flickr, but haven’t really had it on my mind when I sit at my desk with the files. I really should knuckle down and post all the box openings and new boys I have 😤😆

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Idk if you want a new au but hannibal can be Will's stalker and Will is secretly into it because he has Hybristophilia (attraction to criminals) and knows his stalker is the ripper but doesn't tell the fbi about it because he's in love.

I tried? I really did? If it wasn’t 11 pages I wouldn’t have posted it? Warning for stalking and romanticizing stalking, and puppies. 


The first sign that he had an admirer was the flower.

Will found it on the windshield of his car after class, a single red rose that he brought to his nose to smell a smile on his face as he set it on the passenger seat before driving home.

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Jack The Ripper is the best known name given to an unidentified serial killer or killers active in the largely impoverished areas in and around the Whitechapel district in the East End of London in 1888. The name originated in a letter written by someone claiming to be the murderer that was disseminated in the media. The letter is widely believed to have been a hoax, and may have been written by journalists in an attempt to heighten interest in the story and increase their newspaper’s circulation.

Attacks ascribed to Jack the Ripper typically involved female prostitutes who lived and worked in the slums of London and whose throats were cut prior to abdominal mutilations. This modus opperandi, the removal of internal organs from at least three of the victims led to proposals that their killer possessed anatomical or surgical knowledge. Rumours that the murders were connected intensified in September and October 1888, and letters from a writer or writers purporting to be the murderer were received by media outlets and Scotland Yard. The “From Hell” letter, received by George Lusk of the Whitechapel Vigilance Committee, included half of a preserved human kidney, purportedly taken from one of the victims. Mainly because of the extraordinarily brutal character of the murders, and because of media treatment of the events, the public came increasingly to believe in a single serial killer known as “Jack the Ripper”.

Jack The Ripper is said to have had five victims, known as the canonical five: Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes and Mary Jane Kelly, all murdered between 31 August and 9 November 1888. As the murders were never solved, the legends surrounding them became a combination of genuine historical research, folklore, and pseudohistory.

The term “ripperology” was coined to describe the study and analysis of the Ripper cases. There are now over one hundred theories about the Ripper’s identity, including, widely believed (at the time) that Queen Victoria’s grandson, Prince Albert was infact the Ripper. Although recently anouced was that Aaron Kominsky, a Polish Jew whose name appears in many historical registers of lunatics and in multiple asylums, was Jack The Ripper, this is yet to be approved by everyone.

Perhaps most interesting is a fairly recent suspect that has come to light, James Maybrick, a factory owner from Liverpool, who’s wife was said to have poisoned him. He is said to have had a dairy, writing in detail the murders that “Jack” carried out, however the is disregarded by many historians as there are erroneous statements(about where he placed the organs etc) that render this diary a fake. However, in 1993 a man was said to have purchased a golden pocket watch with the five vicitims initials carved into it, along with “J. Maybrick” and the words “I am Jack.

Jack The Ripper is to this day, one of the most infamous serial killers in history.