had fun making these anyway :d


(It’s pretty long, I’m sorry.) So, @jotunvali suggested a crossover between gafou and the Little Mermaid, and of course I came up with something without actual mermaids! :D I’m truly sorry, but I think it’s funnier this way. XD (I’ll draw a mermfou sooner or later though)

Anyway, this is the first “variant”, I made another one (much shorter, with only one bonus scene after the Part of Your World animation) but my monitor is slowly dying and so I don’t know when I’m gonna finish it and post it. </3 Anyway, I hope you like it! I had so much fun making this!

I’m late as always, I really need work on that, but as you people know already pokemon go had its birthday/anniversery :D! Happy Birthday/Anniversary It’s been one year since it came out and really I still love the app and the leaders to death cause it was this that I started draw more than ever, make comics and actually use this blog. Sad it not as popular use to be cause that was really fun but it still going! Also that artwork they had…SPARK DONT DROP THOSE EGGS!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Pokemon Go!

Doodle ideas 1 - plants

Remember when I asked you what should I do with the remaining pages of my bujo? Well, the most suggested thing was to do some doodle ideas, which I did, yaay :D. Now I know a lot of people have done these, @studypetals has series of these, @studywithinspo has done some great ones too (he even has videos on how to do doodles!)… but here I am anyway :D. To do something a bit different, I tried to draw them all in one theme. So here’s various flora, all I could think of :D. I had fun making these and I still have a lot of pages left in my journal, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! :)


Hey guys, look! Fancy animation duds! If you can even call it animation lol. Playing around with my new CS6, and figured to play around with it a bit for some effects. Been awhile since I made anything. Anyway, this is a contribution to my new tumblr theme, just in time for Valentine’s Day :3. And what better way than with Cupid!au :D. I really had fun in making this LIES, since trying to figure out the sizing to the gif wasn’t lol. Either way, hope you guys will check out my blog set up, thank you for being continuously supportive! I truly apologize for my constant hiatus. Also, Merida’s cupid design is credit to @arcanabreak ;)!

Lena Luthor x reader (Preventative measures, and one welcome threat)

a/n: no one asked for this one either but… I’m gonna do the thing anyway just because, and I thought about how absolutely dumb it would be if you were this cool, unflappable bodyguard but you’d become profoundly useless the moment you saw Lena put her hair down or like, do something vaguely hot and you’d just… become totally non-functioning LOL

Anyway I’m a trash person and I have trash ideas so here’s the trash thing! It’s not all that serious, I wanted it to be all fun and giggles lmao. This is really indulgent and like, six different levels of unprofessional but then I realized THIS IS FIC WE CAN DO WHATEVER WE WANT Y’ALL!!! YAY!! it’s a little shorter and I think I can get away with making another part for it. Moreover though, I think Lena has had too many bouts with death and TBH I think she should just get a break dammit! Don’t we deserve better than that? Maybe we do… ;)

- - - - -

You would never really consider yourself a storyteller, but you’re beginning to understand that’s just what you’ve become. For all the questions people ask about your job, you have just as many anecdotes that for some reason, people find just absolutely fascinating.

Yours is a humble beginning - no, you didn’t always want to be a personal bodyguard. No, you didn’t go to school for it. Yes, like most things that have occurred in your life, opportunities presented themselves and you took the chance.

In fact, when you were five years old you were convinced you were going to be an astronaut when you grew up… or a dog-walker. You certainly did not think you’d be someone who was hired for the sole purpose of protecting vaguely important people you really had no idea about, nor could care to know about.

The job, you’ve realized in your own personal experiences, is a whole lot of rich people travelling around to gamble or to partake in other high-risk trade-offs, and still, you always think no one should have any right to carry around that much money, let alone own that much at all to warrant needing personal security in the form of another human being.

Still, it pays itself, and you couldn’t find yourself complaining heartily about the injustices of the wealthy elite and their various extravagances when you’ve made a comfortable life for yourself out of their paranoia.

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For @smittenwithsugden who wanted fluffy / domestic stuff…

Liv woke up and she could hear murmurings from downstairs, which was unusual. Especially at this time of day. Aaron didn’t talk to people this early in the morning, it usually took a while for him to wake up and say anything besides the continued nagging for her to go to school. So to hear two voices was odd. Liv pulled her dressing gown on and tiptoed downstairs, being quiet. She was light footed anyway, when she chose to be.

Robert was in her kitchen, acting like he’d never left. He was a little bedraggled, hair a mess, in a T shirt and jogging bottoms. It was obvious he’d slept here and Liv couldn’t help the smile from appearing on her face. He was home.

“There’s your tea,” Aaron said, pushing a mug towards Robert across the kitchen countertop. Aaron had his typical trademark “Robert heart eyes” on, and Liv would make fun of him if it wasn’t so damn good to see. Her brother had been so miserable for the past few months, even if he tried to hide it. But Robert was here, and Aaron was smiling.

“You sleep okay?” Robert asked, arms wrapping around Aaron’s waist, the two men far too close for Liv to be watching and interrupting.

“I slept great,” Aaron said, that soft smile on his face again. “First time in months.”

“That’s good,” Robert soothed. He kissed Aaron gently and Liv couldn’t tear her eyes away from them. “How’s Liv going to be? With me here, I mean.” Robert turned away from Aaron to butter their toast and Aaron moved behind him, grabbing the orange juice from the fridge.

“She’ll probably give you the cold shoulder for a few days,” Aaron said. “A week tops. But she’s missed you, even if she’d never tell you that in a million years.” Robert smiled.

“Well, I’ll take all the hoops she’s got for me to jump through,” Robert said. “As long as you want me here…”

“I do,” Aaron said. He kissed Robert again, and Liv loudly stomped down the last two stairs before going into the kitchen.

“Oh,” she said, false grumpiness. “He’s here, is he?”

“Yeah,” Robert said, and to her amusement, he looked nervous about her reaction. Like her opinion on him mattered so much. She could have a bit of fun with this if she wanted to.

“Sticking around?”

“Hope so,” Robert said, catching Aaron’s eye, and yet another smile on her brothers face.

“How do differential equations work?” Liv said.


“I can’t do my maths,” Liv said. “You might as well make yourself useful.” She couldn’t stop herself any more, her face broke out into a grin, one Robert mirrored.

“It’s so good to see you,” Robert said.

“All right,” Liv said. “Don’t get soppy on me, save all that mush for him.” Robert’s eyes slid over to Aaron and both of them smiled. And Liv felt like she had her family back, exactly as it should be.

Fighting at the Dance Floor

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Hello! I just wanted to start off by saying that I love your writing! Anyways, I was wondering if you could write a Peter Parker imagine where they are already together but in a fight. There’s a Dance-A-Thon at school to raise money for a school trip, and they already signed up to be partners prior to their fight. So they are arguing on the dance floor and it ends with them making up and a kiss and fluff. Thank you! :) (anonymous)

Word count: 499

A/N: I loved this request so I decided to write this right away. At 7 am after no sleep. Anyway I hope that this is what you wanted and that you’ll like it! Oh, and I hope I understood what Dance-A-Thon meant (I had to google it because we don’t have anything fun like that in my country :D)

Originally posted by tom-hollcnd

Peter was the last person you wanted to see right now. You two had a big fight last night and now you were supposed to attend the Dance-A-Thon together. Five hours of nonstop dancing with Peter. Two days ago, it sounded like the best day ever. But that was before Peter pissed you off with his annoying behavior.

You arrived at the event and texted Peter your location. You heard a door open and turned your head towards it. You had calmed yourself down before coming but now that you saw Peter’s stupid face, all the anger came running back. “Hey” you said a bit too coldly and started walking towards the dance floor. “Well hello to you too” Peter muttered with an annoying tone. You rolled your eyes and stopped at the edge of the dance floor. 

“Okay, we have to spend five hours staring each other’s faces can we at least pretend that we can stand each other?” you asked Peter and he responded with a dramatic eye roll. “Oh this is going to be hell” you muttered to yourself. “Whatever do you mean darling” Peter answered with the biggest fake smile you had ever seen. “Let’s just get this over with” you said and started dancing with him. 

You got over the first hour and a half with minimal arguing. You both just swayed quietly avoiding eye contact. Then he stepped on your toes. “Ow! Watch it Peter!” you yelled a bit too loudly. “It’s not like I did it on purpose Y/N! You need to chill out a bit jeez” Peter replied. “I need to chill? You were the one coming here with that attitude” you argued him. “I HAVE AN ATTITUDE?” Peter started to heat up. “Hey what in the world is going on between you two? What are you two fighting about?” Ned asked. “You two are ruining the Dance-A-Thon!” He continued and you started thinking. What were you two fighting about originally? You looked at Peter and saw that he was wondering the same thing. “Truce?” you said giving him an apologetic smile. “Truce.” Peter agreed. 

“What were we fighting about?” Peter asked and you shrugged “I don’t know. I guess everything just kind of escalated really quickly. I’m sorry Pete” “No, I’m sorry Y/N. I was acting like a jerk” “Peter we were both acting like jerks” you laughed. You moved closer to Peter and gave him a sweet kiss. 

A slower song came and you started slow dancing. Peter held you tightly against him and started kissing you all over your face. God, you loved this guy. “Well I didn’t mean that you should start making out right here right now” Ned said and gave you two a disgusted look. You looked at Peter and you both broke into laughter. Against all odds the Dance-A-Thon turned out to be one of the best events all year. I mean you got to dance for hours with the guy of your dreams.

anonymous asked:

How did you find your pantheon? You mentioned pop culture and personal rep, did you come up with them??

 Hey darling!~

Oh gosh my Pantheon is something i’ve been working with off and on for several years. I had the inspiration come to me when I was a teenager and I went to like a muesum/collection thing and got inspired to associate certain Gemstones with certain royal titles. they were originally going to be for a murder mystery story i was working on but that never got off the ground unfortunately haha.

From there they kind of laid dormant for a while until i began starting to get back into witchcraft and such. I knew i wanted to work with a pantheon but none of them really called out to me much like how my court does. When i decided I wanted to work with them I already had their Stones/Court Titles picked out from my earlier story (a few minor title adjustments were made -a few court members got elevated to higher statuses which they seemed content with so i knew i was on the right track-) From there i began looking into it more and found several links that were really super useful for me when coming up with correspondences and associations for my court because at the time I wasn’t sure if i even wanted to use Pop culture icons or not (or even which ones i’d want to include)

Pop Culture Paganism: An introduction
Creating a Pop Culture Pantheon

This last one by @thiscrookedcrown really REALLY helped me a lot with breaking down my god/desses into spheres of influences:

Creating your own Pop Culture Pantheon: an Ask

(This is getting long so i’m gunna put the rest under the cut so i don’t kill your dash :’D)

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Hey babes!! Hope you are all doing alright!! *hugs* So… I changed my theme (again /sweats) hahah I was getting a bit tired of my old one and then I changed to BNHA (…. again;;;;) lolol. *coughs* Anyways I wanted to make a soft and smooth theme with a bit of some pastel colors! I had to experiment and made a different PSD… it took awhile tho X’D but I really liked the final results :) So really hope you enjoy it also and let me know if you guys like it hehe ^^ BIG KISSES!!! ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


TEAM 7: Next Generation

This is not in my “to draw list” but I got the urge to draw them so I gave in… What’s the point of making a list if I’m not gonna follow it anyway!?! orz

Moving on,

I had fun designing their clothes! I based the designs on their genin outfits with the mixture of their parents’ outfits. I really liked how they turned out! :D 

While doing these, I was like “damn this team is just so over powered” because think about it:

  • Boruto = son of Naruto (strongest ninja in the shinobi world who came from the Uzumaki clan) and Hinata (heiress of the Hyuuga clan)
  • Sarada = daughter of Sasuke (2nd strongest ninja in the shinobi world who came from the Uchiha clan) and Sakura (greatest medical ninja who surpassed Tsunade)
  • Mitsuki = son of Orochimaru (one of the legendary Sannins who is a fucking immortal!!!)

Like imagine if they already awaken and developed their full potential as shinobis, who else can beat this monster team!?! And imagine if Boruto marries Sarada and they make babies!?! I bet their children are gonna be as strong as Hashirama and Madara or they might be even stronger HAHAHA

Okay enough of this. I hope you enjoyed them! Later guys~ ♥


Please do not repost anywhere, thank you.

anonymous asked:

omg G to the D + 6 (pregnancy/parenting) please 🙏🏻 because he would be such a great dad 💕

➸ word count: 1k

➸ fluff, like so much floof i feel ;___;

➸ general audience

➸ a/n: honestly my friend, i too believe jiyong will one day make a great father and it makes me so emotionally unstable. i love that man. anyways, i really hope you like this, i had fun writing this and i think it’s the quickest ive ever gotten a fic done. started at like 11, it’s now half past midnight lol. anyways, carry on, thank you for the request! xoxox

“Come on little one, what’s got you so excited tonight?” ________ calls out softly in hopes of settling down the baby’s incessant kicking. Rubbing her baby bump, she peels away the covers from her body and makes her way towards the kitchen. 

Maybe a warm cup of tea will help. 

Jiyong sets down his luggage and sighs as he reaches his front door, the excitement bubbling inside of him is a little too hard to contain. He’s finally home after being away on tour, it’s been about three months and he’s missed his home. 

Most of all, he’s missed his baby girls, the two most precious and cherished beings in his entire world. 

He slots in his key, opening the front, and lugs in his belongings as silently as possible. 

Though he knows ________ is most likely sleeping by now, being that it is well past midnight, he can’t wait to curl up next to her in their shared bed and just soak in her peaceful beauty–maybe even pepper her face softly with light kisses. 

He’s also very much excited to see her growing belly in person. Although he’s kept up with the pregnancy via FaceTime, Instagram and photos from friends and family members–he’s yet to actually see how big his wife has gotten. 

In the midst of his excitement, he had yet to notice that the usual darkened house that greeted him when away for a long time was actually not so dark after all. There was a lamp dimly lighting up the living room, and there was also light coming from the kitchen. 

With knitted brows, Jiyong shrugged off his jacket and kicked off his shoes, quickly making his way towards the kitchen. Soon enough, he could hear a small ruckus of pans clinking against each other while one of his newest songs played softly in the back. 

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Roméo et Juliette asks.
  • 1 Vérone: Do you like where you live now?
  • 2 La Haine: Have you ever held onto a grudge for so long that you forgot how it started?
  • 3 Un Jour: How long are you willing to wait for something you really want?
  • 4 La Demand en Mariage: Have you ever asked someone's parents if you could date them before you asked them out?
  • 5 Tu dois te marier: Do you think your parents have unfair expectations?
  • 6 Les rois du monde: Have you ever rebelled against an authority figure because their rules were unfair?
  • 7 J'ai peur: Do you fear the future?
  • 8 L'amour heureux: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • 9 C'est pas ma faute: Fate or free will?
  • 10 Le poete: Are you the kind of person who talks about their crush to anyone who will listen?
  • 11 Le balcon: Would you date someone your parents hated if you thought it was true love?
  • 12 Par amour: Have you ever talked someone sensible into helping you do something unbelievably stupid?
  • 13 Les beaux, les laids: Do you believe everyone gets what they deserve, regardless of beauty?
  • 14 Et voila qu'elle aime: Who, besides a romantic partner, would you give up everything for?
  • 15 Aimer: Describe a time you were truly happy.
  • 16 On dit dans la rue: When have you felt betrayed by your friends?
  • 17 C'est le jour: What's the worst thing you've said or done to send a message to someone you didn't like?
  • 18 Le duel: When's the last time you picked a fight for no reason? Did it end well for you?
  • 19 Mort de Mercutio: Would you continue to fight a nemesis if the price was your dearest friend?
  • 20 La vengeance: Do you believe vengeance and justice are the same or different?
  • 21 Le pouvoir: Is power worth loneliness?
  • 22 Duo du désespoir: Describe a time you lost faith in humanity. Did you ever get it back?
  • 23 Le chant de l'alouette: What is the hardest part of saying goodbye?
  • 24 Demain: Would you do anything your parents asked if you thought it would make them proud, even if you didn't want to do it?
  • 25 Avoir une fille: What legacy do you want to leave for your children?
  • 26 Sans elle: Have anyone ever acted like love was a crime? What do you want to tell that person?
  • 27 On prie: Is distance from war the same as peace? Why or why not?
  • 28 Le poison: Do you feel like you have to play a part just to get through life?
  • 29 Comment lui dire: When have you been lost for words?
  • 30 Mort de Roméo: When have you felt helpless?
  • 31 Mort de Juliette: When have you been heartbroken?
  • 32 J'sais plus: Do you believe in an afterlife?
  • 33 Coupables: Are any resolutions permanent, or are all resolutions temporary?
  • A. Je rêve: Do dreams have significance in waking life?
  • B. Tybalt: Is it better to be feared or invisible?
  • C. La folie: Do you have one friend who makes no sense but you love them anyway?
  • D. Avoir 20 ans: Do you fight for what you believe in even if you know it won't get you recognition?

vet-and-wild  asked:

Since you've kind of been on the subject of DnD, any advice for a novice DM? Working on getting a campaign going with my roommates (vet student schedules are making this quite difficult) and while I've done the most vet student-y thing possible and done a ton of research, I'm still nervous. None of us have ever played DnD so it might be a gigantic mess, and I'm fine with that, but I want it to be a fun gigantic mess. I've lost track of the question tax so I'll send a picture of cute baby animal!

I used to run my first games of the campaign kind of like a tutorial. The first objective is clear and without a distraction, the first combat is simple, and there’s some skill checks early on so players get the basics quickly. 

Highlighters help keep track of the most common checks they roll. I would also try to make sure than skill based characters do have an opportunity to use a skill in each game, that’s what makes them fun.

Once they’ve had a sample of the mechanics, you can start presenting choices and slowly take off the training wheels. Remember that if it’s your first time running a game, you need those training wheels as well. Being a DM means juggling a lot of balls in the air at once, but it gets better with practice and good organization.

I would also recommend following the ‘rule of cool’. If a player comes up with a really cool idea, even if you haven’t planned for it and ren’t sure how to make the rules apply to it, let it happen anyway. D&D is about telling a story, and that is best done as a team.

The thing that haunts me about Gendry and Jon not mentioning Arya is I want to believe D&D did it deliberately and have a plan. They did it to make their reunions with Arya have more impact/be surprising. They intentionally decided Gendry wouldn’t mention Arya because it was too painful for him/he felt guilty for her death etc. Gendry’s loyalty to Jon was always partly motivated by Arya subtextually. All of the reasons fans have come up with to justify the Arya-sized elephant in the room in every Jon and Gendry scene and how the writers missed it.

…But I truly don’t think D&D put that much thought into her character. (Or any characters).

In the end, I think D&D just wanted to parallel to the Robert/Ned meeting in s1, wanted a Baratheon-Stark bromance v2 and the added irony of Gendry and Jon’s real fathers being enemies. That’s all they cared about.

And they thought that was cool and so screw the glaringly obvious connection between them, screw Jon and Arya’s bond, screw Gendry and Arya’s relationship, screw Gendry’s characterization as someone who had no time for Robert and screw Arya in general. Legit Arya probably didn’t even occur to them once they had “Robert and Ned v2!!!” in their heads.

It was great, it was fun, we’re so smart and the fans can make gifsets of “you got fat/I thought you’d be taller” quips. Who cares about what makes sense for your characters anyway. 

Just Another Monday

Characters: Dean Winchester, Y/N (reader) Sam Winchester,

Pairing: Dean x reader,

Warnings: I honestly can’t think of any.   

Wordcount: 2500ish

A/N: This is written for @mysupernaturalfics - she turns 20 today. Go send her a lot of love and help me wish her a happy birthday.

Sorry Rach I wrote this kinda fast and without an outline so it is a little messy, but I hope you like it still.

See bracelet and Y/N’s dress here

Thanks to the ever amazing @blacktithe7 for betaing this silly Dean fluffiness for me and thanks to @bkwrm523 for giving me a Title :D

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Birthdays had never been a big deal for Dean. Not his own anyway. He always made sure to pick something up at a convenient store for Sam on May 2nd. He would also try to be less annoying to his brother on that day. He would not sing along to the music blaring from the Impala’s stereo (or not as loudly anyway). He would not make fun of Sam for eating his rabbit food or ordering his chick latte.

His own birthday came and went. Sam would alway give Dean some tools or something for Baby, and Dean loved that. Still, it was just a day like any other day to him. He had no idea why he wanted Y/N’s birthday to be different., but he did. He wanted her to feel special. He wanted her to have a day she would remember.

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