had fun making these anyway :d

A friend of mine recently DM’d a campaign in the Star Wars universe. I know very little of Star Wars but the Yuzzem aliens stuck out to me because

  1. big
  2. furry
  3. tusky

anyway this is Gor, my noble character. Stats-wise, he did not make for a competent noble, but he still managed to lie about his false identity (William Clinton, a human from Naboo) and get away with it. I had a lot of fun with this guy.

Aaaand happy birthday to Ink created by the lovely @myebi / @comyet ~~!

Kinda messy again because booy I gotta learn, haha :”D

Next two weeks will muuuch exam happiness for me, I can’t waaait for that!

But anyway, I shouldn’t be rambling on the birthday picture of that lovely boy! I should be more thanking Comyet for creating that awesome squid!! He’s a cool character to work with and boy, I had so much fun with drawing and cosplaying him!

Thank you so much for making him! He really changed my life (in a very very good way >u< @unu-nunu-art knows it~ )!

Doodle ideas 1 - plants

Remember when I asked you what should I do with the remaining pages of my bujo? Well, the most suggested thing was to do some doodle ideas, which I did, yaay :D. Now I know a lot of people have done these, @studypetals has series of these, @studywithinspo has done some great ones too (he even has videos on how to do doodles!)… but here I am anyway :D. To do something a bit different, I tried to draw them all in one theme. So here’s various flora, all I could think of :D. I had fun making these and I still have a lot of pages left in my journal, so if you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know! :)


UF Papyrus requested by anon! They asked me if i could make him in a gorey way but im not sure if this is gorey enough?? Well i hope it is X’D I’ve also been listening to this song for quite awhile now hahaha. Anyway, had fun making this one! Thank you for requesting! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_


Hey guys, look! Fancy animation duds! If you can even call it animation lol. Playing around with my new CS6, and figured to play around with it a bit for some effects. Been awhile since I made anything. Anyway, this is a contribution to my new tumblr theme, just in time for Valentine’s Day :3. And what better way than with Cupid!au :D. I really had fun in making this LIES, since trying to figure out the sizing to the gif wasn’t lol. Either way, hope you guys will check out my blog set up, thank you for being continuously supportive! I truly apologize for my constant hiatus. Also, Merida’s cupid design is credit to @arcanabreak ;)!

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Top 3 reacting to getting flirted with?

Amajiki Tamaki: He notices that you’re flirting with him, but then he scolds himself for thinking someone like you would take an interest in him. He seems sort of frosty but it’s because he’s constantly battling in his head about if you’re being legitimate, or just making fun of him. He doesn’t really know how to flirt anyway, and the only way he’d be able to respond to your flirtation is via text or writing where he can think out a response. 

Hadou Nejire: Nejire can be oblivious, but for the most part, she can zoom in instantly when someone begins compliment her more than normal. She gives you a cute smile and starts off with a smooth response, but soon it turns to teasing questions: “Do you have a crush on me?”, “How long have you had a crush on me?”, “How long did it take you to approach me with that line?” etc. 

Toogata Mirio: Mirio is the most oblivious one and would chalk flirting up to just being nice to him; if you come on stronger, though, he’s sure to notice because he’s not that much of a fool. When he realizes you’re flirting he grows sheepish, rubbing the back of his head with a blush as he tells you how flattered he is that you’re showering him with your attention. 


TEAM 7: Next Generation

This is not in my “to draw list” but I got the urge to draw them so I gave in… What’s the point of making a list if I’m not gonna follow it anyway!?! orz

Moving on,

I had fun designing their clothes! I based the designs on their genin outfits with the mixture of their parents’ outfits. I really liked how they turned out! :D 

While doing these, I was like “damn this team is just so over powered” because think about it:

  • Boruto = son of Naruto (strongest ninja in the shinobi world who came from the Uzumaki clan) and Hinata (heiress of the Hyuuga clan)
  • Sarada = daughter of Sasuke (2nd strongest ninja in the shinobi world who came from the Uchiha clan) and Sakura (greatest medical ninja who surpassed Tsunade)
  • Mitsuki = son of Orochimaru (one of the legendary Sannins who is a fucking immortal!!!)

Like imagine if they already awaken and developed their full potential as shinobis, who else can beat this monster team!?! And imagine if Boruto marries Sarada and they make babies!?! I bet their children are gonna be as strong as Hashirama and Madara or they might be even stronger HAHAHA

Okay enough of this. I hope you enjoyed them! Later guys~ ♥


Please do not repost anywhere, thank you.

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35 for the OT3

35. “Who did this to you?”
I tried to make this not angsty because damn, people, these fics are hurting me. Anyway, here you gooo :D

“Who did this to you?”


“Who fucking did this to you?” Katsuki’s fists were clenched at his sides, face pulled into a dangerous glare.

Sitting against the wall of the school, beneath his two boyfriends, Izuku grimaced. He had to peer up at them through one eye; the other was swollen near-shut, black-and-blue. He could feel bruises forming under his shirt and there was a tear in his left sleeve. It had happened so fast, he hadn’t even had a chance to retaliate. “J—just some guys,” he mumbled.

“Some guys?!” Katsuki demanded.

Next to him, Shouto pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to keep his cool. “Izuku, have they been…bullying you like this for a while?” he asked.

Izuku couldn’t lie, not to them. He nodded.

“FUCK,” Katsuki snapped, stomping off to the side to let some of his anger out. A cloud of swearing rose from him as he paced.

Shouto’s eyes flashed with anger and Izuku knew that he was barely keeping it back behind a wall of calm. Kneeling down in front of Izuku, Shouto reached out to touch his cheek. “Izuku,” he murmured, stroking his thumb over Izuku’s cheekbone, just beneath his swollen eye. “Why didn’t you tell us?”

“Didn’t want you to get involved,” Izuku mumbled. He dropped his eyes. “I thought they might hurt you…”

“Oh, baby,” Shouto cooed and Izuku felt a delighted thrum shoot up his spine, despite the situation. “You can tell us anything, okay? They won’t hurt us.”

“Damn right they won’t!” Izuku jumped at Katsuki’s shout and glanced up when Katsuki marched back over, livid. He jabbed a finger at them. “All right, here’s what we’re gonna do,” he announced furiously. “We take Deku home, we get him patched up, and then you and me, Halfie.” He opened a palm, fingers curled, and sparks popped from his skin. “We’re gonna beat those fucking sons of bitches into the fucking pavement. Okay?”

Izuku glanced quickly at Shouto. He usually didn’t agree to violence, not when an angry Katsuki was involved. Surprise flickered through him when Shouto nodded, steam lifting off his shoulder and frost dusting the other.

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Hey, I figured I’d give you guys a head’s up and announce that I’ve decided to go ahead and continue drawing Shallura!

Now that I’ve had time to think it over I’m very confident that, if the writers do have fixed ages, Allura is at least 18/19 and Shiro around 24. That being said, I still have a lot of fun drawing the both of them as adults in their mid-20′s and will continue to do so. To repeat myself from the last post: All my previous and future Shallura art is between two adults; regardless of what’s canon that has always been my intention.

I completely understand that this might make others uncomfortable so definitely unfollow/block if it’s whats best for you, or otherwise blacklist the ship because I’ll always tag my posts ~ 

Roméo et Juliette asks.
  • 1 Vérone: Do you like where you live now?
  • 2 La Haine: Have you ever held onto a grudge for so long that you forgot how it started?
  • 3 Un Jour: How long are you willing to wait for something you really want?
  • 4 La Demand en Mariage: Have you ever asked someone's parents if you could date them before you asked them out?
  • 5 Tu dois te marier: Do you think your parents have unfair expectations?
  • 6 Les rois du monde: Have you ever rebelled against an authority figure because their rules were unfair?
  • 7 J'ai peur: Do you fear the future?
  • 8 L'amour heureux: Do you believe in love at first sight?
  • 9 C'est pas ma faute: Fate or free will?
  • 10 Le poete: Are you the kind of person who talks about their crush to anyone who will listen?
  • 11 Le balcon: Would you date someone your parents hated if you thought it was true love?
  • 12 Par amour: Have you ever talked someone sensible into helping you do something unbelievably stupid?
  • 13 Les beaux, les laids: Do you believe everyone gets what they deserve, regardless of beauty?
  • 14 Et voila qu'elle aime: Who, besides a romantic partner, would you give up everything for?
  • 15 Aimer: Describe a time you were truly happy.
  • 16 On dit dans la rue: When have you felt betrayed by your friends?
  • 17 C'est le jour: What's the worst thing you've said or done to send a message to someone you didn't like?
  • 18 Le duel: When's the last time you picked a fight for no reason? Did it end well for you?
  • 19 Mort de Mercutio: Would you continue to fight a nemesis if the price was your dearest friend?
  • 20 La vengeance: Do you believe vengeance and justice are the same or different?
  • 21 Le pouvoir: Is power worth loneliness?
  • 22 Duo du désespoir: Describe a time you lost faith in humanity. Did you ever get it back?
  • 23 Le chant de l'alouette: What is the hardest part of saying goodbye?
  • 24 Demain: Would you do anything your parents asked if you thought it would make them proud, even if you didn't want to do it?
  • 25 Avoir une fille: What legacy do you want to leave for your children?
  • 26 Sans elle: Have anyone ever acted like love was a crime? What do you want to tell that person?
  • 27 On prie: Is distance from war the same as peace? Why or why not?
  • 28 Le poison: Do you feel like you have to play a part just to get through life?
  • 29 Comment lui dire: When have you been lost for words?
  • 30 Mort de Roméo: When have you felt helpless?
  • 31 Mort de Juliette: When have you been heartbroken?
  • 32 J'sais plus: Do you believe in an afterlife?
  • 33 Coupables: Are any resolutions permanent, or are all resolutions temporary?
  • A. Je rêve: Do dreams have significance in waking life?
  • B. Tybalt: Is it better to be feared or invisible?
  • C. La folie: Do you have one friend who makes no sense but you love them anyway?
  • D. Avoir 20 ans: Do you fight for what you believe in even if you know it won't get you recognition?

Tiny Dancer - Part Three

**Hey there!  Finally getting to the good stuff. :-)  Not sure that this will be the last installment, as I am extremely self-indulgent I’ve had a lot of fun with baby Zep, particularly making Jimmy suffer.  Anyway, hope you like it!  Pretty fluffy, as usual, and nsfw. <3**

Robert lay back as she swept her hair over one shoulder, slowly unzipping her dress.  She let it fall to the floor, kicking it away as the music enveloped her.  Completely absorbed, she swiveled and swayed, the silky undulations of her body matching the bluesy beat, teasing him mercilessly as one song morphed into another.  She was so sensuous, her movements fluid, a mix of grace and sheer sex that he’d never seen before.  And she was dancing just for him.  Bloody hell, his erection was back in full force, and the look in her eyes told him that she knew exactly what she was doing to him.  Fuck it, he had to touch her.  Her lips curved as he rose, bringing his hands to her hips, then gradually up the sides of her body.  “It’s your turn, Danielle.  What’s next, love?”

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Those Harry and Carrie gifs oh my! I love seeing Carrie's smile grow as Harrison starts doing his silent laugh thing. I wish she had been there during the panel if only to make even more fun of him about his infamous landings, she'd have joined in on the fun right away. Let me also point out how once again when talking about Carrie he made sure to say how brilliantly smart she was. Anyway i sound like Carrison trash now. Billie standing in for Carrie was beautiful but so heartbreaking </3

Yeah I mean… polemics aside, I feel like they really liked each other and clearly had had a good relationship over the years. It’s clear both he and Mark loved her in their own ways and I think she loved them right back. You don’t simply start in a phenomenon like Star Wars and walk away. They shared something special together and they always will.

It seemed like as good a time as any to post my old ‘finished’ illustrations, the more time that goes by and the (hopefully) better I get, the less likely I am to post them, so it’s now or never :D

Not sure this one actually counts as ‘finished’. It was a gift for a friend, except that froghog decided to lecture me on how much it DOESN’T look like flygon instead of saying thanks.. I had fun making it anyways xD ..the pineapple though.. it looks so weird.