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  • Sniper: Who broke the coffee pot? I’m not mad, I just want to know.
  • Engineer: I did. I broke it.
  • Sniper: No. No, you didn’t. Scout?
  • Scout: Don’t look at me, look at Medic.
  • Medic: What?! I didn’t break it!
  • Scout: Huh, that’s weird. How’d you even know it was broken?
  • Medic: Because it’s sitting right in front of us and it’s broken!
  • Scout: Suspicious.
  • Medic: No, it’s not!
  • Demo: If it matters, probably not… Spy was the last one to use it.
  • Spy: Liar! I don’t even drink that crap!
  • Demo: Oh, really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
  • Spy: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Demo!
  • Engineer: Okay, let’s not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it.
  • Sniper: No! Who broke it?!
  • Heavy: *whispering* Sniper, Pyro's been awfully quiet this whole time.
  • Pyro: Mmmph?!
  • *Yelling ensues*
  • *Camera pans to Sniper*
  • Sniper: I broke it. It burned my hand, so I punched it. I predict that ten minutes from now they’ll be at each other’s throats with war paint on their faces and weird hats.

Someone’s gotta do it


step one: allow yourself some semblance of a smile. your grief is not an iron cage and you are not trapped. you are allowed to mourn your own innocence, even if you barely remember how it felt. 

step two: hold his hand. you want to, even if you won’t admit it outloud. you want to take him and keep him so close to your chest that the world never has another chance to lash out, but if it did you’d be stood like a shield, like a guardian angel even the devil would avoid. it’s okay. it’s okay. hold his hand. 

step three: you don’t have to say the words for them to be true; at this point the “i love you"s are as natural as breathing, noiseless and soft. when you look at the stars you see the same light you find in his eyes everyday. 

step four: give yourself a chance to heal. it might take a while. it might take years. your past is a minefield no one taught you to navigate before now, but you are strong and you are loved and that’s enough (it has to be enough). 

step five: you gave him a key, a home, a reason to wake up with a smile and he gave you a reason to look forward to what was once a grey-scale future, now bathed in a shade of blue even the ocean would envy.

Be careful, I am dangerous, you wouldn’t want to get too involved with me…

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Remember us // art+ words: r.i.d

Bonkai: Batman AU 

You…complete me.


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  • {day 4} favorite relationship: anakin & obi-wan & padmé

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Day 2: Pictures Of You 

So of course we had to throw some angst in there.  Here’s Kaidan mourning Shepard after the Normandy SR-1 is destroyed.  I actually wrote a song at one point (because I’m a nerd like that) about the concept here, where Kaidan is basically drinking his sorrows away because he knows that, no matter how much he misses Shepard, they’re never coming back.  

Also I do have Day 3 written and I’ll post it in a little bit.

He still remembered the fire.  The explosions.  The screams and the blood, the bodies of their friends lost among the wreckage and floating freely in the nothingness of space.  

And Shepard.

It had been a year, and Kaidan still remembered them like it was yesterday. The shape of their face, the tone of their voice, the warmth of their skin…

But they were gone now.  Lost to the stars.  

He pulled out the hologram he kept of the two of them, a selfie taken in a quiet moment after they’d stopped Saren and Sovereign.  They both looked so happy there, at peace and in love.  

The fuzzy outlines of the hologram didn’t do Reyne any justice.  They were an awe inspiring figure and commanded respect from all who met them.  Kaidan never expected to fall in love with them, and he certainly didn’t expect that someone like Shepard could ever love him back.

He reached out toward the edges of the image as if he’d be able to touch Reyne again, feel them one last time.  He’d give anything to do so, or to hear them say his name, or see the constellations inside their eyes.  

But they were dead.  And they weren’t coming back.

He clicked off the hologram and put it back in his pocket.  

“You want another one?”  The bartender asked once he noticed Kaidan’s attention was no longer on the picture. “You look like you could use it.”

He nodded, and the bartender slid him another whiskey, which he downed in a single gulp.

“Why don’t you just leave the bottle?”  Kaidan asked. “I think I’ll be here a while…”

my wonwoo glasses came in today!!!!

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