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WARNING: (text about when you’re suicidal)

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“Arya has the hands of a blacksmith.” [1]

Arya had heard Septa Mordane said those words years ago, at the time when Mother and Father were still breathing and childhood was as sweet as it could be. Little Arya had felt insulted then, but also curious. What did a blacksmith’s hands look like, anyway? She remembered going straight to Mikken and demanded the man to stretch his hands for her to inspect. Mikken was, to no one’s suprise, unimpressed, and had refused her request flatly. She was about to throw a worthy tantrum had Jon not been there, pulling her out of the forge and distracted her with swordplay.

Arya was insulted, but she also understood that her needle work had been ghastly, so she could not really blame the Septa for thinking that way. Years later though, as she spent most of her free time in the forge, watching Gendry work miracles with iron and steel and silver and gold, Arya decided that Septa Mordane was wrong. She did not have a blacksmith’s hands. And even if she did, it was not necessarily a bad thing. Blacksmiths are wonderful artists, their work is as beautiful as Sansa’s embroidery, if not better since their weapons were actually useful, in Arya’s opinion.

She didn’t realize she had been staring for a long time, until Gendry pulled out a chair and sat across her, taking a long drag of his waterskin. “What are you thinking?” he asked.

Her eyes followed the movement of his hands, so big unlike her own. Gendry put his waterskin down and Arya took her chance, taking his warm callous hand in hers. She traced lazy circles in his palms, commiting the feel of it to her memories. Gendry arched his brow, looking perplexed.

“Nothing,” said Arya, and she leaned forward to kiss his mouth.

She might not have a blacksmith’s hands, but she would always have Gendry’s.

[1] Arya I, A Game of Thrones.

reason #4678617890 why i love Optimus Prime: that moment in Dark of the Moon when he’s just had basically his worst temper tantrum/silent treatment ever because of Stupid Humans, and 2 sec later he’s calmly greeting Buzz Aldrin with the utmost politeness and respect and he smiles and says sincerely “the honour is mine”

(even though like. space travel to them is nothing. it took us almost 2000 years to send a few dudes to our orbiting moon?? psssht. primitave indeed. but Optimus is like “nonono this was a huge achievement for them. this was one of their first humans selected amongst billions to leave their planet’s atmosphere. good job sir. i am genuinely honoured to meet you little spaceman.”)

Can we please stop pretending Sunset Shimmer was always a misunderstood cinnamon roll?

I feel like people have forgotten the beauty of Sunset’s entire arc and her redemption. They act like Sunset was always this poor misunderstood cinnamon roll and celestia was a big meanie. Like…No. Sunset age-wise should be in her mid-20′s and possibly older than Twilight. The portal gave her a teenage looking body because, well, marketing and high school AU, but think about that. This is a grown adult that got pleasure from hurting children. That got enjoyment out of manipulating people and destroyed the friendship of the humane 5 just for fun and nothing else before Twilight showed up. Her backstory was that of an entitled brat that didn’t get what she wanted fast enough, had a temper tantrum and left, blaming all her problems on everyone but HERSELF. There’s a reason why the students didn’t like her. They had a lot of reasons why. People seem to forget that she tormented students for for FUN.

Sunset. was. AWFUL. Ignoring that ignores the beauty of her story. Sunset was an awful person that became more. She learned actual compassion. She learned friendship and learned that she can’t get everything she wants. THAT is the sunset I love. The Sunset that started off as an awful person and became the element of redemption and empathy. 

The fans were the ones that picked apart her backstory and added more layers to it but remember, it was the FANS. Not hasbro or DHX or any of the writers. Meanwhile, a fan tries to go into Starlight’s backstory and analyze her behavior in a positive light and someone comes flying in to tell you that they’re just “reaching” or whatever because only Sunset gets to have fans add more to her backstory and character.

This is not an anti-sunset shimmer post. This is a post that is celebrating her actual development that so many others ignore. Sunset didn’t start out a good person, she BECAME a good person and I think that makes her a way more inspiring and strong character. There’s nothing wrong with adding more to a character, creating headcanons, theories, etc. but don’t ignore what made Sunset such a great representation of redemption, not unlike Starlight. Both of them were awful people that became better.

Sunny came a long way and dug her way out of a deep, deep hole that she dug. The past may not be today, but that doesn’t mean it should be ignored. Sunset, I love you for stepping up and becoming more than an entitled sadistic brat. That’s what truly makes you an inspiration.

Please fire me. One of my campers in our theater camp said she wanted less than 10 lines because she’s only 7. The part she got cast in gave her 5 lines. “THAT’S NOT ENOUGH LINES!” The tantrum lasted from 12:30 to 2:45. So the next afternoon we gave her a 2nd part with 2 more lines so now she has 7 lines. Then she had a 2nd tantrum that lasted from 1:15 until 3:15 “NOW I HAVE TOO MANY LINES!” When we offered her 6 lines by asking one of the other campers in the cast to take one of her lines, she cried and cried and cried until her dad picked her up. Her dad yelled at me for not catering to requests, even though I had no say in casting and no say in the script our director chose.

I realized the reason I can’t stand my dad locking up my cat for meowing when he’s trying to ‘talk important business’ is because I hate that he’s treating my cat the exact same way he treated me and my siblings growing up. 

Like a nuisance. If he’s spending time with my mom he doesn’t want to be bothered (everyday, every single day this happens) and sends my cat to be locked up in my room. It wouldn’t be so bad if it were only for a few minutes but it’s for hours and I have to listen to her sad requests for freedom that I can’t grant. 

So yeah, I figured out why it sparks my old anger, I don’t want my cat to go through the same things I did. I’m so angry and hurt and I can’t forgive him. Maybe one day when I’m far from home, I can learn to forget but when I’m reminded of it everyday I just can’t. 

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looks like someone had a tantrum on your bae and neal post. everything about neal is retcon, he was an idiot much more as adult

Yep, saw that… just replied to their lovely comment. 

Like getting pissy because OMG, shocker, turns out Bae was exactly like his father and grandfather?! It honestly makes so much more sense now that his ‘goodness’ was manufactured because it now explains so much about him, about why he apparently loathed magic but was always more than willing to use it to gain what he wanted. About why his heroism seems so fake. As Killian would say, it’s all based on magical nonsense. 

And even with the memory potion and Rumple’s lies, Bae still grew into a man that manipulated a young, underage woman who adored him and then ran away like a coward (Sound familiar?!) because facing daddy was too much to handle…

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That last ask about Finland and kids made me laugh so hard. 😂 Okay, but imagine during those times, he would watch Denmark and Norway parent Iceland and just shudder, especially when they had to deal with tantrums and messes. When Norway first found him and adopted him, Finland admitted, He's adorable, but I still don't want kids." And Norway just smiles and coos, "you'll change your mind one day!" before shoving the toddler into Finland's arms... who promptly pees on him. xD

Omg xDDD

Why the 2ps are in detention


Italy: Low key had a temper tantrum because the art teacher told him he needed to “work on” his self portrait and gave him a 95% and not a 100%-

Germany: Lutz legit brought his cat to school. He literally had it in his hoodie pocket and didn’t get caught til third period when it was purring too loudly.-

Japan: He hacked the filters on the school computer to read hentai. The teacher even saw the worst part of it and he was just stone faced no expression of guilt.-

Romano: He kept telling the substitute teacher that “she has no class and had no ass” and that her shoes were ugly and cheap. They were, but she didn’t take kindly to his advice.-

Prussia: His teacher thought he was cheating when he was asking Roland for a pencil.-

Austria: He started to preform black magic right in the middle of a test to curse his teacher because they gave Gilen detention.-

Spain: Santiago, the genius, was cat calling a student teacher and was promptly hit by said student teacher’s purse.-


America: Got into a fist fight with some guy because he said that he was weird for being a vegan. Well, for a vegan he has beef.-

England: “Accidentally” slipped rat poison into the cupcakes at the bake sale. Whoopsie daisy. Well, it wasn’t that bad. Only six people were hospitalized.-

France: He was smoking on campus. That’s it.-

Russia: He corrected his literature teacher multiple times for not putting commas and punctuation marks in certain places. Turns out he was right, too.-

China: Low key sat the trash can on fire by throwing his lit blunt in a trash can full of paper. He had to get rid of it! And, when people are high, they don’t really make many of the best decisions.-

Canada: He was sleeping during class. That’s it.-

Following a great day at school M had one of the worst tantrums I’ve ever seen a kid have, in the library, with a huge audience, I hope it doesn’t end up on YouTube. (Think: exorcist.) I tried to be calm and supportive then she intentionally kicked a kid’s tower over and refused to apologize (instead she yelled in his face) so I picked her up and carried her out kicking and screaming. Fed her on the way home and she has been asleep since 5:30. Even if she was exhausted that behavior is totally unacceptable. I should have taken her home at the first sign of trouble but we were there with a friend she doesn’t often have play dates with and I was really hoping I could help her to reign it in before full on meltdown. I need to get more clear about leaving immediately when that behavior starts, versus one more last chance.

“By the third evening she was so weak that Leicester sat on the edge of the bed, waiting for her to die in his arms, while the doctors squabbled and contradicted each other in a fierce huddle by the fireside.  A little ring of black-robed professionals, pecking at each other’s opinions like a flock of frightened crows - he watched them with savage contempt.

‘I know.  All that suffering, my poor love - I should never have allowed it.’  He stroked the wet tendrils of hair back off her forehead, and held her close, remembering with hot anguish all the pointless misery she had endured without a single tantrum or complaint.

‘I’ll put my dagger through the next quack who lays a hand on you - I swear!’

Elizabeth turned her head with difficulty to look up at him and slowly traced the wet tracks on his cheeks with one trembling finger.  After a moment, she gave him a tired little smile which tore at his heart.


‘It’s nothing.’  Hastily he brushed his cheek against her hair. ‘Something in my eye, that’s all.’

Both of them?’

He bent his head and kissed her for that, not caring who should see it.

Burghley watched him weep and was aware of pity and shame…For Leicester loved the Queen; Burghley, having witnessed the man’s tireless tenderness, now had no doubt of that.”

Legacy (p. 385-387)

The entire scene where Elizabeth was ill.  💖 💖 😢 😢 💖 💖