had a season five marathon today!

AN: Not my best, but time was at a premium today.

#5: Engagement

One morning Peridot decided she was going to get married.

Now, this is understandably considered a rather unorthodox way to begin your day, but there was method to Peridot’s thinking. The previous night, during a marathon of Camp Pining Hearts that had lasted so long that time and space had ceased to have meaning to the small green gem, she had found the concept of ‘marriage’ referenced in an episode (it was a season five one, so it wasn’t that good, but that was beside the point). She remembered that Steven’s uncle Andy had mentioned this (while berating Greg for not being 'technically married’, whatever that meant) and decided to look it up.

As it turned out, marriage was a human custom that was apparently supposed to bond two people for life. Peridot guessed it was what they did instead of permafusing like Garnet did. And since she couldn’t fuse, why not do what the humans did instead?

Except it was more complicated than she had expected. Before she did anything, she apparently needed a ring. This wasn’t too hard, she thought - she’d been to a place with Steven that had many rings.

Unfortunately, there was a mild complication.

“Peridot, these aren’t rings, they’re donuts,” said Lars.

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