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I’m Daniel, 37, brown hair, dark dark brown eyes, almost black. Olive skin, Latino and 5′5″. I’m into anything tight, the more coverage the better. Wetsuitsareawesome. Add a gasmask and some ropes to keep me in place and I’m a happy, horny little camper.

 Part 1

It was looking to be a good long weekend, Friday had started and I had no plans, just me chilling in my wetsuits at home, it was going to be great.

I woke up early from excitement, and headed to my closet. I opened it and my collection of wetsuits greeted me with that familiar smell of seawater, neoprene and just a hint of sweat, my sweat. “good morning babies,” I said with a huge smile, “who wants to go first.”

I touched the thin 2mm Oneill suit; I brushed past my 4mm suits, ripcurl, quicksilver and excel; and stopped my hand on the 5.5mm billabong suit.

I think I’ll just go with the old trustworthy RipCurl, I stripped and placed my left foot into the wetsuit leg pulling over my ankle, I did the same for the right foot, then pulled the suit up my legs I needed to smooth it out a few times. I loved the feeling of the neoprene between my fingers and my legs nearly as much as I loved the tight hugging feeling surrounding my legs. My dick responded and slowly inflated.

I readjusted my member to sit comfortably in an upward sideward position, then proceeded to pull the suit further up, now around my waist. I pulled my arms into place through the sleeves and adjusted my shoulders smoothing out the suit as I went along. The medium suit was maybe a pinch too small for me but I liked the fact that it was that little bit extra tight.

I reached behind me and grabbed the zipper cord and pulled it up, feeling the material surround my torso and pull taught around my muscular chest. My cock reacted instantly and I felt it growing between my skin and the suit.

I headed over to my mirror to admire myself a little.

I picked up the boots, gloves and hood ready to put them on, but at the last minute decided to leave them for later.

With that I headed to the kitchen to whip up a breakfast. I had my breakfast and watched some TV, then played some xbox. This was a going to be an epic weekend just me chilling in my suit. I did some more things around the house, and like it does when one is having fun, time flew. It was already lunchtime.

I decided to head over to the beach pizza hut to get my favourite Hawaiian pizza. I threw on some tracksuit pants and a hoody over my wetsuit, not sure if it was really hiding it or if it looked super weird, but who cared.

I ordered the pizza and went to sit on a log with my feet in the sand, I was there for a while when a buddy of mine walked up the beach.

It was Matt, he looked so good walking up the beach with his wet Oneill suit hugging his tall muscular body. His short blonde hair was almost dry already, and he was carrying his surfboard under his arm.

“Danny boy”, he greeted from afar, “Whats good bro?”

“Aah, nothing much, just enjoying the longweekend.”

“You came to surf?” he asked looking at my wetsuit. So you can see it I thought to myself, but tried to act nonchalant about it.

“Nah, I wanted to but doesn’t seem like the waves are brewing.” I tried to sound confident and threw in a slang term, brewing? Is that even a real saying?

“ha-ha, yeah same here, was out there for a while now but no good waves coming in. Now I’ll just head home.”

“Order up.” Came a call from inside. I headed and got the pizza.

We were about to part ways when I opened my mouth again, “Well you could come over to my place for lunch, this pizza is way too much for me alone, and I’d enjoy a partner for my xbox missions.”

He hesitated for a second then decided to come along, we headed back to my place and went inside straight to the TV room and started the xbox. As the game was loading I casually stripped to my wetsuit, before remembering I had a guest. As I turned back I see that Matt had made himself comfortable on the couch, still clad in only his wetsuit, maybe not even realising I matched him.

I dropped onto the couch next to him and grabbed a slice of pizza, and the gaming commenced.

After he had died, in the game, and I was trying to still salvage the mission, I could feel his eyes were not on the screen anymore but on my body. Then I felt his hand touching my thigh, I instinctively paused the game and looked into his eyes.

He looked back into mine and said these words that shook my world, “Hey Daniel, would you like to be my little wetsuit gimp for the weekend?”

A few seconds of silence crept by before we broke the gaze and both burst out laughing. The laughter faded quickly as we both contemplated what just happened. An awkward silence fell over the room.

“I was just saying that…” Matt started explaining trying to get out of the uncomfortable silence.

“I’ll do it,” I cut him off, “You can tie me up right now.”

“O-Okay,” he seemed flustered, but quickly composed himself. “Let’s make it fair, I tie you up and we see if you can escape, if you don’t then I own you for the weekend, If you do escape it’s up to you what happens next.”

I dropped the game controller and headed to my bedroom followed closely by Matt. He dropped his backpack on the floor and opened it up, and pulled out about five coils of rope.

Instantly his entire demeanour changed. I got up on my bed ready to be tied up.

“On the floor Danny Boy, that’s where you belong.” His body language and voice tone suggested I do as he says, I got off the bed and stood in front of him. “Ok, turn around and place your palms together.”

I did as instructed but was surprised when the first rope I felt was around my elbows, he looped them a few time before pulling them tight, but not too tight. Instantly I felt the wetsuit around my chest pull tighter than it already was, my pecs and abs now clearly on display as well as the erection that had returned for the first time since this morning. I felt him working the ropes around my elbows until I felt the rope circled around my wrists.

I glanced behind me and saw that there was still some rope left, that’s when I felt his hand on my shoulder, he turned me around and forced me onto my knees, then helped me onto my stomach, after which he quickly bound my ankles together very closely to my wrists.

I was dressed in my RipCurl suit and in a hogtie, could this day get any better, it was about to…

Matt flipped me over onto my back, I felt a little exposed with my rock hard cock clearly showing through my wetsuit.

Then Matt did the second unbelievable act for the day, he leaned in over my body to bring his face to my crotch, which meant my face was at his crotch, he proceeded to lightly kiss my erection through my suit. I was enjoying a front row seat to Matt Jr., who was also engorged by now. He moved back slowly as I watched his abs pass my eyesight, then his pecs, then his strong neck till finally our mouths were at the same place, he leaned in and gave me a soft upside down kiss.

As his lips moved away he spoke, “you have five minutes to get free, otherwise.”

“Five minutes, is that all”, he didn’t give me any time to relish in the kiss. I tried my wrists and my ankles, such a simple tie, but so secure. Matt knows his ropes. Theres no way I can escape this, wait, I think I feel a little slack around my elbows. I worked my elbows in circular motions focusing all my energy into this one motion.

The wetsuit grew warm very quickly and I felt a little sweat build up on my forehead. Matt came back into my field of view, his body perfectly encased in his wetsuit and his steel blue eyes staring straight into my eyes.

“Times up, my little gimp.”

With that he pushed a rubber ball into my mouth and buckled it behind my head. He reached deeper into his backpack and produced some leather belts and I think I heard chains rattle.

I looked up at my bedside clock. It was only 3 o’clock on Friday. I was going to be Matts toy until Monday afternoon.

This was going to be an EPIC longweekend.

to be continued…

thanks @wetsuitsareawesome


all of you, keep your eyes forward. i’ll guard your backs. ins.


favorite moana songs 

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hey could i please get some headcannons where it's a modern au and stenbrough meet on instagram?? tysm i love your writing !!

okay anon are you tryna make me cry??? i love you thank you so much!!! 
(fun fact a girl i know met her husband on instagram so i kind of took some inspiration from that)

- Stan hates all forms of social media so it’s Richie who makes him an account, with the username stan-the-man obvs

- He’s mad at first but when Mike shows him how to use filters and makes his bird photographs look really pretty he starts to use it religiously

- His account is peak aesthetic

- Bill’s insta is full of pictures of his family (and silver who lets not be kidded is family too)

- He’s more of a liker than a sharer, he can scroll for hours through posts but only posts himself every few weeks at the most

- He finds Stan’s account because he see’s Bev has liked one of his posts (it’s a gorgeous shot of a blue jay mid-flight)

- He is instantly smitten when he see’s the boys bright brown eyes and neat curls and follows immediately

- Stan is equally as smitten with Bill because he always has cute captions on his posts

- Bill’s been pining for weeks so Bev takes matters into her own hands and sends the first message

“do you have a red belly? cause you're Robin my heart”

- Bill dies with embarrassment, Bev can’t stop laughing

- Bill’s in the middle of typing an apology - “that was my dumb friend please pretend this never happened” when he gets an equally embarrassing pick up line back

- (Richie told Stan what to write)

- They chat all night about their favourite hobbies, movies, food, music and love how much they have in common

- Bill is convinced Stan’s a catfish (no one in Derry is this perfect) until Stan puts up a story of him and Richie singing (it was love will tear us apart by joy division)

- Bill’s never heard a sound like it before and thinks he’ll explode if he doesn’t hear it irl

- He asks Stan on a date the next day

- Stan is super nervous but Richie keeps texting him dumb jokes to keep him relaxed (he says they’re not helping but they are)

- Bev tells Bill she is fully prepared to kick ass if things don’t go well

- They meet at the park and both can’t believe how beautiful the other is

- Bill can’t stop apologising for his stutter but Stan insists it gives him character and wouldn’t change anything about him

- Bill wants to kiss him there and then

- The go to a cute diner and spend the evening telling each other the things they felt they couldn’t online

- The walk back to their cars hand in hand

- Stan kisses Bill goodnight and they promise to go out again

- From then on their accounts are filled with cute candid’s of each other and selfies together

(i hope this is okay, I kinda got carried away!!!! Feel free to add more!!!)

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Hi having a bad day :( would appreciate if you could write me something fluffy to cheer me up?? But only if you're not too busy..

title I love you
summary for those days that don’t feel so good
pairing itasaku

“Haruno-san. You have a visitor,” someone whispered. No one nudged each other in the lab. Explosions, both metaphorical and literal, were bound to happen that way. 

“Mm…who?” asked Sakura without looking up. She set the flask down on her workstation. Rubbing at her nose with the inside of her wrist, she glanced over at her coworker. He shrugged.

“Some Uchiha. Brooding. Dark hair. Can’t tell which he is,” he answered. Sighing, Sakura nodded. Better honesty than a random guess. To the untrained eye all Uchiha could look equally sulky and unapproachable. She had often described them as a clan of cats in human bodies. (To which Sasuke had conceded with minimal protest.)


“Excuse me! You can’t just waltz in here! You could contaminate everything!” someone grumbled from across the lab. 

Completely ignoring the warnings, he trudged in, hands shoved deep into his pockets. Sakura started when his forehead connected with her shoulder.

“SHISUI-SENPAI! I almost spilled that!” she shrieked as she whirled.

“I need you,” Shisui said, dodging her angry swats.

“Get out, you degenerate,” she snapped in return. Rolling his eyes, he grabbed her wrists. 

“Not like that. Like I need your help. Let’s go,” Shisui retorted just as angrily. Hefting her over his shoulder like a sack of rice, he hauled her out of the lab. His grey flak jacket and the sword on his back probably had something to do with the fact that not a single person stepped in to defend her. 

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The Secrets Trilogy: Secrets Tested

Description: Boundaries are discovered between work and play.

Genre: Smut (18+)

Word Count: 11.7k

Warnings: Heavy dom/sub themes, rough spanking (like woah), light breathplay, masturbation, degrading names, exhibitionism

Index: Our Little Secret, Secrets Tested, Secrets Revealed <– coming soon.

A/N: Here it is~ Part two of the Secrets Trilogy. A trilogy that wasn’t supposed to exist but here we are. :I As per the warnings - DO NOT READ if you are offended or triggered by rough sex. Everything in this is 100% consensual so if anyone sends an ask filled with accusations and name calling, your ass will be blocked immediately. 

Pleasant reading~ 

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What I Read This Week

I read some AWESOME fics this week and I’m so happy to share them with you! It was a long weekend in Canada so I had plenty of time to read :)

Pigeon Alley by DiAnna44, Teen, 6.8k (WIP)
What’s meant to be will always find a way. Victor and Yuuri? They’re meant to be. SO GOOD so far!! Actor AU!

clean up on aisle five by alipiee, Gen, 5.3k
“You have got to be kidding me. Please tell me you did not drag me around that shop for over an hour for you to leave without his number, but with coconut milk, four different types of pasta and gluten-free cereal - you’re not even gluten intolerant!” LOOOOOOOOVE THIS! It’s so so cute!

Love and Gelato by flowercrownyuri (elevensong), Teen, 7.6k
Victor’s life consists of three things: taking classes at the local university, figure skating on the weekends, and working at a florist shop downtown. After years upon years of monotony, he’s convinced that nothing can take him by surprise anymore. However, when a new employee begins working at Celestino’s, a gelato shop across the road, Victor’s immediately intrigued. I’M SOBBING I LOVE THIS SO MUCH

‘Cause I’m a Taker, 'Cause I’m a Giver, It’s Only Nature by ken_ichijouji (dommific), Explicit, 75k (WIP)
The story of how Yuuri Katsuki slept with, dated, fell in love with, and married Victor Nikiforov. Yes, in that order. Such a great fic! Updated today!

The Rules For Lovers by ADreamingSongbird, Teen, 142k (WIP)
Prince Yuuri Katsuki has a duty to his country, above all else (his desires, his dreams, and his happiness included), and he knows this alliance will help to ensure the safety of his people. That’s the only reason he accepts Prince Nikiforov’s hand in marriage. The pleasant surprise, of course, is the part where they fall in love along the way. The unpleasant one, well…That’s a long story. FINALLY got around to reading the whole fic and WOW I love it so much!! I can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Most Beautiful Man in the World (Who Lives in My Apartment Building) by preciousbunnynoiz, Teen, 6.4k
The Most Beautiful Man in the World lives in Yuri’s apartment building but alas Yuri only sees him when Yuri looks like a dumpster goblin. One of my new faves!! 

our doubts are traitors by astoryaboutwar, Explicit, 25k (WIP)
The powered assassins AU in which betrayal comes first, forgiveness second, and love was always somewhere in the equation. That update!!! Oh my god!!!!!!!

The Two Mr. Nikiforovs by bratinella, Mature, 15k
Secrets are normal in Viktor’s opinion. Yuuri shares his sentiments. Everyone has secrets they keep from others and he knows even Yuuri has some just as Viktor has. He is very grateful to have trust and understanding between them and Viktor allows his husband to maintain his privacy just as Yuuri gives Viktor his own. Which lies in the problem. LOVED THIS! Must read!!

We’ll Be Fireproof by Lukesnotpunk, Explicit, 26k
Yuuri is a lifeguard at his local pool, Victor is the star of the swim team that practices there, and Yuuri might spend more than a healthy amount of time watching Victor more than the other swimmers. Victor might notice. Awesome fic!! I never knew I needed a swimmer AU until now hahaha!!

(˃̶͈̀_˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾( ノ_ಠ)₍₍ (̨̡ ‾᷄♡‾᷅ )̧̢ ₎₎

Here’s to another week of great fic reading! Be sure to give the authors some love!

@ishihimeweek day two: chasing comets//candy floss

MariChat smoochies for @martyspiritml. Thank you friends for coming to the stream! Even though it was short :>

I’m still working on MariChat May! But it’s late and I wanted soft so y’all get some too.

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.


@littledozerdraws, @profdrlachfinger and me finally met this year. We had an awesome long weekend and watched Guardians of the Galaxy together. 

And since we all envy each other for our drawing styles we decided to combine them and create these ULTIMATE DRAWINGS! XDXD This was so much fun and turned out so “AAAHHHHRGH” *____*     (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧    ୧☉□☉୨

Yondu, Kraglin and Stakar ^-^

Work From Home - Smut

Originally posted by fandcm-world

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Stuart Twombly/Reader
Words: 2,656
AN: A little birdie told me there’s going to be a couple of Stuart fics coming out in the next week….here’s one for ya. I love you guys, I hope you like!

Your boyfriend Stuart worked long hours a lot, and it could get pretty lonely. He loved his job, and you knew it he was good at it. He was incredibly smart, and he’d been chosen out of hundreds of applicants for the internship that got him started with Google, and you were so, so proud of him. You just missed him.

He texted you whenever he had a free moment, asking you about your day, and making plans with you for dinner, telling you stories about his co-workers, or jokes that made you laugh. But sometimes you wished he could stay in bed with you all day, putting those fingers to better use on your body, instead of on his phone or computer.

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This got to long for an ask so I’m gonna submit it instead!
For some reason all I can think about is how Jon Kent isn’t on any superhero teams right now, and how he probably is LARGELY jealous of how many siblings Damian has and can’t help but want one… and then he gets kidnapped.

Instead of being rescued by his dad like he expected, he got rescued by the Outlaws(Hood, Bizzaro, and Artemis), and they are very much surprised to see him to because they were after something else. But now Bizzaro has decided he like Jon and is calling him Little Super, so Jason decides to make ‘play dates’ between the two without informing Clark or Bruce.

Jon accidentally joins the Outlaws after he joins in on an outing, but doesn’t do anything illegal (mostly, some things have been stolen, he never kills though and they try not to when his around). Bizzaro is claiming that Jon’s a younger brother, while Jason is kinda like a cousin/older brother who shows him different fighting techniques and promises if he every wants to learn how to shot he’ll show him. Artemis is trying to keep them all alive while also helping Jon with his strength if needed and keeps beating him in arm wrestling.

They all have a silent agreement not to tell any other super, and when asked Jon just says his going to Gotham(not a lie, they meet up there) he just never says who’s he’s with and doesn’t stop people when they think his with Damian. He is in soooo much trouble when everyone finds out.

(This has been in my mind for a while and I needed to tell someone)

@itsdragonfire13 this is so mcfricking cute

(when will my son kon el return from war? give him back and give jon a sibling at the same time, it’s a wonderful deal. @dc…….)

damian’s probably so pissed off about this whole thing, not because jon was using him as an excuse, but because jon has spent all this time hanging out with the outlaws but did he even think about stealing back damian’s red hood toy? no he didn’t. unbelievable. jon’s basically dead to him.