had 4 hours of contractions last night

Lilly’s Birth

Heya guys, i’m on my laptop.. i can’t find where my ipad is at the moment to put photos up :( but i have a bit of spare time before Lilly wakes up for a feed. 

I didn’t have water birth nor c-section… we planned on water birth as you all know… i sat in the bath and everything for 2-3 hours! They needed to put a monitor on Lilly’s head so they knew what her heart beat was, i had a choice if i wanted to or not and now i’m grateful i did! 

The contractions weren’t hurting me, i legit fell asleep on the hospital bed in labour! mum says it was the weirdest thing she’s every seen because my body would tense up everytime i had a contraction but i didn’t wake up ahha… I was 5cm dilated at 5 am in the morning and by 5pm at night i was still 5cm dilated :( an hour later  they gave me this needle thingy that helps the contractions come more and dilate me… about 30 minutes later they looked at the machine and Lilly’s heart rate was going down and same with me.. mum says i was coming in and out of breathing.. Emergency button was pushed and i had 4 doctors and 5 nurses surrounding me! one minute their telling me to breath than the next push… Lilly was vacuumed .. which hurt even more :/ in the last 10 minutes they made me take the happy gas otherwise i would’ve passed out…I lost alot of blood so they had to put me on the drip to stop the bleeding… I got full internal and external stitching and a healthy newborn baby! she was born at 6:47pm and weighed 6.5 pounds, born 9/03/15.. she is a week old tomorrow.. It’s all gone so fast and i really can’t believe how much i’ve healed!! 14 hours of labour and i’m so glad Lilly and myself are both alive and healthy :) x

Thanks for all the support and photos will be up soon xx