Saul Leiter, courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York

A Prolific New York Photographer Comes Back Into Focus

“I think his rise back to fame was because people just couldn’t help stumbling over and over him, and realizing that the world needed to know him,” New York gallerist Margit Erb.

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You had a good girl.
An amazing girl.
But maybe it was the drugs.
Maybe there were too strong.
Were the drugs from your doctor or your neighbor across the street.
Either way they took you from her.
You lost her.
Damn do you regret it.
Do you regret letting marbro blacks kiss your lips instead of her own?
Do you regret letting her go?
When did you realize she was the one you were meant to be with?
When did you realize you lost her and if we are only meant to love one person in the end that you are screwed so you went and got waisted to sad and alone to even drunk text her.
How can you not miss her?
She loved you with more love than your own mother gave you?
And now you’re just stuck on the idea that the other girl can replace her, but we all know the truth she can never be replace.
Because she is the one who’s meant for you.
But you lost her.
—  bnm

January by max max
Via Flickr:
The photograph of the plum which seemed to be January very much that a plum had already bloomed came out in here Izu