Hackstore On Mac OSX

For developers having difficulty with getting past Apple Mac app stores famed rules, there is now a new hub called “Hackstore.” Despite its name, however, creator Andrey Fedotov boldly states “No Piracy Apps Here, Forever and Ever.” Although no one is quite sure how piracy will be prevented on a platform that allows as an easy outlet to distribute apps, this is definitely a good idea for those developers looking to get their products out in the open. Similar in theory is the Cydia Store, which allows users to download non-Apple approved applications from their jailbroken iDevices. A word of caution to the user, since the apps aren’t approved by Apple, there is no filter for possible malware. The Hackstore is available as a free download and is already up and running since this morning. If you aren’t able to get in at the moment, it is probably just a case of growing pains due to the large amount of interest.

Try it out here and let me know what you think.

via Engadget

The Hackstore. A source for Mac freeware and utilities.

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The Hackstore aims to be to OS X what Cydia is to iOS. That is, a source for utilities and tweaks and other fun applications that may not be found in the official Apple Mac AppStore.

Clearly still a work in progress, this app has potential. I like what it tries to provide.

Download here and take a look for yourself.

Have you tried the Hackstore? What are your thoughts?