The is a newly open page here on tumblr which continuously retrieves all of its material from my page leaving on every single post attached the EXACT same caption/title I have already put on my posts and even the EXACT same tags of mine, by only adding their facebook/instagram/blog URLs for ADVERTISING their pages and PUT ON SALE THEIR ADVERTISING PRODUCTS. I have already contacted Tumblr Support for this issue of SPAMMING and probable HACKING of my page so please do not reblog any posts from them- let’s not promote their action. Thank you.



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Hey Guys! Listen up!

Okay, so i got sent this from one of my followers and it was not their fault but they  are getting this message sent from their account over messenger and I was dumb and clicked on the link:

Exhibit A:

somebody wrote something on this blog about you LOL. visit


Do NOT click on it!!

If you do, the same will happen to your blog.

Just know if you get that from me, its not me. Sorry for the inconvenience guys!!

A cadre of supervillains (ahem, “researchers”) from Georgia Tech decided to create a program that turns your innocent-looking smartphone into a nosy little asshole that sits there spying on your every keystroke. Passwords, email messages, IMVU sex chats – your phone could be eavesdropping on all of it. You might suspect that some kind of camera or microphone hack is at play here, but the real modus operandi is even sneakier: As you clack away on the keyboard, your phone’s accelerometer can pick up the tiny impacts resounding through your desk and, based on the distance of the keys from the phone, mathemagically deduce which keys you’re stroking.

Phones with motion sensitivity on the level of an iPhone 4 can guess what you’re typing with up to 80 percent accuracy. And this clever bit of spyware can easily Trojan horse its way onto your phone as part of an otherwise trustworthy-looking app, since it doesn’t arouse your tinfoil-hat suspicions by asking for permission to use your camera or microphone. The humble tilt sensor is rarely protected against privacy intrusions, because who would ever have guessed that the little gizmo that flips your screen over when you turn your phone sideways could also be used as a goddamn drunken Facebook status update interceptor?

Of course, the algorithm for figuring out what you’re typing based on tiny desk tremors is mind-bogglingly complicated, and the whole system is easily defeated by … just not setting your phone next to your keyboard, so the chances of such an attack by your local garden-variety hacker are low. But since we already know that the government is trying to listen in on us at all times, we’re typing up this article with a phone next to the keyboard just to let them know that we know.

5 Terrifying Smartphone Hacks You Won’t Believe Are Possible