hackney houses


On “High Fashion” Collections explicitly inspired by Persian prints:

I’m not going to lie, I’ve been dying to have all over print clothing with the patterns of my Persian heritage (rugs, mosaics, metalwork, miniature painting, and khatam kari). Props to House of Hackney’s Mey Meh collection and Hermès’ Tabriz collection feeling the same way and at least naming their collections after places in Iran, but I can’t help but wonder about a few things:

Why aren’t there Persian models? Persian rugs have been valued more internationally than Persian bodies. Did any Persian artisans or organizations preserving/promoting their arts make money from these collections? I find myself at an intersection of the West selectively exporting Persian aesthetics for fashion gain, while maintaining sanctions against Iran leaving them unable to import from the the West. Observing the directions of resource flows, I’m finding it hard to separate fashion from politics.

p.s. The fact that I ended up making my own all over print Persian T with Mosaics from Shiraz.


Rob and Twigs may be looking to buy a home in the Hackney area of London. They’ve been seen there often in the past couple of years, at various pubs and restaurants, so this isn’t really a big surprise. Most recently they were photographed walking their dog through the Broadway Market, in Hackey (pic above, along with some properties in Hackney).

A real estate agent tweeted about showing them a place, saying:

AS IF I just took Rob Pattison and FKA Twigs to view a house in Hackney

The 13 year old twilight obsessed girl inside me is screaming right now

he is beaut, I spent the whole viewing convincing myself he was a doppelgänger