So I’m joining in the 52 Lists project that started over at the Meet Me At Mike’s Blog. I will check the topic she uses but will sometimes just make up my own. For example, the topic “Suburbs I have Lived In” would be a pretty short list for me so I’m going to go with Animals I Have Eaten because I am, in fact, a monster. Like that time in primary school when a girl bet me I wouldn’t eat a piece of fruit rollup with an ant on it for $3.
I sure won that bet.

Doing my own list subject again. This time it’s games I've enjoyed within the last year. I’m only a casual gamer these days and tend to only play things that don’t suck up a lot of time.
These are either apps or PC games and I’m going to give a quick rundown of each one.

Penny Time - An app developed locally that I got surprisingly hooked on. It's rhythm based, you tap in time to get your boarder to jump and do tricks as he rides through entertaining obstacle courses. The catchy music will stay with you for days

Limbo - This game is dark, which I mean both figuratively and literally. It’s a puzzle game that is hauntingly creepy and beautiful. 

Marple - a logic game that seems quite complicated at first but once you get the hang of it you’ll fire this up for quick games all the time

Zombies, Run! - I’m not sure this qualifies as a game but I’m throwing it in here anyway. It’s storytelling mixed with music that you use to pace a run/jog/walk. I really love it and I’m only slightly biased because I backed it’s kickstarter. 

FTL - Grabbed this in a steam sale. It’s a spaceship game that is a lot harder than I first thought and hard to stop playing once you start. I love the design too

Year Walk - I’ve just started this one and OH MY GOD it is achingly beautiful. I cannot stress enough how good/different/fun this is. I’m playing on ipad. The use of iphone and ipad in combination is GENIUS.

The Walking Dead Game - This game came out in 5 episodes and I  played it on ipad and iphone. I would have preferred to just play it on the ipad but I had tremendous problems getting it to download certain episodes. It would get to 80 or 90% and then crash. When you opened it up again you couldn’t resume a download and would have to start all over again. So I’d switch device and it would download but not have my story choices carried over. SO FRUSTRATING! However the game was so good I am still recommending it left, right and center. It’s genuinely scared me in parts and only had a few really gory scenes so it didn’t overwhelm you. What made it so great was the storytelling and the relationship between to two main characters, (Better than the show IMO.)

Braid - This game was gorgeous and also the kind where you feel genuinely proud after solving a puzzle, while simultaneously kicking yourself, since the answers are always so simple ONCE YOU KNOW. I actually played this for the first time years ago but went through it again after a conversation with a friend about a theory of the story. 

Happy Street - I am kinda ashamed of how much I have been playing this. A free game with options to buy things to speed up and easy  gameplay. You just build a street, populate it and complete occasional quests. That’s it! But it’s so cute, addictive and has the perfect balance of working and playing perfectly fine without handing over money and  without constant attention. So you don’t feel swindled and nagged by it. 

Glitch - Heartbreakingly this game closed down last year. I somehow managed to get in as a beta tester and played this on and off while it went out of beta and back in as they experimented and tried to attract a large enough player base to support itself. I LOVED this game, it had such a quirky sense of humor and art style. I mourn this one. 

Sword and Sworcery - Year Walk reminds me of this a bit and I think it’s just how superior the gameplay and graphics are to the regular app games available. Get this and get the soundtrack after

Thomas Was Alone - I like puzzles okay? Achievable puzzles and a good story. This has both thanks to the amazing narration of a very simple looking platformer. 

YAY GAMES! After looking at this list are there any games you can recommend I try? Comment on the post or reblog and give me some new and interesting ways to procrastinate