Looks like I’m slowly coming out of my cocoon.
I’ve now got this vegetable painting available as a print via Society6 and I’m playing around with making up a small batch of teatowels. This is photo of a test print on some scrap tea towel fabric. Thoughts? If I made up a teatowel pre-order thingy would you be interested? 

UPDATE - I’m now taking orders here

This was one of those requests, that I respond with “Sure! no problem!” and then have absolutely no idea how I’m going to do it. Which is the really scary but oh so rewarding element to commissions.

I’ve made these flat, minimalist style portraits of people before and of course The Beardy Boys (but their shapes were designed by someone else)

So I tracked down an illustration of the boys to use as a guide and after a few goes at it managed to get it to work. They each have distinctive enough features to still be instantly recognizable in a minimalist style.  You can’t really see in this photo but Jermaine has a little chin depression thing going on. Brett has such fluffy hair that I needed to protect the little points and ends from everyday wear and tear so they are mounted on oval backgrounds.I went with a sky blue since they use blue in most of their promotional imagery. 

Oh! I forgot to say these are actually cufflinks. OOPS


I’m pretty excited to announce my new line of jewellery called the Basics Batch. 

Basic geometric shapes in really trendy colours and colour combinations. So you can stock up your jewellery box with these and always have a range of options to add to your outfit. 

For now you can buy combinations I’ve collected together from my store but if you come see me at a market stall I will have them set up so you can mix and match them yourself.  

I have put a bunch up on etsy today but will be adding more over the next few days.

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That’s me peering at some Hacklock goodies in the Sunday Mail today talking about polymer clay.

You should be able to read the article in this image here.
- Side note: It says I use a hot glue gun to attach findings to clay which, although many people do that, I use a different method involving industrial strength glue and baking the findings into the pieces. My babies gotta be strong!

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Inspiration can come from anywhere.

Sometimes it’s viewing other peoples work and mentally mapping out ways  they may have constructed it. Sometimes it’s the challenge of transforming the object I see in front of me into a miniature representation. It can be wanting a way to express a feeling, an opinion or a deep love. In this case, it was a joke I spotted on a favourite tumblr of mine.

Sometimes I just want to make things for people, business/money/etc aside. I wanted to not only create the punchline but to send it to her as a symbol of her own radness.  

I’m stupidly delighted with this lobster and I think I’m going to have a go at some more sea creatures.