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Remember, Remember AU (PART 2)

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Ask and you shall receive. This one got detailed enough that I just wrote it as an actual fic ahaha…

There’s not enough Dad Might as far as I’m concerned. Right @athanatosora? (Look at the hell you’ve trapped me in) 

The first time Toshinori met the boy, he had been walking down the street, planning his latest plot. Just as he approached the park, he spotted a group of children, mercilessly teasing a small boy with black hair.

“Quirkless idiot!” 

“You big cry baby!” 

Quirkless. The word drew Toshinori’s attention faster than a moth to flame. Before he can even stop himself, Toshinori was in the park, chasing off the other children. His lean skeleton looking frame was scary enough that he didn’t even need to do anything drastic. 

There was a small part of Toshinori that was happy the incident was so easily resolved just by his appearance. While his cause was noble, he knew without a doubt that within the eyes of society, the Quirk Society, his actions are that of a villain. For all that he was a hero to the Quirkless, Toshinori drew the line at actually hurting children, regardless of whether they have a Quirk or not, whether they are cruel or kind. 

Children, after all, are the next generation. How can Toshinori change anything if he killed that generation? 

“Are you alright, my boy?” Toshinori asked, turning his attention to the small boy.

The boy looked at him, tears wobbling, ready to burst. 

Inwardly, Toshinori panicked. Crying children are not one his strong points, having never need to interact with one before. He spotted three large rocks, the size of his head, next the tree and easily picks them up. He juggled them in the air, catching the attention of the crying boy with ease. 

He moved onto slight-of-hand tricks, refined from all the times he had to pick-pocket people’s wallets before ending on a trick involving gasoline and fire (never leave home without them) that he probably shouldn’t have shown this small boy. 

Toshinori was rewarded when the boy clapped, tears gone from his green eyes. 

“You’re funny. How do you have so many Quirks?” the boy asked.

 Toshinori shrugged. “I don’t have any Quirks.” He could admit that now. It was now something he was proud of. 

There are practically stars in the boy’s eyes at Toshinori’s words. “Really? I don’t either! How can you do all of that?” 

Toshinori smiled, reaching out to ruffle the boy’s hair. “Practice and diligence. There is no rule that says you can’t be as strong or as powerful as Quirk users, just because you don’t have a Quirk.” 

“Oh wow! You’re cool, mister! I’m Izuku! Who are you?”

Toshinori paused. He shouldn’t give his real name out. It was far too dangerous. Of course, the government can’t comprehend a Quirkless Villain, so they don’t actually know he had been behind countless attacks over the last decade, despite leaving his initials at every crime scene. It still probably wasn’t a good idea. 

Instead, unbidden, a different name rose in his mind. A name he never had a chance to use, a dream that seemed so far away now. 

Toshinori beamed at Izuku, smiling wide. “You can call me All Might! And you no longer have to worry, because I’m here!” 

Additional Notes for this AU: 

  • Due to a twist of fate, Toshinori finds himself running into Izuku more and more frequently. And Izuku never fails to leave Toshinori’s presence more and more amazed. Here was someone just like Izuku and he can do so many things! 
  • Toshinori has a small guilty conscious in that he really shouldn’t be teaching boy the very illegal tricks he had picked up over the last decade. Lock picking, hacking, pick pocketing are just some of the more tamer… things that Izuku picked up from him.
  • Izuku shows a startling understanding of chemistry. Toshinori might have used the last batch Izuku made on the judge who had ruled against a Quirkless woman who on paper had a solid case against her abuser (her Mutant-Quirk husband). 
  • Toshinori later learns that Izuku’s father left after discovering Izuku was Quirkless. His mother on the other hand, is supportive, but clearly overwhelmed by the notion. 
  • He may have anonymously sent brochures to her about Quirkless Help Groups he knew. (Said groups were a god-sent. They had helped Toshinori come to terms with the fact that he was Quirkless.) 
  • Izuku goes on and on about how he wants to be a hero, quirk or no quirk. It’s a dream Toshinori looks at him sadly for, but supports him nevertheless. 
  • Perhaps it was time to show the government that YT was indeed in fact a Quirkless Villain. 
  • Perhaps the perfect way to end this was for a Quirkless Villain to be taken down by the Quirkless Hero. 


Towa city.
It was a lovely place, really.
A lovely place run by assholes. But how much she hated the two older Towas, this wasn’t the reason she was there.
It was… A long day. Her first active mission in months, rescue Towa city’s captives. It should have gone fine. In and out.
But instead they were slaughtered.
That means despair was there.
She ran off, all she has is a hacking gun and a pocket knife, and she watched the screen as the girl that once tried to adopt her to her family announced the death of every adult in the city.
It wasn’t right… It couldn’t be right.
How could this be right?
So she gave herself up to the kids.
She had to do something, and talking to Monaca was the best way to do it.
So it led her to her current position.
She set in a cell, waiting for… Something.

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How to Dress Monochromatic

Casual one-color looks inspired by the runways

Minimalist or not, dressing head-to-toe in one color is a sure way to stand out. Not to mention the monochromatic look is backed by big names in fashion. The fall runways were poring with single-color looks and, like all-grey at Givenchy and green at Bottega Veneta. Wearing all one color is one of the simplest ways to make a statement without wearing an actual statement piece. We recreated a few of the best monochromatic runway looks below, so you can look cool and casual without wearing the same old things.

1. Grey

If you want to ease into the monochromatic look, go for all grey. You’ll appear sleek and classic with a modern edge.

Givenchy Fall 2014

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2. White

White-on-white is especially appropriate for the holidays. Wear an off-white or light grey coat if you’re worried about getting it dirty.

Tom Ford Fall 2014

Peter Werth Trench In Bonded Cotton

Raffi Jean

Plain Marl Grey Tube Socks

3. Green

The key to making an all-green outfit work is to choose separates in a dark shade. A chunky knit and loose trousers look festive but not overly colorful.

Bottega Veneta Fall 2014

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Spoke Chinos

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4. Black

Wearing all black is not a new concept, so try mixing textures, like cotton with leather, and look for unique pieces, like a sweatshirt with zippers.

Gucci Fall 2014

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Leather Biker Pants

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