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Chapter 2: Renegade
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Peter Horvath and his dealings with Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold

Excerpt from the Columbine Report, document 5701-5800, page 7:

That Peter stated he was not totally shocked that Dylan and Eric did this because in his dealings with them he saw the potential for an “evil side”.

That Peter has not dealt with any disciplinary actions against Eric other than the computer hacking incident last year.

That Peter has not dealt with Dylan during the spring of 1998 for an incident where he was caught scratching “something” into a freshman’s locker door.

That Dylan became very agitated while waiting for his father to come to school to discuss the situation with Peter and began pacing around the room.

That when Peter attempted to talk to Dylan and calm him down, he advised that Dylan began cussing at him, although he did not personalize anything toward Peter.

That during the incident, Dylan advised that he was very upset with the school system and the way CHS handled people, to include the people that picked on him and others.

That Peter stated that Dylan was a “pretty angry kid” and he also had the impression that Dylan was upset with his Dad and “stuff at home”.

Children and teenagers tend to inherit or copy the behaviour of the parent of the same sex. Perhaps, Dylan reacted so strongly about his father coming to pick him up because he knew that something like that would make his father very angry.

In Dylan’s diversion files, Mrs. Klebold was asked the question “What happens when you have a conflict with your children or spouse? (Yelling, cussing, leaving, ignoring, etc.) Who does what to whom?,” to which she responded, “loud but controlled discussion”.

The next question that she was asked was, “When do you know a conflict is over?,” to which she responded “people communicate, spend time together”.

As we know, it took a while for Dylan to become very, very angry, but when he did, indeed, become angry, it was quite surprising and even frightening for some people. I am sure that when Mrs. Klebold was working, arguments between Dylan and his father were not that controlled.

So I read STFF last night...

Amazon is freaking amazing. I got my copy a day early and spent all of last night reading it. Despite some poor reviews and negative reactions to the advanced copies, I actually really enjoyed this book. I read a ton of fanfic and books. When I enjoy a story, I get sucked in and will read non-stop to finish it (time/life permitting). Other than dinner and watching Dustin Lance Black’s “When We Rise” last night, I read STFF. I was compelled to take notes throughout. I ended up with three pages of notes.

If you’re the general audience, I think you will enjoy this book. It’s funny, raw, tender, and heartbreaking. Coming from a fandom perspective, you’ll get it. You may see yourselves in it. The character development for the 4 teenagers could have been better, he devoted a chapter to each one and further glimpses into them as the story went on, but for the most part, not enough. I think my fave depiction of one of the kids was the trans kid, Sam - that’s going to help a lot of kids out there. Maybe he was trying to keep the book shorter (it’s 295 pages) to keep the average teens attention span, but tbh, these kids are reading Harry Potter and other much longer novels so I think he could have expanded that more.

If you’re not a Chris Colfer fan who’s paid attention to his life, you may not get any of the autobiographical nature of this book. However, make no mistake, he pulls directly from his life and life experiences and it’s blatant. I definitely have a clearer perspective on Chris and the way he views life, his Glee years, and fandom. He’s screaming to be heard and understood. Please don’t read into this thinking he hates his fans, that’s just not true. He loves and appreciates his fans, however, certain fans and fandom culture scares the hell out of him. He’s never quite understood us. I don’t take it with malicious intent, it just is what it is. Obviously we cannot empathize unless we’ve been in his shoes, but we get a better understanding through this book.

Chris wrote this as an exercise of “plausible deniability” just like when he wrote the Rachel/PR bits into his episode. Of course he’s going to claim this is all fiction and has very little basis in reality, we know better. Definitely go buy it and check it out.

There are many obnoxious things I found within, you may or may not agree with me, but do not come hatin’ into my inbox. I won’t be entertaining you today.

Under the cut (slight spoilers ahead, but I do not mention Cash’s secret) are the things that stood out for me:

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How To Punch Your Captain In The Face and Not Get Discharged (TrekFest 2017)

Originally posted by fandomediiits

Pairing: AOS Jim Kirk/Reader (if you squint)

Rating: PG for language, crude comments, and mild violence

A/N: I decided to write a little thing for Kirk Week of TrekFest today because I’m gonna be out of town all next week. Enjoy!

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“In Venice in the Middle Ages there was once a profession for a man called a codega–a fellow you hired to walk in front of you at night with a lit lantern, showing you the way, scaring off thieves and demons, bringing you confidence and protection through the dark streets. ”
― Elizabeth Gilbert

Rey wishes to join the Knights of Ren to discover more about her past, and to learn more about the Force. General Hux and Kylo Ren take her under their wing in an attempt to guide her through the darkness of their world; a world that they helped to create. They are surprised at every turn as Rey draws out sides to them that they had considered long-buried, and Rey is surprised at the ferocity of their protection over a simple scavenger.

Hello everyone! Juulna is back. :) And that means Codega and my other works will be back as well! I will be reposting things slowly, but they’ll all be back up soon. I promise.

I missed everyone!

Chapter 1 of Codega can be found here on FF, and here on AO3.

Thanks to everyone who kept in contact with me after the hacking incident. Everyone is wonderful. Special thanks to my husband, to @perrydowning, @cuthian, and @grlie-girl

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Far from the Tree - Rafael Barba

P/N: So this is the theory I have regarding the hacking. I know it’s nothing complicated, but I really hope the writers come up with something amazing! Enjoy reading! Let me know if you guys have theories too!

Rafael Barba x Reader

Imagine: A hacking incident that involves Rafael along with many high powered and wealthy individuals. Now Rafael has to deal with the past resurfacing.

The sun was shining bright with a couple of clouds that decorated the blue sky. There were remnant piles of snow that clustered around the streets from the snow storm last night. Despite the cold weather, the short haired journalist sat in content near the big windows. Her nimble fingers typed swiftly on her laptop, recording all the scattered thoughts racing through her mind. The sun’s bright rays seemed to fuel her with energy. Typically, Fridays seem like a drag. However, this morning she felt very productive.

That kind of mindset came rare on a Friday, so she had to make good use of it. She meticulously scoured through the internet in hopes that she would find new material. She wanted to come across material she hasn’t worked with before. Just as she was about to give up and take a lunch break, the office was buzzing with chatter. Phones were ringing excessively and she wondered what the fuss was about. Her eyes glanced around the office as people crowded around cubicles and point in awe at their phones. Curious of the outbreak of excitement, she set her laptop aside and approached a party of five, crowding around a cubicle.

“What’s going on?” She asked, peeking over people’s shoulders. “You won’t believe it! Some crafty hacker just published a list full of high powered executives. There are files of their illegal activities attached as well!” One coworker exclaimed in excitement. “Really? Looks like we got ourselves front page news!” She laughed. “Who are some of the names?” Her eyes squinted at the screen, scanning through the names of some familiar wealthy businessmen, as well as some judges. Her eyes landed on an extra familiar name, one that made her stomach drop. ADA Rafael Barba.

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anonymous asked:

I find it kind of weird that Eric thought Devon was gonna break up the three musketeers thing that Zack, Dylan, and Eric had going on when initially it was himself who had broken it up. Do you really think Devon had any plans of breaking the three up?

No, of course Devon didn’t have any nefarious plans to break them up at all. I think Dylan initially perceived Devon as a threat because she was suddenly becoming a priority in Zack’s life. It made Dylan feel more alone because he no longer had that accessibility to the best friend that he felt knew him the best. I would imagine that Dylan probably vented about Devon to Eric (something to the effect “well that bitch..”) because of his jealousy and resentment. In turn, Eric backed his best friend and started to view her as “the enemy” that was pulling Zack away from their tight dude group.  In October ‘97, after the locker hacking incident happened and their subsequent suspension, Zack started pulling back from Eric, in conjunction with Dylan, because his parents didn’t want him associating and being influenced in a negative way. I seem to recall too that because Eric had built himself a bit of a reputation being into small bomb making as a hobby that word had gotten around and back to Zack’s parents. By early ‘98 onward, Eric had began to be frosty to Zack and stopped talking to him altogether suddenly. Zack was never really sure why Eric decided to stop any amount of friendship with him.  Meanwhile, Dylan and Zack continued to stay in touch and spent every night talking on the phone or sometimes just having the line open while they played video games together. Just because Eric decided he was done with Zack didn’t mean Dylan wanted to lose Zack. He never wanted that, he was just mad and jealous and directed his anger at Zack’s girlfriend.  Ironically though, Devon made a point of including Dylan in their circle and eventually she’d infectiously warmed Dylan enough to establish a close friendship between them.

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Saruhiko having a son who ends up getting really withdrawn and depressed from a young because he feels as if his dad hates him? He sees all these dad's with their kids being loving and affectionate but Saruhiko isn't like that with his son and works constantly. Maybe the kid doesn't have a mother, like Saru falls in love with a girl and the girl has the kid and leaves Saru with the kid and makes Saru more emotionally damaged.

This would be kinda interesting, though I have trouble seeing Fushimi hooking up with a girl…maybe he was at a low point emotion-wise and ends up having a drunken one night stand, naturally he’s disgusted the next morning that he let this stranger touch him. Nine months later the girl just drops a baby off at Scepter 4’s front door with a note saying that it’s Fushimi’s, he doesn’t believe it but Munakata has a DNA test done and it turns out that yup, it’s Fushimi’s kid. Fushimi initially just wants to put the kid up for adoption but after talking with Munakata and Yata and some of the others he’s convinced to keep the child, like just imagine this kid being raised by like the entire Blue clan plus regular visits from Uncle Yata, Uncle Kusanagi and Aunt Anna. The kid grows up very loved and doted on (Grandpa Munakata spoils him a bit) but he’s always really insecure about his relationship with Fushimi, Fushimi loves the kid but he also has no idea how to express it and he’s in constant state of terror that he’s going to fuck this kid up the way his dad screwed him up. Because of this by the time the kid’s in middle school he’s developed a bit of a complex, even though he has this whole network of supportive pseudo-relatives he feels like his dad hates him and doesn’t want him around.

Maybe then the kid starts to act out a little, like wanting to get Fushimi’s attention somehow. For good measure maybe the kid’s also a genius like Fushimi and so he uses his skills to like hack into the network at his school and change all the grades, except he gets caught and of course Fushimi is called in to deal with it. Fushimi doesn’t show though, Munakata comes instead and the kid is so upset because he thinks that Fushimi just doesn’t care enough to come. Munakata smooths things over with the school and then takes the kid home, noting that the child seems restless. The kid refuses to say why but Munakata can kinda guess, he notes that Fushimi-kun was worried when the school called about his kid. The kid mutters that Fushimi obviously wasn’t that worried and Munakata just gives him a piercing look as he’s like ‘is that so.’ I imagine a bunch of the cast trying to intervene to help here, like Yata maybe comes to visit the kid while the kid’s suspended due to the hacking incident and ends up telling the kid a little about Fushimi’s childhood, like not necessarily giving away everything but just trying to help the kid understand why Fushimi’s so standoffish sometimes and how it’s always been hard for Fushimi to show his feelings. Kusanagi also gets to talk with Fushimi about the kid and give parenting advice, like sometimes if a kid acts out it means they want attention and just because the kid has other people doesn’t mean he doesn’t want his dad around. Finally Fushimi and the kid talk, Fushimi haltingly admitting that he sucks at all of this and that his dad was a deadbeat and Fushimi is always worried he will become that person, wanting to be close to the kid but not able to shake the feeling that if he lets himself treasure his child things won’t go horribly wrong.

On Eric Harris:

“One girl who knew Eric Harris said that he was the sweetest guy she had ever met and that he solicitously attempted to cheer her up when she was depressed.” (May have been Melissa Snowdon)

Mother of Nicole Markham(8794)
“She did relate that Eric Harris was really funny.”

Jason Romanus(9833)
“Spoke briefly about Harris being funny.”

Melissa Walker(5993)
She did not think Harris was ridiculed because Harris had a lot of friends.

Dan Fleener(5558 )
Teacher, said Harris was “nice, respectful, compliant, good student, bright.”

“Kulesza said he never saw any hints that Harris might someday turn violent. ‘I saw ….him getting hit on the soccer field. He wouldn’t get angry, try to do anything, he’d just get up, shrug it off, not even given any nasty looks.’ Kulesza said. 'That’s why I’m shocked becasue I knew him as a nice guy. Harris was sociable wtih other team members. … He wasn’t aggressive or overbearing… My impression was that anybody could have gotten along with him.”

Jesse Boyer(SDUT 4-2-99)
“He was a jock for so long.” Boyer said. “Now he was into Nazi stuff.”

Lydia Shofner(LAT, 4-22-99)
“Eric was a real nice guy. I know it sounds strange to say it, …. but to portray him as this maniac isn’t right.”

Alisa Owen(3982)
Klebold was a nice guy, Harris(who always wore a beret(?)) had a very dark side.

Alicia Oeetniczak(5067)
Harris was nice, but everything he wrote was really dark.

Kelli Brown(10675)
Harris was prejudiced and “also very hateful”

Sarah Jacob(17411)
Dated Harris, said he “hated life and people”

Dominic Duran(6023)
Harris’ creative writings were always about war or killings.

In summer of '98, Harris changed his manner of dress and the music he listened to.

Michael Bierman(6134)
In one of his essays Harris wrote about being a shotgun pellet entering a body. He started wearing a trenchcoat in January of '99.

Christin Mikesell(5784)
She suspended Harris over the hacking incident. She said he took it well as he continued to talk to her.

Adam Thomas(1211)
Says Harris had been given the nickname of “Du hast” (German for 'you hate’).

Jennifer Hazens(4964)
Harris went to halloween party as the Unabomber.

Christine Epling(10717)
Says Harris was punched in the face by Dan Lab(aka 'pretty boy’) back in '98

Evan Vitale(1246)
Says Harris fought with Cale Kennedy.

Kevin Larson(5024)
Says Harris shot out garage window with a BBgun at Brook Brown’s house.

Caleb Newberry(1593)
“stated that Harris appeared to always be angry”

Monica Schuster(1139)
Says Harris “much more angry”.

Megan Morrison(5050)
Says Harris always looked angry and in a hurry.

Sara Martin(5034)
Said Harris was quiet, closed-up, and bitter.

Kyle Morton(3786)
Harris very withdrawn in the class they shared.

Jeremy Smith(4463)
Harris was very quiet in their class and not very friendly.

Aaron Smith(24424)
“Knew Harris from French class but Harris segregated himself, only associating with the trench coat mafia.”

Scott Rathbun(5058 )
In the middle of Harris’ junior year he became introverted and got to the point that he did not talk to people. “Eric was an outcast because he chose to be….he became very introverted and anti-social with just about everyone except Klebold.”

Crystal Bragazzi(5225)
“This year, Harris has acted like he did not even know Bragazzi and would not respond if she said hello.”

Megan Minger(5526)
Harris gave her an evil stare for 5-10 minutes at the after-prom party.

Michael Biggs(6139)
He felt intimidated by Harris, who stared at him, which he said was a common tactic of the TCM.

Nathan Wittkorp(aka Red)(13633)
Associate, says Eric Harris 'really got weird’ in last six months.

Chris Meier(5327)
“This year Harris turned 'weird’.”

Stephen Partridge(5945)
Harris seemed 'unstable’

Michelle Hartsough(10150)
BJ co-worker Harris “often seemed paranoid”

Greg Hofer(6623)
Harris bought his GI Joe dolls so he could destroy them by shooting them with a BB gun, impale them, wrap fishing line around their necks.

Melissa Chavez(9023)
Says Harris talked of suicide because he was picked on.

Redacted person on hit list(10264)
Harris relentlessly teased by kids in gym class.

Nathan Lopatin(2016)
“when Harris backed into his car Harris had become angry and started to shake and pound on his steering wheel”

Jennifer Paavilainen(6977)
Says Harris got angry after minor car accident in Jan '99

Evans McClaugherty(2038 )
Bumped into Harris who became angry and pushing ensued. Evans told that he should “watch his back.”

Keith Parkison(1069)
Said Harris and the TCM began picking on people in Jan’ of '99-

-Craig Place(1090)
Says Harris picked on freshmen.

–Jason Kirk(5014)
Says Harris waved a shotgun at him back in July 4 of '98

–Dustin Thurman(7260)
A wrestler, says he had problems with Harris and Klebold in the past; says Harris wanted to fight him in the parking lot of the school back in '98. (Then, in another interview the next day, says he never had an argument with H or K(??))

Megan Minger(5526)
Saw Haris on 4-20 at the top of the outside stairs. “Eric was scary, looked really pissed off.”

anonymous asked:

Hi I saw something about Louis or Harry's mum posting a IG pic of HL a while ago with something like: I'm happy to say... ' ' it was basically saying that HL was together and how proud she was. I think it was taken down and claimed to be a hacking incident? Do you know anything about that moment?

What you’re referring to happened on November 17, 2014 on Louis’ mom’s Instagram. This was what was posted:

The photo was deleted off of Instagram and Jay then said on Twitter that she thought she had been hacked (x). The general theory among Larries is that Jay posted it herself, but obviously had to remove it and claim that she hadn’t done it. Coincidentally (or not…), six days later on November 23rd, unseen photos from Jay’s wedding, some of which featured Eleanor, were “leaked.” 


Taken from Klebold’s Residence in Dylan’s bedroom:

518 printout of computer hacker  

which specifically is the above document known as mentor.tx t

“Mentor’s Last Words” /\/The Conscience of a Hacker/\

Courtesy of the Jolly Rodger

You can be sure Dylan dug this Hacker’s creed and that it appealed to his gifted intelligence, utter ennui with the system and his smarter than thou arrogance. ;)  Reading that must have inspired him to continue his amateur late-night HaXoR dabblings with AoL to practice and hone his skills as well as his ingenuity snatching school locker combinations in the beginning of his Junior year. 

Dylan’s Hacking Shenanigans

Locker Hacking Incident October ‘97

Robyn  “Dylan got kicked off AoL”

credit: @rainflesh for AoL tee photos

no but seriously, how pathetic and self centered does ian have to be to make this post regarding him being rude to his fans about HIMSELF? i’m rolling my eyes so far it falls back out of my head. instead of owning up to it he has to use a scapegoat just like the #HACKED incident. which is reeeeaallly pathetic, considering that how old is this man, like thirty six? this isn’t about ian wanting his privacy, it’s about the condescending way he sounds and the fact that he has the time to stand there and tell everyone that they can’t follow him around or take photos with him but not take a couple of photos with some fans. the argument that he’s only human is also bullshit, because last time i recalled, i don’t think he was forced into being in the spotlight, so this is what he signed up for. he’s not being mobbed by twenty thousand fans, there’s literally only eight people there to see him look like he’s reprising his dirty homeless role on LOST. instead of owning up to this and being like, oh hey maybe i was a little mean to the fans, he had to use a scapegoat. because this manchild still can’t own up to his mistakes, probably far too used to being able to bat those baby blue eyes and getting away with murder, practically. so no, i don’t feel sorry about a thirty something year old manchild who makes 40k an episode and just got married to his girlfriend of two months.

summertide (a safe place in the woods): a supercat camp counselors au | chapter 1

After a bad hacking scandal, Cat Grant and two of her employees volunteer at a summer camp for some good publicity. With a cabin full of snotty 14-year-old girls and a bouncy, preppy, infuriating co-counselor, this is going to be the longest summer of Cat’s life.

A COLLABORATION WITH @sarahbloodymanning 


The moment Cat steps foot on the grounds of Camp Friendship, she knows she’s making a mistake.

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anonymous asked:

What's the locker hacking incident?

In October ‘97, one student reported to the CHS dean that a couple of items were missing from his locker, including a camera. Another student said he got a threatening note in the locker warning him to back off Devon Adams. I seem to recall that the incident apparently had something to do with exacting revenge on Devon’s ex-boyfriend.  The dean, Peter Horvath, described Eric and Dylan as “brilliant” but ended up suspending them along with Devon and her boyfriend, Zack Heckler, on Oct 2nd, for hacking into the school’s  computer system to get locker combinations.  Zack, considered the mastermind, got five days,  as did Dylan (according to his Diversion file), and Eric got three days’ worth.   Devon’s defense of them was that they did it because Columbine did not challenge them. “Because we were all just bored.  When you get bored, you act out.”

In Dylan’s diversion file, Sue writes her version of the locker combination hacking.  (She incorrectly has Fall ‘98 - it was ‘97 as this file was written up March ‘98).  Then we have Dylan’s veeeery concise version of events. “Hacking & possessing important documents”  Plus the Diversion representative jotting down that his suspension was for 5 days in 10-97. 

anonymous asked:

Any idea what Dyl was printing that was more than 10 pages?

I believe your question is in reference to this post?  

What he was printing?  Oh, I don’t know, let’s see. maybe it was something along the lines of Dyl having printer issues at home and needing to print his “Senior Predictions” report that may have been a tad beyond 10 pages and Peggy Dodd, the computer lab assistant was being a tight wad, rigid control freak and so it pissed him off?   Yeah, probably something along those lines..  In any case, Dylan was flouting the rules and not giving two fucks while pushing the envelope with computer lab staff ever since he and Eric had a progressively bad history with Peggy Dodd and Rich Long when they fell from grace with the locker hacking incident in October of ‘97 their Junior year. Per Sue’s book,  The Dean wanted severe consequences for their actions and Dylan, Zack and Eric were suspended (Dylan and Zack for 5 days, Eric for 3) and Rich Long spoke with Sue and Dylan. “..what came next, however, was more painful for Dylan than the suspension: the teacher told Dylan he could no longer help with the school’s computers”. 

The boys drew a caricature of their despised Computer lab assistant, Peggy Dodd lording over them for their computer ID card and revoking their permission to use the lab.  They even have her accent in asking for the ‘carduh’ lol

Peggy Dodd observed Dylan in a long black coat, shooting his gun and smiling. Peggy stated that it was “More of a  smirk than a smile”

anonymous asked:

I saw somewhere that Eric called Dyl his "best friend" in the 25 facts about himself or something, but Dylan never once called Eric his best friend, only mentioning him as his "good friend". Do you think they weren't as close as everyone thinks?

This is the story in a nutshell: Dylan considered Zack to be his best friend and that relationship really took a strong hold in ‘between 95-97. But that’s not to say that Dylan wasn’t close with Eric, he in fact, considered him a ‘very good friend’ as Dylan described in his Diversion Program Intake Form questionnaire March ‘98.  The thing is, Dylan felt like Zack understand him the most of all the friends he had and the two talked a lot about their feelings and mutual depression and troubles at school.  But then Zach got into a relationship with Devon Adams mid ‘97 which meant less best friend adventures between Zack and Dylan. By the Fall of ‘97, after the locker hacking incident at school, Eric began to disengage from Zack until he was no longer considered part of their three musketeers dude club. Dylan began to pull away even more from Zack as a result of Eric showing more obvious dislike for Zack (ignoring him) and he so, by default, he chose to stick with Eric because Zack’s time was vested in his girlfriend. Eric and Dylan’s bond became tighter and soon became a sympatico business arrangement between the two to begin their plans for NBK after the van theft and their inception into the Diversion program in March ‘98.  It was mostly just the two of them together all the time. And misery loves company.   But as you can see below from the March ‘98 questionnaire, Dylan still favors Zack his best friend of all time because Dylan scratches out and makes that distinction that Eric is ‘very good friends’. 

Dylan’s Diversion Program Intake Form

Eric’s Diversion Program Intake Form

I go into more detail  here , here, here and here .  

P.S. This will all be on the FAQ.