hacking exposed

The really good part you guys didn’t see with JVR taking on Cinemasins today was that he wasn’t just looking at his own video, he basically deconstructed their entire modus operandi. Go to his twitter, it’s great, because it’s about time that shitty channel run by cynical hacks was exposed for what it is.

Too Far

Prompt: Someone insults/disrespect batmom in front of the boys and they defend/protect her.

Words: 151

          You glare at the front page of the Gotham Gazette before your eyes go to your sons. “You went too far,” you finally say.

           Jason just laughs, “I think we didn’t go far enough.”

          Dick smiles, “We gave him two black eyes, Damian poured chocolate pudding down his pants, Tim hacked and exposed some rather scandalous things, and he’s not even bringing up a law suit because he’s afraid of what would happen if he did.”  

          You stare at them, “I could have handled it.”

          Tim shrugs, “You’re our mom, no one calls you Bruce Wayne’s whore, asks you how much you cost a night, and gets away with it.”

          Damian smirks, “Honestly, you should be worried about what father will do when he gets back from his mission.”

          You lean forward, “You will not tell him about this.”

          Jason’s smile widens, “Don’t have to, Alfred already did.” You just groan.

The 100 S3 Hiatus Diary

Once again, let me present to you a chronicle of our fandom’s most glorious hiatus moments. In truest hyperbole fashion we did not scale back after last year’s already impressive BS recordings. Here’s all the drama we managed to fit into the 257 days between the Season 3 finale on May 19, 2016 and the Season 4 premiere on February 1, 2017:

FYI: Entries are mostly focused on the Twitter fandom unless otherwise noted. Also beware, this diary deliberately generalises from the loud few to the many. 

Day 2: Emma Caulfield of EW writes a *love letter* bashing Bellamy into a verb and adjective. Half of the fandom cackles, other half is ready to “bellamy” her. 

Day 3: Ongoing belittling of Jasper’s PTSD in tandem with outrage from same people that show didn’t depict enough PTSD victims.

Day 6: #GiveBellamyBlakeABoyfriend circulates and is amusingly shared by lovers and haters.

Day 7: Kass Morgan is confronted with fandom members defacing and even burning her books. Because we are classy.

Day 10: Tumblr heats up when Johnny Depp beating Amber Heard gets compared to how Bellamy treats Clarke. Because bisexuality. Oh yes.

Day 11: Devon zings Harry Styles - and popstars in general - for trying to act. Somewhere Shawn Mendes cries a tear. 

Day 12: The Fandom-is-Broken article hits. Outrage everywhere, while our fandom is like “yup, sounds about right”. 

Day 15: Bob at Phoenix con says Bellamy wouldn’t have sided with Pike had Clarke returned earlier. Somehow he gets hate for that. Still unclear why. Most likely for no reason at all. 

Day 16: More Phoenix con: Bob utters word “YET”, causes avalanche. Emma Caulfield tweets her and Bob’s are besties now. Fandom responds in typical forgiving ways. 

Day 18: Tumblr has Brollexa gaining traction among BCers, the polyamorous turn it into Clexamy. Not appreciated by the CL fandom. Devon tweet-deletes, shits on cast members for making money off cons instead of donating to charity.

Day 21: Eliza and Bob get nominated for Teenchoice TV Chemistry. Disgust in CL fandom as entertaining as surprise in BC fandom. 

Day 23: Fan at Oz Comic Con asks Eliza about Chemistry nomination and gets booed. Bob speaks slloooowwwhhhuuurr to the iddiiiooootttss on twitter. Most likely entirely unrelated. 

Day 24: Eliza gets called fake/lost/drunk by BC fandom for voicing opinions about Bellarke. Beware of having opinions about ships.

Day 25: Bob replies to hate tweet. Backfires into him getting criticised for passive aggressively focusing on negativity only. 

Day 26: First hiatus hack! Eliza’s instagram. Leads to Alycia unfollowing her. Fandom entertained for a while. Plus the gem of someone comparing Lexa’s death to the Orlando shooting.

Day 28: Alycia cancels Brazil con. In a roundabout way it’s Bob’s fault.

Day 31: On the shipping front Bob  & Shampoo compete against Lexa & Bullet. Because why not. 

Day 33: Somehow BC fandom hits jackpot by criticising both Adina and Mike on same day. For not being pro-BC enough. Adina! Mike! 

Day 35: Layne Morgan attacks Ben Batemen for elevating himself to lgbt+ spokesperson. Fanbase first stunned, then divided. 

Day 37: Second hiatus hack! Layne’s phone. Apparently private numbers get leaked, some idiots message Jason’s wife.

Day 41: Third hiatus hack! (@)emiliascara hacks into Marcus Catsaras’ (Alycia’s boyfriend) icloud, finds footage of him cheating. Catsaras deletes his twitter/fb accounts. Because hell has no fury like a riled-up CL fandom.

Day 42: Lindsey jumps in to fight hackers, (@)morleydebnam jokes about hacking Lindsey.

Day 44: Hacker exposed as guy from Toronto (Michael Brand/Bahramian). 

Day 46: CL fandom overruns and impressively wins 9 of 11 E!Online polls. Still peeved over other fandoms bonding and voting against them. 

Day 48: Jarod speaks up after Alton Sterling shooting. Ends with him getting attacked over *representation* issues. 

Day 52: Eliza vs Alycia in Radiotimes quarter finals. Which fosters minor drama.

Day 56: Layne officially disinvited from clexacon. 

Day 57: Some panelists boycott clexacon after Layne’s exit. Meanwhile the gullible have a clickbait-freakout over O killing Bellamy. 

Day 58: Ben Bateman steps back from clexacon allies panel. (@)riserellamy makes it their mission to get all Arryn-haters blocked by Bob. 

Day 59: Eliza talks freely and excessively about Lexa and Clexa at Brazil Con. BC fandom really wishes she wouldn’t. 

Day 60: From the fanfic policing front: Author gets such harsh attacks for writing Lexamy they pull the fic. 

Day 61: S3 DVD is out! Deleted scenes reheat old rage. While Ricky retweets shade about him not being in the bloopers.

Day 62: #OlicityMafiaExposedClexaParty happens. CL fandom first fandom ever to cheat in a poll. 

Day 64: She said “ship”.

Day 65: Whole fandom aflame over the shit/ship debacle. Shit memes everywhere. Aaron doesn’t give a SHIT. Eliza probably avoids her mentions. Tumblr births Bellarke Drags. The best of days.

Day 66: clexasources promotes WB survey asking people to criticise show. Eliza shall be saved by cancellation. 

Day 67: ELSchaaf claims Eliza speaks condescendingly of Bellarke because she’s threatened by Bob’s popularity. Fandom appalled. In conjunction CLs figure out ELSchaaf is involved with Unity Days. 

Day 68: ELSchaaf on tumblr rampage, invites haters to call her names at con in person. Unity Days reacts swiftly and removes ELSchaaf. 

Day 70: Bellarke Shit necklace sparks controversy. 

Day 73: Wizard Con: Marie says Clarke has *nappy* hair which Eliza laughs at. Racism outrage in some fandom corners. 

Day 75: Jason’s SDCC talk about bi-Clarke getting “with everyone” resurfaces. Not the most well received. clexasources deactivates after Bob+Eliza photo post leads to attacks by followers.  

Day 78: Supposed insider troll Jason Blue stirs up rumour drama of Octavia dying. 

Day 82: Bellarke fanart repurposed as Braven fanart. Bob-birthday charity criticised for being organised by a BC shipper. 

Day 84: Pedowitz stands behind show at TCAs, does neither criticise nor cancel it on the spot, as some had hoped. 

Day 103: Fanfic policing, part 2: Bellamy goes down on Clarke in the commander’s throne. People - ignorant of the concept of *fanfiction* - are mad. 

Day 106: Eliza posts candid pic with guy-boy-friend. Apparently this makes her a lesser lgbt+ ally. 

Day 111: Fanfic’s blowjobgate! Briller&Harper fic on kinkmemes ignites long and nasty Bellarke fanfic community wars. Who gets to and with whom and with how many is not the author’s choice alone. 

Day 125: Tumblr aflame over Bellamy hating Aurora Blake, with usual shades of misogyny and racism. 

Day 130: HYPE article about ADC at Copenhagen Con calls out fans for slightly inappropriate fan behavior. More inappropriate fan behavior in reaction leads to article edits. 

Day 132: Kim retweets Fa Panini’s cute Becho fanart. BC fandom takes that as confirmation of things to come. Mild panic. 

Day 135: A clearly mangled and misrepresented SDCC comment about Clarke and love interest in S4 causes freakout. Because fandom will forever step into all clickbait traps willingly. 

Day 144: The usual bi-monthly kerfuffle about Clarke being forgotten as bi-rep in article. 

Day 145: Layne Morgan sick of TV bi girls ending up with men. Not that stats have discredited this stereotype at all. 

Day 155: Supposed insider troll Jason Blue claims insider cancellation knowledge. Insider arguments quickly debunked. 

Day 159: Photoshopped Variety tweet circulates, claiming show cancellation. Mo Ryan refutes it. 

Day 165: Lindsey stumbles into sexypilgrim drama. Apologises later for wishing people would get involved in causes beyond online outrage. 

Day 166: Press day! Drama day! Fandom-uneducated Nadia voices “Luna is stronger than Lexa”. She may forever feel the consequences. 

Day 167: Nadia tweets “Fiction”, deletes account. #NadiaDeactivatedParty follows. Eliza and later Arryn claim account is fake. Fandom thinks Eliza would rather lie than defend Nadia and her anti-Lexa statement. 

Day 170: Meanwhile in the fanfic warzone: “Bellamy rapes Lexa” gets countered with “Lexa castrates Bellamy”. 

Day 190: Bob reaches annual patience-for-twitter threshold, carries out annual twitter deactivation. States he was made to join. Fandom: lol, ok, see you in a bit. 

Day 199: Bellarke and Clexa both in same Hottest-Ships-of-the-Year list. But fandom can’t share nice things. 

Day 201: Guess who’s back on twitter, guys?

Day 216: BC-shipping jewellery artist called out for making money off Clexa art. Not allowed in the age of receipts. 

Day 219: In spirit of Christmas, Aaron issues Lexa apology. Fandom - less spirited - counters it’s 9 months too late, and never enough. 

Day 221: Katie affirms in slightly too bitter way that show is more than just Clexa. Bad move, girl.

Day 222: (@)bellamysbriller - whom Katie retweeted the day before - is exposed for catfishing and bullying. 

Day 228: More jewellery controversies, as jewellery donations to charities can only come from people who’ve never made controversial statements. 

Day 233: clexaspoilers surfaces, claims access to screeners, reveals Clexa parts. Fandom calls it baiting to make them watch, even though account claims now they DON’T have to watch. 

Day 238: BC fandom gets high on SHE HAS BELLAMY, and actually manages to trend for once. Stunning friends and foes alike.

Day 241: Unity Days report of Lindsey supposedly saying Bellarke is boring. Lindsey gets attacked and goes on twitter detox. BC fandom to blame.

Day 243: Fourth hiatus hack! Ricky’s phone. Beware of Ricky nudes. 

Day 245: Alycia’s management removes The 100 from “known for” section on IMDB. BCers shocked, CLs shrug. 

Day 248: BCers think 600 cookies might be helpful for show renewal. Laughs and eyerolls all around.

Day 249: S4 poster arrives. Cast, writers and fans partake in a who’s-who guessing game with silhouettes. Body shaming leads to #titsoutforeliza, someone leaks S4 callsheets and Funko whitewashes Raven and Bellamy. A busy day.

Day 252: CLs set up White House petition to get Jason fired. A single signature last we checked. 

Day 257: Final hiatus day: (@)the100leaked pops up to generously leak part of the Season 4 finale script and cause mass hysteria. Tadaaaaa! 

And that’s it! See you all next hiatus! Just kidding. I accept more entries, if you can link me to the evidence.

URGENT!! Please read.

Hello, it is Jamie, Grace’s friend - I am here to tell everyone about the girl that hacked my blog (m-a-j-e-s-t-i-q-u-e.tumblr.com). So can you please reblog this to show everyone what this girl is really like.

Her name is Chelsea Lamb (or Chelsea Elaine on Facebook) 

That is her blog, Ccatty.tumblr.com. I gave her my email and pw to look after my blog while I was away, but by the time I was back she had changed my email and password and began posting disgusting things about my personal life onto my blog. She is horrible and needs to be reported, everyone who follows her think she is lovely, but it’s easy to appear nice on a computer screen.
These are just a few of the things she has inboxed me on facebook so you can an idea of what she is like. 

and you can see all the things that she has said about my life on my blog - http://m-a-j-e-s-t-i-q-u-e.tumblr.com/  , amazing a girl who claims to stick up and have an eating disorder picks fun at other people who have them.

Thankyou all for reading and please reblog so I can expose this child for what she really is, Thank you!


we laid out wax paper to collect
sprays of blood, got straight
to work hacking, stripping away
flesh, exposing tender bone

with a thick knife, i cut mangled
frame free from gurney, held
his wild arm down with another.
he bit into cloth to stifle loud

it is hard to convince the sinner
of his sins and harder yet to
measure them against the acts
of his virtue no witness saw

soil will settle upon freshly dug
graves, and blades of grass
will return to the surface. soon
they each appear, strikingly

(Written and submitted by @ibeforehe)

when your husband’s administration collaborates with russian oligarchs to influence the 1996 russian presidential election to keep communist gennady zyuganov out of power and rig the vote in favor of the wildly unpopular incumbent boris yeltsin, which resulted in a resurgence of russian nationalism that ultimately led to the rise of vladimir putin and his own aggressively autocratic nationalist & imperialist agenda which 20 years later will cost you the presidency of the united states due to putin’s government hacking the DNC and exposing you and your party to sway public opinion against you which might not even had made a difference in the end since you were just THAT unpopular and out of touch with the political climate of your own base

title: a place for getting lost (and for getting found)

summary: When Alliance Intelligence is hacked and Rebel spies across the galaxy are killed and more threatened to be compromised, Cassian Andor is left adrift of the only life he’s known and cut off from everyone. Now, with his life hanging in the balance of the people that ruined everything, he must prove that he’s loyal. But to who? (Rating: M, Word Count: 22,108)

notes: This is heavily inspired by the season seven Burn Notice episode, “Psychological Warfare,” and if that title tells you anything, it’s that this fic is one hell of a ride. Some warnings that need to be said: psychological torture, drug-induced hallucinations, interrogation, childhood trauma, flashbacks, and probably more. So no, this isn’t the most cheerful of fanfics, but I had an incredible time writing this and delving into Cassian’s character and past more. There is some Rebelcaptain in this, but it’s not the center. I wanted the focus to be right on Cassian, his relationship with the Rebellion, and everything he’s had to sacrifice in this war.

“It doesn’t matter how many times you leave,
it will always hurt to come back
and remember what you once had and who you once were.
Then it will hurt just as much to leave again,
and so it goes over and over again.
Once you’ve started to leave, you will run your whole life.”

― Charlotte Eriksson

They’re going to kill you.

The black bag hanging over his head was ripped off and Cassian’s eyes snapped open. He was kneeling in the middle of a very bright, crisp, white cell, his hands no longer tied and completely uninjured. Two men stepped through a door on the other side and shut it behind them, locking him inside. He was alone in the silence and made no attempts to move or try to escape. There wasn’t a point.

He blinked placidly as he searched the room with his eyes. No handle or keycode panel on the inside. No windows on the walls. Six strategically placed speakers, perhaps so he could be spoken to by his captors. But why so many? There was one camera as well high up in the corner, trained on him, like an ever-watching eye. The room was almost deadly silent, but if he focused, he could feel the gentle movements of the ship that he was on as it cruised through space, so he knew they hadn’t landed on planet or gone to their base.

As far as anyone outside of here was concerned, he’d vanished, a blip off the radar.

Suddenly, piercing warning sirens began scream through the speakers. He pressed the heels of his palms to his ears to block out the sound, but it could only dull them marginally. It wasn’t long before the sirens drilled their way into his head and the light became too bright. All he could do was close his eyes, kneel in place, and hold his ears, as if removing any of his senses might help with the pain, but it was always there. The sirens, the lights, the hard metal against his knees.

Every time he tried to force his mind to drift, the sirens would either pull him back or his eyes would flicker open briefly and he’d snap back into the room. The light washed out everything. The two mixed together until the light was screaming and the sirens were burning. He lost track of time without meaning to and everything began to crumble.

But he didn’t move and he didn’t flinch. His only consolation was that they hadn’t started physical torture. Of course, the fact that he didn’t know if or when it would happen hung over him like a threat. This, he told himself, he could handle. He’d gone through it before; he’d done it to others before. The surest way to break someone was not with the body but through the mind. For men like him, his mind was his greatest weapon and worst liability.

Maybe they would kill him, but they wouldn’t break him. He wouldn’t allow it.


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good cyberpunk: explores a dystopian-capitalistic society for its oppression and ensalvement of the underclass while using augmentations, autonomous machines etc. as an allegory for marginalised people subjected to extensive abuse, population control, propaganda, and many other terrible things while also calling out the blatant corruption between authorities, mega-corporations and political outlets. more often than not the rogues are oppressed persons looking to dismantle this corrupt society by hacking, exposing the truth, effectively de-programming society. P.S. cops are effectively indistinguishable from military. 


The Annual Horsblr Drama Recap: 2016 edition

January: “Unbranded”: promoting the mustang? or just a group of stupid thrill seeking college kids knowingly putting their horses lives in danger? “Take your rich bitch money and fat mouth elsewhere”:  The “If you say everyone needs a trainer, you’re elitist” mantra.  The State of America: Judge Qualifications.  Horse Slaughter: livestock animal, best friend, or both? ALERT: Police on high alert after the word “piaffe” was mentioned by an unqualified individual. Those unintentional suicide jokes.  What brand is your bridle? Our experts weigh in on what your bridle says about your financial status.  LDR vs Rolkur, AGAIN… The Facts: Is there a correlation between liking a certain breed and preferring a certain style of horse management? 

February:  Conspiracy: Theveganmothership and Banallequinesports are the same person.  NEWSFLASH: putting stallions in the same area so they can sort out their hierarchy under the careful eyes of their owners is abusive and disgusting.  “jfc Janet BAIL is what you have when you are in jail and BALE is what hay is in.  Learn to fckn spell”  Halters: Nylon vs. Leather?  Safety vs. Aesthetics?  Helmet Girl strikes again!  Weighted tails, weighted bits, and other training nonsense.     

March:  Real Talk: is it Horseblr or Horsblr? Arthur’s absolutely appalling joke of a browband.  Some interesting A circuit hunters drama that had something to do with burn marks??  Do we or do we not want barrel racers to wear helmets with cowboy hat attachments: safety vs aesthetics part 2.  “My daddy bought me an import and I only see it once a month”.  The bald face debate. Salt against saddleseat. Dogblr vs Horsblr: Cesar Milan edition.  The Pénélope Leprevost incident. 

April:  Can horses be assholes on purpose?  Barrel Racing and Dressage:  Are the two disciplines on equal grounds?  Bits in the Hunter Ring: What the riders don’t want you to see.  BREAKING NEWS: Witnesses say a photo of an average quarter horse preforming  piaffe circulated created uproar among dressage enthusiasts convinced that only warmbloods are capable of such movements. Australia’s ridiculous National Security laws and what they have to do with not vaccinating your horse.  Animal welfare concerns: clipping horses for the winter.  NEW INFO: Lainey Ashker killed her horses!

May:  Famous self proclaimed horseman Clinton Anderson flips a horse over: Was it preventable?  TONIGHT ON 7 NEWS: Horsblr’s collective obsession with the piaffe.  Vague blogging at its finest.  You can’t take your horse out on hacks unless you have exposed them to every single possible flight response trigger, otherwise, you suck.  Double twisted wire bits on Hunter ponies: Hot or not?  If you use two saddle pads, you are the DEVIL.  The saga continues: Tear Lainey’s dressage skills apart but Edward Gal is untouchable.

June:  Mares vs. Geldings.  Proper ‘Eq’: What happened to shoulder hip heel? Dogblr weighs in: Adopting vs. Buying. 

July:  Exposing your young horse to show jumping: ABUSE.  Page 45, section 4, subsection 5, paragraph 2 of Hunter barn ‘eq’tiquette dictates that you can’t drink water during lessons… (its a sign of weakness)  Also, page 27, section 2 says that praising your horse before leaving the ring is frowned upon and points may be deducted. Falsterbo Horse Show footage.  Clinton Anderson’s “death to tree huggers” video controversy.  

August: CWD Female Saddle: Sexist? or does since and physiology back their products up?  Stronger bits for stronger horses: an indicator for lack or training.  RIO 2016 ~ super cresty lusitanos, Adeline Cornellisen scratches mid test (what a hero) Country of Origin Bias: Kittel vs Ward.  Vulture squad vs. Bench bitches??? 

September:  Spanking your horse: acceptable or barbaric?  Negative Reinforcement: a  non-aversive, magical method of communication between you an your horse <3.  Our readers weigh in on how your sex life may correlate with how you handle horsblr discourse. 

October:  “People who can’t afford to take quality care of their pets have every right to continue to own their animals”.  Polo wraps are always a valid reason to start drama.

November:  Donald Trump is elected…  On barn dogs and which ones to shoot.  WHAT KIND OF SQUASH IS THAT?!  Poor horse folk outraged and left feeling bitter after Cylana sold to young rider for 3 million USD.  Attention: There is only one true way to lunge your horse, only one, thats it.  The chaff discourse. 

December: Barrel racing Instagram equestrians and futurity shit.  “Kicking Your Horse in the Chest for Refusing to Jump and other Tantrums”.  Personal opinion posts taken way too far.  Pro-anas infiltrate horseblr.  Hoof Crack Treatment Discourse.  Gettin Salty: Dutch Harness Horses.  Biting and Aggression: Best Plan of Action? “Wow I cant believe ur horse is on bute when u haven’t been given it by a vet even tho if i had checked your blog for literally 5 seconds i would have seen i was literally wrong!”

anonymous asked:

Going back to Zayn v Camila leaving. Zayn won the gp cause people knew there were valid reasons to leave (islamaphobia, eating disorder, being the scapegoat for 1D pr drama) & not just to further his career because he thought he was better than the boys. Everyone was sad but they knew why. With Camila everyone was overjoyed she was leaving and the gp caught onto that on twitter - the amount of ppl shading her without any knowledge was telling. She left because she thought she was already a star

Not to mention Zayn didn’t make any solo music while being in the group (idk if they were even allowed to) and the whole band seemed loyal to each other. 5h on the other hand seemed dysfunctional, C was out here making solo music and promoting it more than her groups music, there was obvious tension between her and the girls, also the hacks exposed how racist and disgusting she was to the girls behind their backs.

we’re only a week into january and

  • d*nielle cheated~ on louis
  • br*ana got hacked….
  • ….and then exposed herself as the hacker
  • d*uis breakup rumors were allowed to spread over 24hrs
  • louis was announced as an SJPR client
  • br*ana deactivated her ig for “privacy reasons”…..
  • …..but gave her fans her address
  • antis are more pressed than ever

let me reiterate…. it’s only been a week

Im literally wailing over the pence website being hacked 

‘Exposing Disney’s Mulan soon emboldened Pence, then a heterosexual father- of-three with a hit public radio show under his belt, to run for congressional office in Indiana. With chants of “Pence for Congress,” “Boycott Mulan,” and “I Still Don’t Quite Understand Why We Are Boycotting Mulan,” Pence was elected to the US House of Representatives in 2000. “


Sen. John McCain: Russia’s election hacks have left U.S. “totally paralyzed”

  • McCain said on Sunday the Russian hacking exposed a threat that could “destroy democracy” and leave the country “totally paralyzed.”
  • “This is the sign of a possible unraveling of the world order that was established after World War II … and that is because of the absolute failure of American leadership.”
  • McCain called for a single select committee to investigate the allegations. Read more

Rex Tillerson is the director of a U.S.-Russian oil company registered in the Bahamas

  • Rex Tillerson is the director of a “U.S.-Russian oil firm based in the tax haven of the Bahamas,” the Guardian reported on Sunday.
  • A leaked document from 2001 showed since at least 1998, Tillerson has been the director of ExxonMobile Russian subsidiary Exxon Neftegas
  • He sits along with “other officers who are based at Houston, Texas; Moscow; and Sakhalin, in Russia’s far east,” the paper wrote. Read more

Poll: Most Republican voters believe Donald Trump won the popular vote

  • More than half of all Republicans wrongly believe that Trump won the popular vote for president
  • That’s according to a recent poll released by Qualtrics polling and the Washington Post.
  • Fifty-two percent of Republicans polled said they believe Trump won the popular vote, while 24% of independents say he won and just 7% of Democrats believe he did. 
  • Overall, 29% of Americans believe Trump was the overall preference of all American voters. 
  • Clinton is currently 2.86 million votes ahead of Trump. Read more

People in the comments are asking the hackers to show her DMs with Louis and management and to hack Louis too to expose them.

Honestly. Don’t ever tell me again that these people have an ounce of respect for Louis or anyone. They only care about their ship and their ridiculous theories.