hacking bank accounts of bad guys and that kind of things

The mysterious girl (Elliot Alderson)

Hey guys, this is a requested imagine. I’m sorry about the bad content, I tried to came up with a good story but it ended up like this. Unfortunately, I don’t feel motivated enough to write anything lately, so I’m sorry for the lack of imagines.On the other side, I have the feeling that my stories are not good anymore like they used to be. Don’t worry I’m not giving up and I’ll come back with other stories, which I hope you’ll like… :) Nevertheless, I hope you like this one and enjoy it too!

Word count: 1,067

She was different. He knew it. Something about her was different. But he didn’t know what. Only the feeling in his stomach told him that she was different. Was she hiding something? He couldn’t know. He wasn’t able to get her out of his head. The second he saw her at the staircase of the building he was living in, carrying a large box in her hands, was enough to gain his completely attention. Their eyes only met each other for a few moments and then she turned away with a friendly smile on her lips. Who was she? Where did she come from? Why did she move in here?

Elliot wanted to know. He wanted to find out as much as information about her. He wanted to know so many things about her that he went through the nights without any sleep. Not that he slept much. But the urge find out who she was made him almost sick.

Her apartment was right next to his. Sometimes he could hear her footsteps right from his apartment. Elliot always sat in front of his computer, wondering what she might do. He barely saw her. Hell, he had even no idea what her name was. She never introduced herself when they met and he also had no guts to talk to her. We all know Elliot, socializing was one of his weaknesses. However one day, by random, he found out her name.

Elliot came back from work, totally exhausted and tired. His day was nothing but stressful and all he wanted to do was lying on his comfortable couch with some cheerios and coke. He slowly started to eat more as Krista recommended, and the more he ate food, the better he felt.

A mailman was standing outside his apartment as Elliot arrived. They greeted each other briefly and the mailman stretched out some letters to him. One certain letter gained his attention, because he never heard or saw this name. He knew all the persons who lived in the building even though he had no contact to them. However this name, this name was unfamiliar to him. And then it made sense. It had to be her. (Y/N) (Y/L/N).  That was her name.

Once opening the front door, Elliot raced up the stairs to his apartment. “(Y/N), (Y/N),(Y/N)…” He kept repeating her name. Although he had the letter that belonged to her in his hands where her name was written on, he still was afraid that he would forget her name once he sat in front of his computer. One minute later, and would get what he wanted.

He started his computer and took place on his chair. Something next door fell to the ground and he could hear hasty footsteps that belonged to her. After a few minutes nothing was to be heard anymore. Elliot logged into his Facebook account and instantly searched for her name. “(Y/N) (Y/L/N)…” Yes, he didn’t forget her beautiful name. And indeed, she had created a Facebook account. Elliot knew he shouldn’t do that, stalking her, but he couldn’t decline it either. He began to take in as much as information he could and after only five minutes, he knew her whole life. Where she came from, who her parents were, which school she visited, her bank data, everything.

And he was right the whole time. She was different. Like him, she suffered from anxiety, he could tell, and socializing was not a good property of hers. But he had to admit, she was beyond beautiful. Elliot stared at her profile picture for a long time. She had wavy hair and her face was utterly perfect. She was an image of an angel. Her eyes glanced shyly at the camera and Elliot already fell in love with them.

“Why don’t you just go and talk to her?” He asked himself. Maybe Krista could help him. She always knew what to do even though Elliot had messed up his relation with her by stalking and hacking her. The kind hearted woman she was, she forgave him very fast and suggested to continue their sessions.

And the next day, he found himself in Krista’s office. “You’re hiding something, Elliot.” Krista claimed.

Elliot gazed at his psychiatrist. “How do you know?” Krista offered him a smile. “Don’t mind that, Elliot. Do mind telling me what you’re thinking about?” Elliot sighed and began talking. You could see he felt very uncomfortable about sharing his thoughts.

“There is this new girl, who moved in right next to my apartment.” Krista followed his speech concentrated and took important notes.

“I never really met her in person, only a few times when she went into her apartment but I guess I like her.” Krista’s eyes widened and her mouth hung open as she heard what her patient told her a second ago. Only an inaudible “what?” slipped out of her mouth.  She had not expected him to admit his feelings towards this mysterious girl. On the other side, she was also very proud, because they made progress and Elliot finally did open up a bit.

“T-that’s-“ Krista cleared her throat before she continued speaking. “These are good news Elliot. Why don’t you socialize with her?” Elliot shrugged his shoulders. “Nervousness? Anxiety? I don’t know…”

“Elliot, if you really want to get to know her, go and talk to that girl. Otherwise, she won’t know what she’s missing. Don’t be afraid. I’m sure it’ll all end good.”

Elliot listened to his psychiatrist and found himself standing in front of her apartment. It took him so much strength to lift up his hand and to knock on the door. He pressed his eyes tightly together and did the inevitable. Knock. Knock.

His heart pounded hard and heavy against his chest, and his hands felt sweaty all of sudden. Behind the door, he could perceive her footsteps that came closer and closer to the door. With one motion, the door was being unlocked, and she stood there, right in front of him. God, she was more beautiful in person.

She wore yoga pants and a large t-shirt. Her wavy hair was bundled into a messy bun. She was gorgeous. If they ever came together, he made sure to tell her that.

“Can I help you?” She asked with a whispering and shy voice.

“I’m Elliot.” The young hacker said. “Your neighbour.”

Voltron Psychic Au


Ghosts exist. The problem? the world is full of skeptics. So those that do know that are considered weird, and crazy. How do 5 teenagers play into this? That’s a good question as they can see ghost and other stuff

So this is an au I came up with and I plan to go all out with

Pidgance! Pidge and Lance

What better way to post this on day three.

Characters and background cuz why not

Lance (cuz he’s my fav) (16 soon to be 17 you’ll know why this is important)

Lance can see the future and talk to ghost. He’s a clairvoyant His mom and abue’(every one calls her thay) are too. His dad’s side is Cuban and his mom’s side Mexican (I’m not familiar Cuban customs have mercy) either way all his family is hispanic/latino and some part native american. That’s right Mestizo Lance. His mom and dad sing amazingly and are the reason he wants to become a singer. Ever since Lance was little, people thought he was attention seeking because he said he sees ghost. Lance is then labeled as a weird witch kid, because of this no matter how much he tries he doesn’t have many friends, but he tries to help people when something is going to happen to them. He speaks both Spanish and English. He learned how to speak English when he was eleven because both he and his mom knew they were going to move to the US. He still gets a little confused with English slang or vocabulary. Moved to America when he was 12 giving him a fresh new start and hiding his gift from people, still doing his best to help others. Though due to an accident in school he’s once again considered a weirdo. His best friends since the past four years are Hunk and Pidge. Lance’s mom teaches all her kids how to cook and clean because other than wanting her kids to be resourceful she has always said that “donde uno se acomide todos lo quieren” (Where one offers to help everyone wants them around) can’t take the credit though, she learned that from abue.

Pidge (recently turned 16)

Lance and Hunk make fun of Pidge’s height since she’s pretty much done growing. Other than seeing ghost, Pidge can see people’s aura though people didn’t pay much attention to it because it’s a cute and imaginative gift and Pidge only told her family about her seeing ghost, Pidge is also has a psychometry ability. Her father and brother and his best friend Shiro have gone missing, working for the government and making a huge discovery about the supernatural and government corruption. Pidge wanting answers she researches what her family had been doing taking things as far as hacking the government this makes her a wanted criminal but in secret. coming from a well off family Pidge takes all the money from their bank account to leave with her mother and continues searching for her family. While stopping at a gas station Pidge went to buy something to eat and she’s suddenly alone in the world. She changes her identity to Pidge Gunderson and cuts her hair to throw off anyone looking, being a wanted criminal and all. Pidge goes to a town and gets her hands on a computer does a little hacking magic and now she is living on her own in a fancy apartment with non-existent parents. Lance’s mom soon finds out and takes the girl in. Pidge decides to keep the apartment and is now used as a base. Pidge is a very smart nugget, she speaks sign language and Braille but living with the Mclain’s is making her learn Spanish. Codes to make money since she’s always buying science stuff and more things. Has to go to a school because she misses daily life sometimes and knows people wouldn’t believe her if she said she was an adult. This small one is most italian part German (american)

Keith (17 almost going to be 18 but he’s not telling Lance that till it’s his birthday)

Poor munchkin doesn’t like himself cuz he’s the son of a demon. He lives with his single mama who’s terrified of losing him and loves him to bits. When Keith gets angry or really upset things around/ or touches break or explode in a way. Though sometimes it’s a harmful being. So his mom tends to buy plastic more. Korean and United States American. Keith doesn’t really get along with people because he’s considered a troublemaker and bad influence since things were always damaged or broken around him. So there was a lot of moving around he hopes that this will be the last time he moves because even though he doesn’t have friends he likes the idea of stability in his life. Keith’s mama is single, bi, and really pretty and though she tends to avoid relationships that doesn’t stop men and women to try and woo her. Keith is very protective of his mom and he wants her to be happy so when she finally decides to go on dates Keith goes all detective and finds what kind of intentions the person she’s dating has. Boy low-key hardcore ships his mom with Hunk’s mom.

Shiro (just turned 19)

Poor guy just wakes up in the woods next to a road with no idea where he is, and all he knows is the government and the galra can’t be trusted. Shiro makes it a priority to find Katie (Pidge) and her mother because he promised her brother and father he’d take care of her and her mother if something ever happened to them. When he does find her he sees her mother is gone so he offers her to live with him cuz (space dad is big bro). Pidge declines as she’s really happy with Lance and his family and asks Shiro to live in the apartment she bought. Shiro was put up for adoption as a baby because his parents simply didn’t want a kid, and no one ever adopted him because he was a “defective” child since, other than seeing the dead he sees how they died. this made Shiro want to be a detective for the police but he met the Holts and was mentored by Pidge’s father. Since his disappearance, with his right hand Shiro can telekinetically move objects this take a lot out of him though He does know that his hands been messed with (it’s always been a prosthetic). has flashes and breaks down a lot. Shiro’s Japanese, knows both Japanese and English.

Hunk ( He’s 17)

Hunk, like the others can see ghosts too. Hunk is an automatic writer but he also has a very defensive psychic shield. This little one is “Hawaiian” and Somoan. He was raised in the town called Castle where everyone meets each other. He does visit Hawaii often though. His aunt got very sick so Hunk and his mom had to got to Hawaii for three months (the same thre months Pidge and Lance move to castle). Hunk want’s to become a famous chef as he loves cooking. Hunk’s a professional when it comes to hiding his abilities sometimes he can control it or say that he’s trying to draw or write without looking. He didn’t like people being mean to him but when Hunk started hanging out with Lance and Pidge he didn’t care what others thought about him.


Lance always knew Pidge was a girl since he saw her. He just didn’t know she liked boys.

Pidge loves Lance’s aura.

Lance’s mom totally ships them but keeps it to herself except the other mom’s.

Their first kiss, Lance was asleep and Pidge just went for it, she even took a picture.

Poor Lance didn’t know till Hunk accidentally said it.

Pidge used a translator she made to understand the family’s spanish.

When Pidge learns spanish fluently she and Lance have inside jokes and make comments or just flirt with each other frustrating the others.

Pidge’s potty mouth gets even worse.

Pidge with Lance and the rest of his family sing while they are cleaning or when someone else is just singing.

Both Pidge and Lance cry with soap operas.

Music and noise is almost always present in the home.

Pidge shares a room with Lance’s older sister and she tells her the most embarrassing things about Lance.

Even Pidge fears Lance’s mom

Shiro gets a little mad that Lance is with Pidge but is glad because even though Lance is Lance, he makes Pidge really happy.

Pidge makes cool gadgets for Lance’s siblings.

I’ll maybe post a second part. The reason I made Lance part Mexican was because of culture differences. I know nothing of the cuban culture and I don’t want to step on any toes k. The tag for this will literally be voltronpsychic au


The Blacklist AU | Liz and Ressler leave the FBI to work for Red in order to catch Berlin and Tom.

His jacket is long gone, lost in the floor of some russian mobster’s club. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows, the first three buttons of his now bloody shirt are missing, gun hidden in the back of his trousers. He has a nasty cut on his left eyebrow, a swollen cheek and probably a broken lip, but he’s still alive.

When Ressler opens the door of the suite the first thing he sees is Dembe and Red playing chess.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me.”

“Oh, Donald,” says Red cheerfully without taking his eyes off the game. “What took you so long?”

“You left me with a bunch of Bratva guys, just after you took half of their money, because you said you need to take care of an important matter. What the hell is so important about chess!?”

“Take a breath, agent Ressler.” Donald clench his teeth. He’s not an agent, not anymore, Red has to stop calling him that. “We had a lead, but it’s far gone by now. We were waiting for you.”

“You have a lead?”

“I was speaking with Max,” says Liz coming from the next room with a tablet in hand. “They saw Berlin a few days ago in… What the hell happened to you?” she asks him as soon as she raises her eyes from the tablet and focus her glance on Ressler.

~ Extract from Gone rogue

Not That Smart

summary: you are incredibly intelligent, meaning that sometimes you tend to overestimate yourself. which leads to a few problems here and there, big probems really. 

pairing: clint x reader (not sure where i’ll take that relationship tho)

warnings: foul language, capitivity, y’know. the usual. (i wouldn’t say it’s angst tho)

word count: 866 words

a/n: OKOK I’M SO SORRY I HAVEN’T BEEN PUTTING OUT ANYTHING but this one has been sitting in my documents for, like, a month now. this will be a small drabble series but i’m not sure where i want to take it. so that’s up to you! :D shoot me an ask on how you’d like this story to develop and if i like it, i might use it! ALSO, i didn’t edit this at all. i’ve been busy with studying and i’m real tired but i just wanted to give you guys something! hope you enjoy! :)

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anonymous asked:

Sasusaku meeting in prison au pls xx take your time ;)

Team 7

Prison. Orange jumpsuits. Orange jumpsuits. Sakura was not one to be seen in an orange jumpsuit. No, maybe Naruto would love it but she definitely did not. Pink hair does not go with orange jumpsuits. She should know because she had the unfortunate opportunity to wear one once when she lost her jacket and only had Naruto’s to borrow. 

“Here. Change. You have ten minutes,” the prison guard barks at her before throwing the ugliest orange jumpsuit in her hands and a pair of black slippers. Suddenly, Naruto’s jumpsuit wasn’t so bad after all. At least it was warm.

“B-but,” she begins to stammer.

“Five minutes!” the guard barks at her.

“Five?! What?! You just said ten!” she retorts.

“Do you want to make it two?” the guard glares at her.

“No,” Sakura grumbles as she stalks off to the changing room and slams the door. Only the door was a shoddy curtain so she just angrily pulls it close as it makes the less than satisfactory sound of a whoosh. 

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Hush little Dark Rose

Hush little Briar, don’t you die

Papa’s gone and got you a brand new bad guy

Briar flopped herself out across the chair in her father’s office. “What’s the haps, Jimbo.”

Jim Gordon looked over at his daughter and was unsure whether to be amused or not by her antics. She walked around like she owned the place and seemed to be, what was the term the kids were all using? All out of fucks. Jim was more amused than anything because he’d seen behind the veil of his daughter and knew she wasn’t quite as much of an emotionless bitch as she might let on. But the nickname, that had to go.

“You can call me Jim, Gordon or Dad, Jimbo is not on the table.” Jim replied. “And take your feet off my desk.”

“Where’s Blake?” Briar asked changing the topic and not moving her feet even a millimetre. It was a childish thing to do but she was making up for lost years and testing your parent’s limit was what a child did.

“He’s getting his foot strapped, he’ll be in later. Did you want to see him?”

“Nope, we’ve got a work out booked for next week but I’m not needing him for anything right now.” Briar replied. She was kind of enjoying the friendship that she and Blake seemed to be settling into and she was quite keen to see him in action out on the streets. “You wanted to see me, what’s up?”


“Jeez, I was just asking.” Briar retorted.

“No, I was not telling you to hush, Briar. That is why you are here. Hush A.K.A Thomas Elliot. He’s someone we’ve had trouble with before and it seems he might be back, or at least someone fitting his description. I want you to do some snooping for me.”

“You want me to get into trouble?” Briar lifted a brow. “I thought you wanted to keep me on the straight and narrow, old man?”

“Dad, Jim, Gordon.” Jim repeated. “I did not say to get into trouble, in fact I do not want my daughter in trouble but I figure you’re going to get bored and into it eventually, this way you’re working on the side of good and I’m keeping an eye on you. It’s just some reconnaissance and surveillance. You think you can handle that?”

“Why not ask Blake?”

“He’s got other things he needs to be doing, I asked you. But if you’d rather not…” Jim moved the folder in front of him back towards him across the desk and Briar shot forward and had it out from under his fingers in a flash. She read over the details of the surgeon turned bad guy, and his insane obsession with Bruce Wayne. She wondered who would become his new obsession now. There was clearly a lot more to the story but Briar assumed that her father had just printed out the basics to intrigue her. It had worked.

“Yeah, sure, I can head out and have some fun and see what I can find out for you. Do I get paid?”

“Do you need to be paid?” Jim asked and Briar snorted, he was more than aware of the status of her bank account and that she was not lacking for money in any way.

“Well, no but I’ve never been one to try.” She flashed her father a grin and got up. “I assume there is more information.”

“You mean you’re not just going to hack in this time?”

“Well, I can if you’d prefer.”

“I wouldn’t.” Jim replied with a wry smile. “Everything you need will be waiting for you by the time you get home to change.”

Briar raised an eyebrow. “How well he thinks he knows me.” She poked out her tongue, he was right though, it had been her plan, get home, get changed and get started. She was never one to wait around, nothing like the here and now to get things done. She was excited, she had something to do with her time and it had that lovely element of danger that Briar did so love. 

every step you take (the totally professional remix)

This is entirely the fault of andyouweremine, because she mentioned the lack of ARGUS!Felicity fics and I started thinking. I will accept no blame.

Felicity isn’t sure what to make of her newest directive.

It’s not that she’s been abruptly uprooted from her current assignment; that’s pretty much par for the course. As one of the very best that ARGUS’ technology division has to offer, she’s kind of a freelancer. Rather than being assigned a specific duty, she bounces around—one month working cyber defense, the next working cyber infiltration, the next digging up the dirt on ARGUS’ enemies, and so on. So she’s used to getting plucked out of one division and dropped into another without warning.

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